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Avoid Getting Scammed on Storm Repairs The Superstorm Sandy that wreaked havoc on the eastern cost of the United States recently has reminded the nation of a few different things. First and foremost, that the human spirit can be rallied to accomplish great acts of heroism and selflessness while performing needed services in the aid of others, and secondly, that there are those individuals out there that will take advantage of such a disaster to make money. While these are two very different ends of the human interaction spectrum, the presence of both of these characteristics of human action reminds people everywhere that caution must be used to avoid being taken advantage of after a natural disaster of any kind. When disasters like Sandy strike they often can cause extensive water damage in Atlanta to a home that will need to be repaired.

Hire a Professional…with Caution When water damage in Atlanta is incurred upon a home it is often the most beneficial, both financially and for safety, for a disaster clean up professional service to be hired to restore the home and possessions. These professionals can quickly and effectively restore a damaged home and provide the necessary services to ensure safety during the cleanup process. Some issues arise, however, when scammers and exploiters take advantage of such devastating natural disasters by offering cut rate restoration services that at best only cover the damage and not restore. Although some sleazy individuals complete their scam and take money from people without making any repairs at all. There are some ways to spot such con men, however, and to protect yourself from money sucking scams. The first red flag for individuals with storm damaged homes should be if the offer to repair is unsolicited.

How Do I Spot Frauds? Often times the con artist will work by trolling for people to take advantage of by going house to house soliciting work. Once a client agrees the con is on and money is defrauded from the innocent. Other scams include a claim that the contractor works for the government. This is false one hundred percent of the time as the Federal Emergency Management Agency does not sanction or support private contractors or loan agencies.

Be cautions of those companies without a street address or who try to rush you into hiring them. Also be aware that some scammers will offer a free inspection of the home before giving a quote in order to gain access to your home to either cause more damage or invent false damage that will cost more money. To avoid this, be present as the contractor surveys the damage to your home and receive multiple estimates for repair costs from multiple companies before hiring a contractor to come restore the home. Ensure that you are not being conned by checking for a valid contracting license issued by the state and to get all agreements and contracts in writing before work begins. Also avoid paying upfront for repair costs as this could leave you with less money and a still damaged home. Be as cautious after a disaster as you were during the disaster while picking the restoration company that you will entrust to rebuild your home at a fair price.

Avoid Getting Scammed on Storm Repairs  
Avoid Getting Scammed on Storm Repairs  

Superstorm Sandy has given cause for a lot people to need repairs on their homes and businesses. Unfortuantely, fraudulent "repairmen" are a...