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Making an Effort while Earthquake Proofing the Home One of the most important parts of living in California is earthquake proofing the home to the best extent possible, in order to make it a more secure environment for inhabitants. Inhabitants of the state should expect tremors on a regular basis, with the big ones having a greatest potential to inflict damage.

California and Earthquakes California is a state that is so prone to earthquakes because of its placement and topography. The state is one that straddles a major fault line, due to it being made up of two shearing tectonic plates. These geological plates are smashed up against each other, with both pressing in different directions trying to be free. The immense pressure keeps these plates locked into place through the friction that such pressure is able to provide. However, the immense forces that are backing these plates also are continuously pushing them in different directions, with the potential for very explosive force. Should one of the plates finally slip and suddenly be free from the friction, it would cause the entire landmass to be subject to a massive earthquake. While such an event is a geological eventuality, inhabitants of the state today are subjected to smaller quakes year round that are the result of the plates constantly being pushed into each other, sending ripples throughout the landscape. As such shocks happen regularly, Californians need to be quite concerned about safety measures that are taken. As it stands, many buildings and homes are constructed to a specific earthquake code, so that they are able to sway and harmlessly absorb some of the impact. However, there are some things that owners of houses may do in order to be more safe with their environment.

Knowing what to do in an Earthquake Should an earthquake happen, it will most likely catch people when they are indoors. Therefore, the indoor setting is the one that needs to be taken care of, in order to reduce the possibility of injury or incident from occurring. The first thing that people should do is makes sure that all large movable objects are anchored to walls and that celling mounts are reinforced. For example, an entertainment center is a prime element that may be impacted by an earthquake. These units are often large and unweilding and heavy, and could do real damage if they were to topple onto someone. Therefore, anchoring these units and other elements like them to the wall is a crucial step towards safety measures being created and upheld.

A major concern that exists during these events comes not from the event itself, but rather from the elements that can be found in and around houses. Obviously, things like cabinets and entertainment centers and wall hangings all should need to be secured, so that they cannot fall when the shaking begins. As has been stated, ceiling fixtures and mounts should also be reinforced. This is so critical because these areas of the home usually are not comparably anchored in, and would be quite vulnerable to shaking action when it happened.

It is also essential that people living in the house know where the gas main is and what to do with it, as well as being able to do with the water main. Instructing people in the safe way to turn these mains off is essential in a crisis.

By cutting off these flows, people make it so that their surrounding environment is a safer in nature. Another consideration that people should take is make it so that the yard clearly reveals these units and does not obstruct them in any way, in order to improve on efficiency. Essentially, everything that needs to be done in a preparatory capacity is built around identifying possible problem areas and taking care of them. Therefore, making an effort to be informed should give people a real edge as they seek to make it so that things are better taken care of around and in the house itself. One of the most important parts of living in California is earthquake proofing the home so that it will be able to get through tremors with a much reduced risk of injury being posed to people. By making a conscious effort to be prepared and ready, inhabitants should be able to reduce the associated risks. Earthquakes aren’t the only disaster that may happen in such cases as fire damage, water damage, storm damage, and property damage in general give Belfor a call.

Making an Effort while Earthquake Proofing the Home