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Stow, Mass., business offers diverse set of contracting skills with a 75-year history

WELLS LANDSCAPING, INC. Randolph, Mass., firm handles everything from street sweeping to full site development

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Dear Valued Customer: At Woodco Machinery, we put our customers’ needs first. We understand that your time is valuable and that reliable, productive equipment is essential for your bottom line. We are committed to going the extra mile to keep your machines running year-round. Our sales reps, technicians and representatives are here to ensure that your fleet is operating at peak efficiency every day. In this issue of Wood Works, learn how Hydraulic Specialists Joe Piwinski and Dave Purdy minimize downtime for customers through our hydraulic hose maintenance and repair shop. They work directly with our parts department, which is stocked to create customizable, hydraulic hoses for every machine we carry. To help keep your business operating on schedule, we can machine a hose within 30 minutes. Volvo’s ActiveCare Direct provides telematics monitoring and fleet utilization reporting to improve uptime and reduce costs. The 24/7/365 service allows Woodco Machinery to monitor your equipment and notify you when action is needed. The remote analysis expedites service when it is necessary, further reducing costly time away from the job. Read more inside to see how ActiveCare Direct can improve your profit potential. The new Volvo ECR355E excavator brings versatility to a wide variety of projects. A short-tail-swing radius allows operators to work confidently and safely on tight jobsites. The integrated Volvo work-mode system gives operators the choice between five settings to match performance to an application. Discover more about the excavator inside. As always, Woodco is here for all of your parts, service and equipment needs to help you maximize profitability. If there is ever anything we can do for you, please call or stop by one of our branch locations. We look forward to making 2019 a successful year for you.

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Robert S. Benard President


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Learn why this family-owned company from Randolph, Mass., attributes its success in sweeping, landscaping and site development to happy, loyal customers.

E.T. & L. CORP.

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Read how this Stow, Mass., firm offers a diverse mix of services, which provides opportunities to play a key role in several high-visibility projects throughout the area.


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Check out the details on Volvo’s versatile, compact ECR355E excavator, which saves on space in confined jobsites thanks to its short-swing radius.


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Discover more about ActiveCare Direct, Volvo’s telematics service, and how it can simplify fleet management by transforming data into actionable information.



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The hydraulic hose shop at Woodco Machinery is committed to ensuring customer uptime by providing hose repair and replacement services. See more inside.

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Randolph, Mass., firm handles everything from street sweeping to full site development

W Karl Wells, Treasurer/Owner

Mary Ellen Wells, President/Owner

When Karl Wells started taking college classes, he picked up a landscaping job to help pay for tuition. At the time, his girlfriend and now wife, Mary Ellen, was also employed full time to cover her education costs. A year later in 1983, Karl and Mary Ellen decided to start their own company, Wells Landscaping, and have continued to work together for the last 35 years. “The first couple of years were a lot of hard work, but Mary Ellen grew up in a construction family and we both had a strong work ethic that helped us to succeed,” recalled Karl. Today, Mary Ellen is President of the Randolph, Mass.-based company while Karl serves as Treasurer. Their business provides a suite of services including full site development, street sweeping and snow removal. The couple’s two sons, Karl Jr. and Tim, work for the firm as operators and mechanics. Their daughter, Mary-Kate, is finishing her master’s degree while also helping in office administration at Wells. Karl’s brother, Mark, runs the sweeping division. With 15 employees, Wells Landscaping focuses on landing private contracts and takes pride in providing quality over quantity.

A Wells Landscaping operator uses this Elgin Broom Bear four-wheel mechanical sweeper to remove dirt and debris from a road in Randolph, Mass. “Once everything is set up, it just takes the press of a button and the machine nearly runs itself,” explained Treasurer/Owner Karl Wells. “The Elgin products are very operator-friendly.”

“We’re not the biggest company; however, we have tremendous repeat business,” explained Karl. “We’ve worked with the same customers for many years.”

From soup to nuts Sweeping contracts comprise 40 percent of Wells Landscaping’s business. It cleans asphalt for paving companies, removes sand and salt from roads and parking lots as well as provides general street sweeping services. “A lot of asphalt companies rely on us to clean a road before topping the surface,” explained Karl. “Occasionally, we work with a grinding crew to remove loose debris. We also have several year-long contracts to handle overnight sweeping throughout the city.” Snow removal keeps the employees and machines working during the winter, while site work accounts for a majority of the remaining business. “Typically, we do 20 excavation projects from soup to nuts,” remarked Karl. “First, we clear the trees and get rid of any stumps. Then, we sub-grade everything and install the water, sewer and drainage before digging the foundations. It’s a complete package when we’re finished.” Wells Landscaping crews recently completed work at The Village at Broad Meadow, a 70-unit complex in a 55-plus residential community. Originally commenced in 2000, the project was halted during a financial downturn and individual lots were sold. Karl purchased several of the properties and has been developing them the last two years through Wells Landscaping and its sister company, Wells Construction. Providing consistent service to customers requires reliable machines. That’s why Karl turns


At The Village at Broad Meadow subdivision in Randolph, Mass., Operator and Mechanic Tim Wells creates a smooth pad with a Volvo L120H wheel loader. Wells Landscaping uses a variety of Volvo machines, including four wheel loaders ranging in size from an L20H to an L120H as well as EC290 and EC300EL excavators. Treasurer/Owner Karl Wells (left) calls on Woodco Machinery and Sales Rep Bob Rosa for his equipment needs.

to Woodco Machinery and Sales Rep Bob Rosa for equipment. “Bob has helped us evolve from a small landscaping business,” said Karl. “He’s delivered the resources for us to grow from our excavator to more than 15 pieces of equipment today.” Wells Landscaping uses a variety of Volvo machines, including EC290 and EC300EL excavators as well as four wheel loaders ranging in size from an L20H to an L120H. “The comfort of the equipment is very important to me,” explained Karl. “If you’re going out in a snowstorm for 20 hours, you want to be comfortable. Little things like a radio with Bluetooth, to the larger things such as the cab ergonomics and fuel-economy, are major reasons why we prefer Volvo.” When it comes to sweeping, the firm utilizes three Elgin Broom Bear four-wheel mechanical sweepers and eight Elgin Pelican sweepers. The short wheelbase; large brooms; and dual-mode, air-suspension system make the Broom Bear ideal for sweeping in both congested urban areas and rural locations. The Pelican provides 360-degree visibility and an isolated cab with rear steering for maneuverability in city settings. “There’s a huge difference between the sweepers from 20 years ago to today,” noted Karl. “The Elgin products are very operator-friendly. You can drive the machine to any job; it automatically greases itself and requires very little maintenance.

Tim Wells, Operator/Mechanic

“Once everything is set up, it takes just the press of a button and the machine nearly runs on its own,” continued Karl. “The new design for emptying the buckets makes highway work much easier.”

Counting on Woodco Wells knows he can rely on Rosa and Woodco to provide the best service for his machines. “They have always gone above and beyond to make sure our machines are running,” said Karl. “Whether it means delivering a part in the middle of the night or in a snowstorm, they get the job done. ”

Karl Wells Jr. Operator/Mechanic

Wells believes that consistency will provide the best end product for his customers. “We’ve worked with some of the same customers for more than 30 years,” stated Karl. “Our goal is to continue to serve them and maintain those relationships.” ■

Mary-Kate Wells, Office Admin




E.T. & L. CORP.

Stow, Mass., business offers diverse set of contracting skills with a 75-year history

J Jennie Lee Colosi, PE President and Treasurer

Jennie Lee Colosi, PE grew up working at her father’s construction company, E.T. & L. Corp., in Stow, Mass. She spent her summers during high school learning how the business operated and envisioned running the company someday. After graduating from Georgia Tech, Colosi returned to Massachusetts and was soon thrust into the role of President and Treasurer after her father’s surprise retirement. “My dad started as a foreman with the company and eventually purchased it in the late 50s when it was still known as Eastern Tree and Landscape,” recalled Colosi. “He worked hard to grow the company and shortened the name to E.T. & L. in the 1960s because they were doing less landscaping and focused more on site work. In the fall of 1988, he took a trip to Italy. When Dad returned, he decided that he didn’t want to come into the office anymore and handed the company over to me.” Through the last 30 years, Colosi has continued to expand the business to its current level of

An E.T. & L. Corp. teamster moves a Volvo A35D articulated dump truck into position to drop soil removed from the Wayland wetland project.

120 employees and works closely with local unions for labor. E.T. & L.’s reputation for completing government-bid contracts throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island has helped established the company as one of the most versatile contractors in the region. “The scope of our services has evolved,” explained Colosi. “It started with site work and road construction. We began building bridges in the 70s and handled our first landfill closure in the 80s. We’ve done airport and earthen dam work as well. We enjoy having a diverse background and being able to positively impact our communities through these projects.” Colosi recognizes the longevity of the firm is due, in large part, to its employees. While she works closely with her husband, Executive Vice President Garry Balboni, PE, the importance of team members like Equipment Manager Fred Dutile, who has been with the company for more than two decades, is clear to her. “Our people are loyal, dedicated and very smart,” said Colosi. “We strive to be recognized as a professional contractor and take pride in what we do. Our goal is always to do our best and finish on time and within budget. That all comes down to our people and making sure they realize how much they are appreciated and how important they are to our success.”

Volvo delivers with premier machines E.T. & L. relies on its Volvo fleet of 20 excavators, half a dozen trucks and six compactors for everyday use. With up to 15 projects – ranging from $300,000 to $64 million – going at any time, it frequently


Operator Joe Skawski scoops dirt with a Volvo EC300DL excavator at the Wayland wetland reclamation project in Massachusetts. “The machine is very responsive and has a comfortable cab,” noted Skawski. “It has excellent reach and visibility, which makes moving the dirt to higher ground an easy job. It’s a very versatile piece of equipment that we can use on a variety of jobsites.”

Woodco Machinery Sales Rep Bill Perla (left) calls on E.T. & L. Corp. President and Treasurer Jennie Lee Colosi. “Bill and Woodco have been excellent to work with,” said Colosi. “The shop is responsive about getting us something if we need it, and everybody at the company is ready to help our business.”

rotates the machines between jobsites to maximize efficiency. “Volvo machines have always been premier,” stated Colosi. “We’ve had good results, and our equipment operators like running them. We like to ask their opinions before making any decisions on new equipment, and they always put Volvo near the top.” E.T. & L. recently completed an entertainment complex in Marlborough. The year-long endeavor included a trampoline park, arcade, bowling alley, fitness center, office buildings, restaurants, hotels and a swim school. Other projects of late include building a new bridge in Amherst, a four-year ramp relocation and bridge job along I-93 in Methuen, two new cast-in-place water tanks for the City of Framingham and a bike path in NewburyNewburyport. E.T. & L. relies on Woodco Machinery and Sales Rep Bill Perla when purchasing new equipment. “Bill is a wonderful salesperson to work with,” said Colosi. “He gets right back to us, whether we’re looking for a specific machine or researching potential options. He’s serviced us very well and makes it a pleasure to do business with Woodco.”

Ensuring quality results Colosi says E.T. & L. has found the right formula with its employees and projects. “Our motto is a job well done,” said Colosi. “We want to produce quality work everywhere we go. “We will keep bidding the bridges, roads, highways and the municipal work,” continued Colosi. “The plan is to stay in the same area and not overextend ourselves. We’ve been through the ups and downs of the industry and have devised a template that is successful for us.” ■




Volvo’s versatile, compact excavator delivers greater production


Adding meaningful improvements to an already efficient machine can prove challenging. Volvo surpasses that benchmark for heavy equipment owners with its ECR355E excavator. From road construction to heavy infrastructure jobsites, the ECR355E is versatile and powerful enough to deliver a finished project while providing significant savings in production.

“Packed with optional features for added versatility, as well as all of our E-Series updates, the ECR355E is perfect for everything from heavy infrastructure and utility work to demolition and road building,” noted Ko. In addition to increasing the productivity and efficiency of the ECR355E, Volvo also prioritized operator convenience and safety when designing this excavator.

“The ECR355E fills a need for a powerful machine in a short-swing design capable of heavy, high-production work in tight areas that would otherwise require a smaller, less productive machine,” said Sejong Ko, Excavator Product Manager at Volvo Construction Equipment. The 38.5-ton tracked excavator boasts a Tier 4 Final-compliant Volvo D8 engine with 241 horsepower, an 18 percent improvement compared to its predecessor, the ECR305C. The updated excavator’s advanced electro-hydraulic system reduces fuel costs by up to 10 percent, while also reducing emissions. The ECR355E further increases efficiency through the integrated Volvo work-mode system, allowing operators to select from five settings to match performance to application: Idle, Fine, General, Heavy or Power Max. It also provides a new ECO mode that features electronic-pump-control technology to boost fuel efficiency without any loss of performance in most operating conditions.

The ECR355E is now available with Volvo’s Smart View program; this software combines four exterior-mounted cameras to create a bird’s-eye view of the machine that is displayed on the in-cab monitor. This allows the operator to observe all of the surrounding area – another advantage of the excavator when working in confined areas. For further visibility, customers can take advantage of LED headlights as an upgrade to halogen lights. ■

Sejong Ko, Excavator Product Manager Volvo Construction Equipment

With five performance settings, the Volvo ECR355E excavator gives operators the ability to work efficiently and confidently on any jobsite.

Quick Specs on Volvo’s ECR355E Excavator



Net Horsepower

Operating Weight

Bucket Capacity

241 hp

75,200-83,800 lb

0.72-2.69 cu yd

Getting the full view The excavator works well on busy and confined jobsites thanks to its short-swing radius. With the absence of a large counterweight, crews can operate confidently, even in the tightest of work areas.





Volvo’s innovative ActiveCare Direct telematics service streamlines fleet management


Jobsite efficiency is key to a successful construction business; however, busy fleet managers may find it difficult to devote the time to handle all of the machine-performance data available to them. To assist, Volvo offers its ActiveCare Direct – a telematics monitoring and fleet utilization reporting service – complimentary for one year with all applicable new machine purchases. In essence, the service enables telematics to work both harder and smarter. “Improving machine uptime is our top priority,” said Jim Bretz, Director, Uptime and Connected Services at Volvo Construction. “Telematics is a powerful tool with a high profit potential for customers, yet many aren’t using it to its full potential due to lack of time or resources. That’s why we offer ActiveCare Direct at no charge – to demonstrate its effectiveness in increasing uptime and saving money on fuel and repairs.”

Key features From excavators to haul trucks, ActiveCare Direct transforms large quantities of data into useful information for fleet managers to understand and then act upon. That information is collected and presented in several unique ways.

also reduces downtime by ensuring that technicians arrive at jobsites with the correct tools to quickly resolve issues. • Monthly Fleet Reports organize thousands of data points into comprehensible groups of information. The reports provide details on how to optimize fleet utilization, as well as identify areas for operator training and how to better manage service schedules, improve uptime and reduce costs. Proper implementation of ActiveCare Direct could improve profit potential. For instance, fuel costs can be reduced 10-15 percent, machine idle time can be decreased 7 percent, and overall machine utilization can be improved 5-10 percent by using data from the service. “ActiveCare Direct saves valuable time for fleet managers and owners by eliminating the need to dig through and decipher mountains of data,” shared Bretz. ■

Volvo’s ActiveCare Direct telematics monitoring and fleet utilization reporting service provides remote analysis that proactively recognizes potential problems and notifies a fleet manager when action is necessary.

• CareTrack is Volvo’s telematics system that continuously collects data from a machine and sends it to the Volvo Uptime Center. Data analysts and a proprietary system monitor the real-time health of the machine. • Active Machine Monitoring (24/7/365) provides remote analysis that proactively recognizes potential problems and notifies a fleet manager when action is necessary. The service


ch n a r r ou nery B y t 3377 c i 5 a 3 t h )9 con co Mac (781 -8484 • e A s M 4 91 RN, (508) 58 ) 942-91 Plea l Wood U B 1 WO , MA • • (40 I N R loca O , AV ON NST

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co . e c pk




Providing quality hoses at affordable prices keeps customers up and running


Hydraulic hoses play a critical role in the functionality of heavy equipment. Any small nick, scratch or tear to a single hose can bring a machine and jobsite to a standstill. Woodco understands this and is equipped and committed to minimizing downtime for hose-related issues on all makes and models of equipment. “Woodco built its hydraulic hose shop in 2014 to meet an important need for its customers,” noted Hydraulic Specialist Dave Purdy. “We wanted to have an inventory of every hose, instead of individual hoses that are more common. Our stock ranges from quarter-inch one-wire through inch-and-a-half six-wire, which can handle up to 5,000 psi. This allows us to repair virtually any hose that we see and custom cut any length necessary.”

Wait time for a new or replacement hose at the shop is minimal, typically taking 10 to 30 minutes. Equipment owners can call ahead to have a hose pre-made and available for pick up, or they can bring a damaged hose to the shop for repair while they wait. “A customer can contact our parts department or the hose shop directly with the particular hose number that’s damaged and potentially avoid shutting down a machine,” explained Purdy. “If there’s any rubber missing from the outer cover, bubbles forming in that outer cover, noticeable dry rot or weeping from underneath the crimp behind the ferrule – those are signs that a hose is damaged and should be replaced. We can create the new hose quickly, so that the customer can pick it up while keeping the machine productive.” Continued . . .

Woodco Machinery Hydraulic Hose Specialist Joe Piwinski custom cuts a hose in the company’s hydraulic hose shop. “We are Volvo-certified and use their recommended products to replace or repair hoses,” said Piwinski.“Everything we sell through Volvo is guaranteed at their specifications.”


‘We stand behind our work 100 percent’ . . . continued

“Alternatively, customers will bring in old, oil-filled, ripped-up hoses to the shop for replacement while they wait,” stated Hydraulic Hose Specialist Joe Piwinski. “We’ll take the damaged hose and put it on our bench, measure the hose and the end-fittings, and replace everything. Afterward, we’ll dispose of the old hose in an environmentally friendly manner.” Providing environmentally conscious disposal solutions is an important function of the shop. Woodco works with local hazardous-waste programs to guarantee proper removal and handling of any rubber, steel, oil or other by-products.

Guaranteed quality at competitive prices “We are Volvo-certified and use their recommended products to replace or repair hoses,” shared Piwinski. “That includes the machines we use for crimping, cutting and skiving the hoses. Everything we sell through Volvo is guaranteed at their specifications. Woodco Machinery’s hydraulic hose shop is equipped to minimize customer downtime for hose-related issues. Hydraulic Hose Specialist Joe Piwinski can typically repair or replace a hose in 30 minutes or less.

“All of the formulas we follow are at or above what other hose companies use,” continued Piwinski. “We have everything in-house that we need to compete with anyone.” Competitive pricing offered through a direct, Volvo-factory connection makes the shop an affordable option for customers. Both Purdy and Piwinski believe that replacing a potentially problematic hose before it breaks can save the customer money in several ways. “A customer needs to consider outside factors, in addition to the cost of replacing the hose, when deciding if the time is right to make the investment,” explained Purdy. “Things such as lost oil, downtime, environmental impact to a jobsite and any wage costs for employees who are not working, are all included. In the grand scheme of things, replacing a hose is a very minor cost to prevent huge potential losses.” “This represents a small investment in keeping an expensive piece of equipment running,” noted Piwinski. “Our service is designed to maximize uptime for customers. We try to keep our prices very competitive so that customers know they’re getting a good product at a fair price. More importantly, they know we stand behind our work 100 percent.”

Extended hours Providing an in-house hose shop was the first step toward increasing convenience for Woodco’s Volvo customers in eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The shop also repairs hoses for competitive brands. Recently, it extended its hours to include Saturdays as an added way to ensure customers’ success. “A customer with a machine down is our biggest concern,” noted Piwinski. “We’ll go out of our way to make sure that they’re back up and running. We want them to know they can depend on us to drop what we’re doing and get a hose out the door for them.” Saturday hours are from 7 a.m. to noon at 22 North Maple Street in Woburn. ■



Stock No.





Stock No.




Volvo ECR145D




Volvo L120




Volvo EC160DL




Volvo L90H




Volvo L30B




Volvo L50G




Komatsu WA380-7




Komatsu WA270-8




Komatsu WA320-7





Komatsu WA470-7





Volvo ECR305CL Volvo EC480D

Komatsu PC210LC-11

Komatsu PC390LC-10 Komatsu PC490LC-10

Komatsu PC308USLC-2 Komatsu PC650LC-8

Komatsu PC170LC-10 Komatsu PC210LC-11 Komatsu PC290LC-11

Komatsu PC228USLC-2 Komatsu PC400LC-6 Sany SY215C

Doosan DX300LL

CE3427 CE3340

KM6520 KM6373 KM6725 KM6791 KM6812 KM6984 KM6959 KM6992 KM6888 KM6889 SY0007


2012 2013 2016 2013 2015

9,000 5,561 1,980 5,819 4,921





Komatsu WA500-8





Komatsu WA200-7




Komatsu WA270-7




Komatsu WA320-8




Komatsu WA380-6




Komatsu WA380-7




Komatsu WA500-7




Case 221F




CAT 928G




2014 2017 2016 2000




2004 2008

10,000 7,563

SWEEPERS Elgin Pelican SE Elgin Pelican SE

EG2132 EG2214

2006 2007

8,320 1,122


DOZERS Komatsu D61PX-24




Komatsu D37EX-24




Komatsu D85PX-18




Volvo SD115




Volvo DD140B




Volvo DD110B



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