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Moving the Mix

With transit mixers among the most important pieces of kit in the middle east’s concreteguzzling construction landscape, major players in the sector discuss the models and technologies they have devised for the region


he most ubiquitous of all construction machinery and related equipment on the roads of the GCC countries is not the crane or the dump truck, the excavator or the skid-steer, but the humble transit mixer. Indeed, so high are its numbers on our roads and so much is it a part of normal everyday traffic, that it has become commonplace enough to not catch the eye. But this often-ignored piece of kit is actually the bulwark of the construction sector anywhere. Whether it is the boom times of not so long ago or the leaner present economic scenario, the GCC countries never stop building. And this keeps the wheels and barrels of transit mixers in the region turning as they rush from ready-mix concrete plants to job-sites with their cargo of the ready-to-pour stuff that the skyscrapers, bridges and flyovers of the region are made of. The importance of the transit mixer to the construction process cannot be overstated. Without this piece of equipment, the furious pace of construction that countries like the UAE are used to seeing would slow down considerably. Every project would need its own concrete plant built adjacent to it on-site – which is surely a financial and logistical impossibility. Now that we have established the importance of the transit mixer – not that it needed establishing – let us look into what the equipment is all about and what its exponents offer in the market. A name that readily comes to mind is CIFA. The Italian concrete product specialist, now owned by Chinese giant Zoomlion, makes some of the best and most cutting-edge mixer products. Speaking to CMME about CIFA products and the concrete equipment market in the region, Wajih Eit, GM, Zoomlion Gulf, says: “The demand for concrete in the region is quite different from one country to another. While in Saudi Arabia it’s lower than previous years, in the UAE there’s a huge demand for concrete, especially in Dubai, where different big projects were launched

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