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“We wanted to develop a multi-purpose truck that met the wide variety of needs specific to the region, including off and on-road use” high technology in core components: modern high torque engines and complete drivelines, aerodynamic design and the UD fuel coaching system all serve fuel efficiency. Robustness is delivered through a very robust chassis that offers many variants for different applications including hub reduction axles, 8x4 variants. “The newly introduced HD 6X4 40T and 8X4 rigid will enable us to compete fully in the heavyduty construction segment and we have great ambitions with this product in the region,” says Hedna. These new models boast reinforced front suspension, higher ground clearance and an 11-litre engine (GH11E) based on the Volvo Group’s global technology resources in combination with Japanese manufacturing quality. Features such as fuel economy, payload, robustness and a wide range of applications, not only to meet different needs of the customers but also extend uptime. Like the rest of the Quester range – and indeed all other UD products – it was developed with a Japanese hands-on, field-oriented approach established on a customer and factory floor perspective – the embodiment of UD’s Gemba philosophy of excellence. The Quester is built and refined based on insights from customers’ day-today needs and cutting-edge knowhow

gained from UD Trucks’ experience in Middle East and the Volvo Group’s global footprint, says the company. According to Hedna, the 40T version of the Quester enables it to compete in the heavy-duty construction segment. He emphasizes that the heavy range from the Japanese manufacturer was built with the Middle East in mind. “After the all-new Quester range proved a particularly strong seller in distribution and long-haul transportation, we wanted to develop a multi-purpose truck that met the wide variety of needs specific to the region, including off and on-road use, and construction,” says Hedna. “Our Quester model focuses on the features that make businesses grow. These include fuel economy, payload, robustness and a wide range of applications and variants with high maintainability to extend the uptime of the truck and provide a higher ROI for customers.” The new Quester range is robust and strong, utilising a combination of global technology and Japanese craftsmanship. The new range combines the best of three worlds; UD’s heritage of Japanese craftsmanship and customer care, Volvo Group’s global technology and aftersales know-how, and cost efficiency through local know-how.

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