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17 slag pot carriers at smelting operations. With its extensive range for all conditions and a multitude of applications, Magna Tyres is a supplier to many customers in the Middle East in the mining, quarrying and industrial sectors. An example of this is its recent deal with Al Faris for supplying mobile crane tyres. Magna also has a global contract with Sarens, among the best-recognised global names in the cranes and heavy moving sector. “We have a wide product portfolio based on customer needs and feedback. An example is the MA04 tyre, which is in our giant OTR tyre range for the mining segment. We now have the MA04+ for giant rigid dump trucks like Cat 777 and Komatsu 785. The tyre has more depth and is more cut-resistant,” Nambiar explains. “Our M Terrain range is for the articulated dump trucks. Its special feature is 60mm of rubber, which means we have increased the volume of rubber to wear out. It was under test for more than a year before we launched it at Intermat this year, and has been very well received. Similarly, for the port segment we have launched the M Terminal for terminal tractors. It comes in two sizes – 310 and 280. “These are routine aspects of our operations. We have more new tyres being developed. We are always striving to change our product mix and to improve our tyres to offer the best in terms of technology, performance, durability, utility and value to our customers.” Magna also has stringent policies to choose its distributors. Once a company meets those requirements, rigorous training ensues for its people before appointment as

authorised distributors. “We also regularly visit customers and dealers, adding value to the entire experience of using Magna Tyres. And then, of course, we have constant ongoing training for our distributors so that their knowledge and handling of our products meet our strict standards. Because of our stringent standards, we are growing at a slower pace than people might expect. And that’s the way we like it. We would not like to grow fast by compromising on quality and standards. Our intention is to grow at a pace that allows us to give 100% attention to each customer and each and

Vijay Nambiar (left), GM, seen here with Berto Beulenkamp, COO, at the Big 5 Heavy, is leading Magna Tyre’s operations in the Middle East, Indian subcontinent and Africa regions.

every aspect of our business. We are a detailoriented company, and we need to take care of many minute things before we grow – and that takes time,” explains Nambiar. “We are not in the business of selling. We would rather have people come in and buy from us on the strength of our products rather than go out and sell to them. We give solutions to our customers and also products that work for them – and they keep coming back to us. Our customer retention is 100% and we have happy customers who recommend our tyres to other customers.”


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