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April 2011


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Summer Construction Opportunities Welcome to the CIS Newsletter

Construction Opportunites this Summer by Gerard Chadwick

As we enter the summer period we focus our attention on the projects due for commencement during the traditionally quieter period of the construction year. We include an article below which details the number of projects in the Social Housing sector in Northern Ireland which have recently commenced, as well as those due to start imminently. Representing a construction spend of over £125 Million this is an area for many companies to focus on. Turning our attention to matters south of the border we have indentified 150 projects across most sectors due to commence this summer. iCIS members can identify these opportunities easily - if you aren't sure how please contact us and we will be happy to assist. Finally we include a short piece on the €5 Million allocation for securing 'ghost estate' developments. Opportunities may exist here for fencing/security and repair/maintenance companies.

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In This Issue Welcome to the CIS Newsletter £125 Million Social Housing Projects in Northern Ireland 150 Projects in the Republic to commence during summer Opportunities in ghost estates 5 Free Projects due to commence Former client? Are you missing opportunities?

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Free Trial £125 Million Social Housing Projects in Northern Ireland 38 Schemes to commence

According to our most up-to-date research the residential sector in Northern Ireland has received a vital stimulus with 38 social housing schemes with a combined construction value of over £125 million either currently onsite, recently started or scheduled for commencement later this year. The analysis below details the months and respective values by commencement date. The overall developments will consist of over 1140 units to be built or refurbished.


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Fig1. Commencements by date/volume

Fig 2. Commencements by date/value

150 Projects in the Republic to commence during summer Projects in all regions

Fig 1. Summer projects by region and volume I would like to identify these projects in iCIS - Please contact me. Click Here.

Opportunities in ghost estates Ghost estates to be made secure

According to a report by the Housing and Sustainable Communities Agency ( an allocation of €5 Million has been made to local authorities to provide for the securing of vacant and half built 'Ghost Estates'. The report reveals that there are over 2,800 housing developments that could potentially fall under this category Opportunities in this area will more than likely be in the area of fencing, security and contracting (repairs & maintenance). To download a copy of the full report go to

5 Free Projects due to commence Social Housing (NI) - £9.7 Million Social Housing Development, Spingfarm, Co. Antrim The project is for the provision of the refurbishment of approximately 59 social housing units and the construction of an estimated 5 social housing units complete with engineering services, external and site development works at Springfarm, Antrim. Starting in May >>MORE Social Housing (NI) - £19.9 Million Social Housing Development, Creggan, Co. Derry Site for 180 general needs social housing development with vehicular access from cul-de-sac of no. 86-100 (evens) Circular Road. Provision of associated urban park providing park land, pathwats, shelter belts, community allotments, landscaping & associated site works. Starting in May >>MORE Social Housing (NI) - £1 Million Housing Development, Comber, Co. Down Social housing scheme comprising 9 dwellings and 4 apartments with associated car parking & private amenity space. Starting in May >>MORE Science Laboratory (ROI) - €13.3 Million Forensic Science Laboratory, Co. Kildare

The development of a new forensic science laboratory. The development will include mainly two storey building of approximately 9,550 sqm internal floor area, including laboratories, offices and ancillary accommodation, some on a third floor, with a single storey utilities and storage building of 485 sqm. The external finishes of the building will be coloured render, timber framed windows and metal roof cladding. Starting in August >>MORE Arts Centre (ROI) - â‚Ź2.7 Million Arts Centre, Co. Cork The construction of a new West Cork Arts Centre in Skibereen. Architects on this scheme are Donaghy & Dimond. Starting in June >>MORE

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In recent months we have been welcoming some of our former clients back to our service. For these companies the dust seems to have settled on adjusting to the challenges of the new economy and they are now looking ahead to the opportunities that continue to exist in our sector. To make it as easy as possible for you to do the same we have introduced flexible payment options.

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CIS Newsletter Q2 Preview  

Summer Construction Opportunities

CIS Newsletter Q2 Preview  

Summer Construction Opportunities