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Building Materials Market: Constructing A Plan For Profitable Growth

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CONS T TRENDRUCTION Industr S In The y 2015 /16

Big Data And Internet Of Things: Transforming The Industry

Conneely Group

Forging a formula for success in the construction industry


When it comes to lifting, transporting, installing and decommis-

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Time To Embrace Technology I N T H I S I S S U E of Construction Global we take a look at

the top ten trends shaping the global construction industry in the next two to three years. From 3D printing to self-healing concrete, cloud computing to app implementation, there is little doubt that the once reluctant industry is beginning to embrace technology and the benefits it can offer. And with construction firms jumping on the tech bandwagon, OEMs have little choice but to do the same. Improved on-board controls, advance diagnostics and machine control improve up-time and performance of machines on construction sites and Construction Global takes a look at how OEMs are looking to improve their predictive abilities by harnessing the power of big data. Our cover story this month explores the 25 year journey of the Coneely Group, which is using its Facades and Drylining divisions to reach its ÂŁ50 million turnover target in the net few years.

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How Big Data And The Internet Of Things Is Transforming The Construction Industry MANAGEMENT

Construction T O P 1 0 Trends Shaping The Industry In 2015/16



Building Materials Market

4 September 2015



Crabtree Pipeline Project


Civmic Construction


Company Profiles EUROPE 30 Conneely Group

Kaleida Heallth Oishei Children’s Hospital Project

AFRICA 44 Amdec Group


AUSTRALIA 56 Civmec 76 Shamrock Civil Engineering

Shamrock Civil Engineering

USA 86 Kaleida Health - Oishei Children’s Hospital Project 96 Crabtree Pipeline Project 106 Turner Construction Cleveland Clinic Cancer Building


Conneely Group


Amdec Group

106 Turner Construction Cleveland Clinic 5 Cancer Building



Constructing A Plan For Profi

W ri t t e n b y: B A R R E T T T H O M P S O N , G E N E R A L M A N A G E R O F P R I C I N G E X C E L L E N


fitable Growth


How To Implement Pricing and Sales Analytics 7

INFRASTRUCTURE THUS FAR IN 2015, we’ve seen positive outlooks for home building and improvements in the construction industry. Construction in the US is due to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5 percent over the period of 2014-2019. With this in mind, building products manufacturers may finally be able to take that long-awaited sigh of relief. However, on a global scale, building products manufacturers are still up against massive industry disruption. The effects of the 2008 economic crisis still loom large. Seven years later, housing starts still haven’t matched pre-recession numbers, and adding further complexity is international competition that continues to encroach on the industry. For example, China is expected to gain 30 percent of the global market in 2015. Many building material manufacturers have been playing a game of cat and mouse when it comes to the ups and downs of the

economy. When the market goes up, a focus is put on new business, and when the market goes down, manufactures are less aggressive on profit. But even in a difficult economy, it is still possible to grow revenue and margins at the same time. The ability to win additional market share during an uneven economic recovery, and do so profitably, will always be a primary focus for building material manufacturers. However, that’s easier said than done. In an attempt to remain profitable and hold onto share in this disrupted industry, many executives implement a combination of cost reduction, CRM, Lean, Six Sigma, and supply chain improvements, but the best blueprint for smarter sales and profitable growth ultimately lies in how well sales reps make decisions. Fortunately, through the use of prescriptive analytics, it is possible to deliver guidance to sales reps that will help them retain customers, expand

‘Prescriptive analytics tools provide sales reps with actionable guidance to determine which customers they should call, what products they should pitch and what prices they should quote to achieve the most profitable outcome’ 8

September 2015

H O W T O I M P L E M E N T P R I C I N G & S A L E S A N A LY T I C S

Construction in the US is due to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.5 percent over the period of 2014-2019 wallet share and quote prices that capture the full value of your products. Prescriptive analytics tools provide sales reps with actionable guidance to determine which customers they should call, what products they should pitch and what prices they should quote to achieve the most profitable outcome. However, there are two common myths in the construction industry that often prevent companies from implementing pricing and sales analytics.

Myth #1: “Pricing has to be simple to execute” It’s a common belief in this industry that keeping the pricing model basic and then enforcing rules and compliance will make it easy for sales reps to execute prices. It’s true that field sales reps can’t execute complex pricing formulas on their own (and they don’t need to), but this myth is a margin-killer because overlysimplistic price models allow millions of margin dollars to slip through the 9


Sales People Need Guidance About Where To Find Opportunities To Expand Share cracks. When field sales reps take “simple” pricing models and then adjust the quote downward based on their own intuition and experience to compensate for misalignment between that simple model and the market realities, realised prices don’t capture full market value. In fact, sales reps have a tendency to over-discount on approximately 50 percent of transactions in this industry. Given the volume and complexity of transactions, sales reps can’t possibly determine the price required to meet your business’ P&L goals on every single transaction, especially in the face of cost volatility. There are too 10

September 2015

many pricing decisions to be made and too many variables to consider. The confusion rests in the distinction between “simple models” and “easy to execute.” In the past, if you wanted to have easy execution, then you had to choose a simple model. Today, through the use of prescriptive analytics, building products manufacturers can take full advantage of sophisticated pricing models which generate the final price guidance directly, with no adjustments required, allowing sales reps to price easily in a way that boosts overall revenue and sustainable profit improvements. No longer must you settle for simple

H O W T O I M P L E M E N T P R I C I N G & S A L E S A N A LY T I C S

price models as the only way to achieve easy execution in the field. Myth #2: “Sales should follow the 80/20 rule” With tens of thousands of products and thousands of customers, sales reps have increasingly large books of business and it’s difficult for them to know where opportunities exist to expand wallet share. Many building product manufacturers believe that overloading sales reps is unavoidable and success depends on spending 80 percent of their time on the top 20 accounts. However, by only focusing on the top accounts, sales reps are missing out on 20 to 30 percent more untapped revenue in the remaining customer base. On the surface it would seem that the answer is to bring in a team of data jockeys to produce reams of reports that sales reps should use to identify cross-sell opportunities. The issue, however, is that reps simply won’t read these reports; they aren’t analysts and they don’t have time to translate a spreadsheet into actionable insights. The reports go stale and sales reps are still unsure where opportunities for

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Barrett Thompson is the general manager of pricing excellence solutions at Zilliant. Over the past 25 years, Barrett has built and delivered optimization and pricing solutions to Fortune 500 businesses in diverse vertical industries within the manufacturing and distribution space. wallet-share expansion exist. Ultimately, sales people need guidance about where to find opportunities to expand share, and once they find them, how to quote a price that will hit profit goals and still win the business. Prescriptive analytics tools can deliver actionable guidance to sales reps to help them understand what each and every customer should be buying from them and help them set specific, marketaligned prices that account for every selling circumstance. As a result, building product manufacturers can grow organic revenue, exceed margin targets, gain share and simply grow smarter. 11


How Big Data And Th Is Transforming The C

With benefits including improved upmanagers are beginning to recognise W ri t t e n b y: A B I 12 September 2015

he Internet Of Things Construction Industry

-time and performance, construction e the importance of big data analysis G A I L PH I LLI PS 13

TECHNOLOGY & EQUIPMENT MORE SO THAN ever before manufacturers and end users are embracing technology, using improved on-board controls, advance diagnostics and machine control to improve up-time and performance of machines on construction sites. And now OEMs are looking to improve their predictive abilities by harnessing the power of big data. This is part of a wider emphasis on the industrial internet and the Internet of Things; a sector which has been estimated to be one day OEMs are looking to improve their predictive abilities by harnessing the power of big data

worth $19 trillion, encompassing the whole range of activated technology, from smart phones to cars to construction equipment. Earlier this year, Caterpillar bought a minority stake in Uptake, a tech start-up in Chicago. Uptake was already developing predictive diagnostics and fleet optimisation solutions for locomotives for Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD), a subsidiary of Caterpillar, and its success the company consider wider possibilities within the construction equipment sector. And CAT is not the only company embracing big data - Komatsu is collaborating with General Electric to develop its next-generation mining equipment, as well as providing recommendations for optimisation of mines to Komatsu customers, by using GE’s high-powered analysis of data collected by sensors on dumpers. Big data and the Internet of Things The new initiatives amalgamate around the concepts of big data and the Internet of Things. The term ‘big data’ refers to increasingly huge data sets which can be mined for

14 September 2015


Machine Statistics from on-board diagnostics will provide sophisticated picture of machine health information, while the Internet of Things refers to embedding objects with electronics to connect to wider networks. Construction equipment manufacturers see opportunities to aggregate the data from their fleet populations, to develop sophisticated models to predict machinery breakdown and to provide enhanced analytics to their customers. While existing solutions such as on-board diagnostics can measure

the performance of individual components, a big data solution would monitor streams of data coming from a machine and provide a more sophisticated picture of machine health, predicting impending breakdown or component failure more accurately. As breakdowns can be expensive, both through lost time and from damage to surrounding components in the case of a major failure, better predictive powers 15

TECHNOLOGY & EQUIPMENT would mean savings for customers. Who will lead the pack? According to Stian Overdahl, writing for, CAT has a “natural advantage in leveraging big data, with both the resources to invest and the largest data-set; the over three million CAT machines operating across the planet.” The company has a solid track

16 September 2015

‘There is no doubt that analytics and innovation will spark development and offer a huge opportunity for competitive advantage in the construction equipment sector’


record of investing in data solutions to improve machine performance and has demonstrated its commitment to advancing the predictive powers of monitoring software and big data. As chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman said when the company acquired Uptake, “Customers use our current technology for fleet monitoring and to track fuel efficiency, idle times, location and more. Our existing solutions are effective, but it’s time we take it to the next level.” He continued to say that Uptake’s software will transform the “quintillion bytes of incoming data we see every day” into useful information to send back to customers. “We want to empower our customers with the insight necessary to shift from a reactive ‘repair after failure’ mode to a proactive ‘repair before failure’ stance.” Komatsu is another key OEM entering the big data market, however rather than partnering with a smaller start-up, it has partnered with manufacturing behemoth GE, whose total revenue in 2014 was $148.6 billion. While GE is a big player in the industrial market, with a product portfolio

Uptake’s software will transform the “quintillion bytes of incoming data we see every day including locomotives, jet engines and the AC engines for Komatsu’s large dumpers, it has also invested heavily in data centres to make good use of the huge volumes of data it receives. GE estimates there are more than 10 million sensors built into the $1 trillionplus worth of equipment it has sold. Komatsu is now taking advantage of that computing scale, and hopes to return the benefits to its customers. It’s starting with customers in the mining industry. As is typically the case with high-tech additions to the machinery industry, production 17


Data remains an untapped resource for many organisations and businesses

‘How quickly and profoundly OEMs can integrate the predictive advantages of big data in their systems remains to be seen, but the possibility of higher productivity and more up-time means the opportunities are too big to ignore’ 18 September 2015

applications are best-placed to take advantage of new developments, since minute savings in a single cycle result in major savings across a year of operation. Also, their repetitive nature makes them suited for analysis and primed to benefit from automation. According to reports, Komatsu will collect data from sensors on its large dump trucks working in the field and send it to GE’s data centre for analysis, for example improving calculation of the best route through a mine, as well as optimal speeds and braking patterns. Other companies in the industry are also following suit, for example Hitachi has its own data systems division, which in February this year announced it would buy Floridabased Pentaho, an established big data company, for a reported price of over $500 million. “Data remains an untapped resource for many organisations and businesses, with the realisation of the value of that data remaining a challenge,” said Kevin Eggleston, a Senior Vice President at Hitachi Data Systems. The automotive sector is also focused on data analysis. Volvo Truck’s I-See product uses topographical maps to help improve


gear changing and acceleration to save fuel. The system also takes in road conditions data from individual Volvo trucks, making it available to other drivers. Data about a trucking route can also be used to recommend the right vehicle for a specific job. What next for the industry? There is no doubt that analytics and innovation will spark development and offer a huge opportunity for competitive advantage in the

construction equipment sector. Big data and the Internet of Things can capture and transform incoming data; from a single machine or engine, an entire job-site, the supply chain, a shipping location and much more, turning it into valuable information for construction managers. How quickly and profoundly OEMs can integrate the predictive advantages of big data in their systems remains to be seen, but the possibility of higher productivity 19


Construction Global takes a look at the top trends shaping the global construction sector in the next couple of years Written by: Abigail Phillips

TOP 10

2 21

TOP 10

10 Building materials are changing: out with bricks, in with self-healing concrete Future building materials will take their cue from current scientific technologies. As reported by BBC News, a self-healing concrete developed by microbiologist Henk Jonkers and Eric Schlangen, a concrete technologist, involves the genus Bacillus’ mixed bacteria spores. Its nutrients, when activated by water, will feed on calcium lactate to produce a primary component of limestone, which is lactite. This self-healing concrete may be available within the next few years if tests are successful. Once proven, it could eliminate concrete cracks and expensive concrete maintenance. Alongside and influencing these technologies is a greater awareness and need to build greener, with sustainable materials used at the construction phase. Malama Composites has started manufacturing foam material from plant materials like hemp, kelp, and bamboo that will be used in turbine blades, insulation, and furniture. 22 September 2015


Innovate or die While it may be easier to stick to familiar construction methods, the industry is changing and the new, innovative greener techniques, while challenging to develop to the point that they become standard, can be highly beneficial to the quality of the urban environment, and often ingenious. In Indonesia, Skidmore, Owings & Mills has revealed its design for a 99-story Pertamina Skyscraper that is shaped like a budding flower’s petals. What’s interesting to note here is that to harness wind energy, the said skyscraper will slightly open its peak to allow its wind funnel to convert high speed winds into energy sources.



The devil is in the data The proper use of BIM collaboration, cloud computing and mobile data, can be a major asset that allows companies to maintain ideal cost structure by delaying or replacing personnel costs and maintaining the company’s ability to achieve proper gross profit margins. Construction firms should focus on solutions that will allow for timely, accurate information to ensure that bids are correctly calculated and to efficiently manage production. 23

TOP 10

The sharing economy will grow for the latestmodel heavy equipment

07 Big data will continue to be a big deal Big data analytics is being adopted at a rapid rate across every industry. It enables businesses to manage and analyse vast amounts of data at ultrafast speeds, and obtain valuable insights that can improve their decision-making processes. One of the industries that is reaping the benefits of this technology is the construction industry. Construction companies are using big data to perform a wide range of tasks, from data management to pre-construction analysis, and the trend is sure to continue as the software and technology improves. 24 September 2015

According to a new whitepaper called “Tech Innovations Drive Increases in Heavy Equipment Leases and Rentals,” heavy construction equipment will increasingly be shared between construction companies. Expect more construction companies to share their forklifts, wheel loaders, and compact truck loaders over the next year. And as more construction companies follow the EPA’s initiative to do away with old Tier IV machinery, newer equipment, like compliant heavy forklifts and excavators, will start joining in on the rental construction economy as well.



05 Micro-apartment contracts will boom Want to live in a closet? With the rising cost of property and living in general many Millennials and Generation X-ers see this as a viable option, contributing to the rise of micro apartments. From London to San Francisco, these tiny dwellings are increasingly gaining approval from city planners, which means more contracts for commercial builders. Construction companies should ready their bids as this trend hits the mainstream.

Sustainability will continue to be an important buzz word Green building is trendy and costeffective. In fact, according to McGraw Hill Construction, up to 48 percent of new non-residential construction projects will be green. That’s a $145 billion opportunity for construction firms. Additionally, the call to continue greening existing buildings will only continue to rise. And while there’s scepticism that LEED will keep dominating the green space, many firms will turn to green construction management software to help please their eco-conscious customers.



TOP 10

3D printing will make its way onto more construction sites 3D printing: it’s flashy, it’s newsy, and it’s the future of the construction industry. With more commercial firms focusing in on green construction, cost-conscious managers will continue turning to this tool. In fact, according to Gartner, worldwide shipments of 3D printers will increase 101 percent

(from 108,151 to 217,350 units) over 2015 alone. That said, construction is notoriously a conservative industry when it comes to technical innovation. Constructech warns, “3D printing probably will not infiltrate the core of the industry until it has been tested and proven in other industries.” With that said, the construction industry will likely mass-adopt 3D printers before the end of this decade.



02 Mobile apps with geo-fencing will boom in popularity A geo-fence is a virtual barrier. It uses GPS to track where an object (like a mobile phone for example) is. With so many contractors relying on time-tracking software to figure out what to pay whom, geo-fencing applications are particularly helpful; with

applications like Timesheet Mobile, setting geo-fencing parameters can help construction managers better manage their payroll as the system will log when an employee is on- or off-site, without manually having to add hours. There are lots of construction-specific mobile apps that provide this service, like Red-Trac and Labor Sync, but expect this trend to grow ever more popular over the coming year. 27

TOP 10

28 September 2015


Construction is going paperless Many construction companies are already switching over to construction management software with document management capabilities, saving some companies up to $5,000 a year. With more construction managers choosing to write, process, and submit their RFDs, project updates, applications, LEED forms, invoices, and contracts online, even smaller re-modelling companies will start making the switch.



FORGING A FORMULA FOR SUCCESS In The Construction Industry Written by Abigail Phillips Produced by Ben Walshe



By focusing on people, product, and productivity Conneely Group is achieving unprecedented success in the construction sector

Admirals Quay-Internal


September 2015


onneely Group is on a continuous growth plan that is both achievable and sustainable by maintaining its existing client base through offering them best service. Demonstrating the success of this approach, the firm is targeting a turnover of ÂŁ50 million within the next three years. Conneely Drylining was established in 1985 by Chairman and CEO Eamon Conneely, and provided drylining, partitioning and plastering services to the construction industry. Over the past 25 years Conneely Group, which is now broken into two sub-divisions Conneely Drylining and Conneely Facades, has developed into highly successful provider of metal stud partitioning, drylining and exterior facades. The level of commitment and expertise from its skilled management and workforce,


Chelsea Creek

and the unfaltering emphasis on quality has largely attributed to this success. The company concentrates on its core areas of expertise and consequently has become a specialist in drylining and plastering, lightweight steel framing, screeding, render and cladding. In demonstrating its level of quality and experience, Conneely Group has forged extremely close relationships with the likes of British Gypsum, Metsec, Sto and Eternit, some of the industry’s largest suppliers. Its expertise and experience in the industry means it is able to successfully complete the

Conneely Group Has Been Awarded An Achilles Building Confidence 5 Star Rating

w w w. c d l - l t d . c o . u k


HadleyFRAME™ and SFS Hadley Steel Framing serves customers worldwide, creating cold roll formed load bearing panel systems as well as infill structural framing solutions from seven manufacturing centres, supplying five continents.

Our in-house structural engineers’ expertise includes 3-D design and detailing, demonstrated by an international portfolio of completed projects for all market sectors. • Off-site build systems enabling rapid completion of one storey per week on site • Complementary to concrete floor installation improving thermal and acoustic performance • Can eliminate need for “wet-trades” saving cost and time • Shortens time period to completed weathered envelope • More efficient logistics and fit due to off-site planning

Call 0121 555 1385 Email






most technically demanding of projects to the highest level of quality. The organisational and site management structure of Conneely Drylining and Conneely Facades enables the company to regularly accept projects on a fast track basis, driving the program on to completion in accordance with its clients’ needs. At Conneely Group, the emphasis from day one has been on quality, efficiency, and providing its clients with relevant services – this focus has provided the company the springboard from which it will derive future success. As well as focusing on quality, the company is also passionate about continuous improvement. As Michael Cockerton, finance director at Conneely, explained: “It is a mainstay of our business. We have always encouraged our teams to question


“We have always encouraged our teams to question the existing strategies and procedures and offer their own way of improving everyday tasks” -M  ichael Cockerton, Finance Director


Hadley Steel Framing are part of the Hadley Group, the largest Cold Rolled Section manufacturer in the UK. With factories in UK, Dubai, Thailand and Germany our innovative sections are used in both infill and over-sail application. Our bolted panelised systems enable us to supply premade panels for buildings up to 11 storeys high with the option of joisted or concrete cast floors. All projects include full design and construction drawings in 2d or full BIM model, accompanied by full PI Warranty and through wall testing with British Gypsum and St Gobain Hadley Steel Framing are the perfect solution for light gauge, rapid build solutions.

w w w. c d l - l t d . c o . u k



University of Hertfordshire

the existing strategies and procedures and offer their own way of improving everyday tasks, ultimately this creates a culture of continuous improvement that we are happy to embrace.” People management The senior management at Conneely Group recognise that the true value of a company is rooted in its people, and as such the place a huge emphasis on people development. Conneely is recognised as being one of the leading drylining and façade contractors in the south east of England, it has a reputation for quality work and this in itself attracts quality employees, however the company does not stop there. “We have always had good employee retention,” says


September 2015


Cockerton. “We recognise that it’s the people that make the business, and we try to ensure that they are supported by senior management along the way so that they can give their best, we expect hard work but in return reward well.” In the last year, the company has set up Conneely Academy. “Whilst we have invested heavily in training throughout the years we have set this company up to ensure that all employees have the specific training to ensure that they are informed on best practice,” says Cockerton. Admirals Quay

“We recognise that it’s the people that make the business, and we try to ensure that they are supported by senior management along the way so that they can give their best, we expect hard work but in return reward well.” –M  ichael Cockerton, Finance Director

w w w. c d l - l t d . c o . u k


Insulated render systems on high rise.... the sky’s the limit with SPSenvirowall SPSenvirowall are market leaders in insulated render systems in the new build high rise residential sector. Cost effective, easy to install, and certified for use on buildings – whatever the height - the Envirowall TS Rail with EPS is the render system of choice for specifiers and installers on high rise concrete frame constructions.

Call our technical team on 0845 1300 983 for more information or visit us on



The company has developed in-house courses that vary from labourers’ specific training to site management training. Courses include site safety awareness to SMSTS, NVQ level 1 to NVQ level 7, Quality training for site managers and supervisors with manufacturers to first aid for office staff. “We ensure the workforce has the knowledge to carry out their work competently,” says Cockerton. As well as offering a roster of in-house training courses for existing employees, Conneely group also offers graduates an opportunity to work in all the departments of the business during their gap years or provide site based gap years only, depending on how confident the graduate is on their career choice after they complete their degree in construction management. “Apprentices have one day at college whilst working in their chosen field e.g. Quantity Surveying / Estimating / Accounting etc. Apprentices work on live projects under the guidance of their line managers and get to be part of the project and the team giving them invaluable experience. They also get to see the results of their efforts, encouraging their continual development within the industry,” Cockerton explains. Conneely aim to advance a high skilled workforce and the apprentices will be encouraged to continue their studies with the relevant degree to the chosen career. The company also works with training colleges and provides placements over a period of three months to a year - often the apprentices continue to

Conneely Group provides quality training for site managers, supervisors and manufacturers, as well as first aid for office staff

w w w. c d l - l t d . c o . u k


ADA Fastfix Ltd

Etag are proud to supply

ADA Fastfix are an industry leading supplier of fixings & fastenings to the construction industry

CONNEELY GROUP with top quality construction products

01494 478478

Etag stock a comprehsive range of products such as: Unit 10, Merlin Centre Lancaster Road Cressex Business Park High Wycombe Buckinghamshire HP12 3QL

All at highly competitive prices! Call today on 0208 691 5794 or buy online from Warehouse: Unit 3, British Wharf Industrial Estate, Surrey Canal Road, Lewisham London SE14 5RS

Proud to work with Conneely Group

Specialist Distributors of Insulation, Dry Lining, Roofing and Ceilings Roofing

Thermal Insulation

Fire Protection



External Facades


Dry Lining

Follow us on Twitter @minsteronline For more information visit



work with Conneely after their placement. “Conneely is currently developing content to provide a good entry level into the drylining industry, where we aim to provide actual site content and work placement where individuals work alongside experienced drylining teams in order to help turn unemployed into employment. We also work alongside the Berkeley group who run a scheme to get unemployed people into employment and we are pleased to have taken on ten through this scheme last year,” says Cockerton. With an ever-looming skills shortage in the industry, its schemes like this that see Conneely grow and succeed in a tough environment. Technology and the supply chain Conneely recognises that to be successful it is reliant on the strength of its supply chain and relationships within it. “We have built up great relationships over the years with our supply chain which has helped us sustain our growth. We try to engage with our supply chain early in the tendering process so that they are with us all the way from the pricing of a secured tender through to the awarding of the project,” says Cockerton. Part of having a robust supply chain is having stable and innovative technology solutions to back it up, particularly in today’s technology driven world where customers and business partners alike expect it. Conneely endeavours to be at the forefront of new techniques and technologies

Plastering - a core skill

w w w. c d l - l t d . c o . u k



“Prior to embarking on our latest growth plan we invested in an integrated estimating, surveying and accounting system to enable us to take the next big step up. This system has allowed us to increase our output while maintaining the same levels of quality and efficiency throughout the business” – Michael Cockerton, Finance Director


September 2015

within the construction industry. As Cockerton explains, “Over the years we have been early adopters of new drylining and ceiling products, new screeds and new cladding systems. We will always happily engage with our supply chain and customers early in the process if there is value to be added to the project that we can all benefit from, whether that is a decrease in costs or programme length, or an improvement to the environmental and sustainability performance or to the method of working to increase safety levels. “Prior to embarking on our latest growth plan we invested in an integrated estimating, surveying and accounting system to enable us to take the next big step up. This system


Company Information

has allowed us to increase our output whilst maintaining the same levels of quality and efficiency throughout the business,” he says.


Poised for future growth Conneely is able to complete the most technically demanding projects within tight programme periods to the highest standards of safety and quality due to its unwavering commitment to quality, people, and continuous improvement. “We offer both the complete internal drylining fit out through to painted finish along with the complete envelope solution reducing the amount of contractors a client has to interface with. Our management systems have been compliant to ISO 9001, 14001 and OHAS 18001 for many years and have recently been successfully reaudited for our three year renewal. Furthermore we are CHAS accredited and Achilles Building confidence 5 star rated,” says Cockerton. But what does the future hold for the business? “In five years’ time we would like to see ourselves as one of the top three businesses within our sector of the construction industry. We anticipate achieving this by the continually striving to improve our business practices, training of our staff and workforce, maintaining the excellent customer and supplier relationships and generally by everyone within the business working towards the same goal,” says Cockerton. If its track record is anything to go by, this is certainly achievable.


Stansted, UK FOUNDED


Not disclosed REVENUE


Metal stud partitioning, drylining and exterior facades.

w w w. c d l - l t d . c o . u k


Company logo goes here

Amdec Group

Growing a Green Future

Written by: John O’Hanlon Produced by: Richard Deane



The future sustainability of our built environment is in the hands of today’s property developers


he iconic Melrose Arch mixed-use precinct in Johannesburg’s leafy northern suburbs has set the precedent for sustainable cities in South Africa for over a decade, starting long before the green building movement officially began in the country. Today, it continues its legacy of pioneering sustainability. Leading South African property company Amdec are owners in Melrose Arch. By taking a long-term view and optimising the critical mass of mixed-use developments, Amdec has become a front-runner in green building innovation in South Africa. Josef Quraishi, Head of Sustainability and Green Building for Amdec group, stated it will continue to push the sustainability envelope. Sustainability is a win-win Amdec sees sustainability as a win-win. “When we develop, we look at the broader context of investing in communities. A thriving community is good for business; the more attractive a community is, the more desirable our buildings become,” said Quraishi. He adds: “Amdec will continue with our commitment to find new and better ways to create greater sustainability and better resource efficiency, and use our hard-earned experience in sustainable development not only to benefit those who live, work and visit our developments, but also for the property industry as a whole.” Quraishi believes that, as a pioneer in sustainable development in South Africa, Amdec has a lot to


August 2015


offer by sharing its experiences and knowledge. “Our sustainability journey hasn’t been easy, and Amdec believes that sharing our lessons is important, as it helps others along the learning curve, and supports the movement for sustainability,” he said. Quraishi was part of the team who helped develop Green Building Council South Africa’s (GBCSA) Socio-Economic Category - a world-first for rating tools. In doing so, the GBCSA took the lead in developing a set of socio-economic criteria for green building rating tools. Socio-economic factors are particularly relevant in developing countries such as South Africa, and extend green buildings to encompass not just environmental sustainability but also socio-economic sustainability.

Melrose Arch The Piazza

w w w. a m d e c . c o . z a



The Koolcon Group is a property specialist group, that provides a hands-on approach through the appointment of our in house professionals. We specialize in design, construction, handover and maintenance. Offering a comprehensive design build solution in the commercial property market. We endeavour to ensure the best level of service with regular quality control, keeping our clients current, up to date and our projects on time. We are able to provide a service across a broad range of sectors including: • • • • • •

Banking and Financial institutions Factories Student accommodation Spa’s, conference facilities and hotels Shopping centres Industrial

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Office Parks Civil works Residential developments Telecommunication Towers Medical centres

Johannesburg (Head Office) Tel: +27 (0) 465 6947, Fax: +27 (0) 86 600 2947, E-mail: Address: Unit D8, Deco Park, Cnr New Market & Witkoppen, North Ridge, Johannesburg .

Regional offices include: Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town

Complete solutions for the resources and energy sectors

WorleyParsons is a leading provider of project delivery and consulting services to the resources & energy sectors and complex process industries. Our services cover the full asset spectrum both in size and lifecycle – from the creation of new assets to services that sustain and enhance operating assets. - BBBEE Level 2 - 30% PDI ownership

- Over 60 years’ experience - Deep local knowledge - Global expertise ContaCt Details 021 794 2874


August 2015









Encouraging positive impacts The way we design, build and operate our buildings can address, to some extent, societal challenges such as poverty, unemployment, lack of education and skills, and health. This GBCSA tool is designed to both measure, and encourage, these positive impacts. The Socio-Economic Category allows the socioeconomic achievements of new buildings and major retrofits to be recognised and rewarded under Green Star SA tools. It is a separate optional category for which projects can be rated alongside their standard Green Star SA certifications. As part of the initiative, the GBCSA simultaneously developed an International SocioEconomic Framework for the World Green Building Council, which can be used by other green building councils to apply to their rating tools. Quraishi points out that while South Africa has building codes that talk to sustainability, Amdec always looks to do more and do better. By considering the bigger picture, Amdec’s green building ethos has far-reaching positive impacts. Its holistic approach to green building is helping to change the way people think and live. “Developers like ourselves can contribute to our socio-economic context, not only with green building but by uplifting local communities, transferring skills, training and mentoring, and using local people and products. Even when contracting large building companies for developments, we can ensure they pay it forward as part of our agreement

Melrose Arch

w w w. a m d e c . c o . z a



Slip Street

with them. From a sustainability perspective, as a developer we have a responsibility to do what we can where we can.” noted Quraishi. Uplifting local communities Amdec puts this ethos into action wherever it develops. Among its community-specific initiatives, it has used material from construction excavation to rehabilitate a public park and is also taking care of a river course to ensure its banks are well maintained and help reduced flooding. When it comes to green building itself, Amdec is aware this is a skill that existed long before the company did. “Yes, technology plays a big role in today’s green building, but it isn’t the only factor.


August 2015


There are age-old proven methods of creating greener buildings, going back to nomadic structures that were oriented and built to a height that would provide shade for cattle. Similarly there are exciting ways to reuse and upcycle materials happening all around us, as smart people and communities find ways of creating exciting opportunities with items that others may see as worthless.” said Quraishi. So, Amdec’s approach to green building goes beyond active green building technologies to also incorporating more subtle elements of green building in design and orientation. While tree-lined streets, such as those found at Melrose Arch, are beautiful, what may not be immediately apparent is that they also play an important role in green building. The tree canopies provide shading on the front of buildings, helping to keep them cool. The bottom level of a building, and the upper levels, are usually the hottest. The trees mitigate the heat of the sun that bounces off the road. This increases comfort inside the building and decreases a building’s cooling costs. With Melrose Arch, and Amdec’s next R4 billion mega development of Westbrook, a 128,000ha mixed-use suburb in Port Elizabeth, it is taking the opportunity to explore the latest technologies in sustainability. In fact, Amdec hopes to take Westbrook entirely off the grid. Reducing electricity consumption Among the solutions Amdec has identified is the gas-powered trigeneration plant, which is only

Melrose Arch -The Piazza

Melrose Arch -The Galleria w w w. a m d e c . c o . z a



High Street

Iconic View


August 2015

in use at a handful of properties in the country. Capitalising on its benefits, it would reduce electricity consumption at a mixed-use precinct such as Melrose Arch by 50 percent, halving its dependence on the country’s power grid. Alongside this, Amdec has also invested over R100 million into alternative fuels, recycling waste and biofuel, and putting gas back into its system to be used within Melrose Arch. This will be the first time this is deployed in context of a South African mixed-used precinct. Quraishi noted that for Amdec, it is not just about sustainability and doing the right thing, but also about helping its clients to reduce their occupation costs and keeping them working when load-shedding hits. “Amdec is responding to the challenges of South Africa’s energy crisis,” said Quraishi. “This helps to take strain off our power grid, and our building users’ pockets, as well as being good for the environment and helping communities prosper.” While Amdec is adding more resource-efficient features to its assets, whether there is a rating tool available for them or not, it is also pursuing more green ratings for its properties. Having already earned Green Star SA ratings for two of its buildings in the last two years; Amdec plans to boost its pace of investing in green buildings by taking this number to six in the next 24 months. This means it will pursue more Green Star SA ratings for all its new developments, and some of its existing ones. At Melrose Arch, Amdec has earned its two Green Star SA ratings: 40 on Oak was South Africa’s first multi-unit residential project certified


Colourful Detailed Buildings

under the Green Star SA system, with a 4-Star Green Star SA Pilot certification and The Worley Parsons head office was awarded a 4-Star Green Star SA Office v1 Design rating. As part of its multiunit residential rating at 40 on Oak, Amdec cut energy consumption for each apartment by 50 percent and water consumption by 40 percent making the Melrose Arch apartments even more desirable. For the green rated office, it lowered energy consumption by 40 percent and water consumption by 50 percent. A platform for sustainable buildings Melrose Arch will also play a leading role in Amdec’s future targeted green star ratings, two of which have already been registered at GBCSA. For existing buildings, Josef explains that Amdec has prioritised getting ratings for single-tenant buildings. “Then


Number of staff employed by Amdec Group

w w w. a m d e c . c o . z a


AMDEC GROUP Melrose Arch


August 2015


we’ll move on to our multi-tenanted buildings, which can be more challenging.” said Josef. The green inner-workings of Melrose Arch support more than a single building, they underpin a whole precinct, making it an enabling platform for sustainable buildings. Melrose Arch is also packed with ingenious designs and small, smart green touches that also create an enjoyable environment. It includes a central district cooling plant that utilises evaporative cooling so its buildings use less air conditioning than usual, it uses gas and has integrated recycling. Its mixed-uses and pedestrianisation reduces the need for cars, it also benefits from good access to public transport. Josef explains that blue-chip businesses want their markets to know they are doing the right thing, so occupying a green rated building is becoming a business imperative for them. Amdec is like-minded and answering the call for green rated buildings in South Africa. Quraishi said: “Green buildings are also commercially desirable because they boost productivity and profitability by creating healthy workspaces that also mean lower absenteeism.” With soaring energy costs, clients across Amdec’s portfolio of assets, including its Evergreen Lifestyle Villages, enjoy the benefits of Amdec’s energyefficient, water-efficient and cost-efficient focus. For Amdec, its green building ethos is simply good business. “With our sustainability initiatives, Amdec ensures that whatever we do has a positive impact on their environment, in their community and beyond.” concluded Quraishi.

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Sustainable development foundation for developing worldclass real estate and building design

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Civmec Global strategy, universal success

CEO Pat Tallon discusses Civmec’s history of growth, current projects, and plans for the future Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Bryan Giles




stablished in 2009, Civmec has seen a rapid rise to the top of its game. With a keen business strategy and a multi-disciplinary approach, it has become a leading construction and engineering services provider to Australia’s booming resources and infrastructure industries. With several major projects under its belt, Civmec is now poised for even further growth at home and on the global stage.

Civil works site at Marandoo

Strategy from the start Civmec has enjoyed growth quarter after quarter, and not by happenstance. Strategy has been built into the company from Day One, starting with location. “When we established this business in 2009, a big component for us was to secure a location at the Australian Marine Complex so we had direct access to the wharf to offer greater transport options for our clients,” says Civmec CEO


Pat Tallon. Since constructing a 29,300 square metre manufacturing workshop as a home base at the wharf, Civmec has since expanded to more than 120,000m of prime waterfront land, through the further establishment of a Surface Treatment Facility, Specialist Subsea Facility and Operational Readiness Facility. But location is just one of three key factors that Civmec attributes to its swift success. Another key is its focus on collaborative partnerships,

whether with clients and employees or valued subcontractors and suppliers like steelmakers BlueScope Steel and Onesteel. “We work with them to develop innovative solutions that will increase productivity and ultimately reduce cost,” says Tallon. Working closely with clients and suppliers, Civmec creates an invaluable environment of transparency and trust. “We picked the right clients and the right partners,” says Tallon.

w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u


PROUD SUPPLY PARTNERS OF CIVMEC BlueScope Distribution is proud to be associated with Civmec, providing quality steel products and supply solutions. As the market leading sales and distribution arm of BlueScope Limited, partnering with local businesses to deliver a reliable, Australian made product is our priority. Our depth of stock available for next day-delivery is unrivalled in WA, and allows us to support our customers facing increasingly constrained delivery schedules. The scale of our operations and warehouse delivers a competitive price and industry leading range. Having an experienced team of steel professionals working with our customers allows us to deliver supply solutions to combat increasingly competitive landscape of the Australian steel market. BlueScope Distribution’s core products and markets: • • • •

Mild Steel Plate High Tensile Plate Laser Plate Quench & Tempered Plate



• • • •

Tubular RHS Commercial & ERW Pipe Sheet & Coil Merchant Bar



BlueScope Distribution

9 Bradford Street, Kewdale WA 08 6250 1000

BlueScope Distribution, XLERPLATE® and XLERPLATE LITE® are registered trademarks of BlueScope Limited.


Since 1915 the steel industry has been an essential part of Australia and its economy. BlueScope’s heritage traces back to the very beginning. Our history has always been in steelmaking - but the future lies in selling Australian innovation, technology and expertise to the booming Asian and global growth markets. BlueScope’s business has been built on the strength of our global partnerships, global networks and global brands. Our track record of successful global partnerships enables us to prosper in widely diverse markets. In India, we have established a joint venture with the highly respected Tata conglomerate, a joint venture in Saudi Arabia is opening new opportunities in that expanding market, in North America, our 50:50 North Star BlueScope Steel joint venture with Cargill continues to perform strongly, and our joint venture with Nippon Steel - NS BlueScope Coated Products - will open exciting new markets and opportunities in Asia. Equally important are our successful partnerships with our customers. Many of our customers are Fortune 500 companies, and we can help them realise significant savings in the total cost of their buildings by reducing construction schedules. Our global networks are another great BlueScope strength, with more than 100 facilities in 17 countries, employing over 16,000 people serving thousands of customers.



“We grew fast but it is sustainable and with every move into new areas—whether it be location or capability—we ensured the business was ready for it.” The right projects Civmec has been involved in an array of ambitious key projects that highlight its interdisciplinary strengths, from metro-based infrastructure in Elizabeth Quay to refractory installation with INPEX’s Ichthys Project in Darwin. Civmec’s capabilities are tested even further with progressive projects under current construction like Shell’s Prelude Floating Liquefied Gas Facility (FLNG). Civmec was awarded a master service order contract by frequent collaborator Technip in August 2014. “This is one of the most exciting projects globally as it is the first FLNG project in the world,” says Tallon. “Our involvement includes the supply, fabrication and testing of subsea components for the development. The main challenge is to deliver these products to the high quality and high specification expected from our client, Technip, and the owner, Shell.”

CEO Pat Tallon CCIWA Presentation

SMP Works on Yandi Sustaining project

“Every Civmec location is strategic to ensure we are well-positioned to service our clients and the sectors” – Pat Tallon, CEO w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u


“An Australian First” at Esperance Port Esperance Port had a specific remit for suspended (hanging) scaffold on a planned shutdown for the blasting and painting of a conveyor structure over the water. The required scaffold was to be 25m long x 8m wide x 12m high with 5 working platforms both sides and a full dance floor deck top and bottom. We also had to achieve a maximum dead load weight of 400kgs per linear metre, which was impossible with conventional steel scaffolding. Due to an approaching deadline there was little time to achieve this. SMS came to the rescue with 'SCAFFMAN 9 - ALLOY 220 SCAFFOLD SYSTEM' The result was a set of 3 craneable and light weight scaffolds rated at 450kgs SWL (Medium Duty), which comfortably complied with the dead load weight restrictions whilst allowing major works to be performed based on the working duty required. T he craneable engineered design reduced the build by 50% and the dismantling time by 70% resulting in massive time reductions and down time for the conveyor. SMS director Mark Welsh said ‘’We were set a technical challenge that I knew our Scaffman 9 Alloy 220 system scaffold was perfectly suited to. This is a first in Australia and I am very happy with the result, as is the client. I look forward to taking this concept to a wider field of customers as the benefits are phenomenal!’’

Scaffolding Management Services

Ph: 08 6424 8012 63-67 Division Street Welshpool WA 6106 Email:




Even more recently, Brookfield Multiplex Engineering and Infrastructure Pty Ltd awarded Civmec with the new Perth Stadium Steelwork Package contract, a contract that includes the fabrication and installation of roughly 14,500 tonnes of steelwork for the highly anticipated new Perth Stadium. “This project is evidence of how globally competitive Australia can be when it comes to fabrication, while providing client surety of delivery,” says Tallon. Pursuing growth abroad As a key part of its efforts to stay competitive and offer a high level of service, Civmec has been expanding to meet the needs of clients overseas. “Civmec growth strategy has always involved expanding overseas when the business was

‘Scaffolding Management was formed in 2001 and has SUPPLIER PROFILE Services’ SCAFFOLDINGMANAGEMENTSERVICES established itself as a professional organisation supplying scaffolding and access services to the Industrial, Mining, and Resource sectors, both onshore and offshore Australia wide. SMS is a privately owned West Australian company, with quality assurance acreditation to AS/ NZS ISO 9001:2001. We operate under our own Health, Safety and Environment system which is compliant with AS/NZS 4801.

Since 2001, we have provided our customers with ‘Project Access Management Solutions’, with the ability to quickly and effectively introduce specialist equipment and personnel to any site any-where at short notice. SMS have demonstrated our capabilities on numerous projects over the past 14 years with some significant achievements under our corporate belt. Website: w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u



Onsite Rental Group congratulates Civmec on being awarded “Company of the Year” by Subsea Energy Australia. And just quietly, we’re stoked that Civmec has chosen us to be their sole equipment rental solutions provider and we support the shared growth of our businesses. 





ready,” says Tallon. “We have been successful in making Civmec competitive here so naturally we want to ensure the expansion overseas provides the same result.” To help in ensuring a smooth and successful expansion plan, Civmec has looked to smart strategic partnerships with synergistic businesses like Technip. “Through various projects including Prelude and the Wheatstone spool package, we have developed a strong working relationship with Technip,” says Tallon, noting that acquisition of Technip’s Indonesian subsidiary PT Global Industries is currently in the due diligence phase. “If complete, this acquisition will strengthen our working relationship and offer Civmec further opportunities to work with Technip on projects


Henderson workshop


Our Knowledge, Your Choice is the tagline that sums up Onsite’s philosophy. Onsite employs product specialists for every product in every region of Australia to offer expert advice on equipment application (Our Knowledge).

Onsite also remains 100% independent of equipment manufacturers so our product specialists are free to offer unbiased advice on the right product for your project or application (Your Choice). Our Knowledge Your Choice underpins every aspect of Onsite’s business. Website:

w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u


“You Can Count on Our Strengths in Service Excellence and Uncompromising Quality”. EDI International Freight Management Pty Ltd is a proudly Australian owned international freight forwarder and customs clearing house with offices and agents throughout all Australian ports. We work alongside competent partners throughout all major trade lanes worldwide. • • • • •

Air, Sea and Road freight Specialists in Project and Out of Gauge Cargo Trade consulting and Tariff advice Cargo packaging, handling and transport options Australian Customs and Quarantine regulations Import and Export transactions

Telephone : +61 8 6323 1760 | Email :


Proudly supplying Civmec projects


“Can you provide a total steel solution to simplify my steel projects from start to finish?”

OneSteel Metalcentre is Australia’s only truly integrated steel supplier. With the support and stability of Arrium Mining and Materials and a nationwide branch network, we are uniquely positioned in every city and region to provide products and services to a wide range of market segments including mining, engineering, construction and manufacturing. Combine this with our project management, technical expertise and the ability to seamlessly access processing and finishing resources as required, you’re partnering with a business that aims to understand, make it easier and deliver.

Nammuldi Below Water Table (Rio Tinto, WA) Yandi Sustaining Project (Rio Tinto, WA) Mungari Gold Project (La Mancha Resources, WA) Finucane Island Blending Yards (BHP Billiton, WA) Marandoo Expansion (Rio Tinto, WA) Hope Downs 4 Expansion (Rio Tinto, WA) Finucane Island Expansion (BHP Billiton, WA) Gorgon Downstream LNG (Chevron, WA)

we can. Perth

08 9418 9877 OneSteel Metalcentre Perth – 1 Howson Way, Bibra Lake



worldwide—as well as giving us the opportunity to expand our offering to other clients globally.�

new offices in Sydney and Gladstone. According to Tallon, the Sydney office will allow Civmec to further pursue infrastructure projects Increasing growth domestically along the Eastern Seaboard, While Civmec has turned its sights sustaining capital and maintenance overseas, cementing opportunities in opportunities in the mining and Australia is as high a priority as ever. oil and gas sectors, and defence To maximise its domestic growth work through Civmec DLG, an strategy, Civmec recently opened incorporation in conjunction with

Civmec Henderson, WA w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u



Aerial view of Civmec facilities in Henderson

When Quality & Service Matter

AIRCOR Mechanical Services are a wholly owned Western Australian company specialising in all aspects of the air conditioning and mechanical services industry with a reputation for providing quality and excellence. • Specialised HVAC mining services • Industrial, commercial & retail air conditioning & mechanical services • After sales service & breakdown • Planned preventative and tailored SERVICE & maintenance programs MAINTENANCE • Plant refurbishment works • Capital equipment upgrades • New project construction works


U2 , 16 Jacquard Way, Port Kennedy WA 6172 Office: (08) 9591 6444 / Fax: (08) 9524 6922 Email:


September 2015

local Indigenous company David Liddiard Group. While initially taking a short-term lease at Gladstone, this will allow Civmec to deliver maintenance and refractory projects within the region to leverage off already delivered and ongoing projects —in the area to ensure the Gladstone site becomes a permanent strategic location . “Every Civmec location is strategic to ensure we are wellpositioned to service our clients and the sectors,” says Tallon. “The offices in Sydney and Gladstone feed into our growth


Accropodes for Wheatstone project

strategy as we look to expand our geographic footprint nationally.” The multi-disciplined Civmec difference The traits that set Civmec apart from the competition are the same traits that are considered at Civmec to be true points of pride for the company. “Our main differentiator is our multi-disciplined service offering, where we are able to apply our ever-expanding capabilities across sectors,” says Tallon. “Additionally, we pride ourselves on our ability to treat all parties—whether client, subcontractor, supplier or employee—as stakeholders.” This stakeholder state of mind extends to Civmec operating on an “open door” policy of transparency and honesty, ensuring that

“We have identified many infrastructure opportunities all across Australia and we are targeting to win” – Pat Tallon, CEO

w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u


Welding super duplex LNG piping

CIVMEC clients and employees have access to senior management. Civmec’s commitment to continually reinvest in its capabilities is a principle that applies to its people as much as its technology. “At Civmec, we really foster personal and professional growth,” says Tallon. “My philosophy when it comes to people management is to challenge people to be innovative and give them the direction and freedom to realise their true potential. Of course there is also the smart logistics of its geographical positioning—all means to better serve clients. “Our strategic location at the Australian Marine Complex provides direct access to the wharf,” notes Tallon. “Combined with our various other strategic locations, this enables us to mobilise to site faster which gives Civmec a competitive


edge.” Building and moving forward Civmec already has a strong history of growth, but that growth is far from over. Moving into the future, Civmec has designs for multiple development paths. “A large focus for Civmec moving forward is to increase our market share in the Infrastructure and Subsea sectors,” says Tallon, citing a desire to maintain the momentum it has established through its recent and ongoing projects. “We have identified many infrastructure opportunities all across Australia and we are targeting to win.” Further growth in the Subsea sector will be facilitated through Civmec’s recently completed Specialist Subsea Facility in Henderson, which will help the company meet a rising demand for

“The future looks bright as we grow our geographic footprint and continue delivering vertical packages thanks to our multi-disciplinary, ever-expanding capabilities” – Pat Tallon, CEO w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u



Gorgon Wharf Construction Caissons


September 2015


Company Information INDUSTRY

Construction and engineering modularization HEADQUARTERS

16 Nautical Drive Henderson WA, Australia 6166

ability to work with exotic materials and subsea manufacture. “With involvement on Gorgon, Wheatstone and Ichthys with clients such as Technip, FMC Technologies and GE, we hope to grow this business and our reputation for delivering high quality subsea structures to the oil and gas industry,” says Tallon. In any discipline, Civmec understands that the most significant key to growth is the relationships that it cultivates. “Civmec continue building strong working relationships with clients to ensure ongoing works,” says Tallon. “The future looks bright as we grow our geographic footprint and continue delivering vertical packages thanks to our multi-disciplinary, ever-expanding capabilities.”



1500 approx REVENUE



w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u


Shamrock Civil Delivering Certainty: Shamrock Civil

CEO Andrew Kerr discusses recent and upcoming projects, the company’s expansion into PNG, as well as highlighting Shamrock Civil’s commitment to client relationships and safety. Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Bryan Giles



Manus Island Project


hamrock Civil operates across five offices in Australia and Papua New Guinea, delivering services to the gas and mining, transport infrastructure, commercial, defence and government development sectors. Their civil construction services include bulk earthworks, roadworks, demolition, large scale electric, plumbing and communications services. Shamrock Civil has been providing safe, sustainable and smart solutions since 1994. Along with the company’s comprehensive service offering, they are committed 78

September 2015

to their clients and place value and emphasis on creating and maintaining long term relationships. Projects at hand Shamrock Civil is currently engaged in a variety of new projects in Australia. The latest is a $16 million infrastructure project in Papua New Guinea to upgrade road and bridge links in the Manus Province “The project involves the upgrade of 26 kilometres of road from the airport to the township,” said Andrew Kerr, CEO of Shamrock Civil. The scope of works includes earthworks, pavement, road repairs


Kin Kora Stage

and reconstruction, bridge repair, construction of road furniture, kerb and channel, bitumen sealing works, stormwater drainage works, and bank protection. According to Mr Kerr, the company has been awarded additional scope of work due to its exceptional performance on the project. “The Repairs and Renovations contract on Manus Island have launched us into the international construction arena,” Mr Kerr said. The project is estimated to be completed by January 2016. Shamrock Civil has recently expanded its geographic footprint down the eastern seaboard to Melbourne, where the company is currently performing works for Transpacific Cleanaway. As principal contractor on the Victory Road Cell 4B

“We work hard to attract and retain quality employees so that clients, partners and our people gain the advantage of having access to both seasoned experts and promising young talent” – CEO Andrew Kerr.

w w w. s h a m ro c k c i v i l . c o m . a u


(Phase 2) project, the scope of works involve landfill cell reconstruction, subgrade works groundwater collection system, clay liner and leachate collection system. Next in line is the New Generation Rolling Stock (NGRS) Maintenance Facility in Wulkuraka. The project, which aims to increase train fleets to meet the growing demand for rail services in Queensland, will see the company perform a wealth of services, including cut and fill earthworks, pavements and inground services. 80

September 2015

“The project has achieved over 140,000 hours without LTI (Lost Time Injury) and MTI (Medical Treatment Injury),” said Mr Kerr. “This is a significant accomplishment that represents our commitment to the ‘Safety for Life’ initiative, which promotes the links between health and safety at work and at home.” Another project in the works for Shamrock Civil is the Kin Kora Stage 2 Intersection Upgrade. According to Mr Kerr, the project involves replacing an existing roundabout with traffic signals in one of the



busiest intersections in Gladstone. “Construction to date has included installation of new stormwater drainage lines, vegetation removal, earthworks, installation of temporary concrete footpath and bus stop and the installation of a 600mm RCP under road bore,” said Mr Kerr. “We are on track to open to traffic in early 2016,” he added. In addition, Shamrock has completed the Ocean Drive Slope Stabilisation project in NSW, their first contract in the region. Although the company encountered 20 days of wet weather, it was delivered ahead of schedule.

“The works were performed for Richmond Valley Council and consisted of slope stabilisation using gabion baskets and boulder walls along the shore line of the Evans River,” said Mr Kerr. “The 20 days of wet weather was mitigated by sequencing the gabion basket installation works and selfperforming critical elements of the works ourselves.” Projects in Papua New Guinea In an effort to expand its horizon while showcasing its versatility, the company has recently established

Making safety a priority on site w w w. s h a m ro c k c i v i l . c o m . a u


Manus Island Project 2



a local company in Papua New Guinea, named Shamrock PNG Ltd (SPNG). “We have over 10 employees established in our two offices, one in Port Moresby and one on Manus Island to cater for the growing demand in PNG,” said Mr Kerr. For Mr Kerr, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. The company was recently awarded the Tari to Komo Highlands project for the Department of Works and Implementation. “The project is comprised of upgrading and sealing a 42 kilometre section of road, as well as culverts, bridge works and services in the Hela Province.” In addition, the company recently completed a $76 million joint-venture project for leading natural gas explorer and producer QGC. “The BCIX Ponds Package project reached completion in March 2015,” said Mr Kerr. “We saw some outstanding results from our teams delivering the scope of works to the client’s design specification, 1000 days LTI and MTI free, eight weeks ahead of schedule, on budget and without any variations.” Mr Kerr added, “We maintain a strong working relationship with Golder Associates and QGC and look forward to working with them into the future.”

Andrew Kerr CEO

Leslie Zeeman Director

Winning culture Shamrock Civil is committed to attracting and retaining the best employees in the business by investing in them over the long term. That w w w. s h a m ro c k c i v i l . c o m . a u



philosophy has cultivated into a winning culture. “We work hard to attract and retain quality employees so that clients, partners and our people gain the advantage of having access to both seasoned experts and promising young talent,” said Mr Kerr. According to Mr Kerr, diversity is another aspect the company continuously seeks to improve. “Shamrock Civil strives to create an inclusive culture in which difference is recognised and valued. We understand the significant of 84

September 2015

fostering a diverse workforce and are committed to increasing the representation of women, and achieving a greater balance of gender, ethnicity and nationality throughout our operations.” With employees in mind, the company has implemented a wide range of programs to further the skills and opportunities for their staff. “We offer our employees opportunities to practice and extend their professional capabilities through tertiary education, apprenticeships, course and


graduate programs.” Two components close to Shamrock Civil’s core are safety and community. “The health and safety of our people is our number one value,” said Mr Kerr. “Our strong health and safety culture can be attributed to our ‘Safety for Life’ initiative, which focuses on providing a supportive working environment for our employees, subcontractors and partners. The Safety for Life Program has been effective throughout the company by reminding employees to stop and think twice about what they are doing and if their activity is safe. Practicing this daily can save a life.” Last but certainly not least, Shamrock Civil is committed to leaving a lasting legacy in the communities in which it operates. The company is keen on assisting local communities through infrastructure, employment and training. “We are active participants in our local community, sponsoring fundraisers such as the Camp Quality Charity Golf Day. Our employees dedicate their time into helping those who need it most, with all of our proceeds from the Golf Day going to children living with cancer.” The company delivers tangible benefits as well. Shamrock Civil has recently donated $10,000 to Our Lady of Sacred Heart International School in Kavieng, Papua New Guinea. This support took the rugby league students to the Confraternity Cup in Brisbane, to play with local Brisbane students.

Company Information INDUSTRY


195 Cobalt St Carole Park, Queensland, Australia, 4300 FOUNDED




w w w. s h a m ro c k c i v i l . c o m . a u


Kaleida Health/ John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital The New John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital: A beacon of excellence in children’s care

As the largest healthcare provider in Western New York, Kaleida Health is continuing to make patient care more effective and efficient by building a brand new children’s hospital on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano

Produced by: Tom Venturo



Interior Bridge

“Construction of the hospital remains on schedule, with doors set to open in late 2017” 88

September 2015


ith a mission to advance the health of the community, Kaleida Health’s expert, compassionate healthcare professionals are committed to providing the best possible outcomes and experience for more than one million sick or injured patients each year. As the largest healthcare provider in Western New York, Kaleida Health serves the area’s eight counties through its hospitals – Buffalo General Medical Center/Gates Vascular Institute, DeGraff


Memorial Hospital, Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital, and Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo – two long-term care facilities, more than 80 outpatient clinics and home health care through the Visiting Nursing Association of Western New York, Inc. For more than 120 years, Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo has been the regional center for comprehensive, specialized pediatric and women’s health services.

President, Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, Vice President, Kaleida Health

w w w. k a l e i d a h e a l t h . o r g / C h i l d re n s / o i s h e i /


K A L E I D A H E A LT H / J O H N R . O I S H E I C H I L D R E N ’ S H O S P

Kids put pennies in concrete as part of a fundraiser for Stone’s Buddies, a program for chronically ill children

In an effort to streamline patient care, expand services and treat more patients in an ambulatory setting, Kaleida Health embarked on the journey of building the new John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. Mickey Mariacher, Director of Construction Management, manages the day-to-day construction operations. As the contact person representing the new hospital for all matters with contractors and the architect, Mariacher discussed the hospital’s vision, the challenges of building in a weather-difficult region and the 90

September 2015

impact one hospital will have on Western New York and beyond. The vision “In order to provide the best care, it was deemed necessary to build a completely new building,” Mariacher said as she watched a 200-foot crane lift a piece of steel during the interview. “The previous facility was an aging conglomeration of buildings that were assembled over the years, and as such, there were some convoluted hallways and difficulty navigating from one building to another. In this new building, we were able to get all of



NICU Draft Render

the services that we had in the 600,000 square foot Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo to fit economically and efficiently into the new hospital’s 425,000 square feet.” Discussions for a new hospital began back in 2012, and the design process took nearly two years. A historic $10 million donation from the John R. Oishei Foundation was announced at the new hospital’s groundbreaking ceremony in August 2014. In line with its mission to serve as a catalyst for change in the region, The John R. Oishei Foundation chose to become the lead supporter of the hospital to ensure families continued to have immediate access to specialized health services. Since then, the hospital has received nearly $50 million in funds. Following the groundbreaking, the team for

“This hospital will benefit hundreds of thousands of people for many years to come” – Mickey Mariacher,

Director of Construction Management

w w w. k a l e i d a h e a l t h . o r g / C h i l d re n s / o i s h e i /


K A L E I D A H E A LT H / J O H N R . O I S H E I C H I L D R E N ’ S H O S P Turner Construction Company began the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process, which used a 3D software program to construct the building in an effort to avoid potential clashes and facilitates coordination between all disciplines before they step foot on the site. Construction of the hospital remains on schedule, with doors set to open in late 2017. “Our vision for the new hospital is to be the innovator, the highest quality, highest value provider and partner, and the regional referral Jody Lomeo - President center for women and children’s health care,” said and CEO, Kaleida Health and Great Lakes Health Mariacher. System of Western New The 12-floor, 183-bed, free-standing facility York

Phone: 716-362-9720 Fax: 716-875-4929

w w w. p i n t o c s .c o m

Family owned and operated for over 80 years Evolving into a company which provides a variety of cross-disciplined services, Pinto Construction Services, Inc. prides itself on its ability to deftly handle all job requests, both large and small, including: Our team of experienced professionals awaits you. Count on our knowledgeable and friendly window fashion professionals to coordinate your decorating project from start to finish. Our staff has received extensive training on Hunter Douglas window fashions and more - including design, measuring, installation and powerview motorization.

Colvin Draperies 2429 Elmwood Ave. Suite 100 Kenmore, NY 14217

• • • • •

Underground Infrastructure General Site Work General Construction Demolition Heavy Equipment Specialty Applications

Pinto Construction Services, Inc. 1 Babcock Street Buffalo, NY 14210 PH: 716-825-6666 | FX: 716-825-6773



will be adjacent to the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and will offer hands-on experience for medical students. An emergency room will be equipped with four trauma rooms. A neonatal intensive care unit will provide aroundthe-clock support for the sickest children, and dedicated labor and delivery rooms will be designed to offer the best care possible. With overarching design elements intended to be “kid-friendly,” the hospital will encompass light and open spaces, greenery inside and outside the building, color-themed floors, and a “beacon of light” from the ground to the roof on one corner of the hospital that will be visible from miles away. “We are the only children’s hospital in Western New York,” explained Mariacher. “We’re looking for [the hospital] to be a building that, through its design elements, offers comfort to you as you walk in with a sick child.”

along the way, but Mariacher is well prepared to handle these and see the project to the end through efficient coordination. “Design takes several years, and construction takes several years, and it’s not uncommon during the construction process for new trends, innovations and equipment for operations to dictate the need for a change,” said Mariacher. “Change while you’re in the middle of building is always a challenge, but it is something we are able to handle successfully.” One of the challenges Mariacher and her team have faced is the harsh winter climate New York offers. The winter of 2014 saw freezing temperatures well below 0 degrees, and this year’s winter is expected to be the same. In order to offset this, a temporary wrap is placed around the building that can retain heat throughout the interior, allowing construction to continue. “We heat it to at least 40 degrees, which allows us to continue to work Overcoming challenges through the winter,” said Mariacher. With a construction project of this “So, while we spend a little money magnitude, worth $270 million, there on heat and the wrap, we gain are bound to be some roadblocks everything back by being able to w w w. k a l e i d a h e a l t h . o r g / C h i l d re n s / o i s h e i /


K A L E I D A H E A LT H / J O H N R . O I S H E I C H I L D R E N ’ S H O S P

Mickey Mariacher and CEO Jody Lomeo putting pennies in concrete that will be used in the foundation. This is part of a fundraiser for Stone’s Buddies, a program for chronically ill children at the Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo

work through those three or four months.” Safety is also another concern that is always on the forefront of everyone’s minds during a construction build. Oishei Children’s Hospital is being built next to an existing hospital that is still in operation, which offers its own set of unique challenges—such as 94

September 2015

accessibility to an adjacent helipad. “We had a lot of coordination between our crane operator and our pilot that mans the helicopter flights of sick patients to our helipad,” shared Mariacher. “Our tower crane is over 200 feet high, and the new hospital is only maybe 100 feet away from the existing hospital which is also 200 feet high. We spent about



six months coordinating a protocol so that when a helicopter is approaching with a patient, we can get the crane operator to set his load down and move the boom out of the flight path.” Daily toolbox talks, fire drills and pre-planning also go into offsetting any potential risks that might possibly occur.

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Signaling the future “When you have an opportunity to go from an ageing building that’s perhaps outlived its efficient life, and you step into a new colorful, glass, shiny building with lots of plants, liveliness and artwork, I think that improves everybody’s day,” shared Mariacher. Mariacher knows the value of a children’s hospital. She understands the worry of a parent and the fear of a child that comes from being sick. That’s why she and the team at Kaleida Health have worked hard to create an inviting yet technologically advanced hospital that is “a special place” for those who need it most. The John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital will attract the best and the brightest doctors, will support a growing community and will be a beacon of hope for women and children in Western New York and beyond. “We want this to say, ‘Bring your children here; we can take care of them,’” said Mariacher. “This hospital will benefit hundreds of thousands of people for many years to come.”

1422 Euclid Avenue, Suite 1400 Buffalo, New York, USA FOUNDED



$270 M

w w w. k a l e i d a h e a l t h . o r g / C h i l d re n s / o i s h e i /


The City of Raleigh Public Utilities Department

Undermining Overflow

Construction Projects Administrator Eileen Navarrete discusses the long-term benefits for residents along the Crabtree Pipeline Project. Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Tom Venturo 97


Setting the shoring for the microtunnel receiving pit at Hodges Street


ocated in the heart of North Carolina, the City of Raleigh is undertaking a massive new project intended to curb wastewater overflow in the Crabtree Creek Basin. The Public Utilities Department has commissioned the Crabtree Basin Wastewater System Conveyance Improvements Project, 98

September 2015

a three-phase plan that will improve the wastewater collection system within the Crabtree Creek drainage basin. The goal is reduce inflow and infiltration (I&I) to accommodate increases in wastewater flow during wet weather events while preventing sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs). According to Construction Projects Administrator with the City


of Raleigh Eileen Navarrete, PE, the last several years have seen more than 70 percent of its sanitary sewer overflow volume in the Crabtree Creek area. “Our service areas include three drainage basins and Crabtree is the largest in terms of flow. This basin generates almost half the flow we see every day at our facilities and treatment plant.” The $70 million initiative, which is part of the City’s 10-year, $1.3 billion Capital Improvement

“We’re spending people’s hard earned money. Our purpose is to invest it wisely” – Eileen Navarrete

w w w. c r a b t re e p i p e l i n e . c o m




MOFFAT P I P E. CO M / 919.295.4630 A WB E / D B E CO M PAN Y


Plan (CIP), aims to provide a long-term solution to handling peak wet weather flows, as well as influx in population growth throughout eastern Wake County. Project status The Crabtree Creek drainage basin occupies an approximate area of 93,000 acres in Wake and Durham Counties, with about 85,000 acres in Wake County alone. The City has already completed the first phase of the project: rehabilitating an existing pipeline and installing approximately 21,000 feet of 60” and 72” gravity sewer interceptor from the US 64/264 bypass ramp at I-440 northwest to the east side of Capital Boulevard. The second phase of the project, which is currently underway, will include installing approximately 20,000 feet of 54” gravity sewer interceptor from Capital Boulevard to the north side of I-440 near Glenwood Avenue. Due to the nature of the work and the area, the second phase is expected to cause far more disruption than the first. “Phase two utilizes a very sizeable pipe that goes through residential, commercial and city property,” said Navarrete. “Because of this, we’re using several trenchless methods including microtunneling technology.” Designed by a team at Hazen and McKim & Creed, there are eight tunneling locations along the route. Open trench construction will begin in early

Microtunneling at New Burn Avenue

Workers in the microtunnel launch pit at Hodges Street

w w w. c r a b t re e p i p e l i n e . c o m


View of the Hodges Street work site


2016 and last 24 months, with the project moving from east to west. Phase three will involve improvements and expansion at the Crabtree Lift Station, which is near the intersection of US 64/264 bypass at I-440. Inner workings Recommenced by the City of Raleigh Sanitary Sewer Capacity Study, the Crabtree Pipeline Project is expected to bring significant benefits to community residents. Along with minimizing overflows, which can negatively impact public health and water quality, the project will accommodate further growth and help ensure that the wastewater collection system within the Crabtree Creek drainage basin can handle future projected wastewater flows. It will also protect surface water, which can become polluted

with overflows. Additionally, Phase II is funded through the North Carolina Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF). The funding is a loan with an interest rate of approximately half of a municipal bond. The interest rate difference will save the ratepayers millions of dollars in interest over the life of the loan. Among other things, careful planning has been fundamental for the City of Raleigh to ensure the project goes well. According to Navarrete, the City has spent a significant amount of time and money on geotechnical engineering, an investment that has already paid for itself several times over. “We’ve definitely done a lot of homework on the cost effective options that will provide us with a great product. On projects like this, it’s really important for us to buy in for the technical reasons. We did a lot of

“We’re not looking to put the cheapest material in the ground, but we’re also not looking to put the most expensive and assume it’s the best option. We’re very interested in learning about the task at hand” – Eileen Navarrete, Construction Projects Administrator w w w. c r a b t re e p i p e l i n e . c o m



Drilling the rock in the microtunnel launch pit at Hodges Street

homework beforehand on different technologies and solutions that fit this situation.” Although the project is expected to affect many citizens in the area, the City wants to ensure the most effective options are implemented. “We’re not looking to put the cheapest material in the ground, but we’re also not looking to put the most expensive and assume it’s the best option. We’re very interested in learning about the task at hand,” 104

September 2015

said Navarrete. “We’re spending people’s hard earned money. Our purpose is to invest it wisely.” “Our goal is to invest money in the appropriate places with the right materials and the right methods. We have to be able to stand up in front of our citizens and tell them we did it the right way,” added Navarrete. Going the extra mile The City’s choice in contractor, Bradshaw Construction Company,



has played a major role in moving the project forward along with Moffat Pipe, who is local to the area. “Moffat Pipe understands North Carolina rules, regulations and ordinances. They know the city and helped to make the project run smoother. They’ve been a big asset on this project,” said Navarrete. Because a significant portion of the project involves digging tunnels under city roads, Bradshaw has been paramount in providing their expertise in microtunneling, helping to minimize disruptions for residents. “The location of this project is going to affect lot of citizens. Bradshaw’s expertise in the technology was critical for us to get this done and ensure the less amount of disruption possible,” Navarrete said. Taking it to the next level, the City hired a media consultant to ensure the public is well informed and updated. “We’ve invested a lot of time and effort into a communication plan for the project to ensure citizens are kept in the know,” said Navarrete. “French West Vaughan helped us immensely through this project, assisting in putting together brochures as well as local media outreach. They’ve helped shaped the project and made it important for the City and citizen and the environment.” “Positive things for the City of Raleigh are coming,” Navarrete concluded.

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222 W Hargett St Raleigh North Carolina USA FOUNDED




w w w. c r a b t re e p i p e l i n e . c o m


Turner Construction

Expanding the Cleveland Clinic A prestigious, $276-million multidisciplinary cancer building is the latest project on Turner Construction’s extensive roster Written by: Eric Harding Produced by: Tom Venturo




company with over 100 years of success based on the core values of teamwork, integrity and commitment, Turner Construction has announced one of its next major projects: expanding the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Building. This will result in a seven-story, 377,000 square foot multidisciplinary cancer center that will unite treatment teams and house all outpatient cancer care at Cleveland Clinic’s main campus. The hospital’s $300 million investment will optimize patient experience and physician collaboration, and will include 108

September 2015

designated space for expanded clinical trials, academics and research. The facility is part of Cleveland Clinic’s master plan to build a more open and welcoming campus for patients and visitors, while accommodating future growth. “The new Cleveland Clinic cancer building will allow us to centralize the cancer care we provide, creating a seamless, personalized experience for patients from throughout the region, nation and world who turn to Cleveland Clinic I their time of need,” said Brian J. Bolwell, M.D., Chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Taussig Cancer Institute in a press release last


year. “Whether treated at our main campus or at one of our centers throughout the region, patients will benefit from this more integrated, collaborative approach, which is essential in making progress against cancer.” And just like its company motto of “Rising to Meet the Challenges of a Future Bright with Possibility,” Turner Construction took on the project. Turner is a leading builder in diverse market segments. The company has also earned recognition for taking on large complex projects, encouraging innovation, embracing new

technology and making a difference for clients, employees and the community. With a vision of being the highest-value provider of global construction services and technical expertise, Turner has a staff of 5,200 employees who work on over 1,500 projects every year. In addition, it offers clients the accessibility and support of a small, local firm while having the stability and resources of an international organization. Turner understands its main asset is the people it serves. In order to be successful, the company must be rewarding place to work

w w w. t u r n e r c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m / o f f i c e - n e t w o r k / c l e v e l a n d


The Construction Resource Company Industrial First, Inc. is a Diversified Specialty Construction Service Organization that brings together traditionally independent construction services under a single management group.

Cleveland Office: 25840 Miles Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44146 216-991-8600 | fax: 216-991-2139



for its employees. Therefore, Turner provides opportunities and encouragement to help its workers fulfill their potential while building a team atmosphere. With its core values of quality, honesty and hard work, Turner has some of the top ethical standards in the industry. The company is based on trust, and Turner is consistently the associated with having high standards of its service, quality, integrity and personal attention to its clients. Due to its stature, Turner has had the honor and privilege to lead some of the most high-profile projects in the world, including the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Building expansion. The new Cleveland Clinic Cancer Building will be located adjacent to the Crile Building — the signature building of the Cleveland Clinic, and will

w w w. t u r n e r c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m / o f f i c e - n e t w o r k / c l e v e l a n d




September 2015


provide easy access for surgeons and mirror the design of the nearby Cole Eye Institute. There will also be an emphasis on scenery, particularly for patients, which includes the use of natural light and outdoor courtyard views to comfort and calm patients receiving treatment. The additional rooms will be used to hold exams, semi-private chemo infusion sessions and various patient services to support healing and counseling. A nonprofit multispecialty academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education, Cleveland Clinic was founded in 1921 by four renowned physicians with a vision of providing outstanding patient care based on the three principles of cooperation, compassion and innovation. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, the Cleveland Clinic has pioneered several medical breakthroughs such as coronary artery bypass surgery as well as the first-ever face transplant in the United States. Ranked fifth among the nation’s best hospitals; first in cardiology and heart surgery in 201516 by U.S. News & World Report for the 21stconsecutive year, Cleveland Clinic also ranked 12th in the country in cancer treatment. Construction on the project began in 2014 with completion scheduled for early 2017, and it is expected to bring imaging services and other technology used to diagnose and treat cancer all in one place.

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1422 Euclid Ave suite 1400, Cleveland Ohio, United States FOUNDED



$300 million

w w w. t u r n e r c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m / o f f i c e - n e t w o r k / c l e v e l a n d


Construction Global Magazine - September 2015  
Construction Global Magazine - September 2015