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HEAVY EQUIPMENT Manufacturers Construction’s Dizzy NEW HEIGHTS

5 Reasons To Consider Green Architecture


When it comes to lifting, transporting, installing and decommis-

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between time, cost and capacity for each operation.

Decommissioning: +31 6 46 60 25 55. Or send him an email:

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Let’s talk about

SUSTAINABILITY W E L C O M E T O T H E June issue of Construction

Global. This month we talk sustainability and consider the key drivers for embracing an eco-conscious approach to development. As green building mandates, like those in France and Dubai, continue to emerge around the world, buzz only continues to grow around the ecofriendly trend. Commercial architecture has embraced the practice and the adoption rate from residential homeowners is gaining momentum. According to Adrian Pye, the success of this booming practice can be attributed to five factors that together generate real benefits for home and building owners - find out what those factors are inside. Also in this issue we consider the top 10 heavy equipment manufacturers in the world. After all, ecofriendly or not, without these colossus earth movers very little would be developed beyond the planning stage. Let’s not forget, this issues is also packed full of case studies from some of the most influential construction companies in the world.


Abigail Phillips Editor abigail.philips@wdmgroup.com 3





5 Reasons To Consider Green Architecture


Top10 Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

14 4

May 2015

Construction’s Dizzy New Heights


C  ervini Painting and Decorating Ltd.

Company Profiles


Ledcor Construction Ltd.

CANADA 34 Cervini Painting and Decorating Ltd. 42 Ledcor Construction Ltd.



58 Schindler Lifts (Singapore)

Schindler Lifts (Singapore)

68 PlantMiner 76 Reinhausen Australia 84 CMC Property Services




Reinhausen Australia

LATIN AMERICA 92 Industrias Aguayo 102 Autoridad del Canal de Panamรก


USA 116 C  enterPoint Properties



Industrias Aguayo

CMC Property Services

Autoridad del Canal de Panamรก


C  enterPoint Properties



5 Reasons To Consider Green Architecture

Construction Global speaks to green architectural expert Adrian Pye, International Sales Director at Kebony, about the future of green building and why it makes good business sense Wr i t t en by: AB I G A I L PH I LLI PS


INFRASTRUCTURE AS GREEN BUILDING mandates, like those in France and Dubai, continue to emerge around the world, buzz only continues to grow around the eco-friendly trend. Commercial architecture has embraced the practice and the adoption rate from residential homeowners is gaining momentum. According to Adrian Pye, the success of this booming practice can be attributed to five factors that together generate real benefits for home and building owners. Economical Sustainable building presents lower lifecycle costs than conventional construction projects and yields greater returns. From a shortterm perspective, the upfront expense of sustainable products appears to be more than traditional materials and although this initial investment seems daunting, the lifecycle cost of sustainable building outweighs the initial cost from a long-term perspective. These buildings are more efficient and on average save 30 percent annually on energy and water usage. Home owners or facility managers can use these savings to quickly 8

June 2015

replace the funds needed for the upfront costs. The longevity of these products, especially for a commercial or public space, provides an economic advantage because they are less expensive to maintain and repair. Environmental With LEED initiatives gaining popularity, the gap between natural and artificial is shrinking. LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, certifications are based on a rating system that recognises a building’s sustainability. These reputable certifications are driving architects and building owners to seek sustainable, high performing materials to create alternatives to traditional systems such as geothermal heating and cooling systems and solar power. Many homes and buildings around the world are also adopting net zero energy certifications, which means the structures generate the same amount of energy they consume. These energy efficient buildings, such as the highly publicized Bullitt Center in Seattle, Washington, reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, explained Pye. To shrink the gap


‘With LEED initiatives gaining popularity, the gap between natural and artificial is shrinking’

Bullitt Center in Seattle, Washington 9


NINAs head office in Trondheim, Norway further, some green building features are actually living themselves. For example, green roofs add a layer of vegetation to the surface of residential, urban or industrial roofs. Green roofs supply extra air filtration, absorb heat to insulate buildings and provide a home for various species. Aesthetics Sustainable architecture doesn’t sacrifice design for performance; 10

June 2015

rather, it combines the two to enhance the look and feel of buildings. Architects recognise that in addition to efficiency, buildings must possess an element of design appeal, which has thrust aesthetics to the forefront of sustainable architecture. In fact, for a building to achieve a LEED certification it must meet certain design requirements. These are frequently met with attractive façades created by modified wood

cladding, green walls, or windows displayed in geometric shapes, like the NINA House constructed with Kebony wood. In addition to adding visual statements, façades using sustainable materials improve the building’s performance by increasing durability and decreasing maintenance needs. Comfort Control over temperature, ventilation and air quality contributes to

the healthy living environment residents of sustainable buildings experience. Individuals prefer different temperature and humidity ranges and many sustainable building elements, such as low-emissivity window and select insulations, account for these differences, explained Pye. Double-paned windows with low emissivity coatings reflect heat, while still allowing natural light to pass through the glass. By reflecting 11


‘The green building trend is largely a reaction to the fast-paced tech world that is constantly moving, changing and growing’ About ADRIAN PYE is the international director of sales for Kebony, a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood. Kebony’s technology permanently modifies sustainable softwoods species, so the resulting product performs to the level of a hardwood. Kebony is beautiful and long-lasting, having been used in projects ranging from decking, to marinas and cladding, the world over.

heat, the windows retain heat during winter months and keep heat out during the summer months. While all insulation is environmentally friendly because of its energy efficiency, insulation made from recycled materials is the most eco-friendly choice. Sheep’s wool and cotton are two popular green insulation options because of 12

June 2015

their ability to absorb moisture and their high resistance to fire. These options do not contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, dyes or acrylics that are traditionally used in fiberglass insulations and can cause respiratory problems. Innovative The green building trend is largely a reaction to the fast-paced tech world that is constantly moving, changing and growing. Green building actively


VIDEO: Kebony - Technology Pioneer 2014, introduced by Christian Jebsen, CEO.

incorporates the most innovative technology and materials into its design to guarantee the most modern structures. For example, multiple lighting companies have begun producing smart light bulbs that use less electric power and last longer than regular incandescent lights, while still performing like normal bulbs. Smart lighting is also used in many home lighting systems than residents can control using smart phones and other mobile devices

from any location. Systems that blend innovations in tech and sustainability gain high-appeal from consumers and are making sustainable home development more tangible to the average property owner. As sustainable architecture continues to gain popularity, the number of reasons to incorporate the practice into all homes and buildings are likely to increase as new technologies and solutions evolve to meet sustainable goals. 13


Construction’s DIZZY NEW HEIGHTS

Exclusive interview with the chief engineer of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building Written by: Abigail Phillips

BUILDINGS ARE GETTING taller and are being constructed at an increasingly rapid pace. In this interview, world-renowned supertall buildings expert and Aurecon’s Buildings Director, Middle East and North Africa Buildings, Dr Andy Davids, discusses the possibilities and opportunities involved in cutting down the construction time of tall buildings, the sustainability issues related 14

June 2015

to tall buildings, as well as staying true to their original design intent. CG: Technology as well as innovative approaches to engineering solutions is allowing us to construct tall buildings quicker than ever before. What are the timelines involved in new tall building projects and what

has been achieved so far? Dr Andy Davids (AD): It took around seven years to build the Burj Khalifa, an 830m skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I was the chief engineer on this project. One of the general challenges that we encountered was the need to find quicker ways to build tall buildings. Developers and clients can’t always wait years for a project

to be completed. The design team has since come up with a holistic construction system for building a similar building in half the time. Being able to cut the construction time of a building as tall as the Burj Khalifa in half (or by a third) is a significant achievement. Since then, I have been involved in the design of many megastructures, constructed within mere months. 15

MANAGEMENT CG: Modular systems are helping us to construct tall buildings more quickly, but doesn’t this take away from the individuality and beauty of the buildings? AD: If you look at existing 400 metre and 500 metre tall buildings, you will see that each one is individually handcrafted and they are each unique and beautiful in their own way. A good observation is that this could be the reason why they take so long to build; however, this is not necessarily true. There’s a beautiful hotel in China called the T30 Hotel. The T30 was prefabricated and the 30-storey tower was erected by 200 Chinese workers in just 15 days. This hotel broke the Broad Group construction company’s own past record of building a 15-storey building in just one week. This was all possible because modular, prefabricated solutions were used. We are starting to extrapolate these principles to expedite the construction of even taller buildings. The goal isn’t to break records, but to deliver a high performing tall building within a shorter amount of time. 16

June 2015

CG: How are modular tall buildings being used at present? AD: The way that we’re currently using modular systems in tall buildings is primarily through modular floor systems and columns. The floor system is pre-engineered and prebuilt, so the floor decking and beams are already in place when we start erecting a building. The columns are also pre-engineered and are brought

T30 Hotel, China to site in a cleverly orchestrated way so that the cranes can lift them into place in a relatively short space of time. With the Shanghai Tower project, the developer wanted us to create a clever product (to build the tower) as opposed to simply designing the building as a one-off project. This led to a focus on creating a modular solution that could be replicated to build additional tall buildings at a quicker speed.

This doesn’t mean that every building is going to look the same or even perform in the same way, but it gives us the ability to offer mass customisation to countries, cities and developers who need tall buildings within a shorter time frame than what we were able to deliver in the past. The mass production of modules that can be customised according to the needs of each individual client is now a popular means of construction. 17


“Buildings are not only becoming taller, but they’re becoming more majestic and are able to perform better in terms of energy efficiency and indoor comfort levels for occupants” – Dr Andy Davids

Shanghai Tower when it was under construction in 2013, when completed in 2014 it became the Tallest skyscraper in China at 632m tall


June 2015


CG: How do engineers fill the gap between technology and architectural visions for tall buildings? AD: Buildings are not only becoming taller, but they’re becoming more majestic and are able to perform better in terms of energy efficiency and indoor comfort levels for occupants. We continue to produce what would have been unimaginable a decade ago thanks to worldclass engineering solutions that were needed to construct the demanding and visionary buildings that architects have mapped out. Besides being more aesthetically pleasing, they’re also becoming more economical and easier to construct. Design professionals, specifically architects, feel they are less constrained by technology than in the past, and rightfully so. As consulting engineers, it’s our job to use technical skills so that an architect or a client’s vision can be realised. Today, we’re able to build magnificently intricate tall buildings that tell a story thanks to the customised, handcrafted ideas of architects, which leads architects to dream and plan bigger. In turn, the pressure is put on engineers to

find workable building solutions to bring the visions of architects to life. Our ability to create extraordinary and inspirational projects can be attributed to the collaboration that goes on between our design teams and our willingness to cross traditional boundaries. Whether it’s unique geometric shapes, complex façades or extreme wind testing and analysis that needs to be done, the engineers on a project need to come up with a workable solution to get the job done. Engineers and architects work very closely right from the start of any supertall building project, so it’s a very dynamic and refreshing working environment to be in. CG: Do supertall buildings add value to cities, or are they the preserve of the well-off only? AD: Many of the existing tall buildings are upmarket residential buildings or luxury hotels and it’s true that most people won’t have a chance to live that way. The current and planned tall buildings, however, address a very real and important issue that many countries and cities face – the fact that we are running out of space to house people. This is a key 19

MANAGEMENT driver of many planned projects. In China, for example, a single square kilometre typically houses 50, 000 people. These people are typically living in 3 to 4 storey buildings (blocks of flats) that cover approximately 50 percent of the land area. After you have laid the infrastructure such as roads, another 20 percent of the land space is accounted for. This leaves you with about 30 percent of the area for recreation, growing food, energy production and so forth. This is a serious concern because areas in China will eventually run out of land. So with this in mind, tall buildings not only address sustainability issues but in many cases an issue that could mean life or death to large segments of the population. Instead of looking at marginalisation and equality, tall buildings become part of a life and death argument. If, for example, we can house the same 50 000 people in 10 percent of the land space thanks to tall buildings, then we are left with 90 percent of the area for recreation, food production, energy generation and infrastructure, which is an incredible improvement from the current situation. Housing the population of a growing city in 20

June 2015

‘We continue to produce what would have been unimaginable a decade ago thanks to worldclass engineering solutions that were needed to construct the demanding and visionary buildings that architects have mapped out” – Dr Andy Davids these tall buildings is a big winner for all involved: developers, government as well as citizens, and it’s a driving force behind tall buildings. AURECON will continue to partner with clients and architects to create futuristic buildings that offer remarkable, innovative aesthetics. Whether the requirements are energy saving, tight timeframes or complex structures, our team is willing and ready.


Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, at 828m. Located on Downtown Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road


TOP 10


The biggest, best and most recognizable heavy machinery manufacturers in the world


TOP 10

Deere & Company (brand name John Deere), is an American corporation that manufactures agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery, diesel

engines, drivetrains (axles, transmissions, gearboxes) used in heavy equipment, and lawn care equipment. In 2014, it was listed as 80th in the Fortune 500 America’s ranking and was ranked 307th in the Fortune Global 500 ranking in 2013. John Deere also provides financial services and other related activities. Deere is listed on the New York Stock Exchange.



June 2015


9 Doosan Group is a South Korean conglomerate company. In 2009, the company was placed 471st in the Fortune Global 500 and it has been included in the Forbes Global

2000 companies from 2007. It is the parent company of Ĺ KODA power. Founded in 1896, the company manufactures equipment for the global construction sector. 25

TOP 10

Terex Corporation is an American manufacturer of a broad range of heavy equipment for a variety of industries, including construction, infrastructure, quarrying, recycling, surface mining, shipping, transportation, refining, utility and maintenance.

The company’s major business segments include aerial work platforms, construction cranes, materials processing and mining, and roadbuilding and utility products. Terex has more than 15,900 employees and operates 50 manufacturing facilities in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Terex sells its products in more than 170 countries.



June 2015


7 Founded in 1992 Zoomlion Construction Mechanical Industry Company first began producing concrete pumps for the construction industry. The Chinese manufacturer of construction machinery and sanitation equipment is today listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Its

headquarters are in the Zoomlion Science Park in Changsha, Hunan. Italian construction equipment maker Compagnia Italiana Forme Acciaio SpA and British construction equipment manufacturer Powermole are subsidiaries of the company.


TOP 10

The Liebherr Group is a large German equipment manufacturer based in Switzerland specializing in cranes, aircraft parts, household appliances, and mining. It has a workforce of 35,333 and comprises more than 130 companies across all countries. By 2007, it was the

world’s largest crane company. Established in 1949, the company began life in the construction sector by building affordable tower cranes. Today, the group has a large portfolio and also produces some of the world’s biggest mining and digging machinery, including loaders, excavators and extreme-size dump trucks.



June 2015


5 Sany is a Chinese multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company headquartered in Changsha, Hunan Province. It is the sixth-largest heavy equipment manufacturer in the world, and the first in its industry in China to enter the FT Global 500 and the Forbes Global 2000 rankings. Its

founder and main shareholder is Liang Wengen. Sany has a dozen industrial parks in China plus manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia and in the United States. The company has approximately 90,000 employees worldwide.


TOP 10

Hitachi Construction Machinery is a construction equipment manufacturer in Japan, and a Hitachi Group company. It is listed on the Nikkei 225. Known for designing and manufacturing

excavators, loaders, recycle machines, compaction equipment, and dump trucks, it is a key player in the heavy equipment manufacturing space. The company is also known for building anti-personnel landmine removal equipment



June 2015


3 Volvo Construction Equipment Volvo CE - develops, manufactures and markets equipment for construction and related industries. It is a subsidiary and business area of the world famous Volvo Group. Volvo CE’s products include a range of wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, articulated haulers, motor graders, soil and asphalt compactors, pavers, backhoe loaders, skid steers

and milling machines. Volvo CE has production facilities in USA, Brazil, Scotland, Sweden, France, Germany, Poland, India, China, Russia and Korea. Headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium. The company also offers worldwide service and a range of aftermarket solutions in financing and used equipment. In December 2014, its number of employees is estimated at almost 15,000. 31

TOP 10

Japanese company Komatsu was founded in 1917 and has since become world renowned for manufacturing heavy machinery. The company has a broad portfolio and manufactures construction, mining, and military

equipment, as well as industrial equipment like press machines, lasers and thermoelectric generators. On a global scale, the Komatsu Group consists of Komatsu Ltd. and 182 other companies (146 consolidated subsidiaries and 35 companies accounted for by the equity method). Komatsu is the world’s second largest manufacturer of construction equipment and mining equipment after Caterpillar. However, in some areas (Japan, China), Komatsu has a larger share than Caterpillar. It has manufacturing operations in Japan, Asia, Americas and Europe.



June 2015


1 When you think of heavy duty equipment, you probably think immediately of Caterpillar – its bright yellow trademark and its bold ‘CAT’ logo. The company has been in existence since 1925 and since then has developed a worldclass reputation for designing, marketing and selling machinery, equipment, financial products and insurance to customers via a

worldwide dealer network. Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. With more than US$89 billion in assets, Caterpillar was ranked number one in its industry and number 44 overall in the 2009 Fortune 500. 33

Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. adds a little color to the city Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. has become one of the largest painting contractors within the Greater Toronto Area—here’s how. Written by: Cutter Slagle Produced by: Rich Gentile


C E R V I N I PA I N T I N G & D E C O R AT I N G LT D .

Onsite management team

We’re very hands-on,” said Rocco Cervini, Vice President of Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd.. Family owned and operated, Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. has been in business for over 30 years. During this time, the company has become one of the largest painting contractors for new highrise developments within the Greater Toronto Area. As many of their clients are the top new home developers in Canada, customer service is a main priority throughout the Cervini business. In fact, it’s just one of several factors that have allowed this painting and decorating 36

June 2015

company to distinguish itself from others in the industry. A Shade Brighter than the Competition “We’re both a big and a small company,” Cervini stated. “We’re still small in a sense of how we run, operate and are structured, but we do a lot of work and have done a lot of work. We’re a small company at heart, but have gotten bigger over the years.” Cervini has a goal of not only pleasing the client, but making sure that the contractor or customer becomes a repeat consumer. “We have a vision of doing the best we


Emilo Cervini, Anthony, Peter, Rocco Cervini

can, whether we’re making a lot of money or no money,” added Cervini. Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. is very thorough throughout the entire painting process—from the initial quoting stage, to the actual procedure and finally, to the closing of the project. As part of its focus on customer service, the company does everything in its power to be proactive. Cervini was brought up in this business with a certain mentality and still lives by it today: “No matter what you do, make sure you do the best job you can—whether you’re making a lot of money or no money.” After all, Cervini recognizes that it is the client that keeps him and his team in business: “At the end of the day, you’re working— and that’s a good thing.”

Hullmark Tridel

w w w. c e r v i n i p a i n t i n g . c o m


C E R V I N I PA I N T I N G & D E C O R AT I N G LT D . Green is the New Norm Five years ago that the company made the conscious decision to “go green.” As Cervini explained, to “go green” is really not a new concept, but a normal method of the business. After doing the research and discovering how important it was to help the environment by recycling and reusing certain products, a valid effort was put into effect to help make the change. He said it was a “no brainer that the business was going to head this way.”

Load Up on Savings. Every Day. Introducing ProDiscounts from Sherwin-Williams. All you need is a pro account to pile up big savings: u Save 15% off list price on painting supplies* u Save 20% off list price on case lot quantities on over 150 popular items u Enjoy volume pricing on paints and coatings *Some exclusions apply. See your Sherwin-Williams store or representative for details.



While most jobs are LEED category jobs or “green” jobs, there are still many that don’t require this particular form. Instead of having separate supply and paint lines, however, Cervini utilizes just one line to comply with the LEED stipulations. “We try to make sure that whether it’s a LEED category job or not, that it’s green regardless— we’re using green as much as possible.” On top of being a “green” company, Cervini is in the process


of implementing the use of an intumescent fire safety coating. Steel structures are becoming more common in Toronto, and need to be treated with this intumescent coating for better protection on the chance that a fire breaks out. Cervini has traveled to New York and other markets where this process is already taking place. While Cervini knows that it is only a matter of time before the coating becomes mandatory, he’s decided to take a proactive approach and become familiar with the method now so that he has “time to learn it and run his business with it.” The sole purpose of this special coating is to keep the fire and heat away from a steel beam long enough for people to have an opportunity to evacuate the building during a fire. Depending on the fire rating or particular code of a structure, a certain amount of coating thickness is used on the metal. If a fire were to take a place, the coating expands to four or five times the actual surface it’s covering and acts as a barrier to keep the beam from getting too hot and collapsing under pressure. Cervini noted that, while this isn’t

an “aesthetically pleasing looking paint, it’s not meant for looks.” He did mention that in most cases the fire safety coating can be painted over with regular paint to better match the surroundings. Painting Their Way to the Top Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. is recognized as a “Top Specialty Contractor” in Toronto, as the company has worked on the most high-rise condominium projects in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area over the last 20yrs—at one point in the last few years, Toronto had the most highirse projects in the world. “We’ve never lost a project because of quality,” said Cervini. “If we’ve lost a project, it’s more for budgets and costs than anything.” The majority of the jobs that the company is working on at the moment and the vast amount of clients are those associated with high-rise buildings. “We’ve been painted into being a high rise painter,” Cervini quipped. However, the team does have lots of experience doing commercial work. One of the most fascinating projects that Cervini has been a w w w. c e r v i n i p a i n t i n g . c o m


C E R V I N I PA I N T I N G & D E C O R AT I N G LT D .

Studio - Aspen Ridge Homes

part of was the Absolute World Twin Towers, which have been dubbed the “Marilyn Monroe Towers” due to the curves of the structures. Each floor of the skyscrapers was shifted on an angle to give it the revolution effect. One reason these buildings are so well recognized is due to the fact that you can see for miles; even from the CN Tower in Toronto can be seen from this location, a good 50 or 60 miles away. 40

June 2015

One of Cervini’s current projects is the Aspen Ridge project. Cervini mentioned that its location helps to set it apart from other builds. “Two different worlds are within walking distance,” He said. Hospitals, the club scene, trendy areas and baseball fields can all be reached without the aid of a vehicle or bicycle. The building itself is not a typical tower, but has more of an art theme and has been designed


to different exterior elevations. Hullmark Center is another example of the mulit type projects that Cervini has complete being a mix use of commercial, retail and residential in 2 stunning towers by Tridel.

Company Information INDUSTRY

Construction Global

The Colors the Future Holds for the Industry Cervini Painting & Decorating Ltd. is known for mixing its younger staff with its veteran employees. Cervini stated, “It’s important to find the person who wants to learn and who can put their pride in their back pocket.” New or younger employees can learn insight from workers who have been with Cervini longer. However, the older employees are not training the younger staff as their replacement. With this process, no one has to worry about losing their job. In fact, Cervini mentioned, “Attitude and the economy are what dictate the longevity of an employee’s job with us.” While no one can control the way of the economy, workers can control how they choose to behave. When discussing what’s in store for the industry, Cervini noted that there isn’t enough of the younger generation getting involved. With his company, he hopes to set an example and take the business back to what it used to be, with respect and appreciation for this specific trade. While too many people seem to be working without experience or knowledge, Cervini knows how important it is for him and his team to be “pure, know-how painters.”


21 Kenview Blvd. Unit #6 Brampton, Ontario, Canada FOUNDED



Not Disclosed

w w w. c e r v i n i p a i n t i n g . c o m


Ledcor Construction Limited

Investing in partners and clients keeps Ledcor ahead of the game Construction industry leader relies on building Lifetime Clients and partnerships to expand its ever-growing portfolio of innovative projects Written by: Cutter Slagle

Produced by: Rich Gentile



Teck Acute Care Centre INTERIOR


June 2015


Royal Alberta Museum rendering


rom its first project in 1947 preparing the access road and well site to Imperial Oil’s famous discovery at Leduc No. 1 — the site touted as the official beginning of the oil industry in Alberta — Ledcor established itself as a leader in the construction industry. The company is a part of the Ledcor Group of Companies, a privately-held entity whose highly diversified portfolio reaches into mining, infrastructure, oil and gas, air and marine transportation, forestry, power and environmental industries, among others. Over the last 65 years, Ledcor has

built experience and an admirable reputation with its partners in industry and government. Clients across North America consider Ledcor Construction a trusted authority in project and construction management, pre-construction, general construction, and designbuild services. Creating Lifetime Clients Ledcor’s ongoing success can be attributed to the effort it puts towards building strong relationships with clients. “We’re very proud of our long-term relationships,” says Peter Hrdlitschka, w w w. l e d c o r. c o m



Head Office

#314, 26230 TWP RD 531A Acheson, Alberta T7X 5A4 Phone: (780) 962-1964 E-Mail: info@kichton.com


6001-49 Ave Lloydminster, Saskatchewan Phone (306) 825-2572 E-mail: info@kichton.com

Proud to be a partner in construction with Ledcor serving them with all their civil construction and earthworks needs.

With over 65 years of experience in the roofing industry, Transwest Roofing has proven to be the premier choice for all types of roofing, water proofing and cladding systems.

Institutional - Commercial - Industrial - Residential



Tel: 604-596-7448

13415 Comber Way,

Fax: 604-596-1430

Surrey, BC V3W 5V8

LEDCOR President of Ledcor Construction, who notes several examples of long standing customers who are considered Lifetime Clients by Ledcor. “We’ve built 17 projects for PCI in the past 21 years,” said Hrdlitschka. “I think our commitment to our clients shows in the amount of repeat business we earn. We build lasting relationships by proving every time the value we bring to our client’s projects, and by delivering on our promises.” Currently, Ledcor is working on PCI’s Coast Capital Savings Credit Union building in Surrey, B.C. The $65 million project is the first stage


of a multi-phase development at King George Station that will further transform the rapidly evolving downtown core of Surrey. Ledcor is targeting a completion date for July 2015, with occupancy for October to accommodate the demands of the fastest growing city in Metro Vancouver, and one of the fastest in Canada. Nearby, Ledcor spearheads two decades of work at the Vancouver International Airport. Ledcor has worked with YVR since 1995, developing and constructing over 200 projects domestically and internationally.

Royal Alberta Museum Rendering w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


Epcor Tower

WE OFFER A COMPLETE ARRAY OF MECHANICAL SERVICES, INCLUDING DESIGN-BUILD OR PLAN AND SPECIFICATION PROJECT DELIVERY FOR THE COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL, INSTITUTIONAL, LIGHT INDUSTRIAL, RECREATIONAL AND MULTI-FAMILY SECTORS. Priority Mechanical is one of Edmonton’s largest, most trusted, and most respected mechanical construction contractors. We have the knowledge and experience to understand the complexities of each project and provide innovative and practical solutions for our customers. Our certified personnel perform plumbing, gas fitting, hydronic, and ABSA system installations. We also provide prime mechanical services including HVAC, fire protection, mechanical controls, and thermal insulation. We complete projects of any size and are always committed to providing quality installations and customer satisfaction. Priority Mechanical Ltd. was established in Edmonton, Alberta in 1990 and was founded on the principles of quality, integrity and customer service. The growth of Priority Mechanical from its initial partnership has been a steady and natural progression; a growth that has included an accumulation of expertise and skills, as well as the establishment and fostering of relationships. It is this natural development and a commitment to their core set of founding principles that enables Priority Mechanical to participate and successfully complete projects of any scale and scope. Whether it’s a design-build, plan and specification or IPD project, Priority Mechanical Ltd. is your preferred mechanical contractor.

prioritymechanical.com |

PH: 780-435-3636

LEDCOR The latest, the Airport’s A-B Connector Project, is valued at $146 million and includes demolishing parts of the original 1968 terminal, some of the oldest remaining structures on site, and developing a new, four-level facility into a smooth transition for arriving and departing passengers and include expanded retail space. “This is our largest project for YVR in Vancouver to date,” said Hrdlitschka. “We’ve been with YVR for 20 years doing various projects and I believe our relationship with them is a great example of how Ledcor continues to strive to build


lifetime clients.” The advantage of working in a familiar space and knowing how to meet a client’s expectations drives Ledcor to work towards earning repeat business from all clients, whether they previously worked together or are entering a new partnership. Transforming Communities Ledcor continues to transform the community in which it was founded. Some of the company’s most prominent and complex projects currently under construction are being built for, or in partnership with

TFN Mills w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


electrical contracting building controls & automation data networks security & life safety systems industrial construction power quality 24 hr service TENANT IMPROVEMENTS - BASE BUILDINGS WAREHOUSES - SHOP FINISHING TREATMENT PLANTS - MAINTENANCE

(403) 230-2656

www.venturepainting.com CALGARY | MEDICINE HAT

Delivering Award Winning Excellence through Quality, Safety, Ethics and Integrity since 1944. 604-434-2681


ConCrete restorations ltd DELIVERING QUALITY ON Time SINCE 1984

WAM on 10th Centre Street Bridge Lions

Solutions for Industrial and Commercial, 20 years of providing solutions for concrete problems assures clients of our commitment to satisfactory project completion.


3740 73rd Ave Edmonton, AB, T6B 2Z2 780-440-1414 | collinssteel.com

Company info Calgary | Po Box 6154 Stn A Calgary AB T2H 2L4 CA 403.312-0332 | email: crl@abnet.ca

LEDCOR governments and institutions. One of Ledcor’s current projects is the $260 million Royal Alberta Art Museum in the heart of downtown Edmonton. “[The museum] truly expresses our province’s history, landscapes and potential,” says Ray Danyluk, Minister of Infrastructure in Alberta. “The concept leaves no doubt that the Ledcor team understands Alberta, and Albertans.” Slated for opening in December 2017, to coincide with Canada’s 150th anniversary, the museum is expected to become a globally iconic institution. “Like our province, our new museum will represent the best of what the world has to offer, celebrating our past, our present and our future,” says Danyluk. Ledcor continues to transform communities beyond Edmonton with the same entrepreneurial spirit that has characterized Alberta. In Toronto, Ledcor and EllisDon partnered to build the new Canary District for the Athlete’s Village for the 2015 Pan Am/ Parapan Am Games. Following the Games, the five-block mixed-


use development will be converted into a new, integrated community with affordable housing, student residences, retail space and a YMCA. The Canary District project was built by the EllisDon Ledcor PAAV Inc. joint venture. The partnership combined a wealth of experience to ensure the Canary District satisfied the highest construction standards. On the west coast, Ledcor’s ongoing work to build the BC Children’s and BC Women’s Hospital takes on a different type of partnership. CWH Design-Build GP, a 50/50 joint venture between Ledcor and Balfour Beatty, was awarded the $350 million PPP project. “We are pleased to be part of this project that will bring world-class care for children, youth, women and families across British Columbia for years to come,” says Peter Hrdlitschka, President of Ledcor Construction. “Our consortium’s combined experience includes completing 36 children’s hospitals and eight women’s healthcare projects,” says Hrdlitschka. w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


A truly spectacular collaboration! Thank you Ledcor for the support you have demonstrated to us as a leading supplier to the tile, terrazzo and stone trade. 4420 1 St SE | Calgary, AB T2G 2L3 403-287-0886 | fleshermarble.ca


Specialty Geotechnical Contractor Gallagher Bros is proud of our relationship as a Wall & Ceiling Contractor for Ledcor


Award Winning A-B Connector Project, just completed with Ledcor at the Vancouver International Airport

Customizedsssolutions�oforeogeotechnicalo�prob # 114 19140 28th Avenue | Surrey, B.C. Canada V3S 6M3 604-531-3156 | fax 604-531-3163







The design and construction of the TECK Acute Care Center at the hospital will include an eight-story, 540,000-square-feet building that houses inpatient units, an emergency department, medical imaging, procedural suites, hematology/oncology department and a pediatric intensive care units for BC Children’s Hospital. It will also include high-risk labour and delivery suite and a new neonatal intensive care unit for BC Women’s Hospital & Health Care Centre. On top of the highly technical scope of work, the project is targeting LEED Gold Certification. “The suspended slabs are underway, and on target for our summer 2017 project completion” said Hrdlitschka. “We have two cranes on the project now, and a third will be erected on site next month.” Despite the project’s complexity and multiple stakeholders, it is on schedule.

The $130 million project, which is expected to be completed later this month, will encompass construction of a 250,000 square foot facility along with an extremely sophisticated mechanical electrical system. “The data center has to operate 24/7. For this project, it was essential to have huge backup generators that provide power to the entire building and specifically the mechanical system and its cooling towers to continue to create the cooling capacity that can handle up to 24 million BTUs of heat generation,” said Hrdlitschka. “When you think of BTUs, the big construction heaters generate a million BTUs. This electrical system and its components including the Server Rooms housed within the Data Center technically generate the effect of 24 million of these heaters. This amount of cooling required provided by the cooling towers is equivalent to using 35,000 New Challenges household refrigerators.” Ledcor has built retail stores and hiOne of Ledcor’s largest projects rises for Shaw Communications, and under construction is the TFN Mills is currently finishing construction Shopping Centre in Delta for Ivanhoe on the Shaw Data Centre in Calgary. Cambridge. Due for completion in w w w. l e d c o r. c o m



Proud to be Supplying Signage for Tsawwassen Mills

Keith Panel Systems is a leading innovator, fabricator, & installer of high performance architectural facades.


We are proud of our strong relationship with Ledcor and the many successful projects we have completed together.


We provide our clients with an experienced team of elec trical professionals, for all of their electrical needs!


#9-11720 Voyageur Way British Columbia, V6X 3G9

w w w.p r ot e c g r o u p.c o m

LEDCOR May 2016, Tsawwassen Mills will cover more than 1.4 million square feet of indoor retail space as well as an outdoor shopping mall. “We’re probably about 90 percent through the structural steel,” says Hrdlitschka. “We’re currently working on completing the base building envelope and roof.” For Ledcor, the massive project has included an array of services from road construction, installation of underground utilities to constructing the park-like habitat areas around the project. With close proximity to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, the project has also presented unique challenges. “With the size and location of the project, we needed to improve the ground conditions before construction,” says Hrdlitschka. “Because this project is in a low lying area, we had to import ¬sand and gravel to offset the conditions of the ground. We ended up importing just under two million metric tons of sand and gravel.” Hrdlitschka added, “There’s always going to be challenges, but it’s how you handle those challenges


that matters. It’s something we pride ourselves on and I believe it’s something that distinguishes us from our competitors.” Ledcor’s engagement with clients and its investment into their own people has served them well since the company’s beginnings. Investing in People The roster of impactful and innovative builds is not the only reason Ledcor is set apart from its competition. While the projects on Ledcor’s portfolio are impressive to say the least, the company is committed to supporting its customers and employees as well as the community and the environment. For the second time, Ledcor was named one Canada’s Top 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures for its corporate culture, benefits, community involvement and skills development. “Our most important asset is our people,” Peter Hrdlitschka, President, stated. “The stronger we make our people, the stronger we make ourselves.” Current and past accolades also include BC Top 55 Employers, w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


T-780 -440 -8775 F-780 -462-4454 MCL POWER INC

Kerrian Metalhouse Ltd.

Serving all your metal roofing and wall cladding needs.

E P CO R Towe r C o m p l e te d 2012 P r o j e c t Va l u e $ 32 M

Your number one electrical contractor of choice. “MCL Power Inc is proud to participate in the design, construction, and maintenance of many landmark buildings and projects throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas� www.mclpower.com words words words words words words words words

Proud to once again be part of the Ledcor team at YVR. Kerrian Metalhouse Ltd. 24777 Fraser Highway, Langley, B.C. V2Z 2L2 Tel: 604 -857-9695 Fax: 604 -857-9606 kerry@metalhouse.net www.metalhouse.net

CHARLES PLASTERING LTD. Stucco, Plastering, EIF Systems, Venetian and Ornamental Plaster Work, also Speciality Finishes

Providing high quality millwork in the Calgary area and proud partners with Ledcor for over 18 years! Award Winning Stucco and EIFS Contractor, Commercial and Residential, With over 45 years of experience in Plaster work Specializing in interior Berkshire Contracting Ltd is a commercial Architectural Millwork shop providing custom millwork and cabinets for schools, hospitals, offices, clinics and retail interiors.

architectural plasterwork.

www.charlesplastering.com Phone: 604-525-9844 Fax: 604-525-9854 charlesjosephplastering@telus.net

#11 - 2701 - 16 ST SE Calgary, AB 403-207-7291 info@berkshirecontracting.com


Company Information INDUSTRY


Shaw Data Centre Rendering

500, 1055 W Hastings St. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6E2E9 FOUNDED

Canada’s Top 100 Employers, and Financial Post’s Ten Best Companies to Work For and others. The company supports numerous organizations and is committed to its corporate social responsibility. In 2014, the company pledged $200,000 to Junior Achievement of British Columbia and North Alberta made a three-year commitment to fund a weekly healthy lunch program at Ronald McDonald House of Northern Alberta. Over the past 10 years, Ledcor has contributed nearly $24 million to more than 150 charities across North America, focusing mainly on education and children’s healthcare. The company’s annual employee campaign raised over $1.2 million last year, allowing the team to help over 95 charities throughout North America.



$3.2 billion (Ledcor Group of Companies) / $1.2 billion (Ledcor Construction Limited, Canada) PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

General Contractor & Construction Management

w w w. l e d c o r. c o m


Schindler Lifts Singapore:

Schindler moves 1 billion peo per day

One of the world’s leaders in moving people, Schindler Singapore is a provider of premium elevator and escalators products. Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano Produced by: Bryan Giles


r Lifts



sia’s sixth busiest international airport—Changi Airport—handled more than 51.2 million passengers in 2012, and in 2017, that number is expected to increase to 82 million. Schindler Lifts Singapore—the international provider of quality elevators, escalators and moving walks—will be the first European brand to supply Changi with 58 lifts, escalators and moving walks that will move millions through its terminals. Established in 1975 to serve major businesses, Schindler has since become a global powerhouse with a team of dedicated employees, ensuring that projects are completed on time and under budget. “As with all major projects involving high-profile customers, it is about ensuring that we always keep in mind the client’s vision and expectation throughout the project,” said Steven Foster, Managing Director of Schindler Lifts Singapore, in a recent interview. Schindler manufactures, installs, services and modernizes elevators, escalators and moving walks for almost every type 60

June 2015

of urban infrastructure—from low-rise residential buildings to commercial and high-rise towers. Changi Airport is simply another name to be added to their extensive list of projects as the company continues to innovate design. Upcoming projects Project Jewel The Asia Pacific, including China, is the fastest growing part of the world in terms of infrastructure development. The rapid urbanization of the region—with rural communities transforming into cities—has created a need for more buildings and an effective way to handle the traffic. Schindler has stepped up to the plate to become the leader in project management and fulfillment. Developed from two of Singapore’s most respected names—Changi Airport Group and CapitaMalls Asia—Project Jewel is a unique design by one of the world’s leading architects that will integrate a shopping mall experience in an airport landscape. “The project is expected to be


Jewel project for Changi Airport

completed in 2018,” commented Foster. Solar Impulse The Solar Impulse airplane and its ambitious objective to fly around the world is a showcase of just what can be achieved in terms of green technologies if passion and belief are driving the innovation. Schindler is a proud global partner of Solar Impulse, sharing the same ambitions to deliver energy-efficient solutions using green technology. “Whilst it is unlikely that this project will allow for solar planes to be commercialized, the use of

solar energy and its applications for everyday life has been clearly demonstrated,” said Foster. Advances in technology Elevators remain to be the most voluminous of the products provided by Schindler, and the growth in residential and commercial buildings is a testament to this. But what allows for the expansive production? In short, the advancements in technology. Destination Control has been a part of Schindler’s technology strategy for 20 years, but the

w w w. s c h i n d l e r. c o m / s g / i n t e r n e t / e n / h o m e . h t m l


“As with all major projects involving high-profile customers, it is about ensuring that we always keep in mind the client’s vision and expectation throughout the project.” – Steven Foster

SCHINDLER LIFTS SINGAPORE latest generation of transit management systems has been produced by the company. “PORT Technology is the latest in Destination Dispatch Technology which optimizes the traffic flow in the building whilst providing personalized access and control systems,” explained Foster. “At its core, PORT uses sophisticated algorithms that run around the clock to ensure the optimal utilization of an elevator group. PORT eliminates elevator runs and random stops at numerous floors, and transports passengers swiftly and efficiently.” The basis of the system is that it groups passengers going to the same or nearby floors in the same elevator. This cuts down on the time needed to reach a destination as there are less stops along the way. In fact, the system is able to increase traffic efficiency by as much as 30 percent, as compared to conventional elevator systems. PORT Technology provides buildings with the ability to cleverly increase traffichandling efficiency, as evident in international landmark buildings


such as the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong, HSBC in Singapore, Heron Tower in London and Barangaroo South in Sydney. “The response from customers who have moved from conventional lift system to PORT has been extremely positive,” said Foster. A unique advantage via green capabilities The design and industrialization of any type of product or technology has its own unique set of challenges—which makes it difficult to make a direct comparison. However, one thing that can be said about Schindler’s product design is that all new products have to have better eco-performance than their predecessor models. For example, the Schindler 7000 high-rise product line, which uses carefully selected materials in its design, was cleverly thought out right through to the end of its life cycle. The design of the new machines allows for the dismantling of all major parts and

w w w. s c h i n d l e r. c o m / s g / i n t e r n e t / e n / h o m e . h t m l



SKG SERVICE LIFTS is a manufacturer of service and goods lifts for over 60 years with experience in the Australian market for over 20 years. With our partner Lift–Mech Engineering, we would like to offer service lifts and support to the whole continent.

LIFT-MECH ENGINEERING is SKG's Asia Pacific Representative Office. Strategically located in Singapore, we provide strong and timely support to clients in the region. 52 Ubi Ave 3 #04-47 Frontier Singapore 408867 Tel: 65 6742 7969 Email: info@lift-mech.com Fax: 65 6742 7809 Web: www.lift-mech.com

RCB Reg. No.: 197900001R GST Reg. No.: 1979-00001-R


Lifts & Escalators • Engineering Works Metal Fabrication Services Metal Working Machines & Services

27A, Jurong Port Road #01-17/01-25 Jurong Industrial Estate, Singapore 619101 Phone: 65 6261 9671 / 65 6261 9672 Fax: 65 6261 2268 Email: hianglim@singnet.com.sg

CSG Metalfab Pte Ltd is committed to delivering inspired designs that fulfil clients’ high expectations through collaboration and exceptional services. We specialize in Lift Interior Refurbishment & Renovation Works, Landing Finishes, Escalator Cladding Works.


Phone: +65 6710 5826, Fax: +65 6710 5827 Email: sales@csgmetalfab.com.sg


a compact design of components that uses less material. The low and mid-rise product lines have also made substantial progress. “Over the past 10 years, the environmental impact due to raw materials and energy consumption in these segments has been reduced by about 40 per cent,” said Foster. A good example is the Schindler 3300 AP elevator, which reduces the environmental impact of earlier models by about 40 per


cent through energy savings from a more energy-efficient drive system and smart control that enables standby mode for inverter, controls and lighting. “Moreover, the materials that we use in this product are significantly lighter and components are smaller, as compared to its predecessors, requiring less energy to move the elevator,” added Foster. Schindler 3300 AP uses Schindler Traction Media (STM) technology which

w w w. s c h i n d l e r. c o m / s g / i n t e r n e t / e n / h o m e . h t m l






Oxley Bizhub, Ubi Road 1, Block 67, #09-10 Singapore 408730 p (65) 9182 3357 f (65) 6242 0932 e edward.teh@vander.com.hk

delivers significant space savings since the compact design of its gearless machine requires smaller shaft space. Its machine room-less (MRL) solution reduces building construction cost, time, manpower and material to build the elevator machine room. “Other important green features include careful building traffic planning to achieve a balance in terms of traffic increases versus energy consumption, Power Factor One converters that feedback


energy generated by lift to the building power grid, permanent magnet motors, gearless drives and energy-saving modes on escalators including automatic start and stop control or automatic two-speed control—varies the escalator speed according to the passenger flow,” said Foster. “These modes are enabled by the presence or absence of passengers; hence energy can be saved during non-peak hours.” Looking ahead As space becomes even more of a premium in South East Asia, and in particular Singapore, the need for efficient dispatching of passengers will become even more necessary. “Destination-control systems in commercial buildings will become standard and over the next five years,” said Foster. “In addition, as the demand for greener buildings increases and the environment is ever more in the public eye, the need for energy-efficient mobility systems will be paramount. Furthermore, the emergence of digital technology as a business tool to improve efficiency and deliver on increasing customer satisfaction will play a key part in the industry dynamics.” “Schindler sits in a strong position and has been a pioneer in both fields and is poised to take advantage of these evolutions,” concluded Foster.

Company Information INDUSTRY


Botany, Sydney NSW Australia FOUNDED


54,000 Employees Worldwide PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

Schindler Lifts Singapore is the Singapore operation of the Switzerlandbased Schindler Group, a leading global mobility provider with approximately 54,000 employees operating in more than 100 countries. Schindler supports sustainable urban development with safe, reliable and ecologically sound mobility solutions.

w w w. s c h i n d l e r. c o m / s g / i n t e r n e t / e n / h o m e . h t m l



The one stop, all-encompa shop for plant & equipmen

How Australia’s largest plant and equipment hire market changing the industry Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano Produced by: Camilo Sanchez

assing nt hire

tplace is


Michael Trusler - winner of Mining Australia’s Young Achiever of the Year


ur team is our competitive advantage.

everything from portable toilets, generators, and air compressors, right up to the largest graders, This is the ideology behind dozers and dump trucks.” PlantMiner—an online portal that Being an all-encompassing oneaims to save time and money for stop shop is the most important procurement officers, estimators and asset to PlantMiner’s success. project managers across Australia when hiring plant equipment. A competitive advantage “We are Australia’s largest In Australia, there was a real need equipment hire market place, for a service that solved the issue we’ve got the most equipment hire of saving the time it took to procure companies and the most individual plant and equipment hire quotes. items of equipment listed in one “The business has flourished place,” said Michael Trusler, CEO of because of that but also because we the company, in a recent interview. deliver a real return on investments “At our portal, clients can hire for our clients,” said Trusler. “They’re 70

June 2015


Dan Wilson

earning a lot of money through the service because they have been making themselves a lot more accessible to searchers of equipment across the country.” Over 70 experienced plant equipment hire experts make up the team at PlantMiner, building the business day in and day out. Their expertise and ability to innovate as a team allows them to recognize a problem within the industry or be given a problem from a client and then procure a solution almost immediately. “The way we innovate with our technology, through our website and

our business development team, we can come up with a new fix within our service to ensure that the problem is solved,” explained Trusler. Expanding into New Zealand PlantMiner’s success is leading them to grow their business and venture into surrounding territories—such as New Zealand. The New Zealand branch of the website went live back in December 2014 and received an immense amount of traction. “We’re already signed up in the marketplace with clients, and a lot of those clients are already w w w. p l a n t m i n e r. c o m . a u



seeing return on investment,” said Trusler. “Some of these clients have only just paid their subscriptions and they are winning thousands of dollars worth of work already. That’s very exciting and we have guys on the ground over there at the moment who are really just getting out there and educating searchers for 72

June 2015

equipment so that they can come to our service and save time and money looking for hire quotes.” New Zealand is a land filled with opportunity for growth as the culture is open to innovation. “It’s a good place to do business—especially for a tech startup,” said Trusler.


We are Australia’s largest equipment hire market place.” – Michael Trusler, CEO

Overcoming challenges when expanding There are always challenges that come into play when doing business—especially when doing business abroad. It’s a new economy with a unique culture in a remote location that isn’t the easiest to travel to. “An Australian company with w w w. p l a n t m i n e r. c o m . a u


PLANTMINER an Australian idea operating in New Zealand probably isn’t going to go down that well,” said Trusler. “Having a couple of New Zealanders selling a New Zealand

product is a lot easier and we recognized that quite quickly.” Additionally, in New Zealand, business is much more personal, with face-to-face interaction being

‘PlantMiner’s success is leading them to grow their business and venture into surrounding territories’ 74

June 2015


the norm. Online startups, therefore, have to compensate for this. PlantMiner, however, has found a solution for this. “Something we’re now doing is meeting everyone initially and getting out there on the ground,” said Trusler. “It’s pretty seamless from there, as [clients] seem to know the product and what it’s all about.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Hendra, QLD, Australia

New projects on the horizon With expansion still on the mind of Michael Trusler, the United States is next in his line of sight. “We’re doing some investigation into the U.S. at the moment and working on an entrance strategy,” added Trusler. For now, PlantMiner will continue to reinvest into its team, its staff and its culture. “The major investment is into our team and our team culture and ensuring that the product that we have is successful and all of our clients are adequately serviced,” said Trusler. PlantMiner is currently shy of being two years into their five year plan and the company has already exceeded their initial expectations. “We have a couple of exciting things on the horizon,” concluded Trusler.




$50 M PRODUCTS/ SERVICES PlantMiner has over 10,000 searchers from the largest mining, construction and civil companies in Australia searching for and hiring equipment on a regular basis. In addition to this, PlantMiner has signed up 300+ government and council organisations nationwide who have plant and equipment hire needs on a daily basis.

w w w. p l a n t m i n e r. c o m . a u


Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen safely controls half of the world’s power requirements Excellence achieved through powerful global network of shared knowledge, skills and experience Written by: Andrew Rossillo Produced by: Camilo Sanchez




MR Test Center


einhausen Australia is active in power engineering and is part of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (MR) and its 30 subsidiaries and affiliated companies globally. The parent Company was founded in 1868, running central operations and activities out of Regensburg, Germany. From this location, there is also a unique global testing and innovation centre that greatly 1578

June 2015

contributes to the success of the overall company. “Our core business is the regulation of power transformers. This is done above all with the aid of tap changers, which adapt the transmission ratio of the primary to secondary winding to changing load ratios and, together with additional, innovative products and services, ensure an interruptionfree power supply. The tap


Training Center

changer equipment we use is like a gearbox for high-voltage transformers. With that piece of equipment, we safely control over 50 per cent of the world’s electrical energy requirements,” said Reinhausen Australia’s Managing Director, Brett Flower. Through increasing integration of renewable energies into the power network, this regulation also has an ever-increasing

importance on the distribution network level. Here, the company likewise provides innovative system solutions. Together with conceptual design of systems for reactive power compensation and accompanying services, such as network analysis and calculation, MR rounds out their network regulation offerings. An additional, successful field of activity is in winding fiberglass-reinforced w w w. r e i n h a u s e n . c o m


REINHAUSEN AUSTRALIA plastic tubes, processing plastic cylinders and manufacturing composite hollow insulators. MR operates with a strong vision focused on integrating a Reinhausen product in every transformer around the world. As an innovative company with decades of experience in voltage regulation, MR is present in every area that deals with the flow of energy. They work every day to make the global energy supply better and more secure with their

solutions. This applies to their product solutions and to their extensive service offerings and their competencies in project business. The company executes these things together with their customers, the manufacturers of high-voltage devices and systems, utility providers and voltageintensive large-scale industry. Together with 10 partner companies, MR is an active member of the TRANSFORM network platform, a unique

Cable International Services Pty Ltd SHIPPING & FREIGHT FORWARDING AGENTS Level 1, 226 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills NSW Australia 2010

Customs Shipping Forwarding Agents Transport Logistics Services

Our company has been operating for over 50 years, we have CONTACT US: been involved with Reinhausen for over 30 years. We specialize in customs and quarantine clearance, exports, Ph: +61 2 9212 2700 international freight and transport logistics services Fax: +61 2 9212 2756 throughout Australia. Email: mail@cableinternational.com.au We operate in all ports and airports throughout Australia.


association of European premium providers in the transformer area; for the benefit of their shared customers. Thanks to the stringent alignment of all of the company’s activities toward innovation, expertise and reliability, versatile synergies and customer advantages are created.

globally on a daily basis, thereby leveraging the group’s great collective strength as much as possible. “When we catch up, it’s like a big family reunion. And there’s great pride in the quality of our people and equipment.” It is this comprehensive, global collaboration that helped Reinhausen invent the tap changer German Designed, Engineered that they use. “We invented and and Manufactured patented the tap changer back in Among many powerful competitive 1926. We’ve been the market leader advantages, Flower was quick ever since then,” said Flower. to list “German designed, engineered and manufactured” Steady Growth as key differentiators. “The fact As evidence of MR’s steady growth that our equipment is made in and consistent strength, they are a Germany carries a lot of respect multi-award innovation leader. “We in engineering and the consumer developed vacuum technology markets.” That quality is paired in our product line, which has with the amazing group of revolutionized the industry. It people we have in our network. brought a maintenance-free For our highly skilled people, product into certain applications. it’s not a job, it’s a career. Our Our competitors have basically average tenure in our company is been scrambling to catch up ever approximately 10 years.” since,” said Flower. “We have a global presence of “We’re always the leader, 30 subsidiaries worldwide. Those and never the follower. Being people throughout that network are dynamic and moving with industry the best in the business.” Flower trends is a key component of pointed out that they communicate our success. Our business has w w w. r e i n h a u s e n . c o m


REINHAUSEN AUSTRALIA changed substantially in just the past few years alone. We have a new business unit that has been charged with regularly keeping us ahead of the change,” said Flower. Furthermore, a particularly fundamental manner in which Reinhausen stays true to its core values is maintaining premium quality management. “The quality management we have is unparalleled. We have a state-ofart test center in our headquarters in Regensburg, Germany. This ensures that we not only exceed the international standards, we smash them,” said Flower with a confident chuckle. Regulating Over 50 Per cent of the World’s Power At the core of Reinhausen’s ability to regulate over 50 per cent of the world’s power is their onload tap-changer (OLTC); the founding block of their business. “This is supported by premium service. Our technicians are trained to the highest standards. “We’re solutions providers for our customers,” said Flower. It is this premium service and skill that has 1582

June 2015

helped the Company maintain technical excellence throughout its operations, winning numerous accolades, including IEC awards for work on power transformers. Helping to maintain this excellence is their global network of skills, experience and knowledge that can be tapped into at any time, by anyone throughout the Company. Global Marketplace Domination Expansion While MR has been steadily growing throughout its history, the Company has enjoyed particularly significant growth in the last five years. “For a company like ours to continue to be the market leader, it’s all about innovation and adaptability. As part of that, we’re looking into acquiring knowledge and companies to bring new services and product offerings,” said Flower. “Among others, we’ve recently partnered with a company called CAPT, an Italian offload tap changer manufacturer, bringing another product group to the company. We’ve also incorporated a business called Reinhausen Solutions Corporation


“Our core business is the regulation of power transformers…The tap changer equipment we use is like a gearbox for high-voltage transformers. With that piece of equipment, we have control of over 50 percent of the world’s electrical energy.”

Company Information

– Brett Flower, Managing Director

Regensburg, Germany Local Subsidiary: Kingsgrove, NSW, Australia

(RJP) in Japan, which specialises in asset management solutions. RJP has been done as a joint venture with Hitachi. Great things are coming from the power of these large iconic companies coming together.” While early stage restrictions currently require confidentiality, Flower was able to share that the company does indeed have a number of new projects in early development. “The prospects for Reinhausen Australia and the Group as a whole are extremely promising and exciting. There’s a strong demand for our expertise, and we have to move with that demand,” said Flower. “My role is to make sure we are where our customers need us. We will continue to provide premium service across all parts of the business, wherever we are needed.” Contact Details: Phone: +61 2 9502 2202 Fax:

+61 2 9502 2224


Manufacturing HEADQUARTERS



14 PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Reinhausen Australia is active in power engineering and is part of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (MR) and its 30 subsidiaries and affiliated companies globally. The Company was founded in 1868, running central operations and activities out of Regensburg, Germany. From this location, there is also a unique global testing and innovation center that greatly contributes to the success of the overall company.

Email: sales@au.reinhausen.com

w w w. r e i n h a u s e n . c o m


CMC Property Services:

CMC Property Services management apps set th

CMC Property Services is much more than a compr property maintenance service. Its innovations in tec passion for helping the less fortunate, make it a com Written by: Eric Harding Produced by: Bryan Giles

he bar high

rehensive cleaning and chnology, combined with a mpany worth following.


Itaque consed quam aspero et modite volu aborept.


MC Property Services is much more than a cleaning service. Its innovations in technology, combined with a passion for helping the less fortunate, make it a company worth following. Established in 1994, CMC Property Services is a national commercial cleaning and property 86

June 2015

maintenance company specialising in offices, retail outlets, commercial buildings, multi-sites, government, educational and aged care facilities. Founder and CEO Paul McCann began cleaning buildings to help pay his way through University, and continued doing so even after he graduated. Twenty years later,


he turned that work ethic into leadership of a company that has experienced 25 percent revenue growth over the last three years. CMC’s extensive experience in cleaning, complete property maintenance services, and reporting provides the company with clear insight into customers’ needs, enabling it to constantly deliver

services that exceed expectations. One way CMC does this is to provide a wide range of services, including: commercial cleaning, property maintenance, grounds maintenance, rapid response services such as fire and flood restoration. Another objective of CMC is maintaining loyalty from its w w w. c m c s e r v i c e s . c o m . a u /


CMC PROPERTY SERVICES employees. “We work hard to ensure our operational and administrative staff are well trained, safe and happy in their tenure with us,” McCann said. “We do this by giving our staff a voice through various internal committees so they have a say in where we are heading operationally and strategically.” The loyalty CMC instills in its employees trickles down to its clients as well. It has customers in several

different industries, as CMC operates in capital and regional areas throughout Australia and New Zealand. CMC embracing the Golden Rule expands into all parts of company culture. To celebrate 20 years of being in business, CMC held a gala, raising $90,000 for its charity partner Very Special Kids. The charity supports families of children suffering from life-threatening conditions, operating the only children’s hospice in Victoria, and


the first of its kind in Australia. McCann said one of CMC’s key strategic goals has always been to give back to the community, and described the gala as the official launch for CMC’s charitable involvement to friends, staff, family and clients. “It’s a great place to be and we put on a great event,” said McCann. “We put it out to our leadership group, and it was one charity on our short list of four. I also had been in contact with Very Special Kids through some other charity work I do.” There’s generally a strong social responsibility in its working environment that CMC creates through local and community engagement. Several staff members volunteer on the weekend, showing the company’s charitable goals have a very hands-on element, working sideby-side with the people that need help the most. “We’re a national company in Australia, and we do a lot of work with non-for-profits,” McCann said. “It’s really important to engage with underprivileged or

disadvantaged people. It’s not just about donating money for the charity, it’s also about getting involved and giving your time.” Aside from valuing others in the community, CMC Property is also among the most innovative companies when it comes to technology. CMC views technology as a major pillar in the company to track and evaluate cleaning performance, and as an essential tool in an effort to get a better and efficient output for its customers. In a strategic effort to go paperless and create a more sustainable work process, CMC incorporates tablet technology with several different custom applications. These apps streamline the process for both clients and employees by capturing data and images, and feeding them into the Electronic Customer Relationship Management System. Currently, the system on-boards 1,000 service requests a week, with scalability to handle substantially more. The quality audit app records detailed information about the cleanliness of a site, allowing customers an opportunity to w w w. c m c s e r v i c e s . c o m . a u /



“We work hard to ensure our operational and administrative staff are well trained, safe and happy in their tenure with us.” – Paul McCann, CEO


June 2015


rate how well the job was done. Using this, customers have access to live and past data, including trends on one or all of their sites. The condition reporting app is only about 3-4 months old, according to McCann, but it houses multiple features that have already proven invaluable to customers and staff alike. It provides overall site condition reports by giving customers labour efficiencies, data, and images electronically for analysis. The time and attendance app allows CMC to collect data and information on staff members logging in and out of job sites. It also has GPS location recognition, and can take photos of staff members when they log in as an additional security measure. The app alerts management when a work pattern is different to what has been scheduled, while also connecting with CMC’s payroll and finance software to make it easier on employees to track clocking in and out. “Obviously, a lot of companies are going to tablet technology,” McCann explained. “What we’re really trying to push is data capture and the analysis of that data. Customers want everything now just like we all do. It’s just in line with what’s going on around the world, really.” When it comes to being in tune with the world, no company has its finger on the pulse quite like CMC Property Services.

Company Information INDUSTRY


Hawthorn Victoria, Australia FOUNDED



CMC Property Services is a national commercial cleaning and property maintenance company. They are specialists in the cleaning and maintenance of offices, retail outlets, commercial buildings, multi-sites, educational and aged care facilities.

w w w. c m c s e r v i c e s . c o m . a u /


Pavement and solid str


Industrias Aguayo does more than provide the finishing tou innovation in retaining walls. 92 June 2015

Written by: Mateo Rafael Tablado, Associate Editor Interview by: Rebecca Castrejon, Editor in Chief Produced by: Jassen Pintado, Director of Projects for WDM Group Interviewee: Jorge Aguayo, CEO of Industrias Aguayo, S.R.L.



uch for walls and pavement. They also bring

w w w. c o o p e s a n t o s . c o m


I N D U S T R I A S A G U AY O D E C O N S T R U C C I O N , S . R . L .

R Ribbon cutting by Ruben Jimenez Bichara and the Aguayo family, in the solar energy plant

afael Aguayo opened Industrias Aguayo tile factory in 1948. As decades passed, the company’s production line, and hence its catalogue, expanded by producing cinder blocks and other concrete units for construction. During the mid-1980s, Aguayo was already producing cobblestone and other kinds of paving stone, and also building retaining walls with innovative materials.

opening ceremony

MESA retaining walls

Industrias Aguayo’s role goes far beyond that of a supplier for infrastructure and aesthetic finishes for key building projects in the Caribbean region. The company has earned prizes and awards for being a leading enterprise in sustainability. The local Corripio Foundation rewarded Industrias Aguayo in the “Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Enterprise” category. Industrias Aguayo is currently led by a thirdgeneration management team. It consists of Rafael Aguayo’s grandsons: Jorge and Raul Aguayo, CEO and CCO, respectively. Jorge, an industrial engineer, has worked in the family business for a longtime and also has experience in other trades and companies, and in the United States. “Grandpa died young. My father was 19 when he had to take care of business. Three years ago my father finally retired, so me and my brother Raul stayed in charge of the company,”


June 2015


shared Jorge Aguayo, Chief Executive Officer for Industrias Aguayo.

Key People

One Large Facility Hosting All Production Plants Besides their commercial offices in the capital, Santo Domingo, Industrias Aguayo operates a huge production facility just a few miles to the west, in San Cristobal. Moving Aguayo’s manufacturing plants to this single location happened during the mid-2000s. The four manufacturing plants, where innovative materials and techniques are also deployed for improved product performance, are:

Ultraflex, flexible armor for construction used

Jorge Aguayo CEO Jorge Aguayo graduated as an industrial engineer from the Dominican Republic’s Mother and Teacher Pontifical Catholic University, where he also obtained a Master’s in HR management. Aguayo has also managed logistics for a Dominican tobacco grower. In the United Sates, he earned a Master’s in business management from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management; and also in the States he worked as a consultant for ZS Associates’ Latin American branch. In 2002 he went back to Industrias Aguayo and in late 2013 was appointed the company’s CEO.

by Aguayo w w w. a g u a y o . c o m . d o



Avant-gard tiles, from Aguayo

· Two cinder block production plants · One cobblestone and paving stone production plant · One cement tile production plant · A manufacturing facility for dry mortar

Split tablets: quality wall coating


June 2015

The company’s production rate and high demand for its products resulted in more than $5 million in investments during the last two years. This capital injection led to a new cement and mortar plant, the new cinder block plant and


increasing assets in the cargo and transportation department. “Our leadership is based on innovation, providing our market with solutions previously unknown in our country,” the executive commented. Partnerships Resulting in Innovation

“Our leadership is based on innovation, providing our market with solutions previously unknown in our country – Jorge Aguayo, CEO for Industrias Aguayo

Being located on an island does not prevent w w w. a g u a y o . c o m . d o


I N D U S T R I A S A G U AY O D E C O N S T R U C C I O N , S . R . L . Industrias Aguayo from striking profitable partnerships. The company became the first off-Europe licensee for French tile and paving company Girpav.

Avant-gard tiles, from Aguayo

Tensar International Corporation became a partner for construction of resistant, lasting MESA retaining walls with Aguayo’s concrete pieces, reinforced with Tensar’s geogrid. And in an effort to go beyond field operations, Industrias Aguayo and CEMEX Dominicana joined efforts to publish the “Cement Tile - Art and Evolution” book, a revision of this distinguishing element among Latin American and Caribbean architecture.

We are proud of our longstanding partnership with

Industrias Aguayo

Global supplier of systems for the production of the highest quality standard and architectural concrete block and hardscape units.

Local Representative: +1.809.909.2709 World Headquarters: +1.989.354.1000 besser.com


Industrias Aguayo is not focused on arranging multiple partnerships, but rather on each association’s quality and mutual benefit. “Having few suppliers and establishing long tenures with them provides the best conditions to maintain our services’ and products’ quality,” Aguayo explained. The Power of Sustainability One of the most recent and important feats in Industrias Aguayo’s history is the opening, in 2014, of their power-generation plant. This resource is fed by solar energy and is able to supply Aguayo 65 percent of their required power quota. SOFOS Dominicana placed more than 2,000 solar panels on the roof of Industrias Aguayo’s plants. The original projected calculations considered this effort would help in providing 95 percent of the company’s total energy consumption, but an increase in Aguayo’s operations and demand for products were a factor to lower the set expectations. Currently, the photovoltaic power plant keeps more than 460 tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere “We will keep investing in these resources, increasing our own power supply,” the CEO stated.

Variblock: concrete cinder block with vertical slot facing opposite to notches

“We have recently been through an expansion process that we hadn’t experienced never before” – Jorge Aguayo, CEO for Industrias Aguayo

w w w. a g u a y o . c o m . d o


I N D U S T R I A S A G U AY O D E C O N S T R U C C I O N , S . R . L . Satisfying Work Atmosphere

Aguayo mortars: highresistance mix for block, ceramic and fine plaster

The staff at Industrias Aguayo reports high satisfaction levels at their work place, where they are treated with respect and appreciation. The company strives to encourage its workers by organizing regular activities involving the staff’s families. “We are certain that bringing each employee’s family for recreational activities makes them feel fully taken care of,” Aguayo said.


Exports and Increasing Presence Abroad Aguayo began exporting tiles to the U.S. in 2003, in what is now a regular operation for the company. Different tile collections from Aguayo are also present in the Swedish, Canadian and Panamanian market. But in the vicinity, the company’s management shares a feeling of lack of constant presence, as Industrias Aguayo’s cobblestone and tile installation services are usually on high demand for single, one-time projects in Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and in Puerto Rico. It is now one of the company’s priorities to constantly deploy their products to outlets all over the Caribbean and Europe. “We are pursuing a constant presence in the Caribbean with our entire product portfolio,” the executive stated.

Company Information NAME

Industrias Aguayo de Construccion, S.R.L. INDUSTRY

Construction: cement tile, cinder block, cobblestone, paving stone manufacturing; building of restraining walls HEADQUARTERS

Madre Vieja, San Cristobal, Republica Dominicana FOUNDED


“We have invested in being


prepared for upcoming growth and development happening in the entire



Dominican Republic and hopefully the Caribbean region also” – Jorge Aguayo, CEO for Industrias Aguayo w w w. a g u a y o . c o m . d o


b r i n g i n g

WORLDS and oceans together 100 years of bringing business partners together from one ocean to the other.

Written by: Rebecca Castrejon, Editor Produced by: Jassen Pintado, Director of Projects for WDM Group Interviewee: Ilya Marotta, Executive Vice-President of Engineering and Program Management for Panama Canal Authority


June 2015

w w w. c o o p e s a n t o s . c o m



F Illya Marotta’s work for the Panama Canal spans over three decades, full with excellence awards and other accolades

or more than a century, the Panama Canal has been the most important conduit for international maritime trade among the largest global manufacturers, reducing marine cargo journeys for timely merchandise delivery. After opening in August 15, 1914, the canal was controlled by the United States, until 1977, when the handover to Panama began by mutual control under signed treaties between the two nations. Finally, in 1999, Panama obtained full control of the canal, creating the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), which began operations in December 31, 1999. After assuming total control before the turn of the century, the ACP has performed ongoing endeavors to provide efficient management, preservation, profitability, maintenance and improvements of the canal. Canal Expansion Project One of ACP’s most important projects began on September 3, 2007: the Panama Canal Third Set of Locks expansion project, which includes the creation of a new traffic lane, permitting transit for more, larger ships, increasing an average of 10 to 12 more ships in transit per day, which would double the canal’s current capacity, also allowing Postpanamax size ships to transit with a 13,000 TEU maximum capacity. Two new locks are being built, one in the Atlantic and the second one in the Pacific, each


June 2015


with three chambers hosting water-saving basins. New locks will be one each for the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the canal. The project foresees to widen and deepen the existing navigation channels in Gatun Lake and the entrance to each ocean, as well as deepening the narrow Culebra Cut. Completion of the canal’s expansion labors is projected for April 2016. Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC S.A.) is an international consortium in charge of the expansion; this group consists of four construction companies: Spain’s Sacyr Vallehermoso, Italy’s Impregilo, Belgian dredging company Jan De Nul n.v., and Panama’s Constructora Urbana de Panama (CUSA). Benefits Derived from the Expansion Project Since the expansion project was conceived, this large-scale construction has benefitted -directly and indirectly- different sectors in Panama’s economy, raising local life quality standards. The following are the project’s three most important benefits to Panamanian economy and development: 1. 37,000 open positions for direct employment: the number of new job positions to fill for the project’s expansion exceeded the original expectations figured in the 2006 proposal. Figures for indirect employment positions increased too, thus benefitting domestic economy.

Key People

Ilya Marotta Executive VicePresident of Engineering and Program Management for Panama Canal Authority Marotta graduated as a Maritiime Engineer from Texas A&M (Galveston, Texas) in 1985. She earned a Masters’ in Economic Engineering from Santa Maria la Antigua Catholic University in 1996. She also attended Managerial Development courses at INCAE (Nicaragua, 2000) and at the Kellogg School of Management. Certified Project Manager by PMI in 2007. Marotta has worked for the Panama Canal Authority during more than 27 years on different positions, such as: Design Engineer for the Industrial Division, for the Engineering Branch, Dredging Division, and for the Mechanical Engineering Branch. She also worked for the Accounting Division as Valuation Engineer. In May 2002 Marotta was assigned to the Canal Master Plan coordination team, under the Administrator’s Office, where she became involved in the development of the Panama Canal Master Plan and the Expansion Proposal presented to the Nation for a Referendum on October 22, 2006. She then transferred to the Programs Development Office, planning the execution of the various works required for the expansion program. In May 2007 she was appointed as Executive Manager of the Resources Planning and Project Controls Division, Engineering and Programs Administration Department, which is responsible for the execution of the expansion program.

w w w. p a n c a n a l . c o m



Soft skills development, a continuous effort by ACP

2. New technology deployment: Due to the project’s nature, ACP established exchange programs with institutions such as the National Institute for Individual Training and Human Development (INADEH), providing development opportunities for local talent in labors such as mechanics, welding, lathe operation and others. The canal personnel is also trained for operation of latest-generation machinery, topnotch equipment for design, architecture and engineering, among other activities. 3. Increasing the canal’s capacity: the new lane will allow more ships to navigate through the 106

June 2015


canal, which will increase commercial exchange and the port’s revenue from canal usage. Global Development and Thrust for Domestic Growth Excellence, transparency, trust and loyalty are some of the values shared by domestic and foreign collaborators and suppliers involved in the expansion project. “We are constantly in contact with our suppliers and partners; we establish open, sincere interactions to find a solution in case any problem

“The project is being built 100 percent by Panamanian hands with global management” – Ilya Marotta, Executive Vice-President of Engineering and Program Management for the Panama Canal Authority

w w w. p a n c a n a l . c o m


A U T O R I D A D D E L C A N A L D E PA N A M Á ( A C P )

Aerial view of the Panama Canal Expansion

arises and to find ourselves into mutual win-win situations. We have a strict policy regarding compliance with contractual obligations; sometimes people think certain points added in contracts are plain ‘fillers’, but when the Panama Canal expresses something in writing, it means precisely what we are looking for,” stated Ilya Marotta, Executive Vice-President for Engineering and Program Management for ACP. Marotta graduated as an engineer, and has worked for ACP during 30 years in different positions. Her labor has earned her excellence awards for her contribution to the country’s different development programs. Human Resource: Knowledge Transfer and Skill Development ACP has its own training programs for all levels, from constant training for employees in charge of basic, manual tasks, to managerial development courses. Some of these programs include the PMI certification course for canal project managers at every level, ship simulator training for Postpanamax pilots, and e-learning lessons when new equipment is deployed. 108

June 2015


The new expansion locks design considered the inclusion of proven tech solutions already in use globally on other projects

“We are constantly aware of avantgarde developments and innovations; it’s a responsibility for every VP during his/her tenure to ensure the staff they’re in charge of is highly qualified to take on the challenges we face everyday,” expressed Marota, regarding the more than 10,000 employees working in every division of the ACP: engineers, marketing and IT specialists, transit operators (pilots, ground crew, etc.), dredging crews, among many others. Also, ACP is constantly sending staff members abroad with the purpose of obtaining international experience. And in the same way, experts from all around the globe are brought for special training in Panama, mostly for construction tasks. Soft skills are also important to ACP, which oversees the development of leadership, w w w. p a n c a n a l . c o m


Rolling lock-gates will allow maintenance operations in the folding area, avoiding lane closing and ship delays as a result


A U T O R I D A D D E L C A N A L D E PA N A M Á ( A C P )

supervision, teamwork and other abilities within every department. “Soft skills are critical for our success,” the VP added. Open to New Tech Developments Among the new developments accessible to Panama as a result of the canal’s expansion, the ACP installed Program Management Information System (PMIS), for real-time, digital updates of operations between contractors and operators. “This system has been already transferred to other projects such as the construction of Panama’s Atlantic bridge, dredging projects, construction of a dam, and others,” Marotta said. ACP has constant monitoring of water usage, measuring required quantities and water quality along with the seven water re-use basins in the locks’ chambers, which have reduced water use by 7 percent. Care for the Environment The ACP is willing also to show Panama every possible benefit derived from the canal’s expansion, aside from the projections in revenue increasing. The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute has been working in the area during five years, studying possible impact of rip currents, weather, vegetation and animal species.

“We are at 89 percent completion of the project, it has been a great challenge and learning experience for all of us blessed by becoming part of this expansion” – Ilya Marotta, Executive Vice-President of Engineering and Program Management for the Panama Canal Authority

w w w. p a n c a n a l . c o m



Since 1999, the ACP has performed ongoing endeavors to provide efficient management, preservation, profitability, maintenance and improvements of the canal

The ACP is also supporting different restoration projects for environmental rehabilitation of swamps surrounding the canal, and also for rescuing possible archeological findings in the excavation areas. “We are contributing to our country’s culture by partnering government entities with private enterprises and the area’s residents for mutual benefit,” the executive said. Innovations in Panama Canal’s Expansion The following proven, innovative solutions were considered when the new expansion locks were designed: • Rolling lock-gates: These will allow 112

June 2015


“Every VP, during his/her tenure, must ensure the staff they’re in charge of is highly qualified”

maintenance crews to perform routine works in a designed area where the gates retract, avoiding temporarily lane closing and ship delays. • Tugboats: A more accurate ship positioning which also results in requiring less maintenance for tracks along each lock. • Side filling-emptying: This system allows for water to come in from the lock’s bottom, allowing for a symmetrical flow. • Water-saving basins: Tech deployment from Germany, which has already been proven for its favorable impact on sustainability. “These resources were carefully studied before the project’s design, we want the most efficient solution to increase the canal’s productivity,” stated VP Marotta. w w w. p a n c a n a l . c o m


PA N A M A C A N A L A U T H O R I T Y Future Projects for ACP After Expansion Completion

Ilya Marotta, Executive V.P. for Engineering and Program Management for Panama Canal Authority (ACP)

The opening of the expanded canal is expected for April 2016. “The project must be completed by December 2015, which means new locks are to become fully operational for training mode. By January we will perform tests with our boats and crew, and in April it will be open for regular commercial operations,” the vice-president said. After the canal’s expansion is completed, the


Headquarters: sales@vega.co.nz | Ph: +64 4 238 0200 Americas: sales@vegausa.net | Ph: +1 832 919 0797 Australia: sales@vegaaustralia.com.au | Ph: +61 2 8520 3342 To find your nearest distributor, visit www.vega.co.nz


June 2015


ACP will continue to bring innovative solutions to its jurisdiction, such as the planned bridge in the Atlantic Ocean, a project awarded to France’s VINCI, and to be completed by early 2017. Other important projects is conceiving a new spillway, designing a new dock in the canal area, tendering of a project to widen the gateway to the Pacific Ocean, and perform marketing surveys for upcoming projects. “We are always looking to upgrade and optimize the existing infrastructure,” finalized Marotta.

Company Information NAME

Panama Canal Authority INDUSTRY

Latin America y servicios HEADQUARTERS

Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá, Panamá FOUNDED


1914 como El Canal de Panamá, 31 de diciembre de 1999 como Autoridad del Canal de Panamá EMPLOYEES

Vega sets the standard in design and development of high performance navigation aids which have revolutionised port, harbour and shoreline systems throughout the world including the English Channel, Congo River and Panama Canal. The company is committed to ongoing research and development to provide innovative and superior products and unparalleled service whilst reducing the whole-of-life cost to clients. Discover a Vega solution for your mission critical marine environment, Visit: www.vega.co.nz

10.000 REVENUE

US +$2 mil millones WEBSITE


CenterPoint Properties

Going the extra mile For more than 20 years, CenterPoint Properties has built a solid reputation in the warehouse, distribution and shipping industry by delivering on promises and going the extra mile. Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Tom Venturo



Uline Corporate Building


eadquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, CenterPoint Properties is a leading industrial real estate company focused on the acquisition, development, redevelopment and management of industrial real estate as well as port and intermodal-related properties. For more than 20 years, CenterPoint Properties has built a solid reputation in the warehouse, distribution and shipping industry by delivering on promises and adding value to its customers through innovative solutions designed to improve supply chain and operating efficiencies.


June 2015

Their latest project reveals the inner workings to their success. New developments on the horizon CenterPoint is currently constructing a new development for two neighboring industrial facilities in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. The first is a 521,000-square-feet build-to-suit for ULINE Shipping Supply Specialists, a distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses, which is being constructed adjacent to a 410,000-square-feet speculative building in LakeView Corporate Park.


ULINE DC at LakeView Corporate Park, WI 11400 88th Ave

“We are grateful that ULINE has selected CenterPoint as the developer for this project and has confidence in our ability to execute this built-to-suit facility,” said Michael Murphy, chief development officer at CenterPoint Properties. “We’ve been lucky enough to work with ULINE in the past and our relationship with them is based on quality and consistency of service.” The new state-of-the-art facility by ULINE is positioned on nearly 30 acres and is located in close proximity to ULINE corporate headquarters and other existing warehouse facilities. “Jobs and construction will be a significant impact on the local community. The new building will help drive some synergies in the area, reducing supply chain cost and enhancing operating efficiencies,” said Murphy.

“We’re a little outside the box – in both the way we view projects and the creative way we finance some of our projects” – Michael P. Murphy, Chief Development Officer

w w w. c e n t e r p o i n t . c o m


CENTERPOINT PROPERTIES The new building, which will include 88 docks cross-loaded with two drive-in doors, will also embrace 100 percent LED lighting “This is the first time we’ve constructed a full brand new LED lighting project. The new lighting will help the building sing; providing a bright work environment which is good for productivity and employees,” said Murphy. “Although LED lighting is initially more expensive, they’ll ultimately save on energy costs. It’s an investment in

Proud to be chosen as the contractor for CenterPoint Properties and ULINE.

CHICAGO | DALL AS w w w.fclbuilders.com

the future.” Simultaneously being built is a neighboring 410,000-square-foot speculative building, which will serve the needs of a tenant looking to immediately occupy a Class A cross-loaded distribution facility located in an established business park environment. “Being able to build both buildings in the same time has allowed us to do the grading and buying of materials in one package. This allowed us some deals on pricing,


including labor and construction overhead,” said Murphy. “By being comfortable with the market, we were able to take some risks with this project. In return, we’ve been able to almost double the size of the project, while reducing costs.” He added, “We’re a little outside the box – in both the way we view projects and the creative way we finance some of our projects. We do some things our competitors wouldn’t, but that gives us a unique niche in this marketplace.”

on-time delivery and going the extra mile. This motto has paid dividends in multiple transactions. When you do a great job, clients call you back. We pride ourselves on delivering the project just the way the client wants it.” Like any great company, the secret to CenterPoint’s success is its employees, serving as the core component to delivering the company’s promise of quality service. The company has adopted a teamwork mentality to ensure projects and client satisfaction is always attained. Both facilities are expected to “We’re not a huge company, in be completed in July 2015. terms of personnel, but we’re all focused on the business. For us, Fulfilling promises this is a team sport and we all work According to Murphy, the company’s together to achieve our goals,” foundation is built on fulfilling their said Murphy. “That mentality has promises and going the extra mile been positive for us. Our business for clients. “In this business, people is very relationship oriented and if make a lot of promises when you’re someone has a key relationship, we chasing the deal,” he said. “For us, share information and work together. we’re very good at listening to the What’s good for one portion of the client to find the best solution to get company is good for it all.” the product they want.” Relationships also play a critical For CenterPoint Properties, part in CenterPoint’s rapport with repeat business demonstrates the contractors and subcontractors. company’s philosophy is working. “We have very good long“We focus on customer service, term general contractors and w w w. c e n t e r p o i n t . c o m



Michael P. Murphy, Chief Development Officer

subcontractors. In our business, it’s not a one size fits all. It depends where in the country we are and what their pricing is. We’ve had a 122

June 2015

great relationship with FCL for the last 25 years. They are someone we can rely on.” Another unwavering promise for


CenterPoint Properties is safety. The company is committed to providing top notch working conditions with safety protocols in place for company employees as well contractors on-site. “Every project we do starts with safety and ends with safety,” said Murphy. “Safety is a major consideration in what we do and that goes for us as well as our contractors. They appreciate it.” The extra mile From concept to construction, CenterPoint Properties continuously strives to ensure that quality is met in each and every project the company undertakes. “Quality is extremely important to us,” said Murphy. “We have a third-party firm verify all site conditions to ensure we’ve met our client’s standards, as well as our own. It’s not something we take lightly.” Along with going the extra mile for its clients, CenterPoint continues to go the extra mile in the communities in which it operates. The company has launched various programs in the community such as partnerships with the local college for training as well as local outreach programs for labor. While many companies claim to do so, CenterPoint Properties truly exemplifies what it means to go the extra mile.

Company Information INDUSTRY


1808 Swift Drive Oak Brook, Illinois, United States FOUNDED




Construction; Real-estate

w w w. c e n t e r p o i n t . c o m


Profile for Construction Global

Construction Global Magazine - June 2015  

Construction Global Magazine - June 2015