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Demolition Cradle-to-grave solutions from Masterton


November 2015

Onshore Wind Farms Realising renewable potential with Good Energy

The force behind projects in the Gulf and beyond

Exclusive interview with KBR’s Jay Ibrahim


When it comes to lifting, transporting, installing and decommis-

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Major innovation W E L C O M E T O T H E November 2015

issue of Construction Global. Once again we are showcasing some of the most innovative construction companies around today, starting with our cover story. This features KBR, which offers major project management for construction, industry and governments in the Gulf and beyond, with exciting expansion plans in the Middle East. And we take a look at a renewable energy project in the UK, highlighting the challenges when building an onshore wind farm. We also talk to Masterton about its cradle-to-grave demolition services, with a focus on how this sets the firm from its competitors. You can admire some of the world’s most impressive bridges in our top 10, featuring some truly stunning structures from every continent. Please do let get in touch with any comments you have about the magazine.

Enjoy the issue

Lucy Dixon Managing Editor EMEA lucy.dixon@wdmgroup.com





INFRASTRUCTURE Good Energy sets the benchmarks


12 TOP 10

Bridges 4

November 2015


28 KBR

Company Profiles MIDDLE EAST 28 KBR 60 Strukton

AFRICA 74 Atuabo Free port

CANADA 84 Niagara Construction

AUSTRALIA 92 Shamrock Civil Engineering


60 Strukton

Š 2014 Gitte Spinder Construction Photography


Niagara Construction


Atuabo Free port


Shamrock Civil Engineering


Good Energy sets the benchmarks After recently reaching the milestone of its 100,000th customer, Good Energy is expanding its wind farm operations, understanding as it does that responsible construction and community engagement are vital for the UK to reach its renewable potential W r i t t e n b y : G O O D E N E R G Y LT D .


July 2014

INFRASTRUCTURE THE UK’S ENERGY landscape is changing. With firm, long-term targets in place for increasing our use of renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions, the plentiful natural resources the UK enjoys mean that wind and solar farms will play a key role in powering the future. However, for renewables to fulfil their potential, developers need to be able to respond to recent public and political debate surrounding how new developments are built, managed and operated. Good Energy is an AIM-listed renewable energy company that generates and supplies*100 percent renewable electricity to domestic and business customers. As an innovative, UK-based renewable energy company with ambitious growth plans, the company’s strategic aim is to develop, own and operate 110MW of its own generation capacity by 2016. This equates to 50 percent of its expected 2016 electricity supply and the current development pipeline has over 200MW of wind and solar projects in locations across Great Britain. Good Energy recently launched Good Energy Bonds, retail bonds aiming to raise £5 million from 8

November 2015

Construction of a wind turbine at the

investors to support its development of renewable generation capacity. Doubling output The company owns two wind farms: Delabole, which is operational, and Hampole; currently under construction. Delabole, a 9.2MW wind farm in North Cornwall, was the UK’s first commercial wind farm when it opened for business in 1991. In 2002, Good Energy bought the wind farm from the Edwards family and, eight years later, re-powered it with an £11.8 million investment. The repower involved replacing the


Operational wind turbine at the Delabole wind farm

Hampole Energy Farm site

‘ …the plentiful natural resources the UK enjoys mean that wind and solar farms will play a key role in powering the future ’ original 10 turbines with four larger, more powerful turbines. This more than doubled its output capacity, reflecting the advances in technology. Community engagement The re-powering of the site was informed through detailed community consultation with local residents providing feedback on

the size and number of turbines they wanted to see at the site, as well as how it might benefit their local community. The final design with fewer, larger turbines reflected the majority view of local people. The process of community engagement doesn’t stop once a wind farm is constructed. In January 2013, following further community 9


Each turbine is monitored engagement around its Delabole site, Good Energy launched the UK’s first discounted local electricity tariff linked to a wind farm to ensure local residents benefit from generation within their community. The lessons learnt through this have gone on to form the basis of Good Energy’s Renewables Development Charter. Construction and maintenance The construction of a wind farm requires installation of access tracks, turbine foundations, substation or control building, cabling, as well as erection of the wind turbines themselves. Specialist cranes and delivery vehicles are used to bring the turbine components to site for erection. 10

November 2015

The turbines are connected through underground cabling and commissioned ready for energisation. Despite the relatively remote locations of many wind and solar farms, keeping local communities informed during the build is as important as it is for any major construction project. Since becoming operational, the Delabole turbines have been serviced and maintained through a service agreement with the turbine supplier, Enercon. Remote monitoring of the turbines is achieved through SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) which is connected to each wind turbine, enabling the team at Good Energy to monitor the operation and production of the farm. The site maintenance requirements are provided through local business to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the wind farm. Realising renewable potential Good Energy’s second wind farm Hampole, located in Yorkshire, is currently under construction. The 8.2MW project is expected to be fully operational and generating by March 2014. The experience gained through managing Delabole wind farm has enabled Good Energy


‘Adopting best practice around construction and operation of sites, alongside full engagement with local communities are vital for successful projects ’ to refine its approach to Hampole and the company will be offering its local tariff at this site too. Through its Development Charter, Good Energy aims to set a new benchmark in the responsible construction and development of new renewable generation capacity. Adopting best practice around construction and operation of sites, alongside full engagement with local

communities are vital for successful projects. It’s an approach that stands the UK in good stead to realise its full renewable energy potential, and take a huge step towards meeting its emissions targets in the process. *Good Energy supplies the national electricity grid with an equivalent amount of renewable electricity to match all their customers’ demand over a 12 month period. 11


Masters of Demolition Neil Richardson, Business Development Manager at Demolitions Experts, Masterton UK, explains how the company has expanded its skills and services to effectively complete challenging projects in several sectors Writ ten by: JOEL LEV Y


TECHNOLOGY & EQUIPMENT THE DEMOLITIONS INDUSTRY presents unique challenges and is a sector requiring specialist skills and services. UK firm Masterton is leading the way in providing both. The company has grown on the strength of its expansion of in-house services and specialist workforce, which have proven invaluable to a growing base of loyal clients in the industrial, commercial and more recently, nuclear sectors. Masterton can now provide what Business Development Manager Neil Richardson calls a multi-disciplined “cradle-to-grave service”, undertaking all works in-house, and this he believes elevates it above competitors. Richardson said: “When things started to become challenging (economically) we looked at a different approach, at how we could offer more to clients to make sure that we continue to be innovative in our approach. “On the back of that we adopted

some additional services, employed a great range of specialist personnel, like our own structural engineers, and approached clients we hadn’t worked with for some time to explain the changes to the company. We were able to gain a stronger foothold with existing clients and brought in a lot of new business as well.” Regeneration works Masterton’s completion last December of work with the West Northamptonshire Development Corporation (WNDC) began a new 20,000 sqm office development as part of a wider regeneration programme in Northampton, and provided a fine example of its ability to manage complex citycentre demolition projects. The tight location, bordered by main roads and close to both a river and railway station, called for robust planning, as Richardson explained.

“We were tasked with working within the confines of a city and taking down a number of residential dwellings without having any effect on the surrounding area” 14 November 2015


The team oversee works on Tanner Street, Northampton “It was essentially the gateway to a larger development,” he said. “We were tasked with working within the confines of a city and taking down a number of residential dwellings without having any effect on the surrounding area. It was a meticulous planning project to ensure that we went through thorough risk assessment and communication strategies. “The main problematic area was the tight confines of a city centre. So we had to take into consideration well in advance the disruption to local access routes in terms of transport

and infrastructure, so we had to look at the times we could operate to cause minimal disruption.” As usual in such projects, Masterton’s strategy was drawn up with consideration of locals at the forefront. At planning stage, and well before works occurred, those potentially affected were kept informed and included in the discussion. “We work very much in co-operation with local counci ls, local businesses and neighbours to the site,” explained Richardson. “It’s essentially what we 15


Dismantling four liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks and associated process plant at National Grid’s Heath Farm Lane storage facility at Partington, UK call a good neighbour guide, part of the strategy we adopt. Everybody’s well aware. We call this minus four; four weeks before we actually start on a site, there will be a presence. “We also put in place a traffic management plan specific to the site and regulations in terms of hours of operation. On top of that, dust control is a major concern, as well as noise and vibration. So we have monitoring stations set up around the site. We agree an acceptable level and that is monitored daily. “If we think there will be a day or 16

November 2015

time we will be particularly noisy or there will be any issues arising from a certain structure, we liaise with the local authority, the neighbours, explain why and agree a flexible time work can be conducted.” The firm made good use of its large and ever-growing fleet of specialist equipment, including some 60 excavators, in particular its 120-tonne super-high-reach, as well as a range of dust suppression equipment, to conduct the work safely and efficiently. “To minimise noise in the taller structures we utilised a high-reach


excavator so we can stand back from the site which gives us a larger exclusion zone from personnel working in the area, and we obviously then tried to do as much by hand as possible.” Challenging projects Northampton is the latest of a host of challenging projects which Masterton has successfully completed. Its substantial experience in the petro-chemical sector has been crucial in demolition and remediation works at sites like Exxonmobile’s Petro Chemical Research Sector in Oxford and the CIBA Chemical plant in Manchester. Another example, the 31-week specialised dismantling of a polyethylene plant for Innovene Grangemouth, saw the company contend with heavy asbestos and hydrocarbon contamination as well as hazardous chemicals. Heavy cranage was used to dismantle aerial pipelines and reactor loops, while specialised demolition of plant and structural steelwork was achieved with the use of equipment including high-reach excavator with cold cutting attachments. Its experience in high-hazard areas also shone through last

year as it completed the second phase of dismantling work at the Ministry Of Defence’s former high explosive manufacturing facility at Bridgewater, Somerset. This project involved removal of asbestos-containing materials, and preparation works for the thorough building decontamination required. Three demolition excavators with various attachments were used to complete the work. Future The key to the firm’s success has been a bold strategy of expansion, the ability to anticipate and meet client’s requirements in a wide variety of sectors and the skills to offer all services in-house. From waste management to specialised demolition, environmental services to asset recovery and industrial dismantling to remediation, Masterton have the equipment, knowledge and personnel to get the job done to a high standard every time. Recent nominations for the 2014 Construction News Specialist Awards and the large contracts already underway this year strongly suggest this bright spell will endure. 17

BRIDGES Written by: Sheree Hanna

Constru the world

TOP 10

uction Global rounds up d’s most striking bridges 19

TOP 10 Ever since people first wanted to cross rivers, the bridge has been both an object of engineering wonder and a vital part of trade and travel. Beautiful in their own right, many bridges have become symbols of economic power centres, cities and even civilizations.


THE KHAJU BRIDGE, ISFAHAN, IRAN Situated in the Isfahan region of Iran, The Khaju Bridge has roots dating back to the 17th century, when it was built by Shah Abbas II. The stunning bridge is often considered the finest in Iran and also serves as a dam, with sluice gates under the archways. 20

November 2015



The Iron Bridge in Shropshire is a steampunk’s dream and one of the finest pieces of architecture of the early industrial period. Spanning the Severn river, the bridge itself isn’t a particularly large or ornate bridge, but rather represents the functional industrial ambition.

08 09

THE WIND AND RAIN BRIDGE, VARIOUS, CHINA Wind and Rain Bridges were built by the Dong people (an ethnic minority group in China) in the lowlands and valleys of China. The 100-year-old bridge across the Linxi River doesn’t have nails or rivets, but rather features an innovative dovetailing of the wood. 21


07 LAKE PONTCHARTRAIN CAUSEWAY, MISSISSIPPI, UNITED STATES Spanning the vast Pontchartrain Lake in the American district of Mississippi, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway was once the longest bridge over a body of water at 23.87 miles long. Having since been overtaken in the record books, Mississippians remain staunchly proud of the stunning bridge, which caters for 43,000 vehicles a day. 22

November 2015

The Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy, is much more than just a place to cross. The iconic landmark is famed for being a marketplace and a small community as well as its main function of water-crossing. During World War II, Ponte Vecchio’s unique allure and stunning beauty meant that German bombers were given direct instruction not to destroy it.




PONT DU GARD, FRANCE No list of top-ten engineering feats would be complete without a mention to the masters: the Romans. The visually stunning and equally complex aqueduct and foot bridge was completed in 12BC but is still an achievement by today’s standards. 23

TOP 10 6TH OF OCTOBER BRIDGE, CAIRO, EGYPT Taking nearly 30 years to complete, the 20km raised highway crossing central Cairo and the River Nile is a breathtaking structure. Having been finished in 1996, the bridge now forms a vital part of the day-today business in Cairo. TOWER BRIDGE, LONDON, ENGLAND Construction began on Tower Bridge in 1886 due to the immense traffic problems in London at the time. Although the landmark was lamented for its ‘tawdriness and pretentiousness’ at its unveiling, the bridge is now synonymous with the London skyline.


November 2015



DANYANG–KUNSHAN GRAND BRIDGE, JIANGSU, CHINA It would be unfair to leave the longest bridge in the world off any top 10, which is why the Danyan-Kunshan Grand Bridge takes number two spot. Spanning a whopping 102.4 miles throughout the Jiangsu province, the young bridge (completed in 2011) is a mark of China’s notorious economic ambition.


TOP 10

GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE, SAN FRANCISCO, UNITED STATES The iconic landmark of the Golden Gate Bridge was considered impossible when it was first suggested in 1916. The astronomical estimated cost of $100 million (for the time) was a price too far for many investors. Twenty years later, however, and the bridge was unveiled to great success. The bridge spans 1.7 miles of California State Highway one and is said to be the most photographed 26

November 2015



bridge in the world. The final project cost only $25 million, but beyond the spectacular aesthetics, the bridge is home to a few industry firsts. It was the first bridge construction where hard hats were mandatory and a safety net was included underneath. Its lead engineer, Joseph B. Strauss, was said to have considered safety to be one of the priorities of the build. Almost 80 years after its construction, Golden Gate Bridge is still standing strong.


Making projects happ Written by John O’Hanlon Produced by Jordan Platten

pen in the Gulf and beyond 29


Yemen LNG is the first natural gas liquefaction project in Yemen

When it comes to delivering major project management for construction, industry and governments KBR is known across the world: right now though it has a particular focus in the Middle East Region (MENA) 30

November 2015


BR has a long and distinguished history as a contracting engineering and construction company. Its antecedent companies MW Kellogg and Brown & Root date back to the early 20th century, and though they did not merge until 1998 these are the names still indelibly etched in the consciousness of the worldwide contracting sector. Today’s KBR was formed in 2006 when it spun out from Halliburton and floated on the New York Stock Exchange. In mid-2014, KBR streamlined its operations to focus on core strengths as a technology, engineering, procurement and construction company serving the global hydrocarbons and government services industries. Its three distinct global businesses: Technology &


Consulting; Engineering & Construction; and Government Services, are all in evidence as KBR seeks to lead the field in contracting and consulting, however the Middle East is currently offering a key set of opportunities. Over the years KBR has been involved in many projects in the Middle East region, largely as a global operator working out of its Houston, Texas headquarters; and its London Operating Centre. Right now, that is all changing, and KBR is pursuing a strategy of getting a whole lot closer to each of the countries in the region. A key move was the appointment in March 2015 of Jay Ibrahim, a Lebanese-born American, to the post of President, Engineering & Europe, Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Ibrahim now leads KBR’s expansion in the region, in upstream, midstream and downstream projects. Prices and producers The current slump in hydrocarbon prices is a constraining factor on oil producers wherever they are, admits Graham Hill, KBR’s recently appointed Executive Vice President responsible for Global Business Development and Strategy. But that’s not the whole story. “People think the industry comes to a halt as a result. It does not!” he insists, and with 38 years of contracting experience in global hydrocarbons, his analysis is worth listening to. “As the oil price falls, priority is given to those areas of the world where operators

The Yemen LNG plant is located in Balhaf

25k Number of staff employed by KBR

w w w. k b r. c o m


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IMI is a leader in providing technical assistance. IMI offers our clients partners an array of services, ranging from the supply of engineers and work force on Industrial, oil and gas and construction work sites throu the world to training and maintenance. IMI is established in 22 countr

and d skilled ughout ries.



INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE INTERNATIONAL IMI is a global technical resource company delivering unparalleled service and solutions to our clients. We accomplish this with a comprehensive and integrated response to the world class EPC and oil and gas industries resulting in minimized risk, streamlined mobilization and management and predictable execution. As the leading global provider of technical assistance and recruitment for the EPC and oil & gas industry for over 40 years, IMI is established in 22 countries. With an array of services ranging from the supply of skilled workforce on Industrial work sites around the world to training and global maintenance, we are dedicated to offering the superior global resources and comprehensive solutions to our clients and partners. As an integrated company, IMI strives to provide the most cost effective and schedule sensitive technical solution in the challenging oil & gas industry. We have a capacity of 15 million working hours for personnel providing Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, O&M for the EPC and Oil and Gas industries. Our maintenance activities cover every aspect of the project from the plant to camp Address: INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE INTERNATIONAL 114 Avenue Du Lac Nord Les Berges Du Lac II Tunis 1053 Tunisia Tel: +216 71 976 800 Fax: +216 71 967 802 Email: karim.ayed@imi-eag.com


can still make money at the prevailing market rates. We must not forget that the cheapest oil in the world is produced from onshore oil production in the Middle East.� Their offshore oil is also relatively cheap because the waters are shallow and benign. The rest of the world is producing oil from deep and hostile waters, fields a long way from shore, using extensive subsea techniques and complex equipment like FPSOs, often in hostile conditions. “Beyond accessibility and proximity lies capacity. Look forward a century, and whatever progress renewables have made there will still be a demand for hydrocarbons. Where will these be found? Many oilfields will have come and gone but the one territory that will be still there


SEGAS LNG is a liquefied natural gas complex in Damietta, Egypt

w w w. k b r. c o m



SEGAS LNG is a liquefied natural gas complex in Damietta, Egypt


November 2015

in ‘the endgame’ will be the Middle East”. “There’s a lot of talk about shale,” he continues, pre-empting the inevitable question, “but shale is relatively expensive to produce, especially if you’re not in the USA. There they have the pipeline and road infrastructure to support it but in other places, the logistics both of production and delivery to the market are daunting, even if you can get past the environmental and social hurdles we all know about.” Jay Ibrahim does not think the oil price is a major issue for his clients. It’s more a matter of the ‘social burden’ that is placed on oil revenues, in countries that by and large lack other sources


of foreign exchange. That means anything from infrastructure to health and education. “Though the cost of production, and the social burden vary from country to country, with costs typically under $20 a barrel, most Middle East countries claim there is about $50 per barrel social burden. This means that, for most of the countries, $60-80 is their breakeven point.” So at the current prices, fluctuating between $40 and $50 per barrel, something has to give, as manifested in the June decision to shelve the 11 regional football stadia that Saudi Arabia is planning to build. “They are also sweating their facilities to get more out

“Though the cost of production, and the social burden vary from country to country, with costs typically under $20 a barrel, most Middle East countries claim there is about $50 per barrel social burden” – Jay Ibrahim, President, Engineering and Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

w w w. k b r. c o m



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of them. When the oil prices go down most operators, including those in the Middle East, think about how much juice they can get out of their existing facilities by doing revamping and debottlenecking projects as opposed to spending a lot of money on new capital projects.� At the end of the day, using Micawber economics the Middle East is a happy oil producer because it is among the few selling at more than the cost of production. It also has to keep the wells flowing, and the exploration drills turning because true diversification is some way from being realized. For now the diversification is itself oil based, as the Gulf states spend and spend on downstream derivatives and chemicals. This again represents an opportunity for KBR.


A KBR project for Egypt Basic Industries Corporation

w w w. k b r. c o m




“When you have these cheap feedstocks you have a competitive advantage right up the value chain,” says Hill. Every part of the Middle East has a further advantage, its location. Though it is generally lightly populated, it has good links to fast developing markets elsewhere: “They can easily ship to the developed and developing worlds where these materials are in demand for transportation and advanced manufacturing.” Structuring to win To say that KBR has good standing as a reliable partner for the international oil companies (IOCs) would be a considerable understatement. It built the first platform out of sight of land, in the Gulf of Mexico, in 1947 and has been at the forefront of some of the major milestones


$6.3bn The amount of revenue in USD generated by KBR in 2014


L&T Heavy Engineering is part of Larsen & Toubro - a USD 15 billion technology, engineering, construction, manufacturing and services conglomerate with global operations. L&T’s Heavy Engineering Process Plant Equipment group manufactures and supplies Engineered to Order (ETO) critical process equipment & systems for core industry sectors like Oil & Gas, Refinery, Fertilizer, Petrochemicals, Gasification & Power plants. We supply Reactors, Ammonia convertors, Reformed gas boilers, Urea equipment, Coal Gasifiers and High pressure - High temperature Heat Exchangers to over 50 countries including the US, UK, France, Russia, Saudi Arabia and China.

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in the global hydrocarbons industry, claiming to have designed and constructed no less than a third of the world’s LNG production. Nevertheless, despite having a second-to-none presence in the Middle East, before this year KBR engaged with the region very much as a global partner rather than a local player. In the past KBR was executing specific projects in the ME as opposed to building sustainable continuous business in the various countries and primarily in engineering and construction (E&C) projects. From this year, this approach has changed, as reflected in Jay Ibrahim’s appointment and the establishment of a regional headquarters in Abu Dhabi. “We have been sub-scale in relation to the number of projects we deliver,” he admits, “but from here on in our operating model will be to work as a local business in each of the counties of interest. Our global operating model dovetails with this approach, so where we do


“From here on in our operating model will be to work as a local business in each of the counties of interest… where we do major projects we draw on our global resources, but keep the interface on a local scale working through our offices in each of these countries” – Jay Ibrahim

Jay Ibrahim President, Engineering & Europe (E&C) Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Jay Ibrahim is President, Engineering & Europe (E&C) Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Mr. Ibrahim has 21 years of experience in the Middle East Region, having served in a variety of engineering, project management, business development and business management roles for Parsons E&C/WorleyParsons. He will lead KBR’s continued expansion in the region, which is expected to provide growth opportunities throughout the Hydrocarbons value-chain (upstream, midstream and downstream).

w w w. k b r. c o m



Shah Deniz gas field is the largest natural gas field in Azerbaijan


November 2015

major projects we draw on our global resources, but keep the interface on a local scale working through our offices in each of these countries. We want to have a strong local business that will facilitate the global implementation!” This is not just typical ‘think global act local’ rhetoric. It represents a deep structural change in the organization, Hill emphasizes: “For a start we intend to grow organically in the region, probably making some additional strategic investments and focusing on winning a portfolio of new projects. From there we will move forward in a synergistic way. “Abu Dhabi will be the hub - Jay has


been a resident there for many years. But, unusually for the industry, we do already have a global outsourcing office in Dubai.” The Dubai office, he explains, employs many people supporting back office functions and shared services – and coordinating operations well beyond the Middle East. Instead of looking to the Houston, Texas office/headquarters to provide the expertise and resources it needs, KBR is increasingly autonomous in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. In particular, it has been investing heavily in India. “India is a vital part of the supply chain for projects in the Middle East,” says Graham Hill. “It

“We intend to grow organically in the region, probably making some additional strategic investments and focusing on winning a portfolio of new projects” – Graham Hill, Executive VP for Global Business Development and Strategy

w w w. k b r. c o m


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is geographically close. A huge number of Indian and other Asian nationals work in the industry, from labor to supervisory and board level. The Middle East countries have small populations, and to supplement the indigenous population they naturally employ people from the subcontinent.� Though India still retains its low-cost advantage, there are many other compelling reasons why KBR has chosen to establish technology centers there. Among the requirements sourced from India are engineering and procurement services, construction labor, construction supervision, technology, licensing, chemical sales, equipment manufacturing, specialty items and many others. “We do all these things out of India because it is a very competitive country, a largely English-


A project for the Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company

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Lindinger Inspection Engineers, Inc Quality inspection expediting service since 1956

Lindinger Inspection Engineers, Inc is a global provider of value added vendor surveillance inspection and expediting services. Having been privately owned and operated since 1956, Lindinger has been able to provide the highest quality services to the Petroleum, Petrochemical, and Energy Industries without the burden of mergers or acquisitions that cause confusion and frustration rather than build stability. As a compliment to one of the industry’s most respected staff of Project Coordinators and back office staff, Lindinger’s Management has extensive and proven inspection experience which enables us to provide superior technical and support service to both Inspectors and its Clients. Tel 281-277-5800 | Fax 281-277-5883 www.lindinger-insp.com | PO box 2207 • Stafford • Texas

KBR speaking market, and has a legal system based on English law.” And in order to avoid any short term supply side constraints KBR has deliberately chosen diverse locations, at present Pune in the west, Chennai in the east and Delhi in the north.


Sadara and beyond So what is the current state of KBR’s involvement in the region? By far its part in the Saudi Aramco/Dow Chemical Sadara project at Jubail in Saudi Arabia. Sadara has become the world’s largest chemical complex ever built in a single phase. With 26 integrated world-scale manufacturing plants, over three million metric tons of capacity per year, and a total investment of about US$20 billion, it is anticipated that Sadara will become a Fortune 500 company within the first year of full operation – 2016/17. KBR’s part in this massive project was to execute the project feasibility and pre-FEED (front-end engineering and design) for the entire complex, as well as the FEED scopes of several


“We do all these things out of India because it is a very competitive country, a largely English-speaking market, and has a legal system based on English law” – Graham Hill

Graham Hill Executive Vice President responsible for Global Business Development & Strategy Graham Hill is KBR’s new Executive Vice President responsible for Global Business Development & Strategy. He joined KBR in November 2014. He has 38 years of experience in the hydrocarbons industry in all aspects of contracting; commercial foundations for mutual success; negotiation and all technical aspects of the EPC business.

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Powering American gas exports Proven compression solutions for midsize LNG plants

Efficiency and reliability are crucial in the liquefaction process. With our full range of compressors, gas and steam turbines, that’s exactly what Siemens is helping the oil and gas industry achieve. We offer reliable compressor solutions for the mixed refrigerant process as well as for all supporting compression applications. Plus we supply the electrical equipment and the integrated automation systems required for an LNG plant.

Compressor trains powered by our SGT-750 boast longer service intervals than similar designs. This means less downtime and increased production over the lifetime of these projects. Add improved emissions over other designs, and local service capabilities worldwide and you can see how Siemens is the right choice for your LNG needs!



major assets. KBR is also the licensor of its Aniline technology for the project. KBR is currently the project management contractor (PMC) and has about 700 specialized personnel on site as the project goes into the commissioning phase. The company will continue to have significant numbers in Jubail as part of the integrated project management team assisting Dow and Aramco during the final stages of the project, says Ibrahim. “We have been engaged on that project for five or six years.� Sadara has scored a lot of superlatives, not least clocking up 80 million construction man-hours without a Lost Time Incident (LTI). That achievement had nothing to do with luck, he insists. The KBR onsite team performed hundreds of joint safety walkthroughs with the project management


A KBR project at In Salah, Algeria

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Mitsubishi turbomachinery combines advanced technology, robust design, precision engineering and exceptional quality with proven reliable performance to enhance customers’ competitive edge in the global marketplace. Tel +81-82-291-2191 Email mco_inq@compressor.mhi.co.jp

Construction, Engineering And Procurement LEAD Contracting & Trading Ltd is a large-scale construction company operating in the Middle East and North Africa region, specializing in oil & gas and power plant contracting services.

T + 971 4 448 6672 / +971 4 448 6673 F + 971 4 374 1921 dubaioffice@lead-ae.com www.lead-ae.com Jebel Ali Free Zone - Dubai - UAE

KBR team and their construction contractors. The same culture is applied in the other major projects in the region, such as the Jazan refinery and terminal, again for Saudi Aramco. In 2012 KBR was awarded a contract for FEED and PMS services to develop the process design, layout, integration and optimization of the facility, develop equipment and material specifications, the preparation of EPC bid packages and the development of a construction estimate for the refinery. Other major projects include the Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Co. (Yasref), a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec). It’s a refinery with the capacity to process 400,000 barrels per day (bpd) of Arabian Heavy crude and produce 90,000 bpd of gasoline, 263,000 bpd of ultra-lowsulphur diesel, 6,300 metric tons per day (mtd) of coke and 1,200 mtd of sulphur. “We provided a team to supervise the EPC on that, and the refinery started producing in June this year.” The list goes on, including the latest LNG Expansion for Sonatrach in Algeria, illustrating the depth and breadth of KBR’s work for the Region and its flexibility in terms of partnership models. For example there’s a joint venture between KBR and a local Saudi company AYTB, which provides fully integrated technical, logistical services and industrial solutions for the Hydrocarbons sector. This is less a construction and more of a smart planning and maintenance operation, Ibrahim says,


A KBR project at In Salah, Algeria

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Bertling plans globally and performs locally. Freight forwarding projects are managed and executed to the highest technical standards. Bertling uses robust group-wide systems, experienced in-house personnel and puts together teams dedicated to your global business to offer the following transport services: Project Logistics Shipping & Chartering Transport Engineering IT Solutions QHSSE Management Your Freight Forwarding Specialist in Houston: Bertling Logistics, Inc. 19054 Kenswick Drive Humble, TX 77338 Phone: +1 2817742300 Web: www.bertling.com/usa For more than 150 years Bertling’s innovation has delivered operational excellence.


We Are MORE Than Just PIPE SUPPORTS! Founded in 1978, Piping Technology & Products (PT&P), along with its subsidiaries, is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality engineered pipe supports, hangers, shoes, expansion joints and custom piping solutions. Our mission is to fabricate the finest engineered pipe products in the industry. Through our investments in R&D and customer service, PT&P and its subsidiaries continue to develop innovative products and solutions that add value to our customers worldwide.

Tel 713-731-0030 Web www.pipingtech.com Email info@pipingtech.com Piping Technology & Products, Inc. | 3701 Holmes Rd. | Houston | TX 77051


but it involves more than 300 KBR employees. In a further JV operation with a local company, AMCDE, KBR performs services for the GES (general engineering services) Contract – onshore O&G, as well as its offshore maintain potential (MPP) contract – Offshore O&G for Saudi Aramco.


A refinery project near Skikda in north eastern Algeria

Risk and reward All in all in, KBR has currently close to 2,000 people working on various projects and JVs in Saudi Arabia, its largest presence in the Middle East for now. However Jay Ibrahim is aggressively looking at potential partnerships in Oman and Kuwait. His long experience will be indispensable here. Kuwait Oil company (KOC) has a different tendering pattern from its neighbours, awarding a w w w. k b r. c o m



Doha Expressway in Qatar


November 2015

single, five year, project management consultancy (PMC) deals worth in the region of $400 million. That’s great if you are the winner, he says, but if you are not, then you are in the cold till the next round. In the UAE, the tendency is to issue separate PMC deals for each project – more work, more opportunities. He is used to widely differing types of negotiation, and insists that the really important thing in the Middle East is to be able to win long term relationships. “I have been in the Middle East for 21 years and I have seen it all! One model can’t work


for all clients.” The Middle East is what he calls a lump sum turnkey (LSTK) market where the client seeks to pass on the majority of the risk to the EPC partner. There may be ‘better’ models when benchmarked against western economies, but western regulatory frameworks may not fit so well in the Middle East. It comes back to fundamentals. The Middle East continues to attract money, as evidenced by the interest of Chinese contractors like Sinopec and Indian players like Larsen and Toubro and Punj Lloyd, which are taking an increasing interest, following on the heels of the Korean contractors who picked up $15 billion of contracts seven years ago. This inward investment is good news for KBR, which is ready to provide Pre-FEED, FEED, Project Management, and even EPC, construction supervision and maintenance services. His game plan is to open offices in countries like Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait – as well as Saudi and the UAE. One other tempting market remains; in Iraq KBR would like to grow the footprint it has alongside the IOCs at the large oilfields of Rumaila and Majnoon (where KBR is already building the camp for Shell). He also is keeping a close eye on Iran. Sanctions make direct engagement impossible right now, but he sees engagement with Iran as an important keystone of KBR’s ambition to be a major local player in the Middle East. With the rapid thaw in Iran’s relationship with the west, a KBR presence in Tehran might not be too distant a prospect.

Company Information INDUSTRY

Europe, hydrocarbons REGIONAL HQ



25,000 REVENUE

$6.3 billion (2014) PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

KBR, Inc. is a technology, engineering, procurement and construction company serving the global hydrocarbons and government services industries

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In-house expertise helps Riyadh transform its city centre Interview by John O’Hanlon Produced by Jordan Platten



Strukton, as a member of the FAST consortium, has been awarded a contract by Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) to construct three of the six lines of a fully automatic, driverless metro system to be launched by the city of Riyadh Tunnel break through


November 2015

© 2014 -Gitte Spinder Construction Photography


stablished in 1921, Strukton provides cross-border solutions in the fields of rail infrastructure, civil infrastructure and technique & buildings markets. As a leading player in the global market for railway projects and comprehensive infrastructure projects Strukton focuses on transport systems in densely populated areas, opening up ports, airports and mining areas, and generating and distributing (sustainable) energy. Through almost a century of construction involvement, maintenance expertise and technological development the company has successfully adopted, created and connected past, modern and future best practises. Privatised in 2010, today the company boasts expertise in the fields of operational asset


Tunnel entrance at Riyadh Metro

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FREYSSINET SAUDI ARABIA CO. LTD. (FSA) was founded as a limited liability company in 1978 by H.E. the late Sheikh Kamal Adham. Since its inception, FSA has completed numerous turnkey projects in Saudi Arabia covering various fields and amounting to several Billions Saudi Riyals. The success of the company stems from a positive and dynamic approach, incorporating advanced technology and a natural aptitude for innovation and optimized solutions. This can be attributed to a highly qualified and dedicated team of technical and administrative staff, backed by extensive resources of proficient manpower and modern equipment. FSA is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality of services in the construction sector. It is our policy to develop and maintain client satisfaction. Today, FSA is considered as one of the leading general contracting and engineering companies in Saudi Arabia active in all aspects of the contracting business including value engineering, design optimization, project management and project execution.

Tel +966 12 6602365 Fax +966 12 6695503 E-Mail info@fsa.com.sa Web www.fsa.com.sa



management, monitoring systems (POSS), rolling stock systems, signalling systems, energy solutions, training and certification, and highoutput equipment. “We aim to improve all aspects of mobility and accessibility on a permanent basis. Our extensive experience with the construction, project management and maintenance of high-quality infrastructure systems – covering railways, ports, roads and airports combined with our in-house technical specialisations helps us achieve this,” says Business Development Director, Chris Raijmakers. “We operate on an international basis and have long-term operations in the Netherlands Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and Australia. We are now expanding this network to the Middle East, the Far East and Latin America”. Riyadh Metro Project Strukton, as a member of the FAST Consortium of companies, was awarded a contract by Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) to construct three of the six lines of a completely automated and driverless metro system to be launched by the city of Riyadh. The total contract value amounts to $8 billion and Strukton’s share represents almost $1.2 billion, which will generate a yearly turnover in excess of $200 million for the company. This new metro will transform Riyadh, reducing traffic congestion, strengthening and driving the Saudi economy and improving living standards for citizens. The city currently has a population

Key Personnel

Bert Hoekstra Managing Director Bert has over 35 years of experience in the international construction business. Graduated from Delft Technical University, Netherlands with a Master Degree in Civil Engineering he started at the Dutch Construction Company Ballast Nedam as a design Engineer and developed himself via the classical route of Field Engineer, Construction Manager and Project Manager into General Management functions. He joined HOCHTIEF in 2006 and moved to Strukton in 2014.

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Throughout the years, RECO has developed into a successful, international enterprise with several branches. RECO thanks its customers for this growth. Customers who value and appreciate the wide product range, the reliability, the expertise and the experience of RECO. With a sophisticated range of rental equipment, RECO facilitates projects from A to Z! Whether your project requires the temporary use of accommodations and equipment or the construction of a temporary station concourse, RECO is the right partner and is more than happy to assist you!

RECO. The best start of any project!






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of 5.7 million, which is expected to increase to 8.3 million by 2030. The metro helps provide a solution to daily traffic problems: of 7.4 million daily commuters, only 2 percent currently use public transport. The FAST Consortium’s contract includes the design and construction of three lines, including 25 stations. The lines will host 62 kilometres of rail, of which 34 kilometres of track will be on viaducts, 20 kilometres will be underground, and 8.2 kilometres at ground level. In total, the six lines that make up the Riyadh Metro will span more than 176 kilometres, making it the largest metro project under development in the world at present. Completion of the project will be no mean

Cut & Cover Tunnel

€1.8bn Revenue generated by Strukton

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Al Bawani A general contractor in Saudi Arabia with over 27 years experience and backlog over US$ 1 billion diversified into Healthcare, Industrial, Residential, Education, Data Centers, Defense and Commercial buildings across the Kingdom.

Our Services • Preconstruction

• Program Management

• Consulting

• Construction Management

• Project Management

• Design-Build/Finance

• Design-Build General Construction

• Building Maintenance

• Multiple Building Program




Construction Photography

feat and will require all of Strukton`s in-house experience and expertise to ensure it is executed successfully. The team Strukton selected for this major project has been involved in numerous tunnelling and civil works undertakings and has wide-ranging knowledge in the field of rail systems. They have been involved with the project from day one, working on the design and construction of all three lines. “We are very pleased to have been selected by the city of Riyadh to support this major project and to help make public transport an attractive and safe option,” says Strukton’s CEO Bert Hoekstra, who has taken upon himself the role of project manager for this strategic contract. “Having extensive expertise in both the rail and civil

Tunnel for station

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Oosterschelde Tidal Bridge

construction world, Strukton is the ideal partner for such integrated projects”. ADA announced in July 2013 the winners of the three turnkey contracts for the construction of the six lines of the driverless metro network. The official start of the project was in October 2013 and design work began immediately, with earth being broken on the construction site in the first quarter of 2014. The project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2018. The total 85 stations will all be air-conditioned, and the trains will offer first class, family class and single class carriages. The city hopes it will transform the way people move around, reducing the sheer

ISO 9001: 2008 Certified


We are specialist geotechnical contractor for foundation engineering and marine works with over 40 years experience in this field of civil engineering. We design and execute: PILING WORKS

 Bored piles

 Contiguous piles

 Secant piles

 Sheet piles


 Diaphragm wall

 Ground anchors

 Dewatering

 Grouting


 Maine piling

 Jetties

 Breakwaters

 Revetments


 Deep excavation

 Site preparation

 Ground improvement

 Jet grouting

From design to turnkey construction – Züblin Ground Engineering is the internationally operating provider of construction services for geotechnically demanding projects. www.zueblin-groundengineering.com

Züblin Ground & Civil Engineering L.L.C., Gulf Towers, Oud Metha Road, P.O. Box: 111556, Dubai, U.A.E., Tel. +971 43344-324, mail@zueblin.ae


November 2015

SAUDI ARABIA: Palestine Street, P.O. Box 9530, Jeddah 21423 Tel.: (012) 6711141 Fax: (012) 6711156 E-mail: Jeddah@ammico.biz

QATAR: Bin Omran, P.O. Box 14330, Doha Tel.: +974 44886531 Fax: +974 44886507 E-mail: Qatar@ammico.biz



volume of traffic on the roads and the ubiquitous congestion. Delivering transformation Riyadh today is one of the world’s fastest growing cities and our citizens deserve a world-class public transport system to enhance their quality of life, according to Ibrahim Bin Muhammad Al Sultan, President of ADA and Member of the High Commission for the Development of Arriyadh. “The Riyadh Public Transport Project will be a major driver of employment and economic development,” he says. “It will also help to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. This is the biggest infrastructure project to be


Number of staff employed by Strukton

Pre-cast beams

w w w. s t r u k t o n . c o m © 2014 Gitte Spinder Construction Photography



“Our experienced team has been involved in numerous tunnel projects, civil works and has broad knowledge in the field of rail systems. We are very pleased to have been selected by the city of Riyadh to support this major project to make public transport an attractive option” - Business Development Director, Chris Raijmakers

Riyadh Metro

© 2014 Gitte Spinder Construction Photography


November 2015

undertaken in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is a cornerstone of the bold future we envision for our city.” Considering Strukton’s impressive resumé, inhouse expertise and ambitious growth strategy, it is an ideal partner of choice to deliver such a transformational project. “Our mission is to contribute to the quality and safety of rail transport, road infrastructure and technical systems and buildings. We do so by making use of our integrated know-how and experience


Company Information INDUSTRY


Utrecht, The Netherlands FOUNDED



EUR 1.8 billion

in the field of technology, civil engineering and cross-border solutions for rail infrastructure, rolling stock, mobility and information systems,” says Raijmakers. “Our vision is an attractive, safe and reliable rail system. Our operational asset management approach helps to prove, demonstrate and realise the reliability of the rail system. This approach will help position the Riyadh Public Transport Project correctly for mass uptake, future growth, and city-wide transformation,” he concludes.


Railway & Civil Construction

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A Major Boost To The Ghanaian Economy Written By Sam Jermy Produced By Anthony Munatswa



Strategically located in the Gulf of Guinea, the brand new development will be a dedicated oil and gas free port


November 2015


tuabo Free Port is set to provide a major boost to the economy of Ghana, as the $700 million facility begins construction next year before becoming operational in 2017. Having recently completed a number of preliminary activities onsite, the company and China Harbour Engineering Company have signed a construction agreement establishing the latter as the main contractor of the project to build a dedicated three-quay port. It is also estimated that over 1,000 jobs will be created as a direct result of the project. In terms of maritime activity, there are three clear areas for the impending facility, which will become Ghana’s third major port. One is an offshore logistics base where goods are received for the offshore oil and gas industry, collated and marshalled onshore and then shipped offshore to the rigs and other vessels during the exploration, appraisal and field development and production phases. The second area is value-added work such as subsea fabrication; this provides the infrastructural platform for companies to do more work in-country which means the company keeps aligned with local content regulations in Ghana. Thirdly, there will be the rig and vessel repair sites where the vessel owners will be able to come in and have their vessels repaired or rigs maintained and repaired by various service companies. Steven Gray, Director at Atuabo Free Port, said: “We have a number of companies who’ve


Video: Atuabo Free Port

signed up to MoUs with us and are already present in Ghana supporting the oil and gas industry. In addition to the three main areas, there are other elements of the project, such as the logistical movement of personnel. There’s an aerodrome on the site where fixed wing planes can fly in from Accra, and then the rotary wing helicopter operations would operate from there to the offshore platforms. “Then we will have the technology park area where companies who are just seeking office space other than industrial facilities can locate themselves. Predominantly, it’s an international effort: you have to have international contractors that the financing partners are comfortable with - firms that

1,000 Number of jobs to be created by the project

w w w. a t u a b o f r e e p o r t . c o m



We Are Creating A Brighter Future!

• Marine Engineering • Road and Bridge • Railway

• Airport • Complete Plant • Dredging and Reclamation

China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC) is a world-renowned international contractor. CHEC has 40 overseas branches and offices with business activities covering more than 70 countries and areas including Ghana, Ivory Coast, and lots of Africa countries. The company is currently employing over 7,000 domestic and international staff to undertake 10 billion USD worth of projects. CHEC is focused on basic infrastructure construction, and principally engaged in the survey, design, construction and supervision of road, bridge, port, terminal, channel, railway, tunnel, airports, civil work and other infrastructure construction, capital dredging and reclamation dredging, the investment of transportation infrastructure, development and operation of urban complex, estate development and etc. CHEC prides itself on providing a full service to its clients and uses its international engineering experience, global business network, talented management team and robust financial backing to offer clients a wide range of service options such as D&B, EPC, PMC, BT , BOT and PPP. Apart from the contractor for AFP Project CHEC has also executed the Ghana Fufulso-Sawla Road Project, Ivory Coast Abidjan Container Terminal Project, Guinea Conakry Container Terminal Project and etc. We are focusing on provide an one-stop solution for our client from the feasibility, design, construction and operation. We are working towards a win-win situation for all our client and partner.


November 2015

Tel 00225 2135 7650 | Email checwa@chec.bj.cn | Web www.chec.bj.cn



have the expertise to handle the construction risks while delivering services on time. “But in addition to that we’ll have a situation where if companies want warehouses or offices built, then that area is being identified as the area where Ghanaian contractors can execute their work.” Regional hub In terms of the capital structure, the Ghanaian government has a 10 percent ownership share, held by the Ghana Infrastructure Fund as a freehold; a further 35 percent will be purchased by Ghanaian state enterprises such as Ghana National Petroleum Corporation and Social Security and National Insurance Trust. Then the international shareholders and a number of international partners will make up the remaining equity. Because Atuabo is set to be a dedicated hub for the oil and gas industry and not just a rudimentary container shipping port, Gray believes it can subsequently become much more of a regional player in West Africa than a country player in that respect. He said: “This will be particularly true for the rigs; we will be meeting a high demand that is not currently met in this area. The offshore supplier vessels have greater choices, but there are still capacity issues in West Africa in terms of facilities that can repair and maintain offshore supply vessels. “Also with the infrastructure deficit on the

Ghanaian government has a 10 percent ownership share, held by the Ghana Infrastructure Fund

w w w. a t u a b o f r e e p o r t . c o m



The port could be able to reduce the operational cost of oil by up to one dollar a barrel

continent, and Ghana is no different from other African states, this is a project where they’ve opened up the private sector to come forward with a solution: they’ve addressed the infrastructure deficit for this particular sector without using their balance sheets. “There are no government guarantees and there is no payment for constructing this facility from the Government of Ghana, so it frees up additional government funds that could be used to develop existing port infrastructure and other maritime sectors. “We see the potential certainly in the Ghanaian offshore context, the port being able to reduce

Quality and Excellence

Tel: +233 (0)302 742030 Fax: +233 (0)302 742035 info@taysec.net w w w. t a y s e c . n e t


No.1 14th Avenue New Achimota Estate P.O.Box OS 1010 Osu, Accra Ghana

At Taysec we strive in all aspects, from project inception to maintenance of N o vthe e mfinished b e r 2 0facility 1 5 to provide quality results on time and within budget.


the operational cost of oil by up to 90 cents to one dollar a barrel, which is significant.�

Atuabo Free Port anticipates that there will be work

Direct benefits During the construction phase, about 70 percent of the workforce will be Ghanaian. During the operational phase, Atuabo Free Port is a platform that allows other companies to execute their work, so although Gray cannot speak for the tenants coming into Atuabo and where they will source their people from, they will be encouraged to employ Ghanaians who have the skills they require. Certainly Atuabo Free Port’s focus is recruiting from the Ghanaian market and Ghanaian labour resources in the first instance.

opportunities in Ghana for offshore activities from 2018

w w w. a t u a b o f r e e p o r t . c o m



Key Personnel

Steven Gray Director


November 2015

As part of social engagement with the community area surrounding Atuabo, one of the social intervention programs is the establishment of a community based manpower agency set up by the majority shareholder and international partners. Resources and the profits accruing to the agency will be reinvested back to skills development so there is a sustainable skills development funding for the community who today largely have fish or agricultural based careers. Gray said: “They don’t necessarily have all the skills needed for the oil and gas industry, so this is a way to support skills development through a sustainable business model.


“We anticipate that there will be quite a lot of work opportunities in Ghana for the offshore activities from 2018 onwards. So it certainly is going to be an energetic market in the early years. But I think, you can look at Atuabo Free Port as a regional hub as well. “Ghana for all the right reasons is seen as a gateway to other countries in West Africa; the English language, the rule of law, a stable democracy – it’s all there. We’re already seeing that with Expro, Halliburton, Schlumberger having their regional offices located in Ghana. “As the capacity and quality of the indigenous companies improve, they’ll be able then to sell their services to other markets and clearly you see the regional markets as their first entry points to support industries. We’re seeing a lot of that already manifesting, where the Ghanaian companies are exporting their skills to Liberia, Searra Leone and so on.” Time is clearly money in Oil and Gas: when you have a rig operation, it is costing anywhere from $0.5 million to $1 million per day, so even an hour’s delay costs companies a considerable amount of money. Atuabo Free Port can offer firms the ability to have a sustainable business, not just for the exploration phase but also the development and production phase and so that may well make marginal fields profitable. This is just one of the reasons why Atuabo Free Port will be a welcome addition to the West African offshore oil and gas industry from 2017.

‘Atuabo Free Port’s focus is recruiting from the Ghanaian market and Ghanaian labour resources in the first instance’

Company Information INDUSTRY



Ports & Terminals

w w w. a t u a b o f r e e p o r t . c o m



Niagara-on-the-Lake Was

Teamwork and progress

A new wastewater treatment plant brings together pa an important upgrade for the Ni

Written by: Sasha Orman P

a Region

stewater Treatment Plant

s at Niagara-on-the-Lake

artners from various levels of government to promote iagara-on-the-Lake community

Produced by: Tom Venturo 85


Aeration tank


rowth is essential for any region to thrive. But by mid2005, growth surrounding the municipality of Niagara-on-theLake had started to slow down. One key factor was a wastewater treatment plant that had begun to reach full capacity, thus reducing its ability to effectively and sustainably serve Niagara-on-the-Lake’s growing population. For the community to continue to thrive, the Niagara Region saw that change was imperative. Now that change is underway, with the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant for 86

November 2015

Niagara-on-the-Lake. This $43.2 million infrastructure project, under construction 800 meters west of the existing facility, promises to increase treatment capacity by 40 per cent, reduce problematic noise and odours, and go further to preserve the environment of Niagara and Lake Ontario. With the support of the Canadian and Ontario governments, the new facility pledges to provide a better level of service for the residents of Niagara. New innovations for a better tomorrow


Chemical building

As issues of climate change and the need for clean usable water continue to push to the forefront, environmental standards have become increasingly more rigorous. In such an era, the ability to meet—or even to exceed—these heightened standards is a critically important part of the construction of any new wastewater treatment plant. With the construction of the new Niagara-on-the-Lake wastewater treatment plant, it’s a top priority. “On this new plant, we are facing a lot of stringent regulations,” notes Sunil Sharma, M.Eng., P.Eng., project manager for the wastewater

treatment plant project. He explains that the new plant is being built with the latest technology to follow standards set by the Ontario government’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC). A range of technology is being deployed across the new treatment plant site to meet these standards, from an anaerobic digester and a move toward more effective extended aeration technology, to LEED Silver specifications at the adjacent administrative site. The new site will be able to effectively handle both dry weather and wet

w w w. n i a g a r a re g i o n . c a / p ro j e c t s / n o t l - w w t p / d e f a u l t . a s p x


NIAGARA REGION weather flows, minimizing the risk of problems in harsher weather. Additionally, the plant aims to be as energy efficient as possible. “One area that we’ve looked at as part of the design is efficiencies, both energy perspective and chemical utilization perspective,” says Paul Smeltzer, Director, Water and Wastewater Services for the Niagara Region. “We’ve put technology in place to minimize our energy cost and to minimize our chemical cost. It will be a more

cost effective facility once it’s commissioned.” Sometimes finding the best technology for the job requires an extensive search, and the Niagara Region found that technology in wastewater treatment equipment company Fujiwara Industry Co. Ltd. Niagara tapped the Osaka-based company for its commitment to creating innovative, eco-friendly sludge and scum removal systems. With this new system in place, the plant looks forward to significantly


improving the quality of effluence discharged into Lake Ontario, thus helping to protect the surrounding environment. “We are going to exceed project standards by using the new technologies and new processes,” says Sharma. Cooperation to stay on target Cooperation can be found at the core of the most successful projects, and team effort is built into the timeline of the Niagara-on-the-Lake wastewater treatment plant project. The plant is the product of partnership between three stacking levels of government, each contributing a third of the bill: the Niagara Region; the Province of Ontario, with funding through its Building Together plan; and the Government of Canada, provided by Canada’s Economic Action Plan. At the heart of this is a shared vision for the benefits that the new plant will bring to the region, and thereby to the citizens of Ontario and Canada. “Our Government’s support for public infrastructure has never been stronger,” said The Honorable Rob Nicholson, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Member of Parliament for Niagara Falls, in a press release announcing the project. “We are proud to invest in the Niagara-on-theLake Wastewater Treatment Plant, as we focus on creating jobs, promoting growth, and building strong, prosperous communities here in Ontario.” “Investing in infrastructure projects such as the Niagara-on-the-Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant, will help to create a new, modern facility

Paul Smeltzer, Director, Water and Wastewater Services

Sunil Sharma, Manager, Design & Construction, Water and Wastewater Engineering

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that provides safe wastewater treatment services for residents and businesses of Niagara-onthe-Lake,” added The Honorable Jim Bradley, member of Provincial Parliament for St. Catharines. “This modernized infrastructure will also help to create jobs, support economic growth in the region and strengthen communities.” Of course there are also communal expectations along with this communal support, and one of the largest is the expectation that 90

November 2015

the project will be delivered on time and within budget. “There was a tight deadline—funding was based on the final completion date of the project,” says Sharma. To achieve this expectation, the Niagara Region relies on teamwork with partners such as general contractor Varcon Construction Corporation, chosen for their history of quality work. From there, those involved commit to bi-weekly meeting with Niagara Region, Varcon Construction and Cole Engineering and monthly


meetings of the project team to stay on target and ahead of schedule. Increasing the capacity for growth On a tight schedule toward completion, the Niagara Region fully expects to see the new plant completed by the end of 2016 and fully operational by early 2017. Meanwhile, the existing wastewater plant will begin its Environmental Assessment for decommissioning of the lagoons later this year, making way for the onset of major performance improvements. “The technology is an upgrade from our existing facility,” says Smeltzer. “The treatment facility that we put in will be much more compliance friendly and much easier to operate for our operators.” The construction of a new wastewater treatment plant comes with a wide array of benefits to surrounding businesses and community. With cleaner air and water on the agenda for Niagara, this new development will provide the region with yet another benefit—the unleashed potential for Niagara-on-the-Lake’s communities and economy to flourish. Already the project has created 500 jobs in the region, and the benefits are expected to continue unfolding for decades to come. “The real issue at Niagara-on-the-Lake was a lack of capacity, which has prevented or limited the amount of growth—that was the primary purpose of the facility,” says Smeltzer. “With the completion and commissioning, Niagara-on-theLake will be able to grow again.”

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2201 St. David’s Rd. P.O. Box 1042 Thorold Ontario, Canada L2V 4T7 FOUNDED


230 (water and wastewater group) REVENUE

$43.2 million PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

Government - Water and Wastewater

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Shamrock Civil Delivering Certainty: Shamrock Civil

CEO Andrew Kerr discusses recent and upcoming projects, the company’s expansion into PNG, as well as highlighting Shamrock Civil’s commitment to client relationships and safety. Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Bryan Giles



Manus Island Project


hamrock Civil operates across five offices in Australia and Papua New Guinea, delivering services to the gas and mining, transport infrastructure, commercial, defence and government development sectors. Their civil construction services include bulk earthworks, roadworks, demolition, large scale electric, plumbing and communications services. Shamrock Civil has been providing safe, sustainable and smart solutions since 1994. Along with the company’s comprehensive service offering, they are committed 94

November 2015

to their clients and place value and emphasis on creating and maintaining long term relationships. Projects at hand Shamrock Civil is currently engaged in a variety of new projects in Australia. The latest is a $16 million infrastructure project in Papua New Guinea to upgrade road and bridge links in the Manus Province “The project involves the upgrade of 26 kilometres of road from the airport to the township,” said Andrew Kerr, CEO of Shamrock Civil. The scope of works includes earthworks, pavement, road repairs


Kin Kora Stage

and reconstruction, bridge repair, construction of road furniture, kerb and channel, bitumen sealing works, stormwater drainage works, and bank protection. According to Mr Kerr, the company has been awarded additional scope of work due to its exceptional performance on the project. “The Repairs and Renovations contract on Manus Island have launched us into the international construction arena,” Mr Kerr said. The project is estimated to be completed by January 2016. Shamrock Civil has recently expanded its geographic footprint down the eastern seaboard to Melbourne, where the company is currently performing works for Transpacific Cleanaway. As principal contractor on the Victory Road

“We work hard to attract and retain quality employees so that clients, partners and our people gain the advantage of having access to both seasoned experts and promising young talent” – CEO Andrew Kerr.

w w w. s h a m ro c k c i v i l . c o m . a u


“A reliable source of quality forms�


Servicing the civil industry since 1994

Brisbane: (07) 3801 5666 | Sydney: 0437 015 666 Email: info@manholeformhire.com.au


Cell 4B (Phase 2) project, the scope of works involve landfill cell reconstruction, subgrade works groundwater collection system, clay liner and leachate collection system. Next in line is the New Generation Rolling Stock (NGRS) Maintenance Facility in Wulkuraka. The project, which aims to increase train fleets to meet the growing demand for rail services in Queensland, will see the company perform a wealth of services, including cut and fill earthworks, pavements and inground services.



“The project has achieved over 140,000 hours without LTI (Lost Time Injury) and MTI (Medical Treatment Injury),” said Mr Kerr. “This is a significant accomplishment that represents our commitment to the ‘Safety for Life’ initiative, which promotes the links between health and safety at work and at home.” Another project in the works for Shamrock Civil is the Kin Kora Stage 2 Intersection Upgrade. According to Mr Kerr, the project involves replacing an existing roundabout with traffic signals in one of the busiest intersections in Gladstone. “Construction to date has included

installation of new stormwater drainage lines, vegetation removal, earthworks, installation of temporary concrete footpath and bus stop and the installation of a 600mm RCP under road bore,” said Mr Kerr. “We are on track to open to traffic in early 2016,” he added. In addition, Shamrock has completed the Ocean Drive Slope Stabilisation project in NSW, their first contract in the region. Although the company encountered 20 days of wet weather, it was delivered ahead of schedule. “The works were performed for Richmond Valley Council and

Making safety a priority on site w w w. s h a m ro c k c i v i l . c o m . a u


Manus Island Project 2



consisted of slope stabilisation using gabion baskets and boulder walls along the shore line of the Evans River,” said Mr Kerr. “The 20 days of wet weather was mitigated by sequencing the gabion basket installation works and self-performing critical elements of the works ourselves.” Andrew Kerr CEO

Projects in Papua New Guinea In an effort to expand its horizon while showcasing its versatility, the company has recently established a local company in Papua New Guinea, named Shamrock PNG Ltd (SPNG). “We have over 10 employees established in our two offices, one in Port Moresby and one on Manus Island to cater for the growing demand in PNG,” said Mr Kerr. For Mr Kerr, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. The Leslie Zeeman Director company was recently awarded the Tari to Komo Highlands project for the Department of Works and Implementation. “The project is comprised of upgrading and sealing a 42 kilometre section of road, as well as culverts, bridge works and services in the Hela Province.” In addition, the company recently completed a $76 million joint-venture project for leading natural gas explorer and producer QGC. “The BCIX Ponds Package project reached completion in March 2015,” said Mr Kerr. “We saw some outstanding results from our teams delivering the scope of works to the client’s design specification, 1000 days LTI and MTI free, eight weeks ahead of schedule, on budget and without any variations.” w w w. s h a m ro c k c i v i l . c o m . a u



Mr Kerr added, “We maintain a strong working relationship with Golder Associates and QGC and look forward to working with them into the future.”

is another aspect the company continuously seeks to improve. “Shamrock Civil strives to create an inclusive culture in which difference is recognised and valued. We understand the significant of Winning culture fostering a diverse workforce and Shamrock Civil is committed to are committed to increasing the attracting and retaining the best representation of women, and employees in the business by achieving a greater balance of investing in them over the long term. gender, ethnicity and nationality That philosophy has cultivated into a throughout our operations.” winning culture. With employees in mind, the “We work hard to attract and retain company has implemented a wide quality employees so that clients, range of programs to further the skills partners and our people gain the and opportunities for their staff. advantage of having access to both “We offer our employees seasoned experts and promising opportunities to practice and extend young talent,” said Mr Kerr. their professional capabilities According to Mr Kerr, diversity through tertiary education, 100

November 2015


apprenticeships, course and graduate programs.” Two components close to Shamrock Civil’s core are safety and community. “The health and safety of our people is our number one value,” said Mr Kerr. “Our strong health and safety culture can be attributed to our ‘Safety for Life’ initiative, which focuses on providing a supportive working environment for our employees, subcontractors and partners. The Safety for Life Program has been effective throughout the company by reminding employees to stop and think twice about what they are doing and if their activity is safe. Practicing this daily can save a life.” Last but certainly not least, Shamrock Civil is committed to leaving a lasting legacy in the communities in which it operates. The company is keen on assisting local communities through infrastructure, employment and training. “We are active participants in our local community, sponsoring fundraisers such as the Camp Quality Charity Golf Day. Our employees dedicate their time into helping those who need it most, with all of our proceeds from the Golf Day going to children living with cancer.” The company delivers tangible benefits as well. Shamrock Civil has recently donated $10,000 to Our Lady of Sacred Heart International School in Kavieng, Papua New Guinea. This support took the rugby league students to the Confraternity Cup in Brisbane, to play with local Brisbane students.

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195 Cobalt St Carole Park, Queensland, Australia, 4300 FOUNDED




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Oil, mining and energy sectors are benefiting from GDI’s specialized services in infrastructure and construction

Written by: Rebecca Castrejon, Editor Produced by: Jassen Pintado, Director of Projects at WDM Group - LATAM Interviewee: Giacomo Bonfanti, Commercial Director for GDI



rupo Desarrollo Infraestructura, S.A. de C.V., (or simply GDI) came together in 2003 as a construction, engineering and infrastructure company. It didn’t take long for GDI to become established as a reliable contractor for companies in the mining, oil, gas and energy sector, specially due to the company’s leadership and strict policies in quality, workplace safety and health, values that have earned them, global certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004. Teamwork, commitment, innovation management, equity and honesty, are prevailed attributes in GDI’s organizational culture.


November 2015

SERVICE PORTFOLIO GDI’s list of available services consist of major infrastructure developments and specialized projects such as developments for open-cast mining, exploration, pit excavation, pipeline construction (pipe networks for gas, oil, water, utility tunnels), dam engineering, rock detonations and ground moving, among others, always following the best practices in the industry, complying with environmental and safety regulations.


Key People

MAIN PROJECTS GDI’s reputation in Mexico as specialists in construction and maintenance projects, has earned them important contracts, which up until today is translated in more than 1,800 miles of pipe networks and optical fiber in Mexico and abroad. This 2015 is no exception, as GDI’s trademark is featured in important gas pipeline projects. Major projects for GDI during their twelve years in operation include: 1. The Encino - Topolobampo gas pipeline. The 348 mile-long/30” diameter project is set across the Chihuahua’s share of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range, ending in the

Site preparation

Giacomo Bonfanti Commercial Director for GDI Bonfanti graduated in Physics Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico), he earned a Masters in Applied Physics, Semiconductors and Nanotechnology from Corneel University (USA). Other courses include Financial Analysis for Nonfinancial Managers and Managerial Economics at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, and in 2014 he took a course in Executive Leadership Development at Stanford University (USA). His career began in January 2006, working for 3M as a Strategic Business Developer. Afterwards in 2008 he became GDI’s assistant to the CEO, and his performance earned him the Commercial Director position.


“We are becoming the best solution supplier by offering the most competitive advantages with proper project management practices” – Giacomo Bonfanti, Commercial Director for GDI

Advanced machinery

coast of Sinaloa. For this project, the company relied on Italian technology, along with shaft sinking and raise bores for pipe insertion. 2. Tamazunchale - El Sauz gas pipeline. Mexico’s most difficult pipeline construction. It encountered multiple obstacles 106

November 2015

such as social conflicts, landowners and environmental issues. Wich had to be faced during this project. GDI’s involvement in the project covered design and pipeline engineering processes, land permits, construction, materials and other procedures, such as an atypical method on kilometer point


(KP) 73, where a lift had to be built due to the steep gradient. During this endeavor, GDI --along with 17 communities and the discovery of an archeological site in the state of San Luis Potosi-- contributed in publishing three descriptive books about each of these communities, their language, sites and

biodiversity, bringing a social value to the project. 3. Construction of the Palmarejo Mine Dam System. Site construction, preparation and internal pipe networks.

w w w. g d i . c o m . m x



LEADERSHIP IN MANAGEMENT “We are currently focusing on becoming specialists, turning into a company able to work in a different manner at the lowest cost possible. The GDI concept is to operate as an engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and project management company, able to create ideas for any individual and any company, being the best solution supplier by offering the most competitive advantages with proper project management practices,” stated Giacomo Bonfanti, board executive for GDI, and entering his 7th year in the company.

Pipeline and Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA), and provides continual training to keep their workforce up to date and to rely on qualified professionals. Every GDI staff member is more than an employee, but rather a specialist in a certain area. This approach to human resource management became a factor of growth and development to the group’s core, to offer guaranteed services and to clients’ satisfaction. “Specialists in EPC,” is how GDI personnel are known, reuniting the traits to become a highly competitive company in the sector. Dealing with critical situations and almost unsurpassable obstacles

“We began to develop the optical fiber division 13 years ago, I’ve been into public works and infrastructure since attending college at Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico). I’m currently focused on finding critical points to solve any problem,” Bonfanti said. DEVELOPING SPECIALIZED PERSONNEL GDI is part of the International

Palmarejo press w w w. g d i . c o m . m x


expectati r u o y t f i L


best e h t h t i Work w


www.elite-lifting.com p l a n t

a n d

m a c h i n e

t e c h n i q u e s

Schoenbeck GmbH & Co. KG • Germany www.schoenbeck-maschinen.de • info@schoenbeck-maschinen.de Tel. +49 5721 99 44 39-26 • Fax +49 5721 99 44 39-23

GDI in mega-constructions seems like an everyday chore for GDI, and even after operating in -sometimesadverse conditions, the company has a zero accidents record in more than seven million working hours. The commercial director proudly stated: “It is very important to stress on having every team member learn about risks, this knowledge must flow along the entire staff. A successful company policy is achieving to make safety become an absolute must, our motto is that there’s always some way to help a coworker, and the only way possible to fulfill this policy is by providing the proper collaborative environment.”


ENVIRONMENTAL POLICIES AND OUTREACH TO THE COMMUNITY The integration of an environmental conscience and establishing relationships with surrounding communities is part of every stage of a project. When gas pipelines have been constructed, the company takes on a rehabilitation process on affected grounds, supporting the land’s life cycle and the area’s vegetation. Additionally, the use of the raise boring technique to build vertical and horizontal tunnels is a non-invasive procedure to the environment and surrounding communities.

PARTNERS FOR DEVELOPMENT GDI’s suppliers and collaborators are also a key to the company’s success, becoming an important part of every stage, from design to execution. “We stress the importance of creating trustworthy, transparent relationships with our value chain, to make sure our suppliers become solution providers,” Bonfanti pointed out.

“These new solutions and standards result in a kind of relationship with the environment by working with a safe and affordable method,” Bonfanti added. TECH INNOVATION Machinery and equipment inventory is under constant innovation and upgrades at GDI. Their most avant-garde equipment w w w. g d i . c o m . m x


SERVICES MENU: - Pipeline construction - Complete services for mining: open shaft and underground - Permits and paperwork - Site rehabilitation - Perforation, detonation and raise boring - Material transportation - Optical fiber installation - Urbanization

Sasabe Duct

has delivered excellent results in hydroelectric power stations, in optical fiber installation along with gas pipelines, geotechnical engineering and dam constructions. Also, owning the latestgeneration technology enables GDI to rent this equipment, creating more profits and servicing another business unit for the mining sector. Regarding management operations, GDI works with cloud-based systems, open to multiple online collaborators. The company’s goal for 2017 is that the entire staff becomes enabled to access these resources, from teleconferencing to apps for field operations’ image sharing, resulting in highly-efficient, cost-effective operations. GDI’S RUN DURING THE NEXT FIVE YEARS The fast-paced growth rate at GDI demands 112

November 2015


Advanced machinery

“We are focusing on becoming specialists, enabling us to work in new ways at the lowest cost possible. The GDI concept is to operate as an EPC and project management company, providing solutions for any individual and any company, offering the most competitive advantages” – Giacomo Bonfanti, Commercial Director for GDI w w w. g d i . c o m . m x



Trenchers Pipe Bursting & Pipe Ramming Vaccum Lifting Systems Locating Systems Parts & Tools Drilling Fluids

CALL US +52 (55) 5932 5444 WWW.UCSMEXICO.COM



timely preparation for upcoming projects. “We are already working in the La Laguna – Villa de Reyes project –in central Mexico- and looking for new opportunities with the energy reform current developments”, Bonfanti added. Mexico is expecting important transformations as a result from the current administration’s energy reform. This process will broaden the market for investors in fuel (natural gas, mainly) and projects from the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). Other goals during upcoming years are to take part in the clean energy sector; performing EPC endeavors for wind power plants and hydroelectricity dams. “We want to get involved with renewable energy sources, as we foresee a bright future in the oil phase-out,” shared the executive. GDI looks forward to a projected growth of 2 to 3 points above the country’s GDP. This expansion in the near future may come through after entering new markets in South America, as GDI wants to start operating in Chile for infrastructure service management.

Company Information NAME

Grupo Desarrollo Infraestructura (GDI) INDUSTRY

Infrastructure, Construction HEADQUARTERS

Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico FOUNDED



US $260 million WEBSITE



Profile for Construction Global

Construction Global Magazine - November 2015  

Construction Global Magazine - November 2015  

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