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YOUR PARTNER FOR PROFIT Congratulations to Chadwick-BaRoss for 80 years of extraordinary service to the construction industry. Volvo Construction Equipment is pleased to have been associated with Chadwick-BaRoss for many years, working together to help you reach the highest levels of productivity, performance and proďŹ tability with the right equipment and comprehensive product support. Chadwick-BaRoss, your working partner dedicated to serving you, is your full-line Volvo Construction Equipment dealer in Maine and New Hampshire. Please call Chadwick-BaRoss for the location of its sales and service facility nearest you for your construction equipment and service needs.


Volvo Construction Equipment

Chadwick-BaRoss, Inc. 160 Warren Avenue Westbrook, ME 207-854-8411


Congratulations Chadwick-BaRoss on your 80th Anniversary

Powerscreen congratulates Chadwick-BaRoss Inc. on its 80th anniversary and looks forward to continuing to work in partnership in the future. With a complete range of screens and wash plants to match most applications, Chadwick-BaRoss delivers the complete customer experience from local sales, advice, installation, service and ďŹ nance.

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Chadwick-BaRoss Celebrates 80th Anniversary complicates and slows the process down. The one thing we have at Chadwick-BaRoss is trust and that’s why we get things done.” This year, 2009, marks the 80th anniversary for Chadwick-BaRoss, a remarkable feat of business success, beginning with its founding in the months surrounding the Great Wall Street Crash of 1929, which closed thousands of businesses nationwide. Yet, for Chadwick-BaRoss 1929 was just the beginning of moving tons of earth by helping countless customers.

Unwavering Commitment to Service Excellence Carries Venerable New England Dealer Through Eight Decades of Change By Jamie Merolla CEG CORRESPONDENT How does a company stay in business through recessions, depressions, economic turbulence, changes in regulations and fulfilling loyal customer needs for 80 years? An eight-decade company — one that was originally founded when the stock market crashed, one whose first decade of work was during the Great Depression, one that has endured the challenges of the cutbacks of the 1970s, and the downturns of the 1990s and the uncertainty of 2009 — still continues to grow today. A visit to the corporate headquarters of Chadwick-Baross in Westbrook, Maine, illustrates quickly and clearly how. The phone rings, as it has for hundreds of thousands of times over eight working decades. Chadwick-BaRoss President and CEO Stuart Welch answers and listens intently. A long-time, valued customer is literally up against it. Welch offers several solutions to a concrete problem; or rather, one deep in stone. “We have to help this guy,” he says. “He needs our help. This is a long-time customer who has purchased a number of pieces of our machinery over the years and he is in trouble.” Welch explains that the contractor in question has to cut a trench through a particularly difficult obstacle in order to finish a project, some 1,800-ft. of a ledge. “We’ve got some tough choices to make today in a few hours. We have to do it quickly,” says Welch. “The guy is under a lot of pressure to keep the job going and needs a large hammer, one that we do not stock. So we have to source it for him in a hurry. “We will all go to work and get this done before the day is out. Quality of service is what makes all the difference. This is what we mean when we say, ‘customer service,’” Welch concludes.

Company History Chadwick-BaRoss Inc. was founded as the Portland Tractor Company in 1929 by Frank Mileson and Lawrence Murray. Located at 803 Forest Avenue, Portland, Maine, the company prospered and grew with basically two major lines of equipment — crawler and wheel tractors manufactured by the Oliver Corporation, and heavy duty all-wheel drive trucks manufactured by the Walters Corporation. Municipal sales were primary with logging secondary. In November 1959, the Portland Tractor Company was purchased by Caterpillar manager Robert P. BaRoss and Oldsmobile dealer Richard Chadwick. From its beginning at a single location in Portland, ChadwickBaRoss Inc. has evolved into a significant equipment house serving customers in five New England states. In 1973, Richard Chadwick retired as the president of the company and Robert BaRoss succeeded him. In 1979, Robert BaRoss, in concert with his major suppliers, brought in the Strobl Group from Austria who purchased newly issued voting shares equal to BaRoss’ interest. Robert BaRoss retired in 1990, selling all his interest back to the company. In May 1985, Chadwick-BaRoss Inc. purchased Timberland Machines Inc., a wholesale distributor of outdoor power equipment and dealership for logging, industrial and municipal equipment in New England. The outdoor power equipment was sold and the other business was merged into Chadwick-BaRoss. From 1987 to 1991, Bob Burns was president of the company and the president’s office was moved to Concord, N.H. Bob Bartlett became president and re-established the president’s office in Westbrook, Maine. Bartlett retired in December 1997. That same year, Dieter Strobl, chairman of the board, and George Corey met to discuss the future of Chadwick-BaRoss and on Jan. 2, 1998, Corey became the president and chief executive officer of the company. On Feb. 1, 2007, Strobl retired as chairman of the board but retained his board seat. At that time, Corey became chairman of the board and Stuart E. Welch became president and chief executive officer.

Company Philosophy Across from a conference table in Welch’s office is a placard with the company’s business philosophy: “Integrity, Trust, Customer Focus, Synchronization, Speed and Communication.” Welch added that ‘Trust’ and ‘Speed’ are linked. “Think about your own times. How long does it take you to buy a used car? Part of the reason may be that you don’t trust the car salesman. If you don’t trust, it 4

Chadwick-BaRoss Inc. was founded as the Portland Tractor Company in 1929 by Frank Mileson and Lawrence Murray. In November 1959, the Portland Tractor Company was purchased by Caterpillar manager Robert P. BaRoss (L) and Oldsmobile dealer Richard Chadwick (R).

Tewksbury, Mass. Several years ago, Frotton was paralyzed at work after a terrible accident. While working at a muddy job site on a June afternoon, Frotton slipped and fell backwards into a trench box. As a result of the fall, he suffered severe damage to his spinal column, paralyzing him from the waist down. Frotton spent many weeks in the hospital and was told he would never again return to work, but the determined heavy equipment operator refused to accept this prognosis.

Going Above and Beyond Each leader has directed the company’s commitment to customer service above all else — standing behind each product sold until the buyer is completely satisfied. Sometimes this has involved going above and beyond normal operator accessibility, using critical thinking to solve unique problems. Take the case of Scott Frotton, owner of S.T. Frotton Construction of

Chadwick-BaRoss’s headquarters is located at 160 Warren Ave., Westbrook, Maine. 5

Chadwick-BaRoss’s Chelmsford, Mass., branch carries equipment by Link-Belt, Fuchs, Powerscreen, Stanley-Labounty, Takeuchi, Bombardier, Genesis, Ponsse, Kawasaki and Gehl.

Chadwick-BaRoss’s Concord, N.H., branch, located at Route 106, 237 Sheep Davis Rd., carries equipment by Volvo, Fuchs, Powerscreen, Genesis, Ponsse and Stanley-Labounty.

Working vigorously during rehabilitation, Frotton’s determination and endurance would eventually pay off. “I didn’t even know how to sit upright,” said Frotton at the time. “But I was motivated to get back to work. My driving force was not only my family, but also the prospect of returning to work.” After a two-year struggle, Frotton was finally able to return to the job site, with a big assist from Chadwick-BaRoss. Most of the machines in S.T. Frotton’s fleet were purchased from Chadwick-BaRoss and its sales representative at the time, Brett Pomerleau. “One of the reasons we made the switch to Chadwick-BaRoss and Link-Belt machines was that Link-Belt is an American-owned company,” Frotton said, adding that Chadwick-BaRoss also was willing to work with him to custom-build equipment to fit his needs. Chadwick-BaRoss designed Frotton’s machines with hand controls, instead of traditional foot controls. These modifications have allowed Frotton to continue his work in a way that would have been impossible otherwise. “Chadwick-BaRoss was there to help me get things started on the simple modifications that made it possible for me to return as an operator,” said Frotton. “Brett [Pomerleau] has been more than helpful and eager to do whatever he could to make my transition in returning to the cab of the machine as easy as possible. “Making the modifications on our machines to enhance my ability to operate them was really no big deal for Chadwick-BaRoss. But it has made a world of difference in my life and in how I complete my job,” Frotton added.

Loyal Employees, Loyal Customers Chadwick-BaRoss is not a family-owned business; rather, it is a shareholder-owned one that employs several families. The company values its employees and often has hired family members of current team members within the Chadwick-BaRoss. Two retirees in 2008 were a married couple that gave 30 years of service to the company — Judy and Walter Hersey. Also, there are several members of the Thebarge family working for Chadwick-BaRoss. Chadwick-BaRoss’s employee loyalty is impressive considering how many people today change jobs as often as they do cars. Eight employees have been with Chadwick-BaRoss for 30 to 36 years: Leland Deprey. Nelson Savage, Paul Thurston. Charles Noyes Jr., John Stubbs, David Dubois, Gloria Heign and Gary Thebarge. Ten employees have worked at Chadwick-BaRoss for 20 to 29 years: Brian Lawrence, Catherine Cartonio, Thomas Young, Steven Berry, Ralph Thompson Jr., Daniel Rott, John Thebarge, Brent Matchett, Wayne Haines and Alton Bridges. Approximately 30 employees — virtually a third of the company — have been with Chadwick-BaRoss for 10 to 19 years. “I would say we have so many long-time employees because the company has always been employee-friendly. We’ve always worked very hard to put employees’ needs as a high priority whenever we make decisions, and to take care of them and pay them a fair wage,” said Gary Thebarge, vice president of customer services in Westbrook. “That seems to work.” “It speaks to the importance that we place on our people,” added Dan Rott, vice president and general manager at the company’s Chelmsford,

Chadwick-BaRoss’s Caribou, Maine, store is located at 314 Main St., and carries equipment by Volvo, Fuchs, Powerscreen, Ponsse and Genesis.

The Bangor, Maine, branch, located at 188 Perry Road., carries equipment by Volvo, Fuchs, Powerscreen, Ponsse and Genesis. 6


Brett Pomerleau, sales representative for eastern Massachusetts, has been Chadwick-BaRoss’s top salesperson for three consecutive years.

Paul Thurston, sales representative for Grafton, Caroll and Coos counties in New Hampshire, has worked at ChadwickBaRoss for an impressive 40 years.

Nelson Savage, sales representative for Western Central Maine, is based at the Bangor, Maine, facility, and has been employed with Chadwick-BaRoss for 37 years.

tomers, and Chadwick-BaRoss is always considering the best ways to bring the best products in parts and service to its customers. Furthering its commitment to offer forestry customers the best machinery available, Chadwick-BaRoss teamed up with Ponsse North America to become the exclusive distributor of Ponsse’s line of timberharvesting equipment in New England. Based in Rhinelander, Wis., Ponsse designs, manufactures and services environmentally friendly and effective forest machines for the cutto-length method of mechanized logging, as well as related information technology. Its innovative products include harvesters, forwarders, dual-purpose harwarders, harvester heads, information systems, cranes and loaders. At the time the partnership was formed, Mikko Laurita, president of Ponsse North America, said, “This partnership is part of our ongoing effort to expand with outstanding companies, such as ChadwickBaRoss, which has a strong presence in the area’s forestry industry. One of Chadwick-BaRoss’s strengths is solid experience in sales and service of forestry equipment. Cut-to-length operation is becoming more commonplace in mechanized timber harvesting, and Chadwick-BaRoss is a major player in New England.”

Mass., facility. “We, as managers, can run this business, but we know they [employees] are the business. They do all the hard stuff out in the rain, and in the sun and the blistering heat, and the snowstorms, keeping our customers going. Their dedication to do this work is vitally important to us.” Such loyalty is a blessing for all vital elements — individual, customer and company stability over time. “It is easier to retain employees than to hire new ones and train them. So, our objective is to keep our employees well trained, keep up on a fair wage, give them important insurance programs, various wellness programs and it’s important that they get a fair deal each day,” said Rott. “I think that’s why we’ve had so many people here for so long.” “I know that, for myself, and the employees, we get up every morning, and do NOT think about anything else except to come to work and do a good job and support our customer base,” he added. “You know, (many other) people come to work and say, ‘I need to do something else.’ I don’t think our employees do that. It’s rare these days to find that percentage of employees with that longevity, especially in this business.” That attitude has been reflected in another kind of hardware. Chadwick-BaRoss has won numerous awards, including the Premier Partner Awards from Volvo in 1999, 2000, 2003-2005, and the Partner Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership, from Southern Maine Community College in 2008.

Expanded Ponsse Line Chadwick-BaRoss also continues to increase its ability to deliver superior services and that has been illustrated by its renovations of the Westbrook, Maine, facility as well as expansions of the Caribou, Maine and Concord, New Hampshire parts and service operations just in the past few years. Chadwick-BaRoss offers customers a complete line of forestry forwarders and harvesters from Ponsse as well as the all-new industry groundbreaking feller bunchers and harvesters from Volvo. This is critical as New England states have a very diverse forest products industry and provide markets for all types of woods, from veneers and saw logs to pulpwood and biomass. This diversity allows landowners and loggers to grow and harvest and also allows land managers to practice sustainable forestry. Maine anchors this diverse forest products industry and is the second largest paper producing state in the United States Chadwick-BaRoss sold TimberJack products for 45 years until

Industry Leader in New England Serving New England, Chadwick-BaRoss Inc. has established itself as a leader in the sales, rental and service of construction, forestry, industrial, municipal and recycling equipment and does it with the convenience of five principle locations — Westbrook, Caribou and Bangor, Maine; Concord, N.H.; and Chelmsford, Mass. Chadwick-BaRoss is poised to support all construction, forestry, screening or municipality operations with sterling product support, assisted by a fleet of fully equipped service trucks and 24-hour, on-call technicians ready to tackle any job. Chadwick-BaRoss is now one of the largest multi-line heavy equipment dealers in New England. In 2000, it was voted one of the top 100 companies in Maine. Product lines have changed over the years to meet the needs of cus8

80’s not old if you’re a tree! All of us at Ponsse wish you the best and many more years of cooperation ahead!

A logger’s best friend

Ponsse North America 4400 International Lane Rhinelander, WI Office: 715-369-4833

Gaylord, MI Office: 989-705-7459 Mark LaCombe 906-630-2773

Chadwick-BaRoss Bangor, ME 207-942-4838 1-800-698-4838

Westbrook, ME 207-854-8411 1-800-262-5714

Chelmsford, MA 978-256-9571 1-800-804-0775

Gladstone, MI Office: 906-428-4631 Mark LaCombe 906-630-2773

Grand Rapids, MN Office: 218-327-0711 Paul Estabrooks 218-244-2559

Caribou, ME 207-498-2547 1-800-270-2547

Concord, NH 603-224-4063 1-800-477-4063


(L-R): Catherine “Cathy” Cartonio, sales coordinator; Dave Dubois, customer service representative; and Gloria Heign, senior accountant, all of Chadwick-BaRoss’s Westbrook, Maine, store, have been employed with the company 27, 33 and 32 years, respectively.

“Our field pros out of Bangor are challenged by distance, meaning, they have to get up early in the morning and get to customers’ job sites before daylight, which involves them getting up at two or three o’clock in the morning,” he said. “That’s not unusual for our people, whether it’s snowing or raining, or whatever it’s doing.”

TimberJack was bought by John Deere and the company stopped selling the line in 2005. But in 2008, Chadwick-BaRoss re-entered the logging industry with a full equipment line and service return. “We’re back in the forestry industry with the Volvo feller buncher line,” a tracked machine that cuts trees with a high-speed saw head,” said John Thebarge, general manager and vice president of both Bangor and Caribou. The feller buncher line came out in production just this year, but was first demonstrated in Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada in 2008. “The Volvo feller bunchers give us a product to sell in the forestry market after we stopped selling in October 2008,” added Thebarge. “We’re looking to make up to 25 percent of the company’s business with the feller buncher and the Ponsse line.” Working in the far reaches of the dense forests of northern Maine offers its own unique working conditions. “It brings its own set of challenges. Our service professionals have further distances to travel, over dirt roads, instead of paved roads, and (bad) weather, very much so,” added Thebarge. “But those are the people we talk about when we mention customer service.

David Sickles, service manager in Bangor, Maine, and his service department are available for customers 24/7.

A Volvo Leader In June 2008, New England’s Volvo Construction Equipment dealer, Chadwick-BaRoss, was announced as the authorized Volvo Road Machinery & Compaction Equipment dealer along with its full line of construction and forestry equipment. Volvo CE acquired the road machinery division of Ingersoll Rand in 2007, and has been converting the line over to the Volvo brand and image. The product line includes the complete range of soil and asphalt compaction machines. Chadwick-BaRoss currently operates four Volvo full sales and service branches in New England and has added the road machinery products to its construction equipment inventories in its marketing territory. Concord, N.H., Vice President and General Manger Mark Silva said, “We are excited to now be the authorized Volvo Road Machinery deal-

Joe Ryan is the service manager at Chadwick-BaRoss’s Chelmsford, Mass., store and has been with the company for 13 years. 10

Jim Dube is the product support and service manager at Chadwick-BaRoss’s Concord, N.H., store.

Congratulations and thanks

To the folks at Chadwick-BaRoss for eight decades of service. 1.800.533.1812 / www.sar gent-cor



Congratulations Chadwick-BaRoss on your 80th Anniversary

Takeuchi was the first to introduce the compact excavator and compact track loader to the North American market, setting the stage for one of the fastest growing market segments in the construction industry. Try a Takeuchi and feel the power

The Power of Product and Support


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KCMA Corporation congratulates Chadwick-BaRoss on its 80 years in the construction equipment business and as a valuable member of our Nationwide Team of Dealers dedicated to sales and support of the world’s ’ finest wheel loaders. They are committed to you, our customer!


Stop by and talk to their experienced sales and service professionals, and see a new Kawasaki loader today!

2140 Barrett Park Drive • Suite 101 Kennesaw, Georgia 30144 770-499-7000 | Fax: 770-421-6842

Southern R.I. Equipment Sales, Inc. would like to congratulate ChadwickBaRoss on their 80th Anniversary! Track Loaders & Excavators Parts • Sales • Service • Rentals Construction Trailers • Skid Steer Attachments

SOUTHERN R.I. EQUIPMENT SALES, INC. 111 Plan Way • Warwick, RI 02886 (401) 640-9303


Chelmsford, Massachusetts 15 Katrina Road Chelmsford, Massachusetts (800) 804-0775 | (978) 256-9571


Chadwick-BaRoss offers customers a complete line of forestry forwarders and harvesters from Ponsse.

er in Maine and New Hampshire. Our facilities and service technicians have been working on this equipment for years, and now with the Volvo reputation for safety, efficiency and quality with this equipment we will be offering customers nothing less than the best service and product available.” Silva added, “When Volvo acquired the Ingersoll Rand paving and compaction line, we were definitely ready. Our techs have been servicing those machines for decades, and now we add to that expertise with all the continued training available to us from Volvo CE in North Carolina — with that, customers are going to know that they are making a safe and informed decision when they come to us for this new product line.” In November 2008, Chadwick-BaRoss rounded out its Volvo Road Machinery products along with its full line of construction and forestry equipment by providing the full Volvo line of paving and compaction equipment to customers throughout Maine and New Hampshire territories. Product manager Silva said, “With Volvo’s reputation for safety, fuel efficiency, and quality, we can give our customers nothing less than the best service and product available to get the whole job done … This is now one-stop shopping for our road construction customers. It makes it so much easier for them when it comes time to rebuild, upgrade or finance a new machine or to get service or parts — our product support teams will ensure their equipment is always on the job, productive and working.”

The Power of Powerscreen In October 2008, Chadwick-BaRoss began offering Powerscreen mobile screening, washing and recycling equipment, adding to its full line of construction, forestry and recycling equipment. “We are pleased to be the authorized Powerscreen Dealer in Maine, New Hampshire and Eastern Massachusetts,” said Rott. “Our facilities include over 50 mechanics and 18 full field service trucks. With the addition of the Powerscreen product line we offer customers nothing less than the best service and product available.” “Chadwick-BaRoss has a wealth of experience in terms of their sales, service and parts teams,” said Todd Goss, general manager of Terex Crushing & Screening. “Working together with Terex Pegson and Powerscreen, our mutual customers can be assured they are getting the best equipment and support to achieve the productivity they need.” Outlasting Competition Don Sickles, service manager in Bangor, expanded this dedicated image. “It is our service department that sets us apart because we are 24/7. We don’t go to a job site and expect to leave at four o’clock. And we’ve heard that from our customers. They appreciate that. We get there and stay through their schedule to finish the job and get them going.” Sickles cited a prime example of this; how Chadwick-BaRoss has outlasted the competition over time, simply by outlasting them through the day. “There was one customer, SDR. We were on site working on a cou16

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with ChadwickBaRoss, Inc.

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Member FDIC. Citizens Bank is RBS Citizens, N.A. OV#82001

Gehl Company congratulates Chadwick-BaRoss on 80 years of sales and service excellence. The Gehl family welcomes the Chelmsford,

We would like to congratulate Chadwick-BaRoss on servicing our companies for over 40 years.

Massachusetts location to our trusted and dedicated dealer network. Providing sales and service excellence for skid loaders and telescopic handlers, we look forward to a long partnership.


three generations of success

P.O. Box 669 Hampden, ME 04444 207-862-2746

P.O. Box 249 349 Cold Brook Rd Hampden, ME 04444 207-862-4070 • 800-432-1727

“Safety Driven - Excellence Delivered�


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Manchester, NH

Portsmouth, NH

800.244.7444 18

TC Heavy Equipment Hauling Inc. 415 Buffalo Road Rumney, NH 03266 603-493-5266


Congratulates Chadwick-BaRoss On their 80th Anniversary

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Congratulations to

Chadwick-BaRoss on 80 Years of Sales and Service Terex Construction Americas 8800 Rostin Road, Southaven, MS 38671 U.S.A. Tel +1 (662) 393-1800 Fax +1 (662) 393-1700 Email

¥5FSFY$PSQPSBUJPOr5FSFYJTBSFHJTUFSFEUSBEFNBSLPG Terex Corporation in the United States of America and many other countries.


Brian Lawrence, technician, has been employed with Chadwick-BaRoss for 29 years.

Charles “Charlie” Noyes has been a technician with Chadwick-BaRoss in Concord, N.H., for more than 37 years.

ple of machines, along with one of our competitors. Our competitor went home at 4:30 p.m. and our team was there until 10 p.m. — until the machine was fixed. Our customers told us they really appreciated that and they don’t get that kind of service from our competitor,” said Sickles. “Even the little things … they are important. If you tell a guy you are going to be there at a certain time, be there. Or be there a few minutes early,” he added. “That communication is critical between your customers and your service department. Our entire team is willing to do what the customer needs to pull it together. I am extremely proud of the team I’ve assembled here to do just that.”

be in all markets, from construction to forestry, to sand and gravel, municipal business, government business. Being in all those markets helps us survive in bad storms and help us prosper during the good times,” added Dan Rott. “We have many loyal customers whom we have served with equipment and product support services for over 20 years. (i.e. CPM Constructors),” said CEO Welch. While the steady hum of working heavy iron may not sound like music to the average ear, it does involve extensive orchestrations. “One thing that the company has always done is tried to work with the customer, to negotiate the best arrangement for both the company and the customer,” said Gary Thebarge. “If a customer is having a problem with a piece of equipment, we orchestrate between the customer and the manufacturer so that he gets a fair deal in what he is looking for. At that point, it becomes a company problem and we try to solve it in the best interest of the customer and ourselves. I think our customers respect that. They know they are going to be supported.”

Orchestrating Parts, Service “Out of the dealers in the area, I think that Chadwick-BaRoss offers some of the highest quality technicians there are and we also offer above-average parts and service,” said John Thebarge. “All of our multiple products that we carry, give us an advantage to

Guy Coraccio is the parts manger at Chadwick-BaRoss’s Chelmsford, Mass., facility.

Steve Berry is the master technician at Chadwick-BaRoss’s Bangor, Maine, facility and has been employed with the company for 23 years.

Scott Polish, parts manager at ChadwickBaRoss’s Concord, N.H., facility has been employed with the company for five years. 20

Ralph Thompson is the parts manager at Chadwick-BaRoss’s Bangor, Maine, facility and has been employed with the company for 23 years.

new home for the Ray-Smith family of Milbridge, Maine, and found R. F. Jordan & Sons Construction with online research. President and Owner Pat Jordan did not hesitate to get involved in the project to assist another local Eastern Maine family in such a rewarding project. Chadwick-BaRoss General Manager John Thebarge said at the time, “R. F. Jordan & Sons Construction has been a customer of ours for many years. When Pat [Jordan] told us about his involvement in the project and that Chadwick-BaRoss would have Volvo machines on site of such a reputable, inspiring national program, we were thrilled for them and for the Ray-Smith family!” Thebarge continued, “Under those kinds of time constraints and conditions, the show’s construction team really needs a company that operates equipment that is dependable and reliable. Volvo CE really has a lot of pride in the safety features in all the machines, as well as the operator comfort features and environmentally friendly engineering ... it was so great to know that several of our Volvos were working on such an important project, since we trusted they would be up for any jobsite needs that may come along — and under those conditions ... “The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” construction team needed machines that performed consistently under pressure with absolutely no downtime, and with a Volvo under our service care, we knew that’s exactly what they would get.” Welch added, “Volvos are technologically advanced machines with new service advantages, like Care Track — a satellite and computer monitoring system that tracks machine usage and directly alerts owners and us, right to our manager’s desktops in fact, of any service concerns machines may have. We can then promptly address them and keep our customer’s machines working for them ... we like to think of it as a new partnership in this advancing age of technology, where we are literally working for our customers 24/7.”

“In addition to serving a number of construction companies, we actively support and participate in industry associations,” added Welch. “As to how suppliers view us — innovative, mid-size, well-run and high on customer service. It is how we build our reputation in the industry.” The company recognizes that its customers also are committed to providing quality service to their own customers. “I think at the end of the day, our philosophy is to always do the right thing,” said Rott. “That doesn’t mean necessarily that we’re right or the customer is wrong or right. We come to a solution where both parties are both happy. We always try to be fair, honest and, at the end of the day, do the right thing by the customers. Do we always get there? No. Do we get disgruntled customer? Sometimes, yes. But, the lion’s share is a satisfied customer base and a growing customer base. “We are growing and we need to grow. That’s the American way. By growing, we get to be a better base for the customers to come to for all of their needs,” added Rott. “If we can take care of all of their needs, it forms long, bonding relationships with us.” Part of an ‘Extreme’ Team One project highlight occurred in October 2007 when ChadwickBaRoss brought two of its customer-owned Volvo EC240 excavators along with a Volvo L90F wheel loader equipped with forks and bucket to Milbridge, Maine, at work on the site to help build a new home for the popular TV show, “ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.” Chadwick-BaRoss has served the needs of local construction companies in sales and service in Bangor, Maine, since 1963. A Volvo customer, R.F. Jordan & Sons Construction Inc. owned the Volvo machines, sold and serviced by Chadwick-BaRoss. Jordan has been a satisfied Chadwick-BaRoss customer since 1990. “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” design team prepared to build a

Chadwick-BaRoss Chadwick-BaRoss has five locations throughout the northeast to serve its customers:

• Maine Bangor 188 Perry Road, Bangor, ME 04401 Phone: 800/698-4838 or 207/942-4838 Fax: 207/941-0856 EMERGENCY After Hours Parts & Service Support Parts: Ralph Thompson: 207/223-4908 Service: David Sickles: 207/949-2388 General Manager: John Thebarge Service Manager: David Sickles Parts Manager: Ralph Thompson Sales: Al Bridges and Nelson Savage

General Manager: John Thebarge Service Manager: John Stubbs Parts Manager: Leland Deprey Sales Contact: Al Bridges The Caribou branch carries equipment by Volvo, Fuchs, Powerscreen, Ponsse and Genesis. Westbrook 160 Warren Ave., Westbrook, ME 04092 Phone: 800/262-5714 or 207/854-8411 Fax: 207/856-2995 General Manager: Michael Sullivan Parts Manager: Brent Matchett Service Manager: Don Libby Sales: Steve Wright and Jeremy Jordan

The Bangor branch carries equipment by Volvo, Fuchs, Powerscreen, Ponsse and Genesis.

The Westbrook branch carries equipment by Volvo, Fuchs, Powerscreen, Ponsse and Genesis.

Caribou 314 Main Street, Caribou, Maine 04736

• New Hampshire

Phone: 800/270-2547 or 207/498-2547 Fax: 207/498-6596 EMERGENCY After Hours Parts Support Parts: 207/498-8291 or 207/461-2751

Concord Route 106, 237 Sheep Davis Rd., Concord, NH 03301 Phone: 800/477-4063 or 603/224-4063 21

Fax: 603/224-3001 Vice President/General Manager: Mark Silva Service Manager: Jim Dube Parts Manager: Scott Polish Sales: Dave Libby, Brice Johnson and Paul Thurston The Concord branch carries equipment by Volvo, Fuchs, Powerscreen, Genesis, Ponsse and StanleyLabounty.

• Massachusetts Chelmsford 15 Katrina Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824 Phone: 800/804-0775 or 978/256-9571 Fax: 978/256-8802 Vice President/General Manager: Dan Rott Service Manager: Joe Ryan Parts Manager: Guy Coraccio Sales: Brett Pomerleau and Jim Capobianco The Chelmsford branch carries equipment by Link-Belt, Fuchs, Powerscreen, Stanley-Labounty, Takeuchi, Bombardier, Genesis, Ponsse, Kawasaki and Gehl.

Westbrook service manager Don Libby puts it this way: “The customer has to know that they’ll have someone standing behind them if they have a problem with their machine to keep them up and running. They can buy a machine, that’s fine and dandy, but they have to know the company will be there to support them.”

Dedication, Loyalty, Superior Results Such partnership also leads to the resiliency, dedication and experience to adjust and even thrive through the challenging economies in 2008 and 2009. But that is to be expected from a company founded during the economic crash of 1929 and has outlasted some of the country’s major car manufacturers. “We have never gotten down in our bunker and pulled the sandbags in and said, ‘We’re not open for business and call us when the recession is over.’ You focus on productivity, which we’ve always done, and processes, doing more with less,” said CEO Welch. “As a result, we’ve never gotten ‘ballooned up,’ needing to cut back a lot. We haven’t always been as agile as we are today. In the ’70s and ’90s we learned what NOT to do.” During this current economic downturn, Chadwick-BaRoss has experienced no major layoffs, another source of pride in doing things right. Welch again cited the dedication of his 94 employees who made it possible to have “a profitable and viable company. You focus on the quality of the people. That makes this company run.” “Maintaining our product support/parts and service and customer services has always maintained us,” he added. “We are proud of our people, definitely, most proud of our team. “I think we’ve learned a lot on how to be productive with the assets, human resources that we have, rather than to throw money at the problem,” said Welch. “You have to be focused on your product and customer delivery/service systems. Productivity and processes enable our people to produce superior results.” Walking from service job to service job in the customer service bays,

‘You Sit, You Talk, You Solve’ “We pride ourselves to be Number 1 in customer service,” said Welch. “There is no measurement that says we are, but that is what we strive for.” Chadwick-Baross is always looking forward to the next customer, the next project, the next challenge, the next success. “We are always looking for opportunities for growth,” said Welch. “We take that approach, rather than sitting back, especially during these hard times or down times and Chadwick-Baross is in the position to take advantage of those opportunities.” Like getting a loyal 25-year customer the hammer he needs to salvage his building project. “We, the executives of the company, don’t look at ourselves and say, ‘We’re the bosses here.’We look at ourselves that we are equal with our people to do for our customer base every day. We have the biggest open door policy that I know,” said Rott. “You sit, you talk, you solve, and you move forward.” “Business as usual is not in effect any more,” added Welch. “That part of the company is closed. People make this work. Executives, as a group, come to work and stay out of the way and that’s the best thing to do.” CEG 22


188 Perry Road Bangor, ME 04401 (800) 698-4838 (207) 942-4838

314 Main Street Caribou, Maine 04736 (800) 270-2547 (207) 498-2547

160 Warren Avenue Westbrook, ME 04092 (800) 262-5714 (207) 854-8411

Route 106, 237 Sheep Davis Rd. Concord, NH 03301 (800) 477-4063 (603) 224-4063

15 Katrina Road Chelmsford, MA (800) 804-0775 (978) 256-9571

Chadwick-BaRoss 80th Anniversary  
Chadwick-BaRoss 80th Anniversary  

Chadwick-BaRoss 80th Anniversary