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Trends in Construction Jobs and Projects on the East Coast

The summer of 2013 has brought promise and prosperity to the once-flailing construction industry. According to a recent report by Wanted Analytics, over 54,000 construction jobs were available online in July alone, a 27% increase from 2012. Though many construction companies currently hiring are in Texas and California, the East Coast is also seeing growth in the construction and building industry. Construction Jobs in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC Today there are nearly 2,000 available construction jobs advertised online in the WashingtonArlington-Alexandria metro area alone. This is a 16.2% increase over the number of jobs advertised in this region last year at this time. Though space is limited, construction in the nation's capital shows no signs of slowing soon. In Maryland, construction is also on an upswing. Since January, the construction industry has seen nothing but growth in Maryland. Last month, jobs in the construction industry were up 2.6% from 2012. The state also has over $76 billion in post-bid commercial construction projects currently underway. Though residential construction is recovering more slowly, commercial construction is consistently improving. Virginia saw a 2.3% increase in the number of construction jobs in July 2013 from July 2012. Though the year started out with a decrease in the number of jobs in the industry, Virginia is now seeing many more nonresidential construction project bids, which in turn will lead to more jobs. Construction Jobs in the Carolinas In North Carolina, nonresidential construction has only increased by 2.3% so far in 2013. Rates would be higher if the state was not facing negative growth in the institutional construction sector, construction of schools, healthcare facilities, and public safety facilities. However, there was an 8.5% increase in the number of commercial and industrial construction projects. Construction of hotels, retail space, office buildings and industrial facilities all increased in 2013. Experts from the AIA Consensus Construction Forecast Panel predict nonresidential construction projects to grow by 7.6% in 2014. In neighboring state South Carolina, the construction employment grew by 4.3% in July. Though the state does not have as many projects in the post-bid stage as states like Maryland and Virginia, there are many projects in the pre-bid and bidding stages, which will foster more growth.

In the months to come, South Carolina construction companies may need to increase hiring to meet the new demand for nonresidential construction projects. All across the United States the construction and building industry is growing and gaining momentum. Aided by more domestic energy production, a stronger economy and resurgent housing market, employment in the construction industry should continue to rise and more people will be able to find jobs in their neighborhoods. was created out of a need for a more effective and streamlined way for construction industry professionals to get matched with the right industry jobs and with the right industry opportunities. The founders of Construction Connection, both industry professionals themselves, listened to both company and individuals' dissatisfaction with the traditional job boards, the paid resume blasts, the overpriced resume services and overall lack of sympathy toward the individual candidate. They also listened to the dissatisfaction from companies who post jobs only to get many irrelevant results or have to purchase high priced ads to showcase their company. Construction Connection is a patent-pending, one-of-a- kind profile creating / match-making system. The system delivers effective results. Construction Connection saves time, money and aggravation by matching people to people, people to companies, companies to people, and company to company.

Trends in construction jobs and projects on the east coast  
Trends in construction jobs and projects on the east coast  

The summer of 2013 has brought promise and prosperity to the once-flailing construction industry. According to a recent report by Wanted Ana...