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OUTDOORS, IN Part of the Ditto line, playful and inspired, Ginkgo leaves cascade down an acrylic screen. Pictured is Ginkgo in “autumn.” This screen captures brilliant colors in an abstract essence of the vivid flare the ginkgo leaves create during this season. Digitally printed in the color of your choice, this panel is set into 1.5-in. powdercoat metal frame or cable mounted from floor to ceiling. It is also available with a reverse black screen. Materials: Powder-coated Metal Frame, Digitally Printed Acrylic, steel. Dimensions are 3-ft. wide × 6-ft. high.

The Transira system not only aids visual comfort, it reduces pathogens in a space, as its shades are encased in between glass.


CREATING VISUAL COMFORT Developed by WINCO, the Transira Window Solutions, here at Nick Poulakidas School in the Washoe County School district in Reno, Nev., allow students to take advantage of abundant natural light conditions in multiple ways: Beyond occupant comfort, pathogens in the space are reduced because the shade is encased in between glass. An automated shading system can be integrated in a building’s management system, or they can be controlled locally with a remote. CIRCLE 373

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One55 Series with Thermal Evolution

HISTORIC, YET THERMALLY EVOLVED Adding Thermal Evolution technology, the product line combines striking visual appearance with unmatched strength and thermal efficiency. A solution for hot-rolled, solid-steel windows to meet energy-efficiency standards, Thermal Evolution technology offers the strengths of solid hot-rolled steel, and are maintained along with enhanced thermal efficiency, exceeding stringent thermal codes. The windows and doors feature a fiberreinforced polymer (FRP) isolator that is precision-machined to nest perfectly within the hot-rolled solid steel frame profiles. This highly thermally resistant FRP isolator is structurally bonded to the window and door frames to create a strong composite construction that delivers thermal efficiency and enhanced condensation resistance. CIRCLE 374



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