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PRIORITY FOCUS: Designing for the Untethered Office

As we delve deeper into the 21st century, the role of the architect is surely evolving, and practitioners must learn to adapt and become more flexible—possibly even shifting in and out of traditionally defined AEC roles.

This was the case with Studio Ma’s Jason Boyer, who found himself in the developer’s seat to fulfill his vision of ‘aspirational’ housing 32 —only to find himself in business with former competitors to continue the journey.





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SHAPE Trying to quiet an exposed structure space? Enter SoundScapes® Shapes acoustical clouds, which absorb noise from both sides with flush mounted hardware for a clean look. Bring sound absorption to open spaces or create spot acoustics. Learn more about quieting solutions at

LEED ® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council

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creating better environments

new colors. new textures. arriving 2018.

endless possibilities.

beautiful. durable. sustainable. hygienic. Circle 24

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STRIKES A PERFECT BALANCE OF VLT, SHGC AND OMG! The newest dynamic Low-E coating from Viracon, VRE-43 hits the sweet spot between performance and aesthetics. With 43% Visible Light Transmission, 0.22 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and a distinctive colorless appearance, VRE-43 performs as beautiful as it looks. To learn more about lowering the HVAC load while maintaining a beautiful exterior appearance go to

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Quality. Service. American Made. Specify SheerWeave, the world’s most trusted brand of solar screen fabrics. 800-221-5497

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Federal Center South Building, Seattle, WA

Architect: ZGF Architects

Design-Build Contractor: Sellen Construction

© Benjamin Benschneider

NEW Precision Series Tiles for Roofs and Walls

Profile: TS Tile

Four Unique Profiles Introducing an exciting collection of stamped metal tiles that expands design possibilities for exterior cladding.





Precision Series Tiles are a cost-effective, striking design alternative for commercial or residential projects. The tiles may be installed vertically, horizontally or at an angle. PAC-CLAD.COM | INFO�PAC�CLAD.COM IL: 800 PAC CLAD GA: 800 272 4482

MD: 800 344 1400 MN: 877 571 2025

TX: 800 441 8661 AZ: 833 750 1935

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The Product Publication of the U.S. Architectural Market ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS

M A R C H 2 0 1 8 // V O L 1 6 N O 2

PRIORITY FOCUS: Designing for the Untethered Office


Trend Lines


Form by Mindi Zissman Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care, Philadelphia Part of Children’s Hospital complex, the curvy campus addition by Pelli Clarke Pelli, serves up several novel healthcare design solutions.





As we delve deeper into the 21st century, the role of the architect is surely evolving, and practitioners must learn to adapt and become more flexible—possibly even shifting in and out of traditionally defined AEC roles.


This was the case with Studio Ma’s Jason Boyer, who found himself in the developer’s seat to fulfill his vision of ‘aspirational’ housing 32 —only to find himself in business with former competitors to continue the journey.

by Barbara Horwitz-Bennett Glazing and Curtainwalls. A flyover of three of the most innovative highrises from New York to Hawaii show interesting curtainwall advances.





by Chuck Ross PESCO HQ at Pena Station Next, Denver Farnsworth Group integrates neighbors, renewables and high tech into Panasonic’s extraordinary LED screen “warehouse.”

March 2018

Office Design: “Free Range” Functionality 1803APCVR.indd 200

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on the cover

Wrangling the Workplace

The Art of Flexibility. Architect Jason Boyer recently joined Studio Ma as a new principal. Prior to that, he tried his hand as a developer to bring the artHAUS project to bear. He continues to search for means to keep entrepreneurial spirit alive. Page 96.

Gensler, among many others, is pushing the notion of the untethered office worker to new boundaries, identifying unforeseen pitfalls and opportunities to make people as comfortable and creative in truly flexible work environments.


Photography: Bill Timmerman, courtesy Studio Ma

Departments Perspective



Specifiers’ Solutions by John Mesenbrink  Pavers add panache to Boston mixed-use project

 Replica windows revamp re-purposed warehouse

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 Ad agency gets greater control over lighting  Multi-color cladding system a hit in SoFA

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 Gensler finds value in VLT in Windy City apartment

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 Shading considerations

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 Revisiting LED and health

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 Addressing acoustics at a cellular level


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 Continuous insulation for roofs

Last Detail by Megan Mazzocco

by Megan Mazzocco

Jason Boyer joins forces with Studio Ma

published without responsibility for errors or omissions. Architectural Products assumes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts or photos. Printed in USA.

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Product Developments  Natural steel coating cuts wind in Reykjavik’s wilds

86 by Barbara Horwitz-Bennett by Megan Mazzocco by Megan Mazzocco by Mindi Zissman by Chuck Ross



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Gary Redmond

Managing Partner Director Publishing Operations

Have Your Space and Eat it Too

Tim Shea

Managing Partner Director Business Development

Readers of this column know I’m an advocate for

the light. But it’s about real estate now, so I guess,


clever daylight design. A fundamental architectural

it’s not surprising.”

tenet to good daylighting practice is to incorporate

The architect, who most recently created an

narrower floor plates so natural light penetrates

completely translucent façade for the new Mag-

from two sides. Of course, that’s easier theorized

gie’s Cancer Caring Center in London, is no new-

than delivered. That said, a handful of projects that

comer to criticism for his beliefs. The project, with

have come across my desk offer insight.

its “basket”-inspired façade, stands in dichotomy

The first project is the Archaeological Museum of Madrid, which was submitted as case study for

fits physically and aesthetically, within the tight site

dane, except that one of the supplied photos struck ings in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was covered with a space-frame skylight—a not-so-novel innovation, but in context of the floor plate point,

We have access to a wide range of very exciting possibilities when it comes to daylight.

everywhere in new buildings—at least those only a couple stories high—to gain natural light without

it was allocated. Holl had quite a fight getting the

sacrificing real estate.

unorthodox design approved, but felt it not only was worth it, but was necessary. “Practicing architects

major constructions. Velux, for one, offers a sensi-

need to take advantage of all the new materials and

ble, modular system that can cover fairly vast areas

technologies and see what light can do with them.

of space. I first saw it in an edition of DA, the manu-

We’re in a time now that we have access to a wide

facturer’s in-house publication, involving a former

range of very exciting possibilities when it comes

warehouse in the Netherlands. Domestically, Cornell

to daylight… [At Maggie’s] we’re experimenting with

has employed the same system in the expansion of

color inserts in a glass material called Okalux. This

East Sibley Hall. It also kills two birds in that it has

material is an insulating glass that has a capillary

an automated natural ventilation system. It’s in place

inlay that makes the material look like polar bear

in Buffalo in the historic 500 Seneca Building, a re-

hair that filters the light in a very soft and diffuse

purposed factory (see Net Zero Buildings’ March ’17

way. We’re using it on the exterior, but sandblasting

envelope section for more on both installations).

the finish so it doesn’t look like a glass building.”

Perhaps it’s a matter of how much you really

Between the layers of glass Holl used sheets of

want natural light. The Victoria and Albert Museum

copper to create a new kind of stained glass that’s

in London surely did in imposing a Herculean task

economical. “If architects try to use traditional lead-

upon Arup to do so for a subterranean expansion.

framed stained glass today, it costs a fortune. So

It also involved a courtyard—closed off ages ago for

we’ve had to reinvent how we treat light with these

back-of-house mechanicals—that was excavated

new materials. I feel the results are very inspiring.”

for a below-ground gallery/public plaza. Amid a

Megan Mazzocco

Senior Editor

John Mesenbrink

Copy Editor

Contributing Editors: Vilma Barr Ellen Lampert-Greáux Chuck Ross Alan Weis Katy Tomasulo

Barbara Horwitz-Bennett John Mesenbrink Stan Walerczyk Kevin Willmorth Mindi Zissman


it got me thinking, why not “atrium-ize” light wells

Such openings would not necessarily have to be

Editorial Director

to its 19th century hospital neighbor, yet somehow

retrofitting to LED. In that context, it was fairly munme—an inner courtyard of the ilk common to build-

Jim Crockett

If you don’t wish to be so bold or grand, con-

Dave Pape

Vice President, Director, Art + Production

Lauren Lenkowski

Associate Art Director

Alex Mastera

Associate Art Director


Jeff Heine



Gary Redmond 847-359-6493

Tim Shea 847-359-6493

Michael Boyle 847-359-6493 Jim Oestmann 847-838-0500

David G. Haggett 847-934-9123

Jim Führer 503-227-1381

Bob Fox 917-273-8062

web of marvelously engineered trusses, the firm

sider the light well solution in another Maggie’s

worked in a skylight to connect the underworld to

Cancer Center in Scotland, also covered in NZB

the sky above. I’m not suggesting one go through

(March ’16, lighting section). In smaller, patio-like

such structural labors, but it just goes to show that

wells, Speirs + Major came up with an innovative

natural light can almost always be brought in if you

metal “light catcher” to boost light into the space.

really want it—and I think it’s safe to say that your

Or consider the residential work of Lon Combs,

clients, their patrons or employees all want it, even

an architect also experimenting with light wells


if they don’t know it. But back to DA magazine, in

inspired by Roman impluviums. Feel free to toss out

an interview with Steven Holl, whom Velux named

suggestions or concerns, but in the name of Philip

its most recent daylight laureate for design, Holl

Johnson, no stone throwing, please.

Architectural Products c/o Construction Business Media LLC, 579 First Bank Drive, Suite 220, Palatine, IL 60067; Editorial: 847-359-6493; Fax: 847-359-6754; (Copyright © 2017 by Construction Business Media LLC)

Ted Rzempoluch 609-361-1733

offered some brusque reasons to do so. “I see a trend of ignorance when it comes to the correct


use of daylight in architecture! The buildings being built across the street from my office are being done so with no understanding—they are too deep, with incorrectly placed windows so they don’t catch



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Jim Crockett, editorial director

03 . 2018

2/28/18 12:19 PM

• Fully automatic operation at the push of a button


• Exceptional convenience with dynamic opening and closing speeds of up to 30 ft. per minute • UL® 325 safety-tested and certified


• Patented Smart Control System navigates complex layouts achieving proper set up every time

Contact your local Modernfold, Inc. Distributor today to learn more about movable wall automation and the new ComfortDrive® Self-Driving Panel System by calling 800-869-9685 or visiting

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In a bold move, Stanton Architects dared to be dynamic using SageGlass to construct the entire façade of ‘Dirty Habit DC,’ the revolutionary new restaurant in the heart of the capital. RESEARCH SHOWS THAT PEOPLE IN BUILDINGS THRIVE WHEN CONNECTED TO THE WORLD AROUND THEM. SAGEGLASS CREATES THAT CONNECTION. Visit to discover SageGlass for yourself.

SAGEGLASS IS DYNAMIC GLASS THAT TINTS ON DEMAND. Visit today to connect with our dedicated industry experts who will work with you to make your next project stand apart by using SageGlass.

877-724-3321 | Circle 30

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coming events


Mannington Commercial has opened a new showroom in Atlanta, Ga. Integrated interior solutions firm, dancker, has unveiled an Experience Center within its newly renovated headquarters in Somerville, NJ. Danish furniture brand Carl Hansen & Son, TOTO and Kohler have all recently opened showrooms in the Flatiron District, N.Y.C. and Havwoods International is the latest brand to open a new showroom in the area.

March 2018




















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WoodWorks offers Continuing Education classes for architects and engineers on the topics: detailing for fire-resistance and nail-laminated timber. Visit A new CEU course: “Sustainable Application and Design using Titanium Zinc Roofing and Cladding” is now available from RHEINZINK. Visit The New Buildings Institute offers workshops for local government audiences and those working to retrofit existing buildings to ZNE. Visit HFT Stuttgart in Germany is launching its new English-language Master’s course “Smart City Solutions.” Students acquire comprehensive skills in the fields of smart city planning and buildings, smart infrastructure and project management, as well as financing, digitalization and smart governance. Visit   MEEA, the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, offers a webinar on building a modular, net-zeroready home in Chicago. Visit

Teknion has just published the latest in a series Design Does Matter: The True Measure of a Space is How it Makes Us Feel. Visit

RCI International Convention & Trade Show March 22-27 Building Envelope Design Education Marriott Marquis Houston and George R. Brown Convention Center Houston, Texas GlobalShop March 27-29 McCormick Place, Chicago

April 2018












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May 2018












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Sustainable Minds Transparency Catalog showcases all brands investing in product transparency disclosures (environmental product declarations and material ingredient disclosures) and only their products with this information. It also provides easy-to-understand information on how to use these documents to earn credits in green building rating systems including LEED v4, Collaborative for High Performance Schools, Green Globes, the Living Building Challenge and the Well Building Standard. Visit

Light + Building March 18-22 Messe Frankfurt, Frankfort, Germany www.light-building.



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Flexible. Modern. Smart.

Work that room Put every square inch of floorspace to use, with Woodfold Accordion Doors. Subdivide a too-large space for multiple functions, or reduce noise from area to area in schools, daycares, churches, and group homes. ADA compatible, Woodfold Accordion Doors feature ease-of-use, custom materials and finishes, and durable hardware options like locks and curvable tracks.

Getting to Zero National Forum April 17-19 Pittsburgh, Pa.

Lightfair International May 8-10 McCormick Place, Chicago Coverings 2018 May 8-11 Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta

Roll with it Top-mounted roll-ups define public and private areas, secure customer windows or service areas at closing time, and divide rooms with the classic style of a rolltop desk. Choose from a variety of latches and locks and let it roll with manual, motorized, or crank operation. Woodfold Roll-Up Doors provide sophistication and smooth, problem-free performance, tailored to your needs. For more ideas, go to


The American Concrete Institute has released the 2018 ACI Collection of Concrete Codes, Specifications, and Practices at

©2018 Woodfold Manufacturing, Inc. Forest Grove, OR 97116 503-357-7181

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on spec By Scott Blue Vice-President Operations, The Nice Group USA


Six Ways Motorized Window Coverings Maximize Daylighting Benefits Architects have started exploiting sunlight for illumination and comfort by strategically placing windows to channel these benefits to the building’s interior. With proper daylighting design, buildings can use significantly less energy from the lighting grid and HVAC systems, and automated smart window treatments are an excellent partner. Motorized window treatments use a motor within the roll up tube to propel the operation of the shades and blinds. Though some motors can be battery powered, most are wired into the building’s electrical system or can be solar powered.

Lighting Energy Efficiency Electric lighting uses 15% of all the energy generated in the U.S. The application of daylighting design can save 20% to 60% in costs depending on the locale’s availability of sunlight and the percentage of wall area devoted to windows. In addition, 10% to 20% of building cooling energy can be saved by turning off electric lights. Of course, the position of the sun changes throughout the day or clouds can pass through and block sunlight. Motorized window treatments can be connected to sensors that detect when sunlight intensifies or diminishes, enabling the position of the shades and blinds to change as the sun changes. Many buildings have electrical lighting systems that respond to the amount of sunlight entering the room. Smart window treatments provide the desired level of illumination and decrease energy usage.

HVAC Energy Efficiency Thanks to zone interior room comfort control, different rooms will have different needs for heating/cooling based on the window configuration. This set up is crucial for energy usage as excess sunlight can consume a considerable amount of cooling energy. As with illumination, the system controls whether to allow in additional sunshine to warm the room on cold days, or reduce the amount of sunshine to minimize solar heat gain. The smart blinds system can work with the building automation system (BAS) to maintain the room’s set point. In addition, some systems available can run on DC motors, saving operating energy by two thirds. For facilities with hundreds of automated shade units, savings can be significant.

Room Comfort The smart shades automated design knows when to open and close when room temperature is outside the bandwidth set for the area based on read-



1803APONS.indd 12

ings from sensors wired into the system. Remote controls enable room occupants to control shade positions and override the system if the room temperature is outside their personal comfort zone.

Productivity In the workplace, sunlight is an important element for maintaining worker morale. Studies have shown that lack of sunlight can impact the ability to concentrate, particularly during the winter. At The New York Times, workers reported positive health benefits from daylighting, augmented with automated shades. Glare from the sunlight on computer screens is also an issue. Using remote controls, workers can adjust window treatment position to achieve a balance between adequate sunlight for illumination and the ability to focus on their work. Automated and remote control also mean that employees don’t have to stop what they are doing to adjust the shades. In addition, the motors have a non-disruptive, whisper quiet operation.

Window treatments can coordinate interior lighting to provide the desired level of illumination and decrease energy usage.

WORKER MORALE Studies have shown that lack of sunlight can impact employee morale, and can impact the ability to concentrate. Smart blinds and shades can enable building owners to fully exploit the sun in a number of ways.

Design Freedom Many architects design interior spaces with tall windows or windows positioned many feet above the floor. While these features may have visual impact, there are buildings with very tall south-facing windows that have to employ moveable partitions to shield against heat and glare. Motorized window treatments enable architects to make these dramatic statements without the drama of dealing with discomfort and distraction. In addition, smart shades are a highly regarded amenity.

Precision Counts Manually controlled window treatments can be subject to misalignment, which often means there are cracks between the window frame and the window covering. Depending upon the time of day, this can produce an almost laser-like beam of light. In contrast, the shade hems on motorized systems can be more precisely aligned to the windows. These systems also can detect objects in their path and can reverse operation upon contact. Furthermore, their smooth operation prolongs component life.

You Control the Sun Sunlight must be controlled at task areas during all occupied hours in terms of its affect on heating/ cooling. Then there must be balanced luminance on interior surfaces. And finally, there must be sufficient ambient daylight illumination for visual tasks. For more info, visit

HANDHELD CONTROL Building tenants can operate motorized window treatments using a remote control or the motorized window coverings can be wired into a building management system.

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2/28/18 12:31 PM




Welcome to the new ASI—the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial partitions, washroom accessories and lockers. So what makes ASI so unique? Only ASI designs, engineers and manufactures fully-integrated solutions. So all of our products work together seamlessly. Welcome to choice, welcome to innovations, welcome to the new ASI. For more information, call 914.476.9000 or visit:

Partitions . Accessories . Lockers Circle 32

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3/1/18 9:28 AM

on spec by Scott Zimmerman, CEO, SIlas Inc.


Is it Time to Revisit Near Infrared in LED Lighting? Our bodies use the entire incident solar spectrum in ways we are only now beginning to understand. Over millions of years they have evolved to use the near infrared light (NIR) to repair, protect and energize cells. It is a fact that all natural sources of light—the sun, moon and fire—emit more NIR than visible light. But starting in the 1960s with the explosion of fluorescent lighting, the industry began converting to “Just Visible” (JV) lighting which contained zero NIR. Unfortunately, at the time, no longterm studies were undertaken to understand the consequence of reducing the spectral content 10 times. What we now know is that coincident to eliminating NIR, a rapid increase in myopia, skin cancer, autism and dementia have occurred. Indeed, there is a growing body of evidence that our bodies need NIR to combat the negative effects of UV/Violet/ Blue ionizing radiation that can interfere with one’s ability to efficiently function.

SKIN MATTERS Unlike UV/visible photons, the eyelids and sclera (white of the eye) transmit up to 50% of the NIR around us even with our eyelids closed.

For example, the medical community is using NIR to treat everything from wrinkles to dementia using energy densities typically used in lighting systems. Furthermore, more than 400 peer-reviewed medical papers associated with NIR treatments are being published annually. Keep in mind, the majority of the energy entering our eyes is NIR and it doesn’t go through our pupils to get there. All that said, now that LED is coming to bear, keep in mind, in making lighting decisions, that JV LED ignores the importance of skin color on health. NIR exposure has been shown to provide up to an SPF 15 protection to our skin and to stimulate ATP production and possibly even impact the structural integrity of our cells. There appears to be a correlation between decreasing NIR exposure and health. For example, low melanin levels make Caucasian populations more susceptible to skin cancer, with 10 times higher death rates. Conversely, it has been found that dementia rates are up to 80 times higher for black populations at more northerly latitudes. Based on recent medical research it appears that NIR may be able to mitigate these melanin-related



1803APONS.indd 14

NEAR INFRARED LIGHT Biological window exhibits low absorption/penetration an inch into the body.

VISIBLE SPECTRUM VBG must be sufficient to generate reactive oxygen species; impacts sleep.

effects. In any case, it is apparent that the optimum artificial lighting needs to be adaptable to our individual physical and health needs.

Time to Change The need exists for typical LED fixtures to be enhanced with NIR components to more closely mimic high spectral content light sources—the sun— that our cells evolved under. In general, all sources which contain significant amounts of UV/Violet/Blue ionizing wavelengths, especially JV circadian systems, should be required to provide NIR protective wavelengths, e.g. lighting, TVs, computer monitors and mobile devices. Why, you might ask? NIR-enhanced lighting, for one, provides a simple Dark Sky solution. As we convert to JV LED lighting, the percentage of violet/blue light pollution is expanding exponentially. Unlike longer wavelengths, these shorter wavelengths at night negatively impact animals and plants, as well as humans. Recently, the AMA was compelled to issue health warnings about the use of JV LED in streetlights. NIR-enhanced LED offers a simple solution: at low voltage, such sources emit low-level NIR perfectly matched to the peak sensitivity of silicon (900 nm)-based security cameras. Simply by increasing the voltage, both the intensity and color temperature increases continuously up to daylight levels with high melatonin lux without the need for expensive and complex controls. Furthermore, NIR-enhanced LED is simpler, safer and more reliable. Using a cost-effective hybrid design, high-spectral content lighting can be realized with NIR/VIS ratios greater than one. Using this approach the need for costly, inefficient and unreliable constant current drivers is eliminated.

UV LIGHT Needed for Vitamin D production; responsible for sunburn and skin cancer.

SWIR Dominated by water absorption, may be important for integrity of cells.

With a simple voltage dimming technique, a complete Spectrum Circadian Lighting system can be realized. Specifically, Silas combines CSP LEDs and 100,000-hour filament sources to mimic the sun. Using a novel interconnect method CSP LED die are combined with small glass filament sources allowing for both AC and DC operation in simple compact light sources.

Final Thoughts NIR-enhanced LED lighting is consistent with positive results found in daylighting studies; JV LED lighting is not. The medical community is developing a wide range of NIR treatments and this research indicates that NIR is used to repair, protect and fortify our cells in ways we are just now beginning to understand—none of this is surprising given that our bodies have evolved for millions of years exposed to NIR rich emitters. An opportunity exists to create an optimum artificial lighting environment that takes into account our individual needs while still saving energy. To do so will require us to look at lighting more like a nutrient that needs to be tailored and monitored. It is proposed that this path will lead us toward more task-based lighting designs with simple driver-free light sources. The lighting community needs to accept that the majority of the energy our cells need and absorb over 90% of the spectral content—cannot be seen with our eyes, but is necessary for optimum health and wellness. For more on the subject, see Zimmerman’s full presentation on YouTube, as well as information on Silas’ Kickstarter initiative.

03 10.2014 . 2018

2/28/18 12:34 PM



Get educated on Construction Specialties Sun Control systems Construction Specialties’ Sunshades and Daylight Systems have been used on a range of educational facilities with diverse performance needs, meeting the ample daylight requirements of student centers and the energy challenges of large medical training centers. But no matter the school or subject, our sun control systems always look cool, featuring a wide variety of blades, outriggers, fascias, and even custom designs and LED lighting.

Download product cheat sheets and learn more by visiting or calling 800.631.7379

Circle 33

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3/1/18 9:28 AM

product developments

material advances + product breakthroughs

Noteworthy The AIA reported the December ABI score was 52.9, down from a score of 55.0 in the previous month. The new projects inquiry index was 61.9, up from a reading of 61.1 the previous month, while the new design contracts index decreased slightly from 53.2 to 52.7. Aaron Harcek has joined HDR’s Denver studio as a design principal and Thomas Knittel, AIA, LEED BD+C, NCARB, is the new design principal in HDR’s Seattle’s architecture studio. CannonDesign announced that San Francisco-based Assembly Design Studio has joined with the firm.









FXFOWLE architects has rebranded as FXCollaborative Architects, and will be decamping from its Manhattan HQ to a building the firm designed in Brooklyn. SmithGroupJJR has acquired TRO, a Boston-Based healthcare design firm. In other news, the firm has


Rapeseed Oil Steel Coating Gains Attention from World Architecture Festival

promoted Bill Ash, David Paul Johnson, Doug Kozma, Carolina Lopez, Roxanne Malek, Craig Passey and Jay

Designed by Stockholm-based Utopia Arkitekter, “Skýli” or Skyline, is a prototype

Rambo to vice president.

emergency hiking cabin meant to serve Reykjavik’s remote areas. It features a sharpangled roof augmented with GreenCoat color-coated steel from SSAB, a Nordic/U.S.-

Armstrong Fluid Technology’s recent donation helped

based steel company. SSAB is always in search of innovative architects who work with

bring water and sanitation to 17,000 girls and boys at

sustainable materials and currently offers the only coating product on the market that

20 schools across Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.

replaces fossil-based oils with Swedish rapeseed oil. GreenCoat color-coated steel provides additional resistance to corrosion and scratches, and lengthens color reten-

ZGF founding design partner Robert Frasca, FAIA,

tion. Furthermore, it provides specifiers with a significantly lighter material compared

passed away Jan. 3, at the age of 84.

to alternative solutions. GreenCoat steels have a low-temperature elongation to guar-

This prototype emergency cabin is meant to serve Reykjavik’s most remote hiking trails

NON FOSSIL-BASED REPLACEMENT The roof of the Skýli structure is augmented with GreenCoat colorcoated steel from SSAB, a Nordic/U.S.-based steel company. SSAB currently offers the only coating product that replaces fossil based oils with Swedish rapeseed oil.

antee a clean look without buckling or deformation. The design for the cabin has been Werner Gumpertz, co-founder of Simpson Gumpertz

short-listed for the World Architecture Festival Award in the category, “Leisure-Led

& Heger (SGH), died on Dec. 1, 2017. Gumpertz, with

Development—Future Projects.” Visit or Circle


Howard Simpson and Frank Heger, established SGH in 1956. In other news, SGH acquired structural engineering firm Keast & Hood’s Washington, DC, office. Allegion has acquired Technical Glass Products. Accoya wood offers a Declare Label and has achieved the declaration status of “Red List Free.” Saint-Gobain North America was given the Corporate Citizenship Award by Chief Executive Group for its partnership with YouthBuild USA and its efforts in helping to educate and train disadvantaged youths and young adults with the training and skills needed to secure careers in the manufacturing and construction industries following graduation.

A MODERN CABIN Skýli combines four sharply pointed pyramidal shapes into a very strong, durable, safe and stable structure. The triangular gables resemble a classic tent, the most basic shelter used by trekkers worldwide, while the large windows create transparency, so that the landscape is always visible to those inside.

The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) has named Michael Kesselmayer, PE, its new managing director of quality programs.



1803APPRD.indd 16

03 . 2018

3/1/18 5:48 PM

product developments

ART ABOVE This architectural canopy connects two office buildings at the center of Amazon’s expanded headquarters campus in Seattle. A walk through local woods inspired Finch’s “There is Another Sky.”


Canopy of Glass Connects World-renowned artist Spencer Finch designed an architectural canopy to connect two new office buildings at the center of Amazon’s expanded headquarters campus in Seattle. A walk through local woods inspired Finch’s “There is Another Sky,” his recreation of the dynamic patterns of light and shapes that form when light filters through foliage. The stylized canopy adds a creative, artistic element to the classic canopy design and reflects the local culture, all while providing an open, welcoming feeling in an urban setting. Finch developed the pattern with five hues and five opacities to control and vary the amount of light that filters through the decorative canopy, which features an abstract circular design pattern imprinted on technographic interlayer film by Goldray Glass laminated between two lites of Starphire glass by Vitro Architectural Glass. This process ensured the correct depth and vibrancy of color, while making the glass safe for use in overhead installations. Visit Goldray Glass: or Circle


. Starphire glass

by Vitro Architectural Glass: or Circle


CUSTOM IMAGES Goldray’s Technographic Interlayer process uses a polyester film that can be printed with high-resolution images, and can achieve virtually all color profiles.


Edgy Stone Known for its exquisite glass mosaics, Sicis has crossed the line from glass mosaics into completely modern territory with new edgy looks in large-format glass techniques. Dubbed “Electric Marble,” the new line is born of complex industrial processes and an artful color study, that, in combination create the stunning effect of abstract, chromatic content inside an otherwise natural stone slab. The eyes are delighted and the brain confounded by the juxtaposition of out-of-the-box pigments that enter the natural texture of the marble veins, forming a irregular, organic and energetic colorations in the gleaming glass slabs. Visit or Circle


GLASS MOSAIC Pigments enter the natural texture of the marble veins, forming energetic colorations in the glass slabs.

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PRIVATE SPACE BuzziSpace’s refined design delivers a lighthearted, flirtatious composition that blends lounge space with a private niche so it also functions as a solution to open offices and room acoustics.


Silent Spark During the company’s 10th anniversary celebration in Antwerp, acoustic furniture experts, BuzziSpace, introduced BuzziSpark, a cheeky name for a modern take on a traditional vis-à-vis settee. BuzziSpark’s final dimensions and details went through several iterations before the seasoned designer’s Alain Gilles creation was finalized. The elegant concept features comfort in its cushions and low-to-the-ground frame. Visual and acoustic privacy are achieved through higher curvilinear sidewalls. The simple framing hugs the exterior and comes in standard black, but will be made to order to customers’ specifications to coordinate with fabric when desired. It will be available spring 2018, and then look forward to the entire BuzziSpark family to be unveiled at the forthcoming NeoCon. Visit or Circle










The soft shapes and the convex profile are characteristic elements inspired by the classic geometries of wooden surfaces.

GREEN, IN APPLICATION The system enables users to interchange panel inserts based on changing preferences or acoustical needs, as in this office setting.

 The patented Clip JuAn


Natural Materials in Interiors

fastening system perfectly fixes the wood planks into an aluminium supporting structure.









Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses, but in the case of Bio-Canvas, you can simply walk by and inhale deeply. Bio-Canvas by Nevins is a cellular series of green wall modules that can be a customized composition in size and specifications. Acoustic moss, poplar bark and light stone are the three natural materials used as design elements. They are held on the wall by a patent-pending, fire-resistant frame. The versatile system enables users to easily interchange the panel


Resilient Outdoor Tiles

inserts based on changing preference, relocations or

Listone Giordano’s Biscuit Natural Genius collec-

acoustic needs. Visit or Circle

tion designed by Patricia Urquiola, is now available for


outdoor installations boasting an organic durability of 25 years. The remarkable nature of this outdoor wood tile is due to the use of Accoya 120, a product formed by applying acetylation treatments to New Zealand Monterey pine. The Outnature finish is a highly resistant vegetable oil-based finish that provides maximal resistance and prevents the treated surface from changing color or darkening in hue. The patented Clip JuAn fastening system perfectly fixes the wood planks on to an aluminium supporting structure. Visit or Circle



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HIGH PROFILE SERIES™ FRAMEWORKS AT TARGET CENTER COURTSIDE CLUB Architects: Alliiance & Sink Combs Dethlefs Photo: Bob Perzel


/’fram-w rks/ e

n. Versatile elements that offer a structured approach to customization. Robust extruded aluminum beams from Hunter Douglas Architectural let you create signature wall and ceiling elements with expert support from our in-house engineering team.



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Comfort of Cotton/Performance of Wool Natural fibers have always added climate comfort to clothing and outerwear and now Havelock Wool brings New Zealand wool insulation from free-roaming sheep to the North American building community. A natural fiber, wool traps air, moisture and harmful chemicals to improve air quality while keeping warmth inside spaces during winter and outside during the warmer summer months. It is inherently moisture controlling, acoustical and fire resistant. In partnership with 475 High Performance Building Supply, Havelock Wool is integral to pre-constructed smart walls. Made of efficient, resilient and sustainable green products, including Havelock Wool insulation, these smart walls create a long-lasting building envelope that delivers comfort, health and efficiency. Visit or Circle




Green Genie

The collection of fabrics takes its cues from the flexibility, durability, textures and colors of today’s athletic wear.

Ever wish for an efficient irrigation system? The IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System uses patented software to deliver information to its programmable Genius Sprinkler Heads. They digitally control water pressure, direction and distance of the water sprays, and the rotational speed of the heads. Utilizing mapping points set by installers with the IrriGreen Mobile App, the system modifies the sprays up to 437 times per rotation REDUCES WATER USE IrriGreen increases soil moisture by equivalent amounts, but used 40% fewer gallons of water than conventional irrigation systems’ sprinkler heads.

so the watering patterns conform to the exact shape of the area—which means there is no wasted water from spraying past the lawn onto sidewalks. Visit or Circle



‘Athleisure’ at the Office Movement, action and performance are what we expect from athletes and now they are a desirable quality in the corporate environment. PFRM from Carnegie is a collection of sport-forward designs based on technical performance fabrics expected in athletic realms combined with the desired refined, flattering and aesthetic found in today’s “athleisure” wardrobes. Carnegie unveiled its collaboration with Gensler design principal, Lee Pasteris, to NeoCon audiences last June where the design concept in performance fabrics for furniture garnered rave reviews. The collaboration between Carnegie and Gensler produced a playful collection of fabrics that takes its cues from the flexibility, durability, textures and colors of today’s athletic wear. Seven patterns hit the sweet spot in contemporary office environments—the collection not only simulates the high-performance qualities in athletic wear, but also hones in on symbolic attitudes such as team spirit, connectivity and fair play. And notably, the collection stays true to Carnegie’s commitment to product health, and PVC-free products and manufacturing processes. Visit or Circle



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U-Cara™, the revolutionary multi-face wall system. Choose from an extensive collection of fascia panels to design landscape walls, planters and even higher engineered walls. The innovative Sure Track™ backer blocks and EnduraColor™ fascia

One simple platform with unlimited possibilities.

panels of the U-Cara system, offer unlimited possibilities and the ability to match to Unilock paver colors and textures. U-Cara. U-Mazing.

Talk to your Unilock Representative. | 1-800-UNILOCK

US Pat. 9,453,341

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product developments


Project: Universal Alloy Corp. (UAC) Location: Ball Ground, Ga. Architect: Wakefield & Beasley Assocs. Façade Architect: Querkraft Architecture Precast Producer: Metromont, Dalton, Ga.

MODERN MATERIALS UAC’s “3D” precast panel wythes were connected with carbon-fiber grid trusses to produce a thermally efficient panel with an R-value of R-12.


Precast Shines in Industrial Application Winner of the Georgia Chapter of ACI’s 2018 Design Awards, UAC’s “3D” façade opens to door to extremely creative uses of precast, as well as a myriad of retrofit possibilities. The myriad manufacturing buildings designed every year are almost exclusively utilitarian. And in the last half-century many of them have been constructed with precast concrete walls or total precast concrete structures. Most designers are not given the budget for industrial-type buildings to take advantage of the unique properties of precast concrete to add enhanced architectural details. There are a few notable exceptions. Dollar General considers its customers at the company’s distribution centers to be the truck drivers coming and going. So, it upgraded its precast walls with a not-inexpensive polymer form liner to cast replicas of truck tires on all vertical surfaces. Lowe’s, wanting to be a good neighbor, added a true architectural mix and finish to its distributions centers. The project presented here is an example of a clever designer coming up with a nifty design that added virtually no costs to the project, yet yields an eye-catching façade that is truly handsome. Choate Construction recently completed construction of Universal Alloy Corp.’s 110,348-sq.-ft. manufacturing facility located on a 13.77-acre site in Ball Ground, Ga. UAC will manufacture/high strength, hard alloy, aluminum extrusions for the aircraft industry in the new 30-ft. clear, 106,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing area. The exterior façade of the plant features loading-bearing, insulated precast concrete panels, with painted vertical accent stipes that align with sawtooth tops. The vertical stripes in combination with the sawtooth tops, create a 3D illusion that the panels project in and out like an accordion, adding some architectural pizzazz to this rectangular manufacturing plant.



1803APPRD.indd 22

The 3D illusion makes the panels project in and out like an accordion, adding some architectural pizzazz to this boxy manufacturing plant.

THERMALLY SOUND The insulated wall panels have a 3-in. face wythe backed up by 3-in. of expanded polystyrene breadboard (EPS) with a 4-in. back wythe of concrete.

Precast Summary The precast panels consisted of 65,886 sq. ft of CarbonCast High-Performance Insulated Wall Panels that are typically 10-in. thick, 12-ft. wide × 43-ft.-6-in. tall. The tallest panel is 46-ft.-10-in. tall and the heaviest panel weighs 51,502 lbs. Both wythes of the insulated panels are prestressed to given them beam strength and load-bearing capacity. They span from foundation to roof structure without requiring wind bracing.

connected with carbon fiber grid trusses to produce a thermally efficient panel with an R-value of R-12. The door and window openings have a solid zone surrounding the openings to facilitate attachment of the frames. The solid zones represent only about 10% of the surface area, leaving a net R-value of R-11, still about 50% over the code requirement for this climate zone.

There are 144 pieces and erection took 15 working days. The insulated wall panels have a 3-in. face wythe backed up by 3-in. of expanded polystyrene breadboard (EPS) with a 4-in. back wythe of concrete. The wythes are

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The clear choice.

Visit us at Booth #3354 RESHAPE YOUR STOREFRONT WITH FRAMELESS GLASS Hufcor’s Frameless GlassWall allows you to showcase your retail space seamlessly and easily. Whether you are looking to optimize customer flow through your store or enhance the visual experience, our Frameless GlassWall delivers dynamic flexibility maximizing the customer experience. Frameless GlassWall utilizes fully custom design-build solutions, from custom slimline rail finishes, to multiple glass options that meet the desired needs for any retail space. Contact Hufcor to learn more about our movable wall solutions in space management. » » » »

No floor tracks Polished glass edges Single or paired panels In-line or hinged pass doors

» Multiple rail finish choices » Multiple glass options » Factory or field applied custom graphics and decals

2018 GlobalShop Chicago, IL

» Door handle options » Locking solutions

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Decorative Concrete


Sense of Place The Northside Church in Clovis, Calif. reinvented the plaza space in front of the church as a dynamic new baptismal center.

The Northside Church’s primary goal was to create a place where people felt welcome and connected. “In the early conversations about the baptismal plaza, the church’s goal was to provide a place for people to connect—to their faith and one another,” says Terry Broussard, Principal with Broussard Assocs., who led design services for the new amenity, which opened in Sept. 2016. Broussard believes that effective landscape architecture positively impacts the way people live, work, play and pray by mixing architecture, horticulture, engineering and art into a single practice. “The church was committed to the idea of creating a space that invited others in, those who might not be attracted to traditional churches.” To expand the range of interest, the church decided to spruce up the plaza with a new handcrafted coffee shop, called the Frappe House, to accompany the baptismal pool and amphitheater seating. The design required the plaza to connect the church’s primary entrance, the existing youth center next door and the coffee shop while also meeting the original baptismal objectives in a harmonious space. The challenge Broussard found was in working to accommodate a diverse program of possible uses and group sizes that would all fit into a relatively small volume of space which was tucked between three structures, while maintaining the independent functions that would maintain a central focus on the pool. Creating harmonious connections between the three facilities, while having a modern, socially contemporary design aesthetic, led to the continual use of curvilinear patterns that spiral out from the baptismal pool. Radiating outward, the patterns form seating areas, viewing sections and gathering spaces, as the plaza steps up from the pool toward each building. The use of curves in the design allows the energy of each space to be focused on either the main building it serves or, conversely, all toward the center during baptisms. The key to tying it all together, Broussard shares, was in the primary material choice—decorative concrete. “Decorative concrete is wonderfully flexible in terms of being able to create virtually any combina-



1803APPRD.indd 24

tion of color and texture imaginable at a reasonable cost,” continues Broussard. “Here we used Bomanite products, which are a very viable solution for public spaces where design matters and ordinary broom finished concrete isn’t going to feel special.” Broussard took the clients to see several different decorative concrete projects and then introduced them to Heritage Bomanite, which serves central California from Fresno. The company has been on the vanguard of the specialty concrete movement since they became the third Bomanite licensed contractor in 1973. Owner Sergio Ilic appreciated the opportunity to work with clients like the church to fine-tune the product selection process. “Having clients come in, see and feel the different products and understand all of the variables is essential to ensuring satisfaction,” he says. The final scope of work included 41,000 sq. ft. of flat work, 650 lineal ft. of walls, and some 4000 sq. ft. of polished concrete in the Frappe House. “They ended up using a combination of the antico Bomanite light brown and three different integral mixes with three different techniques to get the cohesive, yet varied look they wanted to connect the spaces.” Though Ilic admits that Heritage Bomanite isn’t likely to be the cheapest option on any specialty project, his clients understand that Bomanite’s inherent quality comes from a combination of its product integrity and the craftsmanship his team employs to complete the work. It is the camaraderie among the Bomanite Licensees that helps set such a high standard for Bomanite as a solution for decorative hardscapes. Ilic suggests that it’s in the variety of products from a single, reputable source that make the difference. Visit or Circle 420


RADIANT THINKING Creating harmonious connections between the church’s three buildings, while adding a modern aesthetic, led to the continual use of curvilinear patterns that spiral out from the baptismal pool. Radiating outward, the patterns form seating areas, viewing sections and gathering spaces as the plaza steps up from the pool toward each building.

BOMANITE A proprietary decorative concrete system, Bomanite employs proven, and licensed imprinted concrete techniques to produce various toppings, overlays, colorations systems or polished concrete.

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Parking garages that spark the heart, catch the eye, inspire the soul. More than facades, GKD Metal Fabrics weaves aesthetic and purpose into the most essential architectural elements. Feel the possibilities, order a sample kit for your firm’s library today. Call 1-800-453-8616.






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Thermal Bridging



(Left) Four STBs at each of four steel rooftop penetrations per cooling tower prevent thermal bridging between exterior and interior environments while supporting loads.

THERMAL BREAK Isokörb’s Type S22 structural thermal break is a load-bearing thermal insulation element for steel structures; it consists of insulation foam held under compression with bolted stainless steel rods between two end plates.

Photo courtesy: SmithGroupJJR

(Below, left) The threetiered corona of the National Museum of African American History and Culture symbolizes faith, hope and resiliency.









The diagram shows vertical orientation of steel structural thermal breaks at NMAAHC rooftop (right), opposed to a typical horizontal orientation (left).

CAREFULLY BALANCED The National Museum of African American History and Culture provides a sensitive environment that balances energy efficiency and comfortable humidity levels against the need to protect priceless artifacts from the damaging effects of interior condensation. To help achieve this delicate balance, rooftop penetrations through the building envelope were insulated from interior support structures using the latest in structural thermal break technology.


Stone Cold Stop Measures to address rooftop penetrations on the roof the Smithsonian’s newest facility put the breaks on thermal issues to prevent condensation inside. The National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) is the first Smithsonian facility to aim for LEED Gold. It is also the first to incorporate structural thermal breaks (STBs) as part of an over-arching conservation strategy. “Although energy efficiency is high on the museum’s priority list, protecting the collection is paramount. The textiles, woods and other similar organic materials are very sensitive to temperature changes,” says Marcus Wilkes, SmithGroupJJR principal. “Museum environments often require 50% relative humidity, which puts pressure on the envelope that other building types don’t typically face. We therefore pursued thermal break solutions, more to combat condensation than for energy efficiency, but both were important.”

Solving Mold Problems According to Wilkes, the biggest risk to a museum’s mission critical function, from an envelope perspective, is thermal bridging, in which structural concrete or steel penetrations such as at rooftop connections, canopies and balconies conduct cold through the insulated envelope and dissipate it into the warm interior environment during winter months. In addition to wasting energy, these chilled penetrations



1803APPRD.indd 26

can form condensation in the warm interior, especially where humidity is sufficiently high enough for the exposed cold structure to reach the dew point. As a result, mold can grow on cold surfaces. SmithGroupJJR’s specification for the NMAAHC envelope called for diligence about insulation and membrane continuity, as well as some “heroic detailing” to prevent thermal bridging. The firm designed the façade to provide continuous insulation. However, a major design change about three quarters of the way into the documentation process introduced new risks and challenges. “At the last minute, we had to swap out a chilled-water connection with rooftop cooling towers, so we suddenly had an unprotected piece of structure on the roof we hadn’t accounted for that was a serious thermal bridge at a load-bearing condition,” Wilkes said. The resulting rooftop structure is a composite construction in which the steel truss frame is overlaid with poured concrete and topped by a membrane and insulation. The cooling towers are supported by steel posts penetrating through the insulation. Exhibit space lies directly below the cooling towers, so any potential for thermal bridging had to be eliminated. Isokorb Structural thermal breaks (STBs) from Schöck proved the solution. “They were the only option,” said Wilkes, who had first heard about the components at a conference prior to the NMAAHC commission. “I kept the product at the back of my mind, and when this unique situation surfaced, the STB seemed like a happy marriage.”

Insulating While Supporting Loads Schöck engineers assessed factored loads from the self-weight of the cooling towers and the wind at roof level to determine the number of STBs required to attain continuous insulation and support throughout the roof structure. The Isokorb Type S22 specified for the job is a load-bearing thermal insulation element for steel structures that accommodates normal and shear forces. A block of Neopor insulation foam, 2-in. to 3-in. thick, forms the thermal break and is held under compression with high-strength bolted stainless steel rods between two end plates. Steel STBs are oriented horizontally for canopy and balcony penetrations, but vertically in this application. The structural moments at the rooftop are transferred and the load of the cooling tower is transmitted by the STBs, which are arranged in a quad pattern of four modules at each of four penetrations through the roof, for a total of 16 STBs per cooling tower. By reducing thermal bridging, STBs prevent the building’s roof columns and beams from chilling interior cavities, which could create condensation and encourage mold growth that would ultimately threaten the museum’s collection. The energy savings also afforded by the thermal breaks reduce heat loss at each point of penetration by up to 50%, contributing to sustainable design and NMAAHC’s LEED certification goals. Visit or Circle


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JUST AS YOU IMAGINED Where texture, warmth and color strike a perfect balance. A place where you’ve always belonged. Where life’s richest moments are meant to take place.

© 2018 Brett Beyer Photography

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Create Aesthetic Adaptable Spaces

©Garrett Rowland

Gensler Morristown, Morristown NJ • Architect: Gensler • NanaWall HSW60 with open corner, no floor track, and swing door

NanaWall Single Track Systems Panels can stack anywhere.

Design interior spaces that transform with ease. Individual panels allow for endless configurations with no floor track required.

All the same performance qualities as NanaWall Folding Systems: Wind & Water


Energy Efficient

Highly Secure

Easy Operation & Durable

Collaborate with our Design Team on your plans.

Showrooms Nationwide Visit 800 873 5673 Circle 39

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at s


Fr ag o m i te ng the p r ctu g l a B i gl oje ral zin g A a z ct v i s g ’ p p s in s , i a le g t o te hes ns t est to c o SO hn e p li het the fe ic P ol r LA og ofi . T s a ara le R a n y d k M a n s s in d e ise A d ho g a ne o N f co w r A l l a c a c l o s g y th e G effi P EM b o se C e a ra ey r lo ci ac EN of pit tiv e- ok en ific a r T e c ci en ec liz de atc at e ,d e r e n i ng th s t e s i s h ig in re o g gy t o n g b n By effi pro n t te de e re rin ers a h g j c a Ba m s ig e ci ec e e n ts la rb ac ns nt the re le ar cy sh tes hi , t hig ir a ve ev he h a an ow t g H em la -p rch ror l d c a en tes rofi iw oc as zin it z ts t i l e e g cu n . -B pa stu tec en nt nn hn ne tt c o i ng o l ,c o m on fo arc gie tr i h r t. ite s, a bu ti n ct tr ur io g w e, r it er


03 . 2018

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F E AT U R E 




3/2/18 10:48 AM



Described as “an inspired hybrid of the traditional courtyard block and high-rise tower” by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) jurors who named VIA 57 West the best tall building in the Americas’ category in 2016, Bjarke Ingels’ (BIG) shape-shifting design is a sight to behold. Encompassing a full city block at the corner of West 57th St. and the West Side Hwy., the unique, eye-catching

structure presents uninterrupted views toward the Hudson River Park and the waterfront. “Its complex and intelligentlyorientated architecture maximizes occupants’ views to the Hudson River and activates the New York City waterfront with a dynamic new standard for integrated urban infill development,” stated CTBUH juror Michael Palladino, FAIA, design partner, Richard Meier & Partners Architects, Los Angeles.

Also winner of the prestigious Emporis Skyscraper Award, VIA 57 West was designed with 350,000 sq. ft. of curtainwall, a 110,000-sq.-ft. stainless steel slope wall and 1200 stainless steel cladding components. The exterior façade facing Midtown Manhattan rises up with a 467-ft. spire, the western façade fronting the Hudson River looks like a glittering metal-clad pyramid, and an internal courtyard creates a European-inspired neighborhood feel.

Photo courtesy: Vitro Architectural Glass

VIA 57 West New York City


VIA 57 WEST Designed by Bjarke Ingels Group, downtown Manhattan’s VIA 57 West features a pyramid-shaped façade and views of both Hudson River Park and the waterfront. A large European-inspired internal courtyard creates a neighborhood feel for what Ingels describes as a ‘courtscraper.’

Photo courtesy: Benson Industries

Project: VIA 57 West Architect: BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) Glass Fabricator: Tecnoglass Glazing Contractor: Enclos Product: Solarban 70XL glass Photo: Tom Kessler Photography



1803APTRL.indd 30

03 10.2014 . 2018

3/2/18 10:48 AM




“One of the project’s main unique features of BIG’s philosophy is their willingness to change the skyline of the places where they have a presence.” —Carlos Amín, Vice President, Sales, Tecnoglass

Photo courtesy: Vitro Architectural Glass

INTRICATE GLAZING The 350,000-sq.-ft. of curtainwall and a 110,000-sq.ft. stainless steel slope wall are clad with Solarban 70XL’s triple-silver low-E glazing. To support the windows breaks, corners and transitions in almost every floor, the glass had to fabricated into very intricate pieces.

“In recent decades, some of the most interesting urban developments have come in the form of nature and public space, reinserting themselves back into the post-industrial pockets, freeing up around the city,” explains Bjarke Ingels, founding partner, BIG, in offering background on his unique VIA 57 West design. “Located at the northern tip of the Hudson River Park, VIA 57 West continues this process of greenification allowing open space to invade the urban fabric of the Manhattan city grid. In an unlikely fusion of what seems to be two mutually exclusive typologies—the courtyard and the skyscraper, the Courtscraper is the most recent addition to the Manhattan skyline.” “The courtyard literally looks like it was cut into the façade of the building,” describes Julia Unitas Giba, manager, Vitro Glass Concierge Program, Pittsburgh, whose

03 . 2018

1803APTRL.indd 31

company supplied the Solarban 70XL glass used throughout the structure. “There really is no building like it in the world,” she continues. “In a city like New York, with all its great architecture, it’s difficult to create a building that really stands out in terms of appearance. Every space was created to meet contemporary demands for occupant comfort, amenities and views, but the building also offers dozens of affordably priced apartments in a city known for expensive real estate.” In offering views of the Hudson River through oversized bay windows in the complex’s 709 apartments units, Solarban 70XL’s triplesilver low-emissivity glazing optimizes light transmittance while blocking a high percentage of the ambient solar energy and reducing demand on the building’s HVAC systems. In particular, the floor-to-ceiling

windows deliver a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.27 and a visible light transmittance of 64% in a standard 1-in. insulating glass unit. In all, more than 5000 window units were fabricated in a complex array of shapes and sizes and incorporated into the curtainwall. “Since every floor was unique, as the perimeter shrunk with every inch we went up, window sizes and quantities changed from bottom to top,” relates Carlos Amín, vice president, sales, Tecnoglass, Miami. “In order to allow the windows to have so many breaks, corners and transitions in almost every floor, we had to fabricate very intricate pieces to support the aluminum cladding, insulation, glass, etc.”

with their respective aluminum frame, at the correct moment during production,” he adds. Even though the various sizes and configurations were not so atypical, the fabrication task was no less difficult. “Usually when planning the production of a skyscraper, we schedule our operations based on the progression of each floor, but for this project, only the units within the center zones were similar, and the amount was reduced as we escalated through the sky, making it more difficult as we reached the edges,” he explains.

Amín relates that everybody on the engineering team understood the importance of the project from the very beginning, so a concerted effort was made to support that required level of coordination.

Solarban 70XL (2) + Clear VLT: 64% SHGC: 0.27 LSG ratio: 0.37

In order to make this all work, a high level of planning was essential. Furthermore, a high level of communication and coordination was critical.

“The building was designed with specific patterns that, once identified, allowed us to plan exactly how and when to produce each glass lite, allowing for them to meet perfectly



3/2/18 12:06 PM


7 Bryant Park New York City


In creating this gesture toward the park, Yvonne Szeto, partner, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Architects, New York, explains the design had to be done efficiently so as not to waste square footage on the floorplate. The result is what the New York Times describes as “two arresting pairs of giant ice-scream scoopers” sliced out of the building’s northeast corner. “The [lower] cone leans out and narrows to a prow at level eight and then leans back and widens to the top of its 38 stories,” explains Jeffrey C. Heymann, vice president, business development, Benson Industries, New York, subcontractor on the project.



1803APTRL.indd 32

“What’s noteworthy is the detailing of the cone with respect to the curved aluminum elements and the control of snow and water shedding from the hour glass.” Neighboring the much taller Bank of America Tower, which commands the skyline in this area of midtown Manhattan, New York Times’ architecture critic Michael Kimmelman describes 7 Bryant Park’s architecture as declaring itself to be the Bank of America building’s little brother. “For their part, the architects found a way to animate the façade so that, seen from the park, it plays off its neighbors, the stately rhythm of its 10-ft. wide modular windows syncopating with the busier window patterns of the buildings around it,” he writes. While most commercial buildings in the area utilize a 5-ft. vertical module, the architect chose floor-to-ceiling 10-ft. wide × 7-ft. high lites of low-E glass inside 10 × 10 panels divided by a suppressed muntin approximately twothirds of the way up.

Photo courtesy: Vitro Architectural Glass

Just two miles north of Via 57 West, architectural fans will find yet another noteworthy high-profile glazing project at 7 Bryant Park. Best known for its signature hour-glass nod to neighboring Bryant Park, the Pei Cobb Freed-designed, LEED Gold-certified mid-rise features highly transparent 10-ft. × 10-ft. openings glazed with Solarban 60 on Starphire UltraClear glass.

03 10.2014 . 2018

3/2/18 11:57 AM



“It gives a more generous feeling on the façade,” states Bruce White, associate partner, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, in a Metals in Construction article. “On the inside you get a much more panoramic view—you do not have the jail bars of vertical lines.” Layering another element into the texture, 4-ft. high × 10-ft. wide horizontal spandrels, finished with stainless steel, add another element of texture, reflecting sunlight during the day and colored lights in the evening. In addition, cove lighting fronted by a frosted glass panel is inserted in a rear fascia at the top of the glass panes. The effect is a warm glow inside with dramatic exterior lighting.

Glazing Selection and Fabrication In terms of how Solarban 60 on Starphire Ultra-Clear glass was specified, a number of low-iron, low-E glass products were displayed on a 40-ft. tall × 15-ft. wide replica of the building’s curtainwall and the two Vitro products won the “beauty contest,” according to Heymann. “The fact that Solarban 60 on Starphire glass let in so much light made it easier to harmonize with the conical elements of the façade, which were performance-tested separately, then assembled and installed in sequence with the rest of the curtainwall,” adds Heymann.

03 . 2018

1803APTRL.indd 33


Solarban 60 Starphire + Starphire glass VLT: 74 VLT exterior: 11 VLT interior: 12 BTU, winter night: 0.29 BTU, winter argon: 0.24 SHGC: 0.41 LSG: 1.80

The full-size mockup also involved evaluating the different selections on the basis of color, processing flatness and controlling heat treating/roller mark distortion, explains Arthur Berkowitz, executive vice president, J.E. Berkowitz (JEB), Pedricktown, N.J., whose company fabricated the glass systems. “Unlike most projects, where that distortion is in a horizontal plane, this project had it in a vertical plane, so there was even more emphasis on heat-treat processing and flatness.”

The glass blocks 66% of the total solar energy while allowing 70% of the visible light to pass through.

Project: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Architects LLP Developer: Hines General Contractor: Turner Construction Glass Fabricator: J.E. Berkowitz Glazing Contractor: Benson Industries Products: Solarban 60 Starphire + Starphire glass Photos: Tom Kessler Building Use: Retail, Office, multi-unit

Another challenging aspect involved the fact that the individual curtainwall panels were too large to be able to store on-site. “We had no choice but to deliver on a just-in-time basis,” relates Heymann. Giving credit to J.E. Berkowitz, Heymann relates that JEB’s ability to source the coated Starphire based upon Benson’s material release schedule was a major contribution in being able to deliver the curtainwall to the site just in time, and in the correct installation sequence, thereby enabling the project to be enclosed on a floorby-floor basis.

HOURGLASS DESIGN Pei Cobb Freed’s unique hourglass corner design for the LEED Gold-certified 7 Bryant Park mid-rise features highly transparent large-sized openings glazed with Solarban 60 on Starphire Ultra-Clear glass. The cone-shaped corner leans out and narrows to a prow at level 8 and then leans back and widens to the top of 7 Bryant Park’s 38 stories. Pei Cobb Freed selected floor-to-ceiling 10-ft.-wide × 7-ft.high lites of low-E glass inside 10 × 10 panels divided by a suppressed muntin approximately two thirds of the way up.

“Architects found a way to animate the façade so that, seen from the park, it plays off its neighbors, the stately rhythm of its 10-ft. wide modular windows syncopating with the busier window patterns of the buildings around it.” —Michael Kimmelman, New York Times’ architecture critic



3/2/18 10:49 AM



Anaha Tower Honolulu, Hawaii


Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) teamed up with Benjamin Woo Architects to design the graceful 38-story, LEED-silver certified Anaha Tower. SCB principal Strachan Forgan, San Francisco, explains that the tower’s shape is derived from a sequence of interlocking and alternating softly curved floor plates, wrapped in a glass skin. “The composition is reminiscent of the play between the crests and troughs of a calm ocean wave. Like a wave, the reflection of light off the façade will constantly alter as the viewpoint and environmental conditions change.”

Photo courtesy: Marco Garcia/Guardian Glass

In order for the alternating forms to be read as soft and interlocking, SCB required true radiused insulated units that would not facet the windows at the corners. “Selecting a high performing coated glass that could be radiused in large pieces, without optical distortion, was a key technical decision in support of the design,” explains Forgan.

REFLECTION OF LIGHT Solomon Cordwell Buenz and Benjamin Woo Architects specified SunGuard SNR 43 coating on CrystalGray glass for Honolulu’s LEED-silver certified Anaha Tower, named after the Hawaiian word for reflection of light.



1803APTRL.indd 34

Furthermore, the curtainwall had to be carefully designed and engineered to achieve the transitions between the forms, which also created a series of soffit and

small roof conditions. Guardian SunGuard SNR 43 coating on CrystalGray glass could be bent to meet the SHGC requirements dictated by the energy requirements. In order to fine-tune the visible light transmission (VLT) levels, these values were evaluated and selected to provide a good balance between inviting the natural Hawaiian light into the residences, and providing enough solar control to guard against too much glare. “The VLT was also considered in conjunction with reflectivity when considering privacy for the residents from outside looking in,” adds Forgan. “As Hawaii is primarily a coolingintense environment, a very low solar heat gain coefficient was essential to ensure that a high degree of glass could be used to capitalize on the views without overly burdening the building systems.” The glazing’s low lightto-solar gain ratio, which was incidentally well above the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s “spectrally selective” definition of 1.25, all contributed to the building’s LEED Silver certification. The building’s floor-to-ceiling windows allow for abundant natural light, which contributes to the IEQ credit for daylight for 75% of spaces.

03 10.2014 . 2018

3/2/18 10:49 AM

Out of sight.

Bobrick’s privacy partitions eliminate sight lines between doors and stiles, and above and below panels.

Gap-Free interlocking design.

Max. Height doors and panels.

Sight lines between doors and stiles are an emerging sensitivity in restrooms. Our Gap-Free design is an integrated solution.

4 5/16" floor clearance vs 12", and 72" panel height vs 58". Specify Gap-Free and Max. Height for double the privacy.


Circle 40

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3/1/18 9:28 AM



D E S I G N + H E A LT H


Office 360

THINKING OUTSIDE THE CUBE by Megan Mazzocco, senior editor



1803APFEA.indd 36


With employees working from everywhere and nowhere, the open office plan requires a redesign. The pace of technology is nudging corporations and individuals to explore an unprecedented sense of flexibility and spaciousness in the design of tomorrow’s workplace.

03 . 2018

3/2/18 10:54 AM


03 . 2018

1803APFEA.indd 37


D E S I G N + H E A LT H



3/2/18 10:54 AM



D E S I G N + H E A LT H

888 BRANNAN STREET, HOUSTON Gensler’s renovation of the 1917 Eveready Battery facility introduces four stories of natural light and a significantly scaled green wall into a courtyard-like space. The large open volume affords office employees proverbial breathing room where informal brainstorming, open meetings, or all-hands-on-deck gatherings may take place.

Acting as the connective tissue of the office space, this large breezeway encourages active design. Its appeal draws employees from every department, encouraging serendipitous meetings.


ith Wi-Fi becoming ubiquitous, the far reaches of technology are redefining work lives. What was once referred to as work-life balance, has really become “24/7 life unscripted,” as take-along technology allows for spontaneity with connectedness. “It has only been 10 years, but you can’t imagine people not having a smart phone in their hand everywhere they go, all day long,” says Gensler’s Dean Strombom.


Houston-based Strombom maintains that the workplace is changing, but keeping up with the pace of technology goes beyond the office



1803APFEA.indd 38

untethered concept to the “Free-Range Worker,” the title of a NeoCon session authored by the architect and his colleague, and contemporary, Sven Govaars. The duo’s most recent title, “Don’t Fence Me In,” makes the case that employees are on-call 24/7, so having the liberty to work wherever they want whenever they want, with whomever they want, seems like a reasonable tradeoff. “If we have the environments and technology to support that, then there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t come to the office on their own schedule.” Megan Spinos, director of workplace strategy at

Vocon, Cleveland concurs, saying “the blurry line of mobility means that work has become more of an experience than a place.” And that means companies are using space differently. “Although dedicated real estate per employee is less, the space overall has not shrunk, it just supports people in a different way.” Enter amenities: work cafes, one-on-one rooms, open and closed collaboration, and regenerative spaces like meditation rooms or napping pods. Taking advantage of such amenities, of course, is something that depends entirely on corporate culture. “A company has to have a social contract that it’s okay to work out or use


Dean Strombom leads the design of corporate campuses, commercial office buildings, workplace interiors and mixed-use developments at Gensler.

03 . 2018

3/2/18 10:55 AM


ETSY HEADQUARTERS, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY Blurring the lines between workplace and home base is Gensler’s design for Etsy’s 200,000-sq.-ft. facility. The living-room like spaces and intimate niches celebrate the art of making, expressing the narrative of Etsy’s journey. Key elements of the design introduce greenery, and authentically locally sourced materials in all spaces. The result is a series of cozy environments and task-oriented creative zones for employees to choose from based on individual needs, shifting tasks and responsibilities, and organic daily schedules.


D E S I G N + H E A LT H

“The blurry line of mobility means that work has become more of an experience than a place.” —Megan Spinos, Director of Workplace Strategy, Vocon

DESIGN HIVE, HOUSTON Developer, Brookfield, engaged Gensler to design its next-generation spec office suites under the Design Hive label. The design provides office neighborhoods that support various work modes where employees can work openly, informally lounge, or conference privately.

03 . 2018

1803APFEA.indd 39



3/2/18 10:55 AM



D E S I G N + H E A LT H

SHIFT DIGITAL, BIRMINGHAM, MICH Vocon recently worked with Michigan-based digital agency Shift Digital on their expansion projects in Birmingham, Mich. and Laguna Beach, Calif. Employees are encouraged to work from open, shared spaces throughout the day to remain engaged and balanced in their experience at work.

OFFICE SPACES The spaces includes a multi-purpose cafe, a presentation stage, a mixture of open and closed lounges and open benchstyle desks. Presentation Stage

Employees are only sitting at dedicated workspaces 30% to 40% of the day, and other times they are using activitybased workspaces that support a variety of work tasks.

Open and Closed Lounges

Open Bench Style Desks

Inexpensive Expansiveness An expansive concept of office spaces does not mean expensive, and a generational shift in the workforce has contributed to altered expectations of work, says Perkins+Will Global Interior Design Director, Joan Blumenfeld. “Younger generations are so accustomed to technology and teamwork that they have untethered the idea of status tied to space.”



1803APFEA.indd 40

As dressing down for work is universally accepted, the office has become much more living room-like, says Blumenfeld. “Work is getting so much more relaxed and casual, and it is not just the way people dress, says Blumenfeld. “It is a much more tolerant format about where you sit or even how you sit.”

Freelancers and those participating in the gig economy embody the casual vibe that allows them to work from home in yoga clothes, frequent their local coffee shop, or decide to rent a co-working space when there’s a desire to exchange ideas with like-minded professionals or be in a social environment, says Strombom. He’s observed co-working’s impact driving the rise

of a choice of environments in the workplace. As corporations took note, the thinking, says Strombom, is to provide alternative work settings tailored to help individuals find what they want in a workplace, get out of the office and go somewhere else on campus, or create their own communities within a corporate environment.

Vocon’s study of one of the “Big Five” accounting firms backs this up; it found employees are only sitting at dedicated workspaces 30% to 40% of the day, and other times they are using activity-based workspaces that support a variety—up to 15 different work tasks. “We really want people to come to the workplace for a specific reason,” says Vocon’s Spinos.

“Sometimes, the best option may be to stay at home, and then the workplace becomes a destination.”

03 . 2018

3/2/18 10:55 AM



D E S I G N + H E A LT H

ALEXION, NEW HAVEN, CONN. Perkins+Will’s design centers on flexibility and co-working. Free-address workstations also address the practical consideration of the workspace to adapt operationally to shifting projects, departments’ needs and the ability to grow and expand. Standing meetings are more efficient: denoted by the pendant lighting in an otherwise open space, acoustic ceilings ensure that the space remains tranquil, conducive to thinking, and speaking in six-in. voices.

SHIFT DIGITAL, LAGUNA BEACH, CALIF. Providing a series of acoustically sound, heads-down spaces with glass doors allows employees to see at-aglance if they are available. The office’s informal “dining room” environment exudes a collective cafe vibe.

Below, the semitransparent nature of the perforated acoustic screens in Alexion’s open meeting area implies spontaneity; surrounding occupants may pop in or out of a discussion while others may use another section of the table to spread out or brainstorm.


03 . 2018

1803APFEA.indd 41



3/2/18 10:55 AM



D E S I G N + H E A LT H

SUPERIOR EXTERIOR What’s more than a building that provides connections to the outdoors is a workstation immersed in the great outdoors.


Destination on Location Sometimes working from anywhere can mean working from nowhere; specifically, immersed in nature. And as companies arrive at offering multiple Wi-Fi layers and a connected a campus, employees may enjoy Wi-Fi anywhere inside or outside of the building. “There’s no reason people can’t work outside on a nice enough day with a robust connection to the network,” says Gensler’s Dean Strombom. That said, the bulk of outdoor furniture has been designed to suit public parks or high-end hotels or hospitality applications, and sometimes employees in corporate settings don’t feel like they appear productive enough to warrant setting up a laptop outside. “We noticed that people avoid tables with umbrellas over them,” observes Landscape Forms’ Kirt Martin, head of marketing and design for the landscape furniture team that created the GO Outdoor table. Brands like Landscape Forms are redefining the landscape as part of the productivity zone. Equipped with power, optional cantilevered canopy, lighting and a flat screen, the GO Outdoor table makes for a productivity destination, says Martin.

With unlimited access to natural light, power and fresh air, Landscape Forms’ furniture facilitates unbridled clarity and creativity.

“There’s no reason people can’t work outside on a nice enough day with a robust connection to the network.” —Dean Strombom, Gensler

Above, the GO Outdoor table is shown with its own photovolataic canopy and media wall; the table is shown to the right without the canopy, as occupants are sheltered by the building’s deep overhang.



1803APFEA.indd 42

In addition to robust outdoor furniture groupings, and a Wi-Fi connection, office productivity still relies heavily on the availability and convenience of powering our devices. Legrand ensures that outdoor power and charging has come to fruition. Legrand offers USB charging stations and permanent, easily accessible, below-grade powerboxes. Martin says people go out of their way to seek out power stations. “They’re about as much of a draw as water fountains were historically.” Landscape architects and designers preparing to plan or advocate for outdoor furniture groupings in natural settings can turn to the designdriven, company for its extensive resources. Landscape Forms’ website offers tips, sketches and spacing advice for human-centric landscapes across markets. “It not only says what to specify or how many, or the spacing, it tells you the why behind it,” says Martin. The why being that being outdoors reduces stress, and boosts creativity and cognitive function, is just the tip of the iceberg. “You are happier being more connected to nature,” says Gensler’s Strombom. “At best, now architects provide a view, but as technology improves, you’ll be able to work anywhere you want to work.”

03 . 2018

3/2/18 10:55 AM



ď ľ

D E S I G N + H E A LT H

SOUND STATION CHAIRS Emerge 212’s flexible layouts provide varied settings to accommodate every work situation, including restorative time in Serenity Rooms, which are outfitted with noise cancelling Bluetooth Beatnik Sound Station chairs.

1185 AVENUE OF THE AMERICAS, NYC A pioneer in the co-working space, Emerge 212 is a New York City provider of full-service office suites. They incorporate all of the desirable elements of a free-range office space, including top infrastructure requirements, such as security and technology.

03 . 2018

1803APFEA.indd 43

A central staircase facilitates active design, and small details, such as the overhead shelf adorned with multicolored glass vases, add a resi-mercial, hospitality like touch the brand is known to provide.



3/2/18 10:55 AM



D E S I G N + H E A LT H

Closing the Loop Ten years ago, clients considering LEED buildings and healthy workspaces used to require evidence of increased productivity and tangible improvements to the bottom line, says Blumenfeld. “We don’t have those discussions anymore.” Strombom predicts the same is coming to bear for the benefits of the “free-range” employee, as our expert maintains that the office untethered makes not only for workers who are more productive employees, but it allows people to be more effective individuals. “The open, flexible ability of working anytime, anywhere, allows increased productivity not only at work, but in one’s life,” stresses Strombom. “This pragmatic approach allows people to work most effectively,” agrees Spinos. And the bonus, she says, is that companies remain agile to grow and can shift spaces to use differently when the need arises. There is a learning curve to all of this unbridled productivity, admits Spinos, but when IT, security and HR are all on board for change management from the outset of a renovation, it comes together relatively quickly. In fact, Vocon has collected evidence that employees are making choices and organizing their workdays in ways that empower them to be more productive within six months of a major renovation.



1803APFEA.indd 44

Strombom circles back to technology for guidance. “Technology started the loop and can close the loop.” He predicts that IoT and “devices that can talk to one another,” tools like Microsoft Office 365—a technology that delivers a weekly report of device usage and location—will become more prevalent and useful as a technology which may help nudge people into behaviors that improve work style and performance. Employees may opt-in or out of this service, but for employers, the nudge to modernize is a certainty, predicts Strombom. “I think individuals and teams are going to demand the kind of spaces that we have been talking about and that ability to work however they want to.”

GENSLER, HOUSTON The ideation space above includes a ping-pong table that doubles as a conference table when the net is removed. The cafe space is a yoga room where employees can stretch bodies and minds in order to jump-start creativity.

MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 A new usage overview dashboard provides users with a picture of how, where and when they are using their smart devices and applications.

DONER, DETROIT Vocon helped ad agency, Doner, renovate its offices in Detroit. The innovative company also launched a “creative kitchen” hub in downtown Detroit. The collaborative space features gigabit internet, modular furniture and adaptable spaces that in minutes transform from living room, to classroom, to formal meeting space.

03 . 2018

3/2/18 10:56 AM



Designing for diversity in the workplace manifests in a variety of private spaces such as prayer rooms, nursing pods and soundproof booths for individuals, one-on-ones and small groups.

Privacy Please Progressive employers are going a step beyond flexibility, to provide on-site amenities that facilitate work-life balance, observes Vocon’s Director of Workplace Strategy, Megan Spinos, “It comes down to making sure that all my needs are met, so I can be a better employee.” She has designed for onsite package services, locker services, fitness centers and dry cleaning. “We are putting in mothers’ rooms and prayer rooms,” adds Spinos.

Employers desiring more dedicated spaces to facilitate activities that support workforce diversity without an office redesign can turn to pre-fab environments that accommodate acoustic and visual privacy for specific tasks. These pod-like environments, such as Mamava lactation pods and Jabbrrbox sound booths are delivered to the market ready-to-use. Mamava lactation pods empower nursing mothers on-the-go by providing a serene, private and clean environment conducive to those expressing breast milk or nursing infants on-the-go. Jabbrrbox is a soundproof booth that provides an open plan office or public spaces with on-demand visual and acoustical privacy.

SOUND-PROOF BOOTH Jabbrrbox is a sound-proof booth that provides an open plan workplace or a public space with visual and acoustical privacy on-demand. The technology-enabled pods come in two sizes: a 48 × 48 × 90 footprint enables individuals to conduct confidential phone conversations, or headsdown work that requires connectivity, and a 78 × 48 × 90 footprint—Jabbrrbox II, provides a closed workroom where teams can discuss confidential projects or host larger conference calls. The enterprise solution offers current technology suite of Bluetooth capability, adjustable lighting, camera, flight-tracking and encrypted Wi-Fi for secure messaging. Circle 418

03 . 2018

1803APFEA.indd 45

D E S I G N + H E A LT H


Blue Cross Blue Shield’s corporate campus simplifies the logistics of doctor visits by providing an on-site infirmary and a pharmacy. Other corporate campuses simplify logistics for working parents by including a childcare facility. This reflects Spinos’ experience in designing for diversity in the workforce.

Sound-proof booths provide on-demand workrooms for in office privacy or for travelers to achieve office continuity.

Mamava and Jabbrrbox both support the free-range employee by providing a subscription-based service for those who routinely conduct business on-the-go and require a small, secure space to touchdown when in the middle of a commute or an on-site event. For instance, airports across the country provide Mamava Lactation pods, and Jabbrrbox just landed at three locations inside JFK and is expected to continue making headway into transportation hubs and offices in other major cities. An appbased interface allows individuals to access their subscriptions and unlock privacy in the public realm.

 The prefabricated enclosed structures feature a shelf, a bench seat, an electrical outlet and a lockable door.

LACTATION IN ACTION Mamava lactation pods empower nursing mothers by providing a serene, private and clean environment conducive to those collecting breast milk or nursing infants on-the-go. Visit or



Since its inception in 2013, Mamava has been adopted by employers, business owners and even the military. To date there are more than 200 lactation pods in use; the new Mamava app with a smartlock feature guides mothers to pod locations and the smartlock feature provides access to registered users. ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS


3/2/18 10:56 AM



D E S I G N + H E A LT H

BLOOMBERG, SYDNEY Perkins+Will’s interior design for Bloomberg’s, Sydney offices creates flexible spaces for a number of tasks. To the right: Glass, gleaming columns and ceramic floors create a light-filled boulevard that is an avenue of the circular office. It weaves in and out of open conference spaces, and low seating in the interstitial space.




1803APFEA.indd 46

Below: A closed classroom opens to sweeping views of the rooftop space and Sydney harbor. Seating can be easily cleared and glass retracted to transform the large volume into an all hands on deck gathering, a special event or weekly after-hours yoga classes.

03 . 2018

3/2/18 12:01 PM



SUNTRUST PARK Atlanta, GA A new baseball stadium in Atlanta has a secret weapon for protecting its restrooms from the war against everyday use – BioPrism® Solid Surface Toilet Partitions. With non-porous surfaces that stand up to mold and mildew, these strong partitions not only look good, but solidify your victory against ongoing maintenance battles. We’re here to help with your toughest washroom woes, providing expert advice and products that last. You want experts who can support you, so things always look smooth on the surface.

Now that’s protection from every perspective.™ | 800.222.5556 Circle 41

Endurant-Arch Product March 2018.indd 3 • APAds.indd 47

2/23/18 1:08 PM PM 3/1/18 2:25



D E S I G N + H E A LT H

RAW ELEMENTS REVEALED Patcraft’s newest carpet tile collection, Deconstructed Metal, exposes the primary backing as part of the product design. The collection is available in two 12-in. × 24-in. carpet tiles: Metallic Alchemy and Alloy Shimmer (shown)—both comprised of six different yarn combinations that combine three metallic backings for a total of 18 colors. Constructed with Eco Solution Q and EcoWorx backing, Deconstructed Metal is Cradle-to-Cradle certified. Products are backed with a lifetime warranty against stain, colorfastness to light, static and abrasive wear for maximum performance and appearance retention.

Photo courtesy: Doug Scott/Wausau Window and Wall Systems


SEATTLE’S LATEST ADDITION To meet Seattle’s stringent energy code requirements and meet Holland America Cruise Lines expectations of a substantial amount of glass for natural light and views, Perkins+Will specified more than 30,000 sq.-ft. of Wausau’s 7250-UW INvision unitized curtainwall, factory-assembled and glazed to expedite installation on a constrained, urban site. The eye-catching façade also features Wausau’s 6250 and 7250 Series SuperWall system, 3250i INvent Series windows and strategically-placed exterior shading devices.

Wausau Window and Wall Systems Circle 415

Patcraft Circle 416

Photo: Woodruff/Brown Architectural Photography/Apogee Enterprises

RETROFITTING RIGHT As part of a major energy-efficient window and lighting retrofit for the 195 Church property in New Haven, Conn., the Apogee Building Retrofit Strategy Team persuaded the building owner to go with Wausau Window’s 1297 Series S.E.A.L. interior accessory windows over the existing windows, which were sealed closed to prevent air infiltration. Outfitted with Viracon’s RoomSide low-E glass and aluminum framing members finished by Linetec in a dark bronze anodize, the highperformance glass boosted the façade’s light-to-solar ratio by 21%.


Apogee Enterprises Circle 414


1803APFEA.indd 48

03 . 2018

3/2/18 10:56 AM



V I S I ON I M P R E S S A T F I R S T S I G H T This is not a test: Your design vision was made to impress—just like jumbo coated glass. Guardian Glass has a long history of creating jumbo coated glass around the world, and we’re bringing our newest jumbo coater to North America soon. Let us help you bring your vision to life. ®


©2018 Guardian Glass, LLC

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Circle 42

3/1/18 2:25 PM 2/2/18 4:44 PM



D E S I G N + H E A LT H

AN ABUNDANCE OF SHADING Now lining 47 floors within five buildings of State Farm Insurance’s Tempe, Ariz., headquarters are more than 8600 of Draper’s XD Clutch FlexShades. In order to design the shading systems to attach to the horizontal mullions and avoid impacting the moveable storefront, Draper worked closely with the building team providing 3D-printed sample brackets to test with a mock-up section of the mullion. The results: an effective shading solution and a bracket designed to avoid attachment to the moveable storefront.

Photo courtesy: Matt Oberer

Draper Circle 413

Solar Spectrum offi ce, Kansas City, Mo.

ABSORB SOUND ALL AROUND Sonex Linear Custom Baffles absorb unwanted sound reflecting off glass, gypsum, terrazzo floors and other hard surfaces. Sonex Linear provides a streamlined appearance and highly customizable options, including sizes, profiles and colors. Made from the manufacturer’s Class 1 fire-rated willtec foam, the baffles are available in lengths up to 96-in., with depths from 6 in. to 24 in. Easy to install using channel trim and adhesive. Shown here in a custom color at Atmosphere Commercial Interiors’ Minneapolis WORKLAB and showroom.



1803APFEA.indd 50

pinta acoustic Circle 412

ISLANDS FOR OPEN OFFICES Made of stone wool, Rockfon’s Island acoustic ceiling system features a factory-painted glass scrim on the visible side and white acoustic fleece on the rear side, to enhance acoustics and aesthetics. Offering fire protection, water and humidity resistance, Island is white in color and comes in 4-ft. width, with an option of between 4-ft. and 8-ft. lengths. Panels reflect 86% of the light from the exterior windows into office interiors to maximize natural light in any space. The system is fully recyclable, and comes with a 30-year limited product warranty. GREENGUARD Gold low-VOC certified, Island also meets the State of California’s Department of Public Health Services Standard for testing chemical emissions. Rockfon Circle 411

03 . 2018

3/2/18 12:22 PM

Hanover® Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain Pavers; 12” x 48”, HP1001


12” x 48” , HP1001 & HP1003

24” x 48” , HP2003

12” x 48” on pedestals, HP1002

16” x 32”, HP2005

Hanover’s Porcelain Pavers are the right solution for any type of outdoor flooring. They are hard-wearing, anti-slip, weather resistant and capable of withstanding heavy loads without compromising aesthetics. Stocked in a range of colors and sizes, Porcelain Pavers are quick and easy to install and require little maintenance. Contact Hanover® for more information. | 800.426.4242 Circle 43

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3/1/18 2:25 PM

new & improved

Workplace Heads for Outer Space With ubiquitous Wi-Fi , all products now support productivity, as people are working from anywhere they feel comfortable. “Space is the body language of an organization,” says Chris Flink of the and creative firm IDEO at the introduction of “Make Space, a Manual on How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration,” published by the (Stanford’s School of Design) in 2012.

As unsavory as it sounds, 75% of people have worked on their smart phones from a bathroom stall. My main take-away from “Make Space” is that spaces didn’t need to be prescribed to specific tasks, there just needed to be a variety of them and people came up with their best uses; even then, it was recorded that most often, the best ideas and collaboration spontaneously occurred in a completely white room with almost no furniture and writable walls and floors. Similar to a black box theater, the focus is on simple functionality, rather than prescriptive use, says the text. As an aside, smokers in the group were noted as collaborating spontaneously during smoking breaks—not to encourage an unhealthy habit, but it goes to show that people function at higher levels when they feel most at ease. The concepts of “Make Space” have definitely manifested in the office furniture world—it may have resonated with Rockwell, a firm known for its set design, and it also created Knoll Unscripted, a series of simple theater-inspired office settings that reconfigure with ease and versatility. This month’s feature shows office needs go beyond flexible furniture and schedules, to design details that support diversity in the workforce; for instance, dedicated mother’s rooms for expressing breast milk, or dedicated prayer rooms—says Vocon’s Megan Spinos. Gensler’s Dean Strombom says employees tethered to technology have begun the Free-Range Employee Revolution, demanding the ability to work whenever and wherever is best for the task. So beyond good lighting and indoor air quality, the office is pushing boundaries out of the office and into the digital ether—anywhere with Wi-Fi, that is.

PRISTINE PRIVACY Scranton Products has combined striking aesthetics and enhanced privacy with the introduction of its new line of Aria Partitions. Developed to provide both privacy and beauty in public restrooms, each system is available with 17 different door designs, seven panel designs and 27 colors and textures. Circle 410

Aria Partitions provide both privacy and beauty in public restrooms.


“Addressing universal and inclusive bathroom design has led to expansive partitions that appear more like permanent walls and solid core doors in order to provide increased degrees of visual and acoustical privacy.”

Megan Mazzocco Senior Editor



1803APNEW.indd 52

0310.2014 . 2018

3/1/18 6:33 PM

new & improved

PETALS OF LIGHT A new concept in decorative LED fixtures, Diphy’s name comes from Diphylleia grayi, “the crystal flower” whose white petals become totally transparent when in contact with water. One of the most suggestive news of the 2017 Material & Design Collection by Linea Light Group, the extreme transparency of the PMMA diffuser is in contrast to the brightness of the lamp lit, embellished with the characteristic pattern of OptiLight Technology, laser micro-incisions that distribute the photons downward. A thin white painted aluminum bar houses the LED light source, and a clean light fills the screen-printed curved diffuser. Available in suspended and standing lamp versions. Circle 409

The pendant version seems like falling leaves driven by a light breeze.


03 . 2018

1803APNEW.indd 53

The free standing lamp has one leaf, large and bright, which connotes the environment.

“Both delicate and efficient, the Diphy creates a serene environment with crisp, white light radiating from an elegant, luminous curve seemingly effortlessly suspended overhead.”



3/1/18 6:33 PM

new & improved

FINELITE HO4 Open Aperture

CARBON-FREE FIXTURES Raising the sustainable bar and rising to the Architecture 2030 for Products Challenge, Sloan has released a number of carbon-free products to help building’s mitigate their embodied carbon levels and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Considered to be a step beyond environmental product declarations and health product declarations, as more manufacturers offer low-carbon and no-carbon product alternatives, this will help enable buildings to potentially track and ultimately reach aggressive carbon neutral industry goals by the year 2030. Included in Sloan’s nocarbon offerings, which were achieved with forestry credits, are Flushometers, highefficiency urinals and toilets, and urinal and water closet combinations. Circle 408

SLOAN VALVE Flushometers

OPEN UP HO4 Open Aperture luminaires offer a sculptural approach to linear lighting that can be configured for direct, uplight/downlight, pendant, recessed and surface-mount applications. The high-efficiency fixtures feature a polymer reflector and a unique optical design that adds just enough brightness variation to help define the rectilinear form. Circle 407

Fabricoil® architectural coiled wire fabric systems define extraordinary spaces. Perfect for adding texture to hospitality, commercial, retail, and corporate office environments, Fabricoil engineered systems provide visually intriguing solutions for any interior space. Learn more at or call 800.999.2645 Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts • Orlando, FL • ¼” 18 Ga. Stainless Steel White Powder Coated Fabricoil • HKS Architects • Photo: Window Interiors

Circle 44

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3/1/18 6:33 PM

new & improved

LINETEC Brushed Stainless

AIR CIRCULATION WITHOUT WIND PENETRATION The EME520V louver is certified by the Air Movement and Control Assn. for both wind-driven rain protection and air performance. Closely-spaced vertical blades prevent penetration of wind-driven rain, while the 43% free area allows for adequate ventilation. The louvers can be specified in a range of finishes. Circle 404


FAUX STEEL FINISH With a lower price tag and almost one-third the weight of stainless steel, anodized aluminum is an attractive option for window and curtainwall frames. However, architects have traditionally compromised on stainless steel’s clean, highly reflective appearance. Evening the score, Linetec has introduced a Brushed Stainless finish, mimicking the luster and sheen of real steel. A high-performance, non-hazardous anodized finish, Brushed Stainless delivers a long life span and a high level of stability to ultraviolet rays. Circle 406


HANDS OFF The Remedi patient bed light is designed with four distinct lighting compartments, which eliminate the need for medical staff to move any portion of the housing during exams or other functions. A molded linear optics incorporated into the exam compartment directing light where it’s needed—and the ambient source that illuminates during exams minimizes glare. The fixture can be specified in four color temperatures with either of two color rendering index options. Circle 405

03 . 2018

1803APNEW.indd 55

Circle 45

3/1/18 7:58 PM

new & improved

Duravit’s DuraSquare combines rectangular, clean edges with smooth, curved contours.

DURAVIT DuraSquare Collection

“Lighting is taking a backseat in the bathroom to statement furniture pieces like this free-standing tub. Light sources in the bathroom and other essential living spaces are increasingly integrated into accessories like shelving, and mirrors, or used to backlight intriguing patterns, textures and colors.” SQUARE IS IN

SPI LIGHTING Zynn Metal Ring

Featuring a washbasin with highly defined lines and edges, the new DuraSquare collection from Duravit combines rectangular, clean edges with smooth, curved contours. Capitalizing on Duravit’s DuraCeram construction, the basin is just 3⁄16-in. thick, yet durable. As an alternative to a traditional vanity, DuraSquare offers a height-adjustable console frame available in either silver or matte black. Circle 403


ENTER THE RING The circumference of the Zynn Metal Ring suspended luminaire has a cross-section of just 1.25-in. and features a seamless aluminum housing for a clean-lined appearance. The fixture is available in diameters ranging from 2 ft. to 5 ft. The companion Zynn Lines fixture brings a similarly streamlined approach to linear illumination. Circle 402

ALL SEALED UP The EVA sconce is designed with a fabric-patterned resin shade that fully seals the fixture, which can be wiped down daily with diluted bleach for easy cleaning in healthcare settings. The fixture’s trim features an anti-microbial, industrial powder-coat finish, further limiting bacterial transmission. Four color temperatures and six resin patterns are available. Circle 401



1803APNEW.indd 56

0310.2014 . 2018

3/1/18 6:34 PM

new & improved


DELTA H DESIGN Affi nity by Luna

WALL-TO-WALL ACOUSTICS Affinity by Luna is Delta H Design’s newest wave-like texture and aesthetic design acoustically transparent textile. Available in seven colors, the textiles are available for use across the entire line of ZR Acoustics Quantum Devices. Affinity features acoustical cloaking, life-like imaging and elegant aesthetics. Easy to set up, the covered panels are lightweight and portable. Circle 398

DESKTOP DIVERSION Taking its name from its white marble base, the Bianca desk lamp appears to be testing the weather, with its weather vane-inspired form. The fixture’s metallic highlights are available in aged brass or polished nickel and it ships with an LED bulb pre-installed. Circle 400

USG Sheetrock Brand EcoSmart Panels Mold Tough Firecode X

COULD THIS BE THE MOST SUSTAINABLE WALLBOARD? USG’s new Sheetrock Brand EcoSmart Panels Mold Tough Firecode X may be an industry first in lightweight and sustainable 5⁄8-in. Type X gypsum wallboard. Still moisture and mold-resistant, this wallboard was designed to meet the Architecture 2030 Challenge for Products. The wallboard features up to 94.6% recycled content, is GreenGuard Gold certified and Living Building Challenge compliant. The wallboard still offers sound, strength, sag and impact resistance, and is UL classified as fire resistant, with surface-burning characteristics and non-combustibility. Compliant with ASTM C1396. Circle 399

03 . 2018

1803APNEW.indd 57

Circle 46

3/1/18 6:34 PM

new & improved

DALTILE Woodbridge

CLASSIC STYLE TILE Daltile’s Woodbridge is ideal for spaces that are both relaxed and elegant. The inviting rich oak tones—almond, pecan, walnut and ash—and unexpected 4-in. × 28-in. plank format exude personality when installed in either a herringbone or chevron pattern. Woodbridge, one of six new Daltile floor products for 2017, is ideal to complement eclectic spaces that confidently contrast modern pieces with vintage finds. Circle 397





1803APNEW.indd 58

With its sleek, sophisticated wide spread faucet, MCN’s new Extend collection features a distinctive minimalist design and strong geometric lines. The faucet handles—available in polished chrome, brushed nickel and polished nickel—combine flat edges and curved profiles. Circle 396

0310.2014 . 2018

3/1/18 8:07 PM

1930S STEAM VALVE TO A MODERN COLLECTION Designed in collaboration with Incorporated Architecture & Design, Watermark Design’s Sutton collection was inspired by a 1930s steam valve lever. Its linear knurling and hex nut-styled handles are visually and tactically appealing, and come in any of Watermark’s 40 finishes. Circle 395


The lines, the shine and the finish of the plumbing greatly factors into a rest room experience. The visual and sensory experience of knurl-textured metal increases the impact factor.


03 . 2018

1803APNEW.indd 59

GREATER IMPACT RESISTANCE VersaGuard performs in high-traffic corridors and public spaces, shielding walls from wear and the impact of rolling traffic such as desk chairs, carts and gurneys. The wall protection is highly resistant to soiling and tough stains. When cleaning is needed, stringent agents such as bleach or rubbing alcohol can be used. It includes 30% recycled content and is NSF 342 certified. It has a long lifecycle even in extreme applications and maintains a clean, attractive appearance for many years. Circle 394

Circle 47

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new & improved



Minnesota National Guard Arden Hills Army Training Site, Arden Hills, Minn.

BRING OUT THE NATIONAL GUARD Supporting two units of the 834th Aviation Support Battalion, the LEED Silver certified Minnesota National Guard Arden Hills Army Training Site features Wausau blast hazard-mitigating curtainwall and window systems and Tubelite thermal entrance systems. Architect Burns & McDonnell specified 4250i-BHM INvent blast hazardmitigating windows, tested for compliance with the General Services Administration and Dept. of Defense and 9000 sq. ft. of Wausau’s 7250 Series SuperWall. Circle 393

Good chemistry.

Fasteners remain out of view with the new EB-TY Premium system designed for high-end decking applications. Boards are joined together, one at a time, using biscuit-shaped discs installed into slots cut into their sides. The discs are screwed into the deck’s joists, with no screws visible on the deck’s surface. The result is precise spacing and added strength, with the flexibility needed to expand and contract with changing weather. Circle 392

Our superior chemistry delivers stronger stone. Calcium silicate’s internal chemistry is different from that of concrete and far superior. A natural reaction chemically binds the elements into a homogeneous unit – a replication of how natural stone is created in the earth, delivering the most durable, strongest manufactured product on the market. |

Circle 48

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3/1/18 6:34 PM

Peale™ Panel w/silver mirror inserts ©2017 modularArts, Inc.



CARE-FREE AIR Trane Air-Fi wireless system is for building controls allows facility directors to use one device to measure temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide and occupancy status without the use of wires. Circle 390

HERE’S THE SCOOP The Scoop landscape bollard serves as both a hardscape accent and functional pathway luminaire. The IP66-rated fixtures are sealed for protection against high-pressure water jets, making them suitable for use where irrigation systems are in place. Circle 391


ROCKING WITH ROCKFON Arkansas State University’s Humanities and Social Sciences building features ROCKFON’s ceilings systems throughout its 120,000-sq.-ft., four-story facility. ROCKFON Tropic acoustic ceiling panels achieve an NRC of 0.85 with no upcharge and have a smooth, white finish. ROCKFON stone wool ceiling panels are primarily made from Basalt rock and contain up to 42% recycled materials. These stone wool panels are inherently anti-microbial and sound absorbing, without needing to add treatments or associated costs. A centerpiece for the campus with 29 state-of-theart classrooms, two 90-seat auditoriums, six computer and multimedia labs, eight seminar rooms, faculty offices and departmental suites, the building was designed by AMR Architects. Circle 389

03 . 2018

1803APNEW.indd 61


lightweight, durable, natural gypsum panels. made in the U.S.A.

Circle 49

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new & improved

Emphasizing an octagonal shape, the Brixton Spot Pendant is inspired by Victorian turrets.

ON THE SPOT With a profile inspired by Victorian turrets, octagonal Brixton Spot Pendants can be hung singly or in groups for dramatic downlighting. The fixtures are manufactured from extruded aluminum in finishes of gloss white, anodized copper and graphite. Circle 388

BUSTER + PUNCH Furniture Handle

INNERMOST Brixton Spot Pendant

PACKS A PUNCH Featuring diamond-cut knurled handle detailing, Buster + Punch’s Furniture Handle is made with a rectangular backplate and finished with penny buttons. Furnished from solid metal, the handle is well suited for a variety of cabinets and drawers. The expertly crafted knob can be also used with or without the backplate. Circle 387

ARE YOU A BLOCKHEAD? RSA MRZ family of architectural, recessed multi-head luminaires can offer wireless connectivity.

Precision-manufactured Comfort Block concrete masonry units fit together so tightly they can be assembled into walls using masonry adhesive, rather than mortar. When paired with matching EPS inserts, they also create a highly efficient wall system with an estimated effective R-value of up to 30 or higher. Circle 386

COMFORT BLOCK Concrete Masonry Units

GET CONNECTED Among the many options available with the RSA MRZ family of architectural, recessed multi-head luminaires is the choice to include either WaveLinx or LumaWatt Pro wireless connectivity for easy, app-based settings adjustments and, with LumaWatt Pro, the ability to capture real-time lighting-energy and space-utilization data. The 2- to 4-head fixtures are highly adjustable, with three available optical distributions, and can be specified in any of a range of lumen packages. Circle 385



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Axalta-SprayCoating-ArchitecturalProducts-final.qxp_10.375x12.5 2/20/18 7:11 PM Page 1

High-solids spray coatings — the newest high performer from Dura Coat.

Extrusions never had it so good A P P L I E D


Now aluminum extrusion panels, kickplates, pole wraps, copings, fascias and cladding can have the same finish and protection as Dura Coat coil coatings.


DURA COAT’S NEW HIGH-SOLIDS PVDF SPRAY TECHNOLOGY SETS A HIGHER STANDARD FOR DURABILITY FOR YOUR ALUMINUM EXTRUSIONS. Durapon 70™ HS high-solids spray coating shines in monumental and commercial applications such as storefronts, curtain walls, railings, trims and fascias. The premium two-coat primer and finish coating system offers exceptional aesthetics as well as outstanding protection against corrosion, fading and chalking and meets stringent AAMA 2605-13 certification requirements. ™

Green saves green Durapon 70 HS advanced formulation allows use straight from the container without additional solvent reduction. This full-measure packaging is kinder to the environment while cutting application time and reducing applied cost. Dura Coats’s proprietary resins, PVDF and years of expertise deliver a high-solids, super-smooth finish with superior dirt- and stain-resistance. With unlimited color choices, including metallics and exotic finishes, and superior protection from whatever mother nature dishes out, we have you covered. Call 951-341-6500 or 256-350-4300, or visit for all your metal coating needs.

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ARMSTRONG CEILINGS Vector Ceiling Panels

A MONOLITHIC VISUAL WITH LIMITED PLENUM SPACE Six new Vector panel sizes feature a narrow 0.25-in. reveal between panels, resulting in a monolithic appearance. The Vector edge ceiling panels are downward accessible for minimum plenum heights, requiring only 6-in. of clear space from the deck. Providing excellent noise absorption for open plan areas, Lyra Vector panels feature a NRC of 0.90. Made from over 50% recycled material, the panels come with a 30-year warranty against visible sag, mold and mildew when installed with Armstrong Ceilings’ suspension system. Circle 383

PATIENT-CONTROLLED DIMMING The Apollo 8 fixture incorporates a custom lowvoltage controller that allows patients to dim lighting from their pillow speaker. The controller supports up to three separate loads, matching the fixture’s three configuration options—ambient only, ambient with exam, and ambient with exam and reading light. Additionally, healthcare professionals can operate the luminaire from a wall switch. Circle 384



CONSCIOUS DAYLIGHTING AGC Glass Energy Select 23 is high performance low-E glass comprised of a triple-silver coating on a clear substrate. It delivers a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.23, with a high visible light transmission (VLT) of 50%. Circle 382



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3/1/18 7:26 PM


Liquid Elements Reflect Artist Series

Manufactured and installed, seamless, resilient floors offered in unique finishes, colors and one-of-a-kind handcrafted designs. From extraordinary lobbies to inspired meeting spaces, we take full responsibility for products and installation.


800.257.7953 |


100 0 East Park Avenue, Maple Shade, NJ 08052 USA © 2018, The Stonhard Group


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Inspired Product + Material Choices



1803APFRM.indd 66

11 . 2017

3/2/18 8:54 AM

Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia Chronic illness can be a nightmare, especially for children and their families. With lively colors and an interactive building design, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is trying to make regular treatment trips a little easier at the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care. When designing the facility, CHOP gave architect Pelli Clarke Pelli the freedom to create an ambulatory care facility that “provides an ideal patient experience, reduces stress by enabling an efficient visit, and embraces the client’s vision of ‘children in motion,’” said architect Chris Koon. The result is floors stacked atop each other and aligned with a rectilinear spine, that vary in area and shape according to their function. The unique, curved point of each floor is its public waiting area. Offset from the floor above and below, the building’s exterior curves help drive light onto each floor, while the undersides of the floors are exposed, revealing one of six brightly-painted metal panels at each level. The 700,000-sq.-ft. Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care features exam rooms, a rehabilitation gym, outpatient infusion and treatment rooms. Buerger connects to the main hospital seamlessly via an accessible bridge to create a single-entity, hospital campus environment. The building is certified LEED Gold.

Photo credits: Jeff Goldberg/ESTO

Chris Koon, AIA, Senior Associate, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, brings more than 18 years of architectural experience to his work on a variety of mixed use, commercial and hospitality projects for the firm.

11 . 2017

1803APFRM.indd 67



3/2/18 8:54 AM




EIFS Panels

Exterior Glazing

Coordination between product vendors was of upmost importance in bringing the custom façade and building exterior to life. The coordination effort required over 30,000 production drawings resulting in 4,354 unique curtainwall panels.

Baker Metal assembled curtainwall and cladding panels using Viracon glass and Valspar coated aluminum extrusions. The shop fabrication took place outside of Dallas prior to shipment to Philadelphia for erection.

The building’s exterior curves help drive light onto each floor, while the undersides of the floors are exposed, revealing one of six brightly painted metal panels at each level. The base building is Silver Pearl. Elsewhere, colors included Cochinea (Red), Carnival (Orange), CH Blue, Poetic Purple, Greenbelt, and yellow.

Neutral, skin-colored EIFS panels on the base building offset the boldly colored metal panels.

VRE1-54, VE1-85 Insulating, insulated laminated and silk-screened glazing was specified for energy control, safety and aesthetics.

Curtainwall Frame Baker Metal Products

Unitized EIFS Panels Sto Corp.

VRE1-54, VE1-85 Viracon



The building’s exterior curves help drive light onto each floor, while the undersides of the floors are exposed, revealing one of six brightly painted metal panels at each level. Rooftop Garden The 15,000-sq.-ft. therapeutic rooftop garden atop the elliptical six-story wing functions as an outdoor rehabilitation space.



1803APFRM.indd 68

03 . 2018

3/1/18 7:04 PM





U.S. Patent 9,074,413

For the first time, all-glass aesthetics and full-frame thermal performance in one entrance system. Entice® meets stringent energy codes and looks great doing it.


• Ultra-Narrow 1-1/8" Vertical Stiles • Thermally Broken with U-Factors as Low as 0.33 • NFRC Rated and Satisfies ASHRAE 90.1-2016 Air Infiltration Criteria

“Entice solves the requirement for thermal performance and weather protection while maintaining an upscale look.”

“Best in Category - Openings” — Architectural Record Product of the Year Awards

— Maria A. Gomez, Principal, GFF Architects

“Best Product for Retail” — Architectural Products Product Innovation Awards

“The cleanliness in lines is equaled by the sophistication of the hardware and performance.”

— Product Innovation Awards Judge



(800) 421-6144 EXT. 5305 ( 8 0 0 ) 4 2 1 - 6 1 4 4 E X T. 5 3 0 5

Circle 52

• APAds.indd 488_ENTICE_SS_Arch_Products.indd 69 1

2/12/18 3/1/18 2:30 1:29 PM PM






“The project included three base colors and two accent colors in green and blue,” says Koon. It’s terrazzo floor on the main floor and cork tile on the ramps.

The decorative fixtures forming a circle at the top of the ramps feature a cast-glass sphere with a frosted cylindrical void that houses an LED lamp.

Pelli Clarke Pelli chose a light wood tone for the lobby ceiling with a clear satin finish to create a “more inviting feel than the traditional white ceilings in this building type,” notes Koon. They worked with Rulon and Beaubois Millwork to create foot-wide “collector bands” that create a logical system to locate light fixtures, sprinkler heads and mechanical diffusers above.

The main feature of the lobby is a 500-ft. long curvilinear ramp that connects the lobby to the second floor bridge and the larger hospital campus beyond. The ramp is the culmination of the children in motion theme throughout the building. Fully accessible, the ramp provides a circuitous journey. “Durable cork tile flooring was used to soften the ramp surface, improve lobby acoustics, and provide a practical means of field installation on this complex, curved surface,” says Koon.

Guardrail system: Livers Bronze Guardrail Glass: Standard Bent Glass

Roman Mosaic & Tile Co.

No. 14 Bocci

Wood ceiling: 1-ft. wide linear ceiling panels Rulon Intl.


Cork Tile Expanko Possibly the most creative element of the exterior façade is the handprint windows that run across the top and bottom of the hospital’s curtainwall. Made from handprints of CHOP patients, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects arranged the prints to create a specific frit pattern that helped the building meet energy performance requirements and shading during daylight hours.

Livers Bronze

“As the sun moves across the sky during the day, the handprint shadow crawls across the floor and then climbs onto the wall and moves across the space leaving its mark everywhere, much like a growing child. It’s a more subtle and poetic version of children in motion in some sense not as apparent as the brightly colored façade or curvilinear ramp.” —Chris Koon, Sr. Associate, Pelli Clarke Pelli



1803APFRM.indd 70

03 . 2018

3/1/18 7:04 PM



Finished Floor Goods

Maxxon® Underlayment

In new construction or renovation, apartment or condo living to office spaces, sound and safety are critical compents of any building assembly. An Acousti-Mat/Maxxon Underlayment system reduces sound transmission through floors (like footsteps and loud music/television noise), eliminates squeaks and nail pops in floors and adds fire resistance to wood frame construction.

Acousti-Mat® Sound Mat

• Multiple levels of impact sound control (IIC) with compression strengths up to 5,500 psi, a solution for every project type • Backed by over 1000 documented sound tests and 100 UL Fire Rated Designs • Combined system can increase STC rating 6–15 points when compared to a bare wood frame system • GREENGUARD® and GREENGUARD Gold certified

Find the right system for your project with Maxxon’s Interactive System Selector –

To learn more: 800-356-7887 •

© 2018 Maxxon® Corporation, all rights reserved. Circle 53

• APAds.indd 71

3/1/18 2:30 PM


Panels 

Sto Corp Product: Unitized EIFS Panels



Column Covers 

MetalWerks Product: Metal Column Covers



Curtainwall 

Baker Metal Products Product: Soffit Panels, Curtainwall Frame



Coatings 

Valspar Product: Extruded Aluminum Panels



Exterior Glazing 

Viracon Product: VRE1-54, VE1-85 Insulated Glazing



Flooring 


Each floor was designed to represent “children in motion.”


Play Pods


Acoustical Ceiling Tiles Armstrong

Each floor features a red or blue formed pod, the color depending on the location to aid in wayfinding. The “children in motion” theme is played out through a set of mountainous images.

Liquid encapsulated within a resilient polymer shell is an interactive floor tile that responds to pressure as well as electric charge. One’s footsteps are temporarily recorded by the movement of fluids within the surface. “The liquid changes and moves around as kids step on it. We were looking to create something for the patients to do while they are waiting for the doctor,” says Koon. “We specifically wanted something they hadn’t seen before.”

Red solid surface material Corian


Fire Glass Glass and wall panel at the top of the lobby— ceiling down to wood paneling Fire-resistant, security glass Vetrotech Saint Gobain

Wood Panels Millwork Beaubois

Ceiling White waffle circle ceiling: GFP Waffle Ceiling Custom Castings Northeast

Light Fixture The Artichoke Fixture YDesign Group

B-Surfaces Liquid Motion Tiles B. Lab Italia

Roman Mosaic & Tile Co. Product: Terrazzo

Circle 

Expanko Product: Cork Tile

Circle 


Project: Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care Location: Philadelphia


1803APFRM.indd 72


Ceiling 

Rulon Intl. Product: Wood Ceiling

Circle 

Circle 


Armstrong Product: Acoustical Ceiling Tile 370

Custom Castings Northeast Product: GFP Waffle Ceiling



Guardrails 

Livers Bronze Product: Guardrail System



Fire Glass 

Vetrotech Saint Gobain Product: Security Glass




Bocci Product: No. 14


MEP Engineers: Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers Structural Engineers: Le Messurier

YDesign Group Product: The Artichoke Fixture


General Contractor: Turner Construction Co. Civil Engineer: Pennoni Assocs.



Owner: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Associate Architect, Interior Design: FKP Architects


B. Lab Italia Product: B-Surfaces Liquid Motion Tiles


Opened: Nov. 2015

Design Architect, Interior Design: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects



03 . 2018

3/1/18 7:04 PM

Circle 54

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3/1/18 2:30 PM


Converging Architectural + Performance Goals

PESCO Headquarters at Peña Station Next, Denver The combination of onsite energy resources, office-area daylighting and advanced building controls helped the finished structure earn LEED Gold certification, and that was an accomplishment.

There’s a lot of talk these days about making cities “smarter,” but with centuries’-worth of infrastructure in place, where to begin can become overwhelming. In the 400-acre area surrounding Denver’s newest rapid-transit station—Peña Station Next—a team has begun creating a community that will be “smart,” from the ground up. The first building in that plan is the headquarters and operations center for



1803APFXN.indd 74

Panasonic’s Enterprise Solutions Co. (PESCO), which features an advanced microgrid as just one of the ways it's showcasing intelligent building design. The development is intended to mirror the advances showcased in Panasonic’s Fujisawa Smart Town development in Japan. Peña Station Next is intended to showcase a broad range of the latter's products. Denver was among a number of cities vying

for this project, and was chosen, in part, because of the location of available land— it’s adjacent to the airport—and because officials committed to easing permitting and other requirements. Similarly, the project architects—the Denver office of Bloomington, Ill.-based Farnsworth Group—were selected through a design competition. Panasonic’s judges were especially intrigued by elements in the Farnsworth

design that was a nod to computing’s early days. “The pattern on the side of the building pays homage to the early days of computing with punch cards,” says Greg Straub, Farnsworth’s director of design. In the "punch holes" Panasonic will eventually incorporate LED screens that will create dynamic, color-shifting patterns. The stylistic cutouts, however, created some structural challenges in the design of the

Greg Straub, AIA, NCARB, is a graduate of Cooper Union and now leads Farnsworth Group’s fi ve architectural studios.

facilities tilt-up concrete panels, as they have to be built so they can be lifted up into place, explains Straub. The structural design also had to accommodate a 259-kilowatt (kW) solar array on the roof, which, “created quite a bit of uplift,” says Straub. That array is complemented by a 1.6-megawatt (MW) carport-style array in the airport-owned parking lot across the street, and a 1 MW/2 MW-hour battery-

based energy storage system. Combined into a microgrid, the system can be islanded from local utility Xcel Energy’s distribution grid. This capability will help keep PESCO’s Network Operations Center—a nationwide control center for the large-screen displays Panasonic has installed in sports stadiums and other locations throughout the United States— up and running, even during grid outages.

03 . 2018

2/28/18 3:20 PM

 SOLAR ROOF (Not Pictured) The structural design had to accommodate a 259-kilowatt (kW) solar array on the roof, which, “created quite a bit of uplift,” Straub says. “It took quite a bit of study from a structural standpoint.”


SOLAR CARPORT The 1.6 MW solar carport is a key element in the community’s microgrid, which has the capability of supporting PESCO’s operations if Xcel’s connected utility grid goes down. The carport-style array in the airport-owned parking lot across the street features a 1 MW/2 megawatt-hour (MWh) battery-based energy storage system.

MODEL CITY The overall model for the Peña Station Next community is the Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town, developed by Panasonic in Fujisawa, Japan. That development features a number of sustainable technologies, including broad deployment of rooftop solar panels, energy storage, residential fuel cells and shared electric vehicles and bicycles.


Photos: McCory James Photography

Form Follows Function


Project: PESCO Headquarters at Peña Station Next, Denver Construction: Mortensen Construction Engineering: Mazetti/GBA

Photo: Younicos

Photo credit: Panasonic Corp.


Form follows function in Farnsworth Group’s design for the entry façade, with a glazed curtainwall providing daylight and a clear view into the building’s lobby and surrounding conference rooms and office space. To the left, tilt-up concrete panels are punctuated with a computer punch-card style pattern that can be illuminated with embedded Panasonic LED screens. Because the building orientation was decided by the client, rather than through solar modeling, extra attention was required to minimize interior glare, including precise positioning of solid and louvered solar awnings.

A UNIQUE OWNERSHIP STRUCTURE The microgrid earned a 2017 Innovation Award from the industry association Energy Storage North America in large part due to its unique ownership structure. Xcel Energy owns the panels atop the carport structure, which it operates under a long-term lease from Denver International Airport, which also owns the structure, itself. Xcel also owns the battery energy storage system, which it can use for its own ancillary grid services. Panasonic houses the control system for the microgrid within its facility and performs operations and maintenance on the system. Sharing the load: • Xcel Energy • Denver International Airport • Panasonic

ENERGY-STORAGE The modular Y.Cube energy-storage system from Younicos offers a containerized, plug-andplay design. Combined with onsite solar, it provides backup power for the Network Operations Center and offers revenue opportunities by helping support the connected Xcel Energy distribution grid and through reducing the facility’s connected load during peak pricing periods. Y.Cube Younicos



EMBEDDED SCREENS The embedded video screens bring a sense of life to an otherwise plain, tilt-up façade. Straub says the pattern originated “as a kind of napkin sketch of what I remembered when I was in high school. It just happened to pop into my head one day.”

Photos: Mortenson Construction

03 . 2018

1803APFXN.indd 75



3/1/18 7:10 PM

Daylighting and Glare

Photos: McCory James Photography

“The lobby has a real cathedral-like presence,” says Straub of the building’s entry. This sense of welcome is important because Panasonic uses the facility to introduce prospective owners of its big-board style sports and special events displays to the breadth of its technological capabilities. Orientation of the glass expanse was determined by the client, rather than solar modeling, so extra care was needed to reduce heat gain and glare. During high-exposure periods, an automated window shade system kicks into action based on daylight-sensing controls. SHADING Automated window shade system kicks into action based on daylight-sensing controls. 

VIEWS This main conference room gives occupants a bird’s-eye view of the lobby and, eventually, of the community that is planned to expand around Panasonic’s facility. Straub calls the space, which is cantilevered out over the lobby with little visible means of support, “a floating blue volume—it has the appearance that it is kind of floating out into space.”

“LEED Platinum is really hard to get, especially with a warehouse, because you typically don't have daylighting. While Platinum status evaded the project, its point scoring exceeded what was needed to be certified Gold. We didn't just hit LEED Gold, we were past LEED Gold.” —Greg Straub, Director of Design, Farnsworth Group

 The glass panels could create yet another opportunity for the client to demonstrate its technological expertise, he adds. “Panasonic has some thoughts, for the future, with how to animate it with a holographic-style image.”

LOBBY Much of the building’s public space is designed to showcase Panasonic technology for prospective and current bigscreen display customers. This lobby area looks into a conference room highlighting the facility’s nationwide control-room capabilities.

 The carpet continues the punch-card patterning from the exterior.

GETTING PEOPLE TO WALK “We did a really wide, sculptural staircase—it has several unique angles to it,” Straub says of the stairway that forms a major presence in the building’s lobby.



1803APFXN.indd 76

03 . 2018

2/28/18 3:21 PM

Every Dri-Design panel is carefully manufactured – created without ACM, MCM, or any composite materials. Each Dri-Design product is a single-skin, non-combustible metal panel.



Ventura College Applied Science Center – Gensler

WHY DRI-DESIGN? Dri-Design Tapered Series Panels provide the unique ability to use light as an added dimension of design. The distinct, multifaceted aluminum façade at the Ventura College Applied Science Center utilizes the tapered panels to give the impression of many shades, though only painted one color. Even with this unique look, Dri-Design’s signature ease of installation and water management system are maintained, and only a single plane of substrate is needed. • No sealants, gaskets or butyl tape means no streaking and no maintenance for owners. • Not laminated or a composite material, so panels will never delaminate. • At Dri-Design, we have a strict policy of recycling and creating products that the world can live with.

616.355.2970 / DRI-DESIGN.COM

• Fully tested to exceed ASTM standards and the latest AAMA 508-07. • Available in a variety of materials and colors. Circle 55

41532 Architectural • APAds.indd 77 Products, March, Dri-Design Ventura Ad.indd 1

1/31/18 9:39 PM AM 3/1/18 2:30

specifier’s solution

Lighting Controls

Pavers Add Distinction to Boston Project Boston’s 101 Seaport is a project unique in concept and installation. Functionality, performance and aesthetics were all taken into consideration when selecting paving materials.

CHALLENGE: Creating projects of true distinction takes the collaboration of an entire team. 101 Seaport is a project unique in concept and installation. The designers at Copley-Wolff Design Group were challenged with a project that would ultimately become a mixed-use facility to accommodate both commercial and residential concerns, in on-grade and elevated areas. Functionality, performance and aesthetics were all taken into consideration when selecting paving materials. SOLUTION: Working with Hanover Architectural Products during the selection process, designers ultimately chose to incorporate multiple custom and standard color Prest Brick into the on-grade area. In order to achieve the subtle tone variations, Hanover 6 in. × 12 in. × 3 in. and 4 in. × 8 in. × 3 in. Prest Brick in four custom colors and one standard color were selected. The chosen color palette suited the site and surrounding amenities and complemented the building’s crisp design features



1803APSPS.indd 78

as well. A 12-in. × 12- in. Prest Paver was also incorporated to separate a permeable paver area. To further challenge the design team and installer, Xquisite Landscaping, a section of Hanover Permeable Pavers had to be integrated into the finished design. Hanover’s Permeable 4 in. × 8 in. × 3 in. was chosen in a custom color. When turning the attention to the elevated plaza and green roof, Hanover’s Roof Pavers in a nominal 24-in. × 24-in. × 2-in. size in a standard color Charcoal and custom color Glacier White were selected. Hanover’s Glacier White provided the needed SRI values for achieving a LEED accreditation. In the end, the collaboration and teamwork of all those involved created a project of true distinction that complements the surrounding environment and can be enjoyed by both building occupants and the casual passerby.

Project: 101 Seaport Location: Boston Architect: Copley-Wolff Design Group

PRODUCT SPECS: Products: Prest Brick, Prest Paver, Permeable Pavers, Roof Pavers Standard Color: Charcoal Custom Color: Glacier White

Hanover Architectural Products Circle 364 PROJECT SPECS

03 10.2014 . 2018

2/28/18 3:15 PM


T HE SM A SHING LOOK S OF P ORCEL AIN MEE T THE UNSMASHABLE STRENGTH OF CONCRE TE. INTRODUCING THE QUATTRO PAVING SERIES. The Quattro Series combines the beauty of porcelain with the proven performance of Tectura Designs’ concrete architectural pavers. American-made elegance and durability have never been more in lockstep.







• APAds.indd 79

3/1/18 2:33 PM

specifier’s solution


New Orleans Hotel Gets Modern-Day Performance A historic retrofit gets modern-day performance with new steel replica windows that deliver hurricane resistance, while maintaining the warehouse’s original Art Deco style.

CHALLENGE: In the trendy New Orleans’ Warehouse District, the transformation of the nine-story Barnett’s Furniture building, a 1928 Art Deco structure, into an Ace Hotel, featuring vintage-inspired interiors reflective of New Orleans’ unique culture and history, was no easy task. INFLUENCE/CRITERIA: A total window replacement was necessary for the Ace Hotel’s renovation. The project required multiple window solutions, including hurricane resistance, historic replication, thermal performance and acoustic control from the busy street below guest rooms. Renovating the building to maintain its original style while meeting today’s performance requirements was accomplished using steel replica windows at the street level. The windows ensure the look holds up to the original Art Deco style and provided the best hurricane resistance for safety and property protection.

SOLUTION: Replicating the historic look of turn-ofthe-century buildings in coastal areas is now made easier with Winco’s new hurricane-rated version of its popular 3250 Historic Steel Replica Windows. The upper floors were outfitted with single hung Winco Series 4410 windows with vertical mullions. The former were recently enhanced to withstand up to 200-mph hurricane winds. Newly certified with Florida Product Approval number FL22628.1, Steel Replica windows are available in fixed, projected and casement styles. They are hurricane-impact tested to meet American Architectural Manufacturers Assn. Certification, Missile E/Missile D, and ASTM E1886/E1996 enhanced protection of wind zone 4 requirements for hurricane winds up to 90 psf design pressures. Due to the building’s nearly 100-year-old walls, Winco, and DeGeorge Glass Co. in New Orleans, created a new strapping system to attach to new vertical studs on the interior. This reinforcement ensured that the old walls could handle the heavy hurricane resistant laminated glass windows. The laminate also provides acoustic, solar and wind protection.

The windows ensure the look hold true to the original Art Deco style while providing hurricane resistance.

NO BIG EASY Historic steel replica windows, but hurricanerated, help the hotel maintain the building’s Art Deco style.

Project: Ace Hotel Location: New Orleans Architect: Eskew Dumez Ripple Architects

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Winco Series 3250 Steel Replica Windows, Winco Series 4410 Windows

Winco Windows Circle 363 PROJECT SPECS



1803APSPS.indd 80

03 10.2014 . 2018

3/1/18 7:15 PM

The most interesting AIA-approved courses on the internet are streaming video

Here are some of the latest courses available free on in full HD video.

Mid Rise Wood Construction Provides an overview of the design versatility, sustainability, and economic benefits of using wood construction for mid-rise residential and non-residential building types.

How HVLS Fans Improve Air Quality in Specialized Spaces

Composite Panel Products— Division 6 Materials & LEED Credits

The course focuses on how airflow affects the health, safety and well-being of occupants in the built environment and how HVLS fans enhance environmental factors.

This course will equip participants to compare features, benefits and limitations of particleboard and medium density fiberboard with considerations of product grades and their physical properties for proper end-use selection.

Selecting and Specifying a Railing System for your Building Project An overview of railing considerations: building codes, safety of use and fall protection, material selection, secure installation methods and design.

1803-TCA-InSite.indd 93

Meeting the Living Building Challenge Project Architect Brian Court gives a short overview of the LBC, discusses design strategies for the Bullitt Center, and highlights structural and environmental virtues of the heavy timber systems.

Innovative Water Conservation Fixture Systems This course explores critical issues related to water usage and the need for water conservation awareness and implementation.

To view these high-quality courses and browse the full catalog, visit us today at Courses play on all desktop and mobile devices. Enroll and take courses for free.

3/1/18 1:45 PM

specifier’s solution

Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls Offer Office Flexibility Advertising agency JWT’s New York office serves as its global headquarters. The open design embodies the company’s approach to its work, and it needed a lighting system that is flexible enough to meet the needs of the office such as precise dimming and shade control integration.

CHALLENGE: JWT, a world-wide advertising agency, has opened a New York office to serves as its global headquarters. The 250,000-sq.-ft. office extends five floors and accommodates more than 900 employees. With an open, creative and functional design aesthetic, the space embodies the company’s approach to its work and mission. Lighting controls needed to meet energy code and architectural dimming requirements. The system had to be flexible to meet different needs such as precise dimming or shade control integration for specific areas and rooms from executive offices, open areas, conference rooms and café.

SOLUTION: This was the first lighting controls project that combined two Wattstopper control systems, the Lighting Control and Automation Panel (LCAP) series and Digital Lighting Management (DLM) platform. Since then, many lighting projects have included both solutions to meet code compliance and precise dimming objectives. This was not any different for the JWT project. Another benefit was easy integration of other systems, such as shades. A key in the success of the project was a local Legrand team was accessible.

Lighting controls needed to meet energy code and architectural dimming requirements.

Project: JWT Worldwide Headquarters Location: New York City

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Lighting Control and Automation Panel & Digital Lighting Management Platform

Wattstopper Circle 362 PROJECT SPECS

JWT Worldwide Headquarters, New York City



1803APSPS.indd 82

03 10.2014 . 2018

3/1/18 7:15 PM

specifier’s solution

Composite Panels

CLIP & CAULK The Clip & Caulk system looks good in combination with masonry, glass, one-piece or two-piece extruded molding systems or by itself in a stand-alone application.

A Melody of Colors Cover Exterior of Mixed-Use Development Located in the SoFA (South of First Area) arts district near downtown San Jose, The Pierce is an ultramodern housing complex that has pet-friendly units with indoor/outdoor amenities. CHALLENGE: SoFA is the site of several city festivals and events. The Pierce, a mixed-use housing/retail development, is situated on almost two acres and fronts three different streets in downtown San Jose, Calif. General contractor Clark Builders Group completed construction in 2016—part of that construction included installing 9000-sq.-ft. composite panels. INFLUENCE: With its urban feel and futuristic characteristics, The Pierce features many cuttingedge conveniences. The exterior needed to match that urban vibe. SOLUTION: Clark Builders Group installed 9,000-sq.ft. of Laminators Inc. Omega-Lite ACM panels using their proprietary Clip & Caulk installation system. Steinberg Architects, San Francisco, selected many different colored ACM panels to fit in with the innovative and energetic urban theme. Architectural Building Products, Buffalo, N.Y., distributed all 9000 sq. ft. of the ACM panels in earthy Sierra Tan, Sandstone, Dove Grey and custom color Storm Cloud.

Omega-Lite ACM panels offer a highly decorative, strong and durable surface finish for exterior wall

03 . 2018

1803APSPS.indd 83

surfaces. Composed of a polypropylene, lightweight corrugated core between two finished aluminum sheets, these panels are non-absorbent, waterresistant and easy to maintain. Laminators’ Clip & Caulk installation system gives you the Rout & Return “look” without the hassle of prefabricating the panels, greatly reducing the total installed cost and project timeline. This easy, field- proven method is the choice of architects and installers who are looking for a very flat look without visible fasteners. Panels can be cut on-site with few peripheral accessories needed for installation. Color-matched caulk gives a beautiful monochromatic look; contrasting caulk can be used with eye-pleasing results. Omega-Lite installed with the Clip & Caulk system guaranteed The Pierce apartments a class A fire rating as well as met NFPA (National Fire Protection Assn.) 285, Miami-Dade County Product Control and Florida Product Approval requirements. ACM panels meet stringent performance levels and provide confidence that their cladding will withstand extreme conditions.

Project: The Pierce Housing Complex Location: San Jose, Calif. Architect: Steinberg Architects

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Omega-Lite ACM panels Colors: Sierra Tan, Sandstone, Dove Grey Custom Color: Storm Cloud

Laminators Inc. Circle 361 PROJECT SPECS



2/28/18 3:15 PM

specifier’s solution

A ROOM WITH A VIEW With cascading windows gleaming throughout, the apartments grant its guests views of downtown.

Flooring Revolutionizes Chicago Apartments Built upon the torn-down Gonnella Bakery, Spoke Apartments’ new construction brings 10,000 sq. ft. of retail space sandwiched between two towers of one-and-two-bedroom luxury apartments, townhouses and penthouse suites. Flooring provided the finishing touch. CHALLENGE: Gensler’s Chicago branch, working with architecture firm FitzGerald Assocs., designed the interior amenities and individual units at the Spoke Towers. Angela Harper, senior associate at Gensler, said that they conducted much research on cost, thickness, durability, sound properties and aesthetics from different luxury vinyl tile (LVT) products across the industry.

to avoid needing a cork or similar underlayment for extra sound resistance, saving time and cost. The LVT allowed them to finish the 350,000-sq.-ft. installation six weeks before the scheduled completion date. “Altro proved to be economically the better choice since there was so much quantity, yet also met the quality standards we were looking for,” Harper said.

CRITERIA: With apartment complexes, or any construction with multiple stories, sound transmission between floors is paramount. This project required a thicker floor and the design team was more than willing to provide both the product and mockup. SOLUTION: A custom 5-mm thick Altro Lavencia LVT in the color Hampton Greige was the wood-look flooring of choice for all apartment, townhouse and penthouse living rooms—350,000-sq.-ft. worth. LUXURY VINYL The design team did extensive research on flooring cost, thickness, durability, sound absorption and aesthetics from numerous LVT products in the industry.

“The ability to custom order the Hampton Greige color on the thicker product without any cost increase helped tremendously in making the choice,” said Harper. “And the effort by Altro to install a large scale mock-up was very helpful to us and the designer in finalizing the decision.” Although Altro Lavencia glue-down LVT is manufactured at 3-mm thickness, this project required a thicker floor. Subcontractor and installer Mr. David’s Flooring requested the extra thickness



1803APSPS.indd 84

Project: Spoke Apartments Location: Chicago Architect: Gensler, FitzGerald Assocs.

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Altro Lavencia Luxury Vinyl Tile Color: Hampton Greige Size: 5-mm thick, custom

Altro Circle 360 PROJECT SPECS

03 10.2014 . 2018

3/1/18 7:15 PM

Worried about Meeting Fire Ratings? ASTM E84





PANELS GET AN “A” The results are in! Updated testing shows that almost all products from Mapes Panels meet or exceed the ASTM E84 standards for CLASS A flame spread and smoke development. Contact us today for an infill panel solution tha t meets your project ’s fire - rating requirements as well as your budget! Visit to review the ratings or to request a copy of the test reports.


Circle 58

• APAds.indd 85

3/1/18 2:33 PM

product focus




Sloan & GOJO Industries Faucet and Soap Dispenser

Drummonds Thames


Drummonds Thurso


An antique-looking shower and vanity, a new partnership between a global commercial plumbing company and a leading sanitary manufacturer, and a new clog-less toilet round out this month’s pick of noteworthy bathroom products. The Thurso shower from Drummonds takes bathers back to a previous century, although they may confuse the classy shower for a phone booth. Meanwhile, Sloan has teamed up with GOJO Industries, the inventor of the Purell hand sanitizer, to create matching faucets and hand dispensers for an ideal on-deck experience. And picking up not one, but two, 2017 GOOD DESIGN awards, American Standard was recognized for its Spectra+ Touch and Spectra+ eTouch showerheads and ActiClean self-cleaning toilets for design excellence.

1 SLOAN AND GOJO’S NEW CREATION Joining forces, Sloan has partnered with GOJO Industries, inventor of the Purell had sanitizer, to create matching faucets and soap dispensers offering the same style, performance and durability, thereby creating the ideal on-deck experience. Seven soap dispenser designers feature GOJO foam soap and coupled with Sloan’s faucets, the combined unit is ideal for commercial restrooms such as airports, schools and office buildings. Select soap dispensers are available in Sloan’s special finishes, including polished brass, brushed nickel and brushed stainless, in addition to the standard chrome finish.

Sloan Valve Circle 359


American Standard ActiClean & Spectra+ Touch Showerhead

Niagara Conservation Nano

2 MARBLE ART DECO COMBO With an art deco style, the Thames vanity features beautiful marble paneling. Offering a shelf for additional storage, the faucet can be used as a single basin tap or basin mixer tap, and is available as a single or double vanity basin unit.


4 THE ANTIQUE PHONE BOOTH SHOWER Resembling an old-fashioned phone booth, the Thurso shower serves as a complete glass-enclosed, free-standing shower unit. With a cast iron base— available in raw, primed or polished—the exterior comes in glass, nickel, chrome, antique brass, antique bronze or antique nickel, enabling architects to customize their yesteryear designs. Circle 358


AND THE AWARD GOES TO… Winners of the 2017 GOOD DESIGN from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and European Centre for Architecture, Spectra+ Touch, Spectra+ eTouch showerheads and ActiClean selfcleaning toilet have been recognized for design excellence. The Spectra+ Touch changes spray patterns when users touch the showerhead’s outside ring and the Spectra+ eTouch showerhead uses a mountable remote for easy user access to the controls. 3

American Standard Circle 357



1803APPRF.indd 86

5 Circle 356

5 THE MOST WATER-EFFICIENT TOILET Combining an elongated bowl with a compact design, Niagara Conservation’s Nano toilet leverages vacuumassist flush technology to utilize just 0.6 gallons-perflush, claiming to be the water-efficient toilet in the industry. The product also features a noise-canceling tank and a 10-year warranty.

Niagara Conservation Circle 355

03 . 2018

3/1/18 9:33 AM

Products Of Our Environment Excel Dryer manufactures the only hand dryers that are Made In USA Certified® and now the only hand dryers with certified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) from UL Environment. This means they are backed by credible, independent thirdparty testing to industry consensus standards – proving Excel hand dryers are products you can trust.

Only Specify Dryers With A Certified EPD.




Original. Patented.

Surface Mounted.

High Speed. No Heat.

Still The Best.

ADA Compliant.

500 Watts.


8 7 7. 8 5 4 . 3 9 2 3 e x c e l d r y e r . c o m

Circle 59

• APAds.indd 87

3/1/18 2:33 PM

product focus


Swedish death cleaning is a thing. But if your clients [you] refuse to purge all of those architectural models, pitch a fortune in art supplies or part with ‘vintage’ fabric memos, don’t call in the hoarder police. Simply instate one of these neat, orderly and slightly storage methods to keep beloved stuff handy when the perfect project comes around.


Ope Modular Storage System



Magnuson K-50M

Häfele MX Drawer System

1 MAGNETIC PERSONALITY The K-50M durable magnetic hooks hold up to 22 pounds each, making them the perfect flexible and movable storage solution for holding coats, jackets, hats, purses and more.

3 TREASURE BOXES The MX Drawer Systems are designed to save time and simplify life in modern homes and workspaces. Optimum functionality is achieved with sophisticated features such as soft-close, smooth runners and tool-less drawer front assembly. Transforming existing cabinetry into pull-out units grants easy seamless access to the stowed items. For simple estimates and ordering, registered designers may use the MX Drawer Configurator available on the website.

Magnuson Circle 354 2 CONTAIN YOURSELF This year at ICFF, the traditionally bashful design brand, Ope, made a splash. The buzz was about their modular storage system, which can be used to create custom interiors for residential, commercial and contract projects. Inspired by the Scandinavian design principles of simple lines, timelessness and practical sustainability, the modular system is designed to be reconfigured to adapt to changing needs of a dynamic lifestyle. The design of the connector is a patented bracket that does not require tools to operate, assemble or secure.

Ope Circle 353




1803APPRF.indd 88

Häfele Circle 352

Moroso Perf Cabinet

4 HIP HIGHBOY Perf Cabinet design for Diesel Home is a take on 1950s modernism meets the modern workshop. Perforated metals, elegant details and unique finishes clash with ruggedness of industrial cabinetry. The lightweight, yet durable construction combines perforated panel doors with double walled sheet metal shell construction. Finishes include doors in shiny and aged copper set in a textured black shell. The look is softened with internal wood shelving and highlighted with optional contrast handles in Diesel red. Part mechanical, part decorative and all functional, these metal cabinets can work alone or in combination.

Moroso Circle 351

Details: Credenza and bar cabinet in varnished steel black mat, doors in varnished steel: copper, black glossy or verdigris. Top in varnished steel black mat or solid wood.

03 . 2018

3/1/18 7:36 PM

product focus


Photo courtesy: M+N Textiles, The Netherlands


Photo courtesy: Barry Rustin

Phifer SheerWeave


Draper Motorized Shade System

Space Plus Glass Door Solutions

1 NEW HEIGHTS IN CUSTOMIZATION To support a beautiful façade design with unique angles and breaks in the glass for the University of Chicago’s Lab School, a highly customized shading solution was required. Draper rose to the challenge, designing a motorized shade system on tracks with re-directional rollers to help the shades follow the changes in slope. “With the changing break-line in the curtainwall glass per shade, each shade was slightly different with different length tracks, different length brackets and different numbers of brackets,” reports Draper’s director of engineering Harold Seib. “Another issue was bending the side channels/tracks. We used 3D engineering rapid prototyping machines, and developed a process using printed plastic inserts that allowed us to use a gym equipment tubing bender to bend u-channel.”

2 A PERFECT WEAVE Constructed from 100% polyester, the Cradle to Cradle Certified Bronze Style 8000 shading fabric from Phifer, SheerWeave features a unique 2 × 2 basket weave, leveraging improved dimensional stability and enhanced outward visibility. The durable fabric is available in 118-in. widths, at a 3% openness factor.

Draper Circle 350

03 . 2018

1803APPRF.indd 89

2 3

Phifer Circle 349


Hunter Douglas Contract Zipper Tension System


Customization, sophisticated engineering and good product design is enabling the latest shading solutions to support architects’ creative façade designs while providing the desired shading from heat gain and glare. A great example of customization in action is Draper’s highly customized system for Valerio Dewalt Train Assocs. and FGM Architects University of Chicago Lab School design featuring unique angles, breaks in the glass and differing track and bracket lengths.

3 THE SLIDING GLASS DOOR SOLUTION In order to bring light deep into the floorplate, AZ TV, Arizona’s channel 7 selected floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door solutions. Enabling the full office to experience the buzz of the news room in these open, yet enclosed spaces, a strip of frosted glass runs across the glass panels to both lend a nice aesthetic and ensure safety.

4 SUPER-TIGHT SHADING Delivering a high-performance shading system for the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business in Ann Arbor, Mich., KPF specified a Hunter Douglas Zipper Tension System. With zero light gaps, the small, compact design keeps fabric under tension in all directions. Able to sustain high wind loads on the exterior, the system features ultra-quiet motor operation.

Space Plus

Hunter Douglas Contract Circle 348 Circle 347



2/28/18 3:02 PM

product focus


For brokers and owners of office buildings, constructing “spec suites” as ready-to-occupy office spaces can be a no-fail way to lease out commercial buildings—if they are designed well. In fact, spec suites or “marketing suites,” as they are known—spaces built out by a building owner for the purpose of marketing a vacant suite or floor—“are growing in popularity and in size,” says the Colorado Real Estate Journal, “with new projects devoting entire floors and buildings to spec space.” Important rules to follow? Create a memorable image; be sure to achieve a balanced look; accentuate the positives. “It’s critical to emphasize the positives for these spaces,” says Dyer Brown’s senior architect Karen Bala, AIA, LEED AP—who has designed dozens of spec suites—“and add better finishes and lighting to make less appealing spaces more marketable.”


Moz Metal Wall Installations


De Castelli Arazzi

1 LIGHT ‘N’ LIVELY Large-scale Móz metal wall installations were part of a multi-million dollar renovation at the historic Hilton Boston/Dedham Hotel. The renovated lobby now features a backlit laser cut metal wall feature behind the front desk and a floor-to-ceiling panel wall feature above the central fireplace. The decorative nature of the feature walls, combined with metal’s high reflectance values brings the lobby to life.

Móz Circle 346



2 INTRICATE EROSION Erosion, Arazzi and Wild Geometries from De Castelli enhance their surfaces with a versatile technique that enhances metals’ vibes and uniqueness through threedimensional effects. The innovative decorative process required development, matching technology and craftsmanship. Arazzi is a collection where lines and reflections mix up, creating characters, landscapes and geometries. Surfaces tell stories that remind us of magical fairy tales, secret legends and ancient poems. Wild Geometries’ five figurative elements are a mashup among geometry, nature and myth.

De Castelli Circle 345



1803APPRF.indd 90

Wild Geometries

Interstyle Earthenglass

3 SUSTAINABLE GLASS Interstyle’s latest innovation in sustainable glass is made with 100% recycled glass, blended with a mix of natural, regionally sourced clay and porcelain. Dubbed Earthenglass, the natural clay with a mix of glass possesses a mysterious beauty, strength and grit. The hand-crafted tiles are available in four standard shapes, including: square, octagon, rhombus and rectangle. A smooth, glazed look or a raw, organic surface can be customized with three earthy textures—crater, grain and sediment—or a metallic.

Interstyle Circle 344

03 . 2018

3/1/18 7:36 PM

product focus

Making spec suites successful requires market savvy, cuttingedge design, and expert knowledge on building codes.


Patcraft Isle of Skye




Mannington Norwegian Oak

American Olean Merit

Emerson EasyHeat Warm Tiles

5 A NORDIC INFLUENCE ON INTERIORS Mannington’s Norwegian Oak hardwood is lightly washed and wire-brushed to subtly reflect the character of the wood, then dual-stained in a matte finish for a calm, restful feel. Featuring 6-in. wide planks, sawn in random lengths, the flooring collections features the manufacturer’s patented ScratchResist performance coating, for resistance to everyday scratches, keeping it looking newer for longer.

6 SKYE IS A MAGICAL PLACE Inspired by Scotland’s Isle of Skye, Patcraft’s newest collection of the same name features three styles with their roots in iconic landscape mountain ranges, miles of dramatic coastline and history. Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness all feature 12-in. × 48-in. apportioned pattern scales in 12 colorways with neutrals and a pop of metallic accents, inspired by reflections of light and nature.

8 FEEL THE HEAT Regardless of the climate, tile, stone, marble and laminate can feel uncomfortably cold. Emerson EasyHeat Warm Tiles electric floor warming cables and prefabricated warming mats keep ceramic, stone and engineered wood flooring comfortable. Warm Tiles can achieve up to 30% more efficiency than forced-air heating. Ideal for multi-family residential buildings.


Patcraft Circle 342 Circle 341

Emerson Circle 339

7 SOPHISTICATION INSIDE AND OUT Created to emulate contemporary stone, Merit features StepWise, a technology that provides slip resistance. It’s ideal for open-concept environments for multi-family or senior living where indoor living extends outdoors. Known for its realistic veining and variation, it is available large-format sizing and coordinating mosaics.

American Olean Circle 340

03 . 2018

1803APPRF.indd 91



2/28/18 3:02 PM

product focus



J.E. Berkowitz 3Seal HM+



Woolworth Tower Residences New York City

Vitro Architectural Glass Solarban 70XL


1 SIGNED AND SEALED With new and improved triple seal technology—including an improved secondary seal with a primary seal and a pre-applied acrylic adhesive for spacer to glass bonding—J.E. Berkowitz’s 3Seal HM+ warm-edge spacer system for IGUs offers aesthetic and energyefficient advantages over traditional IGU spacers.

As 2018 comes into focus, one major glazing manufacturer suggests architects “right size” their visual transmission. According to Guardian’s Alan Kinder, as the desire to communicate views to the outside grows—the WELL Building Standard even includes a provision for points for right to view— it is critical designers understand, that like windowto-wall ratio, it is also important to understand that it’s not always best to let 100% light through glazing. “Generally, you’ll want a lower transmission level, which you can achieve with coatings, but still let lots of light in without necessarily having to add shading.” Elsewhere, the manufacturer is seeing more fritting and pattern acid etching as another means of controlling solar heat gain and glare.

J.E. Berkowitz Circle 338 2 WOOLWORTH BUILDING FACELIFT French architect Thierry W. Despont selected Wausau Window’s 4250i INvent Series Simulated DoubleHung Projected windows to replace outdated units in the luxury Woolworth Tower Residences. The INvent Series windows can deliver thermal performance NFRC U-Factors as low as 0.34, a Condensation Resistance Factor up to 65 and acoustic performance Sound Transmission Class ratings of 31 to 42.

3 AWARD-WINNING DESIGN Floor-to-ceiling Solarban 70XL solar control low-E glass windows welcome students, faculty and visitors to the University of Kansas’ new four-story Capitol Federal Hall Business School. Design by Gensler and Walker Harden + Bee Triplett Buck, the glazing delivers 64% center-of-glass visible light transmittance and a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.27 in a standard 1-in. insulating glass. Receiving a 2017 Rethinking The Future international award in the Institutional category for its transformational design, the facility features flexible rooms, movable furniture and more than 25 collaborative spaces.

Vitro Architectural Glass Circle 336

Wausau Window and Wall Systems Circle 337



1803APPRF.indd 92

03 . 2018

2/28/18 3:02 PM

Blueprint for better communities villages societies neighborhoods towns boroughs regions cities. At A’18 we’ll explore how to design cities, towns, and communities that are smarter, healthier, more equitable, and sustainable. Join us!

Registration opens 24! now! Early bird ends AprilJanuary 25. Register

• APAds.indd 93

3/1/18 9:29 AM

product focus


Tile of Spain, the association of more than 125 Spanish tile manufacturers, is forecasting macro trends for 2018 which include: monochromatic colors, planks for wood and beyond, well-loved vintage looks, non-rectified edges, encaustic mashups, gauged porcelain (large format thin tile) and thick pavers in porcelain. When looking at the coming year’s innovations as a whole, there is a reverence for clean, honest materials. Collections are being designed with broad expanses of installations in mind. Tile is not just an accent, it’s literally everywhere indoors and out. The intentional hyper-distressed look of neglect is beginning to give way to a more refined and stately vintage look with a well-loved and maintained feel. 2018’s ceramics are all about the balance we are all struggling so hard to find in our daily 21stcentury lives.


Tricoya MDF


James Hardie Artisan Reveal



Echelon Masonry Mirage

Citadel Architectural Products Envelope 2000 RV

1 A REVEALING OPTION The Artisan Reveal fiber-cement panel system brings together a customizable system of commercialgrade panels, trims and fasteners. The panels can be installed horizontally or vertically and matched with two different trim profiles—the Recess (shown above) and Surround options.

2 MORE THAN SKIN DEEP Mirage porcelain veneers are imported from Italy and available in thicknesses ranging from 0.30 in. to 0.60 in., offering designers options to create staggered wall patterns in varying depths. The frost-resistant veneers resist alkalis, acids and chemical agents and clean easily—they can even be pressure washed.

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When looking at the coming years in innovation as a whole, there is reverence for clean, honest materials.

3 MDF REIMAGINED Tricoya medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is manufactured using an acetylation process that makes the panels nearly impervious to moisture—it can even be used as a swimming-pool wall lining. Backed by a 50-year warranty, the material also is suited to applications ranging from façade cladding and soffit and fascia panels to use in outdoor furniture construction.

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4 REACH FOR THE HEIGHTS Envelope 2000 RV composite cladding panels have passed NFPA 285 testing, making them eligible for use in applications higher than 40 ft. The panels can be specified with any of a number of different attachment systems and can also be curved to create streamlined corners.

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Belden has introduced their version of “linear� to the Clay Segmental Paving market. Belden has always shown great pride in bringing products to the market that are beautiful and long lasting. With the ability to produce this product out of two plants Belden offers many beautiful color combinations. Circle 63

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A Conversation with Jason Boyer AIA Arizona’s 2017 Firm of the Year, Studio Ma’s Principal, Jason Boyer, elaborates on ingenuity during a recession, housing’s “missing middle” and entrepreneurial spirit.

Jason Boyer, architect and principal with Phoenix-based Studio Ma, designed the housing community on a site near popular Arizona attractions.

Q: When/why did you join Studio Ma? BOYER: I had worked in a variety of larger firms and even owned my own practice for about two years; artHAUS [a collection of 25 smartly designed urban dwellings located in Midtown Phoenix] was born during that period, but I had to get creative about how the bills were to be paid. I linked up with Studio Ma because we’re all the same age, we’ve been friends—as well as competitors—and they liked what I’ve been trying to do as an architect/ developer with the artHAUS project.

BOYER: I’ve learned a lot and my intention is to keep going with some of the things that are most applicable— trying to know the market, and what it needs; where the demand is, and where the money is. The space where I placed artHAUS was in the middle-scale housing marketplace called the “missing middle.” There’s luxury and small-scale, but the average middle-class person or family is really struggling to find a new, quality product in a central city location and that’s what we’re trying to do at an attainable price point. Attainability is different than affordability. We’re consciously thinking about the lifestyle gratification, and, for me, the brand is focused on a more qualitative brand, with attention to natural light, indoor-outdoor connections, materiality and the way the project deals with cars, storage and public space. This way we’re knit into the fabric of the community. We’ve won some buyers that way.

Q: What is a common quality of the firm? BOYER: Entrepreneurial spirit.

Attainability vs. affordability “musts” Boyer considers critical: lifestyle gratification, with attention to natural light, indoor-outdoor connections, and the way the project deals with storage and public space. Q: Does that mean you think architectural firms will absorb the developer’s role, like artHAUS? BOYER: I don’t think so. You’ll continue to see more architects being entrepreneurial, and some will succeed. At the end of the day, beyond spirit, you need access to capital. Development is a shell game—there could be great ideas, but no access to affordable financing— hurdles are everywhere, and when you knock one down there’s five more. You have to have a lot of tenacity, believe in what you’re doing and be open to not knowing everything—it’s certainly not for the faint of heart.

Renderings for ASU MU: Studio Ma

ARIZONA STATE Studio Ma is reimagining the Memorial Student Union at Arizona State University. “We’re reworking all of the student gathering spaces considering light, texture and biomimicry,” explains Boyer.



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by Bill Timmerman, courtesy Studio Ma

Q: Will the artHAUS model of development be repeated in other urban infill projects?

ARTHAUS A collection of 25 smartly designed urban dwellings located in Midtown Phoenix.

Q: What is something that nobody can agree on, but you’re stronger for having the discussion? BOYER: We are building our office right now—we bought a building, and we’re in the middle of rebuilding it, and we’ve probably redesigned it six times. We’re late on deadlines and we’re paying extra rent where we’re at now—we’re our own worst client!

Q: How has your involvement with ULI in the Southwest affected your philosophy? BOYER: It was really helpful. It’s a great place to work and make connections; I’ve found a lot of the people there are willing to share information. I submitted a project on the ULI Arizona Shark tank and it was a great process; they did eat me up a little bit, but out of that came immediate respect and lasting relationships, so when I called on some senior developers, they were willing to help me refine my financial models because I had put my neck out there.

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OF WOOD Nichiha Wood Series fiber cement panels deliver all the warmth, texture and visual appeal of natural wood. Like wood, our panels pair perfectly with almost any exterior material you can imagine. Add a touch of sophistication to modern materials like glass, block or metal. Of course, feel free to mix and match with Nichiha’s full family of diverse finishes. And while a little goes a long way, there’s just no such thing as too much.











Get your hands on a free sample at

Nichiha Wood Series panels are part of an integrated cladding system engineered for ease of installation and long life. Our fiber cement panels are resistant to rot, warping, pests and even the damaging effects of the sun. That deep, rich finish that you love so much will retain its good looks for a very long time without costly refurbishing. And like natural wood, our panels go with just about anything—so you can use a little or a lot. | 866.424.4421 ©2017 Nichiha USA, Inc.

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MetalWorks™ 3D panels install at different heights, come in solid colors, wood look images, and perforations to give you flexible choices – from a low-relief visual to 8" highs and lows. The lightweight aluminum panels offer options as part of the Sustain® portfolio, meeting the most stringent sustainability compliance standards today and can also offer Total Acoustics® performance, the ultimate combination of sound absorption and blocking. Take your design to the next level at


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Architectural Products - March 2018  

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