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Meteor Lighting Solar Bike Rack Combining contemporary architectural forms, advanced solar technology and integrated LEDs, the bike rack incorporates microcontroller technology and photosensors to deliver intelligent lighting management. Step dimming capability helps achieve savings up to 65%, and motion-activated brightening ensures brightness increases to 100% for one minute before returning to 33% brightness.  Visit or Circle 273. Judges’ Comments: “I’d like to see more integrated applications like this.”




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The projector visually redefines architecture with fixed or rotating displays of patterns to enhance or create visual interest. It may also be used to generate text for branding or projecting logos for hospitality or themed entertainment venues using D size dichroic or metal gobos and a single high power LED. An internal accessory holder accommodates a second gobo and expands versatility beyond simple static or rotating displays, by providing designers the ability to produce the abstract appearance of water, fire or other kinetic images.  Visit or Circle 272. Judges’ Comments: “A great product for bringing artistic vision to life.”


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Hubbell Lighting’s low-profile EV4R emergency light is the only IC-rated recessed LED emergency luminaire now on the market. Although it extends less than 3/16-in. from the ceiling plane, it offers spacing of up to 42 ft., at mounting heights from 9 ft. to 12 ft. Round and rectangular trim plates are available in white or black finishes.  Visit or Circle 271. Judges’ Comments: “I like it a lot. A good example of LED’s size leading to a more aesthetic product – architects will love this, as it helps provide a much cleaner ceiling plane.”

The Evexia bed light from Hubbell Lighting is designed to meet the special demands of healthcare settings, including patient and examination rooms. Designed specifically for use with LED light sources, the Evexia provides full, even illumination, with a curved lens that promotes a forward-throw light distribution while eliminating the temptation to use the fixture as a shelf. Users can choose from ambient and reading illumination, with a light-night option also available.  Visit or Circle 270. Judges’ Comments: “A very versatile and wellthought-out fixture for its purpose—I like the direct/ indirect option.”

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Architectural SSL - August 2017  
Architectural SSL - August 2017  

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