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PRIORITY FOCUS: Products, Materials, System Choices for Retail Retrofit

RETAIL DETAILs In the topsy-turvy world of retail right now, it's critical to not only take advantage of infill opportunities in hot neighborhoods, but help outlets become unique shopping experiences customers can't enjoy online.

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WITH ATTITUDE SoundScapes® Blades™ feature excellent acoustics and a unique linear visual. Choose from 20 rectangular or curved vertical panel sizes in 14 standard colors for a custom look using standard products. Visit to see how acoustics with attitude can make a big impact on your next great space.


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Ultra Open Ultra unobtrusive railing infill by Ultra-tec®.

Photo courtesy of McClean Iron Works

When there’s something worth seeing, look into Ultra-tec®. At first glance, it’s unlikely that you’ll recognize the fact that we only use Type 316 stainless steel, the highest grade available. You might even be oblivious to the sleek elegance of our minimalist design. But that’s only because you’ll be enjoying something much more awe-inspiring…and we’re completely comfortable with that.

To learn more, visit, or call 800-851-2961.


©2017 The Cable Connection

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888-788-7686 Visit or call to find out more.

Duro-Last has always been a proponent of sustainability, but we know it’s no longer enough just to talk about it. That’s why we are the first company to publish a product-specific PVC Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for single-ply PVC roofing membranes. Our Duro-Last, Duro-Tuff®, and Duro-Last EV membrane product lines have also achieved NSF/ANSI 347 Gold Certification – giving Duro-Last the most certified sustainable product lines in the industry.

First place in sustainable roofing.

“Duro-Last”, and the “World’s Best Roof” are registered trademarks owned by Duro-Last, Inc. Gold Standard_7.13.16_v1

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IT TAKES TWO TO MAKE A PAVER RIGHT With more than 30 years of paver manufacturing expertise, Tectura Designs – a Wausau Tile Inc. brand – has created the industry’s strongest, longest-lasting architectural pavers with a state-of-the-art process that uses more than 650 tons of compressive strength to forge two parts into singular, versatile works of art – rated at 9,500 PSI.



feature face mixes that allow for the use of finer aggregates and the creation of completely one-of-a-kind looks that include four-color blends. Low absorption test results create resistance to freeze/thaw.

seem like they’d be stronger but have limitations on performance and aesthetics.

800. 388.8728 Discover pavers that are twice as nice at Circle 26

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NFRC Rated U-Factors as Low as 0.33 Thermally Broken Framing and Cladding Satisfies ASHRAE 90.1-2016 Air Infiltration Criteria


ALL-GLASS AESTHETICS - 1-1/8" Ultra Narrow Vertical Stiles With a System Depth of Only 2-1/2" - Unique Ability to Support Door Handle Hardware on 1" Insulating Glass - Custom Cladding in a Variety of Premium Finishes

“The cleanliness in lines is equaled by the sophistication of the hardware and performance.” — Product Innovation Awards Judge (800) 421-6144 Ext. 5305


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Bold Visual Effects NEW Precision Series wall panels create dramatic shadow lines

Arlington Community School, Jacksonville, FL

Architect: Ebert Norman Brady Installing contractor: Thorne Metal Systems Profile: HWPC wall panel Color: Berkshire Blue

















Precision Series wall panels provide design flexibility with easy, cost-effective, horizontal or vertical installation. Panels are available in 33 ENERGY STAR® colors.

PAC-CLAD.COM | IL: 1 800 PAC CLAD | MD: 1 800 344 1400 | TX: 1 800 441 8661 | GA: 1 800 272 4482 | MN: 1 877 571 2025 Circle 28

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Trend Lines


Form by Megan Mazzocco Hanna Andersson Headquarters, Portland, Ore. A backdrop of all the clothing that’s in constant production, it made sense to keep everything clean with simple lines and a very strong neutral palette.




PRIORITY FOCUS: Products, Materials, System Choices for Retail Retrofit

RETAIL DETAILs In the topsy-turvy world of retail right now, it's critical to not only take advantage of infill opportunities in hot neighborhoods, but help outlets become unique shopping experiences customers can't enjoy online.

by Mindi Zissman Flooring: Open Spaces. Five tips to meeting all of your design needs with flooring in the open office.

by Alan Weis National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii. The project focused on maintaining harmony for climate and culture for the area, with a heavy emphasis on water site management using a multi-pronged approach.

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Trends on the cover Imagine the Opportunities. The world of retail is in massive flux, as online shopping and new players in the market are smashing paradigms. At the same time, more specialized shops are capitalizing on infill opportunities and creating stores that are also a unique experience, such as the Fast Pan and Pasteles shop in Spain. Page 42.

Retailing’s Realignment Amazon/Whole Foods deal was this summer’s big news, while fading mall and specialty stars are being replaced by a galaxy of discounters and upgraded chains.


by Vilma Barr

Departments Perspective



Specifiers’ Solutions by John Mesenbrink  Boathouse features translucent wall systems

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 Metal fabric gives Houston building character  Metal Panels help ice arena maintain temps

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Microgrids for Resiliency

New and Improved


Bart Voorsanger, Architecture of an Optimist



7/6/17 10:41 AM


Stretch the Tethers of Office Mobility All the Way Out the Door As spring transitioned to summer, my over-

depth commissioning. Perhaps a planned “recess”

active show schedule remained in full throttle with

is the more appropriate strategy.

NeoCon capping the year’s major product previews.

The idea of mobility was echoed at NeoCon by

If activity is any indicator of the business climate,

Gensler’s Sven Govaars and Dean Stromban, who

things must be good—at least on the interiors side—

touched on this subject in their “Don’t Fence Me In”

as the contract furnishings/interiors show was

presentation. In what they call “choice” architec-

abuzz. Fortunately, this is a show where our senior

ture, the architects from the firm’s Houston office

editor, Megan Mazzocco, takes the lead, affording

are evolving toward less permanent work stations.

me the luxury of more leisurely product perusal. As

In fact, both principals gave up their offices. That

a result, I was on the lookout for things that were really different or that might realize trends currently capturing my attention, such as implementing lessanchored work places. In fact, a lecture I heard a few weeks earlier about the idea of finding ways to get workers outside more put me on a scavenger

Mobile workers experienced less disruption than their tethered colleagues.

date outdoor “rooms.” “nudge” clients and people to do the right thing.

sor Christoph Reinhart presented “Daylighting the

According to their research, based on the firm’s

Millennials.” In a nutshell, he said the engineering

2016 employee satisfaction study (available online

institution wanted to know where its students were

at, mobile work-

studying. It was assumed the library, but research

ers experienced less disruption in the course of the

found otherwise: students were in the cafeteria, on

day than their tethered colleagues, in part, because

the quad or at Starbucks—anywhere cool, where

they had the freedom to simply get up and move.

there was Wi-Fi and power—the latter being a nota-

Relocating, in many cases, was motivated by noise,

ble factor. This finding is highly relevant from the

but Gensler identified a number of other factors

university’s perspective as it brings into question

impacting employees to seek new locales: air qual-

best use of real estate. As a result, MIT launched

ity, lighting, nature, and even the “fun” of something.

a second study of conditions outside their build-

Indoor/outdoor spaces were not part of the

ings to determine the impact of working outside,

Gensler study, but I believe the incorporation of

and how it might incorporate findings into future

such “gates” is critical. I was pleased to find a

design. Researchers began placing solar-powered

number of products at the show that facilitate this

data-collection boxes on benches throughout the

possibility. The first was Sqape from Maars Living

campus; each also had a power port. Once word

Walls—a metal-clad folding door, which could be a

got out, students flocked to these spots. In fact,

great way to suddenly open a space, perhaps to a

they became so popular that an app was developed

Nanawall or LaCantina-style set of opening doors.

to notify people their favorite bench was open.

The Maars representative assured me Sqape is not an exterior product, but it does include acoustic

outside regularly does improve circadian rhythm

baffling, and I bet with some polyiso foam, could be

and other biological benefits from direct solar

an exterior product—at the very least it could pro-

exposure, the issue for architects, said Reinhart, is

vide a second closable wall to the aforementioned

where and how, exactly, do you create conditions

glass doors to provide an effective thermal barrier.

so people can be outside longer. This could take

Tim Shea

Managing Partner Director Business Development


Jim Crockett

Editorial Director

Megan Mazzocco

Senior Editor

John Mesenbrink

Copy Editor

Contributing Editors: Vilma Barr Ellen Lampert-Greáux Chuck Ross Alan Weis Katy Tomasulo

Barbara Horwitz-Bennett John Mesenbrink Stan Walerczyk Kevin Willmorth Mindi Zissman

Dave Pape

Vice President, Director, Art + Production

Lauren Lenkowski

Associate Art Director

Alex Mastera

Associate Art Director

said, both argued there is a moral imperative to

Velux’ daylighting symposium, where MIT Profes-

Beyond MIT, if it’s accepted that getting people

Managing Partner Director Publishing Operations


hunt for furniture and the like that might accommoThe genesis of this search began in Berlin at

Gary Redmond


Jeff Heine

630-739-0900 ext. 109


Gary Redmond 847-359-6493

Tim Shea 847-359-6493

Michael Boyle 847-359-6493 Jim Oestmann 847-838-0500

David G. Haggett 847-934-9123

Jim Führer 503-227-1381

Bob Fox 917-273-8062

Ted Rzempoluch 609-361-1733

On the furniture side, to the MIT experiment,

on the form of more welcoming openings in and

Oasis from sixinch, was a wonder—made of a rub-


around buildings—more vegetated terraces; more

bery foam in great shapes and colors, it also comes

courtyards; patios; and more multi-purpose rooms

with power ports. Alas, I’ve run out of space—more

that open up and actually create outdoor rooms.

thoughts from me and Megan next issue.

Architectural Products c/o Construction Business Media LLC, 579 First Bank Drive, Suite 220, Palatine, IL 60067; Editorial: 847-359-6493; Fax: 847-359-6754; (Copyright © 2017 by Construction Business Media LLC)

Certainly, there are issues: winter, glare on devices and laptops, and, of course, cost. But consider the


alternative. At Lightfair, there was a big push to address the issue by installing color-tunable fixtures to mimic the changes in natural light over the course of a day—an expensive option involving in-



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Jim Crockett, editorial director

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6/30/17 11:20 AM

Connecting people, technology and nature.

The GO OutdoorTable brings the culture of the communal table outdoors with access to power on or off the grid. A smart new platform for outdoor activity, a focal point and a gathering place, GO is another inspired Landscape Forms solution for helping people connect and Live | Learn | Work | Care | Play | Travel | Outside

Find us at or contact us toll free at 800.430.6202.


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resources, events & letters


Woodworks presents a series of continuing education webinars on wood design in construction. The following programs are scheduled to begin in July: Aspen Art Museum: Design and Construction of the Wood Roof Structure by Gregory R. Kingsley, PhD, PE, KL&A, Structural Engineers and Builders; More with Less: An Overview of the First CLT Hotel in the U.S. by Jeff Morrow, LendLease; and Timber-Concrete Composite Floor Systems by Benton Johnson, PE, SE, SOM. Visit

coming events August 2017




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September 2017


Cityzenith’s 5D Smart World software platform, a next-generation City Information Modeling tool, revolutionizes the way building professionals use data to design, collaborate, analyze, present and operate their projects. For an initial two-week free trial and a limited suite of analytics capabilities, visit





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Emser Tile and natural stone has opened a new branch in Houston, Texas.

PPG has launched a new website for architectural metal coatings featuring a streamlined appearance, intuitive navigation and enhanced access to popular coatings specification tools. Visit

Pilkington Profilit™ from Technical Glass Products helps you push the envelope in daylighting and design. This translucent channel glass system comes in a variety of unique colors, textures and finishes. • For interior or exterior applications • Installs vertically or horizontally • Can be insulated with Lumira® aerogel for energy efficiency • Can be utilized in curved walls Take a closer look by exploring our interactive Texture Module at

October 2017

12 13 14 The latest version of The Complete Häfele for Architecture Hardware is now available. It can be accessed digitally at Launched by Vitro Glass (formerly PPG), The Architect’s GPS guides architects, designers and specifiers to the most pertinent Vitro Glass product information and specification tools at each phase of the design process. Visit

Living Product Expo Sept. 12-14 David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pa. Construct Show Sept. 13-15 Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence, R.I. Cradle to Cradle Innovation Institute Masterclass Sept. 27 Circular Economy Day 1: Insight in CE Antwerp, Belgium


The Metal Construction Assn. offers a technical bulletin to serve as a guide for the selection of exposed fasteners used with metal roof and wall panels. Visit

ASHE Aug. 6-9 Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, Ind.

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Getting to Zero National Forum Oct. 12-14 Grand Hyatt, Denver, Colo. Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat 2017 Conference Oct. 30-Nov. 3 Hyatt Regency, Sydney, Australia

ATAS International has added a series of instructional videos for the installation of their Dutch Seam standing seam metal roof panels. Visit McElroy Metal announced the download availability of its updated company product catalog featuring the entire McElroy Metal line of construction products and components for the architectural metal construction industry. Visit The American Architectural Manufacturers Assn. (AAMA) has launched a new website intended to increase ease of usability for members and other visitors. Visit

CORRECTIONS: In the Infinite Silence story on p. 16 in the June issue, Doug Wheeler and Doyle Robertson’s names were misspelled. | 800.426.0279 Circle 30

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6/30/17 11:30 AM

© 2017 Technical Glass Products. SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity is a trademark of Technical Glass Products. Technical Glass Products, One Source. Many Solutions., and TGP America are registered trademarks of Technical Glass Products.


Build a façade from products forged in excellence. The SteelBuilt Curtainwall Infinity™ System from Technical Glass Products supports a wide range of building types, designs, and performance requirements. Use almost any type of custom steel member as a back mullion. Experience larger areas of glass, smaller frame profiles and greater free spans. Choose captured or uncaptured systems. Learn more about designs inspired by steel at | 800.426.0279 Circle 31

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on spec by Brent Chancellor Schöck North America


Thermal Breaks Prevent Heat Loss Through Feet of Emperor Penguins … And Balconies of Efficient Buildings In Antarctica’s frigid climate Emperor penguins can survive because—like efficient building envelopes— their bodies contain an air and moisture barrier, as well as continuous insulation. More importantly, they have natural “thermal breaks” that prevent heat loss into the environment. Modern building envelopes prevent the migration of outside moisture to the inside. Some envelopes employ a combined moisture/air barrier, while others additionally utilize a rainscreen. While a penguin’s continuous insulation is dictated by natural selection, the CI of commercial envelopes is dictated more by more code requirements. Many state and local codes, in fact, already require structural thermal breaks when taking a prescriptive path, and others are not far behind. Balconies of commercial buildings—cantilevered structural extensions of commercial building floor slabs—quickly equalize to cold exterior temperatures. As a result, balconies continuously draw heat from the interior floor slab into the exterior environment, unless thermal breaks are installed where the balcony breaks the continuous insulation of the building envelope.

Traditional Balcony Construction Wastes Heat, Chills Floors + Causes Mold Growth Because of their load bearing requirement, conventional concrete and steel balconies are designed as cantilevered extensions of steel or concrete floor slabs. As such, they not only create a thermal bridge in the otherwise continuous insulation of the envelope, but they rapidly conduct heat from the interior slab through the cantilevered balcony and into the environment. Prior to 2010, wasted heat and cold interior floors were accepted as unavoidable outcomes in North American buildings with balconies, but additional problems of mold arose when builders began wrapping exteriors with air tight vapor barriers. Before air-tight envelopes, most commercial buildings leaked profusely, causing humidity levels inside of buildings to equalize with low exterior humidity levels (typically 18% to 25%) during winter months. Forced hot air typically vented at or near balcony doors and windows further ensured that interior humidity remained too low at the cold balcony penetration to reach dew point, form condensation or support mold growth. As a building becomes more air tight, it requires less heat and retains more moisture from evapo-



1707APONS.indd 12

ration and human off-gassing. This can increase interior humidity to 35% or 40%, which is the target level for human comfort, but which creates a danger zone for condensation when the thermal conductivity of balconies drops the temperature to the dew point on the interior side of the envelope at the point of penetration. With nowhere to go, that moisture will condense if interior temperatures drop to the dew point, especially within cold wall cavities adjacent to uninsulated balconies and other envelope penetrations. The resulting condensation is leading to mold growth on sheetrock, studs and insulation on the interior. What’s of concern is that occupants can breathe mold years before it becomes visible on interior ceilings and walls.

By breaking the thermal bridge between the balcony and warm interior floors, thermal breaks eliminate 90% of energy loss. By then, remediation will at minimum require removal and replacement of sheetrock, but mold is likely to recur since high interior humidity and cold envelope penetrations in existing structures are unlikely to be corrected due to difficulty and cost. Condensation forming on the underside of an uninsulated balcony penetration can lead to mold growth, respiratory problems and litigation in modern, air-tight buildings having interior humidity levels exceeding 35%. Structural Thermal Break (STB) is a fabricated longitudinal assembly the same approximate width as the exterior building wall and height as the floor slab that creates a structural insulated foam break between the interior floor and the exterior balcony to minimize thermal conductivity between the two masses, while optimizing load-bearing capacity. STBs for concrete construction contain engineered stainless steel rebar for casting into the concrete slab on the interior side, and into the concrete balcony on the exterior side, yielding structural strength equivalent to that of conventional reinforced concrete extensions of floor slabs. STBs for steel construction are equipped with flanges

BREAK TIME The Structural Thermal Break supports the cantilevered load where the balcony penetrates the building envelope, preventing heat loss through the balcony slab. This break, reduces overall energy use, carbon footprint and heating system requirements by 14% on average.

and bolts for fastening to steel floor joists on the interior side, and on the exterior side to cantilevered balcony supports. The reduction in BTUs required to heat the building also allows corresponding reductions in heating system size/capacity, resulting in savings on capital equipment and ongoing operation and maintenance of mechanical systems. Thermally isolating balconies improves comfort for occupants and value for developers by increasing the warmth and usability of interior floor space. Problems related to thermal conductivity of conventional balcony designs worsened when air tight building envelopes became a code requirement. Higher interior humidity levels caused condensation to form on the interior side of cold penetrations, resulting in mold growth.

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EDGE Introducing the new Plastic Laminate Partitions with Moisture Guard™ Edge Banding. Our Moisture Guard™ Edge Banding fuses with the substrate creating a seamless beveled profile that eliminates any unsightly black lines that appear in standard Plastic Laminate. Moisture Guard™ Edge Banding: Available on all partition doors, panels, pilasters and urinal screens in 45 colors.

ASTM tests on Moisture Guard™ Edge Banding confirms 3X greater durability with increased resistance to moisture and humidity than standard Plastic Laminate. Available in 45 colors/patterns and our new Easy Stall Shoe* speeds up the installation process. Our Plastic Laminate with Moisture Guard™ Edge Banding is now backed with an industry leading exclusive five-year warranty. To see a sample, contact 706.827.2700 and ask to meet a sales representative. *Floor Anchored/Overhead Braced Only.

NEW Plastic Laminate Moisture Guard™

Standard Plastic Laminate

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on spec By Wesley Robb Director of Technical Strategies and Applications of Vapor Mitigation Strategies, Wellington Environmental Consulting and Construction


5 Things to Know About Vapor Intrusion Mitigation What Is the Difference Between a Vapor and a Moisture Barrier?

What Are the Different Variations of Vapor Barriers?

The former is often confused with the latter. In actuality, they are two different types of products with two very different purposes. A moisture barrier is designed to keep water in its liquid form from entering a building enclosure. Specifically, it keeps water from building up behind walls and under slabs to prevent the growth of mold. A vapor barrier, on the other hand, is part of a complete mitigation system that prevents vapor intrusion. The latter can occur when volatile chemicals are present in soil and/or groundwater, and migrate their way through subsurface soils and into the breathing zone of homes and commercial buildings much in the same way as radon gas. A vapor mitigation system often consists of two main parts: a trenched channel to guide vapor to upright flues and out of the building, and a chemical resistant layer—the vapor barrier—that blocks vapors from entering the breathing zone of a building.

Several types of vapor barriers available. There are pros and cons associated with choosing one material over the other, primarily cost vs. effectiveness. It is critical that the correct barrier be chosen for the vapor mitigation system. For example, one type of material used is polyethylene or polyolefin, in both a 6-mil or 10-mil variety. These are generally the less expensive options, and are often made from post-consumer recycled materials. However, it is not a guarantee that the material is chemically resistant. Additionally, due to the nature of the material, it is difficult to seal the barrier at walls and utility penetrations. Alternatively, there are barriers that take it a step further with a composite membrane system that combines the advantage of chemically resistant high-density polyethylene and the constructability benefits of spray-applied membranes. This system offers the lowest diffusion rates in the industry, resulting in higher effectiveness for the chemical or chemicals of concern.

One of the biggest mistakes in specifying a vapor barrier is not being clear to the contractor about what type is required. When Is it Necessary to Recommend a Vapor Barrier? The information needed for recommendation of a vapor barrier is often discovered in the due diligence process, as phase I and/or phase II activities can uncover potential or actual sources of contaminated vapor on or adjacent to the property. The risk of vapor intrusion occurs when there is the potential of a migration of volatile chemicals, possibly including petroleum products, from contaminated groundwater, soil or a vapor plume into an overlying building. If it is a site that has the potential for these types of environmental issues, a vapor mitigation system is necessary. The wrong barrier may be incorrectly specified if the site’s history is unknown. There are obvious cases when a known operation previously existed, such as gas station or dry cleaner. Now that the industry has a way to address vapor intrusion, architects need to think about this risk in order to prevent potential health concerns and possible future litigation.



1707APONS.indd 14

Is It Necessary at All If Designs Are Properly Ventilated? The answer is yes. Determining whether or not a vapor mitigation system is necessary is not reliant on whether or not the ventilation system is set up properly. Often times, dangerous chemical vapors are present in the subsurface soil gas of a planned construction site for many reasons. For example, if there had been a dry cleaner operating nearby releasing hazardous chemicals, there is at least a good chance that the soil is contaminated and a vapor barrier is necessary so that these vapors do not make their way into the breathable area of a structure. A building over a vapor plume creates an atmosphere which promotes vapor intrusion. This phenomenon is caused by pressure differentials between the interior of the building and the relatively higher pressure of the gasses in the subsurface soil vapor, which creates a negative pressure gradient that draws vapors into the building.

What Is the Biggest Mistake Made in Specifying a Chemical Resistant Vapor Barrier? One of the biggest mistakes made in specifying a vapor barrier is not being clear to the contractor about what type of barrier is required. As this is a relatively new concept, contractors may misinterpret specifications for a vapor barrier for a simple water barrier. Therefore, if it is recognized that a

PARAMOUNT CONDITIONS It is paramount that the architect specifies the chemically resistant barrier and/or subsurface vent channels, and exhaust risers, as well as whether the venting system is to be passive or active.

vapor barrier is necessary due to the environmental condition of the site, it is paramount that the architect specifies the chemically resistant barrier and/ or subsurface vent channels, and exhaust risers, as well as whether the venting system is to be passive or active. If these are not clearly distinguished, there is a chance that the contractor may make the mistake of assuming that a water barrier is being specified not a chemical vapor mitigation barrier.

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6/30/17 12:13 PM

Add life to your structure.

Introducing Outdoor Accents decorative hardware. Easily add beauty and strength to your outdoor projects. The new Simpson Strong-Tie Outdoor Accents line of structural connectors features an innovative screw and washer set that combines the ease of installing a screw with the look of a bolt. And, with a black powder-coat finish, this hardware offers style and durability. ®


To learn more about Outdoor Accents decorative hardware, visit and call (800) 999-5099.

Circle 33

SSTM-OA17-A_10_3-8x12_1-2.indd 1 • 1706APAds.indd 15

© 2017

Simpson Strong-Tie Company Inc. OA17-A

6/12/17 10:21 4:00 PM 6/30/17 AM

product developments

material advances + product breakthroughs

Noteworthy The American Architectural Manufacturers Assn. (AAMA) recognized the achievements of its members, including Outstanding Member, Steve Strawn, codes and regulatory manager for JELD-WEN (Portland, Ore.); and Brent Slaton, national sales coordinator for Keymark (Fonda, N.Y.), was presented with the Distinguished Service Award for the Architectural Products Group. Milgard (Tacoma, Wash.) was honored with the 2017 Chairman’s Award for its commitment to the association and the fenestration industry. Gehle-Run Architecture Studio has merged with R&A Architecture + Design. Svigals+Partners have announced a strategic merger with Lynn Brotman Interior Design. Cooledge has been named a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Company. Dyer Brown has earned “Restaurant Design of the Year: Reader’s Choice Winner” designation from Eater Boston—for the two-venues-in-one-location eatery Tapestry in Boston’s Fenway Park neighborhood. Gunlocke’s Saranac Collection won a 2016 GOOD DESIGN Award from the Chicago Athenaeum. Detroit firm, Hamilton Anderson and Assocs., has grown by 44% in the past year. SORAA has a complete line of LED lamps certified JA8-2016-E under California’s new Title 24 lighting standard, which requires new and retrofit construction projects use JA8-2016-E certified lamps with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90+ and a deep red (R9) rendering greater than 50. A full list of certified JA8-2016-E compliant LED lamps is on the California Energy Commission’s website at cacertappliances. Sloan donated 15 hybrid urinals for use in the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago main office.


Modern Day Versailles One would expect to find original lighting and decorative objects by Beau et Bien in a modern-day version of Versailles Palace. The artisans create their original hand-assembled pieces for indoor or outdoor settings. For instance, this deconstructivist take on a Louis XV chandelier appears more like a mobile, its clever concept a delicate composition of LEDs and hand-cast Limoges porcelain from the eponymous town in France. This sophisticated object d’art is a quintessential representation of the collision of craft and technology. Visit or Circle


CRL-U.S. Aluminum Monterey S55, S80 Bi-Folding Doors and the Series D900 Terrace Door have been

BESPOKE DESIGN Each piece is designed and crafted under the art direction of designer Sylview Marechal. The originality of the work is revealed in the products through accuracy and fine lines expressed in the production process. Fine details are accentuated by LED illumination.

given Florida Product Approval by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. ATAS International hosted AIA/CES education event “Designing with Metal—Building Envelope Education” at the Building Envelope Design Center in Mesa, Ariz.



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LIMOGES GO The sophistication of the work of Beau et Bien has its roots in the historical craft tradition of Limoges porcelain. For years, the company has worked closely with craftsmen in the region to bring the chopped, bright and strong material to life in its chandeliers.

07 . 2017

6/30/17 5:16 PM

product developments


Atomic Textures Although it feels like the LED textile concept is still so “new,” Meystyle first appeared on the scene in 2013. The latest product releases from the forward-thinking company have once again performed a textile and LED mash-up in the form of its Conductivity wallcoverings collection where natural textures meet the unique light patterns, transforming walls into works of art. Visit or Circle


NATURAL SETTING The Conductivity collection echoes its fascination with nature also in its choice of materials, ranging from refined linens and cotton canvases to elegant silks. A variety of metal accents, notably electricity’s best companions, enrich the natural properties of each texture with handpainted details and gilded applications.










Circular Economy: Higher Yields for MDF

The Conductivity wallcoverings collection transforms walls into works of art.

A new process from a UK company will be the world’s first technology to recycle medium-density fiberboard MDF is used in the production of furniture and case goods worldwide.

(MDF) waste and recover wood fiber from it. MDF is used in the production of furniture and case goods worldwide. Six years in research and development, the MDF recovery technology recently concluded trials to develop a commercially viable process to recover wood fiber from used or cut-offs of MDF, an alternative to land-filling waste. A patented recovery process salvages wood fibers in the range of 0.5 mm to 3 mm,

The MDF recovery technology can be retrofitted or designed into new plants and offers a robust solution for reworking waste and increasing the yield at the MDF manufacturing facility, says Craig Bartlett, co-founder and managing director of MDF recovery.

which is a significant size, because it is the same quality as virgin wood fiber. “The recovered fiber produced by the process is of the same high quality as fiber obtained from virgin wood and can be used as a direct substitute in the manufacturing process,” says co-founder and managing director of MDF Recovery, Craig Bartlett. Visit or Circle

07 . 2017

1707APPRD.indd 17




6/30/17 5:16 PM

product developments









Energy and Water Conservation


Sustainable Office Offers Net-Zero at Market Rate Hanover Page Mill was recognized as a winner in the Best Sustainable Development Category by the LEAF Awards. The LEED Platinum and net-zero electric energy office building is a powerful synthesis between architectural form and energy performance.

Recognized for its native Californian and modern design, the Hanover Page Mill building in Palo Alto, Calif., by Form4 Architecture, was recently lauded abroad by the LEAF (Leading European Architecture Forum) Awards for its high level integration of sustainable performance and beauty in design. The building, home of its eponymous developer, features a layout that follows a C-shaped floor plate organized on a 5-ft. module to maximize filtered sunlight provided via a nearby wooded site. Like a structure in a botanical garden, the entry parking site is shaded by a grove of trees that transition to the park-like setting of the building. A north-facing elevated terrace provides a perfect perch for outdoor workspaces. On-site photovoltaics provide electricity for the building’s needs, which include 15-EV charging stations in the parking lot. The building uses 40% less water than a baseline building of this size. The advanced technology installed along with the energy saving makes the LEED Platinum structure an important study as a road map for future of high performance design. The LEED Platinum, net-zero energy building is 100% leased and the management finds it is able to offer space at market rate because leases in this market are triple net; the tenant pays property taxes, insurance and all utilities, repairs, maintenance and cleaning. The anchor tenant has comfortably occupied the building for more than one year, which speaks to the high levels of occupant comfort and satisfaction that the project offers within a high-performance and beautiful architecture.

“Hanover Page Mill is unlike the predominantly glass-clad Silicon Valley corporate buildings of recent years. Its form remains distinctly Californian, while integrating the global design perspective for which we’re known.”

Photos: Jeff Peters

—John Marx AIA, Design Principal, Form4 Architecture


Project: Hanover Page Mill Location: Palo Alto, Calif. Architect: Form4 Architecture, Robert Giannini, Principal, John Marx AIA, Design Principal, Paul Ferro AIA, Principal Client/Developer: Hanover Page Mill Assoc.


The building uses several critical products to reduce water and energy consumption on site: Plumbing: Sloan Efficiency Series Solar powered Flushometer, HEU Urnial Fixture, Sloan Efficiency Series Manual HET Flushometer, HET Wall Hung Water Closet Electric Tankless Water Heater: EEMAX, Model MT0008277T HVAC: Conservation Mechanical Systems: AAON Model RN-075 Packaged Rooftop Air Cooled Condensing Units



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07 . 2017

6/30/17 5:16 PM

Question Conventional Boundaries Text APNANA to 62622 to view the project video

NanaWall Opening Glass Walls

Durable: Entrance door panels tested for 500,000 cycles Efficient: Keeps extreme weather on the outside when closed

Engineered to perform in the toughest environments while opening and closing with ease.

Explore our opening glass wall product families: Folding



Secure: Multipoint tamper-resistant locking panels close securely Resistant: Benefit from high wind load and water infiltration performance

Showrooms Nationwide Visit 800 873 5673

By participating, you consent to receive recurring autodialed SMS/MMS marketing msgs. No purchase required. Msg&data rates may apply. Terms & conditions/privacy policy apply

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Public Art

product developments


Exhibits Facilitate Crowd-Sourced Light and Movement During the NYCxDESIGN week, which coincides with the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in New York City, visitors to the public space of Times Square participate in an experiential design that combines art, architecture, materials and light.

Corian Cameo No. 3 The installation, Corian Cameo No. 3, created by ZGF Architects, represents the intersection of music, touch, light and social interaction, where sound exploration becomes the genesis of crowd-sourced art. At its core, the interactive exhibit transforms

Corian into a soft, atmospheric sculpture intended to invite play. LED light glows through the translucent material while a multi-zoned sound system plays music and sound through the piece via three touch-activated podiums. Visitors can conduct their own personal experiences by way of music and light. Cameo No. 3’s creative team (Piano Push Play, dotdotdash and Uncorked Studios) was united by the notion of blending advanced materials and technology with nature, warmth and human touch to make the work accessible to all.

CORIAN CAMEO NO. 3: AQUAMARINE Visitors can conduct their own personal experiences by way of music and light interpretation.

The Corian Movement Bar A second Corian experience, The Corian Movement Bar, designed by human-centered design and innovation studio, Birsel+Seck, serves as a public gathering place. Birsel+Seck interpreted what movement means in the lively, vertical, highly trafficked, public space of Times Square and the quintessential “bar” as a gathering place—a place to pause, people watch, rest, and take it all in, using Corian as expression. The exhibit features 2017 aesthetics, Corian Neutral Concrete and Carbon Concrete, as well as Zodiaq Portoro.

CORIAN MOVEMENT BAR The bar serves as a public gathering place envisioned by the award-winning, human-centered design and innovation studio of Birsel+Seck, who interpreted what movement means in Times Square.


CORIAN CAMEO NO. 3: PINK Created by ZGF Architects, the installation represents the intersection of music, touch, light and social interaction, where sound exploration becomes the genesis of art in a new and interactive way.



1707APPRD.indd 20




LIFE OF THE PARTY Not just for countertop slabs anymore, Corian is helping the public and designers get close and personal for an emotive experience with solid surfaces.

07 . 2017

6/30/17 5:16 PM

Citadel not only manufactures metal composite material (MCM), but also designs, tests and provides a number of installation systems. The result is ultimate performance.

ASTM D1781: Bond Strength Meets or exceeds the peel strength of nearly all continuous run production MCMs. ASTM D5420: Impact Resistance Durable phenolic core provides greater protection than plate or polyethylene cores. NFPA 285 / UBC 26-9: Fire Resistance No special FR composition required. Standard composition meets requirements. ASTM D1929: Fire Resistance Meets or exceeds ignition temperature of nearly all continuous run production MCMs (including FR). ASTM E283, E330, E331: Air, Water, Structural Passed industry standards with shop-fabricated AND budget/time-friendly field-assembled systems. LEED MR 4: Recycled Content Helps contribute towards the effort of sustainable building practices. 30-Year PVDF / 20-Year Anodized Long-lasting Kynar 500 ® finishes with COOL technology or actual integral anodized finishes.

ENVELOPE 2000 Metal Composite Material (MCM)


(800) 446-8828 • Wichita Airport - Parking Garage, Wichita, KS Representative: JD Day & Company Fabricator: Architectural Metals North America

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product developments

Collective Health & Wellbeing: Acoustics

CERAMI IMMERSIVE: ACOUSTICAL IMMERSION ROOM The alchemy of sounds and architecture come together in Cerami Assocs. acoustical immersion demonstrations, where clients experience a space in four dimensions. It’s not “smellavision,” but an acoustical replica of what a space will sound like based on contributing factors, including: structural geometry, façade materials, location and interior finishes. All these attributes may virtually be altered to digitally manipulate the sound signature of a space while clients listen in real time.










Seeing Invisibilia Cerami & Assocs., a 100-person consultancy with some of the top acoustics experts in the world, created Cerami Immersive Services to prove the importance of acoustic design for projects such as workplaces, hospitals, schools and labs, and it can serve as a valuable tool for designing high-performance environments. Founder and creator, Victoria Cerami, set out to help people “experience the invisible.” She says what inspired this was the assumption clients had that acoustics would always work in a space, even if they weren’t addressed at all whatsoever throughout the design phase. “There was just an assumption that it [good acoustics] would be there, but, they only talk about it when it goes wrong.” Cerami explains noise vs. sound: “When acoustics work, it is perceived as sound—but when acoustic design fails, that’s when it becomes noise.” Examining acoustics goes beyond good practice to complete the feel of a space. “A space emotes,” says Cerami. “An acoustical signature can correlate with the emotional feeling the architect intends to create in the space.” The challenge, however, is demonstrating that to clients, says Cerami, who has devised an acoustic simulation dubbed Cerami Immersive to simulate how sound behaves in response to the geometry and materials in a space. “All along, acousticians do calculations and write reports, but it’s not like name that tune; people don’t know what that [number on a report] sounds like. The more we can demonstrate what it sounds like in the space, the more apt people are to understand what it is about.” The concept of Cerami Immersive represents a microcosm of design that speaks to the importance of other critical “invisible” building functions, such as indoor air quality and lighting, that are key to health and wellbeing. “If you enter a workplace, or an atrium or a town hall—if it works, people remember the experience because it works, but they don’t know why, and that’s the problem.” Cerami believes that solutions to assure implementation of these invisible factors lies in the ability of architects to work backward from the occupant experience to reveal the technologies needed to create a specific experience, which, includes fine-tuned acoustics. Visit



1707APPRD.indd 22

“When acoustics work, it is perceived as sound—but when acoustic design fails, that is when it becomes noise.” —Victoria Cerami, Cerami & Assoc.

MAKE SOUND DECISIONS From a high-end hospitality venue to a hospital room or this lab space, every space has an acoustic signature that provides an emotive experience for the occupant. Alongside lighting and indoor air quality, acoustics is an invisible, yet totally immersive design element that can result in health and well-being of occupants or and the success or failure of the project.

07 . 2017

7/5/17 3:55 PM

Out of sight.

Bobrick’s privacy partitions eliminate sight lines between doors and stiles, and above and below panels.

Gap-Free interlocking design.

Max. Height doors and panels.

Sight lines between doors and stiles are an emerging sensitivity in restrooms. Our Gap-Free design is an integrated solution.

4 5/16" floor clearance vs 12", and 72" panel height vs 58". Specify Gap-Free and Max. Height for double the privacy.


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product developments


Optical Façade Becomes Urban Landmark Italian firm Puiarch is known for its inventive façades that brand buildings with a distinct persona, and act as an artistic calling card to visitors and locals alike. Recently, the over-arching aesthetic for a new Givenchy outlet was a close collaboration between Puiarch architects and art director of the Maison, Riccardo Tisci. The latter has since moved on from Givenchy, but his signature style has left a mark on the brand at its location in the heart of the Gangnam-Gu shopping district PRODUCT DESIGN

in Seoul, South Korea.

Synchronized Sliders

At 400 sq. meters and climbing three levels, the store’s façade makes waves in both fashion and architecture. The signature façade is inspired by the Italian

The EKU Porta 100 GW Synchro from Hafele offers

Optical Art movement and weaves in the characteristic

exact, coordinated open and closure of two frameless

use of fabrics from Givenchy’s latest collections. It has

glass doors weighing up to 220 lbs. An exercise in

a severe sophistication in its materiality, but also a play-

innovative simplicity, the EKU Porta 100 GW Synchro

ful organic undulation that reflects varying lighting con-

employs a creative yet simple glass clamp, which

ditions of the immediate surrounding urban landscape.

secures the door with friction alone. Several mounting

This second skin is a sleek ashlar rainscreen sur-

options include wall-mounted, surface- or flush-

face made of electro-polished steel plates, which were

mounted to the ceiling—offering multiple purposes

formed on a high-pressure fluid cell press, a fabrica-

and uses of the EKU Porta 100 GW Synchro in both

tion technique typically used for complex shapes in

commercial and residential settings. Visit

high-precision automobile and aerospace applications. or Circle

The cover panels of the façade were made in South


Korea where the specific technology was developed. A 1.5-cm-thick sheet of iron 110 cm sq. is pressed from CROSS THE T’S Puiarch’s urban approach to tailored use of materials is a glossy black cube resting on a fully glazed ground floor. Inside the cut, at the upper corner of the building, a surface of satin brass appears to evoke the brand, a reference to the famous “T” cut style of Givenchy.

one side using a modern fluid pressing technology. Under the intense pressure of liquid pressure each modules’ 5 holes—5-cm diameter and 4 protrusions— 14-cm diameter, move 8 cm forward or backwards from the original level of plane of the front panel. Once the irregular waves are formed under the intense pressure of liquid, the undulating perforated metal skin results. The embossed surfaces receive an electro-colored finish and are then secured to a stainless steel frame, which is attached to a rear tubular structure. Fiber optic lighting is added for point light sources and precisely positioned in place for easy maintenance.

OUTDOOR POWER “The outdoor power box,” released to market late Dec. 2016 is becoming the hot product of 2017. The embedded device gives access to power as a fl oor box would in a conference room, but for outdoor parties.

The polished forms interact continuously with the light of the sun and the surrounding city to generate


kinetic effects that modify the entire building and make

Insert Power Here

it a dynamic urban icon for wanderers down the great Cheongdam Boulevard. Circle


Legrand’s power box is inserting power into the hands of event organizers, making it simple and easy for outdoor venues at hotel and hospitality vendors to offer al fresco events year round while avoiding steep event set-up costs requiring a production team, transformers and sometimes heavy equipment. The breakthrough technology is waterproof, weatherproof and can be installed below-grade, buried in snow, sand or gravel. The high-abuse power box is well-designed and is nearly camouflaged until it is time for use, and even when in use, the underground power boxes serve their function discretely. Visit or Circle



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07 . 2017

6/30/17 5:16 PM

The sound choice.

St. Brendan Catholic School

AC O U S T I C + D AY L I G H T I N G = P R O D U C T I V I T Y Hufcor’s Ultra Acoustic GlassWall™ 46 STC provides physical seperation of space without compromising the visual benefits of observational learning. Collaborative group learning environments can create higher levels of noise as students interact so it is important to design glass wall solutions that can provide a “system tested” sound barrier versus a glass only tested approach. » Meets ANSI ASA S12.60-2010 and LEED v.4 for school acoustics » Sealed I.G. glass units for improved sound control » Complete BIM content available H U F C O R .C O M /A P

h m a r ke t i n g @ h u f co m Circle 37

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Vintage Ranch





Revel in the warm and inviting texture of Vintage Ranch, our authentic interpretation of reclaimed barn wood composed of hand selected boards culled for their celebrated patina and enduring beauty.

Circle 38

Eldorado ArchProds26 July2017 Pg 062317.indd 1 • 1706APAds.indd

6/23/17 10:22 3:21 AM PM 6/30/17



ď ľ


opening up about open spaces By Mindi Zissman, contributing writer

5 tips for meeting all your design needs with flooring in the open office.

Collaboration and productivity have skyrocketed in the modern open office floor plan. And so has creativity—of the designers that is. Specifying flooring for open offices to meet standards of sustainability, personal comfort, wayfinding, acoustics and both individual and collaborative work is no 80 40 simple task. AP talked to designers that have dressed open office flooring successfully to gather their lessons learned. Here are 5 tips to designing open office flooring that creates spaces people want to live in.

07 . 2017

1707APTRL3.indd 27







7/5/17 9:15 AM




Don’t Skimp on Sustainability When it comes to the corporate office, businesses move more frequently than we think. So, from a sustainability perspective, there’s no need to invest in flooring with a century-long lifespan. That’s why Joshua Zinder, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, founder and principal of Princeton-based Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design (JZA+D), often specifies bamboo. “You can put a wood floor down and it’ll last 60 to 70 years with a refinish or two, but very often corporate offices are moving from place to place more often than every 75 years,” said Zinder. “Bamboo takes two to three years to grow and then someone uses it in an office space for 10 years. From a sustainability perspective, that fits with our mindset.”

Zinder specified Plyboo bamboo flooring in Maple at ERM, a leading global provider of environmental consulting services. In the open office areas where it’s okay to have more noise, like collaboration spaces, meeting areas, etc., Zinder has pulled back existing flooring tile to let the original concrete floor further the open office look, creating another purposeful, sustainable element, which he says “creates the idea of authenticity.” Zinder pulled back the existing flooring at Yardley, Pa.-based life sciences company Red Nucleus, to take advantage of the original concrete floor in an open office area where he inserted bleacher seating for company meetings.

FLOOR PULL BACK The existing floor tile was pulled back to expose the concrete floor further.

Project: Red Nucleus Offices Location: Yardley, Pa. Architect: Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design (JZA+D)

Project: Environmental Resource Management (ERM) Location: Princeton South Corporate Center, Ewing, N.J. Designer: Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design (JZA+D)

Photo: Michael Slack, courtesy JZA+D

“You can put a wood floor down and it’ll last 60 to 70 years with a refinish or two, but very often corporate offices are moving from place to place more often than every 75 years.”

PRODUCT SPECS Product: Bamboo Flooring Color: Maple

Plyboo Circle 424 BAMBOO SPEC Fitting the mindset of the architect from a sustainability perspective, bamboo was chosen because it can be used in an office space for 10 years.



1707APTRL.indd 28

07 10.2014 . 2017

6/30/17 5:31 PM

Experience. Innovation.

Natural Ventilation

Colt Natural Ventilation products offer sustainable solutions for automated climate control and passive smoke ventilation. Brought from Europe to North America by BILCO, Colt jalousie-style window, skylight, and casement window ventilators let you control indoor conditions through the time-tested principles of stack, cross and single-sided ventilation. Colt Natural Ventilation Products: • Offer unique design possibilities • Connect seamlessly to building management or fire protection systems • Lower building construction and operating costs • Satisfy ASHRAE, IBC and NFPA requirements and standards • Enhance or replace traditional mechanical systems • Reduce your buildings’ environmental impact • Provide occupants a healthier, more productive environment

Design with nature, not against it. 800.366.6530 WWW.BILCO-COLT.COM

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PRODUCT SPECS Product: Mirage, Engineered Hardwood Hardwood: Natural Collection Maple

Designers: Deborah Nemeth and Jen Vogel Firm: SmithGroup Interior Designers

HOMEY FEELS One of the objectives of the office was create sound control and give a “house-like feeling” so employees can work productively while feeling “comfy.”

Bring it Home With exposed ceilings and concrete floors, the biggest complaint of the open office is often the lack of a “warm/ welcoming” feel. SmithGroup interior designers Deborah Nemeth and Jen Vogel designed their own Chicago office with a repeating warm wood material (Mirage, Engineered Hardwood) in a light color throughout the office. Used in the café and reception areas as wood flooring, where people are encouraged to socialize and noise is louder, Nemeth says designers need to be intentional when it comes to specifying flooring for open offices. Know what you want each space to feel like, she said. “In the café, we wanted a homey feel for our employees to gather together,” said Nemeth. “We chose to keep this zone of the space on the floor much lighter and brighter.”

control and a “house-like feeling” so that employees can work productively while feeling “comfy.” Boytorun intentionally dreamed up areas where employees could feel at home, like a wall chair made of carpet.

Mirage Circle 423

Project: SmithGroup Office Location: Chicago Architect: SmithGroup

Project: PepsiCo’s Turkey Office Location: Istanbul, Turkey Architect: Boytorun Architect

PRODUCT SPECS AT EASE The intention was to create areas where employees could feel at home, with a wall chair made of carpet.

Product: Urban Retreat

Interface Circle 422

For PepsiCo’s Turkey office, creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in the open office meant specifying carpet throughout. Local designers, Boytorun Architects, create sound



1707APTRL.indd 30

07 10.2014 . 2017

6/30/17 5:31 PM

New collection including textured slate designs coming June 2017!


creating better environments | +800 842 7839 Circle 40

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Create the Feel You Want with Unique Products Thinking out of the box and using products in a different way can scale down the everyday, large open office space. Instead of specifying a typical continuous broadloom office carpet, Zinder laid out carpet tile in a slip match (instead of a cross hatch) form, in two rows with two cross patterns, in Red Nucleus’ open work pods to “break down the scale of the space.” “By slip matching and rotating every three tiles, the options you have when laying flooring multiplies.”

Project: Red Nucleus Offices Location: Yardley, Pa. Architect: Joshua Zinder Architecture + Design (JZA+D)

around the entire office. In the collaborative work areas, the wood flooring doubles as a table top shared by multiple workers, while the same material drapes the perimeter walls of the private offices/conference rooms as well.

Michael Slack, courtesy JZA+D

Similarly, SmithGroup specified their wood flooring beyond just their public spaces to create a warmth and serving “as a touchpoint”

MULTIPLE OPTIONS Red Nucleus’ open work pods “break down the scale of the space.” “By slip matching and rotating every three tiles, the options you have when laying flooring multiplies.”

PRODUCT SPECS Product: X Factor-BT212 Carpet Tiles

Mohawk Flooring Circle 421

Project: SmithGroup Office Location: Chicago Architect: SmithGroup

DOUBLE DUTY In collaborative work areas, the wood flooring doubles as a table top shared by multiple workers, while the same material drapes the perimeter walls of the private offices/conference rooms as well.

PRODUCT SPECS Product: Mirage, Engineered Hardwood




1707APTRL.indd 32

07 10.2014 . 2017

6/30/17 5:31 PM




Don’t Get Lost Wayfinding is a challenge for open offices. But, when done correctly, it can provide occupants and visitors with not only a better understanding of how to get around the office, but also “shrink” the space, creating a greater framework. At SmithGroup’s Chicago office, Nemeth and Vogel maintained the building’s original concrete floor for the perimeter walking path and desk areas, while using carpet for the main path and conference rooms. “We decided to go with concrete flooring in the working areas, because we wanted it to feel like a collaborative workshop,” said Nemeth.

For PepsiCo Turkey, wayfinding was also a way to “reflect the defined functions of the space.” Interface’s Urban Retreat collection was specified across the office, using different colors and textures to designate function and aid in wayfinding. Boytorun Architects chose Urban Retreat’s Flax color for the color to frame the perimeter of the office and to designate the desk areas. A third color called “Flax/Grass” was used to provide the graduation between the two.

Architects stressed the importance of flooring as an element to “solve the noise problem” in the open office environment.

Contain the Noise Both SmithGroup and PepsiCo Turkey employed carpet to treat open ceiling areas, minimizing the sound of traffic and collaboration. “We used carpet in the zones that we wanted to treat acoustically to minimize sound—in and around the corridor walking path where there would be a lot of traffic and throughout the conference rooms as well,” said Vogel. Similarly, Boytorun Architects stressed the importance of flooring as an element to “solve the noise problem” in the open office.

WAYFINDING When done right, wayfinding can provide occupants and visitors alike with not only a better understanding of how to get around an office, but it can also shrink the space, creating a greater framework for the office.




CARPET TILES Urban Retreat’s Flax color for the path or thoroughfare around the office, green grass color frame the perimeter of the office and to designate the desk areas. A third color called “Flax/Grass” was used to provide a transition between the two. Project: PepsiCo’s Turkey Office Location: Istanbul, Turkey Architect: Boytorun Architects

07 . 2017

1707APTRL2.indd 33

Accept the Challenge Designers have their work cut out for them when it comes to finding the right balance between open/collaborative and personalized/small scale in open office spaces, but thinking out of the box when it comes to sustainability, personal comfort, off-product use, wayfinding and acoustics, will help. “Everybody wants to have the open feel, open communication, to get light and air and feel like they’re in a nice environment, but you want everyone to feel like they’re in an appropriate space for them as well,” said Zinder. “High cubicle walls used to feel like you have your own space, but it shut down communication. Here we’re trying to create work stations that are collaborative, but also break down the scale of the space to make it more personal to each worker.”



6/30/17 6:07 PM










ď ľ




Sustaining Operations Along with the Environment Beyond a building’s ability to structurally survive a major weather disaster, resiliency also involves taking measures to ensure operation when the power goes out. Microgrids, thanks to improvements in energy storage equipment, are now a less-fringy option. By Chuck Ross, contributing writer

MICROGRIDS Some states and a number of municipalities are beginning to allocate funds for pilot microgrid projects, especially in context of augmenting community facilities already serving in some kind of emergency capacity.



1707AP2TRL.indd 34

07 10..2014 10.2014 2017

7/5/17 3:33 PM






For the first time ever, the power of VRF technology can directly integrate into a building management system.


Circle 41

©2017 LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ. All rights reserved. LG Life’s Good is a registered trademark of LG Corporation.

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Among the economic trends driving resiliency discussions is the rapidly falling cost of energy storage—now, often in the form of lithium-ion batteries— which appears to be on the same declining price curve traveled by photovoltaic (PV) panels over the last decade. Though keeping an entire school or community center up and running using only onsite resources might still be a budget-busting goal, maintaining a few vital circuits to create cooling centers and allow access to cell phone and mobiledevice charging is becoming much more feasible. And in some markets, the ability to use batteries to shift



1707AP2TRL.indd 36

Commissioned: 2015 Services: Ancillary services, Backup power, Demand management, Renewable integration Supported Infrastructure: Emergency shelter at Rutland High School Solar: 2.5MW (GroSolar) Storage: 4MW/3.4MWh Combination of 2 MW lithium-ion batteries and 2 MW lead acid batteries Images Courtesy: Grosolar

thoughts of the impacts of climate change have moved from potential risk to actual threat, discussions of what makes a design “sustainable” also have added a new twist. Certainly reducing onsite energy use remains a critical component, along with incorporating onsite resources to offset the demand that can’t be avoided. But now clients also might be considering how onsite generation could also support their operations should the connected utility grid go down. “Resilience”—the ability of a building to maintain structural and operational integrity in the face of a storm or other disaster—is becoming a more important goal, especially for structures that could serve as emergency shelters.


Project Partners: City of Rutland, Green Mountain Power, Vt. Department of Public Safety, U.S. Department of Energy Office of Electricity, Sandia National Laboratories, Clean Energy States Alliance


loads and reduce peak demand can help these installations pay for

for backup-power resources in the face of what could become

themselves, through incentives and powerbill savings.

more frequent powerful storms. Following Sandy’s landfall, portions of New York City and New Jersey were without grid-supplied electricity for weeks. Soon after, several eastern states began allocating funds for pilot microgrid projects, a number of which incorporated energy storage and solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays. Typically, these plans focus on an existing community facility already known to provide shelter during emergency conditions.

Of course, lead-acid batteries have been used as back-up power supplies for decades. But, while this technology can be less expensive at first cost than newer lithiumion storage, it also requires maintenance and periodic replacement of individual lead-acid cells. And lithium-ion batteries can handle much more frequent charging and use cycles than their lead-acid counterparts, which allows them to integrate more easily into demand- and peak-reduction plans that can turn a backuppower expense into an income stream.

Stormy Beginnings The devastation caused along the East Coast by Hurricanes Irene in 2011 and Sandy in 2012 proved the need

“It makes sense for [a shelter] to have other functions that are used 99.9% of the time, rather than a dedicated resilience center that’s only used during an emergency,” says Alex Wilson, president of the Resilient Design Institute. “Schools often play that role.”

The 2-megawatt Stafford Hill Solar Farm in Rutland, Vt., also incorporates a 3.4-megawatthour storage system that allows utility owner Green Mountain Power to shave its demand during peak periods. Its output also can be directed to a nearby high school-based emergency shelter during outages.


According to DOE, the Stafford Hill Solar Farm is the first project to establish a microgrid powered solely by solar and battery backup, with no other fuel source; its 7,700 solar panels are capable of producing 2.5 megawatts (MW) of electricity—enough to power 2,000 homes, plus 4MW of battery storage.


Without grid-supplied electricity for weeks, several eastern states began allocating funds for pilot microgrid projects, a number of which incorporated energy storage and solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays. In June 2013, DOE announced it would be partnering with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, City of Hoboken, and Public Service Electric & Gas Company (PSE&G) to help assess and develop strategies for improving the reliability and resiliency of the local electric grid in Hoboken. The collaboration is helping Hoboken in its efforts to rebuild and upgrade its electricity infrastructure.

07 10.2014 . 2017

6/30/17 6:00 PM



$ S


Costs Decline: The rapidly falling cost of energy storage—now, often in the form of lithium-ion batteries—which appears to be on the same declining price curve traveled by photovoltaic panels over the last 10 years.


Energy-storage systems are typically containerized collections of racked lithium-ion batteries. This one was installed last year in Sterling, Mass., adjacent to an existing solar array. In emergencies, it’s able to provide up to 12 days’ worth of power to the town’s police department and dispatch center.

Photo: Clean Energy Group

Current Microgrid Landscape R&D Test Beds (DOE) R&D Test Beds (Non-DOE) DOE/DOD (Assessments and SPIDERS) DOD ESTCP Peak Load Reduction ARRA SGDP Industry/Utility/University/Other Fed Led

While initially seen as a means for adding resilience into an existing school or community center, now combined solar-plus-storage systems are starting to pay for themselves by enabling these public facilities to participate in electric-utility incentive programs. Many schools already have rooftop or groundmounted PV panels, so the added investment really is for storage capacity to allow onsite-generated electricity be used in on-daylight hours. “We’re increasingly seeing these done for economic reasons, particularly for demand charge reduction,” says Seth Mullendore, a project director with Clean Energy Group, a consulting organization that works with states, non-profits

07 . 2017

1707AP2TRL.indd 37

and private-sector investors to develop policies and financing approaches to distributed renewable energy. The group also has paired with the Meridian Institute to form the Resilient Power Project to accelerate market development of solar-plusstorage systems, especially for low-income and disadvantaged communities. A recent project installed in Rutland, Vt., illustrates the advantages of combining an income stream with the promise of emergencyshelter power. The installation, developed by local utility Green Mountain Power (GMP), includes a 2 megawatt (MW) solar array, and a 3.4 megawatt-hour (MWh) battery system. During emergencies, output from both can

be directed to an emergency shelter at Rutland High School. More frequently, however, the utility is using the system to reduce its need to buy power from its supplier, ISO New England, during peak power periods. Last August, for example, as New England was approaching annual peak levels of demand, GMP tapped battery output to reduce its use of grid-supplied power. By reducing its draw during this single hour, the company says it saved its customers $200,000 in annual energy demand charges. This solar+storage microgrid is installed at a brownfield site that was formerly the Rutland City landfill, and it is the first known solar and storage

project to make use of this type of site.

Efficiency First Currently, resiliency efforts such as the Rutland project generally don’t involve purpose-built facilities. Instead, they’re more often existing schools, police stations or senior centers that might already have rooftop PV panels. Adding batteries and a smart inverter could allow specific spaces to stay cool and powered through the duration of a power outage. The next generation of such efforts, however, could possibly be designed, from the ground up, for long-term off-grid operation—a process Mullendore says would be similar to designing for net zero energy use.

“To lower the cost, you’d need efficiency first,” he says. And, for the times a facility might be depending on batteries, efficiency means using fewer kilowatt-hours over the course of a day, as well as lowering the amount of kilowatts needed during peak use times. Both of these factors can impact storagesystem sizing requirements. Electricalsystem design also needs to be carefully considered to take into account how emergency power will be used. For example, if a school’s gymnasium is the designated shelter area, a dedicated electrical panel might be needed to isolate lighting, cooling and other circuits serving the space for easy switching to off-grid operations.

“It’s really focusing in on the area you want to use, and what you need to have there,” Mullendore says. “Is it clean water or Wi-Fi accessibility? Do you want to have HVAC in there? What’s the most efficient way to provide those services?” Obviously, this need to group shelter-required circuits for easy connection to backup power is a more expensive process in existing facilities. “Based on experiences I’ve had, it can be costly to redo the wiring to isolate those loads,” Mullendore says.



7/6/17 11:47 AM




BLUE LAKE RANCHERIA The Blue Lake Rancheria, home to the Blue Lake Casino Hotel, is located in an extremely isolated corner of Humboldt County, Calif. Reliability was a key driver, along with environmental concerns, in the owning tribes’ decision to develop a solar-plusstorage microgrid that can keep operations running when grid connections are down. Using the system to reduce the casino’s demand is also expected to save the owners $200,000 annually in reduced utility bills.

Microgrid Solutions As a step up from simple solar-plus-storage systems, as when entire facilities—not just isolated shelter spaces—need to maintain uptime, microgrids are becoming a more frequent option. Southern Californiabased REC recently completed such an installation at the Blue Lake Rancheria, a 100acre Indian reservation in an isolated part of California’s Humboldt County. In the past, the Rancheria has depended on diesel generators to maintain uptime for its combined casino and convention center when community’s single transmission line goes down. But the area’s frequent mud slides can complicate fuel delivery. Additionally, the tribal group governing the community has pledged to reduce the Rancheria’s carbon footprint. “It’s



1707AP2TRL.indd 38

become this north star in the culture of the Rancheria—clean technology and reducing their impact,” says John Hostetter, REC Solar’s senior director of product development. The microgrid, which can keep the casino/convention center up and running almost indefi nitely, incorporates the 500-kilowatt PV array from REC Solar, along with a 950-kilowatthour Tesla Powerpack battery system, all overseen by a power management system developed by Siemens. Design assistance came from Humboldt State University’s Schatz Energy Research Center and the Idaho National Laboratory. The pioneering effort, which also is saving the community $200,000 in annual energy bills, has turned the Rancheria’s sustainability staff into

experts who now offer consulting to other tribes interested in similar installations.

Time for Savings While this community’s remoteness creates a unique demand for reliability, Hostetter sees rapidly falling prices for solar and storage driving new opportunities for solar-plus-storage installations that can reduce customers’ energy bills while also offering a side benefit of power security. “The cost of solar has come down quite a bit in the last five years—our customers are paying 20% of what they were paying when I started 12 years ago,” he says, noting that storage costs seem to be on a similar track, while battery performance is increasing. “The same advantages have happened with commercial energy

It’s become this north star in the culture of Rancheria—clean technology and reducing their impact. BLUE LAKE RANCHERIA

storage as have happened with your cell phone.” These advances are occurring in parallel with rapidly evolving energy markets. Electric utilities from New England to California considering time-of-use (TOU) rate structures to address the early-evening demand peaks now occurring when solar production declines just as consumers return home, battery owners could realize a bottom-line benefit on their monthly electricity bills.

“You take the power produced by the solar during the day and use it when it’s more useful financially,” Hostetter says, explaining the energy-arbitrage tactics the new TOU approach will encourage. “These changes will change the relative value of energy storage—they’ll make energy storage more financially viable for more customers.”

07 10.2014 . 2017

6/30/17 6:04 PM


Able to design with healthy materials. Able to create quiet. Able to increase light. Able to enhance air quality. Able to inspire. Able to create sustainable spaces with the Sustain Portfolio. Learn more at

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New Guardian CrystalBlue

is perfect for contemporary structures that are big on light, smart on energy. Our clients prefer its light blue color, and CrystalBlue pairs perfectly with the SunGuard® coatings we specify.” Paulo Perkins, GraceHebert Architects

SN 68 on CrystalGray

Spandrel H T

Order a sample at:, or call 1.866.GuardSG (866.482.7374) ©2017 Guardian Industries Corp.

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Park Chelsea, Washington, DC Architect: Esocoff & Associates Architects

Build beauty with us

Golden Dawn (S27-28), in Econo, Saxon and Titan sizes. Visit for full details.

Colors, textures, sizes, shapes and materials— Glen-Gery provides architects and designers the largest palette of hard surface options to bring visions to life. To learn what’s possible call 610.898.3998 for our idea book or visit Circle 43

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The Amazon-Whole Foods deal was the Big Bang, while fading mall and specialty stars are being replaced by a galaxy of food discounters and upgraded chains and independents


Retailing’s Interstellar Realignment by Vilma Barr, contributing writer

On June 15 and 16, news of this week’s specials at one of the nation’s most highly regarded food merchandisers burst onto headlines in newspapers and TV news’ reports. It was all about price. Amazon had purchased Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Retail food merchandising had been flipped.

BLACK SWAN, BEIJING, CHINA High quality lighting was critical in the “Black Swan” in Beijing. The patisserie offers bakery goods made to the highest standards. These are displayed in an interior inspired by a snowy winter landscape— with contrast-rich lighting created by ERCO Optec spotlights.

1707APFEA.indd 42

7/6/17 11:53 AM




On the heels of this industry rattler came reports of the opening by German-based Lidl discount food stores of the first nine of 20 announced U.S. stores in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. The second phase of discount food turf wars heated up as Aldi, also German based—and which has operated stores in the U.S. for four decades—made the announcement that it would invest $3.4 billion to grow from 1,600 stores to 2,500 over the next five years and upgrade hundreds of their outlets. Both firms are privately held. Store closings and downsizings, rather than openings, have been made public for the past 12 to 15 months. Dozens of successful chains and independent retailers either ceased operations entirely or are significantly reducing the number of footprints. The wave of store closings is not a latter-day phenomenon. Analysts, for years, have said that the country is severely “over-stored.” Currently, the figure stands at just under 47 sq. ft./per capita—six times that of the U.K., the next largest nation in this category, according to Connor McMahon at eCommerce. A shake-out of the retail sector is inevitable, he says, noting that an estimated two-thirds of American GDP is driven by consumer retail spending. Store closures may be viewed as an important indicator of the country’s overall economic health, both the present and future outlook, McMahon says. For example, Ascena Retail Group, which operates 4,800 stores in U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, with such brands as Ann Taylor and Dressbarn, is divesting its portfolio on a per store-performance analysis, now reaching 250, while discussing lower rents in an attempt to keep double that number in business.

© ERCO GmbH,, Photo: Sebastian Mayer

1707APFEA.indd 43

7/6/17 11:53 AM




Troubled Stores and Malls: What To Do With Them extent and quantity of the current downturn? Evolving social needs and changing technology and visual expectations are part of a complex set of causes and their effects.

Most shopping centers that are primarily retail focused, with a few exceptions, such as the King of Prussia Mall, near Philadelphia, have witnessed a drop in traffic and profit. An antidote has been to bring in activities such as entertainment, interactive activities for electronic games, gyms and apartment residences. A total of over 700 apartment units are in the planning stages at five shopping centers in the Philadelphia area.

Why the multi-billion investments in buyouts and strings of new stores by overseas retailers? Evolving social needs and changing technology and visual expectations are prime influences on decision-makers.

Photo: Courtesy, Whole Foods

A market correction is the consensus among leading industry observers. Because of the size of the U.S. retail market, the shock waves are still gathering speed. The U.S. is the world’s third most populous country with 326.5 million residents, far behind China (1.4 billion) and India (1.25 billion). Reported total U.S. retail volume for the past year is $4.8 trillion. Online shopping accounted for an estimated $327 billion or 13%. What’s behind the


Online shopping accounts for an estimated $327 billion or 13%.  Brick and mortar shopping accounts for an estimated $2.5 trillion or 87%. 

Innovation centers are being cultivated to investigate new techniques and concepts to keep up with the pace of changes in all stops along the way from raw materials to store planning and design that would bring new thinking to the growing need to find appropriate new uses for existing retail parcels. Delaware Technology Park now occupies a former Chrysler plant in Newark, Del. A public/private enterprise, it supports an incubator, for science, technology and advanced research.


In the history of retailing, several names are associated with the men in the last century-and-a-half who built the grand basilicas to merchandising: John Wanamaker in Philadelphia, Marshall Field in Chicago and Harry Selfridge in London. The latter day addition to this list, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, isn’t planning to construct millions of square feet of elegant surroundings with his name in lights. Rather, starting in 1994, he has overseen the moving around of billions of dollars worth of merchandise from an office in Seattle. Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1964. He developed an early love of computers and studied computer science and electrical engineering at Princeton University, and joined the Wall Street investments firm of D.E. Shaw. After four years, he quit his lucrative job to open, (yes, working out of his garage), which he named after the meandering South American river. In short order, the virtual bookstore became one of the Internet’s biggest success stories, and Bezos was on his way to the retail hall of fame. In 2013, Bezos purchased The Washington Post in a $250 million deal. Four years later, he master-minded the purchase of the 431-unit Whole Foods chain for $13.7 billion.



1707APFEA.indd 44

Photos: Courtesy, University of Delaware

Retail Game Changer

TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION CENTER AT THE UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE’S SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY & ADVANCED RESEARCH (STAR) CAMPUS, NEWARK, DEL. A former Chrysler assembly plant has become the Delaware Technology Park to encourage innovation in Science, Technology & Advanced Research. The incubator has attracted companies to develop programs for use in all facets of manufacturing and for consumer products sold at retail.

07 . 2017

7/6/17 11:53 AM

Alaska Communications Business Technology Center, Anchorage, AK. By RIM Design, LLC.


Tectum Roof Deck at Leawood Activity Center, Ironhorse Park – Leawood, KS

Acoustics. Design. Durability. Tectum products continue to deliver effective acoustic solutions, now as part of the Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions family. Ideal retrofit solution for spaces requiring noise reduction (NRC values up to 1.0), for achieving your design vision with a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and for contributing to LEED® v4 credit areas. And, as always, durable for every-day, heavy-use interiors. Visit to see more project photos, request samples or find specifications and drawings. BIM models are available.

Tectum Wall Panels at Alpha Hart Lewis Elementary School – Columbia, MO

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Photo: Courtesy, Aldi

EXPANDING Worldwide food retailer Aldi is ramping up its 40-year-old supermarket presence in the U.S. with a $3.4 billion investment to add 900 new stores, over one-third of its current total. An additional $1.6 billion will be applied to store remodels.

Aldi is growing from 1,600 stores to 2,500 over the next five years in the U.S.

The Food Store Phenomenon First bombardment hit the U.S. in mid-June occurred when Amazon acquired the 431-unit Whole Foods chain. It will control its retail stores and 11 regional distribution centers. Amazon currently has two drive-up grocery stores and eight brick-andmortar bookstores. The acquisition is expected to close in the second half of the year. Experts’ opinions abound about the impact of the sale: “While online grocery is a small percentage of total grocery today, Amazon will have an impact on the future of consumers’ willingness to try and adopt this method of grocery shopping.” —Brandon Witcher, Forrester Research “Perishable goods, such as meat and produce, account for 67% of Whole Foods’ sales. This gives Amazon a much more sophisticated



1707APFEA.indd 46

perishable source and merchandising operation, which could be one of the reasons why Amazon finds Whole Foods to be so attractive.” —Keith Anderson, Profitero “This is a huge disrupter for the grocery sector. We’ll be seeing two main categories of winners: first those who are investing in e-commerce and in-store electronic tracking and way-finding consumer aids, and secondly, the discounters, like Lidl and Aldi who are intent on sourcing for fresh products, the fastest growth segment in the grocery store.” —Bahige El-Rayes, A.T. Kearney The week’s second phase of discount food turf wars heated up as the German-based Lidl market chain opened the first nine of its first U.S. 20 stores in the Southeast. Average footprint is 20,000 sq. ft., with six aisles on a

modified warehouse layout. Lidl, based in Neckarsulm, Germany, operates 10,000 stores in 27 countries, generating $68.7 billion annually from 10,000 stores in 27 European countries.

The U.S. isn’t alone in food merchandising upheavals and the consolidation of department stores. In Australia, leading supermarkets have been challenged by Aldi and Costco. In Melbourne, a $300

Shopping center managers are actively filling spaces vacated by tenants ranging in size from boutiques to anchors, including food retailers. Not to be outdone, Aldi, headquartered in Germany, will spend $1.6 billion on store remodels. Estimated annual revenue is $77 billion from stores worldwide. To keep a U.S. perspective on the explosion of food market headlines, Target unveiled eight remodeled stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the first part of the company’s $220 million, 28-store renovation for the region. Target had previously announced a three-year program to remodel hundreds of its stores nationwide.

million downsizing cut in half the 100,000 sq. ft. footprint of the Myer Melbourne department stores.

SCHIPHOL ST. MARKET The newly renovated elegant Lounge 2 at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport will welcome an estimated 12 million travelers this year. Designed by Uxus, the $53 million budget was applied to retail, themed spaces, spa, library, and a version of galleries at the Rijksmseum. Located on the mezzanine level between two concourses, LED tube lights on the ceiling attract attention. They spell out “food” in various languages. Specialty vendors prepare food selections in open kitchens.

Shopping center managers are filling spaces vacated by tenants ranging in size from boutiques to anchors, including food retailers. Wegman’s has been signed for space at the Narick, Mass. Mall; Kroger Co. purchased a former Macy’s store and will build a new store on the site; College Mall, Bloomington, Ind., is expecting a 365 by Whole Foods Market in the fall.

07 . 2017

7/6/17 11:53 AM

S I N G L E S O U R C E. T O TA L S O LU T I O N. New construction or renovation, hospitality, healthcare, retail, education or corporate, MDC has you covered. Browse our expansive portfolio today.


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What’s Working in Stores and Shopping Centers: New, Renovations and Adaptive Reuse A-Rated Shopping Centers Build and Expand

At a recent meeting of the International Council of Shopping Centers, sessions were presented that discussed five trends to recast the shopping center tenant mix. Developer Dan Ghermezian claims that the firm he heads, Triple Five, originated the concept of “retailtainment.” His company opened the sprawling West Edmonton Mall 35 years ago, followed by the mammoth Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. Covering 4.9-million sq. ft., of which approximately half is devoted to retail. Triple Five has, after significant delays, secured $1.65 billion to finish construction of the American Dream Mall in Secaucus, N.J., five miles across the Hudson River from Manhattan, which he predicts will attract an estimated 40 million visitors per year with its 50/50 blend of entertainment and shopping in three million square feet. “Nobody wants to locate in a regular run-of-the-mill mall anymore,” said Ghermezian.

Retail occupies the ground floor of each of the buildings Holst Architecture designed the 85,500-sq.-ft. complex.

Photos: Andrew Pogue

KING OF SHOPPING CENTERS A new 155,000-sq.-ft. wing at King of Prussia Mall in suburban Philadelphia connects the fiveanchor plaza and two-anchor Court. The mega-mall’s footprint now encompasses 2.9 million sq. ft. It is the country’s largest mall for retail and related merchandise and services; Mall of America’s total footprint is larger with the inclusion of its entertainment and hospitality facilities.

Photo: Simon Properties

The King of Prussia Mall outside of Philadelphia is the largest U.S. shopping center for retail-specific properties at 2.9-million sq. ft.—only the Mall of America is larger, and only by counting its hotel and amusement park. First opened in 1963 and operated by the Simon Property Group, it has maintained its cachet for quality fashion with a carefully cultivated tenant mix. A new 155,000-sq.-ft. connector now links the plaza and the court wings.

ONE NORTH PORTLAND, ORE. SUSTAINABLE/MIXED USE One North in Portland, Ore. is a new mixed-use development composed of two five-story buildings and one four-story building surrounding a 14,000-sq.-ft. courtyard that is open to community use. The buildings feature an airtight building envelope, exterior shading, locally-sourced and sustainablyharvested wood siding. Along with on-site photovoltaic arrays producing 71 kw, operating efficiency is estimated at 60% higher than the average U.S. office building.



1707APFEA.indd 48

Photos; Co

07 . 2017

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Ventura College Applied Science Center – Gensler

WHY DRI-DESIGN? Dri-Design Tapered Series Panels provide the unique ability to use light as an added dimension of design. The distinct, multifaceted aluminum façade at the Ventura College Applied Science Center utilizes the tapered panels to give the impression of many shades, though only painted one color. Even with this unique look, Dri-Design’s signature ease of installation and water management system are maintained, and only a single plane of substrate is needed. • No sealants, gaskets or butyl tape means no streaking and no maintenance for owners. • Not laminated or a composite material, so panels will never delaminate. • At Dri-Design, we have a strict policy of recycling and creating products that the world can live with.

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Specialty Retailers Communicate Their Image CHOICE APPLE Because the state of Delaware has no sales tax, the Apple store in the Christiana Mall new Wilmington claims to be the U.S. leader in sales of iPhones. Apple has 270 retail outlets in the U.S. and 496 in 21 countries.

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the company plans to double 2016’s annual revenue of $24 billion within four years. “Apple is constantly considering acquisitions and there is no size that would be too big.” Since the start of 2017, two Apple stores have opened in major shopping centers in the U.S. and overseas in Miami and Dubai, and two in busy urban thoroughfares, in Nanjing, China and Cologne, Germany. The adaptive reuse Apple store in Manhattan at Madison Avenue and Seventyfourth Street by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson won an Historic Preservation award by the AIA.

New York CIty In New York City, relentless competitive pressure on retailers extends from how to merchandise to fickle local fashionistas, to investing in value-added selling environments. For the Saks Fifth Avenue branch in downtown Manhattan’s Brookfield Place, the Lighting Workshop created a ceiling hung fixture that dramatizes the dimensions of the bi-level upholstered seating and display element below.

Photo: Courtesy, Apple

SLEEKED-UP NORDSTROM Nordstorm’s branch La Jolla at UTC near San Diego is undergoing a full upgrading to its 145,000-sq.-ft., two level store, originally opened in 1984. Callison Architecture’s design for the exterior contrasts materials in surface textures and warm pale hues.

Meanwhile, uptown at Columbus Circle, Nordstrom is moving forward with its 360,000-sq.-ft., $500 million store. The wavy glass façades have been created by James Carpenter Design Assocs.

Photo: Courtesy, Nordstrom

UPGRADING FOR ENHANCED SHOPPING Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in Central Valley, N.Y. is a 240-store quality shopping destination that has completed a three-year, multi-million renovation and expansion to maintain its upscale image and grow its visitor appeal to its New York City metro area market. An additional 60,000 sq. ft. has been leased to brands and independents, bringing the total to 910,000 sq. ft. More than 20,000 tour groups visit the site annually.



1707APFEA.indd 50

Bloomingdale’s will continue as the style and fashion image standard bearer for the Macy’s Inc. group, which owns the chain. Bloomingdale’s operates 38 full-line stores, catering to a mid-and upscale market. Two more branches are scheduled to open in the next 18 to 24 months. Reported revenue is $1.1 billion, representing 10% of Macy’s corporate volume. Rumors of its sale were denied by management.

07 . 2017

7/6/17 11:53 AM

2016-1048_2016-1048 3/4/16 8:08 AM Page 1

Customer Satisfaction Made Easy

Jay Graham Photography

Our CableRail stainless steel cables are a great choice for your customers who are looking for a view-friendly railing infill option that’s attractive, durable, and ultralow maintenance. Services such as shop drawings and engineering reports combined with our packaged cable assemblies and automatic-locking Quick-Connect® fittings make design, preparation, and installation a breeze.

Free catalog and dealer locations 1-800-888-2418 or visit

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The Changing Retail Shopping Environment Architect Ken Nisch, director of the store design firm JGA and a keen industry observer, points to wider adoption of experiential retailing as the sales driver for the future. He call it Experiential Retailing. “The origin of the word ‘store’ is ‘storage.’ Today the store must be a collection of ‘stories.’ We’ve lost the human element of surprise and delight that should be our goal. We have become too focused on information, data, CRM and one-off ideas, like the coffee bar, as a substitute for the personal and imaginative,” Nisch says.

BE FAST PAN & PASTELES, MADRID, SPAIN In the historic center of the town of Alcala de Henares, Fast Pan and Pasteles appears to be operating under a magenta cloud. Ideo Architectura retained the brick walls of the 150-yearold building. Overhead are hung 12,000 wooden sticks that give the shop a fairyland sculptural design image.

He cites as an example the Berlin-based KaDeWe, a 120-year-old department store that now devotes one floor to an Idea Shop. Customers are invited to stop and see hand-made items on display for sale and also choose from raw materials so they can make jewelry, paper products, fabric items, and the like. “It becomes a social event,” says Nisch. Pop-ups, once considered a seasonal sales-booster by taking advantage of holiday traffic with a small investment in space and outfitting, are becoming a part of retail core strategy. Today, their presence is regarded as a way to tell a brand story in a personal face-to-face manner as well as generate product sales anytime of the year. Last season, for example, Thrive Global showcased products like high-end sleepwear in New York’s SoHo district. Neighboring pop-ups included Google and Samsung to let visitors experiment with their gadgets and devices.



1707APFEA.indd 52

Shopping for Now and the Future Who’s buying? Is it the 61 million Gen Z’ers, born between 1995 and 2010, aka digital natives? The Internet always existed for them and was never a novelty. Reported as in possession of a $44 billion spending potential, they are risk-adverse and would rather rent certain products than own them.

ALFONS SCHUHBECK’S SPICE SHOP, MUNICH, GERMANY The spice shop operated by celebrated German chef Alfons Schuhbeck on Munich’s Platzl replicates an exotic Oriental bazaar. The décor was fashioned by artisans and artists to create ceiling and wall paintings, sculptures, and ornately gilded columns, domes, and display fixtures. LED spotlights and downlights by Erco are 3000K, rated at 90 CRI.

In place of an identifiable look, theirs is a streetwear culture, focusing on individuality. Leslie Ghize, of the trend forecasting company TOBE, observes that their sense of style is their own, informed by what they see and how they see it. “Prescription fashion seems too contrived and does not appeal to them.” E-merchants can sell products that even been produced. Neek Lurk of Anti Social Social Club [sic] creates T-shirt and hoodie designs on his computer, puts them on Instagram and sells thousands of dollars before the garments go into production.

Millennials, those born between 1978 and 1995, who want to own stuff, are expected to have more spending power than any other generation. Social networks are carried with them everywhere. They are supportive of firms that are environmentally responsible and prefer their products, even if the price charged might be higher than that of competitors who lack this designation. Fast fashion, the hypersource system that reduces the amount of time to produce designs from initial sketch of garments to the selling floor from weeks to days, has powered Zara, H&M and Uniqlo to worldwide prominence and profitability with its now-appeal to younger shoppers. U.S. firms are sprinting to catch up. Kohl’s CEO Kevin Mansell has said that speed brands now account for 40% of the chain’s proprietary lines. “Speed and agility are our No. 1 priority,” he emphasized.

07 . 2017

7/6/17 11:53 AM

High-performance LED lighting solutions

For over 30 years, lighting designers, engineers, and specifiers have turned to ANP Lighting for state-of-the-art technology and a wide array of luminaire and bollard styles. Skillfully integrating design aesthetics, engineering excellence, and energy efficiency, we manufacture lighting solutions for urban centers, historic neighborhood renovations, sporting venues, roadways and parking facilities, streetscapes and landscapes, shopping centers, hotels, universities, and more. Advanced ANP HighPro™ LED technology powered by Nichia® and Cree® with multiple LED options Optimized optics deliver industry-leading uniformity and lumen output, with greater visual acuity for wider fixture spacing Exclusive collections of luminaires, bollards, posts, wall mounts, and finishes with custom design and manufacturing capability No matter how big or small, let our custom expertise bring your project to light.

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Natural Interventions Textile designers have embraced a recent study illuminating the benefits of biophilia. As the urban core grows, building occupants rely on designers to provide effective biophilic interventions. Modern shelter, and technology overall, have outpaced the evolution of our brains in that we are still hard-wired to see and respond to natural phenomena in doses much higher than what we experience in our time indoors, which is often 90% of the day for

Optimize the brain on biophilia. the average person. In a concerted effort to make our minds and bodies function optimally, researchers are exploring many ideas, including the impact that dynamic patterns and fractal algorithms experienced in natural environments have on human performance. For example, a study conducted by green design consultant, Terrapin Bright Green, shows there are 14 patterns common to effective forms of biophilia ( report/14-patterns). Essentially, the patterns are divided into three categories: nature in the space, natural analogues and nature of the space. These patterns may occur at any scale. This year at NeoCon, designers embraced patterns at the scale of textiles in attempt to provide micro-restorative events—or the placebo effect of imitating nature in interior environments. Materials and finishes like the stone to the right, as well as flooring, dynamic lighting, ceiling tiles—and even glass surfaces—provide respite through their display of delightfully dynamic patterns that stimulate and soothe. Most notably, Steelcase brands Coalesse and Designtex worked together to devise a series of patterns, color palettes, textiles and print capabilities that enable biophilic surfaces to be specified in any color, at any scale, on any surface from tabletop to area rug, or even an upholstered bench. So, until such finishes come to you, and you’re not reading this outdoors, pause a minute to gaze out a window, as everyone can benefit from even the briefest biophilic intervention.


These patterns in stone designs may represent biophilic algorithms.

SENSE OF PERMANENCE Lithos Design Primes Nuance—its historic collection of marble cladding—now offers three new types of stone. The revamped collection conveys the natural essence of stone; specifically, the way stone in sync with light creates an atmosphere with a sense of well-being as achieved in communion with nature. Circle 418

Megan Mazzocco Senior Editor



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WALLS OF LIGHT Winners of the 2017 American Architecture Awards, Bendheim’s channel glass is a key design element in the new Blu Dot store in West Hollywood. The glass contributes to its striking aesthetics, making the building appear to be built from sheer walls of light. Circle 417

Blu Dot in West Hollywood, Calif. makes a design statement by revamping a 70-year-old façade with Bendheim’s channel glass rainscreen system. Standard Architecture selected channel glass for its refined aesthetic and ability to transform the light. During the daytime, the textured glass channels shimmer in reflected sunlight. Back-lit at night, they transform the building into a lantern.

07 . 2017

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Project: Blu Dot Los Angeles Store Location: West Hollywood, Calif. Size: 1500 sq. ft. Architect: Standard Architecture, Los Angeles General Contractor: Shawmut Design and Construction, Los Angeles Installer: Inter-sky, Santa Ana, Calif.

BENDHEIM Channel Glass

Channel glass plays with light for a dynamic façade. During the day, textured glass channels shimmer in reflected sunlight. Backlit at night, they transform the building into a lantern.



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Flexible. Modern. Smart.

Work that room

SQUARE OR CURVED The square-shaped mitered edge handles of the Kirsi and the sleek, curved shape of the Pavani comprise two eye-catching new bath collections from Newport Brass. Made from solid brass, both collections meet WaterSense and CALGreen standards, and can be finished in 28 different styles and colors. Circle 416

NEWPORT BRASS Pavani & Kirsi

Put every square inch of floorspace to use, with WoodFold Accordion Doors. Subdivide a too-large space for multiple functions, or reduce noise from area to area in schools, daycares, churches, and group homes. ADA compatible, WoodFold Accordion Doors feature ease-of-use, custom materials and finishes, and durable hardware options like locks and curvable tracks.


Roll with it Top-mounted roll-ups define public and private areas, secure customer windows or service areas at closing time, and divide rooms with the classic style of a rolltop desk. Choose from a variety of latches and locks and let it roll with manual, motorized, or crank operation. WoodFold Roll-Up Doors provide sophistication and smooth, problem-free performance, tailored to your needs. For more ideas, go to

©2017 WoodFold Manufacturing, Inc. Forest Grove, OR 97116 503-357-7181

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ERGONOMICALLY SHAPED Considered the centerpiece of the Drummonds’ collection, designed in collaboration with Martin Brudnizki, the Tyburn bath is made from 80% natural stone—a welcome change from typical cast iron pieces. Symmetrical on the outside with an asymmetric interior, one end is sloped for reclining and the other is upright for sitting up. With a distinctly rounded edge, the bath offers a comfortable headrest. Circle 415

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A GLAZE OF SUN Featuring a proprietary standing-seam profiling and glazing to enable wide spans and high loading capacity, Palram’s SUNGLAZE is a durable polycarbonate glazing material, ideal for commercial skylights, sports venues, covered walkways and pool covers. The system is caulking and silicone free, easy to install, leak-free and supports thermal expansion. Circle 414

ARRISCRAFT Coastal -Amalfi & Midtown-Peachtree

Narrow profile louvers — we like to blend in. Airolite’s new narrow profile louvers can preserve your next exterior design for new and renovated hotels, motels, condos and multifamily housing projects — and provide more free area for improved airflow where required. Integrate these aluminum louvers with curtainwalls, window systems, and PTAC units to extend horizontal sightlines. Finish them with Kynar 500® in standard and unlimited custom color options. Designed, assembled and finished in our U.S. plants means exceptional customer service, outstanding craftsmanship and on-time delivery. For the look that works, choose an American brand. Airolite.

STONE-FACED Arriscraft, manufacturer of naturally-made products that emulate quarried stone, has introduced two thin-clad products in response to growing demand for veneer stone. These newest additions to Arriscraft’s thin line offer designers, builders and homeowners a variety of installation options, with modern flair. Circle 413

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715.841.8757 |

Architectural Illustration © 2017 Mudrovich Architects © 2017 Airolite


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Research finds that untethered employees and outdoor study sessions tend to be more productive. Luckily, indoor designers can play with biophilic placebo effects from natural patterns to circadian lighting to “trick” the body into flow.

COVE LIGHTING, REIMAGINED Cove fixtures aren’t typically used to provide general illumination, but the pr1meFX luminaire is designed to change that approach, with optics designed to direct more than 85% of light out the cove, to graze across the ceiling and down into the room below. Coming this fall will be architectural coving details in three profiles to complement the fixture’s design. Circle 410

PARISIAN FLAVOR Elodie Blanchard began designing clothes in her teens, then moved to Paris to study at the Eccole Beau Arts. Now Elodie Blanchard has applied her cosmopolitan creative vibe to design contract fabrics for HBF Textiles. At first the collection has a bespoke simplicity that appears accessible and inviting but at second glance possesses the sophisticated complexity of a pleasing romantic work of art. Dot grids, Folded lines and Moving In are the latest patterns to emote a strong, yet subtly chic presence. Circle 412

TEMPO INDUSTRIES pr1meFX luminaire

HBF TEXTILES Elodie Blanchard



STO StoTherm ci XPS

TAKE YOUR CHOICE Specifiers of StoTherm ci XPS exterior wall systems now have options in the extrudedpolystyrene rigid-foam insulation used in their projects. The manufacturer has partnered with two leading insulation makers—Owens Corning and Dow—assuring that both companies’ products are compatible in the StoTherm continuous-insulation designs. Circle 411



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Material can be used for indoor/outdoor countertop, floor and wall applications.

Siam Cement Group (SCG) received top honors at KBIS 2017 in its North American debut of GEOLUXE. The product offers a combination of elegance and performance. It possesses the aesthetics of natural marble while simultaneously overcoming the limitations often associated with the natural material. The Pyrolithic Stone is made using a patented technology developed by SCG called GeoMimicry, a process of creating something that draws on or mimics long-term geological processes, such as the natural formation of lava. The material is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor countertop, floor and wall applications. Shown here is Palissandro. Circle 409

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High-Energy Design With anticipated growth across the country, VASA Fitness rebuilds and rebrands their facilities to promote health and fitness in a high-energy environment. For this retrofit project, metallic-colored metal panels were selected for the building exterior to generate excitement and energize new customers to the fitness center.

PROJECT: VASA Fitness LOCATION: Saratoga Springs, UT ARCHITECT: Richardson Design Partnership FW-120 Panel

Copyright ©2017 MBCI. All rights reserved.

CONTRACTOR: Barco Construction PANEL PROFILE: FW-120 (Silver Metallic and Brite Red) | 844.338.6647 | | Circle 52

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KLIK USA LEDstream Focus

LINEAR THINKING Multipurpose LEDstream Focus fixtures can be installed as surface mounts or pendants, or mounted at custom angles for wall grazing applications. Packaged into sleek aluminum housings, the fixtures can be ordered in standard lengths up to 10 ft. (with longer custom lengths available), and units can be joined in near-seamless fashion. Circle 408

Hairpin legs are available in three sizes in Designs of Distinction from Brown Wood’s Mid Century Collection.

Circle 53

BROWN WOOD INC. Designs of Distinction

HYDRO BAN Shower System ®

A complete line of waterproof shower components including barrier free solutions. Preformed Shower Accessories


Pre-Sloped Shower Pans

Board NEW!

Available in brushed and polished

Single source supply – all your shower products from one supplier Designed for safety, comfort and easy access n Waterproof and ready to tile n Constructed with lightweight high density polystyrene n



Mimicking the classic lines of modern Danish furniture, the Designs of Distinction from Brown Wood’s Mid Century Collection features bun feet, island columns and pedestal table bases in classic Maple, Cherry and Walnut wood species. The legs are finished in gold, grey and raw steel to add vibrancy to this classic style. Circle 407 l 1.800.243.4788 *

Linear and Square Drains

See Data Sheet 230.99 for complete warranty information.

A-8276-0617 ©2017 LATICRETE International, Inc. All trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners.

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LIGHTING FOR BETTER SOUND Incorporating a new felt material fabricated from 50% recycled plastic, the Acoustic Collection of suspended luminaires offers sound absorption along with high-efficiency LED lighting. Groupings of the Echo fixture, shown here, can be combined into geometric designs. Also available is Static, a suspended linear luminaire offering bi-directional illumination. Circle 406



LIGHTART Acoustic Collection

Stand-out products perform double duty. For instance, LEDs allow a decorative light fixture to be constructed of felt baffles, both creating an interesting aesthetic and providing attractive acoustic buffering.


on what is expected and needed from the system, traditional access control locking solutions can be a significant investment.

CRL-US ALUMINUM Hydraulic Patch Fitting

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The HS4 platform is a robust and dynamic solution that can provide tailored benefits to nearly every type of installation at a fraction of the upfront and ongoing costs.

INTRODUCING THE PREZLEE Made from solid brass construction, the Prezlee widespread faucet from Newport Brass showcases geometric elements in an elegant design. With its crisp, squared profile, the Prezlee combines the class and modern for universal appeal. Circle 405

07 . 2017

almost any type of facility and with a varying range of system and product benefits. Depending

‘PATCH’ FOR ALL-GLASS ENTRANCES The new Hydraulic Patch Fitting for interior all-glass entrances is an innovative system featuring a hydraulic self-closing mechanism that is integrated into the patch fitting. It eliminates the need to cut into the floor to install a conventional floor closer because the closing mechanism is housed in the patch itself. It only requires anchoring of the base plate to the substrate. Not only does this simplify installations, it also reduces the amount of visible hardware such as cover plates and overhead closers. The system is designed for 3/8-in. or 0.5-in. monolithic tempered glass. It can hold doors up to 220 lb. and 39-in. wide. Circle 210

Access control systems can be deployed in

For more information, visit

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new & improved IT GETS AROUND The IDOO.pendant suspended luminaire provides both ambient and direct illumination to offer both workstation and broader room illumination, thanks to a batwing diffuser that creates a wider light distribution. Fixtures can be arranged in continuous rows and the optional PULSE VTL functionality enables biodynamic lighting schemes. Circle 404



Surfaces only need a simple cleaning before sealing; single coat provides two to six years of protection.

ARISFOR ZR-C Commercial Series

SEAL IT TIGHT A nanotechnology formulation helps Arisfor MSW sealant bond with stone, concrete and masonry surfaces from the inside, out, for use in exterior wall, driveway, decks and other demanding applications. Circle 403

ECHELON MASONRY InsulTech Concrete Masonry System

UL PRODUCT SPEC™ can help you quickly find certification information to achieve safe, sustainable code compliant installations.

UL.COM/PRODUCTSPEC FULL PERFORMANCE AT HALF THE HEIGHT The Half-High lineup from the InsulTech Concrete Masonry System features the same integrated high-performance insulation at a 4-in. height for greater design flexibility. Available in a number of colors a face profiles, the InsulTech system meets 2012/2015 IECC energy codes from Zones 1 through 7. Circle 402

Circle 56

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UL, the UL logo and UL PRODUCT SPEC are trademarks of UL LLC © 2017 BDi 71010

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Start to Finish—All in One Day

NRP Firestop Is Time Saving and Versatile  Install over:

– Raw or painted plywood or OSB – Drywall finished no further than screwed to the studs – Sealed concrete or concrete block  So fire resistant that Class A* is achieved even

over OSB or plywood

 Quick to install with Seal Bond™ 105 adhesive  Metal or PVC moldings to cover seams—or caulk  Great variety of surface finishes for every job or décor *Class-I (A) rating per ASTM E-84 Steiner tunnel testing for flame spread and smoke developed index.

Toll Free: 800.835.4110 Circle 57

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Durable, Decked-out Doors Transform Pediatric MRI Suite

Acrovyn Doors by Design™ allows for full-immersion beach design at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital When it was time for the Yale School of Medicine, Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital (YNHCH) to renovate its pediatric MRI suite, the hospital kept young patients and their families in mind. In addition to the emotional toil associated with illness, institutional-looking walls and cold, stainless steel finishes of testing equipment can contribute to a young patient’s fear and anxiety. To reduce negative feelings and create a comfortable, healing space, the hospital sought a kid-friendly environment for its MRI suite that would evoke fun. With patients, staff and equipment continually moving throughout the suite each day, the use of highly durable materials was also paramount. The renovation customized YNHCH’s pediatric MRI suite by giving it a full-immersion beach theme. With a life-size sand castle positioned over the MRI scanner, flooring that mimics the coastline, and full wall murals, children can imagine a fun-filled day at the shore while undergoing medical testing. By using Acrovyn Doors by Design, playful images now flow from the walls onto the doors, creating a nonstop scene. The decked out doors provide the pantone-matched colors from the walls and withstand continuous impact. With imagery and design creation from Bam Architecture Studio in New York City, CS worked closely with New Haven General Contractor Turner Construction and Kelley Brothers, located in Trumbull, CT, to execute the first-of-its-kind project. The end result is an interactive masterpiece that will ease the MRI experience of visiting children for many years to come.




Embracing the concept of “less is more” with its new Scandinavian-inspired collection of washbasins, bathtubs and bathroom furniture, Duravit teamed up with Danish designer Cecilie Manz in designing the new Luz line. With soft, muted colors and curved, oval-shaped forms, the washbasins are made of DuraCeram, and are shaped with generous inner basins and clean edges. Circle 401

Designed for hipster millennials with an eye toward fashion, Lazarro Leather’s Berkley Collection in Cocoa Brompton Leather was well-received at the Highpoint Market. The Hayden Group, a contemporary leather sofa chair ottoman and loveseat was a hit shown in a bright, lively tangerine. Circle 400

Duravit teamed up with Danish designer Cecilie Manz for the new Luz line. 800.416.6586 Circle 58

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Bradley, the leader in all-in-one handwashing innovation, introduces the Verge® Lavatory System with new patented WashBar™ technology. The WashBar provides complete handwashing - soap, water and dryer - in one uncluttered design, while the Verge basin made of Evero® natural quartz is the preferred answer when seeking a refined aesthetic. The Verge with WashBar technology: a sleek, intuitive design that is as striking as it is functional.



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Special Purpose Doors and Windows

LaFarge Holcim products reduced heat island effect and adhered to LEED 2009 standards.


Krieger Specialty Products designed and produced over 500 doors for the Walt Disney Concert Hall, including 200 acoustical doors.


STC 50 pairs of doors with wood molding for the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Acoustical Bullet Forced Entry Blast Radio Frequency Tornado Hurricane

The Boston Bruins’ new Warrior Ice Arena features a unique hardscape designed by landscape architect Carol R. Johnson Assocs. Designed to reflect the curved lines that occur when hockey players cut through the ice, the hardscape features an icy color palette of Artevia decorative concrete and vibrant solar reflective color by L.M. Scofield Co. The LaFarge Holcim products used reduce the urban heat island effect and adhere to LEED 2009 standards. To achieve the aesthetic and LEED-certification goals of the project, AIUS created custom-designed mixes of its Artevia brand of decorative concretes that contained unique colors, aggregates and textures, as well as treatments to reduce the urban heat island effect. The Warrior Ice Arena hardscape was awarded the Scofield Decorative Concrete Award during the 2017 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, Nev. for its creative and sustainable sidewalks and courtyards. Circle 399

To achieve the aesthetic and LEED goals, custom mixes of the Artevia of decorative concretes were used, as well as treatments to reduce the urban heat island effect.

CROSSVILLE Buenos Aires Mood




CREATE OMBRE EFFECTS The updated Buenos Aires Mood porcelain tile by Crossville features a sophisticated Latin American style. The new version of the collection retains the stone look and offers five specially developed colors and more size options. The range of colors invites designers to create custom looks such as ombre effects in which a single installation goes from light to darker colors in a gradient fashion, high contrasting patterns utilizing light and dark options, and inventive mix-and-match patterns. Circle 398




Circle 60

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new & improved

FLOORING IN A PERFORMANCE DRIVEN MIX Patcraft’s newest AdMix resilient tile for high-performance environments features a terrazzo-like look, available in 36-in. and 12-in.sq. tiles with neutral, timeless colors. Made with 10.4% pre-consumer recycled content, the tile emits less VOCs than linoleum and rubber. The strong homogeneous solid resin allows for scratches, scuffs and stains to be easily buffed and can be welded, creating a water-resistant surface, appropriate for operating rooms and other clean room environments. Circle 397




Track and running gear are concealed behind the door so it appears as if the door is floating.

SLEEK SLIDER The SLIDO Design 80-M from Hafele is a unique sliding door solution for both wood and frameless glass applications. With the track and running gear concealed behind the door, it provides an unprecedented design solution—as if it’s invisible and door is simply floating. Used individually or paired as a set, the SLIDO Design 80-M operates flawlessly regardless of flooring choice with the aid of an optional guide rail. Circle 396

LSW #2017

LIGHT Your OWN Way At the trade show and conference dedicated to architectural and commercial lighting solutions, controls and technologies technologies. FREE* access to 300 manufacturers - our largest exhibit hall ever!



* Non-exhibiting suppliers/manufacturers will be charged a $500 registration fee. At-show registration for qualified attendees is $50.

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IT ONLY LOOKS SQUARE The base unit for the Seraph Square Modular System is the 2-ft.-2-ft. Square Pendant, which features up to 25 individual suspended light sources, each on its own adjustable cord. The cords can be adjusted from 9 in. to 12 ft., and squares can be easily combined, giving designers freedom to create myriad custom designs. Circle 395

BLACKJACK LIGHTING Seraph Square Modular System

Irregular materials and dynamic lighting is a welcome contrast to the sleek surfaces of modern, urban hubs.

Fabricoil® architectural coiled wire fabric systems define extraordinary spaces. Perfect for adding texture to hospitality, commercial, retail, and corporate office environments, Fabricoil engineered systems provide visually intriguing solutions for any interior space.

800.999.2645 Jazz at Lincoln Center • New York City, NY • Fabricoil Hook with Steel Angle System • Ennead Architects • Photo: Lawrence Sumulong for Jazz at Lincoln Center

1707APNEW.indd 68

Fabricoil Interior Applications Include: Artistic Elements Ceiling Treatments Exhibits Light Diffusion & Fixtures Retail Displays

Room Dividers & Partitions Safety Screens & Barriers Security Gates Wall Coverings Window Treatments

Circle 61

7/5/17 3:21 PM


EXPERIENCED PVC from a roofing manufacturer with a proven track record of experience and quality. Carlisle SynTec Systems’ Sure-Flex™ PVC and KEE HP membranes are the ideal choice for nearly any low-slope commercial roofing application. • Manufacturing: Carlisle’s state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment ensures high-quality products.

Scan here to learn more about Sure-Flex PVC

• Experience: Carlisle has over 20 years of thermoplastic extrusion experience, more than any competitor. • Products to Fit Your Needs: Carlisle manufactures a wide range of standard PVC and KEE HPmembranes and accessories to meet your project’s needs. • Heat Weldability: Heat-welded seams create a monolithic roofing system that provides outstanding protection against leaks.

Experience the Carlisle Difference | 800-479-6832 | Carlisle and Sure-Flex are trademarks of Carlisle. © 2017 Carlisle.

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Inspired Product + Material Choices

Hanna Andersson Headquarters Portland, Oregon Sharron van der Meulen, ZGF Principal at ZGF Architects, Portland Ore., has 29 years of interior design expertise; she excels at aligning a project’s vision and goals to satisfy needs of multiple users.



1707APFRM.indd 70

Founded on the principle of providing high-quality clothing with durable fabrics, Hanna Anderrson produces a wardrobe that allows kids to look and act like children. The simple aesthetic and lighthearted graphics are inspired by the founder’s Swedish roots and follows the design into their new headquarters that’s located in a former sewing room of Jantzen Swimwear. “The space was to be a backdrop for all the clothing that’s in constant production,” says Sharron van der Meulen, principal of ZGF’s Portland office, and interior designer on the project. “It made sense to keep everything clean with simple lines and a strong neutral palette.” The building materials are honest and robust, creating a canvas upon which the company’s designers create. Large windows provide natural light, while a sawtooth roof design, fitted with clerestory windows, floods the space with northern light all day. “The key design driver was openness and transparency—not even the CEO or HR have closed offices.” The office landscape facilitates communication and the freeflow of ideas connects and unites the entire company. “Now anyone can stick their head up and visually connect with another individual if they are present,” says van der Meulen. CEO Adam Stone and the senior vice president of creative and merchandising weighed in on every decision that was made on materials and finishes. “They had strong opinions, they like strong lines, and a setting that accentuates what they do on a daily basis gave the foundation for a really clear roadmap for selection of lighting and furniture,” says van der Meulen.

07 07.. 2017

6/30/17 7:14 PM

D REA M BI G . Too often, building performance is only considered from the outside. You dream bigger. Interior shade fabrics from Mermet give life to your vision and transform your space, inside and out. With GreenScreen® Evolve™ solar shades, bring elegance, sustainability and control to every facet of the façade. It’s the envelope, evolved.


Circle 63

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The entry features a two-story lobby with an open and connecting staircase. The first floor exudes the company’s image for prospective employees and vendors. Maximizing daylight, the headquarters design is influenced by a Scandinavian philosophy of simple, clean lines, natural woods and concrete. A backdrop of white walls, reclaimed pine with a whitewash finish, white solid-surface countertops, and white laminate birch workstations, form a gallery for brightly colored fabrics and lively textiles.

Lounge Chairs



In the lobby, the classic design values of the brand translated into many classic furniture manufacturers being specified throughout the space.

Decorative pendants in the two-story entrance are simple, industrial chic pendants that bring ceiling heights down to a human scale and are notably beautiful. The variation among pendant lights also give a visual cue as to what should happen in the space, whether group work, conference area or circulation.

It was more involved than one would think when you say “white paint,” recalls van der Meulen. Several paint colors auditioned for the role on each wall in order for the designer and designer client to gauge how the exposure would affect each color throughout the day and evening.

Hans Wegner Paddle Chair Coalesse

Glass Partitions The entire office space is open, save for the conference rooms; for those, a beautiful Italian glass wall/ demountable partition was used—it features slim stiles and clean hardware attachments available for clear views and uninterrupted flow of daylight. Lama Single Glazed Office Front System Modernus



1707APFRM.indd 72

Mezzo Grande LBL Lighting

White Opulence Benjamin Moore

Flooring Reclaimed ash flooring throughout the first floor acts as a subtle warm backdrop to Hanna Andersson’s home line of rugs. Reclaimed Ash Flooring Pioneer Millworks

07 . 2017

6/30/17 7:14 PM

© 2017 ClarkDietrich Building Systems


Circle 66

Dunno. Runaround. The Kleptognomes. You may not yet know their identities, but you’ve felt their ill effects. They’re little Hassles, and they can wreak big havoc. Today, we’ve set out to eliminate them with advanced product systems, expert technical services and digital tools that deliver instant specification answers. See how at #stopthehassles Circle 64

CD17046_ArchProducts_Hasslesitools_Apr17.indd 1 • 1706APAds.indd 73

3/16/17 10:23 3:15 PM 6/30/17 AM

Work Stations

Linear Lighting

Moveable Storage

Work stations are generous custom-designed workstations with sit-tostand desks from Watson. “The choice was easy, because they allowed us to customize the work tops to match the rest of the white work surfaces and the Appleply edges.”

There’s plenty of daylight in the historic sewing room, but it’s a design field, so the lighting was designed to accommodate the 24/7-creative mind. Linear lighting is unobtrusive to the strong lines of the architecture while providing ideal ambient lighting.

Rollable caster units at each desk space accommodate bulky or oddshaped dimensioned textiles and inspiration items and fabric swatches.


Watson Trolley

CB5 Bartco Lighting

“It made sense to keep everything clean with simple lines and a very strong neutral palette.”

Acoustic Ceiling Treatment “We got really lucky with the acoustics in the historic space,” says van der Meulen. Because of the saw-tooth ceiling structure of the building, most of the sound just goes up, bounces around and dissipates. However, over a few conference room areas this was not an effective acoustic buffer, in which case a spray acoustic foam was used to coat the ceiling and did the trick entirely well. International Cellulose Corp. K-13 Spray-on System

Lighting Simple industrial chic decorative pendants bring ceiling heights down to human scale and notably all their forms harmonize beautifully. The variation among pendant lights also gives a visual cue as to what should happen in the space, whether group work, conference area or circulation. Smithfield S Flos



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07 . 2017

6/30/17 7:14 PM

Build something great™


THE POWER OF THREE UNITED Introducing the Boral™ Drain-N-Dry™ Lath, the reinvention of the draining and drying wall system that unifies each critical component into a single, high-performance product—one that requires less fasteners and fewer penetrations. What’s more, by seamlessly integrating a chemical and corrosion resistant fiberglass lath, a 10mm rainscreen and a secondary water-resistant barrier into individual 150-square foot, easy-to-cut, lightweight rolls, Boral™ Drain-N-Dry™ Lath actually reduces your installation time to help you quickly deliver a final product that will last the test of time. That’s the all-in-one power of Boral™ Drain-N-Dry™ Lath.





1.800.255.1727 | 74 Circle 65

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Countertops Ceasarstone Misty Carrera Circle 394

Solid Surfaces For the Bistro countertops, the same Misty Carrera solid surface as is specified at Hanna Andersson retail outlets maintains an aesthetic cohesiveness and continuity with the brand from HQ to retail outlets. “The same color is used in the retail outlets, so that was a simple design/brand continuity choice,” says van der Meulen. They are used in the Bistro and throughout the project. Misty Carrera Caesarstone

“The key design driver was openness and transparency— not even the CEO or HR have closed offices.”

Lobby Lounge Chair Lobby Lounge REHAU Relazzo Terrassendiele Circle 393

Reclaimed Flooring Kahrs Avanti Ash Ceriale Circle 392

Linear Pendant Bartco Lighting CB5 Circle 391

Paint Benjamin Moore White Opulence Circle 390

Conference Table BuzziSpace BuzziPicnic Circle 389

Area Rugs Hanna Andersson Circle 388

Work Stations Watson Furniture Watson Trolley Circle 387

Demountable Wall Partitions Lama Single Glazed Office Front System Circle 386

Movable Storage Watson Furniture Watson Circle 385

Decorative Pendants ANP Lighing Deep Bowl Pendants Circle 384


Project: Hanna Andersson Headquarters Location: Portland, Ore. Size: 43,400 sq. ft. Architects: ZGF Interiors: ZGF Client/Owner: Hanna Andersson, Corp. General Contractor: Lorentz Bruun Photography: Nick Merrick/Hedrich-Blessing



1707APFRM.indd 76

Concrete Finish

Free to Roam



The second floor is the original concrete deck. They used a concrete finish technique to stain and seal the floor in clear. It shows the original flaws but that’s part of the company’s ethos of honesty in materials.

BuzziPicNic Employees on a wireless network are not necessarily tethered to their workstations, and toting laptops allows them a choice and the ability to work from anywhere in the facility. The large, long, picnic-table design from BuzziSpace invites informal collaboration.

The brand showcases its belief in the durability and the design of its robust home décor products while making the space feel cozy and livable for employees and a welcome gesture to visitors.

Simple industrial chic decorative pendants soften the feel of the open plan. The pendant lights give a visual cue that group work or an informal meeting may spontaneously occur in the space.

Hanna Andersson Home

Deep Bowl Pendants ANP

Decorative Pendants LBL Lighting Mezzo Grande Circle 383

BuzziPicNic BuzziSpace

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500 20 13 colors



Unlimited shapes

Notre Dame University

PROVEN PERFORMANCE, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES The Belden Brick Company is privileged to serve colleges, universities and schools throughout North America with more options than any other brick manufacture in the world. As the industry leader in delivering the largest selection of more than 500 colors, 20 sizes, 13 textures and unlimited shapes, Belden will meet all your product needs with the time-honored quality and experience we’ve mastered.

The Standard of Comparison Since 1885 An ISO 9001 Compliant Quality Management System.

Kent State University

An ISO 14001 Compliant Environmental Management System. Circle 66

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Converging Architectural + Performance Goals

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Pearl Harbor, Oahu A rehabilitated site in the heart of Pearl Harbor goes back to nature with its site water management plan. The project focused on maintaining harmony for climate and culture for the area, with a heavy emphasis on water site management using multi-pronged approach.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Inouye Regional Center sits at one of the focal points of America’s history and also one of its most idyllic tropical settings. The facility makes its home in two World War II-era airplane hangars linked by a new steeland-glass building on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor, Oahu. Housing



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a diverse group of programs including marine biology, chemistry labs, national data center, international and Pacific tsunami warning centers, the national weather service and a variety of administrative functions, its purpose is to serve as a living laboratory that reinforces the NOAA’s mission to “understand and predict changes in climate, weather, oceans and coasts,

to share that knowledge and information with others and to conserve and manage coastal and marine ecosystems and resources.” The space includes a visitors’ center, auditorium and conference areas, a library and information center, training rooms, cafeteria and an occupational health and fitness center.

The building is part of a revitalization project that transformed an underused 30-acre site within the Pearl Harbor Naval Complex into a new campus for the NOAA. According to Sean Quinn, sustainable design leader with project architect HOK’s San Francisco office, environmental goals were a key objective for the project from the very beginning as one

Kyle Prenzlow is a senior project architect based in HOK’s San Francisco office. He’s been with HOK for over a decade and specializes in science and technology projects.

of NOAA’s key missions is stewardship of the environment. Overall, the project was focused on maintaining harmony for climate and culture of the area.

Wasting No Water Of course, a large component of meeting these environmental goals was site water management, which involved a multi-pronged approach. The historic site’s paved airfield

and existing drainage pattern posed signifi cant design challenges. Because very little of the existing site was pervious, most of the stormwater had previously flowed directly into the harbor without any treatment, and large areas of paving were removed.

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HISTORY  Once a sugarcane plantation, in 1877, the U.S. Navy converted Ford Island into a military installation. Now, it’s the site of the U.S.S. Arizona memorial. The design of the Inouye Regional Center campus on the national historic landmark site preserves and adapts two World War II-era airplane hangars designed by Albert Kahn in 1939, while adding a simple glass-and-steel pavilion between them.

Stormwater Management


According to Kyle Prenzlow, HOK’s project architect out of the firm’s San Francisco office, stormwater is collected and reused via bioswales that function to catch and cleanse runoff from the adjacent parking lot. Surrounding roads and the entry plaza contain pervious material, and the pathway paving along the harbor side of the site includes recycled aggregate, or soil stabilized paving, to allow stormwater infiltration and minimize off-site runoff. In addition, native Hawaiian drought-tolerant aki-aki grasses reduce, slow and cleanse the stormwater runoff from the building and parking area. 1941

The entire diaphragm of the roof is a water capture device, with each drain linked to a channel leading to a dedicated rainwater retention tank. The site is landscaped with historic and indigenous Hawaiian and Polynesian-introduced plants that thrive without potable water. While the site’s landmark status limited restoration of the airfield hardscape, the design team added a significant amount of vegetation to a site previously devoid of wildlife. Native kou trees were planted to represent the historic monkeypod trees that once lined the boulevard, native Hawaiian planting along the water’s edge at the harbor helps filter site runoff before it enters the harbor and biofilter areas provide sediment removal. In fact, the area to be landscaped was actually increased during the construction phase in order to maximize the use of all of the collected graywater—landscaped areas were added in accordance with historic preservation requirements which limited vegetation to 29% of the site from its existing state of 0%. The design goal for water management was to replicate the natural processes of the and local landscape.

Photos: Alan Karchmer

TOP DOWN A second water management element was using the surface area on the rooftop of the building to its fullest to collect rainwater and redirect it for treatment and reuse within the building for toilet flushing, collecting condensate water off of mechanical equipment and with graywater off of lowflow building fixtures—all of which is then combined and used to meet 100% of the irrigation water demand, which has been further minimized by the use of native and adaptive species for landscaping.


The design goal for water management was to replicate the natural processes of the local landscape. Naio Papa

Coco Palm

Aki Aki

Variegated Hau

NATIVE GRASSES In addition, native Hawaiian drought-tolerant aki-aki grasses reduce, slow and cleanse the stormwater runoff from the building and parking area.


Pili Grass

Mau’ Aki Aki

Loulu Palm

True Kou

Surrounding roads and the entry plaza contain pervious material, and the pathway paving along the harbor side of the site includes recycled aggregate or soil stabilized paving to allow stormwater infiltration and minimize off-site runoff.

BIOSWALES Stormwater is collected and reused via bioswales that function to catch and cleanse runoff from the adjacent parking lot.

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Landscape Lessons As a matter of fact, the local landscape provides a lesson in lighting and cooling: Some of the trees protect themselves from hot temperatures by pulling soil moisture through the vascular structure into the leaves; the trees then provide a cooling effect by releasing the water vapor around the canopy. Even saltwater plays a part in the project in a different take on the concept of water management. A hydronic system pulls water from below sea bed roof coils; when prevailing breezes pass over these cool coils they enable natural ventilation that drops the cooled, fresh air supply into vertical “thermal chimneys” (passive downdraft) through a displacement system of raised floors. The building ventilates its public and private spaces using 100% outside air and no mechanical fans. The exhaust ventilation system is also 100% passive. Cool ventilation air is supplied to occupied spaces through a raised access floor using “displacement” principles. After being supplied at low levels, the air draws heat from occupants, equipment, lights, solar and, as the temperature rises, it becomes less dense and more buoyant, rising up through the building via interconnected light wells and atria before being exhausted out of the building.

OUTDOOR CONNECTIONS Located at the northern end of the atrium, the dining hall (above) provides users with a panoramic view to the water and the mountain range in the distance. The lanterns (left) drive daylight deep into the building by capturing and reflecting sunlight down into the space without artificial lighting. Translucent reflectors below glow like light fixtures, distributing sunlight and reflecting it back up to the ceiling, which becomes a luminaire.

THERMAL CHIMNEYS Vertical “thermal chimneys” create a passive downdraft effect, distributing air through a displacement system of raised floors.

DISPLACEMENT TECH The building ventilates its spaces with 100% outside air, primarily without the use of mechanical fans, via displacement. The exhaust system is also 100% passive. Cool air is supplied via a raised access floor. After being supplied at low levels, the air draws heat from occupants, equipment, lights, solar gain and, as its temperature rises, it rises through the building via interconnected light wells and atria before being exhausted.



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Use Hunter Xci Ply or NB — The NEW Choice for Structural Insulated Sheathing in Wood Frame Construction SALES BENEFITS:

Traditional Construction Method

• Structural insulation in one piece allows for faster installation, less pieces handled, thinner wall cavity • Compatible with traditional balloon or platform framing with the use of pneumatic nails • Labor savings – faster installations, less pieces handled • Single source responsibility for product delivery • Simplifies cladding attachment

THE PRODUCT: • Xci Ply is a high thermal rigid insulation panel composed of a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core bonded to a premium performance coated glass facer on one side and 5/8" or ¾" fire treated plywood on the other • Xci NB is a high thermal rigid insulation panel composed of a closed cell polyisocyanurate foam core bonded to a premium performance coated glass facer on one side and 7/16" or 5/8" OSB or plywood on the other • Both products work well with Type III and Type V commercial and residential construction • Available in thicknesses of 1.5" to 2.6" in 4'x8' pieces for structural sheathing • Available up to 3.5" thickness for nonstructural sheathing

NEW Structural Insulated Hunter Xci Ply or NB Construction Method

THE APPROVALS: • Up to 2.6" Xci Ply or NB approved to be nailed directly to Fire Retardant Treated Wood Studs with the ability to provide sheer value • Xci Ply tested within multiple NFPA 285 compliant assemblies. For a complete list either contact Hunter Panels or visit our website. • Technical Evaluation Report #1508-01

Samples and literature available at

Hunter Panels • 15 Franklin St, Portland, Maine 04101 888.746.1114 • Fax 877.775.1769 • NEW YORK



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A Cistern Full of Savings All of these tactics have resulted in real savings and have exceeded the project’s water management goals. For fiscal year 2016, says Quinn, the facility used 7,985,300 gallons of water. Serving 610 personnel and an average of 105 visitors per day, this equates to 30.6 gallons per full-time equivalent (FTE) per day, slightly better than the designed metric of 32.4 gallons per FTE per day. And as designed, 100% of irrigation water is sourced from rainwater and graywater. While not specifically sub-metered, harvested rainwater does contribute a significant portion to toilet flushing requirements, enabling the low potable water use, which is metered. The water management plan for the site has facilitated an even more comprehensive goal than simply having the facility exist in harmony with nature. It is also successfully achieving a harmony between meeting those sustainable, nature-inspired goals and meeting the efficiency and financial goals envisioned during its design.

20% 53% 40%

water consumption from rainwater water consumption from graywater rainwater managed on site

Achieving 30.6 gallons per full-time equivalent (FTE) per day, slightly better than the designed metric of 32.4 gallons per FTE per day.

The primary circulation path helps unite the historic airfield, hangars and makai waterfront into a unified campus. A central atrium serves as a visitor center for education and outreach. Students come here to learn about the environment, local ecology, the oceans and NOAA.

RESEARCH AND REALITY COMBINE The center houses a range of critical programs, functions and federal departments, including the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. Facilities include wet and dry research laboratories, a marine center, a library, administrative offices, conference and meeting areas, a dining hall and informal collaboration spaces.



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CHARRETTE A new way to design, organize, collaborate and share






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rs. do . en e r v enc s o er nt ef lie e r , c tur am fu te for ur ts yo ha ith c w e k hiv or rc A


learn more at Circle 68

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specifier’s solution

Wall System

Translucent Transom Illuminates Boathouse

Photos by: William Zbaren Photography

The Eleanor Boathouse at Park 571 in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood celebrates the natural beauty, community recreation and environmental stewardship of the Chicago River. Designed by Studio Gang Architects, the $8.8 million, 19,003-sq.-ft., one-story, two-building facility employs energy efficient daylighting principles.

DIFFUSING HEAT GAIN AND LIGHT POLLUTION Supporting energy efficient and LEED Silver criteria, the diffusing characteristics of the cellular polycarbonate reduces the dependence on electrical lighting and reduces solar heat gain, as well as reduces light pollution. Because it is dry-glazed, VOC systems also are reduced.

Project: The Eleanor Boathouse Location: Chicago Architect: Studio Gang Architects

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: LIGHTWALL 3440 Material: Interlocking polycarbonate translucent wall system

EXTECH Circle 382

CHALLENGE: The environmental- and communityfocused project was announced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2011 as the final of four new boathouses and river launches created by the Chicago Park District to reclaim the Chicago River as a major system of parks and water-based recreation.

Studio Gang’s Founding Principal Jeanne Gang, FAIA, LEED AP, explained, “The Chicago River boathouses are part of a new environmentally friendly vision for the city’s river. By making the riverfront a destination for recreation, anchored by dynamic sustainable architecture, we hope to catalyze longterm stewardship and support for the river’s remediation, as well as improve the health of the communities that surround it.” “The Eleanor Boathouse supports the larger movement of ecological and recreational revival of the Chicago River,” Mayor Emanuel said at the facility’s opening celebration on Dec. 4, 2016. “For too long, Chicago residents were cut off from an asset in our own backyard. So today, we are transforming our rivers from relics of our industrial past to anchors for our neighborhoods’ futures.”

CRITERIA: The Eleanor Boathouse was designed and constructed following the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (BD+C, v3, 2009) rating system for new construction. The project is pursuing Silver certification. SOLUTION: The larger of the Eleanor Boathouse’s two buildings features a translucent transom supplied by Exterior Technologies (EXTECH) using its LIGHTWALL 3440 interlocking polycarbonate translucent wall system. Anthony Roofing installed 2,288 sq. ft. EXTECH’s system in less than three weeks despite its complex geometry supporting the project’s schedule, aesthetic, performance and sustainability goals.

“Viewed from above, the facility looks like boats going through waves and the EXTECH system resembles the shape of the rowing shells,” described Tony Orlando, Anthony Roofing’s project manager.




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IT’S NOT A TREND. IT’S A REVOLUTION. Visit to learn how easy it is to make the switch.

© 2017 Huber Engineered Woods LLC. ZIP System, the accompanying ZIP System logo and design are trademarks of Huber Engineered Woods LLC. Huber Engineered Woods’ ZIP System® products are covered by various patents. Please see for details. HUB 16509 03/17

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Metal Fabric

Layered Perspective The Houston Area Safety Council’s design team was tasked with creating a modern, industrial look to its building that feels approachable and appeals to both its core patient base and their families.

The Omega 1510 is a metal fabric used for solar management and partitions.

CHALLENGE: Located in Pasadena, Texas, the new Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) facility represents a two-year campus initiative to expand safety training capabilities for the greater Houston Metroplex. An added goal was to improve health, wellness and physical therapy by way of a new, multi-faceted clinic to meet the growing needs of the energy, space exploration, manufacturing and food industries located throughout the Gulf Coast region. INFLUENCE: The design team was tasked with creating a modern, industrial look that feels approachable and appeals to both its core patient base and their families.

ETCHED SKYLINE The safety council wanted to depict the Houston skyline with an oil rig and other industrial workers in the foreground.

However, after the architects were dissatisfied with the material samples and mock-ups for the building façade, the project ground to a halt. Without a suitable etched exterior that paid homage to the industry, the entire exterior design would be ruined. SOLUTION: GKD stepped in to provide an innovative, etched stainless steel panel system—Omega 1510—that helps create one of the most unique and beautiful educational facilities in the region.



1707APSPS.indd 86

The product is a transparent and flexible metal fabric used for solar management, ceilings and partitions. It also maintains an etched surface,

Without a suitable etched exterior that pays homage to the industry, the exterior would be ruined. making it a good solution for graphics. The product offers a flattened rod in the weft, which helps create detailed and highly visible etchings that are perceptible in a variety of lighting. Achieving depth perception in this design was extremely challenging. Etching is two tone—and metal fabric etching is not like a painting where you can create depth, perspective and dimension with multiple colors.

Project: Houston Area Safety Council Location: Pasadena, Texas Architect: Kirksey | Architecture

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Omega 1510 Material: Stainless Steel

GKD Metal Fabrics Circle 381 PROJECT SPECS

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Creativity Begins. Sto Finishes.

Architects as Artists. Deliver the curated feel of atelier design with Sto Façade Systems. Use Sto couture finishes, ranging from ultra-smooth to deeply textured. Easy-to-apply Sto Façade Systems push the envelope of architecture with countless color options and character. Create more at:

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specifier’s solution

Metal Panels

Insulated Panels Help Ice Arena Maintain Temps Skaters and visitors alike can experience total comfort thanks, in part, to insulated metal panels, which add aesthetic appeal and insulation value for a stable interior temperature.

COMPLETE COMFORT With the help of Kingspan, Center Ice gives people a cool way to escape Florida’s hot, humid weather. They can skate or watch events in complete comfort at the largest indoor hockey facility south of New York City.

CHALLENGE: Hockey and ice-skating enthusiasts in Florida can skate in style when the right building materials are selected. Insulated metal panels added aesthetic appeal and insulation value for a stable interior temperature at the five-rink Florida Hospital Center Ice in Wesley Chapel, Fla.

LINEAR AESTHETICS The nearly flat profile has a linear appearance with striking aesthetic appeal and excellent thermal performance.

The massive 150,000-sq.-ft. facility is sponsored by Florida Hospital, with additional sponsorship by Busch Gardens. The center features five rinks, a restaurant, pro shop, training facilities, locker

CRITERIA: A combination of metal panels was used to meet the town requirement that a certain amount of any building’s exterior surface area be a different material or texture. Trident Building Systems engineered, fabricated and erected the structure, as well as installed the insulated wall panels.

Metal is a key element of the design with exposed interior metal structural systems.

SOLUTION: The fabricator recommended a combination of Kingspan and Trident panels for all the walls and roof. This was done to meet the town requirement that a certain amount of any building’s exterior surface area be a different material or texture.

rooms, offices and meeting rooms, party rooms, snack bar and fitness center. The Olympic-size rink has seating for 450 spectators, and the facility boasts extensive broadcast video and wireless Internet connectivity, entertainment projection and lighting systems. The Center Ice complex is composed of two metal buildings that are uniquely connected to make up for the site constraints. A large lobby with a dramatic staircase leads to a mezzanine level, which optimiz-



1707APSPS.indd 88

es the area where the metal buildings meet. Metal is a key element of the design with exposed interior metal structural systems, which are complemented by both exterior and interior metal wall panels.

The ice center features about 23,000 sq. ft. of 4-in. 300 striated panels in Regal White. 300 Striated series panels create an architectural look with subtle shadows. The nearly flat profile has a linear appearance with striking aesthetic appeal and excellent thermal performance. The foamedin-place manufacturing process produces superior panels of consistent high quality that arrive to site ready for quick and easy installation, saving up to 50% in on-site construction time.

Project: Florida Hospital Center Ice Location: Wesley Chapel, Fla. Architect: Jonnatti Architecture

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: 300 Striated panels Material: Polyisocyanurate

The Kingspan Group Circle 380 PROJECT SPECS

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The most interesting AIA-approved courses on the internet are streaming video

Here are some of the latest courses available free on in full HD video.

Natural Ventilation for Climate Control and Passive Smoke Ventilation This course focuses on natural ventilation and the benefits to building occupants and owners as a healthy and sustainable alternative to powered ventilation.

Residential Design with Structural Insulated Panels This course will explain the benefits of designing with structural insulated panels (SIPs) for residential applications.

Design Innovations Using Fiber Cement in Commercial Construction This course focuses on commercial building design that requires high performance married to great aesthetics while containing the material, labor and installation costs.

1707-TCA-InSite.indd 89

Selecting the Best Sports Floor for Your Facility

LED Lighting Designs for Architecture

This course discusses key selection considerations used for material specification of natural wood or synthetic sports and activity floor. Basic subfloor and surface configurations for maple floors are also discussed.

This course examines several categories of LED technology and the appropriateness of each to various facets of architectural design. Color-changing LED technology and its impact on the comfort and health of building occupants is also discussed.

Suspended Wood Ceilings: Design to Delivery This course covers the benefits of suspended wood ceilings; materials including wood options such as veneers, solid wood or reclaimed wood; sustainability attributes; and performance characteristics.

To view these high-quality courses and browse the full catalog, visit us today at Courses play on all desktop and mobile devices. Enroll and take courses for free.

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School Passes Geometry Exam With Flair Toronto’s Ryerson University Student Learning Center’s exterior features a complex system of triple glazed glass paned, which control solar heat gain and glare while adding interest to the natural interior lighting.

CHALLENGE: Snøhetta of Oslo, Norway and New York City, designed the Student Learning Center (SLC) in tandem with Zeidler Partnership Architects of Toronto. With its glistening gem-like façade of geometric panes, the Ryerson University SLC is eight-stories and more than 155,430 sq. ft. CRITERIA: Since opening to students and the public in Feb. 2015, the $112 million student center has made its mark on Toronto. The exterior of the building features a complex system of triple glazed glass panes revealing a graphic across the surface. The glazing aims to control solar heat and glare while adding interest to the natural interior lighting. From outside, these patterns create a dynamic sheen that enhances the building’s gem-like appearance. The SLC is also a certified LEED Silver building and dedicated 50% of its roof to urban green space.

THE HEART OF TORONTO Situated in the heart of historic Toronto, the Student Learning Center provides students everything they need to excel in the 21st century.


SHINING GEM From the outside, these patterns create a dynamic sheen that enhances the building’s gem-like appearance. The high-gloss coating gives the building a pearlescent finish that shimmers and reflects different shades of color depending on how the sunlight hits. Valspar’s Valflon Prismatic Blue coating added to the dimensionality of intricate exterior and provided an illuminating shine.

Valflon is an architectural coating that resists weathering, fading and chalking, as well as airborne chemicals.

SOLUTION: To accomplish the dynamic and geometrical appearance, the architects enlisted Flynn Canada to assist in the installation. With budget and efficiency in mind, Flynn Canada called upon ALPOLIC to provide metal panels to keep the structure in tact. A simple approach to a complex project, the Flynn Canada team experimented with bending the ALPOLIC panels to achieve the desired aesthetic. And it worked. The next challenge was to bring to reality the iridescent appearance the architects had in mind. The finish of Valspar’s Project: Ryerson University Valflon Prismatic Blue Location: Toronto, Canada Architect: Snøhetta & on the metal panels Zeidler Partnership evokes a molecular Architects crystalline lattice as it PRODUCT SPECS: might appear under a powerful microscope. Product: Valfl on Function: Fluropolymer The Prismatic Blue (FEVE) resin-based soffit extends into the coating SLC’s spacious interior Valspar lobby and provides a continuous look. Circle





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Acrovyn by Design opens a new realm of design possibilities. Only CS can provide graphic wall protection on our wall covering, wall panels and doors. Photographs, logos, patterns and more are safely embedded behind durable Acrovyn® sheet serving as a protective shield for digital imagery. Visit or call 800.233.8493 to explore the possibilities. For a chance to create the next wall protection pattern to be added to our collection visit







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The ‘Met’ Gets Shady An innovative new type of shade canopy was selected by New York’s renowned Metropolitan Museum of Art for this year’s roof garden commission, The Dealer of Disappearance, by the Argentinian artist Adrian Villar Rojas.

CLASSIC SHADES The Infinity Canopy, custom-fabricated with Sunbrella Firesist fabric, is a retractable, slide-on-wire modular system that visually recalls classic Roman shades.

CHALLENGE: Numerous studies have shown that daylighting increases productivity in workplaces and profitability in retail applications, but controlling the intensity of sunlight is essential. By taming the heat and glare of the sun, businesses of many types can expand operations into existing, under-utilized outdoor areas and roofs.

The canopy over the bar area supplies not only an amenity to patrons, but also a significant protection for the job environment of the bartenders, working through the hot New York summer. SOLUTION: Infinity Canopy, custom-fabricated

with Sunbrella Firesist fabric, is a retractable, slideon-wire modular system—the first of its kind—that visually recalls classic Roman shades. The modular approach enables easy expansion, reconfiguration or replacement of damaged parts of the canopy, unique in the industry. It also enables rapid fabrication, delivery, and installation, properties that were of particular importance to The Met, who ordered their 40-ft. × 34-ft. Infinity Canopy with a very short deadline before the opening of the exhibit.

The canopy was delivered within one week from the order date, meeting a tight deadline for installation. When it was delivered, the Met discovered that the manufacturer had been given inaccurate dimensions, and the canopy needed to be two feet longer. A conventional canopy would have had to be completely re-manufactured. The Infinity Canopy was simply extended by adding modules that were sent overnight to the museum and could be installed by the museum’s staff, allowing it to be in place in time for the opening. The retractable modular canopy systems offer a versatile, low-maintenance solution for businesses to make more effective use of exterior space.

The modular approach enables easy expansion, reconfiguration or replacement of damaged parts of the canopy, unique in the industry.

Project: Metropolitan Museum of Art Location: New York City

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Infinity Canopy with Sunbrella Firesist

Sunbrella Circle 378 PROJECT SPECS



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1:39 PM

Meet The SR6700.









Authenticity, Reliability and Strength.


Steel windows from the early 20th century were big, with true divided lites and single pane glass. Accurately reproducing them means incorporating modern materials and insulating glass to create a contemporary version of this classic design. Graham’s innovative SR6700 meets the challenge. This authentic look is achieved with large openings, minimal sightlines, applied grids and even a floating vent.  So authentic that we have helped numerous projects attain National Park Service historic approval.  Bring your vision to life. Call Graham.

Learn more about Graham’s SR6700:

GRAHAM ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS 800-755-6274 Architectural Windows

Window Wall

Curtain Wall


Kreider Commons, Lebanon, PA

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product focus

Wood The warmth of wood in interiors resonates with occupants. “Architects are drawn to the beauty and warmth of wood frames, but their options have been limited for fire separations,” says Jeff Razwick, president of Technical Glass Products. Architects and designers are increasingly able to incorporate wood in design with new products that are commercially durable, easy to install and fire-rated.



Technical Glass Products Fireframes TimberLine Series

Viance D-Blaze

 This natural wood mounting hardware system can be used as a single-panel partition or accommodate multiple panels to surround a room.



Rockwood ArborTek

Wood Frame 3form

1 TAPERED PULLS Unveiled at AIA, Rockwood ArborTek door pulls feature collar mount posts that combine classic wood with modern metals. The wood’s natural grain and color variations make each pull visually unique, and wood grips [hickory, mahogany or walnut] invite touch in any environment or temperature. A variety of metal finishes including bright brass, oil-rubbed bronze, bright stainless steel, and custom finishes are available; powder coats on request.

2 TREE LINED DESIGN TGP Fireframes Timberline Series enables the look of wood frames in interior glazing applications with stringent fire and life safety performance criteria. The system pairs a high-strength steel subframe with a real wood-veneered metal cover cap resulting in slender fire-rated frames that enable tall spans while serving as a barrier to heat and conductive heat transfer. The Fireframes TimberLine Series is combined with Pilkington Pyrostop fire-rated glass to allow for unrestricted glazing in locations where the total gazing area exceeds 25% of the wall. Fireframes TimberLine Series frames are available in white maple, cherry, fir and oak.

Rockwood Mfg. Co., an ASSA ABLOY Group Circle 377

Technical Glass Products Circle 376

3 FRAME UP Wood Frame from 3form is its floor-to-ceiling mounted partition system made out of natural hardwoods.

3form Circle 375

4 BLAZE OF GLORY D-Blaze from Viance is a fire retardant wood treatment that is impregnated into framing lumber and plywood products by pressure process to reduce combustibility and smoke development, and offers a 50-year limited warranty. It is the first pressure-impregnated FRTW to earn the GreenGuard Gold Certification. D-Blaze FRTW is UL Classified with an FR-S Rating for a low smoke development and low flame spread index, and is manufactured using a water-based formulation that does not produce harmful off-gassing.

Viance Circle 374



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Creating hues only familiar to penguins. We journey to the ends of the earth to nd inspiration for our Fluropon ® 70% PVDF coatings. Colors so purely perfect and environmentally impressive to help your vision shine exactly as imagined. R E A L I Z E YO U R I N S P I R AT I O N

Polk Penguin Center, Detroit Zoo

Circle 73

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product focus

Ornamental Metals



AJK Design Studio Kamakura

3 1

GKD CMP Mesh Ceiling System

‘ORNAMETALS’: There’s something captivating about ornamental metals in architecture. The fact that wind, weather or lighting all may change a metallic skin’s form or surface appearance throughout the day may be part of the intrigue of using ornamental metals to create dynamic exterior and interior building designs. Another advantage of metals, according to Cambridge Architectural Sales Director David Zeitlin, is that they can transform large, designed spaces and façades into signature branding opportunities. In a true testament of how metal building materials stand the test of time, copper tiles from the roof of Toronto’s Wellington Building were recently re-used as an ornamental finish and acoustic attenuator on the interior of the building that holds the Parliamentary library’s stacks. Wellington Building Toronto, Canada

1 AGES WITH GRACE The Copper in Architecture Awards from the Copper Development Assn. are nothing short of spectacular. This year, 15 projects were selected, but one stands out as a unique aesthetic design and a strong statement about the recyclability and reuse of copper as a building material. The project, The Wellington Building in Toronto, Canada, required a new roof to replace the 60-year-old structure’s top. Rather than discard or sell it for scrap, the library’s architects decided to re-use the copper roof tiles as an ornamental interior finish in the Parliamentary library’s stacks. Before they were used as an interior texture, the 13,000 sq. ft. of aged copper was cut from the existing roof, sorted, crated and bent on a break press. To add acoustic properties, the copper shingles were also perforated. The repurposed copper tiles add an artistic sculptural texture to walls, as the patinaed copper complements the dark stately wood used in the design of the library’s case goods, and provides sound attenuation in the two-story reading room.

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2 WABI-SABI AESTHETIC AJK Design Studio’s specialty with perforated metals adds unique visual interest to interiors with a its new collection, which debuted at ICFF titled “Kamakura.” The two complementary patterns, Mizu and Hasu conjure an industrial wabi-sabi aesthetic. Patterns were inspired by the serenity of lotus ponds prevalent in the Japanese seaside city, Kamakura. The designs capture the grace, fluidity and buoyancy of water lilies’ ripples on the water and freezes them in permanence.

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3 IN SEARCH OF GOLD Historically a popular coffee house and inn in the middle of Stuttgart, Germany, the King of England building renovation lead by zsp Architekten transformed the former site into an administrative building for the BadenWurttemberg state ministries. The owners request to renovate the top floor of the building into a functional conference and meeting room with a lobby required a large, grid-free ceiling with acoustic properties and an elegant aesthetic. The team found the solution in the CMP mesh ceiling system, a luminous gold ceiling system from GKD that has been used widely around the world, and is now gaining traction in North American renovations for its beauty, functionality and ease-ofinstallation. Available in rigid or flexible panels, the meshes can be cut into a variety of shapes, bored and trimmed to accommodate lighting, sprinkler systems and other fixtures. The system is installed with GKD’s accessible clip system and is readily demounted for access to ductwork, plumbing or wiring, and spacing between rows of panels varies, providing space for sprinklers or lighting while allowing for airflow.

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NEW Porcelain Pavers

Estuary at Lincoln Harbor, Weehawken, NJ Prest® Pavers, RockCurb®

Owensboro Riverfront & Smother’s Park, Owensboro, KY Prest® Pavers

Where Concrete and Imagination Meet. Hanover® has participated in the development of concrete pavers for over 40 years, as they became an integral part of architectural design. From green roofs and rooftop pools to on-grade entrance ways and driveways, Hanover® can provide the highest quality unit paver for your next project. Contact Hanover today to discuss the details. • 800.426.4242 Contact Hanover® to find your local representative. Circle 74

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product focus

Audio/Visual According to WSDG (Walter Storyk Design Group), immersive or “3D audio” has inspired a universal shift in listener expectations. Already considered an essential element of the viewing experience for many feature film and video game fans, immersive audio is now heard in medical, teaching, environmental and a constantly expanding list of user categories. In recent years, WSDG has designed a growing number of production and teaching facilities (and multiplex cinemas) to meet the need for producing, recording, mixing and exhibiting immersive audio. Dolby Atmos, Imax 3D, Auro-3D and “object-based” audio systems are now engaged to provide students, museum goers, educators, lecturers and content creators with the highest quality listening experience imaginable. The future of audio has arrived, and it is totally immersive, says the firm.


A thin, lightweight display fits on columns for an LED digital skin that acts like another interior texture.


Legrand Adorne Wi-Fi Connected Lighting System

Architecture and interior geometry set the stage, but the emotive experience is always enhanced by well planned lighting, luminous surfaces and the sound signature in the space.

Mockett Mobile Charging Pad


Nanolumens LED Display Solutions

1 LIGHT OR DIM IN LIVING COLOR Legrand’s latest addition to its Adorne Wi-Fi connected lighting system offers a dimmer controls system to help achieve harmonization among A/V and interiors. The Hub is a back-end control system that enables communication between all of Legrand’s wi-fi-enabled light switches and lamps and its app is available for download. The Legrand Light Control App makes it possible to dim for ambiance and energy savings from an iPad or smart device. Create custom settings or select pre-set light scenes such as romantic, daytime or evening. Choose finishing touch plates from a broad range of materials and colors including leather, woods or pearlescent metals.

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2 WIRELESS CHARGING SOLUTION The mobile charging pad from Mockett allows users to conveniently power up on any Qi compatible device on the modified surface. The charging pad seamlessly mounts to any surface for shared charging at the office, in airports, restaurants or lobby or lounge.

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3 CURVE APPEAL Nanolumens enables the era of digital wallpaper with its LED display solutions that easily integrate into interior environments. Thin, lightweight displays fit on arches, columns for an LED digital skin that acts like another interior texture.

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Rockfon Infinity Perimeter Trim



Carnegie Xorel Artform

Armstrong MetalWorks Blades—Classics

HunterDouglas Techstyle

1 3-D ACOUSTICS Xorel Artform expands its panel shapes to include diamond, square and plank. Now with seven shapes in 19 sizes and more than 300 standard patterns and colors, the 3D panel allows designers to creatively incorporate high-performance, sustainable materials into an acoustically-challenged space. Cradle-to-Cradle certified, it can be used in offices, education, hospitality or healthcare settings.

ing standard, razor, revealed and concealed designs, Infinity Perimeter Trim is engineered with sturdy extruded aluminum. The trim contains 100% recycled content and can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

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3 MAXIMUM LENGTH FOR MAXIMUM DESIGN With two new linear blade lengths, MetalWorks Blades—Classics, have expanded to provide more flexibility. The durable vertical panels measure 24-in. and 48-in. in length and offer an upscale linear look with the same acoustical performance. MetalWorks Blades—Classics are available in perforated and unperforated panels and nine standard colors including white, silver, gray and gun metal gray as well as six different wood-look finishes. Made from durable aluminum for lighter, easier handling, the blades are seismic tested and have a Class A fire rating.

4 RUNAWAY GEOMETRIC LINES Techstyle Graphic Customizable Acoustical Ceilings offers a selection of organic, abstract and geometric patterns that can be re-colored to fit the design of any room. Featuring Class A, ATSM E84 Fire Rating, GreenGuard Gold Certification, lightweight construction, enhanced soil resistance and cleanability. Designed in collaboration with HOK and Guillaume Martin from French design firm iwoodlove, Techstyle Graphics are ideal for medical offices, retail and more.

2 TRIM THOSE CEILINGS UP Pre-fabricated metal perimeter trim features a clean edge ideal for ceiling clouds, free-floating islands, projected accents, light coves and dramatic transitions between ceiling heights, and integrates with standard ceiling suspension systems for acoustical and drywall construction. Infinity Perimeter Trim by Rockfon is available in straight 12-ft. standard lengths or can be factory-curved to project requirements. Able to be specified in a choice of profiles and sizes includ-

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Touches of ‘Home’ A big trend in office design is to make the workplace feel more like home. That said, millennials say not to forget about recycling opportunities. According to a new study by Rubbermaid, recycling is very important to the next generation of the workforce. More than 80% of millennials whose employers do not have a recycling system in place believe employers have a responsibility to encourage it in the workplace. Employers can easily engage with this generation through simple changes like providing more information on how to recycle and offering more recycling points in the workplace, and implementing a color-coded recycling system.


Teknion Sanna



Kenneth Cobonpue Bloom

Tulikivi Grafia

1 BURST OF ENERGY Kenneth Cobonpue’s iconic Bloom Chair is an inviting seat to sink into; when unoccupied, it adds an energetic burst to interiors.

2 GET LIT Tulikivi masonry heaters fit new or renovated spaces and may replace existing fireplaces. Made of heatretaining soapstone ranging from 72% to 88% efficiency, masonry heaters are a batch-fired appliance that allow the user to load, light and walk away. Pictured is a contemporary aesthetic created with innovative coating, Grafia; it gives natural soapstone a smoky gray hue with a horizontal pattern and texture.

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3 NIGHT CAP Teknion’s Sanna by Pablo Designs is inspired by a fusion of craft and advance LED technology. Lana is comprised of 100% wool felt shade with magnetic LED module; it provides limitless attachment possibilities for table, floor or wall mount lamps. All Lana models come with 360-degree shade rotation and height adjustability. Sanna is crafted with a steel base, feltpolycarbonate shade, and a high-output LED with a chip on board light engine. Both the steel base finish and shade are available in a variety of colors, and available as a desk, table and floor lamp, for a total of 160 variations.

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New LED Post Accent Light Feeney’s all-weather, 24V, 50,000 hour rated LED post accent light is made of powder-coated aluminum and includes a light diffusng lens, plug-and-go components, dimming capability, and a variety of color options. Learn more: or 1-800-888-2418



Durability Transformed

WoodWorks Grille has a bold linear look designed for ceilings and walls – with angled or curved transitions. Learn more at ®

Open a new realm of possibilities with Acrovyn Doors by Design. 800.416.6586

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Belden has introduced their version of “linear” to the Clay Segmental Paving market. Belden has always shown great pride in bringing products to the market that are beautiful and long lasting. With the ability to produce this product out of two plants Belden offers many beautiful color combinations. 616.355.2970 | DRI-DESIGN.COM

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The Murdock Water Cooler/Bottle Filler. WHERE ART MEETS FUNCTION. • Industry-leading .3 gpm water saving bubbler. • Antimicrobial push button & bubbler.


• Integral mechanical stop for more reliable water flow.

A “MAPES” PANEL WITH A SPANDREL GLASS EXTERIOR Specify “MapeSpan” panels and you’ll get a low-cost, insulated, Mapes panel that offers a single source glazing option with a spandrel glass exterior and finished interior.

• Single front access push button. • Bottle Filler with a 1 GPM flow rate. • Lead-Free



A U G - 2 / 9 H O R I Z O N TA L ( D O U B L E L I T ) A D |


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C O N T E M P O R A R Y C L A D | A M AT T E R O F S T I L E

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P.O. Box 3527 • City of Industry, CA 91744-0527 U.S.A • Tel 800.453.7465

80 0 -228 -2 391 W W W.MAPESPANEL S.COM6 . 1 8 7 5 ” x 3 . 7 0 ” Circle 84


Member of Morris Group International


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O P E N S PAC E S ® |

Dune™ PANEL ©2003 modularArts, Inc. 206.788.4210 made in the USA

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For durable, high-quality finished floors, Maxxon’s high strength Commercial Topping underlayment sealed with Thermal-Chem creates a beautiful, durable floor ideally suited

McNICHOLS ® Designer Perforated Metal, OCTAGON CANE Pattern.

for office and retail applications. And with the myriad of finish options available through Thermal-Chem, a unique look can be created to suit any environment.

To learn more: 800-356-7887

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© 2017 Maxxon® Corporation, all rights reserved.

For more Designer Metals, please visit

DESIGNER METALS 866.754.5144


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Durable Color

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Krieger Specialty Products

ANP Lighting


LaCantina Doors



Landscape Forms

Armstrong (Ceiling)

SNAP-CLAD Arcadia Green, Slate Gray, Terra Cotta

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• UL classified & labeled • High-impact safety ratings



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LightShow West


ASI Global Partitions






Belden Brick Company

77, 101







Boral Stone Productss








59 102

C.R. Laurence


Carlisle SynTec




Cascade Coil






Murdock Manufacturing






Parkland Plastics


64, 91, 101 49

Duro-Last Roofing


Eldorado Stone Elkay Feeney

• Exclusive ultraHD® Technology for improved color & clarity




• Fire-ratings up to 3 hours


Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions - TECTUM

Construction Specialties

• Clear & wireless fire-rated glass

IFC-1, 39, 101


Mockett & Co.


Petersen Aluminum

6, 103

Rulon Company



Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors



Simpson Strong-Tie




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TGP (Technical Glass Products)



The Continuing Architect


Graham Architectural Products




Guardian Glass






Hanover Architectural Products


Wausau Tile


Huber Engineered Woods


Woodfold Mfg.






Hunter Panels


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last detail: architectural leader

PIERPONT MORGAN LIBRARY Millions have visited the Garden Court at the Pierpont Morgan Library. The glass solarium added on to the National Historic Landmark is famous for its soothing energy.

Architecture of an Optimist Born an orphan, Bartholomew Voorsanger became a celebrated architect. After years of practice, he only recently set out to publish a monograph. Through the process, he came to the realization that his body of work represents resolutions to his life’s struggles. AP spoke to Voorsanger about his turbulent life as a pivotal influence on the work featured in the riveting architectural monograph: Unfolded How Architecture Saved My Life by Alistair Gordon. The monograph was presumed finished when author Alistair Gordon called Voorsanger asking for something to write on the back cover. That was far from the case, as both author and subject were stunned to discover this mini bio would become the heart of the book. “I didn’t interlink these pieces, but Alistair did,” says Voorsanger, who provided details of his life in context of where he was at in completing notable projects. Gordon immediately wished to integrate these life stories. “You could have sunk without it through all these storms,” Voorsanger recalls Gordon saying. The narrative enriches the context of the monograph as when good design is set off by a simple, powerful gesture. “For me, at a certain level, I don’t care about my life’s narrative, because it’s basically past. What I do care about is architecture: the projects that came of my various personal disasters.” For example, Voorsanger and his twin were ejected from multiple foster homes; by the time he was adopted at 3 and a half, Voorsanger knew how to read a room. Being such a sharp mental-chess player served him well, and informed his architecture “to listen and hear the issues that are really important to people.” One project, the Pierpont Morgan Library Tower, stands out. Invited to submit a proposal for a highrise tower on the site of a landmark building, Voor-



1707APLSD.indd 104

sanger suggested something radically different. He told his client. Morgan Stanley, to scrap plans to tear down the landmark, and instead, restore it and connect it to the planned library with a two-story conservatory. “If you tear down that mansion, you will infuriate most of the historic preservationists and they will fight you tooth and nail,” he explained to the chairman of the board. He added such a decision would likely lead to six years of billing as the design would change to appease various parties, but doing very little for the company’s reputation and the quality of the museum. His proposal, he argued, would make the preservationists happy, and more importantly, constituents would come, donate money and support the project. “They were stunned,” says Voorsanger. The next day, however, the board chose to retain him as the architect for the project—with the design exactly the way he had proposed. Ironically, in suggesting the restoration, Voorsanger relinquished an opportunity to design one of his favorite archetypes—a museum homage to a soon-to-bedestroyed historic building. “The thing I love about the design of museums is they’re committed to design to start with, and they’re public places where architecture is a public event.” Millions have visited the restored mansion and library, and the soothing glass solarium is famous

Bart Voorsanger, FAIA has practiced since the mid ’70s. His celebrated designs convey an acute sensitivity to situation, client and landscape.

for its power to douse arguments or temper tenuous negotiations. Voorsanger clearly recalls a case when four business partners were fighting, but after adjourning to the atrium they became entirely tranquil. “It totally changed their behavior.” The New York Port Authority called on Voorsanger’s curatorial expertise in 2001, asking him to sort through the wreckage and decide what relics to preserve from Ground Zero. Only months later he would lose his wife to cancer. Despite

“Architecture is all about evoking emotions.” wading through devastating traumas, Voorsanger remained optimistic. “Design for me is a little bit like the circulation of blood in your body: the pulse varies, but it’s always there,” says Voorsanger. He exudes gratitude for the ability to continue to practice a craft that has sustained him. “I think architecture is an old man’s profession—in the beginning you’re straining and struggling, and then you hit your stride and you can practice for your whole life.” —Megan Mazzocco, Senior Editor

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You’re not dreaming. It’s just your imagination...

Capital One - New York, NY Architect: Gensler Contractors: Rimi Woodcraft Products: Custom Accent Wood Beams

made into reality.

Manufacturing the finest suspended wood ceilings, acoustical wood wall systems, engineered polymer ceiling and canopy systems

All products made in the U.S.A. • We export!

w w w. r u l o n c o . c o m

1-800-227-8566 • 904-584-1400 Circle 94

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Sundara Dri Double Basin in White paired with the Nachi Series™ Sensor Faucet and Soap Dispenser

T H E S U NDA RA ™ HAN DWAS HI N G SYST EM Behold the Balance of Brawn, Brains & Beauty

Influenced by architects and crafted by audacious industrial designers, we’ve unified seamless countertops, basins, faucets, and soap dispensers for a modern concept that elevates the restroom experience. And with Zurn One, a system that streamlines the restroom ecosystem through a single-source manufacturer, we’ve reduced installation time, increased effectiveness, while maintaining reliability. Learn more at

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Architectural Products - July/August 2017  

The product publication of the U.S. architectural market.

Architectural Products - July/August 2017  

The product publication of the U.S. architectural market.