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Stick Man Meets Stickbulb Stickbulb is a sleek, wooden beam with an LED light designed by RUX, a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Long Island City. The firm’s 9-ft. X Diamond 3/60—a limited edition chandelier—is the epitome of modular systems and sustainable manufacturing. Almost any component, from small table lamps to room-filling installations can be made of Stickbulb wood, which comes from locally demolished buildings and sustainably managed forests. Visit or Circle


DETAILED DESIGN The 9-ft. X Diamond 3/60 is made from 60 Stickbulbs (made of reclaimed Southern Yellow Pine) held together by 36 polished brass joints. Stickbulbs may be individually powered or hard wired.


Maximum Mist If you have ever been in trouble for manipulating a water

ATOMIZED H2O The Altered:Nozzle, when set to the mist mode, uses 0.18 L (0.05 U.S. gallons) of water per minute. Although only about 2% the flow rate of an unmodified tap, the increased surface area created by the high-speed mist reportedly allows it to perform tasks such as washing and rinsing effectively.

faucet’s spray stream, you might have just had a really good idea: Altered:Nozzle takes that concept, and presents it as a neater, more effective way to achieve washing and rinsing while conserving up to 98% of sink water. The economic and simple-to-install atomizer screws in to an existing standard faucet fixture—and voilà, users will experience immediate water savings. A toggle switch included on the nozzle opens the spout to a standard saver rate, ensuring that those striving to conserve water may still fill a teapot in a timely manner. Visit or Circle



The Green Carpet Italian manufacturer of artistic mannequins, Bonaveri, unveiled the first biodegradable mannequin during London Fashion Week. The new mannequin body is made of B Plast, a bio-based polymer consisting of 72% sugarcane derivative and finished with B Paint: made solely of renewable, organic substances. As it biodegrades, the B Plast mannequin releases only water and an equivalent amount of CO2 to what the sugarcane

Arboblend, by German Tecnaro, was constructed into a parametric pavilion at Stuttgart University’s Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design.

FASHION TO FABRICATION Biocomposites and bioplastics are a broad category of rapidly developing renewable alternatives to petroleumbased products. They can be used as decorative or structural components in everything from furniture to construction.

absorbed in its growth phase. Visit or Circle

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Architectural Products - November 2016  

The product publication of the U.S. architectural market.

Architectural Products - November 2016  

The product publication of the U.S. architectural market.