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ARCHITECTURAL SSL • Chronicling the Advancement of LEDs in the Built Environment

COMING INTO THEIR OWN. Now in our sixth year, the winners of the

2016 awards have all demonstrated great strides in advancing the technology well beyond the status of mere replacement products.

SSL BUZZ DOE tests PAR38 chromaticity shifts; remembering Zaha Hadid’s role in SSL lighting; LED retrofits at USC in Calif. and Vanderbilt in Tenn.

SSL PROJECTS OLED is ready for prime time, at least in suburban Chicago. Aurora Lighting redesigns its workspace to incorporate the enigmatic source.

WHITEPAGES A more critical look at some actual white color-tuning options; examining LED’s role as a non-chemical way to fight infection control.

NUMBER 43 • JUNE 2016

The evolution of LED performance to ever-higher efficacy, while also increasing color uniformity and quality, points to even more exciting opportunities to see new highs in performance.

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Architectural SSL - June 2016  
Architectural SSL - June 2016  

Chronicling the Advancement of LED and Solid-State Lighting in the Built Environment.