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September 2015

MARKET OF CHOICE: Products for Educational Design—Universities


new challenges, new solutions Facing tighter budgets and more restrictive building codes, cladding manufacturers are expanding available options—and designers are responding with creative applications. We look at new advances in cladding materials and the projects that let them shine.

special report:

advanced cladding



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rhapsody in blue Serpentina Ceiling Systems allow you to create expressive interiors. The sculptural panels come in an assortment of standard sizes, colors, finishes, and perforations. See how Serpentina can inspire a rhapsody of ideas. 1 877 ARMSTRONG ®


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Serpentina Waves clouds ®


Destiny USA Mall, Syracuse, NY


Holmes • King • Kallquist & Associates, Architects, Syracuse, NY

7/2/15 1:51 PM

SoundScapes Blades Vertical Elements

TechZone Ceiling Systems

Sleek, linear design with excellent sound absorption Circle 24

Integrate lighting and lose the noise and clutter Circle 25

WoodWorks Linear Ceiling Systems

MetalWorks Ceiling Systems

Straight and narrow sophistication Circle 26

Colors, designs, and perforations to complement any interior design Circle 27




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Fossil, 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica CA • NanaWall Folding System SL70 with NanaWall Floor Supported Technology • Architect: MBH Architects

A NanaWall Opening Storefront Brings the Shop to the Shopper An open storefront eliminates barriers and draws in customers. NanaWall opening glass walls create a wide, seamless transition between street and store.

Visit and search ARCHPRODUCTS for projects and case studies

• Expand display areas by utilizing street fronts, sidewalks, and mall walkways. • Immediately engage customers with product and personnel through wide open NanaWall opening glass walls.

Showrooms Nationwide 800 873 5673 Circle 28

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WHY DRI-DESIGN? Dri-Design panels made with VMZINC make it easy to capture the allure of nature. Created from the distinct tones and textures of the earth, our VMZINC line of exterior panels creates a stunning visual experience that is as beautiful as it is functional.

• No sealants, gaskets or butyl tape means no streaking and no maintenance for owners. • Not laminated or a composite material, so panels will never delaminate. • At Dri-Design, we have a strict policy of recycling and creating products that the world can live with. • Fully tested to exceed ASTM standards and the latest AAMA 508-07. • Available in a variety of materials and colors. 616.355.2970 | Circle 29

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Drexel University Raymond G. Perelman Plaza, Philadelphia, PA Permeable 4 1/2” x 9” and Permeable 3 1/4” x 18”

Hanover® Permeable Paving Units Allowing for stormwater drainage and managing excess surface runoff, Hanover’s Permeable Paving Units are available in a wide range of styles, colors and finishes. Hanover’s Permeable Paving Units help to earn SS Credits and achieve LEED points. Contact Hanover for more information. • 800.426.4242 Circle 30

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Long live your design

P360-6D Fresh Apple


We’re more than just a paint company You designed an amazing interior space. As an architect, your reputation is on the wall, right down to the coatings you specify, so you need to have confidence that the products you choose will match your vision, and will endure. We offer professional support you can rely on to help ensure that your vision makes it on that wall, and to meet the need of every commercial and residential project—because our reputation is on that wall too: ■

Extensive National Architectural Program

Product and environmental certifications

Introducing our state-of-the-art Architectural Color Box,* featuring more than 1,400 color options. To receive your complimentary Color Box, visit

*Supplies are limited

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See us at METALCON, Booth 1230!

An Academic Center that makes the grade. Tite-Loc Plus Metal Roofing combines sustainability with weather resistance to earn extra credit in resourcefulness. The 36,000-square foot Academic Center built for New College of Florida in Sarasota includes ten classrooms, 36 faculty offices, a computer lab, and common spaces. Envisioned as a hub for learning and social interaction, the building focus is on sustainability. Tite-Loc Plus aluminum roofing panels, with high recycled content, helped New College achieve a LEED Gold rating. Tite-Loc Plus is equipped with Florida Product Approvals and Miami Dade NOA, sending this academic center to the head of the class.

New College of Florida Academic Building, Sarasota, FL Architect: Moule & Polyzoides Architects, Pasadena, CA Roofing Contractor: Murton Roofing, a TECTA America Company, Miami, FL Material: Tite-Loc Plus, PAC-850 in Zinc Metallic

WWW.PAC-CLAD.COM I IL: 1 800 PAC CLAD MD: 1 800 344 1400 I TX: 1 800 441 8661 GA: 1 800 272 4482 I MN:1 877 571 2025

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Special Report by Barbara Horwitz-Bennett Cladding: Manufacturers are responding to smaller budgets and tighter regulations with new cladding systems that really perform.


Trend Lines by Chuck Ross


Achieving LEED by John Mesenbrink

Roofing: Advances in materials, technologies and applications are raising expectations for what roofing can do.

Cedar Rapids Public Library

market of choice: universities on the cover Cladding. Manufacturers are expanding available options and designers are responding with creative applications. We look at new advances in cladding materials and the projects that let them shine. Page 25.


Research Renaissance Partnering for Success: Building designs that support the growing collaboration between the public and private sectors are key to technological innovation, economic growth, and exciting opportunities for faculty, students and staff. by Barbara Horwitz-Bennett

departments Perspective

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Resources, Events & Letters


Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library and Learning Center, Little Rock, Ark.

On Spec


Product Focus


Restroom Shading Furnishings Lighting

Chain of custody and closed-loop design Building automation systems and Title 24

Send address changes to Architectural Products Magazine,

Product Developments

440 Quadrangle Drive, Suite E, Bolingbrook, IL 60440.

Product and material breakthroughs

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Project Deconstruction

New & Improved


Specifiers’ Solutions


Product Literature


124 by Barbara Horwitz-Bennett by Barbara Horwitz-Bennett by Megan Mazzocco by Chuck Ross


Resources for product & material considerations

• Vinyl flooring performs for modern hospital • Operable panels add flexibility at UW-Madison • ‘Pop-up studio’ brings student ideas to life • Middle school recovers with right metal roof

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Last Detail


by John Mesenbrink

By Megan Mazzocco

Nicole Hollant-Denis



9/4/15 1:01 PM


Lab Experiment: Add Humans

Gary Redmond

Managing Partner Director Publishing Operations

Tim Shea

Managing Partner Director Business Development

“It’s people!” cries Charleston Heston at the end

mentalities must stop; instead, architects need to

of the film Soylent Green. That’s also the answer

truly embrace the client—and not just the guy writ-

to the question “what’s the most important facet of

ing the checks. He described a case study of a lab

the design process that the architectural community

facility where designers originally intended to stack

must not overlook?” This issue’s Market of Choice

office space above lab areas. The staff was horri-

focus is on university labs, and Barbara Horwitz’s

fied, pointing out that this would create a culture of

feature story explores the continuing public-private

superiority they absolutely did not want. After taking

relationships that help universities finance and grow

a break, the designers did some sketches, scanned

these facilities. I believe creative interaction on

them, and converted them into rough 3D models.

many levels is key to success on any project. In fact,

The team met again with the lab staff to hammer out

Contributing Editors:

I have a few people-power stories related to actual

programming issues and ended up with a model that

college lab experiences.

pretty much became the real deal.

Vilma Barr Ellen Lampert-Greáux Chuck Ross Alan Weis Mindi Zissman

The weeks leading up to September have been an anxious—and exciting—time for me, as I’ve finally

The glue, said the architect making the presentation, is communication. Architects must be more


Jim Crockett

Editorial Director

Megan Mazzocco

Senior Editor

Jan Bottiglieri

Copy Editor

Barbara Horwitz-Bennett John Mesenbrink Stan Walerczyk Kevin Willmorth

shipped my son off to college; it was in a lab, actually, that my would-be geneticist finally made up his mind. Late last Spring I dragged him to my alma mater to give him a taste of what a college campus is really like; knowing he had an interest in biology, I steered our course to the campus building housing that department. I happened to know a bit about this Loebl Schlossman & Hackl-designed facility, as I had


“Architects must be more descriptive, and design teams must more clearly define problems and issues.”

written about it some years prior; I was particularly

Dave Pape

Vice President, Director, Art + Production

Lauren Lenkowski

Associate Art Director

Alex Mastera

Graphic Designer

impressed by how the firm turned fume hood ventilation into an external architectural element. Armed

descriptive in what they want to do, he said, to elim-

with this insider information, I nosily poked my head

inate the possibility that ideas are misunderstood

into a random lab and introduced my son and myself.

or misinterpreted. Design teams must also more

The researchers couldn’t have been nicer. In fact, I

clearly define problems and issues. How? By brain-

was silenced—a nearly impossible task—as, to my

storming with clients—even on crazy ideas—so that

surprise, my ever-resistant offspring began chatting

issues and possible solutions will more easily sur-

away with the team. The department’s chief professor

face, especially when key personnel are involved.

even took Nate on a mini-tour. I can honestly say this

The communication issue came up again in a

personal touch had an impact on my son, who ended

recent conversation with a prominent contractor

up selecting the institution almost on the spot.

regarding the challenges of integrated design, par-

Case-in-Point Two: A few issues back we ran

ticularly in complex projects. One of the most fas-

a photo of a science lab with new flooring embla-

cinating things revealed in our discussion was the

zoned with the image of some kind of molecule. I

“need to manage the architect,”—according to this

showed this to my wife, who heads the chemistry

builder, the number one failure point on such jobs is

department of an area community college, and she

that, many times, designs simply take too long. This

was delighted. It was a far cry from the experience

contractor decided to hire an internal architect who

she had when her labs were renovated by a promi-

could “speak the same language”—a tactic that’s

nent local firm that shall remain nameless. Despite

worked well for their company.

vocally offering her opinion on things she clearly

Clearly there’s a perception that architects oper-

wanted, my wife was roundly ignored by the archi-

ate on a different level. In the aforementioned book

tectural team, who made everything gray, and even

The Fountainhead, architect Howard Roark might

put carpeting—of all things—on the lab floor.

even embrace that stance of “difference” in his quest

This disappointing architectural interaction

for personal and artistic freedom. But while the fic-

reminded me of a fascinating presentation I saw at

tional Roark can afford such an attitude, can you?

AIA a couple years back, where a Pittsburgh-based architect discussed not only the need for greater


Jeff Heine

630-739-0900 ext. 109


Gary Redmond 847-359-6493

Tim Shea 847-359-6493

Michael Boyle 847-359-6493 Jim Oestmann 847-838-0500

David G. Haggett 847-934-9123

Jim Führer 503-227-1381

Bob Fox 917-273-8062

Ted Rzempoluch 609-361-1733

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cooperation between designers and manufacturers, but also the need for change in the way architects must work with, instead of “for,” their clients. He said that the haughty “Fountainhead-style” and “artisté”



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Jim Crockett, editorial director

09 . 2015

9/2/15 2:55 PM

Circle 33

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resources, events & letters

resource updates

coming events

Conceived as a liaison between global architectural talents and U.S.-based firms, Architect-US is a professional career training program that sponsors highly qualified international architects and engineers to work in the U.S. as part of the U.S. Government’s J-1 Exchange Visitor Program. Visit


Arc-interiors 2015

New Buildings Institute (NBI) and Architecture 2030 offer a prescriptive path to meet the current 2030 Challenge goal based on NBI’s Advanced Buildings New Construction Guide. Visit

World Architecture Snøhetta

CENTRIA released its 2015 Catalog. Visit

Sept. 30-Oct. 3 Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas


Schindler Elevator offers the courses “Vertical Transportation: Machine Room-Less Elevators” and “Vertical Transportation: Destination Controls for Elevators.” The Roof Coatings Manufacturers Assn. has launched its new Speakers Bureau program to offer an educational presentation on reflective roof coatings. Contact Cecily Alfonsi, calfonsi@, to participate. Metal Sales has released an addition to its Installation Training Series: “Image II: A How-To Guide.” Visit

The Arriscraft WikiSTIK is a USB card and iOS app that automatically uploads the most current information from every time it’s used to ensure that users incorporate and edit completely up-to-date specs. Morpholio’s Crit App is like a design team in your pocket. It allows architects and designers to chat, collaborate and critique photos, sketches, images and drawings. Invited individuals may type, sketch or write project comments that are instantly fused into a single legible “design” discussion. Visit www.morpholioapps. com/crit. 206.788.4210 made in the USA 10

APLTE3.indd 10


Sept. 24-27 Naples, Fla.

through Sept. 27 Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen

NCSEA Structural Engineering Summit


ULI Fall Meeting Oct. 5-8 Moscone Center, San Francisco

IFMA’s World Workplace Conference + Expo 2015 Oct. 7-9 Colorado Convention Center, Denver

Architecture and Design Film Festival Oct. 13-18 SVA Theatre, Bow Tie Chelsea Cinemas, New York City

Metalcon Oct. 14-16 Tampa Convention Center


Glyph™ PANEL ©2015 modularArts, Inc.

Trends + Technologies for Future Lighting Solutions Sept. 22-24 Festspielhaus Bregenz, Bregenz, Austria

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats has released the book Vertical Greenery and launched the International Journal of High-Rise Buildings. Visit

A print and online brochure from Englert, Inc. details its line of four aluminum composite material wall panels. Visit

High quality, glass reinforced gypsum PANELS with steel reinforced joints precisely interlock for seamless wall surfaces of any size.

5th LED Professional Symposium + Expo

LightShow West Oct. 21-22 Los Angeles Convention Center

NeoCon East Oct. 28-29 Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia NOVEMBER

Arc-US 2015 Nov. 5-8 Miami


Roche-Bobios features a new design center at its downtown Chicago location.

American Society of Landscape Architects 2015 Annual Meeting and EXPO Nov. 6-9 McCormick Place, Chicago

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9/4/15 10:45 AM

High-Performance Cladding For A Variety Of Budgets Citadel not only manufactures metal composite material (MCM), but also designs and tests the systems by which it is installed. versatile systems High-end shop-fabricated systems as well as budget friendly field-assembled options. superior impact resistance Innovative phenolic core provides greater protection versus plate or polypropylene cores.

field-assembled reveal system deep-reveal system

shop-fabricated rout & return system rainscreen system

superior fire resistance No special FR composition required. Standard core meets or exceeds competitors FR panels. 30-year painted finishes Improved Kynar 500® finishes with COOL technology offer long-lasting performance.

Alliance Safety Council Baton Rouge, LA Envelope 2000® RS Silver Metallic

20-year anodized finishes Actual integral anodizing with proven longevity and dependability. no minimums or set-up fees Unique manufacturing allows for multiple colors in one production run. Call or click to find out more advantages, or to request a sample...


Metal Composite Material (MCM)

(800) 446-8828 •

Circle 35

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What’s the Big Idea?

hex grid 1/2 inch

hex grid 1/4 inch

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9/3/15 10:58 AM

We provide you with a canvas to create your BIGGER PICTURE. Using our parametric solutions, Ceilings Plus can be your medium to produce walls and ceilings that are sustainable, functional, acoustical, accessible and affordable. 323 724 8166 email: Circle 36

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9/3/15 10:58 AMPM 12/19/14 6:54

on spec Diane Martel, Vice President, Environmental Planning and Strategy Tarkett North America


Beyond Recycling: Establishing a Chain of Custody Editor’s Note: Sustainability through closed-loop circular design and applying cradle-to-cradle principles supports healthy recycling and the development of a circular economy. This is a two-part series addressing means of progressing to such an end. Part 1 addressed managing the chain of custody; Part 2 discusses recycling and reuse of materials and the concept of closed-loop circular design.

Every day manufacturers generate products that sustain life, offer protection from the elements, and allow us to engage in social activities. After all, creating products that meet the daily needs of Earth’s inhabitants is the cornerstone of a global economy. Yet how these products are produced—from sourcing materials to finding new life for them after use— becomes increasingly important each year. Today, recycling is not just a trend—it’s a must. According to the EPA, in 2012 municipal solid waste (MSW) recovery in the U.S. was nearly 87 million tonnes (Mt), with paper and paperboard comprising 51% of recovered materials. And the recycling rate has increased from less than 10% of MSW generated

The recycling rate has increased from less than 10% of MSW generated in 1980 to more than 34% in 2012. in 1980 to more than 34% in 2012. According to the Deconstruction Institute, demolition and renovation of building in the U.S. produces approximately 124,670,000 tons of debris annually. Part of that debris—like wood, paper, paperboards and metals—is recycled at a low rate, while materials like plastics are ending up in landfills. We need to do more. Each year the Global Footprint Network marks Earth Overshoot Day, the day when the human population has exhausted the resources that the Earth can regenerate in a given year. On August 19, 2014, we hit Earth Overshoot Day; it comes earlier each year. This means that for the remainder of the year, as a planet, we are operating at an ecological deficit. With such high consumption, is recycling enough? In some ways, the concept of recycling may actually encourage over-consumption by suggesting that, if materials and resources are recycled, then the supply is infinite. Is there a bet-



1509APONS2.indd 14

C2C IN REAL LIFE Johnsonite/Tarkett’s new Acczent flourish line is an example of a product that has gone through the C2C process and looks and functions well.

ter approach? Yes. The best way to ensure that the manufacturing and recycling process yields reusable, healthy products is to start with good materials and to work within the concept of closed-loop circular design. The goal is to optimize resources by choosing materials that a) demonstrate respect for people and the environment, and b) can be recycled to enter a manufacturing cycle (technical cycle) or are biodegradable (biological cycle). Regardless of a product’s country of origin, good materials must be the foundation of the manufacturing process. It is critical that materials are secured from verifiable resources, and that the materials in each manufacturing process are completely vetted for future recycling and/or re-use.

Closed-Loop Design The traditional linear cycle is giving way to infinite or repeated re-use of resources from the beginning to the end of use through closed-loop circular design. The latter also has strong economic implications. For example in 2012, approximately 32 Mt of plastic waste was generated in the U.S. From this 32 Mt, 90% was sent to landfills and roughly 10% (3 Mt) was recycled. Of that 3 Mt, 14% (0.4 Mt) was sent to China for recycling. If we consider, on average, that the price of virgin plastic is around $1000 per ton, it means that every year in the U.S. we are sending roughly $30 billion dollars of plastic waste to landfills. Also, we are sending materials valued at approximately $400 million dollars out of the country in exchange for a fraction of its reusable value.

Based on these figures, when you consider the value of recycling these materials within the U.S., the switch to a circular model may offer tremendous economic advantages—not only for the companies that apply this paradigm, but also for the local communities, where jobs may be created to manage the recycling process or to manufacture new products from recycled materials. The drive for efficient handling and use of recycled materials spurs innovation, a key to long-term economic growth. Investments in recycling equipment and the companies themselves also filter through the economy and contribute to economic growth. Two factors strongly affect recycling and re-use of materials: the fundamental ingredients or components of manufactured goods and the availability of recycling and reclamation methods and systems that enable the re-use of materials.

Chain of Custody One of the best ways to ensure recycling/re-use is to establish a verifiable chain of custody, beginning with the fundamental ingredients included in each product. Countries experiencing rapid growth rely on affordable waste materials to meet growing production needs. In fact, according to the International Solid Waste Assn., between 2006 and 2012, plastic waste imports in China increased from 5.9 Mt to 8.9 Mt–a 66% increase over six years. However, the quality of the recycled materials used in manufacturing can be questionable in countries without strong controls over waste materials, recycling and

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/2/15 3:00 PM


remanufacturing processes. If systems are put in place to verify the source of recycled materials and control the quality of ingredients, products produced in any country from good ingredients can again be recycled and re-used successfully over time in a closed-loop process without compromising human life, health or the environment. The ability to authenticate ingredients throughout the life of a manufactured product helps to determine the best method of recycling. When ingredients are clearly documented, it becomes easier to determine how a product can be broken down for re-use. Having this information available may reduce the energy expended in the recycling process and may also pave the way to the development of new materials that can be manufactured from materials that are being recycled and repurposed. The second critical factor in a closed-loop system is the ability to reclaim used materials. Systems must be in place for collecting and sorting resources after use. Many cities and municipalities do not have systems available for reclaiming used materials such as flooring, roofing or other building products. It is clear that manufacturers must become more involved at both ends of the process by choosing good components that can easily be recycled and by developing reclamation programs that simplify and encourage recycling.

THE PROJECT Koll Airport Professional Center Renovation Irvine, CA ARCHITECT LPA, Inc., Irvine, CA


Clear-anodized aluminum sun controls shade the plaza and reflect light to the interior.


Cuts heat penetration and provides natural light to reduce energy costs, and contribute to LEED credits.

Manufacturer Responsibility

Whether for a new structure or a remodel, Airolite’s sun control products integrate perfectly with your building design to deflect heat and glare, direct light to desired spaces, and add drama. Our custom capabilities will help your design take form, with components that deliver the aesthetics, energy efficiency and comfort your project requires. View this case history at 715.841.8757

© 2015 Airolite

When manufacturers adhere to the principals of infinite or repeated re-use of resources— from the beginning to the end of use of products—through closed-loop circular design, users can make responsible choices. Often, due to budget constraints, consumers make product purchase decisions based on what they can afford rather than the quality of the materials being used to manufacture the product or the product’s recyclability. At times, these budget constraints can prevent consumers from purchasing healthier products, since costs for sustainable products can be higher. Consumers should not be required to make a trade-off between quality of life, planet protection and performance and design. As manufacturers, it is our responsibility to address all of these values.

Crafted with pride in the U.S.A.


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Circle 37

9/3/15 3:12 PM

on spec Bernie Martinez Sales Engineer, Syserco


Kevin Callahan Product Owner, Alerton a Honeywell business specializing in building automation systems

Using BAS to Help Meet Title 24 Standards mizer control. All of these processes are made possible by intelligent BAS control algorithms.

Space Conditioning The 2013 version of Title 24 made a major efficiency improvement for space conditioning (Section 120.2 “Required Controls for Space-Conditioning Systems.”) New to the code is the allowance that, when occupancy sensors confirm that a space is vacant, conditioning for that space can be shut down for 45 minutes of each 60 minute period. One example where this can be very beneficial is if a class is out of school on a field trip and the building operators weren’t notified, the HVAC system won’t needlessly be conditioning that space the entire time.

CONTROL GROUP Both large and small buildings, as well as multi-building campuses, benefit from improved energy monitoring and control provided by building automation

While per capita energy use in the U.S. has increased about 33% since the 1970s, California’s per capita energy consumption has remained flat, reports the state’s Public Utilities Commission. California’s Title 24, Part 6, Building Energy Efficiency Program—one of the toughest energy codes in the country—is a big part of that outcome. One indication of Title 24’s rigorous standards is a requirement that all new commercial buildings in the state must achieve zero net energy (ZNE) status by 2030 (per the 2013 code, effective July 1, 2014). For building professionals outside California, it is beneficial to be aware of Title 24 requirements because other jurisdictions often adopt regulations that began in the Golden State. Almost no aspect of a building remains untouched by Title 24—from the building envelope to lighting to mechanical systems. As heating and cooling are major sources of energy consumption in buildings, Title 24 has substantial requirements related to HVAC systems. Building automation systems (BAS) provide a powerful tool for helping to meet those standards. In short, a BAS enables facility operators to better understand heating and cooling energy consumption trends, and take corrective actions to save energy. There are three key areas of Title 24 for which BAS play a crucial role: • Ventilation • Space conditioning • Supply air temperature



1509APONS2.indd 16

Photos: Alerton


Supply Air Temperature Section 140.4(f) “Supply Air Temperature Reset Controls” calls for algorithms on variable air volume (VAV) systems for resetting supply air set points based on building load conditions or outdoor air temperature. This helps optimize energy use by not excessively heating or cooling supply air. A BAS provides the crucial trend logs and data necessary for establishing these algorithms.

Additional BAS Benefits Ventilation Like many codes, the Title 24 energy efficiency standards attempt to balance a number of competing needs. So, while Title 24 aggressively seeks to reduce HVAC energy use, it also recognizes the importance of adequate ventilation for occupant health and safety. Section 120.1 (c) “Operation and Control Requirements for Minimum Quantities of Outdoor Air” establishes minimum rates of outdoor air for each space, and outlines the uses for demand control ventilation (DCV) and other systems. DCV is an important way to reduce energy loads by lowering the volume of outdoor air that must be conditioned. Under Title 24, with an active DCV system installed, you only have to bring in outside air at a cfm rate of 0.15x floor space. Without DCV, you have to bring in air at a cfm of 15x the number of occupants. The difference in the volume of air to be conditioned can be quite large. For example, in a 1000 sq. ft. classroom with 30 people in it, the difference is 150 cfm vs. 450 cfm, or one third the amount. Building managers can effectively accomplish DCV by combining monitoring of CO2 space sensors with resetting minimum outside air levels via econo-

The three areas outlined above aren’t meant to be an exhaustive discussion of all areas in which BAS can help meet Title 24 requirements, but are a good starting point. Additional areas include variable fl ow controls (VFC) in certain hydronics systems, and integration of HVAC and lighting controls. BAS also play a crucial role in helping meet Title 24’s move toward ZNE for commercial buildings by 2030 by helping reduce a building’s energy use to the point that demand can be met with onsite, renewable energy generation like solar panels.

A Look Ahead: 2016 Title 24 Update California revises its energy code on a three-year cycle; the latest round is planned for adoption in 2016 and will take effect on Jan. 1, 2017. Among new items to watch for related to BAS are potential requirements for: • Direct digital controls (DDC) in all commercial buildings. • Door and window switches that allow for heating and cooling to be turned off automatically if windows or doors are left open.

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/2/15 3:00 PM

Circle 38

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9/3/15 1:23 PM

product developments

material advances + product breakthroughs

by Megan Mazzocco, Senior Editor

Noteworthy ThyssenKrupp has been recognized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as one of the 50 Smartest Companies in 2015. Florida Tile has been awarded Best Manufacturer in Ceramic Tile from Floor Covering News. Global architectural firm NELSON has launched a practice area specializing in Retail Design and Roll-out. NCARB reports that architectural professionals who have put their path to licensure on hold may soon be able to earn full credit for valid work experience that occurred prior to five years of starting the process. Accsys Technologies, manufacturer of Accoya Wood, was recognized by Forest Products Society for Significant Impact in the Field of Wood Engineering. Armstrong Commercial Flooring has received the 2015

The Lumisplash interchangeable graphics face can be easily

Los Angeles Green Leadership Award for its innovative

removed and replaced with new designs, offering design flexibility. Custom art installations can also be created.

floor recycling program and waste reduction initiatives. A reformed proposal for New York City’s 421-a Tax Incentive will pave the way for the payment of prevailing


wages for real estate development projects that receive tax exemptions under the program.

Illuminated Laminate

The ASID newly-elected 2016 Board of Directors

ATI’s Lumisplash is an economical way to create

includes: Chair Sandy Gordon, principal, Sandy Gordon Interiors; and Chair Elect Charrisse Johnston, principal, Steinberg Architects. At-large board members are Sarah W. Colandro, director of interior design, Fawley Bryant; Melanie Murata, project designer, Gensler; Denise Rush, director of undergraduate interior architecture, Boston Architectural College; and Teresa Sowell, senior manager,

a dramatic effect that will revamp hotel, theater or hospitality environments. The patent-pending 0.25-in. thin surface emits light evenly across its surface and maintains the impressive impact, scratch, chemical, and abrasion resistant properties of a durable laminate. Visit or Circle


Raytheon. Eddy Schmitt, senior vice president Americas, Steelcase will be the new industry partner representative. Weather Shield is celebrating 60 years in business. Green Business Certification Inc. is now accepting applications for project certification under ASLA’s SITES v2 Rating System.

Lumisplash uses a multilayer construction to combine art with lighting in a thin, durable surface.

ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s Middleton, Tenn. elevator factory received a 2015 Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award from the Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation. Tarkett received a 2015 Breakthroughs Supplier Horizon Award from Premier, a leading healthcare group purchasing organization.


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9/2/15 1:51 PM

product developments

HVAC Milano

Hot Tubes



ARTISTIC MODELS The Milano radiator in transparent painted natural

Tubes Radiatori creates stylish and interesting art pieces that also incorporate an efficient method of

steel finish. The t.b.t. model can be installed individually or in

heating. Several of the brand’s models—including the

groups of two or three, either

newest, Soho—will now be available in an even wider

vertically or horizontally; new

array of special finishes to accommodate every space. Visit or Circle


plated finishes are black nickel and polished tin. The Trame radiator—and all the painted products in


the Tubes collection—are

Tubes Radiatori creates stylish and interesting art pieces also incorporate efficient heating.



also available in wrinkled white and pearlescent black finishes with a surface that is slightly rough to touch and that lends it a natural look. Soho is finished in anodized aluminium, silver, titanium gray or black.


Ceramic Labyrinth Continuing to innovate in one of the oldest building materials is designer Giulio Lachetti, in collaboration with DesignTaleStudio, Ceramiche Refin’s creative laboratory. Faced with the seeming incapability of “attempting to achieve the concepts of infinity and three-dimensionality,” Lachetti started from a modular design that extends out with no limits. The lines and textures of a labyrinth in two and three dimensions are illustrated by illusions impressed in the tiles. The design expresses depth, loss and infinity, at a deeper level than tile as a material or pattern. Labyrinth will be presented at Cersaie. Visit or Circle



Locks Vanquish Vampire Loads Recently launched at AIA, ASSA ABLOY Group brand Securitron’s EcoPower draws energy from the building to charge its battery as needed (usually less than once a day), and the battery provides power to the door’s low-power electrifi ed lock. The EcoPower module reduces standby power consumption to only 8.5mW (0.0085W); in other words, 99% less than current switching power supplies. The small device

The EcoPower module reduces standby power consumption to only 0.0085W, 99% less than current switching power supplies.

may be recessed into drywall, mounted in a drop ceiling or surface-mounted above a door. Visit or Circle

09 . 2015

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9/4/15 10:48 AM

Photos: Christopher Barrett

product developments

Project: UI Labs Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute


Location: Chicago, Ill.


Architect: SOM


The Ultimate Maker Space Race UI Labs’ Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute comprises education, corporate and government entities in a new, specialized paradigm of design.

The large, sophisticated, colorful storefront of UI Labs’

help to perfect this new model. “There was no [corpo-

Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute

rate] DNA to be extracted, just an educated guess, so

announces “The future today” and depicts Chicago as a

we’ll be talking to them to see what works and what

digital manufacturing hub of the world. “This facility rep-

doesn’t,” says Velez. The over-arching, ambitious goal

resents the new generation of manufacturing,” says the

is to build more facilities of this kind, in a quest to rein-

projects’ head of design team for Skidmore Owings and

state the United States as a viable player in the digital

Merrill, Jaime Velez. Hatched at the University of Illinois,

manufacturing world.

UI Labs wanted to create a collaborative environment

The space plan offers specialized areas serving

that streamlines training, design and manufacturing all

different work modes. Flexible furniture, enclosed niches

on one site—a kind of fantasy maker-space that affords

for two to 20 occupants, and partitioned lecture spaces

collaboration with instant results, in stark contrast to the

to accommodate 100-300 trainees all support collabo-

traditional model where education, manufacturing and

ration, socialization and learning. Hands-on experiential

design happen at separate institutions.

learning will take place on the manufacturing floor, which

That complex program will host a number of users, from permanent employees to project-based groups

is adjacent to the “Town Hall”, with a café at its core. The team anticipates that labs, universities and digital

and on-site trainees, a variety that presented an obvi-

manufacturing corporations will quickly realize the value

ous design challenge. “We have to accommodate a

in the shared space. “The physical adjacency of things

population that is ever-changing,” says Velez. The firm

[manufacturing, design collaboration, education] will allow

and the client’s post-occupancy knowledge sharing will

conceptual results to happen a lot faster,” says Velez.


APPRD2.indd 20


FLEXIBLE, EXPERIENTIAL Specialized spaces offer flexibility and promote socialization. “A lot of attention was placed to seal off the manufacturing noise—that could be deadly to the performance of the workspace,” says Velez.

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/2/15 1:52 PM

Filling Space with Success™ Where others see only space, Modernfold sees possibilities. For adding new efficiencies to growing business environments. For bringing areas of calm and quiet to bustling schools. For introducing light and elegance to the most surprising places. From versatile operable partitions to architecturallystriking glass wall systems, Modernfold leads the way in delivering long-standing quality, custom solutions and unsurpassed support in moveable walls. Give Modernfold your next space division challenge. And let us show you the possibilities.

Acousti-Seal® Encore® Industry Leading 56 STC

Acousti-Seal® Custom Design Solutions

Glass Wall Systems Space Division with Daylighting

MOVEO® Acoustical Glass Wall System | 800.869.9685 Download the new STC Sound Experience App to hear the difference only Modernfold products can make in your space.

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Circle 39

9/3/15 1:23 PM

product developments

Project: “Future Sensations” Installation


Location: Various (Shown: Philadelphia)


Architect: Jensen Architects

PAVILION 4 Named the Create pavilion, the shape resembles an infinite contemporary spiral staircase. Its jagged profile is outlined in programed LEDs.

PAVILION 2 The Listen Pavilion is also square, resembling a padded cube with 49 circular color changing elements on each side. Inside, highly amplified music demonstrated SaintGobain’s “spatialization” acoustic performance technology.


PAVILION 3 The circular Color pavilion is a freestanding carousel made of two glazed mobile concentric rings with

The Look Pavilion is a square box, each side comprised of 16

custom-contoured multicolored panels. It revolves

square Saint-Gobain mirrors inlaid with LED strip lights in a

slowly, allowing visitors to hop on and off.

random pattern. By day, the exterior reflected the surroundings; at night, the fixtures are programmed into a lively composition.


Happy 350th Birthday, Saint Gobain When you’ve been around successfully for three-and-

the Louvre; the vaulted roof of Kimmel Center for the

scheduled to be completed this fall. The 65-acre, LEED-

a-half centuries, you deserve to give yourself a big

Performing Arts and the skin of the Comcast Tower,

certified campus has been designed to use materials

birthday party. That’s what Saint-Gobain did, sending

both in Philadelphia; and recent projects including New

from the company’s own product portfolio.

four high-tech demonstration pavilions to four cities

York City’s No. 4 World Trade Center and the Fulton

on as many continents. Dubbed “Future Sensations,”

Street Transit Center.

the free event was designed to boost the company’s

Strong emphasis on innovations has long been a

public image. It debuted in Shanghai, then moved to

company hallmark. “Of all the products in our lines, 25%

São Paulo, and on to Philadelphia—selected for the U.S.

didn’t exist five years ago,” says Dina Silver Pokedoff,

stop because it is the location of the company’s North

external communications manager, Saint-Gobain.

American headquarters. The pavilions’ final stop will be

“Future Sensations” pavilions were positioned on

Place de la Concord in Paris, where it will be open to

the Oval, a large grassy area in front of the Philadelphia

the public from Oct. 15 through Oct. 31, 2015.

Museum of Art along Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Lighting

Saint-Gobain was founded in 1665 with a contract

Future Sensations was staged in collaboration with Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Depaartment and the Fairmount Park Conservancy. Local architects

“Of all the products in Saint-Gobain’s lines, 25% didn’t exist 5 years ago.”

and sounds from the pavilions helped to attract 114,000

Hargraves and Assocs. and Kiernan Timberlake served

from Louis XIV to produce the Hall of Mirrors in the

local area residents to interact with the pavilions, the

as consultants on the placement and layout of the event’s

Palace of Versailles; the manufacture of flat glass still

outdoor food court and pop-up beer garden.

structures. Creation of the pavilions was led by Pierre-

accounts for 11% of the firm’s international sales. Saint-

Saint-Gobain is in the midst of consolidating two

Alexandre Guenneteau, projects director, Fc2 Events,

Gobain products are sold in 64 countries, responsible

locations into a new campus in the nearby Philadelphia

Courbevois, France; he and his team travel with the

for total corporate revenue of nearly $55 billion. Saint-

suburb of Malvern. The R&D building, called the Malvern

exhibit to handle set-up and performance details.

Gobain glass has been used for the exterior pyramid at

Innovation Center, is in operation, with the office building


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9/2/15 1:52 PM





Introducing the ASI Alpaco™ Collection—a marriage of European design and engineering with the American manufacturing ingenuity you have come to expect from ASI—with the shortest lead times in the industry. The Collection is made from Phenolic and offers sleek hardware, robust construction and zero sightline doors and pilasters that meet in a flush finish with routed, overlapping closures for guaranteed privacy. And don’t let Alpaco’s looks fool you, the collection offers an exceptional value. 708.442.6800 •

Circle 40 37

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Design Line


finishes for Reynobond® Aluminum Composite Material resist sun, extreme

temperatures—even salt water. These advanced polymer coatings, available in dozens of nature-inspired patterns and textures, are ideal for outdoor applications. And you can count on Design Line finishes to last—they’re backed by a 20-year warranty. Be sure to ask how you can maintain your building’s original luster, while actively cleaning the air around it, by adding our clear EcoClean™ coating. Protect your building’s exterior with Design Line finishes.

Learn more about Design Line finishes for exterior applications at

Alcoa Architectural Products 50 Industrial Boulevard • Eastman, GA 31023-4129 • Tel. 800 841 7774 • ©2015 Alcoa Architectural Products. Reynobond® is a registered trademark of Alcoa Inc. EcoClean™ and Design Line™ are trademarks of Alcoa Inc.

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8/10/15 2:03 PM PM 9/3/15 1:23



By Barbara Horwitz-Bennett, contributing writer

advanced cladding Masonry, metal, wood or EIFS, today’s cladding systems are contributing to high-performance enclosures.

09 . 2015

1509APSPR4.indd 25

Cladding choices continue to propagate, offering designers more versatility in achieving their architectural visions. Beyond aesthetics, rigorous project budgets—and newer building codes mandating requirements like continuous insulation (CI)—have made insulation



values, cost and seamless integration big priorities. Fortunately, cladding manufacturers have risen to the challenge by partnering with architects to deliver solutions that meet these criteria. Here is a look at a few noteworthy trends in some popular cladding materials.



9/3/15 1:49 PM






All-in-One Solution For the design of Milwaukee’s Avenir mixed use complex, Legat Architects was in search of a solution to meet aesthetic and energy goals without breaking the bank. The answer was the EnduraMax High Performance Wall System with Oldcastle masonry veneers Harvard-Brik and Cordova Stone. This product combination helped the architects leverage the attractive look of masonry without the structural steel requirements of conventional

Images courtesy: Oldcastle Architectural

masonry. But perhaps more noteworthy is the fuller assembly solution that the EnduraMax system affords. Made of three components—a framework of pocketed and profile-molded EPS insulation panels that attach directly to the structure, masonry stones or bricks, and pump-able mortar— the system provided for ease and speed of erection and delivers an R-value of 13.6. “EnduraMax checked the right boxes for our goals PROJECT SPECS

and helped us to meet the new code with continuous insulation,” states Scott Drees, director of

Project: Avenir Location: Milwaukee, Wisc. Architect: Legat Architects Client: Park East Development

stone veneers Perhaps the most noteworthy trend impacting manufactured stone veneer is the popularity of lightweight and thin veneers. “Today’s offering is engineered to look better, install faster and weather better,” reports Mary Beth Sharp, brand manager, Oldcastle Architectural, Atlanta. “It is a lighter weight product for faster install and less freight costs; it does not require a footing if used in non-load bearing applications; it is applicable for both interior and exterior spaces; and it emulates the aesthetic of natural stone at a lower product cost.” In response to some market concerns about lower durability, color fading and product falling off the wall, Oldcastle recently introduced the Hillcrest Stone Thin Veneer, delivering a higher PSI strength, freeze-thaw resistance and an integral water repellent admixture for enhanced durability. “Hillcrest Stone is also integrally colored throughout each unit for color-fastness, meaning it won’t rub off,” she adds. “The ends of every unit are finished so corners are not necessary, and you can overlap the units to create natural looking corners, making it a faster install at a more effective price point.” Some manufactured stone providers are also offering full wall assembly solutions to help architects more easily meet newer CI requirements and achieve higher building enclosure performance. For example, OldCastle’s EnduraMax system delivers moisture management and an insulation value of R-13.6, while reducing installation time by up to 20%.

construction for the project’s Milwaukee-based developer Wangard Partners.

PRODUCT SPECS Product: EnduraMax High Performance Wall System with Oldcastle masonry veneers Material: Harvard-Brik and Cordova Stone

EnduraMax Wall Systems Circle 522

ON THE GRID Above: Oldcastle’s EnduraMax High Performance Wall System with Harvard-Brik and Cordova Stone manufactured masonry veneers helped the Avenir mixed used complex in Milwaukee achieve Legat Architects’ aesthetic and energy goals within budgetary constraints. Left: Polystyrene insulation panels, manufactured masonry units and pump-able mortar enable Oldcastle’s EnduraMax High Performance Wall System to deliver continuous insulation and water management.



1509APSPR4.indd 26

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/2/15 3:26 PM

gage c or t Design: C 1014 Origami in Brass Circle 42

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9/3/15 1:23 PM





light metal


Panels Help Mirror Surroundings

Offering very high strength-to-weight ratio, design flexibility and recyclability, metal’s popularity continues to grow as a cladding material. Available in a wide range of colors, profiles, textures and orientations, metal can be formed, cut and bent into endless shapes, making it very attractive to architects seeking creative expression. “Today’s array of coated steel or aluminum, in addition to natural metals—such as zinc, aluminum and copper—have exceptional durability with service lives measured in decades,” relates Scott Kriner, technical director, Metal Construction Assn. “There are options and opportunities to create iconic buildings with spectacular looks, thanks to metal building materials.” In fact, Petersen Aluminum is witnessing an uptick in requests for its metal wall panels. Interestingly, the industry’s cladding offerings aren’t changing as much as architects’ creative application of these products.

For example, Mike Petersen, CEO, Petersen Aluminum, Elk Grove Village, Ill., is seeing architects take standing seam panels traditionally used on roofs and apply them vertically on walls, columns and other exterior building elements. “It’s a creative twist on a straightforward product, and that’s nice to see.” Petersen is also observing long, narrow flush wall panels used as accent elements or to create a large, smooth wall pattern. For an even more pronounced look, some projects are using metal to create flowing, snake-like walls that combine alternating convex and concave curves. “Architects and construction professionals are always looking for solid value and a nice aesthetic. Additionally, they want sustainability features such as solar reflectivity, recyclability and products that can earn them LEED points,” says Petersen. “We deliver all of these features.”

Bells Mill Elementary School in Potomac, Md., (pictured below) encourages a flexible approach to education that accommodates changing programs, interdisciplinary teaching methods and efficient, cost-effective use of space. The 77,000 sq. ft. building is a partial two-story steel-framed structure with brick and metal exterior facades that complement the site’s residential character as well as the area’s rural heritage. Exterior colors are reminiscent of those found on traditional homes in the region. The colorful design was provided by architects Walton, Madden, Cooper, Robinson, Poness in Hyattsville, Md. Approximately 18,000 sq. ft. of 12-in. × 1.5-in. aluminum PAC-CLAD Snap-On Batten metal wall panels, and 2,500 sq. ft. of PAC850 Soffit Panels were used to create the desired effect. “This was a large program and we felt the need to break it down into components that would produce scale-friendly and child-friendly elements,” says Michael Poness, design principal at WMCRP. “Color became very important and we were pleased with the combination of colors and


textures that we had to choose from. We combined the metal panels with masonry to create a lighter

“Architects and construction professionals are always looking for solid value and a nice aesthetic.”

wall on the upper stories.” Colors included Hemlock Green, Colonial Red, Sandstone and Slate Gray. All are PAC-CLAD Cool

—Mike Petersen, CEO, Petersen Aluminum

Colors. The project also used panels on an interior application in the two-story entryway that leads up to the school library on the second floor. “We looked at the library as sort of the heart of the school,” says Poness. “We often try to bring the exterior material RESIDENTIAL IN CHARACTER

into the interior as a finish.”

The metal panels, installed in multiple colors, pay homage to homes in the neighborhood.


Project: Bells Mill School Location: Potomac, Md. Architect: Walton, Madden, Cooper, Robinson, Poness Client: Bells Mill School

Product: Snap-On Batten Wall Panels/850 Soffit panels Material: Aluminum Colors: Colonial Red, Hemlock Green, Sandstone, Slate Gray

Petersen Aluminum Circle 521



1509APSPR4.indd 28

Photos: Petersen Aluminum


09 10.2014 . 2015

9/2/15 3:26 PM

Contemporary Design for Contemporary Education

Combining LED high bay lighting with suspended and recessed products, bright colors with modern angles work together to create a visual interest that sets these educational facilities apart.

Alera | CVL

Columbia | LSER

Dual-Lite | LX

Curv Louvered Luminaire

Serrano ® LED Architecturally Styled Luminaire

LX Series LED Low-Profile Exit Signs

Industrial | HBL

Litecontrol | LWV

Prescolite | MD8LED

Heavy Industrial LED Highbay

Liteweave Linear LED Pendant

8” High Lumen LED Downlight


Connect with us through social media and join the conversation! RSS | LINKEDIN | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | YOUTUBE

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beauty of wood New wood cladding design techniques are giving specifiers a range of new possibilities. Sarah Rowland, spokesperson for the Western Cedar Red Lumber Assn. and author of Cedar Book 7 & 8 lists charring, knotty grades, cedar slats and mixing wood with other materials as some of the latest trends. Rowland is observing a big resurgence of interest of the traditional Japanese charring technique called shou-sugi-ban, which she describes as a unique way of adding gorgeous texture to modern projects; cedar works particularly well. As Seattle-based architect Kevin Witt, AIA, LEED AP, describes in Cedar Book 8, “The clear cedar was a great product for charring due to its consistent

All Out With Wood

natural durability and beautiful

courtyard decks help landscape

A 2015 Jury’s Choice WoodWorks

aesthetic. The cedar is anticipated

the grounds, while inside, south-

Wood Design Award winner, the

to turn a shade of silvery gray over

ern yellow pine glulam beams,

Live Oak Bank Headquarters,

time, thereby blending in even

columns and king-post trusses

Wilmington, N.C., blends well with

more with its forested surround-

make up the building’s structural

the surrounding scenic site, creat-

ings. Set back from the wooden

system with exposed glulam car-

ing an uplifting workspace for the

beams, large expanses of glass

rying through the wood theme.

bank’s employees. Tying in to its

complement the wood and pro-

The net result is a building that

wood-themed “Live Oak” brand,

vide transparency, ample natural

blends in exceptionally well with

LS3P Assocs. selected cypress

light and views. Outside, shaded

its environment.

for the exterior siding due to its

wooden terraces, walkways and

Photos: Mark Herboth Photography


grain and texture, which allowed for a more predictable and beautiful finished look.” Traditionally used for rustic-style projects, the application of knotty siding is now extending to contemporary projects. “That’s because knotty wood creates a rich tonal and textural depth that complements modern, clean lines,” states Rowland. Another trend, mixing wood with other materials—such as glass, concrete or stucco—can add layers, texture and interest to the façade. Pairing knotty cedar with white stucco on a recent project, Austin, Texas architect Matt Fajkus, AIA, LEED AP, relates, “in terms of composition, the wood provides a warmth and richness that complements the con-

crete floors, stucco volumes and clean-lined geometry of the overall massing.” Described as “really hot” in contemporary architecture, wood slats accomplish a number of functions including veiled privacy, sunlight control, visual interest and connecting the interior with the exterior. “Contrary to what many may believe, slats are not confined to more boxy shapes; they can be bent or curved as needed,” writes Christina Mogk, BBE, CID, MECC Interiors, Toronto, on her firm’s blog, Design Bites. “When there is little else around to provide privacy, slats are a great option. Natural daylighting still filters in to keep spaces bright, but it can be more directional, thereby keeping the interior cool.”


Project: Live Oak Bank’s Headquarters Location: Wilmington, N.C. Architect: LS3P Assocs., Wilmington, N.C. Award: 2015 July’s Choice WoodWorks Wood Design

Wood slats accomplish a number of functions including veiled privacy, sunlight control, visual interest and connecting the interior with the exterior.


1509APSPR4.indd 30

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/2/15 3:26 PM

Are new codes holding you prisoner to vertical-blade louvers?

Break free with the only AMCA 550-tested horizontal-blade louver. Recent changes to U.S. Building Codes require designers and architects to comply with AMCA 550 high-velocity wind-driven rain performance standards for all louvers in hurricane-prone areas along the entire U.S. coastline, not just Florida anymore. A vertical-blade louver has been your only option for 550 compliance — until now. Construction Specialties, Inc., has developed the first and only horizontal architectural louver to pass


AMCA’s 550 test standard for all U.S. coastal areas.

For more information, call 888.221.2021. Circle Circle 42 44

CS_Louvers_10.275x12.5_fc_ArchitecturalProducts_R1.indd 1 • 1509APAds.indd 31

8/5/15 1:23 3:37 PM PM 9/3/15





PRODUCT SPECS Product: StoPanel Premium ci Material: Steel, Glass, Gypsum Texture: Lotusan selfcleaning finish Shape: Rectangular


Project: Silver Slipper Casino Location: Bay St. Louis, Miss. Architect: JCJ Architecture Client: Full House Resorts

Sto Corp. Circle 520

LAYERING IT ON Multiple layers—including a water-resistive barrier, joint treatment, insulation and a finish—make up the StoPanel

Photo courtesy: Sto Corp.

Premium CI EIFS system.

SHAPING UP EIFS was a great solution for the Silver Slipper Casino Hotel in Bay St. Louis, Miss., enabling JCJ Architecture to meet CI and NFPA 285 code requirements, expedite the construction schedule and deliver a high-quality prefabbed system.


Look for alternative solutions that can be easily integrated with adjoining, dissimilar cladding materials.

panelized construction Tying together various cladding choices—be it brick, metal or stucco—pre-fabricated wall panels are a great strategy for ensuring continuous insulation (ci) and meeting fire-protection code requirements, as well as expediting construction, reducing on-site labor and benefiting from enhanced quality control. Particularly in cases where multiple cladding types are applied to the same façade, the process of joining these dissimilar materials to create a continuous thermal barrier—not to mention air and water barriers—can be rather difficult, reports Tom Remmele, technical director, Sto Corp., Atlanta. Furthermore, CI poses structural challenges with materials like full brick or stone, which are very heavy, thereby requiring that the ci be suspended out from the supporting structure. This in turn makes it necessary to strengthen the support angles and lintels. In terms of fire protection, architects must ensure that their wall assemblies are NFPA 285 compliant— if rigid foam plastic insulation and/or water-resistive



1509APSPR4.indd 32

barriers are part of the assembly—and have been tested to meet acceptable fire propagation levels. For all these reasons, “it becomes important to look for alternative solutions that have been fully tested and can be more easily integrated with adjoining dissimilar cladding materials,” states Remmelle. For example, by using thin brick applied to cement board, the dead load is much lighter, making its installation over continuous insulation, air and moisture barriers much simpler. “Another solution is pre-fabricated steel frame panels clad with EIFS, which can mimic the look of stone, metal or stucco while economizing the support structure into one uniform lightweight panel structure that is fully compliant with regulatory requirements; enhances quality control over construction through shop fabrication in a controlled environment; and fast-tracks building enclosure, with less disruption on job sites as panels are shipped to the project and erected as floors are completed,” suggests Remmelle.

Silver Slipper Nestled against the Gulf Coast in the city of Bay St. Louis, Silver Slipper Casino Hotel is a sixstory tower in southern Mississippi. Due to its coastal location, JCJ Architecture had climate conditions to contend with when designing the hotel’s façade. Fortunately, an exterior insulation finish system (EIFS), specifically StoPanel Premium ci, met all their needs for continuous insulation, factorycontrolled fabrication and subverting a potential U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issue related to the project’s Gulf Coast location. While a traditional EIFS application would have required rasping the EPS foam to keep the foam beads out of the Gulf waters, Sto’s system didn’t have this issue. All together, 140 panels, covering 40,000 sq. ft., were used for the hotel façade. Starting with metal framing, the panels’ next layer is glass-mat gypsum sheathing followed by Sto Arm Mat XX embedded in Sto ExtraSeal. StoGuard Joint Treatment is the next layer, followed by adhesive, mesh, base coat, primer, gold coat and fi nally a textured fi nish. In addition, foam board was added to shape different trims and profiles.

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 1:22 PM



H2Okinetic® Technology

Flush Valves


EDUCATION. YOU LIVE IT. WE GET IT. From vandal-resistance to water-efficiency, we understand the challenges of today’s educational facilities. And we deliver solutions that stand the test of time. Visit to download our Education Solutions brochure.

© 2015 Delta Faucet Company

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7/29/15 9/3/15 1:23 9:38 PM AM

The face of MASONRY with upgraded performance.

One look and it’s easy to see why architects prefer Artisan Masonry Stone Veneers® by Oldcastle®. With an upscale appearance, integral color fastness and unmatched durability, Artisan Masonry is setting new standards for manufactured full depth and lightweight veneers. Artisan Masonry Stone Veneers®— redefining the look and performance of masory veneers. | 844-495-8211

©2015 Oldcastle. All Rights Reserved. OLD15-007

OLD15-007_ArtisanFaceOfCommercial_July2015.indd 1 • 1509APAds.indd 34

Circle 46

Product featured is Waterford Stone™ 6/2/15 9/3/15 9:34 1:23 AM PM





By Chuck Ross, contributing writer

new tech keeps roofing on top Think there is nothing new in roofing? These newer technologies will raise your expectations. Whether metal, asphalt or covered with plant material, roofing can seem like just another commodity building product, with little actually distinguishing one maker’s product from another. Because most of these materials now in use have been around for generations, it might be easy to think the technology has stagnated—but that would be a serious misassumption. In fact, manufacturers, industry associations and even some national laboratories have been making steady advances in materials and other technologies over the last several years that could mean both longer lifespans and better environmental performance. Let’s take a closer look at some modern iterations of established roofing products.

09 . 2015

1509APTRL4.indd 35



9/4/15 11:41 AM





LONGER-LASTING MEMBRANE OptiMax roofing membrane incorporates a polyurethane modifier that bonds chemically with asphalt to create a material that promises greater UV resistance than traditional modifiedbitumen products—the material is said to strengthen as it ages. The patent-pending membrane is scheduled for release by the end of this year.

Garland Co. Circle 519

a new matrix for modified bit Modified bitumen is an asphalt-based roofing material that would seem inured to technological breakthrough. As the go-to option for low-slope applications for decades, it’s not a product that might seem a good candidate for a large R&D budget. However, a few years ago Garland Co. decided that addressing one of the material’s biggest shortfalls—its susceptibility to sunlight’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation—could help extend the product’s performance and possibly enable a much longer lifespan. “We were looking for new technologies that [would] offer long-term performance for our customers,” says Melissa Russ, Garland’s director of research and development, noting a commitment to seeing room for improvement in even the most mature market sectors. “We still realize there are limitations to every technology.” Drawing some inspiration from roadway engineers who were then exploring the use of urethane as an additive for battling rutting in asphalt street surfaces, Garland’s chemists started testing new asphalt/urethane formulations for improving their roofing membrane. Their work led to the development of a new material in which urethane forms a matrix-like chemical bond with the asphalt. “The polyurethane resin is actually reacting to specific components of the asphalt, like a chain-link fence,” Russ explains, contrasting this tight binding against the simple blending-together that occurs with today’s more common SBS (or “styrene-butadiene-styrene”) modifiers. Accelerated weathering tests now are wrapping up; the company anticipates that the new patent-pending roofing material will hit the market in this year’s final quarter (under the brand name OptiMax.) Russ, who’s been with Garland for 20 years, says she’s seen a significant rise in the design community’s expectations when it comes to roofing materials. “When I started, architects didn’t know about a lot of the technology that was out there. Today, they know about so much. All of the different [building] industries are helping to drive innovation.”



1509APTRL4.indd 36

Drawing inspiration from roadway engineers who were exploring the use of urethane as an additive for battling rutting in asphalt, Garland’s chemists started testing new asphalt/urethane formulations for improving their roofing membrane.

LOOK MA, NO SEAMS Multiple penetrations can create multiple pain points for roofers and building owners. The SeamFree PMMA Liquid Membrane roofing and flashing system addresses this issue, with roll-on application compatible with a range of substrates. Installed systems can be surfaced with paving tiles, pedestal systems and garden roofs and are resistant to UV rays, ponding water and root penetration.

Johns Manville Circle 518

09 . 2015

9/4/15 11:49 AM

If your walls could talk...

They would tell you how you can improve your learning environment.

College students are the most important part of any university, which is why their health and comfort are our priority. By making smart choices in your project’s building materials, you can provide them with a healthy environment, fewer noise distractions and higher speech intelligibility. Our gypsum products are designed with indoor air quality, acoustics, and durability in mind, so that students and teachers can focus on learning. Listen to your walls. Build a better educational environment and Be Certain™ with CertainTeed Gypsum. Visit to learn more.


CTGypsum_College Ad_ARCH PROD_Sept2015.indd 1 • 1509APAds.indd 37

8/24/15 5:01 PM PM 9/3/15 1:23





growing new green-roof opportunities “Green” or “vegetated” roofs have been a part of U.S. residential architecture since at least the days of the prairie settlers’ sod houses, but the surge in commercial vegetated roofs in this country only began in the early 2000s, when cities (most notably Chicago) started promoting the technology as a way to reduce the heat-island effect that can result when acres of flat, black rooftops bake under a summer sun. Since then, developers and city planners have recognized an unanticipated benefit: the plants and growing media that comprise a vegetated roof absorb the rainwater runoff that can overwhelm stormwater systems, especially those in older cities that are integrated into sanitary sewer systems. Now, what was previously seen as a secondary benefit has become the green-roof market’s primary driver. State and municipal code authorities now frequently allow developers to use green roofs to offset the need for retention ponds and other onsite

BRINGING IT TOGETHER SkyScape vegetative roof systems give building owners predictable waterretention performance, limiting runoff and potentially reducing the need for onsite storm-water mitigation. The products, including the Pre-

PRODUCT SPECS Product: SkyScape Material: Regionallyselected, drought tolerant plant material

Firestone Building Products Circle 517



1509APTRL4.indd 38

grown Modular System, are designed to work with the manufacturer’s established roofing materials, and can be covered with those materials under a single warranty—an important benefit for owners.

stormwater treatment that new projects otherwise might require. As a result, some manufacturers have been seeking ways to make green roofs easier to install and their performance easier to predict. Firestone Building Products, for example, has targeted the typical two-part process, which often involved two separate specialties: the roofers who laid the membrane or other base roofing material, and the plant experts who did the “greening.” “There was a disconnect between those providing the vegetative material and those providing the roofing underpinning,” notes Rick Ruppert, architectural services manager with the company. This disconnect could lead to owner concern over both initial cost and future warranty issues. “We already knew and understood the physics, installation and maintenance of commercial roofs,” he says, so research efforts focused on how those factors might be affected by the addition of vegetative material. The goal, says Ruppert, was “a complete understanding of how they work together.” The end result of that research became the company’s SkyScape series of vegetative roof systems. The products all incorporate highly droughttolerant, regionally-selected plant material; an engineered growing media; and a drainage panel with a grooved underside to aid drainage management. A pre-grown modular offering unitizes the plantings and drainage materials into tile-like honeycombed containers that mechanically interlink when installed. Firestone now can offer owners and local building officials a clear understanding of what the roof’s overall impact will be on overall storm-water performance. “It creates a very predictable, engineered environment,” Ruppert says.


Project: Surrey City Centre Library Location: Surrey, BC Design: Bing Thom Architects Client: City of Surrey Photos: Firestone

THE BOOK ON WATER A Canadian LEED Goldcertified project, Firestone’s SkyScape modular vegatative roof helped the project earn key water conservation and management credits.


“Now we can calculate anticipated performance, and ongoing performance is easily monitored.” —Rick Ruppert, Architectural Services Manager

09 . 2015

9/2/15 4:30 PM

Envision… …endless design possibilities. Parex is your single source for high-quality exterior EIFS and stucco solutions. EIFS and stucco solutions from Parex are available

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all possible. EIFS and stucco from Parex can also

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8 6 6 . 516 . 0 0 61

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putting pedal to the metal on performance While both Garland’s new urethane formulation and Firestone’s vegetated approach help minimize solar impact, an advanced design created by researchers from the Metal Construction Assn. (MCA) and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory is focused on making the most of the energy within the sun’s rays. The demonstration project on a building at Goodfellow Air Force Base (GAFB) in San Angelo, Texas, combines a number of commercially available technologies into an integrated system to harvest solar thermal and electric energy in an effort to explore net-zero building possibilities. To minimize landfill waste, the existing metal roof forms the base level of the new system. This was topped with sub purlins to support possible wind and gravity loads, along with R-19 rigid insulation and radiant barrier. A solar-thermal system was installed over a portion of the insulation to preheat domestic hot water. Finally, a rainwater harvesting system incorporated along with the new metal roof with a high-solar-reflectance finish completes the envelope. Thin-film photovoltaics are adhered to this roof for onsite electricity generation. “Nothing was brand new, except the concept of integrating all these technologies,” says Scott Kriner, the MCA’s technical director. He notes two important questions the project team sought to answer: “Do they work together, and do they add more to the [energy] savings?” The answer to the first question is a definitive “yes,” according to Kriner. “We learned that we could install these components in a logical way— we confirmed this system can be designed and specified,” he says. Less clear, however, is a confirmation of energy savings. Though the project was funded by a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Defense, which selected the target structure, GAFB officials decided to change the building’s use from a head-

quarters for the base’s security team to a data center, which has a significantly different energy profile than what the MCA’s team had designed to meet. This decision was made as system installation was being completed, too late for any modifications. Additionally, the baseline energy-use data collected under the original use conditions is no longer relevant for any before/after comparisons. However, Kriner does see value in just establishing a proof-of-concept that these varied components can be brought together into an integrated and productive system. “We did create an integrated building envelope that had never happened before,” he says, noting that the group developed a master specification for the system. “What we don’t know is what the actual performance will be in different climates around the country.”

The demonstration project on a building at Goodfellow Air Force Base combines a number of commercially available technologies into an integrated system to harvest solar thermal and electric energy in an effort to explore netzero building possibilities.


hot air exhausted in summer

BIPV new metal roof

ridge assembly

rainwater harvesting barrier + thermal resistance system

existing metal roof sub parlins

eave ventilation solar thermal system

The hybrid metal roof system at the Goodfellow Airforce Base in San Angelo, Texas as illustrated in the schematic, integrated metal roof assembly brings together solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems along with rainwater harvesting, in a design that encourages active hot air exhaust during summer months.

BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER The installation of a hybrid metal roof system at the Goodfellow Airforce Base in San Angelo, Texas was designed to prove the idea that roofs could be active players in lowering a building’s overall environmental footprint.



1509APTRL4.indd 40

09 . 2015

9/4/15 11:49 AM


© 2014 ClarkDietrich Building Systems

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Project: Greers Ferry High School Location: Greers Ferry, Ark. Client: Greers Ferry School District

Drexel Metals STANDING-SEAM SNOW SOLUTION Helping building owners avoid the dangers of potential rooftop avalanches of snow or ice, the Sno Blockade snow retention Circle 516

ROLL WITH THE CHANGES At Greers Ferry High School, instead of replacing the gym’s asphalt roof, a custom metal roof from Drexel Metals was fabricated and curved on-site for

system is specially designed


for standing-seam metal-roof applications. The Blockade Plate accessory adds further protection by reducing the possibility that melting snow or ice could slide below the bar of the Blockade System.

Sno Gem

Photos: Drexel Metals Circle 338


Project: Jeppesen Terminal Location: Denver, Colo. Architect: Gensler Client: Denver International Airport Photos: Birdair

Tensions rose at Denver International Airport when anchors supporting the facility’s iconic tensile fabric roof needed to be removed—without disturbing the roof itself— during a recent two-year construction project. Architects from Gensler huddled with structural engineers and the roof’s manufacturer to create a unique engineering solution: they transferred the roof loads to two massive metal shoring towers, each approximately 100-ft. tall and 30 ft. square at their bases. With the construction of a new plaza connecting the Jeppesen Terminal to a new train station and hotel complete, new roof anchors are now installed and the towers have been dismantled, leaving behind the memory of a unique engineering solution.

Birdair Circle 515



1509APTRL4.indd 42

09 . 2015

9/4/15 11:51 AM

Circle 50

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Project: Beckwith Animal Hospital Location: Modesto, Calif. Design: Associated Engineering Group Client: O’Brien Veterinary

Metal Roof Insulation Options Materials commonly employed to insulate a roof include fiberglass, rigid board and insulated metal panels. Costs and benefits vary, but an overall envelope comparison shows marked differences.

PRODUCT SPECS Product: KingZip Insulated Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels Size/Color: 6-in. thick, Copper Penny

Fiberglass has been the traditional method. It can be installed as a single- or a two-layer system. With the former, blankets of insulation are rolled on top of the steel structure. Seams where blankets meet


are joined by folding and stapling the facing tabs or Circle 514

taping the joint to prevent water vapor from getting through the insulation. After blankets are in place, thermal spacers are placed above the purlins. The foam strips add insulation value where the insulation is compressed between purlin and roof sheet. In a two-layer system, the major difference is the first layer of faced insulation is allowed to drape between each purlin and a second layer is installed parallel to and between each purlin. Both systems

Kingspan’s KingZip insulated

rely on insulation materials being allowed to expand

standing seam roof panels were used to clad the roof of

to their full thickness between the purlins to reach

the animal hospital.

their greatest effectiveness. That usually does not occur and the actual thermal performance is less than what is normally published. The third option is rigid foam boards—they do not need to expand and will not compress between the roof and the purlins. Thermal performance is con-


sistent and different R-values can be achieved with

The roof panels incorporate a dense, polyisocyanurate

varied board thicknesses or extra layers. Costs for rigid foam board insulation systems are higher than

foam insulation core. 300 GS Granitestone Structural

fiberglass systems, but installation is similar to the

Insulated Metal Wall panels

single-layer system. Additional layers are staggered

clad the facade. The panels

to prevent seams between boards from lining up.

helped the project meet its LEED energy performance

The fourth option is insulated roofing panels that


have a foam core sandwiched between two metal panels, eliminating the need for other insulation. Although more expensive, insulated roofing panels offer exceptional insulating properties, faster installation, and a streamlined architectural appearance. More importantly, insulated metal panels are the only system that offers a complete envelope in one single-source product, as a properly designed and installed roofing system must include four critical components: a water barrier, air barrier, thermal barrier, and vapor barrier. Fiberglass and rigid foam board certainly cover the thermal aspect and can sometimes also offer a water or vapor barrier, but other components and additional installation time are required to complete the roof. When you fac-

Photos: Kingspan

tor in ever-increasing thermal requirements and



1509APTRL4.indd 44

changes in building codes—and that performance of the panels remains the same for the lifetime of the roof—insulated metal panels are the way to go. —Jim Brock, Roof Product Manager, Kingspan

09 . 2015

9/2/15 4:57 PM

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Circle 51

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A New Dimension As highly collaborative endeavors, today’s research parks are driving innovation, technological advancement and economic growth.

By Barbara Horwitz-Bennett, contributing writer

TECHNOLOGY NEIGHBORHOOD I This first development (left), with four LEED-certified buildings, represents a strategically focused automotive and motorsports research campus.

TECHNOLOGY NEIGHBORHOOD V Plans for Neighborhood V (left) include 300,000-sq.-ft. of building space.

TECHNOLOGY NEIGHBORHOOD IV Neighborhood IV will have the largest surface parking area on the campus, with space for about 1000 cars. It’s buildings are placed together in an oval like a speedway.

Public-private partnerships—referred to as “P3s”—between universities and the private sector have been around for decades, a model emerging today is taking collaboration to a whole new level. Unlike the research parks of previous decades—where the extent of the park’s relationship with the university was its location near campus—today’s P3 centers are intimately engaged with educational initiatives and research programs that are attracting graduates with job opportunities. Beyond simply providing space for large corporations, today’s research parks support startups and incubators, and more frequently target a specific industry niche.



1509APMOC3b.indd 46

09 . 2015

9/4/15 4:12 PM






Project: CU-ICAR Location: Greenville, S.C. Architect: SmithGroupJJR Partners: Clemson University BMW Michelin Timken Society of Automotive Engineers State of South Carolina Images: SmithGroupJJR

TECHNOLOGY NEIGHBORHOOD II This 27-acre area of the CU-ICAR campus is designed to look like a pit stop strip. Plans include nearly 450,000-sq.-ft. of space, including the only slated retail area on the campus.

TECHNOLOGY NEIGHBORHOOD III Nearly 500,000-sq.-ft. of space, this area’s buildings are clustered together to look like an urban grid from the sky.

CLEMSON MASTERPLAN Looking to create a premier global locale for automotive research and development, Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research is a striking example of academia, industry and government teaming up to achieve a high level of technological advancement. Phase one of five technology neighborhoods planned for this 250-acre Greenville, S.C. site is nearly complete, with the help of SmithGroupJJR.

09 . 2015

1509APMOC3b.indd 47



9/4/15 4:12 PM





According to Meredith Bostwick-Lorenzo Eiroa, AIA, LEED, associate director, SOM, New York, the research triangle concept has been around for decades. What’s new is that several universities are building the necessary foundations to facilitate strong industry/university interactions through planned enhancements. “The idea is to establish ‘core competencies’ in research, thereby supporting state economies and answering the federal government’s calls for specific science and technology initiatives,” explains the architect, whose firm is masterplanning the new 12.5-acre Cornell Tech campus on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, who’s mission is to bring together faculty, business leaders, tech entrepreneurs and students to drive innovation and technological advancement. In addition to involving governments, P3s often extend to the global realm. This is particularly true when research parks adopt a specific industry focus, thereby making very viable partnerships with global corporations and/or overseas research institutions with niche expertise. For example, the Cornell project includes the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology as an international partner.

How It’s Done An excellent example of specific industry partnership is Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) in Greenville, S.C., which leverages an intimate partnership between academia, government and industry to promote research, technological and industrial advancement. SmithGroupJJR, working with the university, BMW, Michelin, Timken, the Society of Automotive Engineers and the state of South Carolina as

leading partners, developed the first phase of the project: “technopolis” a five-building complex that represents one of a total of five technology “neighborhoods” that will occupy the 250-acre site. With so much industry involvement, a whopping 82% of funding for the campus comes from the private sector, compared with 6% to 7% for a typical university research park. In addition, Clemson students truly work hand-in-hand with these industry partners. For instance, Clemson’s graduate automotive engineering department runs the Deep Orange program, which allows students to work

with companies, like Mazda, BMW, GM and Toyota, to produce a vehicle prototype each year. “There are very few places in the world like this—a center established by a university and completely dedicated to economic development for a particular business sector,” explains UC-ICAR Director Fred Cartwright. “Bringing research, education and economic development together in a collaborative environment is unusual.” According to Greg Mella, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C, co-leader, sustainability with SmithGroupJJR’s Washington, D.C. office, the partnership allows students to hone relevant and marketable skills in the automotive industry; brings a high-profile, high-dollar program to the university; drives the industry forward with highly skilled talent; and serves as a catalyst for post-recession economic growth to the region. A strategic partnership between Kaleida Health and the University of Buffalo provides another example. A new 476,000 sq.-ft., $291 million facility will host Kaleida’s heart and vascular healthcare facilities, plus the University’s Clinical Translational Research Center, Biosciences Incubator and the Jacobs Institute of Neurology. The center is expected to “educate and attract world-class physician-scientists who can accelerate major breakthroughs on the causes and treatment of disease, and spin-off new biotechnology businesses while raising the quality and speed of patient care,” states Mark Whiteley, principal, CannonDesign, San Francisco.


Intended as a premier global locale for automotive research and development, Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research is a striking example of academia, industry and government teaming up to achieve a high level of technological advancement. Phase one of fi ve technology neighborhoods planned for this 250-acre Greenville, S.C. site is nearly complete.



1509APMOC3b.indd 48

09 . 2015

9/4/15 4:13 PM



At CU-ICAR, 82% of research funding comes from the private sector, compared to 6-7% typical for a university research park.



SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT The Carroll A. Campbell Jr. Graduate Engineering Center (far left), and the Innovation place (immediate left), are two of four LEED-certified buildings on the campus.


Project: Clemson University’s International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) Location: Greenville, S.C. Architect: SmithGroupJJR Partners: Clemson University, BMW, Michelin, Timken, Society of Automotive Engineers, State of South Carolina Photos: Courtesy, SmithGroupJJR

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“The private sector can utilize a university’s science skills and knowledge.”

Project: Combined healthcare facility Location: Buffalo, N.Y. Architect: HMN Architects Partners: Kaleida Health, University of Buffalo

COMBINED CARE Marrying healthcare delivery with medical research, Kaleida Health and the University of Buffalo have teamed up to build a 476,000 sq.-ft. facility housing Kaleida’s heart and vascular healthcare facilities and the University’s Clinical Translational Research Center, Biosciences Incubator and the Jacobs Institute

Image, Björg Magnea/CannonDesign; image below, Thomas Mayer/CannonDesign)

of Neurology.

Key Drivers As state funding for capital improvements and development continues to decrease, higher education institutions are seeking financial help to both operate existing buildings and pursue new projects. “Universities spend millions of dollars keeping their buildings running effectively and there is little budget to cover this,” says Suzanne Napier, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, leader, research and learning studio, SmithGroupJJR, San Francisco. “Turning to the P3 approach—which covers the O&M need, sometimes for a 30- to 40-year span—solves this need.” From a financial perspective, such initiatives can also be quite attractive to the private sector as a low-risk investment. Companies can often take advantage of the numerous state and local incentives unique to these kinds of projects; plus, in many cases, the university brings land to the deal. “For most of the [public-private] projects in which we have participated, the developer has a



1509APMOC3b.indd 50

commitment from the partner institution to identify leases for +50% of the space in a given building, reducing the speculative risk for the developer,” relates Ted Hyman, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C, partner, ZGF Architects, Los Angeles. Beyond the more immediate financial incentives, corporations seek the university’s academic research expertise. “In research and development, the private sector can utilize a university’s science skills and knowledge, and balance it with their product and solution development expertise,” explains Whitely. “The private sector also benefits by colocating with places that produce a highly-skilled workforce.” SOM’s Eiroa points out that corporations benefit from proximity and access to advanced technology, specialized instrumentation and equipment, incubator space and shared core laboratories, along with able technicians, academic expertise and students.

09 . 2015

9/4/15 4:13 PM





Making It Work While shared ideals and goals can go a long way toward unifying these two distinct partners, research facilities must be planned and designed with both parties in mind. For starters, institutions typically take more time, involve more stakeholders and are more methodical in their design decision-making process, says Napier, whereas the private sector generally moves more rapidly. To help universities keep pace, design teams should provide the information needed to best inform decisions. This includes life cycle costing, value for infrastructure systems, analysis and recommendations for achieving enough flexibility to meet the changing needs of science and technology. In fact, flexibility is one of the institution’s most important requirements to support a variety of users and their changing needs as time goes on. “To this end, designers must avoid restricting ever-evolving research activities

Designers must avoid restricting evolving research activities through poor planning. through poor planning, static space configurations or infrastructure constraints,” cautions Eiroa. “Lab lofts that allow scientists to reassign spaces and teams throughout the building can provide open areas, free of columns and vertical penetrations, for reconfigurability over time.” For example, Eiroa is witnessing the development of core-and-shell buildings with a laboratory fit-out “kit of parts” that different end-users can choose from. One common pitfall, cautions Hyman, is building in as much infrastructure as budgets will afford, only to discover that much of that flexibility is not used as intended. To better design the research facility for an organization’s actual needs, ZGF has developed what they call “labs light.” “This model has less in-place infrastructure, but provides a more flexible approach to change—accommodating a reasonable ratio of hoods per square foot of space to meet ventilation requirements, but then using innovative MEP systems to accommodate a broader range of changes over the life of the building,” he explains. Beyond labs, collaborative areas are a major aspect of these designs to inspire multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary discovery, collaboration and innovation. Eiroa stresses the importance of offering a variety of breakout spaces, cafes, and formal and informal meeting areas. By specifying lightweight, reconfigurable furniture, these spaces can support inspired collaboration.

09 . 2015

1509APMOC3b.indd 51

Circle 53 Untitled-6 1

8/5/15 10:01 AM

Circle 54

9/4/15 4:13 PM






Universities have become much more actively involved with the private sector in promoting joint research programs and collaboration.

The Future of Research Parks A far cry from the original research park model— where the park’s only connection with a university was its location close to campus—today’s publicprivate initiatives are significantly more intertwined. As spelled out in the white paper Characteristics and Trends of North American Research Parks: 21st Century Directions, authored by the Battelle Technology Partnership Practice on behalf of the

PUSHING BOUNDARIES Granted 12.5 acres on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, Cornell Tech, with the city of New York and SOM, is developing this research park to bring together faculty, business leaders, tech entrepreneurs and students to drive innovation and technological advancement.


Project: Cornell Tech Roosevelt Island Campus Location: New York City Architect: SOM Partners: New York City’s Roosevelt Island, Cornell Tech, City of New York Images: Kilograph, Weiss Manfredi, and Handel Architects/SOM

Assn. of University Research Parks, today’s parks have taken on an entirely new identity. For starters, research parks are much more focused on supporting incubation and entrepreneurship to grow their future tenant base. It has become much more common for parks to adopt a specific R&D niche and universities are much more actively involved with the private sector in promoting joint research programs and collaboration. The white paper offers a few projections for how research parks will develop in coming years: • Strategically planned mixed-use campus expansions will include space for academic and industrial uses. • On-site amenities will be critical to attracting innovative employees. • Research parks will serve as an effective tool to spur urban revitalization. • Parks will be used to leverage assets of nonuniversity R&D organizations. • Research parks will become leaders in sustainable design. • The parks will embrace a global focus.

Serving as a Liaison When embarking upon public-private initiatives, design firms can play a key role in the process, leveraging experience gained from previous projects and acting as a valued liaison between these two parties. On one hand, universities want to get as much as they can from their building stock in terms of quality, scale, program and function; on the other hand, private sector developers must balance this with financially viable solutions, explains Napier. When planners, designers and engineers understand the full spectrum of goals, they can work together to devise the most cost-effective solutions. Designers with architectural and urban planning expertise can infuse a sense of place to turn a cluster of buildings into a living and thriving campus. For example, at CU-ICAR, each facility opens into a pedestrian plaza where corporate employees,



1509APMOC3b.indd 52

research professionals, academic staff and graduate students naturally cross paths in a social environment with connectivity and buzz. At CannonDesign, the company’s involvement with partnerships between educators, healthcare providers, governments, not-for-profits and the private sector also go beyond architecture. “Through highly-informed conversations about how—by working together—these entities can maximize community, city and economic impact, we discuss integrating new socio-economic thinking, innovations in learning and research, creative financial and business models with user experience and urban design,” explains Whiteley. “We push them to think beyond convention—from micro to macro levels—to achieve best results.”

When planners, designers and engineers understand the full spectrum of goals, they can work together toward costeffective solutions.

09 . 2015

9/4/15 4:13 PM

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Photo: William Lemke, courtesy of Super Sky Products Enterprises and Linetec

products for university

Project: Washington University Business School ¡ Location: St. Louis, Mo. ¡ Architect of Record: Moore Ruble Yudell

ALL BUSINESS A beautiful centerpiece inside Washington University’s two new business school buildings in St. Louis, an 88-ft. × 71-ft. custom vault skylight is anchored by two additional single slope skylight systems, covering a total of 11,150 sq. ft. Hundreds of Viracon VUE1-50 glass lites—averaging five ft. in length—fill out the skylight, while the aluminum framing is finished with a 70% polyvinylidene fluoride resin-based coating from Linetec.

Super Sky Products Enterprises Circle 512

Project: Trinity University


Location: Hartford, Conn.


Architect: Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects

TYING THINGS TOGETHER By upgrading its central Mather Quad, Trinity University in Hartford, Conn. created a new signature space for students and alumni. Designers with Chicago-based Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects sought to blend the area into the historic campus, and their choice of a surfacing material was critical to meeting that goal. They opted for Serengeti Stone pavers—more than 70,000 of them. The pavers match those used throughout Trinity’s noted Long Walk pathway, and helped create a seamless transition between old and new.

Hanover Pavers Circle 513

PEAR IN THE AIR The option of an energy-efficient, electronically commutated (EC) motor is available on all air de-stratification fans, including the Air Pear, Designer Series, Suspended Ceiling and the just-released Narrow Aisle. The two-speed EC motor also has an optional zero- to 10-VDC control module for fans to be programmed into a building control system. The fans service facilities with ceiling heights of 8 ft. to 125 ft. By re-circulating hotter air trapped at the ceiling level and equalizing interior temperature, HVAC systems run less frequently, reducing energy costs.

Airius Circle 511



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Specify the leader in moveable glass partitions...HUFCOR


FRAMELESS GLASS WALL Frameless glass walls from Hufcor are ideal for areas where a physical, but not a visual barrier is needed. They allow daylight in and provide the flexibility to reconfigure your space. Hufcor Circle 57

U L T R A ACOUSTICS · 46 STC Hufcor glass wall... the sound choice TIMBER FRAME GLASS WALL Hufcor timber framed glass walls combine the beauty of wood and glass with the flexibility of an operable partition. Each panel is composed of triple laminated solid wood and requires no floor tracks. Hufcor Circle 58

SUMMIT VERTICAL LIFT PARTITIONS With the touch of a button, the panels in this innovative retractable wall system cascade down through a narrow slot in the ceiling, quietly sliding into place, and rise to store above the ceiling when not needed. Optional full-width writing surfaces are available. Hufcor


Hufcor introduces the GA-ULTRA, our next generation of acoustically rated moveable glass partition systems now with 46 STC. Specify the optimal glass wall system on your next project. • Optimal space division and daylighting functionality • Laminated safety glass maintains integrity even if broken • Sealed I.G. glass units lower maintenance costs • Meets ANSI ASA S12.60-2010 and LEED v.4 for school acoustics • Offers ADA compliant glass pass doors and final lever closure panels for optimal daylighting • Optional 2” bottom mechanical seals • Available in paired and single panel configurations • Complete BIM content available

To learn more contact your local Hufcor distributor or visit

Circle 60 Circle 59

OPERABLE | VERTICAL LIFT | GLASS WALL | ACCORDION 2101 Kennedy Rd. | Janesville, WI 53545 | 800-542-2371 Ext. 214 | • 1509APAds.indd 55

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products for university FIBERGLASS PHENOMENA As an alternative to aluminum, architects Lavallee|Brensinger chose Marvin’s Integrity window made with Ultrex pultruded fiberglass for Manchester Community College’s new Student Center in Manchester, N.H. This enabled a seamless match with the center’s aluminum panel rhythm on the facade and maintained the building’s site-responsive design.

Marvin Windows and Doors

Project: Manchester Community College Student Center


Location: Manchester, N.H.


Architect: Lavallee|Brensinger

Photo courtesy: Ed Wonsek Circle 510

FIRE-CLASSIFIED FLOOR BOXES Legrand flush-style floor boxes have been evaluated, tested and approved to meet—and in most cases, exceed—UL Fire Classification requirements for a twohour floor rating. Available in both single and multiplegang versions in steel and nonmetallic fabrications, they provide power, communication and audio/video services into open spaces.

Legrand Circle 509

WINDOW PRIVACY Cost-effective privacy screens from Air Louvers an Activar company add privacy to doors and windows. The screens install in minutes on openings up to 30-in. × 36-in. An aluminum frame houses a spring-operated roller that controls the opening and closing of the durable fabric material. Fabric is attached to a rigid pull-down bar mounted into the side channels. The opaque shade slides up and down and locks into any position.

Activar Inc. Circle 508



1509APMOC3.indd 56

ACTIVELY CHILLIN’ In-floor Active Chilled Beams provide the energy savings of an overhead chilled beam while avoiding many of the concerns. By bringing chilled water to the perimeter of a space under a raised floor, there is little chance of damage from leaking water lines or latent loads producing condensate. In addition, they only use preconditioned air and in the event of an air-handler malfunction, condensate can be easily piped to a drain. The beams handle perimeter heating and cooling loads and easily manage shoulder season conditioning.

Tate Circle 507

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by visiting

where you can also request a challenge kit!

“As a principal, Duralife Lockers would make life a lot easier whether it’s for the noise pollution in the hallways or the cleaning of graffiti.” - Michael Stefanelli

Principal, Grandview Elementary School

See the Difference between Duralife HDPE Plastic Locker vs Traditional Metal Locker Circle 61

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products for university Project: Clock Tower, van den Berg Learning Center


Location: New Paltz, N.Y.


Architect: Hall Partnership Architects

TIMELY REPLACEMENT More than 20 years ago, a fire destroyed the original 1932 clock tower topping the van den Berg Learning Center on the campus of the State University of New York - New Paltz. Now a reproduction designed by New York City’s Hall Partnership Architects has taken its place, complete with the kind of decorative pilasters and columns that highlighted the original.

Campbellsville Industries

Photo courtesy: David Cox/DPR Construction Circle 506

The clock tower reproduction was designed with the same kind of decorative pilasters and columns that highlighted the original.


CLASSICAL APPEAL Whether your visions draw from Doric, Ionic or Corinthian inspiration, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Architectural Series line-up of columns. Whether in fiberglass or cellular PVC, the lightweight and durable columns are precision crafted for new construction and historical reproduction applications. A separate line of wood columns also is available for the truly traditional.

METAL MESH CEILING Cambridge Architectural’s metal mesh ceiling system is a decorative and functional choice for architects and designers seeking creative solutions for university settings. Beautifully draping canopy-like curves sculpt ceilings for a clean, modern look. The system also divides overhead lighting fixtures while hiding structural elements such as ductwork, wiring and plumbing.

Crown Column

Cambridge Architectural Circle 505 Circle 504


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CENTRIA’s Formawall Graphix Series is now improved with Directional Reveals. The improved design allows a single panel to be divided not only vertically, but also horizontally or even diagonally. Truly, Formawall Graphix Series is ‘only limited by where you draw the line.’


See our complete palette of possibilities at To learn more call 1-800-250-8675 Circle 62

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new & improved

Continuing Education When I finally connected with Takashi Yanai of Ehrlich Architects (AIA’s firm of the Year) for a story I was working on,

I learned that he actually started out as a journalist covering design and architecture. Inspired by this multi-talented architect, I decided to take a lighting design class geared toward interior designers at my local community college. During the first class, I took copious notes on color temperature (measured in Kelvin or “K” color rendering index and spectral power distribution. These technical terms are relevant to architects and interior designers because their metrics help designers ensure that lights render the colors desired. Along this line, I learned the Illuminating Engineering Society has approved TM-30-15—a standard that will help


“If your contractor doesn’t follow the spec to the ‘K,’ you won’t get the crimson swatch you selected.” designers more precisely evaluate color rendition. The Dept. of Energy, in fact, is hosting a webinar this month on the development ( ssl/events/webinar-understanding-and-applyingtm-30-15). Why tune in? This portion in lighting spec is hugely important to all materials and finishes; in other words, if your contractor doesn’t follow it to the “K,” you’ll see five different shades of red vs. the crimson swatch you selected. Here in the pages of AP we try to showcase the latest in decorative and efficient lighting. Check out our sister pub Architectural SSL, which discusses best practices in lighting and controls for specific populations and programs. I plan to discuss lighting developments more for a side project I’m working on, as I’ve found a sounding board in The Lightcast, a new AV Nation podcast I’m co-hosting with friend and New York lighting designer, JP Bedell. If you happen to be your firm’s lighting go-to person, follow @jamesbedell and @megatorial, as this month #TheLightcast will further discuss the ramifications of #TM-30-15.

Office IQ can be synced with third-party fitness apps across multiple platforms and devices.

WEEKDAY WORKOUT Developed in collaboration with Tome Software, Office IQ transcends flexibility to promote an active office environment. The portable component transforms any desk or workstation into a veritable Fitbit for the office environment; it monitors when users sit, and nudges office workers to get up and move throughout the day. The software can be synced with third-party fitness apps across multiple platforms and devices. To assist in executing this new active workstyle is the QS2, a sit-to-stand workstation; its sleek minimal aesthetic and flexible arm increases all-around range of motion. Circle 503

Megan Mazzocco Senior Editor


APNEW4.indd 60


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Translucent Precioustone panels can be backlit for a dramatic effect.

“Arrays of saturated colors are backlit for a stunning affect; neutrals add sophisticated warmth to rustic and industrial looks.” Megan Mazzocco Senior Editor

STONE: A SIGHT TO BEHOLD Antolini offers a prestigious line of natural stone called Precioustone. Amethyst, quartz, jasper and more than 100 varieties of select and precious gems are formed into slabs in its private studio. Circle 502

ANTOLINI Precioustone

09 . 2015

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new & improved

COVERING CUBISM The Tjep Cubism Collection includes wallcovering, upholstery and drapery textiles. According to the manufacturer, its vinyl wallcoverings are low-emitting, phthalate-free type II vinyls. Circle 501 Anadem pendant fixture is named for an ancient wreath or garland—an inspiration certainly seen in its crown-like outline. WOLF-GORDON Tjep Cubism Collection

The Tjep Cubism Collection includes upholstery as well as wall coverings.


CROWNING GLORY The Anadem pendant fixture is named for an ancient wreath or garland—an inspiration certainly seen in its crown-like outline. Designers from Italy’s Mens Studio created the distinctive design using bands of fire-resistant leather highlighted with contrasting stitching. Two sizes are available, with lamping options that vary with size. Circle 500

“Czech Cubism, the inspiration for this collection, uses the cube as an integral component; even this Baroque pattern marries a traditional damask with the geometric form.” Megan Mazzocco Senior Editor


APNEW4.indd 62


09 10.2014 . 2015

9/2/15 7:39 PM


Research shows that some roof insulations have the potential to lose 15% of their claimed thermal performance when it gets hot and in excess of 25% of their thermal performance when it gets cold. ROXUL® roofing products are made of stone wool, which provides for stable thermal performance across varying temperatures and climate zones. For links to external third party studies and to see how this would apply to a building in your climate zone visit us at

Circle 63

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PROOF #: 1 ARTIST: NG DATE: April 2, 2015 DOCKET #: 11507



FINISHED SIZE:10.375” x 12.5”

9/3/15 1:35 PM

new & improved

IT’S ALL IN THE WRIST Graham Architectural Products offers a new singlelever operator window featuring unique hardware designed to operate with minimal force and limited motion. Similar to other offerings in the GT6200 Series, the window features Euro-Groove design, dual colors and a polyamide strut thermal break system for enhanced insulation. Circle 499


DIRTT Pre-Fab, Modular

Hardware is designed to operate with minimal force and limited motion.

ENDANGERED LIST When natural textures are best left in nature, the occasion calls for Stingray, the new exotics collection from Enduratex. Ideal for hospitality, the pattern is a subtle, pebbly texture in colors like Sandy Pebbles, Sea Grass and Sandbar. The vinylcoated fabric withstands denim dye transfer, sharpie and mustard, yet has a soft hand. Circle 498

MILLING AROUND Known for its modular and flexible wall systems, DIRTT now offers pre-fab and modular construction. The company’s modern timber frame product unveiled at NeoCon can be used to add a warm feel to interior spaces. Fabricated on a Swiss-made CNC machine from Krüsi, the niche shown is a curved timber frame honeycomb ceiling comprised of 127 cut and curved beams and completely unique honeycomb sections. Circle 497


APNEW4.indd 64



09 10.2014 . 2015

9/2/15 7:39 PM

Henry W. Blo l ch Exe xecu cuti t ve Hal alll of Ent ntre r preneurship and Inno n vation, University of Missouri – Kansas City, MO Architect: BNIM Architects – Kansas City, MO & Moore Ruble Yud dell Ar Arch hitects & Planners – Santa Monic, CA Phot oto Credit: Courte esy of Enterpriise Precast Concrete, Inc. and Jaci c a Ph hil i lips Photography

Precast Provides High Performance Schools The designers of the 68,000 sq. ft. Henry W. Bloch Executive Hall at the University of Missouri-Kansas City wanted to create a contemporary structure that also would complement the university’s historic masonry vernacular. The structure also had to meet today’s strict energy code. Both of these goals were accomplished by using a high performance precast concrete enclosure system with embedded terra-cotta; edge-to-edge, continuous insulation; and carbon ber wythe connectors eliminating thermal bridging. The precast enclosure system provided a material R-value of R17, accelerated construction to meet their tight deadline, and the desired aesthetic all while saving time and money.

Discover High Performance Precast Circle 64

6007 - Arch Products 65 (Bloch Hall)-v3.indd 1 • 1509APAds2.indd

Versatile | Efficient | Resilient

For more information and free continuing education, visit 8/14/15 AM 9/3/15 11:12 1:35 PM

new & improved

IT GOES UP AND DOWN Up + Down pendant fixtures are designed to illuminate high-ceilinged spaces, with separate LEDs providing up- and down-lighting. Constructed from precisionmachined aluminum, the fixtures are available in square or round shapes, and up- and down-facing LEDs are specified separately, to meet application-specific requirements. Four color temperatures and a range of lumen packages are available. Circle 496




NATIONWIDE RELEASE Once only available in New England, AdvanTech roof and wall sheathing now is available across the United States. The oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing has a Structural 1 rating for resistance to wind and seismic loads and incorporates an advanced resin technology for strong moisture and humidity resistance. Circle 495

“OSB sheathing that meets wind and seismic loads with strong moisture resistance makes timber construction feasible across climates.”

The second edition of Arborite’s innovative INK series of designer laminates includes eight dynamic designs. New INK patterns recall youthful, whimsical memories, with current patterns for modern use and application. Laminates features oversize repeats, available in standard 4-ft. × 8-ft. panels. Custom colors available. Circle 494


Megan Mazzocco Senior Editor

AdvanTech is built to meet the ESR-1785 standard, which documents industry-leading strength and stiffness.


APNEW4.indd 66


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The Standard of Comparison Since 1885 The Standard of Comparison since 1885 An ISO 9001 Compliant Quality Management System. An ISO 14001 Compliant Environmental Management System.

As Belden Brick gets ready to celebrate 130 years of brick making in 2015 the family tradition continues toward providing the preeminent product in the brick industry. Belden provides more colors, textures, sizes and shapes than any other brick company in the US.

If you’re thinking about brick ... ask for Belden Brick! | 330.456.0031 Circle 65 BeldenCommercialFullpgAd_ArchitecturalProducts.indd 1 • 1509APAds2.indd 67

2/18/15 4:17 PM 9/3/15 1:35 PM

new & improved

DMF LIGHTING LED Cylinder Series


GET OUT THE MAP Inspired by ancient map-making techniques, Cartography reinvigorates commercial settings with a fresh take on organics for interior floor covering. Using abstract map shapes and bright color accents, Cartography provides the perfect solution for floor plane spacing and workplace seating. Matte and lustrous fiber with cut and un-cut pile add depth and visual interest. A Cradle-to-Cradle Certified Silver v3.0 product, it contributes to LEED credit. Circle 493

Joining a growing line-up of tubular-shaped fixtures, the new LED Cylinder Series includes surface-, stem-, cord- and wall-mount versions, available in three sizes and two lumen packages. Designers also can choose from four color-temperature offerings, with decorative glass accents available to customize fixture appearance. Circle 491


The VERDEdri has a

Class 1 fire-rated, SONEX Linear

HEPA filtration system

is constructed of pinta acoustic’s

to reduce airborne

willtec foam.


VERY DRY VERDEdri high-speed hand dryer is the most energy efficient, highspeed hand dryer on the market. Equipped with a HEPA filtration system, it reduces airborne contaminates and improves hygiene quality. VERDEdri is a surfacemounted, ADA-compliant hand dryer and offers global universal voltage. Circle 492


APNEW4.indd 68


NOISE FALLS INTO LINE SONEX Linear Absorber straight-line baffles provide sound control with a modern appearance. Circle 490

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 12:01 PM

A r c h e Ty p e X

Kim Lighting is proud to announce the new LEAR™ (Light Engine Adjustable Ready) module, a concept that brings unparalleled flexibility to the lighting industry. By incorporating this latest design, Kim Lighting has developed the first outdoor luminaires with independently adjustable LED emitters. We call this concept the Type X distribution. X is whatever you want it to be. • LED modules rotate 355 degrees with 70 degrees of tilt for maximum flexibility • Create your user defined distribution specific to your site using AGi32 v16 new feature Design Isolines • Site, flood, wall product options

Infinite adjustability… Circle 66

TypeX_AP_Ad_8-26-15.indd • 1509APAds2.indd 69 1

8/26/15 9/3/15 1:35 1:51 PM PM

new & improved

GRAND ENTRANCE Designed as a signature entry or ballroom luminaire, the P28 chandelier features 28 individual pendants, all with clear, cylindrical lenses finished with conical diffusers producing either diffuse or concentric illumination. The layout is completely customizable and installed onsite; lighting is dimmable down to 1%. Circle 489


SLIDING DOOR SYSTEM DORMA Americas offers its popular European manual sliding door system to North American customers. MUTO makes installation hassle-free with its compact, modular profile and easy integration of complementary functional elements. It offers a variety of features to provide convenience in everyday use. With aluminum finishes including clear anodized, similar to satin stainless steel anodized, and powder coat options, MUTO can be matched to virtually any architectural interior. Circle 488


VISA LIGHTING Meridian A self-closing door with no need for a power supply and a damping device to decelerate door panels as they approach the open or closed positions, taking them to a gentle stop


APNEW4.indd 70


CIRCULAR LOGIC Hanging from stainless steel cables, the ring-shaped Meridian pendant is an exercise in simple geometry, with upper and lower acrylic lenses joined by a loop of extruded aluminum (with a range of painted and metallic finish options). The LED luminaire is available in three color temperatures and is dimmable down to 10%. Circle 487

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/3/15 2:00 PM






1 D

D 5.50

9.00 3.00





1.50 3.00


1.50 .88



3.00 4.00

C .75 1.50


4.06 .25


4.00 4.00



4.00 3.00



4.00 B

4.00 6.50

4.00 2.00










12 Gauge Steel Construction for superior strength A  No Visible Fasteners .25  Accommodates 22” to 26” countertops – can be modified for larger sizes2 4 3  3” X 3” cleat cut out at the wall  Mounting holes in the nose allow for installing your own finishing skirt if necessary 6.49  Available in Black krinkle powder coat  Spring Clips & Screws included  Made in USA $65.95 per Bracket (2 per box) B CHECKED





ADA Tilt Front 13ga Steel SIZE



4.00 4.00




ADA-Tilt-Front-drawing SHEET






Patent #29533571



25 1.50







ADA Tilt Front 13ga Steel SIZE



ADA-Tilt-Front-drawing SCALE








Call To Order (888) 647-0200

2705 Mount Joy Road, Manheim, PA 17545 | Fax: (717) 653-5874 | Email: Circle 67

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new & improved

SEMCO Unitary Wheel Cassette Series

WINNING WHEEL The Unitary Wheel Cassette (UWC) Series, a sensible and latent energy recovery aluminum desiccant wheel, is designed and packaged as the HVAC industry’s first drop-in replacement for polymer desiccant wheels in most unitary ERV brands. The 3.75-in.-wide (100-mm) wheels feature a fast-acting, corrosion-resistant, proprietary desiccant that’s applied to a sturdy, but lightweight all-aluminum wheel substrate. The honeycomb matrix’s fluted opening design efficiently produces maximum latent and sensible air-to-air heat transfer, but generates up to 50% less HVAC system static pressure than polymer film wheels. Circle 485

A Break from the Weather Heat


Wind Wind



TRANE Sintesis

Introducing the Thermally Broken Roof Hatch, the New Standard in Energy Efficiency Thermally broken roof hatches feature a frame and cover design that minimizes heat transfer between interior and exterior metal surfaces. The result is a product that resists harmful condensation and provides superior energy efficiency. Product Features • Thermally broken design • Aluminum construction • R-18 insulation in the cover & curb • Special gasketing for wind resistance • Optional powder coat paint finish

For more information, call 1-800-366-6530 or log-on to

The units use up to 40% less refrigerant than traditional tube/fin and flooded heat exchanger technology due to the micro-channel condenser coil and the compact, highperformance, integrated, low-charge evaporator design.

BLC923 Thermally Broken RH Ad_AP.indd 1

APNEW4.indd 72

Circle 68

2/18/15 3:56 PM

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/3/15 2:00 PM



Recycled rubber chips can now be combined into eight custom color combinations. The porous, flexible, and durable pour-in-place surfacing material offers many colors to appropriately match any exterior colorscape. Custom colors include gray-black, tanblack, brown-black, cypress-black, red-black, browntan, green-brown and blue-gray. Circle 484

Optiblue or Optigray glass from PPG has a neutral tint and a performance rating that meets California Title 24 standards. It has the highest visible light transmittance with low emissivity (low-E.) Circle 483

PPG Optiblue

POROUS PAVE Recycled Rubber Chips

Porous Pave diminishes water runoff by allowing water to soak through into the ground.

EASY ON THE EARS AND ENVIRONMENT The Sintesis family of air-cooled chillers, part of the EcoWise portfolio of products, offer a choice of either R-134a or DuPont Opteon XP10 (R-513A), next-generation, low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants. The units use up to 40% less refrigerant than traditional tube/fin and flooded heat exchanger technology due to the micro-channel condenser coil and the compact, high-performance, integrated, low-charge (CHIL) evaporator design. A user-selectable noisereduction mode is also available to help comply with nighttime and weekend neighborhood noise restrictions. Circle 482

09 . 2015

APNEW4.indd 73

Circle 69

9/3/15 2:00 PM

new & improved


ACCESS FIXTURES LED Round Dome Top Bollard

Not only can each of the twin track heads on the new Duet luminaire rotate a full 180 degrees independently, the center post itself can rotate 355 degrees. The fixture is available in PAR30 and PAR38 models, which both can accommodate after-market LED-based PAR-style lamps. Circle 481


WILDLIFE-FRIENDLY BOLLARD Designers lighting pathways in coastal wildlife areas now have a new option with the new LED Round Dome Top Bollard. Featuring Type 5 glass, the fixtures produce amber-toned illumination that doesn’t disturb sea turtles and other species. Circle 480

“In the Light Frozen installation, the scales and colors of the wall covering match up precisely with the custom-upholstered chairs.” Megan Mazzocco Senior Editor

DESIGNTEX Light Frozen

Photos: bcd @megatorial



APNEW4.indd 74


Designtex’s artist-inspired ideas add to last year’s made-to-measure collection, a series of fabric and wall-coverings customizable by pattern, colorway and scale. Made-to-measure now includes Light Frozen, an installation featuring the work of artist Phillip Low; it appears in installation as both a digitally printed wallcovering and a digitally printed upholstery on Hans J. Wegner wing chairs from Carl Hansen and Søn—the scales and the colors of the wall-covering match up exactly with the custom-upholstered chairs. Circle 479

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/2/15 7:40 PM

innovative products

University of British Columbia Law School, CANADA

Creating rooftop environments Wood tiles | pedestals | site furnishings


Circle 70

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9/3/15 1:35 PM

new & improved


FLOOR IN A BOX New 18-in. × 18-in. tiles join the existing TecCare floating floor system line. Previously only available in planks, the line includes a diverse and well-balanced palette of four classic and contemporary tile patterns for a total of 16 new colors. Tile designs range from the more natural Rustic Slate and Timeless Travertine to the on-trend designs and colors represented by Metro Strands and Cosmo Stonewood. The simple “floor in a box” concept combines a recycled underlayment along with “peel and stick” planks. Circle 478

KLEIN USA Rollglass

Frameless glass sliders with fixed glass introduce lighting and acoustical functions with minimal hardware.

FRAMELESS GLASS PANELS The Rollglass sliding door is designed to divide spaces through a combination of fixed and frameless glass sliding panels. The numerous glass panels allow for increased light sharing and the creation of a modern and clean design. Rollglass is ideal for office fronts, conference rooms, bathroom entrances, shower enclosures and more. The minimalist design features a compact, clear anodized track for panels up to 10-ft. high and a clean opening clear of floor tracks. Circle 476


APNEW4.indd 76



MASTERING ENERGY STANDARDS TempMaster, a new light commercial HVAC product line, includes a variety of tonnages, fuel sources and configurations. The products have been rated in accordance with AHRI Standard 210/240 and 340/360 and meet relevant ASHRAE 90.1, Energy Star and EPACT 2005 standards; they also meet today’s application demands with fully featured mid-range units and high-capacity units up to 25 tons. Plus, direct-replacement models that set directly on many existing roof curbs are offered, eliminating the need for bulky adapters. Circle 477

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/2/15 7:40 PM

Circle 71

Perfectly Aligned—Design and Acoustics SONEX® Linear Absorbers are straight-line baffles that provide excellent sound control with a modern appearance. Custom designs, shapes, sizes, colors and virtually unlimited ceiling plan and elevation arrangements offer a signature look. Made from Class 1 fire-rated willtec® foam, these baffles easily slip-fit into channel trim and fasten in place to walls or ceilings.

SONEX® Linear Absorbers

Download The Science of Better Acoustics: 1.800.662.0032 © 2015 pinta acoustic, inc. All rights reserved.

Circle 72

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9/3/15 1:35 PM


Architect: O’Brien Atkins Associates, PA




For over 40 years, EXTECH has been a leader in translucent window, wall and skylight systems. Our TechVent top-hinged windows are available in continuous runs up to 150ft long and can be left open during normal rainfall. ®

“In hot weather, shade is an asset. Retractable canopies transform decks and patios into cool outdoor rooms. Knowing an overhang reduces HVAC loads inside the building is a bonus.”

Exceptional impact resistance, coupled with industrial grade rack & pinion operating hardware, make TechVent the perfect choice for demanding environments.

Megan Mazzocco Senior Editor


Learn more about TechVent at: ®



HANOVER Woodland Pavers

ROCK SOLID WOOD Woodland Pavers provide the look of traditional wood board decking with the strength and durability of concrete pavers. Circle 474


APNEW4.indd 78


09 10.2014 . 2015

9/3/15 2:00 PM

FINALArch Prod 2015nonbleed:Layout 1 2/11/2015 4:13 PM Page 1

SLIM SHADY Retractable Deck & Patio Canopies turn hot decks and patios into cool outdoor rooms. ShadeTree’s modular designs cover large, odd-shaped areas and extend up to 24 ft. Canopy kits adapt to existing structures or new designs, or come as complete shade structures in aluminum or vinyl. A patented, built-in wind protection system guards against wind damage and outdoor fabrics are guaranteed not to fade. Circle 475

SHADETREE Retractable Deck + Patio Canopies

Circle 74


Perfectly flat floors, delivered.

Faster, safer, greener. SUSTAINABILITY, BY THE NUMBERS With a recently released Life Cycle Assessment, Bufftech vinyl fence becomes the first in the industry to feature cradle-to-grave analysis of its life-cycle environmental impact. Available in 7- and 8-ft. heights, the fencing features steel-reinforced mid and bottom rails and can be specified in a range of colors. Circle 473

® Snap to see more.

SCA-0244-0815 ©2015 LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC. All trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners.

09 . 2015

APNEW4.indd 79

Circle 75

9/3/15 2:00 PM


SOLID SENSOR SOLUTION The SPACE-Sensor EnOcean (SSE) delivers a wireless temperature sensor solution that is fully compatible with existing EnOcean system components. The maintenance-free, battery-less sensor solution features an energy-harvesting photovoltaic cell. With smooth, contoured lines and a slim profile, the unit offers an optional setpoint slider, which sends a scalable analog signal to the receiver; the lithium cell provides five years of operation in a no-light environment. Circle 472

SHUSH-ING IN STYLE This year, the company’s acoustic solutions included Buzzifalls, a decorative laser-cut felt, which can be created in any color or pattern and used as a backdrop, a wallcovering or a hanging partition. Circle 471


“I can’t get enough of BuzziSpace products; they turn office design into a whimsical experience that makes going to work more like a walk in Central Park than the daily grind. Megan Mazzocco Senior Editor

Circle 76

APNEW4.indd 80

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/3/15 2:00 PM

Stonhard is an ISO 9001 Registered Company ©2013 Stonhard®

WHAT THE BEST DRESSED SCHOOLS ARE WEARING THIS SEASON StonresTM RTZ in Canvas and Mystic manufactured & installed by Stonhard

Seamless, safe, resilient clean floors provide long term, sustainable protection and create inspiring learning environments. Stonhard manufactures and installs seamless floors for schools, healthcare and commercial environments. Performance, design and a single source warranty too.

a brand of

THE STONHARD GROUP 800.257.7953 Stonhard is an ISO 9001 Registered Company ©2015 Stonhard®


Circle 77

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9/3/15 1:35 PM

new & improved

Colors: Ivory Staccato, Silver Melody, Almond Note, Desert Harmony and Stone Chamber come in 12 × 24, mosaic and multi-colored patterned blends.


watermark designs made in brooklyn T 718.257.2800 F 718.257.2144





















spt ctc 4 3/4", oa 6 1/2", ht 3"

spt ctc 4 3/4", oa 6 1/2", ht 3"




Extensions are priced per 2” increments. Please specify height. See note #4 on inside cover

SINGLE HANDLE - WALL MOUNTED RHYME AND REASON 97-1.2-___ 1142 1268 1419 spt oa 8 1/8” Florida Tile’s new “Rhyme” is a monochrome color-body tile with a traditional linen fabric look. A monochromatic palette yields a mix-up of simple but elegant texture. Colors: Ivory Staccato, Silver Melody, Almond Note, Desert SS-SHV1.2 VALVE ONLY FOR ABOVE 201 201 201 Harmony and Stone Chamber come in 12 × 24, mosaic and multi-colored patterned blends. Circle 470 97-1.2TO-___










WATERMARK Jem Collection

Optional Handle Trim Key





PRIHODA Recycled Diffuser

Crystal Color Options AUR Swarovski miniature Crystal Auroreused in the crystals Boreale Jem faucet collection CLR Crystal Argent Light JET Jet Hematite


CAPTURING CRYSTAL Watermark introduces the Jem collection which feature Swarovski miniature crystals in the faucet spout and handles, giving off an eye-catching sparkle effect that reflects light and color. Circle 469


APNEW4.indd 82


Recycled ducting and diffusers are comprised of 100% post-consumer Repreve material made from recycled water bottles. Not only does this UL-Classified HVAC product divert waste from landfills, but it also takes less energy and water and produces fewer greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process than fabric diffusers made of virgin polyester. Circle 468

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 1:32 PM

Quality BIM objects. Built for and by BIM professionals.




“We put the info in BIM”

This object, plus thousands more, have all been developed by ARCAT BIM experts, so you can rely on them as you do for ARCAT specs and SpecWizards. These 3D objects are packed with all the critical product data you need, and are free of charge like all of ARCAT services! Formats: RFA- Revit Object | RVT- Revit System | DWG and DXF - AutoCAD, Sketchup - all cad software | DGN- Bentley

No fees. No subscriptions. No registration required!!!

Circle 78

BIM Quality Ad.indd 83 1 • 1509APAds2.indd

8/18/2015 10:11:43 AM 9/3/15 1:35 PM



CREATE. Your inspired vision. COLLABORATE. The Unilock team brings customer service and technical expertise to fully develop your creative paving designs. CUSTOMIZE. Optimizing color, finish, texture and size, we’ll make your unique designs a reality. BRINGING LIGHTING INTO THE BIONIC AGE

PROJECT: Broad Art Museum, Michigan State University. East Lansing, Michigan DESIGN: Hamilton Anderson & Associates PRODUCT: Promenade™ Plank Paver with Umbriano® finish

Whether suspended, recessed or wall-mounted, Bionic Series luminaires feature unique FusionOptics that provide greater control over light distribution, including a perimeter-fill option for hallways, classrooms and other locations where high-impact/low-profile lighting is required. The line is highly customizable, with four color temperatures and four output levels to choose from. Circle 467


Contact your Unilock Representative for samples, product information and to arrange a Lunch & Learn for your team.



Circle 79

ArchProd_Sep_Broad_Unilock.indd 1 APNEW4.indd 84

09 10.2014 . 2015

2015-08-13 1:49 PM

9/3/15 2:00 PM

DELTA BREEZ BreezSmart Series

SMART AND SILENT The BreezSmart Series delivers high air movement at 130 CFM and 150 CFM; it is virtually silent at <0.3 Sones and consumes less than 18W of power, thus reducing energy use and operating costs. Innovative DC brushless motors in every fan are engineered to outlast AC models by as much as 70%. Choose from single-speed or dualspeed models or motion-sensing and humiditysensing options with adjustable low speed and delay timers. All models have been recognized as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2015 and comply with ASHRAE 62.2 and CalGreen requirements to meet sustainability initiatives. Circle 466

Beautifully Designed. Fire-Rated Protection.

Don’t sacrifice design, to achieve fire-rated assembly.


Combining advanced panel design with manufacturing expertise, Metl-Span® created ThermalSafe®, a composite panel with a core made from non-combustible structural mineral wool boards that are processed in the factory to maximize compressive strength, resulting in a fire-rated panel with superior structural characteristics and span capability. ThermalSafe® offers a 1-, 2-, or 3-hour fire rating under the most demanding conditions. The unique LockGuard® interlocking side joint further enhances the fire resistant performance of the panel with its tongue and groove engagement of the mineral wool core. Begin your design with the end in mind at

A SYMPHONY OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY Symphony is an independent, insightful third-party software built for enterprise managers to better understand the relationship between heat exchange and water quality. The preeminent feature is Nexus Number, a single benchmark that aggregates energy efficiency and water quality data. The system also offers continuous commissioning of critical control points, an open-protocol software platform for easy system integration, cloud-based, 24/7 remote accessibility and the incorporation of atmospheric condition data. Circle 465

877.585.9969 | 09 . 2015

APNEW4.indd 85

Circle 80

9/3/15 2:00 PM

new & improved



Available with either MR16 or LED lamping options, the MX downlight series includes a 3.5-in., small-aperture LED downlight, along with adjustable and wall-wash models. Downlight and adjustable fixtures feature a proprietary optics system enabling strong beam control and a tight center beam. The fixtures are available in lumen packages ranging from 650 to 1200 lm. Circle 464

Tough_Pretty_HP-ArchProducts.qxp 4/24/15 3:35 PM Page 1

GROHE Retro-Fit

Who says tough can’t be pretty? Duro-Tuff ® and Duro-Fleece® are known for having the thickest top weathering films in the industry. Available in both 50, 60, and 80 mil with roll widths from 21⁄2 to 10 feet wide, they are water and wind resistant. Now they come in a whole new spectrum of colors.

For the color of success – visit or call


We’re still tough. Now we’re good looking too.

THE ULTIMATE RETROFIT Grohe has added three new models to its popular Retro-Fit shower system line, which transforms existing shower heads into an upscale shower in less than an hour’s time, without breaking into the wall. Each selection features a shower arm that can be swiveled 45 degrees or fixed, and an adjustable sliding bar. Circle 463


APNEW4.indd 86

“Duro-Last,” the “World’s Best Roof,” “Duro-Tuff,” and “Duro-Fleece” are registered marks owned by Duro-Last, Inc. Colors_E2E_9.11.14_1

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 12:04 PM

Beauty that lasts...


Engineered Polymer Ceiling and Canopy System

Endure Woodgrain - The look of wood without the cost!

Endure - Tough, long lasting beauty!!

Manufacturing the finest suspended wood ceilings, acoustical wood wall systems, engineered polymer ceiling and canopy systems

1-800-227-8566 • 904-584-1400 • 1509APAds2.indd 87

Circle 81

Circle 82

w w w. r u l o n c o . c o m 9/3/15 1:35 PM

Benching Divider Panel Bracket Shared workspaces create collaborative and free-form work environments, but let’s face it – we still need privacy. Create personal space with our benching dividers. Mount permanently or use freestanding for changing workspaces. 5" long, 2 3/8" high. PGRP2 can be used for up to 1/2" thick material. PGRP2-Metallic Silver


hitectural ardware Fine






Satin Aluminum

8 0 0 - 5 2 3 - 12 6 9



Flat and tapered profiles in varying sizes in polished and brushed

w w w. m oc ke t t .com

Circle 83

finishes create vibrant

DRI-DESIGN Tapered Series

surfaces that reflect movement.

CENTRIA Product Catalog

ALL THAT’S NEW AND FIT TO PRINT CENTRIA’s new 2015 Product Catalog features new photography and easy-to-reference product information on a full range of insulated and standard metal-panel offerings. The company’s Intercept, Metalwrap and Formawall panel lines are all included in the new publication. Circle 462

Circle 84

APNEW4.indd 88

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 1:31 PM

MOTORHEAD DREAMS The cladding for the library and learning center on the Ashtonbee Campus of Toronto’s Centennial College draws on the institution’s unique heritage as one of Canada’s largest training schools for transportation technology: the stainless steel panels are meant as an homage to the engines student study. Designers with the local firm of MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects paired flat and tapered profiles in five sizes in polished and brushed finishes to create vibrant surfaces that pick up movement of people and cars “as fragmented ephemeral patterns of color and light,” according to design principal, Ted Watson. Circle 461


LINETEC Valspar Fluropon Classic II Bronze

CAMPUS JEWEL Hosting prospective students and their families, Alfond Inn, located on the Rollins College campus in Winter Park, Fla., features an attractive domed skylight, dubbed the hotel’s “jeweled center.” Manufactured and installed by Super Sky Products, the skylight’s aluminum frame is finished with Linetec’s Valspar Fluropon Classic II bronze. Circle 460

DuctSox with SkeleCore Technology is the standard for Fabric Ductwork & Diffuser Products. Whether it is the FTS or Pull-Tight system, SkeleCore tensions and supports the fabric—meaning no noise, no sagging, and no wrinkles. With SkeleCore, you also enjoy the traditional benefits of fabric ductwork, including better air dispersion and lower overall cost than

Photo courtesy: William Lemke

metal ductwork.

09 . 2015

APNEW4.indd 89

• Rigid. Flexible. Better. Choose wisely, choose SkeleCore. • Don’t forget to check out our FREE Continuing Education Course. Fabric Ductwork: The Metal Alternative Find the link on our homepage.

Circle 85


9/8/15 9:39 AM



MINIMIZE MAINTENANCE Verdeon LED roadway fixtures feature minimal lumen depreciation over a 10-year period, twice that of standard HID options. The fixtures include a 7-pin photocontrol receptacle, and can be specified with an available dimming motion-control option. Circle 459

GLEN-GERY Face-brick cladding

TURN TO MAXXON FOR BEST IN CLASS FLOOR SOLUTIONS For renovation or new construction on college campuses, Maxxon offers a complete line of underlayments, sound control mats and moisture mitigation products: • Used for fire ratings, floor leveling and sound control • Gypsum Underlayments • Level-Right Self-Leveling Underlayments • Acousti-Mat Sound Control Systems • Moisture Vapor Barriers • More than 100 UL Fire Rated Designs • Documented sound tests over a variety of assemblies • May help contribute toward points for LEED® project certification Learn more: 800-356-7887 © 2015 Maxxon® Corporation, all rights reserved.

Circle 86

APNEW4.indd 90

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/3/15 2:00 PM

C R E AT I N G E N V I R O N M E N T S W H E R E P E O P L E C A N S H I N E ™

VELUX AMERICA Modular Skylights

GOOD ARCHITECTURE FOR THE ARCHITECTS In order to bring daylighting into the space, renovations at Cornell University’s East Sibley Hall, Ithaca, N.Y., included the installation of Velux modular commercial skylights. Now students and faculty in the Department of Architecture enjoy much more pleasant office, collaborative and studio spaces. Circle 458

NOD TO TRADITION Face-brick cladding lends a traditional appearance to a high-performing building on the campus of Norwalk Community College. The façade of the $30 million Center for Science, Health and Wellness, designed by New York City’s Mitchell Giurgola Architects, pairs the brick with more modern materials to tie the building in with the rest of the 1960s-era campus. Circle 457


HOT SPOTS & GLARE Guardian 275® systems provide diffuse natural light without the discomfort of direct sun penetration. They’re lightweight, can be insulated for added thermal performance, provide built-in moisture management and are backed by industry-best warranties.



09 . 2015

APNEW4.indd 91

Circle 87

9/3/15 2:00 PM

GYM TILES FOR SMALL SPACES Exelia 7 mm-thick interlocking tile system made from VOC-free virgin PVC is a cost-effective, longlasting flooring option for a university’s smaller gym areas. Standard and lightweight tiles can be used in tandem, in a grid or off-set pattern. Available in nine standard colors with custom colors and matching baseboard profiles also an option. Featuring quick and easy installation, Exelia is ideal for retrofit applications. Circle 456





FLOORING FACTORS MP uses recycled synthetic fibers from the carpet industry in the manufacture of its VOC-free fiber acoustic underlayments for hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, luxury vinyl tile and plank, and ceramic and porcelain tile floors. The reclamation process enables diverts 760 tons of fibers from landfill each month. All MP Global fiber acoustic underlayments are independently certified by Scientific Certification Systems. QuietWalk is a premium fiber acoustic and insulating underlayment designed for floating wood and laminate flooring, shown here with QuietWarmth, a radiant heat film that is a gentle radiant heat system designed specifically for floating floors. Circle 455



Now your indispensable cutting tools stay organized and secure wherever you go. MITIGATING MOLD AND MOISTURE

Our newly designed Basic Knife Set includes three essential knives plus a full set of precision blades stored neatly in a form-fitting, magnetic tray – all inside a compact case with a durable nylon cover. You’re serious about professional results. That’s why we’re Serious About Sharp. LEARN MORE AT XACTO.COM

Circle 88

26006_KnifeKit_ArchProducts_2_875x11_5_CR.indd 1

APNEW4.indd 92

6/10/15 9:47 AM

The 30-80AF Vapor-Safe Coating is a waterbased, fire-resistive vapor barrier for use on most types of thermal insulation, including polystyrene foam. It is designed for use in high-humidity areas to resist surface mold, fungus and mildew growth and to protect the insulation system from their discoloring and deteriorating effects. The coating forms a protective vapor retarder film over insulation, preventing moisture ingress while providing a mold resistant coating. Circle 454

TAKE THE HIGH LINE Providing protection without obstructing sightlines were twin goals of architects with Diller Scofidio + Renfro in their plans for the High Line elevated park in New York City. To meet both needs, the designers opted for X-TEND stainless steel mesh as an infill material in a number of locations, including along stairwells and guardrails and over perimeter benches. Circle 453

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/3/15 2:01 PM


ExpressYourself Explore five bold new colors and endless creative possibilities with DesignRail®

aluminum railing systems. Customizable, ultra-durable, and easy to install

2/10/15 9/3/15 1:35 3:52 PM

2015-900.indd 1 • 1509APAds2.indd 93

and maintain. To learn more, speak with your Feeney dealer or visit or call us at 1-800-888-2418

Circle 89

new & improved

CHECK OUT THE VIEW As part of its renovation of Colorado State University’s Lory Student Center, Perkins+Will specified close to 3000 sq. ft. of View Dynamic Glass. Prior to the retrofit, the west-facing side of the building had trouble handling the heat gain from direct sunlight; now, the dynamically tinted glazing enables students to comfortably enjoy the space. Circle 339

VIEW View Dynamic Glass

Fabulous. Affordable.

Fabricoil™ interior architectural systems provide all the visual intrigue, durability and functionality of traditional woven metal mesh but at an installed cost that any project can afford. Explore a world of fabulous design possibilities with Fabricoil. Learn more at or call 800.999.2645. 94

ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS Circle 90 64 Degrees UC San Diego, CA • Fabricoil Secura Track System • Architect: Studio E Architects • Photo: Hewitt/Garrison Architectural Photography

APNEW4.indd 94

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 12:12 PM

Circle 91

• 1509APAds2.indd 95

9/3/15 1:35 PM



3FORM LA2Connected

ART FROM ABOVE When lighting is not integral to a ceiling, make it stand out as a showy piece of art-inarchitecture. 3forms’ new collection, LA2Connected, turns light into sculpture, and its modular components are an economical way to design a custom lightinvg installation. Circle 340 COSELLA-DÖRKEN


Perforated Metal

The Summit Grand Prairie,TX Architect: Brinkley Sargent Architects Product: Perforated Metal


(Canopies & Column Panels)

Contractors, designers and fabricators choose to incorporate McNICHOLS® Hole Products into their projects because of their versatility and beauty. With a large, in-stock inventory and 18 locations nationwide, we are ready to serve you!

Inspired to Serve!™

McNICHOLS Industrial & Architectural Hole Product Solutions since 1952

“Dimples go a long way; in this case, a dimple-and-groove design provides two-sided drainage and ventilation.” Megan Mazzocco Senior Editor

A NEW WAY TO WRAP Delta-Dry is a barrier wrap designed for use in ventilated rainscreen assemblies and, unlike many other building wraps, it cannot be penetrated by air or moisture. The channeled polyethylene sheeting material allows for wall ventilation and draining, without allowing air or moisture to pass through. The material can be installed with nails and can be handled by a single person. Circle 341

866.754.5144 |

Circle 92

APNEW4.indd 96

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 12:12 PM

FullMetalJacket-Emery-ArchitecturalProducts_DuraCoat 8/10/15 10:02 AM Page 1

The Emery contemporary apartments signals Portland’s South Waterfront’s urban future.

Full Metal Jacket A P P L I E D


Virtually all of the apartment building’s exterior siding is Durapon 70™ PVDFcoated steel and weathering steel.

LIVING IN THE EMERY APARTMENTS IN OREGON’S HISTORIC SOUTH WATERFRONT, PORTLAND’S INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT UNDERGOING A RENAISSANCE, RESIDENTS CAN FEEL SECURE. Their eco-friendly, seven-story riverfront residence is protected — from frequent rain, constant humidity, and all the elements, by a cloak of steel. It’s long-term security. The apartment building’s metal exterior is finished with Durapon 70™, Dura Coat Products’ 70% PVDF, to withstand the wettest and most extreme weather for decades to come. Constructed with 65,000 sq. ft. of 24-gauge Galvalume steel and coated with Durapon 70™ in custom metallic colors, the distinctive siding also includes 10,000 sq. ft. of A606 weathering steel and 2,000 sq. ft. of 7.2 rib panel and 1,000 sq. ft. of TBC-Flush soffit system coated with Durapon Metallic Silver. Durapon 70™, with proven cool roof pigments and durability in humid and extreme environments, provided the perfect solution for contemporary housing in an emerging urban community. Its protective metal finishes and high-build primers offered a strong barrier for the metal substrate. The PVDF comes from a long line of quality coatings for coil and spray, with time-tested use in combating marine and corrosive environments.


Secure your next project, wherever you build it. Durapon 70™ can make it distinctive — and green, with Cool Roof Rating Council, Energy Star and LEED standards compliance. For more information, call 951-341-6500 or 256-350-4300.

Photo courtesy of The Bryer Company, Auburn, WA

Circle 93

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9/3/15 1:35 PM

new & improved


FABRIC OF YOUR LIGHT The new SLIM surface luminaire projects just 1.5-in. from the wall. State-of-the-art EvenArc LED technology provides even illumination of the shade with no hot spots or shadows. Eco-friendly, proprietary shade options for Slim wallmount LED luminaires feature fabrics and/or custom designs embedded in architectural resin. The fixtures themselves feature an ultra-low projection profile of only 1.5-in., producing the equivalent illumination of a 100W fixture while drawing only 14W. Circle 342


STONE FOREST Ore Vessel, Industrial Console

NOTHING FISHY ABOUT IT The new Fin exterior luminaire offers a range of options for campus designers seeking a unified appearance. The dimmable LED fixture is available in 3000K and 5000K color temperatures and in three lumen packages, all with the same sleek design, which is ready for both motion and photo sensor installation. Circle 344

ANTIQUE STEEL Fashioned from antique steel pipe cap, the classic Ore Vessel nicely complements the Industrial Console, which is inspired by the cast-iron pattern-making tables of the 1920s. Available in white bronze, weathered bronze and golden bronze finish, the vessel sinks run 15 in. in diameter at 6.5 in. high. Circle 343


APNEW4.indd 98


09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 12:12 PM

Your Single Source for Complete Building System Solutions STONETECH


Tile & Stone Installation and Care Systems

Concrete Restoration and Care Systems



Masonry Installation and Care Systems

Resinous/Decorative Finishes

Concrete Construction Chemicals

So much more than tile and stone installation materials Snap for video

Snap for more information A-5928-0815 ©2015 LATICRETE International, Inc. All trademarks shown are the intellectual properties of their respective owners.

• 1509APAds2.indd 99

l 1.800.243.4788

Circle 94

Globally Proven Globally Proven Construction Solutions Construction Solutions 9/3/15 1:35 PM

Critical Products + Materials

Julie Grisham, ASID, ASRID; with more than 35 years of experience in commercial, healthcare, government and residential design, she served as the library’s interior designer. She specializes in Library Design.

Reese Rowland, FAIA; helping to transform downtown Little Rock through architecture, he has designed some of Arkansas’ most recognized buildings, earning him a spot on list of “50 Influential Arkansans.”

Mandy Breckenridge, AIA, LEED AP, served as the project architect and sits on the Steering Committee for the USGBC Arkansas Central Branch; in 2010 received Arkansas Business “20 in their 20s” award.



1509APDEC.indd 100



2 × 6 boardwalk, Composite Wood Decking

McNichols, Custom

This custom-made bridge features planking of a composite wood material that’s typically used for residential and commercial decks, says Rowland. “We picked it for two reasons: one, its wear and tear—it’s like plastic wood so that it won’t rot. And two, it’s extremely hard, so it can stand up to skateboarding and bikes.” Preston and Pierce Rowland, the architect’s children, are pictured on the bridge.

The custom railing features double 0.75-in. × 2-in. bars painted with 2 × 1 stainless steel woven mesh panel insert.

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/8/15 10:34 AM


Red Panels

Vertical Panels

Metal Panels

Alucobond Wet Seal System

Alucobond, Vertical Fins

Petersen, Pac-Clad Snap-On

Red metal, aluminum composite wall panels, installed vertically in metallic russet mica.

09 . 2015

1509APDEC.indd 101

The vertical fins between windows are in a silver metallic cool 30.

After the curtainwall, all the way to the right: standing seam wall panels installed vertically in weathered zinc.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library and Learning Center Little Rock, Ark.

Designed and built to teach life skills through hands-on education, the Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library and Learning Center is helping to reclaim a high-crime residential neighborhood. A charrette with local youth led to the inclusion of a teaching kitchen in the Library. The kid’s top request was food security; they told the architects they want to learn how to feed themselves. Other features include a performance space, greenhouse, vegetable garden and arboretum. Landscape ecology and an outdoor amphitheater help provide handson education for the locals. “We created an urban wetland that acts as the fence between the neighborhood, the library and the interstate it backs up to, irrigating the lower edge of the site,” says project architect Reese Rowland, Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects. “The whole project was about experiential education for the kids. This was more about (the idea) of creating this natural setting where kids can come and explore and put their feet in the water.” The LEED Gold Library hosts as many as 100,000 visitors a year.



9/8/15 10:34 AM


Aluminum Ceiling


Because the library is built into a hillside, the entrance is at the upstairs level Reading Room. (This photo shows the back of that reading room.) After entering, kids can use this staircase, located at the rear of the library, to reach other areas of the facility. This durable, resilient sheet flooring is made for the toughest areas with skidresistant vinyl—perfect for the library and its heavyduty interior traffic.

Corrugated and perforated metal panels, Pattern C-S, 1/8-in. holes on 21/64-in. staggered centers. Natural aluminum fi nish with acoustical batts behind. Designers also specifi ed this perforated metal ceiling and wall in the performance space for acoustics. “While this isn’t meant to be a music venue, the local symphony came over with their children’s quarter and said it sounded as good as any auditorium,” notes Rowland.

“We used the Angela Adams Carpet Collection from Shaw Contract throughout the library because it looks like raindrops hitting a pond, lily pads,” says Rowland. “It’s a fairly modern open glass building; it is the touches that Grisham put in that bring it down to the children’s level and make it what it needs to be.”

Stair Treads: Lonseal Lonplate 1 Color: Titanium, with embossed steel plate design Lonseal

Curtainwall One of the local products that helped the project earn LEED points (Kawneer has a factory in Springdale, Ark.), the Kawneer curtainwall was specified with a frit pattern that makes the glass look almost smoky or frosted. Style: Fritted Glass Curtainwall System

Style: Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Treatment

Style: Angela Adams Collection Pattern: Casco Tile 59446 Colors: 49305 Urchin 49800 Tangerine Shaw Contract Group

Noise Control Systems




1509APDEC.indd 102

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/3/15 9:00 AM


No other glass delivers this much light with so little heat. SunGuard SNX 51/23 glass from Guardian is an industry first — the first 1 2


product on the market with visible light transmission




above 50% and a solar heat gain coefficient below 0.25. Along with a neutral blue reflected color, it represents a breakthrough combination of light transmission, appearance and solar control that meets increasingly SNX 51/23 on #2

strict energy codes. For complete performance data —

and other ways to Build With Light — visit Or call 1-866-GuardSG (482-7374).

© 2015 Guardian Industries Corp. SunGuard® and Build With Light® are registered trademarks of Guardian Industries Corp.

Circle 95

• 1509APAds2.indd 103 SunGuard_NZB_Oversized_REV_Sep2015_SNX51_23_cityscape.indd 1

9/3/15 1:35 PM 8/6/15 3:25 PM


01 Exterior Panels u Petersen Pac-Clad Circle 451 Alucobond Wet Seal Circle 450 u

Alucobond Vertical Fins Circle 449 u

02 Railing u McNichols Circle 448

03 Bridge u Composite Wood Decking Circle 447

04 Staircase u Lonseal Circle 446

05 Curtainwall u Kawneer Circle 445

06 Metal Ceiling u Noise Control Systems Circle 444

Interior Panels



Alucobond, Wet Seal System installed in a vertical horizontal line across the back wall.

End panels with turtles and frog decorations.

Chairs from the Flick Series with turtles and frog decorations.

TMC Furniture

Color: Metallic Russet Mica

TMC Furniture



07 Carpet u Shaw Contract Circle 443

08 Acoustical Wall u Source One Circle 442

Wilsonart Laminate tops

Acoustical Wall

Interior Bricks

Like wall carpet in a movie theater, these Acousticord panels helped the design team meet the theater’s acoustical requirements— in vivid color. It almost looks like “fruit striped gum,” says Rowland, who added glass in between the panels to “soften the room” a bit.

This stone can be found on the building’s exterior as well.

Style: Acousticord by Source One Color: Sunburst, Canary and Shamrock Source One

Color: Hackett Brown Size: 8-in.-tall battered texture with random lengths Ibison Stone Supply

Colors: Tangerine, Blue Agave Wilsonart

Circulation Desk PROJECT SPECS

Project Name: Hillary Rodham Clinton Children’s Library and Learning Center Location: Little Rock, Ark. Architect: Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects Interior Designer: Julie Grisham Interiors Structural Engineers: Engineering Consultants MEP Engineers: TME Civil Engineers: McClelland Engineers General Contractor: East Harding Construction Landscape Architect: Ecological Design Group Owner: Central Arkansas Library System Photography: Timothy Hursley Praise for the Library: 2015 AIA/ALA National Library Building Award 2014 American Architecture Award— Chicago Athenaeum Museum 2014 University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture Alumni Design Award 2013 Arkansas AIA Honor Award 2013 Arkansas AIA Members’ Choice Award 2015 Honor Award (Built), Central States ASLA 2013 ASID Gold Award, South Central Chapter 2013 ASID Gold Award (Detail), South Central Chapter



1509APDEC.indd 104

Custom desk by Vanerum Stelter with a Wilsonart Plastic Laminate finish in multicolor. Colors: Kiwi, Sweet Corn, Tangerine, Blue Agave and Satin Stainless Vanerum Stelter

09 Bricks u Ibison Stone Supply Circle 441

10 Interior Panels u Alucobond Circle 440

11 Shelving u TMC Furniture Circle 439

12 Chairs u TMC Furniture Circle 438 Wilsonart Circle 437 u

13 Desk u Vanerum Shelter Circle 436 Wilsonart Circle 435 u

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/3/15 9:02 AM

My Vision... © 2015 Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co., Inc. Photos courtesy of ©Kenneth M. Wyner Photography, Inc.

is to build custom, timeless windows and doors for a modern world.

I’m proud to build Kolbe windows and doors, which helped restore this magnificent university. At Kolbe, our custom sizes, configurations, and options are combined with artisan craftsmanship, allowing us to bring even the most intricate visions to life.

We’re for the visionaries | Kolbe’s custom capabilities are virtually unmatched, with multiple options to fit the design and aesthetic of any era. Numerous custom products, including oversized triple hungs, radius windows with one-of-a-kind patterns, and historically-accurate double hungs, help maintain this university’s architectural tradition, first established by Thomas Jefferson almost 200 years ago.

800.955.8177 Circle 96

• 1509APAds2.indd 105 ArchProd-September.indd 1

9/3/15 1:35 PM 8/10/15 3:22 PM


The 95,000-sq.-ft. Cedar Rapids Public Library is designed to be a vibrant, multipurpose destination and a space for the community to mix and collaborate. The design of the new library was driven by the desire to embrace openness and transparency, and to foster public engagement with and within the space. With those principles in mind, OPN Architects looked for innovative ways to present vistas and views throughout the structure while visually connecting the streetscape with the functions occurring within the building.




1509APALD.indd 106

Curtainwall: SageGlass

Project: Cedar Rapids Public Library Type: Civic/New Construction Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa Client/Owner: City of Cedar Rapids Architect: OPN Architects, Cedar Rapids LEED AP: Bradd Brown General Contractor: Knutson Construction Size: 94,116 sq. ft. Total Cost: $49.5M Date Started: October 2011 Date Completed: August 2013 Photography: Wayne Johnson, Main Street Studio

4 Brick: Yankee Hill Brick

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 2:03 PM


Using 100% “harvested” water, even the green roof itself will offer conservation-based educational opportunities for visitors.

LEED Credit:

1 Roofing: Sempergreen Model: Sedum-mix Vegetative Blankets

The landscape is designed to eliminate the need for an irrigation system. Sedum plants are adept at storing water in their leaves and are suitable for varying weather conditions. 2 Irrigation: Watertronics, a Lindsay Co. Model: SkyHarvester above-ground HDPE Storage Tanks

SSC7.2 Heat Island Effect-Roof

WEC1 Water Use Reduction

The irrigation system used for the green roof uses 100% “harvested” non-potable water.



3 Curtainwall: SageGlass Model: Daylight Views

Creates a visually dramatic backdrop for the facility’s stage auditorium, providing critical sunlight control and unencumbered views of the outdoors.

Green Roof: Sempergreen

IEQC8.1 Daylight & Views

4 Brick: Yankee Hill Brick Model: Dark Iron Spot Face Brick

With two locations in the Midwest, the brick was manufactured within 500 miles of the Iowa jobsite.

LEED NC 3.0 Rating: Platinum Awarded: April 2014

82 Points Achieved

21 Sustainable Sites (SS)

MRC5 Regional Materials

Cedar Rapids Public Library Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Possible Points 110 Possible Points 26

The design team focused on practical and measurable strategies and solutions aimed at achieving high performance in sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. 7 Water Efficiency (WE)

Possible Points 10

Stormwater management retains 90% of normal annual rainfall and 100% of all rainfall up to 1-in. in a 24-hour period on site. A 24,000-sq.-ft. accessible green roof with rainwater harvesting is used for irrigation. 28 Energy

Possible Points 35

Smart digital displays throughout the building track water and energy use, educating visitors about the building’s systems, operations and environmental impact. 6

Materials (ME)

Possible Points 14

Post-consumer steel was harvested or extracted and manufactured within 500 miles of the jobsite. 11 Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Possible Points 15

Because the entire building was designed to reveal inner functions to the public, it also offers patrons and building users unprecedented views to the urban and park settings beyond, connecting them to civic art, public gathering spaces, and programmed events. 5

Innovation and Design (ID)

Possible Points 6

Energy and cost-saving features were integrated into the building design; the roof itself will offer conservation-based educational opportunities for visitors. 4

09 . 2015

1509APALD.indd 107

Regional Priority Credits

Possible Points 4

A ‘NEXT GENERATION’ LIBRARY In June 2008, a destructive flood swept through Cedar Rapids. Hundreds of homes and businesses were lost, including some of the city’s most prominent public structures such as the courthouse, the city hall and the 25-year old public library. In the wake of this unprecedented natural disaster, the city rallied to build a new central library. The design of the new library was guided by three primary ideas: 1) Establish the library as the dynamic center of the city’s urban core; 2) Embrace the transformational shifts of a “next generation” library; and 3)

Minimize the building’s environmental impact and long term operational costs. The new library represented a tremendous investment of resources and it was critical that the building respond to environmental imperatives and leverage new technologies to be as sustainable and efficient as possible. From the exterior, the activity of the library is prominently on display through large expanses of floorto-ceiling glass that wrap around the building, visually connecting patrons and pedestrians. This also offers building users unprecedented views to the urban and park settings beyond the library walls.



9/4/15 1:07 PM


Product/Mfr./Brand: Pavers: Unilock Model: Eco-Optiloc Pervious Pavers Permeable pavers are part of the overall stormwater design. Bike Rack: Landscape Forms Model: Bicilinea Bike Rack Bicycle racks encourage alternative transportation.

SSC6.1/6.2 Stormwater Design

SSC4.2 Alternative Transportation

Plumbing: Sloan Valve Co. Model: Solis EAF-275 Faucet Efficient plumbing fixtures contribute to the building’s overall water use reduction. Plumbing: Kohler Model: K-4904-ET High Efficiency Urinal Efficient plumbing fixtures contribute to the building’s overall water use reduction.

WEC3 Water Use Reduction

WEC3 Water Use Reduction

Plumbing: Kohler Model: Kingston Toilets Efficient plumbing fixtures contribute to the building’s overall water use reduction.

WEC3 Water Use Reduction

Plumbing: Sloan Valve Co. Model: Solis 8186 Flush Valves Efficient plumbing fixtures contribute to building’s overall water use reduction. Wood: Weyerhaeuser Model: Lyptus Composite Wood Engineered eucalyptus product is rapidly renewing material.

WEC3 Water Use Reduction

IEQC4.2 LowEmitting Materials

Flooring: Tate Model: Access Floor Raised floors will allow for the distribution of power, data, and low velocity supply air permitting the collection spaces to evolve over time. Structural Steel: Nucor Model: Steel Joists & Deck Post-consumer steel was harvested or extracted and manufactured within 500 miles of the jobsite.

FLEXIBLE AND INFORMATIVE The building’s interior design maximizes fl exibility and leverages new mobile and RFID technologies to meet the rapidly changing needs of the 21st century library. Although the new library is 10,000 sq. ft. larger than the old library, it uses less than one third of the energy consumed by the old building on a per square foot basis.



1509APALD.indd 108

The design team integrated sustainable elements into every aspect of the building. High-efficiency plumbing fixtures help reduce water use, and even the steel joists and deck won points for Recycled Content and Regional Materials. Smart digital displays throughout the building track the water and energy usage, educating visitors about the building’s systems, operations and environmental impact.

IEQC6.2 Controllability of Systems

MRC4 Recycled Content, MRC5 Regional Materials

Roofing: Sempergreen. or Circle 434

Restroom Fixtures: Kohler. or Circle 428

Irrigation: Watertronics. or Circle 433

Faucets: Sloan. or Circle 427

Glazing: SageGlass. or Circle 432

Flush Valves: Sloan. or Circle 426

Brick: Yankee Hill Brick. or Circle 431

Wood: Weyerhaeuser. or Circle 425

Pavers: Unilock. unilock. com or Circle 430

Flooring: Tate. tateinc. com or Circle 424

Bike Rack: Landscape Forms. landscapeforms. com or Circle 429

Structural Steel: Nucor. or Circle 423

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 1:07 PM















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Sunscreen fabrics that can enhance your view – and your vision. Dream big with Mermet.

866.902.9647 Circle 97

9/3/15 1:35 PM

specifier’s solution

Project: South Shore Hospital Location: S. Weymouth, Mass. Interior Designer: Lisa Nisbet

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Plynyl Material: Woven vinyl textile bonded to polyurethane Patterns: Bamboo, Ikat (multiple colors)

Chilewich Circle 422 PROJECT SPECS

DEFINED BENEFITS The hospital has been pleased with the flooring’s benefits, which include ease of care, noise reduction in comparison to other flooring, and general appearance.



Form and Function Define Flooring

Chilewich flooring contains Microban to inhibit the growth of stain- and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew, which is especially pertinent at medical facilities.

South Shore Hospital wanted the acoustical properties and warmth of carpet but the cleanliness of vinyl composition tile

CHALLENGE: South Shore Hospital originally opened in 1922 as Weymouth Hospital in South Weymouth, Mass. Since then, the facility has expanded considerably, and now includes multiple specialist centers, a hospice center, a clinical research center and more, in addition to its main facility. CRITERIA: Cannon Design and South Shore Hospital interior designer, Lisa Nisbet, recently updated both the Weymouth and Hingham facilities. They needed a flooring solution that created a pleasing design aesthetic while offering both the acoustical properties and warmth of carpet but the cleanliness of vinyl.


APSPS.indd 110


SOLUTION: Designers selected Chilewich Plynyl wall-to-wall and tile flooring for 35,000 sq. ft. of patient reception areas, offices, conference rooms, hallways and physical therapy areas.

South Shore Hospital and Cannon Design specified both wall-towall and tile flooring to define different areas.

The hospital has been extremely pleased with the installation. “We choose to trial Chilewich’s floor tiles in one location in the hospital. Staff and patients liked the product so much that it was used at two sites: their off-campus ambulatory care building in Hingham, and their main campus in South Weymouth. The use was then expanded to all offices as well,” said David Blouin, project manager, Cannon Design.

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/3/15 10:11 AM

Federal Office Building Architect: Gensler (Project Architect); Krueck + Sexton Architects (Design Architect)

T H E G R E AT E S T G L A S S W I T H T H E G R E AT E S T N U M B E R O F P O S S I B I L I T I E S . Architects and glazing contractors throughout the world turn to Viracon for proven architectural glass products, i n n o v a t i v e d e s i g n s o l u t i o n s a n d p r o f e s s i o n a l s e r v i c e s . St a r t y o u r n e x t l a n d m a r k p r o j e c t a t v i r a c o n . c o m .

Circle 98

â&#x20AC;˘Â 1509APAds2.indd 111

9/3/15 1:35 PM

specifier’s solution

SMOOTH OPERATORS With multiple set-ups a week, the facility needed panels that could operate smoothly, so any of the mainly student banquet setup staff could move the tall panels.


Adding Flexibility UW-Madison’s Varsity Room needed operable panels that were easy for student staff to operate and attractive enough to complement its prairie-style design.

CHALLENGE: A LEED Gold project, Union South at the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosts hundreds of university events per semester; the Varsity Room is one of the most-used spaces on campus due to the university-run hotel located within the facility. Union South designers were looking to add operable walls to divide ballrooms and act as a sound barrier. INFLUENCE: The Frank Lloyd Wright prairie-styleinspired architecture of the Union South combines beauty with optimal flexibility.

smoothly, so any of the mainly student banquet setup staff could move these tall panels. In addition to the operable panels that divide the ballrooms, Hufcor installed a custom timber-framed sliding door system to provide egress from each of the meeting spaces. The doors offer panic swing doors and can be folded and stacked into adjacent storage closets, allowing free flow into common areas outside the meeting rooms.

Project: Union South Location: University of Wisconsin-Madison Contractor: CG Schmidt

PRODUCT SPECS: Hufcor also installed

CRITERIA: The real wood veneers enrich the décor

and add to the acoustical performance of the movable wall dividers. SOLUTION: Hufcor 600 Series panels move effortlessly on overhead aluminum tracking systems that are time-tested for durability and smooth operation. Since many flexible set ups are required each week, the facility needed panels that could operate


APSPS.indd 112


a custom timber-framed sliding door system.

Product: Hufcor 600 Series operable panels; custom timber-framed sliding doors Material: Real wood veneer panels, aluminum overhead tracking system

Hufcor Circle 421 PROJECT SPECS

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 1:15 PM

Make Every Step a Safe One... with ANTI-SLIP NOSINGS! NITEGLOW® Glow-in-the-Dark Shown on Stairs




AVOID COSTLY SLIP AND FALL ACCIDENTS! WOOSTER PRODUCTS For more products & information visit us on-line or call: • 800-321-4936 Circle 99

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specifier’s solution

CLASS IS IN SESSION The studio space pops-in and pops-out, so materials needed to be easy to store and re-install, while sacrificing none of the design’s visual appeal.

Dry Erase and magnetic surfaces combine to give SVA MFA students almost unlimited possibilities for sharing ideas.


Interactive Studio ‘Pops’ At SVA’s MFA Visual Narrative Program, Dynamic Spaces products help create a ‘pop-up studio’ that brings student ideas to life.

CHALLENGE: New York’s School of Visual Arts (SVA) Visual Narrative MFA is a low-residency program that offers a distinctive and evolutionary approach to storytelling on a graduate level. The program space transforms into a temporary studio during the intensive residency portions of the program. SVA wanted an immersive and interactive application that could adapt easily throughout the program residency and provide a visually engaging environment for the interdisciplinary students. INFLUENCE: According to Nathan Fox, Chair, MFAVisual Narrative, “We wanted to foster an environment of creativity and flexibility that supported our visual storytelling curriculum.” CRITERIA: The studio space pops-in and pops-out, so materials had to be easy to store and re-install, while sacrificing none of the visual appeal of the design. SOLUTION: Students use Dynamic Spaces by Visual

Magnetics’ materials in a variety of ways, including pinning artwork and other course materials to the wall-to-wall dry erase applications using magnets,


APSPS.indd 114


writing on the dry erase materials to visually concept and brainstorm their work, and even to create stop- motion animations. The colored Dry-Erase installation and cutouts also have created a highimpact brand experience for the program. Because Dynamic Spaces’ print media can be rolled and stored in a tube, SVA felt that the system offered an ideal solution to meet the school’s unique challenges.

“To have such a wonderful expanse of blank slate in the classroom is really inspiring. So much surface, so many possibilities.”

“The cutouts allow the walls to change at any given time. And to have such a wonderful expanse of blank slate in the classroom is really inspiring. So much surface, so many possibilities,” said Fox.

Project: SVA Visual Narrative MFA Program Space Location: New York City, N.Y. Designer: SVA

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: Dynamic Spaces Material: Magnetic and Dry-Erase surfaces

Visual Magnetics Circle 420 PROJECT SPECS

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/3/15 10:12 AM

Circle 100

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specifier’s solution

A FAILING GRADE Before: Leaking, damage, and failing paint marked the school’s standing seam metal roof, which was comprised of eight roof areas with decorative dormers.


Middle School Makes Roof Right Wright City Middle School’s roof system was failing—but this unique solution helped the Missouri school ‘recover.’

CHALLENGE: Installed in 2004, the standing seam metal roof at the Wright City Middle School, Wright City, Mo., was comprised of eight roof areas of various elevations with a 4/12 pitch and decorative dormers. By 2014, something had to be done about the failing roof system, but, due to time constraints and the environmental cost of demolition and disposal, tearing off the existing roof was not an option. INFLUENCE: Building aesthetics, proper insulation and waterproofing were top of mind on the Wright City Middle School roofing retrofit. CRITERIA: The school’s existing standing seam metal roof system—only ten years old—was leaking, its paint finish was failing in highly visible areas, and it no longer insulated the building properly. It was in dire need of an upgrade. SOLUTION: The Wright City school board, superintendent, and director of maintenance decided to re-cover the existing roof with a Carlisle SynTec Systems’ FleeceBACK KEE HP PVC adhered roofing system with Contour Rib Profiles.

To replicate the appearance of the existing metal roof, installing contractor Missouri Builders Service hot-air welded Carlisle’s Sure-Flex PVC Contour Rib Profile to the membrane’s surface in a parallel


APSPS.indd 116


pattern. Manufactured from the same weatherresistant compound as Carlisle’s Sure-Flex PVC, Contour Rib provides the aesthetic appeal of a standing seam metal roof at a lower cost than conventional metal roofing. The product is dimensionally stabilized and strengthened by a 1/8-in. fiberglass reinforcing cord that runs the length of each 10-ft.long section, and its non-penetrating application has no effect on the roof’s watertight integrity. Wright City Middle School chose the system for a number of reasons. FleeceBACK KEE HP PVC membrane is heat-weldable, allowing for reduced construction time and reduced noise during installa-

Tearing off the failing roof was not an option; re-covering the existing roof solved the performance problems and improved the roof’s aesthetics.

tion. The product offers high wind uplift performance, excellent fire resistance, and meets Energy Star qualification guidelines. Flexible FAST Adhesive boasts exceptional thermal efficiency, with each layer adding R-value, thereby dramatically improving insulation.

After: The installing contractor hot-air welded Carlisle’s Sure-Flex PVC Contour Rib Profile to the membrane’s surface.

Project: Wright City Middle School Location: Wright City, Mo. Contractor: Missouri Builders Service

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: FleeceBACK Roofing System Material: KEE HP PVC membrane

Carlisle Syntec Systems Circle 419 PROJECT SPECS

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 1:15 PM

Circle 101

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9/3/15 1:35 PM

specifier’s solution

SUN HAT To avoid altering the building’s exterior appearance, the architects opted for a “top hat” array of solar modules.

The custom structure uses an integrated LSX Rail 1.0 racking system which are frameless and low-profile, and faster and easier to install than conventional modules.


Century-Old Bank Enters 21st Custom solar panels helped retrofit a former bank into a Platinum LEED structure—without altering its historic appearance.

The “top-hat” also created a roof-top lattice to view the surrounding mountains.

CHALLENGE: San Francisco-based NicholsBooth Architects had quite a task before them: retrofit a former bank into a modern, LEED-certified headquarters of an eco-conscious entrepreneur—all without altering the appearance or architecture of the historic building.

The builder specified 120 LSX 250 clear backsheet modules. The racking system is the LSX Rail 1.0 and, of course, the custom canopy “top hat” structure.

CRITERIA: The nearly 100-year-old Farmer’s Bank building of Carson Valley, Nevada, headquarters for Bentley Enterprises, completed subtle renovations to achieve LEED Platinum . SOLUTION: Beyond the myriad of green systems,

The PV panels produce non-grid power for the office; the building’s other green systems include geothermal heating and cooling and tubular daylight skylights.


APSPS.indd 118


which include geothermal heating and cooling and tubular daylight skylights, the project also implemented 30kW of photovoltaic panels to produce non-grid power for the office. In attempting, as much as possible, to avoid altering the building’s appearance, the architects opted for a “top hat” of LSX solar modules from Lumos Solar. United Electrical Services installed the solar modules, which was designed by NicholsBooth Architects.

Project: Farmer’s Bank Building Location: Carson Valley, Nev. Designer: NicholsBooth

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: LSX Solar modules Material: 6mm glass

Lumos Solar Circle 418 PROJECT SPECS

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/4/15 1:15 PM

Belvedere Short Rib Perforated Ascot White

Versa-Seam Slate Grey

Metafor Clear Anodized

Versa-Lok Silversmith

75 Tresser Stamford, CT Architects: Perkins Eastman Stamford, CT Philip Koether Architects New York, NY Distributor: Fantin Supply House East Orange, NJ

Photograph: Danielle Biggs

Above: Metafor , Belvedere Short Rib Perforated, Versa-Lok , and Versa-Seam TM




• Choice of 31 standard colors and 65 designer colors • KYNAR 500 ® PVDF or HYLAR 5000 ® PVDF finish

Allentown, PA | Mesa, AZ | Maryville, TN 800.468.1441

Circle 102

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specifier’s solution

TOP OF THE CLASS Booker T. Washington Elementary School garnered Cannon Design an Award of Distinction from the Illinois Association of School Boards and a William W. Caudill Citation for Design Excellence from American School & University.


Open for Learning At Booker T. Washington Elementary, operable glass walls provide a flexible solution that reflects the school’s focus on transparency and collaboration. CHALLENGE: A 21st-century learner demands a 21st-century classroom. This was the challenge solved by Cannon Design for Booker T. Washington Elementary School, a 63,000-sq.-ft. science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) academy located in Champaign, Ill. Serving 225 students, the school is separated into three academies, each further stratified into three learning studios for each grade that share a communal gathering space. INFLUENCE: Operable glass walls would enable multiple room configurations and sizes without building additional space. “This flexibility allows teachers to gain access to shared resources and adapt space for small and large groups as well as project-based learning activities,” says Stuart Brodsky, Associate principal, Cannon Design. SOLUTION: The design team specified NanaWall’s SL45 Aluminum Framed Folding System with paired panels. Trung Le, principal at Cannon Design, understands the importance of the glass walls for the 21stcentury learner. “The transparency makes [students] feel less antsy about being shut off from the rest of the world, provides a distant gazing point that may


APSPS.indd 120


focus some student’s listening, and tells them this is what we do here: share knowledge.” These top-hung panels are configured as bi-fold pairs, and one of the panels is outfitted with hardware for operation as a door when the system is closed. Staff, students, administrators or visitors seated on the interior side of the system enjoy minimally obstructed daylight and exterior views from the floor-to-ceiling glass of the classrooms’ exterior wall. When open, the classroom space becomes expansive. The open spaces provide an opportunity for a centralized resource location—bookshelves become project libraries—and can also be a place for all three classrooms to integrate. The NanaWall operable glass walls solve a number of issues that another product or system could not, according to Cannon Design. The SL45 top-hung system ensures no student will trip between the interior and exterior spaces, ideal for handicapped students; the glass and aluminum system is easy to clean; the acoustics are excellent; and the NanaWall system allows natural daylight to filter into each classroom, in a space with few windows.

“The transparency makes students feel less shut off from the rest of the world, and tells them this is what we do here: share knowledge.”

Project: Booker T. Washington Elementary School Location: Champaign, Ill. Designer: Cannon Design

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: SL45 System Material: Glass, aluminum

NanaWall Circle 417 PROJECT SPECS

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/3/15 10:35 AM

UNLEASH YOUR SWAGGER™ FireLite® fire-rated glass ceramic changed how we look at design with groundbreaking ultraHD® Technology, a fire-rating up to 3 hours and high-impact safety ratings. It’s no wonder FireLite gets props like “product of the year” by industry experts. Throw in the benefits of working with the best people in the biz, and you get an unequaled level of satisfaction. At TGP, we help you create with confidence. Get to know FireLite at



| 800.426.0279

© 2015 Technical Glass Products. UL and the UL logo are trademarks of UL LLC. Unleash Your Swagger is a trademark and Technical Glass Products, One Source. Many Solutions, FireLite, Fireglass, and ultraHD are registered trademarks of Technical Glass Products.

Circle 103

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specifier’s solution


SOLIS solar-powered flushometers use light to charge a highly efficient capacitor, providing power even in rooms with occupancycontrolled lighting.


Restroom Revitalization USGBC Louisiana Chapter helps New Orleans high school students’ dream project become a green reality. CHALLENGE: Benjamin Franklin High School, known for its educational excellence and national ranking, is a selective charter school adjacent to the University of New Orleans originally built in the 1980s. During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, roughly 50% of the school was damaged by water, which stood for 30 days after the storm. Renovating the restrooms would require structural changes as well as cosmetic improvements; because the building is a completely cement structure, changes would be difficult. INFLUENCE: In 2014, a group of students and teachers led by Dr. Mary Gubala, biology teacher, and John Parauka, head of activities, participated in the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Louisiana Chapter’s Louisiana Green School Challenge—a program that aims to educate the public about the benefits of green building and environmental stewardship by participation in hands-on, experiential projects. The school’s “Green for Good” project made Franklin one of nine winning schools out of 40 who competed in the challenge. The Chapter also chose Franklin as its fi rst Green School Showcase; mentors working with the school began soliciting and managing donations to fund the project.


APSPS.indd 122


SOLUTION: Sloan SOLIS flushometers were among the products donated that were used to make improvements to the two bathrooms adjacent to the auditorium—making them water conserv-

Because of the school’s focus on service learning, Franklin students are actively involved in community and school projects, such as the Green School Challenge.

ing and energy efficient. SOLIS flushometers not only reduce water consumption, but also minimize energy use. By switching from 3.5 gpf to a 1.6 gpf toilet flushometers, the school could realize a 54% reduction in water use; with another 83% reduction achieved by switching from 1.5 gpf to 0.25 gpf urinal flushometers. The flushometers have helped a high-achieving school in one of the city’s underresourced school districts become a working model of green building efficiency.

Project: Benjamin Franklin High School Location: New Orleans, La.

PRODUCT SPECS: Product: SOLIS Flushometers Material: High copper, low zinc brass castings Color: Black and chrome

Sloan Valve Circle 416 PROJECT SPECS

09 10.2014 . 2015

9/3/15 4:13 PM

Surprise! It’s Tectum. Tectum E Roof Deck in the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, Philadelphia, PA

Tectum V – Spans up to 12"

Acoustics. Style. Toughness. Tectum Acoustical Roof Deck Panels are easy to work with, easy to install and provide a unique, cost effective solution to the acoustical challenges presented by large spaces. Tectum composite roof deck products offer all of that coupled with insulating values of up to R-45.

Tectum E-N – R-values up to 44"

Tectum E – Tectum with EPS insulation

Tectum III & IIIP – Tectum with XPS

Tectum I – The low slope solution

Pictured above: Tectum IIIP Roof Deck in the Sun-N-Fun Lifestyle Wellness Center, Sarasota, FL • Photo by Dickinson Studios, Sarasota, FL • 888-977-9691 • Circle 104

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product focus



Newport Brass Secant


Hastings Tile & Bath Mira


THG-Paris Wedding Collection

Ginger: The new Surface bathroom accessory line captures the minimalist look originally inspired by Mies van der Rohe.

In addition to the basket and tumbler shown, Surface includes hotel shelves, robe hooks, mirrors, lights and more.


1 DRAMATIC FLAIR Merging a square column, rising up as a rectangle into an arching, flat-curved spout, the Secant is one of three new single-hole lavatory faucets from Newport Brass. The mixing valve rises from the back in a thin cylinder shape, making for a visually striking design.

Newport Brass Circle 415

4 MIES VAN DER ROHE INSPIRED Gingerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s popular Surface bathroom accessory line captures the minimalist look originally inspired by Mies van der Rohe. Featuring clean lines, the pieces are made from durable, solid brass construction and are available in satin nickel and polished chrome finishes.

2 MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL With its LED-backlit frosted glass and magnifying mirror, the Mira mirror from Hastings Tile & Bath features an infrared sensor, built-in defogger, Bluetooth connectivity and a vibration speaker.

Hastings Tile & Bath

3 HERE COMES THE BRIDE In collaboration with the prestigious Manufacture de Monaco, THG-Paris introduces the Wedding Collection. The elegant fixtures feature porcelain and Swarovksi crystals with platinum borders and accents. The arc spout tapers into a thin body and ends in an elegant curve. Circle 414

THG-Paris Circle 413

The necessary room meets necessary tech in Mira, which features an infrared sensor and Bluetooth connectivity.

Ginger Circle 412


APPRF2.indd 124


09 . 2015

9/3/15 10:38 AM

“XLERATOR® Hand Dryers help us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. And XLERATOR goes with the look and style of our luxury design. It flows; it’s natural.” - Colleen Sweitzer, Fairmont Chicago Marketing Manager and Sustainability Team member

Paper Towels Have Checked Out XLERATOR was identified as an eco-friendly opportunity to reduce costs and divert waste at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago. The XLERATOR helps hotels around the world save time and money while also improving the guest experience.

Contact us for the full case study or view online.



Circle 105

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9/3/15 1:35 PM

product focus

Lighting Hudson Valley Lighting Dunkirk




Marset Soho

Studio Italia Design Sky Fall


Green Furniture Concept Leaf Lamp

1 NEW YORK STATE OF MIND Soho luminaires, created by Barcelona designer Joan Gaspar, bring New York City sophistication to European industrial design. Available in 22- and 44-in. diameters with a range of mounting options, the fixtures’ streamlined appearance is fashioned from a rotarymolded polyethylene shade and methacrylate diffuser to enable even light distribution.

Marset Circle 411

4 LEAFING OUT Birch branches form the structure of the Leaf Lamp, which can be suspended, fastened to a fully-grown tree trunk or mounted on a metallic base as a floor fixture. Shading is created from unbleached wool felt “leaves” that are both flameproof and sound-absorbing.

Green Furniture Concept Circle 408


APPRF2.indd 126


2 DOING SPUTNIK ONE BETTER Gino Sarfatti’s “Sputnik” chandelier may have been the inspiration for the Dunkirk family of pendant and flush-mount luminaires. Like the many facets of exploding fireworks, 32 cut-crystal spheres refract light throughout a lobby or ballroom. Available finishes include aged brass and polished nickel.

3 AN ILLUMINATING MIX OF OLD AND NEW Looking a bit like a raindrop photographed in midair, the Sky Fall pendant combines Murano mouth-blown glass—in clear, chrome or copper finishes—with the latest LED technology to provide a mix of direct and indirect illumination. The pendants are available in two lengths and globe sizes.

Hudson Valley Lighting

Studio Italia Design Circle 410 Circle 409

The Leaf Lamp is among the first products introduced to the North American market by Swedish firm Green Furniture Concept, which recently opened a Montreal facility.

09 . 2015

9/3/15 10:38 AM

Circle 106

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9/3/15 1:35 PM

product focus

Photo courtesy: Bruce Damante



MechoSystems SolarTrac


Indoor Sky Dayliter

An integrated light shelf blocks glare.



Velux Room-darkening shade



Lighting designer Loisos + Ubbelohde was looking for a dynamic shading solution for the new five-story UC Berkeley Energy Biosciences Institute, and the SolarTrac system with a dimmable lighting system fit the bill. Thanks to its sophisticated tracking system—which takes into account sun and sky conditions, building orientation and the surrounding environment—the system raises and/or lowers individual shades based on the sun’s angle and heat level striking the window.

Mermet USA Chroma

2 LIKE DAY AND LIGHT Integrating a roller shade with a light shelf, the Dayliter Shade system bounces light deeper into the building core while shielding occupants from glare and solar heat gain. Available as a single light shelf with a roller shade or stacked light shelves in a louvered configuration, the shades are available in a variety of eco-friendly fabrics.

Indoor Sky Circle 406

3 BETTER BLINDS Adding a few more choices to its skylight blinds line, Velux is offering room-darkening double-pleated and light-filtering single-pleated blinds. Available in both solar powered and manual models, the blinds come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Velux America Circle 405

MechoSystems Circle 407

At UC Berkeley, SolarTrac’s responsive tracking system helps manage energy costs.


APPRF2.indd 128


4 BEST OF BOTH WORLDS A unique fiberglass shade fabric with an aluminum, high reflectance backing, Mermet’s Chroma shades can boost an insulated glass unit’s solar heat gain coefficient by up to 29%. Available in five classic colors, the product can deliver the reflective properties of white fabric and the visual properties of dark fabric.

Mermet USA Circle 404

09 . 2015

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WORLD ONLINE REGISTRATION IS OPEN WWW.CONSTRUCTSHOW.COM 50+ education sessions available that are taught by industry experts. AIA LUs and HSWs and GBCI CE available for select sessions. Don’t delay, register today

FREE Expo with registration code: ADAP15


*Offer valid on new registrations only. No refunds will be issued.

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product focus



Two-in-One: Available in several configurations, Chevel provides both seating and work surface.



HBF Furniture Chevel

Chilewich Mini Basketweave

Thos. Moser Contract Cooper




Beaufurn Queue Modular Lounge System

Arper Parentesit

1 BACK IN THE SADDLE Designed by Wout Speyers, the Cheval bench provides both seating and work areas in a single piece. Its sleek versatility won it Best of NeoCon Gold, Benches; Best of NeoCon Gold, Occasional Tables; Interior Design HiP Hospitality Lounge Finalist; and Buildings Product Innovations Merit Award.

2 LEMON PEEL Drop your bags and flop down into these inviting Ramler lounge chairs at The Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. Designed by Westfield Designers, the chairs’ handsome yellow jackets are actually Chilewich’s Mini Basketweave in Lemon.


Chilewich Circle 401

HBF Furniture Circle 403

4 KEEPING QUOTES IN PARENTHESIS Designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, Parentesit is an acoustic wall module that reduces extraneous background noise and creates a space for concentration. Parentesit offers a private space for collaboration or independent thinking in acoustic comfort in shared spaces.

Arper Circle 400


APPRF2.indd 130


3 RECONFIGURE The Queue Modular Lounge System’s multiple reconfigurations and sizes allow designers to invent a shape that works best for the space. Circle 402

The artfully-crafted Cooper chair is named for coopering, the style of joinery used in the assembly of barrels.

5 OFFICE HEIRLOOM Each artfully designed Cooper chair is skillfully crafted and signed by its woodworker. Each piece of wood is individually selected from North American hardwood, shaped on a custom CNC machine, then steam bent and joined together to form the shell of the chair, explains Adam Rogers, the company’s director of design and product development. This timeless design and rare craftsmanship promise an infinite return on investment.

Thos. Moser Contract Circle 399

09 . 2015

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The mentality of affecting positive change by looking for solutions on a large, monumental scale. Green building is uniting people, changing lives, revolutionizing business and addressing our world’s most pressing problems. And that’s monumental. Join us this fall and change your monumentality.


EXPO: NOV 18-19 | CONFERENCE: NOV. 18-20 Join us for the largest sustainable building event in the US and experience the contagious buzz first hand with over 20,000 industry professionals, a world-class expo hall, over 200 educational sessions and the world’s leaders in the green movement. GREENBUILDEXPO.COM Get social Owned and operated by Informa Exhibitions. Presented by the U.S. Green Building Council.

GRB15_Architect_AD_10.375x12.5.indd 1 • 1509APAds2.indd 131

Questions? Contact us at

8/27/15 2:24 PM PM 9/3/15 1:35

Resources for further product + material consideration

Belden delivers more. 330.456.0031

6” Thru-Wall

8” Double Thru-wall

New shapes and sizes.


Belden’s new structural brick is available in: 5-5/8 x 3-5/8 x 15-5/8”; 7-5/8 x 3-5/8 x 15-5/8”; 7-5/8 x 7-5/8 x 15-5/8” (additional special shapes available) ASTM C 652-12, Grade SW and Type HBX. Belden offers them in several colors including grays, buffs, reds, browns and blacks. Circle 109


Literature A&M HARDWARE INC. NEW 1.0” SLIMMER CONCEALED BRACKETS • Steel construction (very strong) • Available with upper extension (EC) & without (C) • 9”, 12” & 18” support arm lengths • Mounting hardware included (3/8” – 16 × 3” carriage bolt assemblies) • All welds on reverse for easy, clean install • Available in Black or White powder coat • $15.95 – $23.80 per Bracket (2 per box)


rhapsody in blue See how Serpentina Ceiling Systems can inspire a rhapsody of ideas at ® 888-647-0200

1 (800) 663-6556

Circle 110

Circle 107

Circle 112

Circle 111

A Barrier to Fire. Not Inspiration.

Membrane Solutions for Creative Building Design

Fire-Rated Aluminum Window & Door Systems Aluflam is the recognized leader in fire-rated aluminum/glass construction and known for top-of-the-line true aluminum vision doors, windows and glazed wall systems. Fire-rated for up to 120 minutes and built to blend effortlessly with nonrated systems, our portfolio is virtually limitless.

Inspiration in the palm of your hand!

Circle 108

.com Aluflam USA | Phone 562-926-9520 | Fax 562-404-1394 Email |



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The Denver Botanic Gardens Science Pyramid shape, usage, and open cladding multiply the complexity of maintaining a watertight exterior while managing the moisture generated within. Two air and moisture barriers, DELTA®-VENT SA and DELTA®FASSADE S ensure an airtight and watertight enclosure that manages moisture in a complex Colorado climate. DELTA®-VENT SA, vapor permeable self-adhered water-resistive barrier & air barrier. DELTA®-FASSADE S, uv-resistant water-resistive barrier for open joint claddings. If you are designing a unique structure, don’t hesitate to contact DELTA® to protect you from Circle 113 future moisture issues. 1-888-433-5824 -

ARCPRODprodLit2b.indd 1

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2015-07-28 10:09 AM

9/3/15 1:17 PM



A U G - 2 / 9 H O R I Z O N TA L ( D O U B L E L I T ) A D |


6.1875” x 3.70”

C O N T E M P O R A R Y C L A D | A M AT T E R O F S T I L E


Resources for further product + material consideration




Circle 114


O P E N S PAC E S ® |

LCD_Sept_9th_Arc_ Prod.indd 1

8/18/2015 2:50:55 PM

Clamp-on Power Grommet

with Flex-Port Cable Access


HANOVER® ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS NEW WOODLAND PAVERS Produced with a wood grain finish, Hanover’s NEW Woodland Pavers provide the look of traditional wood board decking with strength and durability of concrete pavers. Nominally sized at 24” × 24” with a 2” thickness, Woodland Pavers are available in three color blends– Brazilian Cherry, Black Forest Oak and Dark Cedar.


INSUL ATED SPANDREL GL A SS PANEL Specify MapeSpan Panels and you’ll get a low-cost, insulated, spandrel glass panel that offers a single source glazing option with a finished interior and exterior.

Visit or call 800.426.4242 for more information. Circle 115 • (800) 523-1269 2015-904_2015-904 2/10/15 4:06 PM Page 1

Express Yourself Explore five bold new colors and endless creative possibilities with DesignRail® aluminum railings. Customizable, ultra-durable, and easy to install and maintain. Learn more: or 1-800-888-2418


Circle 117

Circle 119

Creativity Without Risk. LiveRoof® brings your creative vision to life with proven, sustainable green roof systems.

Circle 116

Millions of square feet installed on 1,000+ roofs. •

Integrated, turn-key solution for guaranteed success.



For durable, high-quality finished floors, Maxxon’s high strength Commercial Topping underlayment sealed with Thermal-Chem creates a beautiful, durable floor ideally suited for office and retail applications. And with the myriad of finish options available through Thermal-Chem, a unique look can be created to suit any environment.


Call for Your FREE Design Guide

Circle 118 09 . 2015

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Circle 120 To learn more: 800-356-7887 © 2015 Maxxon® Corporation, all rights reserved.



9/3/15 1:17 PM

Circle 126

Waterford Stone™ Veneer (modular format) Upscale Appearance Full depth & lightweight veneers Integral color fastness & unmatched durability National availability & color options

Circle 123

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6/2/15 9:47 AM

fluid curves

REVEAL Corner Bead

Circle 127


Achieve your vision with PAC-CLAD® metal wall panels.

Reveal Corner Bead is the newest corner bead to join Trim-Tex’s exclusive family of 11 ways to finish outside corners. Create sleek and modern interiors with the entire line of Shadow and Reveal beads available from Trim-Tex. Request a sample of the entire Shadow and Reveal series. Circle 124

Circle 121


1 800 PAC CLAD



ShadeLoc is a roller-shade system that uses side channels to hold the shadecloth securely in place. The design allows shades to resist the pull of air pressure and close unwanted light gaps. The system provides superior solar-shading, roomdarkening, or both.

ZERO offers a full range of sealing gaskets for Hotel Entry Doors, Communicating Doors and Equipment Room Doors. Head and jamb gasketing, automatic door bottoms, saddles and thresholds to accommodate carpeting. Options for high STC sound transmission ratings, smoke and fire protection, plus vision lites and louvers where required. In-stock models or to your custom requirements.


ShadeLoc® System

is an ALLEGIONTM Company

T: +1 (718) 729-2020 W:

Circle 122 134


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Circle 125

Circle 128

718-585-3230 800-635-5335 New 92-page catalog. Print or on-line.

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index to advertisers A&M Hardware

Excel Dryer

125 78




Alcoa (Reynobond)






93, 133 IBC

Modular Arts


Mortar Net




MP Global Products


American Specialties Inc.





Garaventa Lift





Oldcastle Architectural





IFC-1, 132

Guardian SunGuard


Petersen Aluminum

Architectural Area Lighting (Hubbell) Armstrong (Ceiling) ATAS Intl. Behr Belden Brick Company B-K Lighting

119 5 67, 132 132

Hanover Architectural Products

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115 34, 134 39 6, 134

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Rulon Company




Kim Lighting (Hubbell)

Bison Innovative Products



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Krukowski Stone Co.

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Ceilings Plus



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CertainTeed (Gypsum)


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The Stonhard Group








Construct Show Construction Specialties Cosella Dorken (Delta Dry) Delta Faucet Dri-Design

129 31 132 33 3

133 90, 133

Stonepeak Ceramics


Technical Glass Products
















World Dryer


Wooster Products




MechoSystems Metl-Span Doug Mockett & Co.




Dura Coat Products


Mitsubishi Electric

Duro-Last Roofing



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Zero Intl.




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last detail: architectural leader


Emerging from Art “I actually wanted to be an artist and paint and sculpt,” says Nicole Hollant-Denis of her career ambitions. Studying art with an eye for architecture—and traveling to Africa, Japan and the Caribbean to explore architecture within a cultural context—inspired Hollant-Denis’ career as an architect. “In the end, I wanted to contribute to mankind and do significant work to support improvement of different groups of people and how they live,” she says. Hollant-Denis’ culturally sensitive projects express significant elements of art, impacting both the immediate community and society as a whole. The African Burial Ground National Monument at the Ted Weiss Federal Building in New York City combines traditional tribal art and symbolism in hieroglyphs, solid geometry and flowing water. It pays homage to the land, which was used as an African burial ground in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was discovered in 1991 when a federal building was planned for the site—and hailed as the most important architectural discovery of the 20th century. Hollant-Denis also contributed to rebuilding in Haiti after a devastating hurricane. Her design collaboration (Haiti House for Life) offers its residents a safe, affordable home constructed of local materials. “In the past, concrete block failed miserably because buildings were not built, inspected or engineered properly,” says Hollant-Denis. However, when used properly, it’s a unique way to create more parametric and organic forms, like the simple curve used in the Haiti House for Life model. She credits an architect friend in St. Croix who is very familiar with local materials for the opportunity to help the community using the stylish, S-shaped model. The building takes advantage of daylighting and limits solar heat gain; it even generates a modest amount of off-the-grid power with solar panels. The sustainable project in Haiti has piqued Hollant-Denis’ interest in using renewable energy and local materials to achieve “extreme green” in other remote locations, such as the Caribbean and Africa. The Beverly Willis Foundation offered categoryspecific tours (civic, cultural, etc.) this summer to showcase BxW NYC sites. A schedule of pop-ups and walking tours—for instance, a Brooklyn Park Tour focused on women’s contributions there—is available online, and panel discussions at the Center for Architecture coincided with the BxW NYC exhibit in March. By publicizing the Built by Women program, the Foundation aims to increase public awareness of women’s contributions to the built environment and support current professionals and students pursuing the building professions. Visit

Nicole Hollant-Denis Co-Principal, Aarris Atepa Architects, New York City

The Beverly Willis Foundation’s Built by Women NYC program (BxW NYC) has inspired previous Architectural Leader columns featuring Sylvia Smith and Diana Agrest; our series concludes with Nicole Hollant-Denis, co-principal, Aarris Atepa Architects. Hollant-Denis was recognized for her work on the design and completion of the African Burial Ground National Monument, 290 Broadway, Manhattan. This work represents the strong values upon which Hollant-Denis has built her career as an architect.

HAITI HOUSE Haiti House for Life, designed by Nicole Hollant-Denis and Gerville Rene Larsen from St. Croix Virgin Island.

The Bronx


BUILT BY WOMEN NYC PROJECTS MAP A map from the exhibit at the Center for Architecture illustrates the Built by Women NYC projects and where they are located Queens

throughout New York City.

KEY Featured Buildings in BxW NYC exhibit Other buildings BxW NYC


AFRICAN BURIAL GROUND MEMORIAL The memorial was designed by Rodney Leon in partnership with Nicole Hollant-Denis, Aarris Architects.

—Megan Mazzocco, Senior Editor

Staten Island 136

APLSD2.indd 136


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creating better environments



59 colors. 4 coordinated sizes. endless possibilities. beautiful. durable. sustainable. hygienic. Circle 129

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Peak Performance Intexure Architects wanted a studio that integrated work and living spaces. Metal panels met that need beautifully — using structural materials as finished surfaces, blurring the lines between work and life, comfort and practicality. Visit for more information.

Scan the QR code for detailed product information. PROJECT: Intexure Architects Studio and Residence LOCATION: Houston, Texas ARCHITECT: Intexure Architects CONTRACTOR: Mealy Company Builders PANEL PROFILE: PBC (Galvalume Plus®)

Copyright © 2015 MBCI. All rights reserved.

PHONE: 877.713.6224


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