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ments from the mayor as to how

Infanzon even received com-

recognize the differences,” says

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take advantage of those—but our

core of the campus has changed.


Modeling proved a major part in identifying the right sources for different parts of the campus, be they roadways or the main campus green.

is that the light is actually a softer,

we can. And much more efficient

tudes change, and they’re hanging

yet it delivers better perception.

campus lighting is a big part of our

out more on campus.”

“It’s something we appreciate,

big-picture plan,” says Infanzon.

In fact, the school has just

given that El Paso, during the day,

“The question isn’t LED anymore,

started a movie night on one of

is very bright as the sun is very

it’s about knowing the right prod-

the lawn areas. “One of our main

intense; so at night, it’s almost a

ucts,” says Yarnell. For example,

goals was to make it a more human

relief to have that softer tone.”

he notes his team didn’t pick the

space,” says Yarnell.

As far as LED’s cost, Infanzon

most cutting edge technologies.

notes it’s part of doing business.

“We wanted the lights to blend well

where students walk, and 4000K on

“The first thing that matters to us

down the road, and be so that the

the roadways, in part, as research

is life of the product. Our life cycle

university could easily scale up or

has shown it helps drivers with

is 50 years, so we weren’t looking

replace any fixture.”

better reaction times.

for a 3-year payback, the question

“That’s a unique thing about working with Bruce is that we always had an idea of alternative

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philosophy is to move ahead where

“We’re also seeing students atti-

He used 3000K sources in areas

One subtle difference, he notes,

we wanted answered is whether

“In the next 10-15 years we’ll have all LED,” says Infanzon.•

these fixtures would last 25 years?” That said, UTEP has a good

Next issue, we continue the conver-

choices, and he provides examples

working relationship with the local

sation, with a focus on the relation-

of what different fixtures would

utility who offered financial as-

ship between designer and owner.


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Architectural SSL - June 2015  

Chronicling the Advancement of LED and Solid-State Lighting in the Built Environment.