Architectural Products - June 2015

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Critical Products + Materials

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) Premier SIPS A606 Weathering Steel The team investigated CLT (cross laminated timber) but found it too costly. “A budget of $150/sq. ft. is more like a tilt-up concrete design, but we said— wait, some barns are built for less and barns are beautiful.” Ultimately the team chose SIPs in A606 Weathering Steel. “It’s a simple standing seam roofing material that’s left to weather, so it ties into this palette of natural materials and makes the building seem like it has been there for some time.”



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Windows Andersen Wood Windows Andersen E-Series (Eagle) Large banks of windows bring the outdoors in. “We strived to get natural light into the core of the building; warehouse and shop spaces were no exception.” What appears similar to a storefront window system is actually an Andersen Windows product joined and framed out using structurally composite lumber. Like a zipper on a jacket, windows are operable in every space to give a sense of personal comfort, that’s something we could achieve in the budget,” says Simon.

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