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and lumen maintenance monitoring is achievable

establish goals and control features deemed most


with minimal effort. These, and other, advanced

desirable. A protocol must be founded that serves

Because of a lack of a universal, open protocol for dimming,

concepts generate new opportunities for SSL to

those requirements with the broadest range of

lighting designers are limited in control options. They can

change the foundations of lighting from simple

products. This includes DMX 512-A and DALI, as

pursue simple, binary controls, which offer the greatest

emitter source to interactive building system.

well as wide range products from reliable sources like Lutron and WattStopper. For the most part,

range of products to choose from; or alternatively, identify the client's goals and most desired control features and find

Critical Thinking 101: While a great deal of effort

proprietary luminaire systems are the most limit-

a protocol that serves the broadest range of products such

is being applied to resolving issues of subjective

ing, and most likely to change or fade over time.

as DALI or DMX, or select systems from reliable sources such

color and life ratings, a greater opportunity lies in

Finally, communicating to controls and luminaire

as Lutron or WattStopper (far left, opposite page). Shown

developing a universal open source controls inte-

manufacturers the need for universality can help

above is Lutron's Experience Center in Washington, D.C.

gration protocol to advance solid-state technol-

create focus in an otherwise fractious market

ogy. Properly considered and developed, this one


factor alone has the potential of turning SSL from slow-burn evolution to the outright revolution it

Closing Ceremony

should be. A robust approach would also include

The deployment of SSL can lead to exciting new

consideration of non solid-state products, to avoid

intelligent controls approaches and features. The

separation of technologies until SSL becomes

sooner the industry can develop a universal foun-

the predominant light source. It’s time to focus

dation for this, the sooner and more readily man-

on controls as a critical component of the SSL

ufacturers of light sources, lighting products, and


controls components can get down to the business of delivering what promises to be the most

Surviving Controls Evolution 101: Until there is

important advantage of solid-state technology—

a more universal agreement on communication

the ability to enhance performance and efficiency

protocols and the deployment of smart controls,

through precise, effective intelligent control. By

there are limited approaches available today.

opening the door to advanced controls that are

The first is to rely on the most basic approaches

as accessible as conventional approaches, SSL is

of binary controls, which provides the greatest

poised to graduate with honors and change the

range of products to choose from. The second is to

lighting universe from dim to brilliant.•


Architectural SSL - January 2013  

Chronicling the Advancement of LED and Solid-State Lighting in the Built Environment.

Architectural SSL - January 2013  

Chronicling the Advancement of LED and Solid-State Lighting in the Built Environment.