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A Lamp of Many Hues While LED lamps are becoming more common, few products are really taking advantage of the innate programing and control advantages digital lighting offers. Philips’ new “hue” lamp is a first step toward that end, giving users the ability to tune white light from warm to cool, or change the emitted light’s color entirely, using a smartphone or tablet app and a standard Wi-Fi connection. Yes, now there’s an app for your living room end-table lamp or your kitchen ceiling fixture. The 600-lumen hue lamp—equivalent to a 50-watt incandescent—features a color rendering index of 91 at 2700K. But users can change color and brightness of each lamp individually using their Apple or Android smart phone or tablet. Lamps incorporate 11 LEDs in blue, red-orange and


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looking into adding BU 30 and GR 10 style products to the lineup.•

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Architectural SSL - January 2013  

Chronicling the Advancement of LED and Solid-State Lighting in the Built Environment.

Architectural SSL - January 2013  

Chronicling the Advancement of LED and Solid-State Lighting in the Built Environment.