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1760LED C H AT E A U


Going Back to School Recognizing that even LEDs use less electricity when dimmed, designers of a major exterior lighting renovation on the campus of the University of California Davis have incorporated sophisticated wireless controls to cut energy costs without compromising safety. The new controls allow lighting brightness to follow the path a pedestrian is walking, allowing other fix-




tures to remain in a dimmed state for enhanced energy savings. The Adaptive Control system was co-developed by controls maker Lumenwave and researchers at the California Lighting Technology Center,


housed on the UC Davis campus. More than 1400 exterior fixtures—in-

The 1760LED Chateau series luminaire is a large scale, dramatic design fixture. It is available with a variety of mounting options: post top, hanging and catenary. The Chateau has LED light sources with roof mounted, downlighting optics and is ideal for any installation.

replaced with LED luminaires. These new fixtures were equipped with

cluding post tops, wall packs, pathway luminaires and streetlights—were Lumenwave’s TOP900-TL control modules and motion sensors, which are capable of peer-to-peer communication with each other. In addition to enabling up to eight scheduled nighttime events, the system also responds to the needs of individual campus pedestrians. When a motion detector senses a walking campus visitor, it sends a signal that brightens adjacent fixtures progressively as that person moves through the area. Based on set time delays, fixtures behind that individual then dim down to a lower level. Sensor data also helps the system predict how fast that person is traveling to control the speed with which fixtures further down the path raise their illumination levels. The controls also provide revenue-grade energy monitoring and log-


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ging and automatic notification of fixture malfunctions. Administrators have found the controls are providing an added 40% energy-cost savings over that of the LED fixture upgrade alone.•

Architectural SSL - January 2013  

Chronicling the Advancement of LED and Solid-State Lighting in the Built Environment.

Architectural SSL - January 2013  

Chronicling the Advancement of LED and Solid-State Lighting in the Built Environment.