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About Us Smart Employment has been a recognised leader in employment and training services for 30 years. We are a not-for-profit, charitable and public benevolent institution in respect of our mission to relieve poverty, distress, misfortune, destitution and helplessness occasioned by unemployment by providing increased education opportunities for the unemployed with particular emphasis on youth and the disabled.

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Apprenticeships and Traineeship by Industry

Become An Apprentice Or Trainee We’ve been around since 1986 and have trained and placed more than 15,000 young people in the workforce. Many have gone on to achieve great success owning their own substantial businesses! Our friendly, experienced people can help you to make the right choices!‌

Hire An Apprentice In aiming to provide you with the highest quality staff to suit your specific needs, Smart Employment Solutions: 1. Will meet with you in order to gain a detailed understanding of your business and identify positions that may be legitimately filled with apprentices or trainees. Working in conjunction with you, we will develop a profile of the right person for your business. 2. We will then utilise the information supplied by you to cross match with our available candidates and select the best applicants for the position. A short list of those applicants will then be presented to you, allowing you to make your final choice. ..continue

3. Commence the apprentice or trainee working with you. We pay their wages, take care of all paperwork, organise and coordinate their training and undertake performance monitoring. An Employment Consultant is assigned to maintain regular contact with you and your apprentice, to provide assistance where and when appropriate. 4. Should your staffing needs increase or decrease we can act swiftly to assist you and your business. If this means you no longer require the apprentice or trainee we will work with them to find further employment. All we ask for is 10 working days notice.

Apprenticeships and Traineeship by Industry •Automotive •Building and Construction Apprenticeships •Electrical Trades •Hospitality •Mechanical & Engineering •Marine Industry •Office Administration and Financial Services Traineeships

The Hassle Free Apprentice Management service:

Hassle Free Apprentice Management offers a service to those businesses who want to directly employ their apprentice and take advantage of the incentives offered by the Government, but do not want to be distracted from their core role by the complicated and often confusing legal and administrative obligations that are involved. continue‌

With thirty years experience, managing over 15,000 apprentices, you can rest assured that your new employees are in safe hands and that they will receive the very highest standard of service from our skilled Apprenticeship Coordinators. We take care to ensure that our coordinators manage only the number of apprentices that enables them to give the kind of service that sets us apart from other service providers.

Tools And Equipments Today marks an important announcement for Smart Employment Solutions (SES). Our apprentices and Host Employer network (that provides the on the job component for the SES apprentices), now have a tool supplier that is dedicated to assisting them with their tool requirements. SES General Manager, Steve Craven, has declared this as a win-win for our hosts and our apprentices. The agreement struck with Total Tools Biggera Waters owner Peter Doherty will give the SES network of host Employers and apprentices an opportunity to purchase tools at any Total Tools outlet with a discount of up to 10% off most, if not all items, unless they are on sale. continue..

This relationship also provides a close link to the tool manufacturers as well, giving the opportunity to talk with them one on of the trade nights that are held regularly in store. Peter is very committed to see our apprentice’s strive and prosper in their chosen field. Peter has said that when an apprentice has identified him or herself as an SES apprentice, they will be given an account number. Being identified as an SES apprentice (and holding a previously mentioned account number) means that when tools are purchased, points will be given that can be accumulated and redeemed in store for tools. Conditions apply and you should seek a full explanation in store.


Selecting the right employee to best suit your business can be a risky and difficult process. Advertising, sourcing, interviewing can all be extremely time consuming, frustrating and often, disappointing. That’s why so many business turn to the experts in recruitment, at Smart Employment Solutions, for help. Smart Employment Solutions understand that finding the right employee does not simply come down to focusing solely on skills and experience, but the culture and ‘fit’ of a client’s business to the prospective candidate At Smart Employment Solutions we want to work with you, for you. We aim to build partnerships with our clients, to know and understand your business, your team and your future.




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If you have completed your school and looking for a employment or want to sharpen your skills,we are here to help you to get your dream job....