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Constructing Environments Andy Zhang (636614)

Studio journal - Compression Challenge Week 1

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Compression Challenge

“Building with bricks� Personally I was absent on the first

can be tested. From observing the

week of the semester, hence these

above structure it can be seen that

photo were sent from my friend in

the structure has a solid base to

their tutorials demonstrating the

stabilize its structure but also to

compression challenge which they

take more compression. As we can

took part in. The aim of this

see slowing moving up the

challenge was to build a building

structure there are gaps that meet

with the provided amount of

the requirements of the task. The

pieces as demonstrated in the

photo taken on the left shows the

above photos, the requirements

ending product of the task that

was that the building must have at

shows its full height and using all

least on opening. After slowly take

resources, this seems to be a really

away pieces to test its stability and

interesting and fun challenge. This

finally test its compression buy

task can open up student’s idea of

applying forces to the construction

construction and is a great start to

and find its collapsing point. From

the semester.

this challenge we can see that the basic understanding of formations of structures and its compressions



Work in progression

The photos in the left display the steps of building the task and it displays the steps and inside structure of the model and its reasons to withstand compression.

This seems to be a fun task, even though I was unlucky to miss out on such a task, from the information from friend I can see that it is a fun challenge, here I would like to thank my friends for providing me with the photos.


Week1 Studio Journal  

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