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Unlike the traditional methods of learning that were popular back when I was a student, today's children seem to learn better when learning can be coupled with play.  DIDJ from LeapFrog is a new addition to the long line of products that very successfully combine learning and play.  The LeapFrog DIDJ Gaming System comes to us from the same folks that gave us the LeapPad and Leapster products. Unlike those products LeapFrog DIDJ is designed for an older, 6 to 10 year old age group. The DIDJ is basically a hand held gaming device, roughly about the size of a Sony PSP (Play station Plus system). One of the complaints about the older products was the quality of the graphics display.  LeapFrog seems to have corrected that problem with the DIDJ. The display rivals that of your television screen Unlike a lot of the gaming devices, the DIDJ allows a parental interface via a USB connection to a PC. The USB connection allows the parents to view how much time was spent on the DIDJ playing games that have educational content as well as the progress the child is making. Parents can also use this feature to upload math problems and spelling words that their child is currently learning in school. Now your child won't argue with you when you suggest they study. Progress through each of the games requires that your student answer specific math, vocabulary or spelling questions. So instead of blowing up some fictitious monster, your child is actually learning. What a great idea! Correct answers also allow the child to collect points which can be traded in to allow customization of the characters in the games. Using tween popular characters like Hannah Montana to help make learning fun, LeapFrog offers a myriad of game cartridges that can be added to the DIDJ. The cartridges which resemble a Flash Card Disk, are sold separately for $29.99.    Your youngsters shouldn't have any problem operating the DIDJ. The face has several user input buttons, a D pad on the left side which controls movement, and A and B input buttons on the right side.  Volume and screen intensity knobs are located on the side of the DIDJ. Running off of 4 standard AA batteries, the DIDJ is a great take along item for those road trips. The DIDJ also has a headphone jack, so your child can use the DIDJ without involving the whole family. There is also an option to purchase a docking station/charger for use with rechargeable batteries. Here is a product that your kids will want to use, because its fun, and at the same time they can improve their minds. Not a bad deal for the price. No one in your house will ever complain

about homework again with the LeapFrog DIDJ Gaming System.

Take a look at the LeapFrogDIDJ Gaming System. You'll like what you see. Robin Jeffries reviews popular toys for the holiday season. Check back. More reviews of this year's top toys coming soon!

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==== ==== Get This Product with Special Price at : ==== ====

LeapFrog DIDJ Gaming System  

Get This Product with Special Price at :

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