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This is my view and perspective on the road to the White House and what Republicans need to do to win. We need to galvanize and stand united as the left side seems to be unified in many areas and have their chosen candidate. The Republicans as of now are divided on many issues and none of the candidates seems ready to pull away or energize the party. I've said this many times "The road to victory for the Republican Party is through the Conservative Right", the true base of the party. If we alienate them it will be a slim chance for victory and if we do then we need to look at an alternative plan to keep the White House. We should also ask ourselves, do we stand for true Republican values and possibly lose the '08 election but win on principle by supporting a lesser known candidate and in the next election regain our base and direction or do we back more of a moderate to liberal candidate, try to sway democrats, win the White House and hope that our fellow Republicans in the House and Senate can keep him somewhat in line. That is what we need to answer. As it stands now is there any candidate running that can excite the Conservative Right? We can quickly rule out the "Big Four", Romney, McCain and Giuliani and also to a lesser degree Thompson. They all have their weaknesses. What Christian or moral conscience American would want their leader supporting pro choice, homosexual rights and appearing in drag? And will Conservative Christians come out to vote for a Mormon that has flip flopped on abortion and homosexual rights and who has written letters to the Log Cabin Republicans supporting their cause? Furthermore the main Democrat candidates have kept their liberal base in tact by attending a debate hosted by Gays - Lesbians - Bi and Trans gender but "The Big Four" arrogantly snubbed their core by not accepting an invitation to a Values Voters Debate in Florida which will further distance the Conservative Right and make it an even a tougher sell to invigorate this much needed base. So then what are some of the variables and possibilities of the Republicans keeping the White House? I will start with Rudy Giuliani. As mentioned above he won't woo the Conservative Right but what he does have going for him is electability with Democrats. He was elected Mayor in a very democratic city. His pro choice and acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle will sit well with the liberal left. He can also play on 911 and his presence during it and garner support from veterans because of his stance concerning the Iraq war. Fiscally he has lowered taxes, that sits well with everyone.

McCain is also someone that can grab votes from Democrats who feel alienated with their party which has drifted way to far to the left. Next to Hillary, Kucinich and the rest of the liberals, his very stable, calm demeanor will do well. And compared to some in the Republican party he is middle of the road. McCain comes across as Presidential and very much a moderate. What he loses with Vietnam Vets and Conservative votes he can make up else where. People know little of Fred Thompson other than he was on Law and Order. Most didn't even know he was a senator from Tennessee. He resonates well with his Pro American talk, supporting the effort of the troops and war in Iraq. His electability hinges on swaying the Conservative Right as I feel few Democrats will jump ship to vote for him. As for Mitt Romney though he may be leading in some polls I truly don't know where his votes will come from. The Left will feel slighted that he back tracked on his support of liberal causes and on the Right they will be questioning which Mitt should they believe? Is he right or left? I believe he is the least electable of all candidates. Concerning the lesser known candidates running on the Republican side, few have any chance of winning. Its unfortunate that the GOP has abandoned them. This is where the true Republican Party lies. By far the best candidate of everyone is Allen Keyes. America is searching for that no nonsense, bulldog patriot who won't compromise his beliefs, well they have that type of person in Allen Keyes and yet the Party won't back him. He stands in the way of the party elite and goes against the status quo. The line I will always remember, I believe it was in the '96 Republican debate, was when the candidates were trying to make an argument they were outsiders. Allen Keyes spoke up and said "I am a black Conservative Catholic, how much more of an outsider can you get"? Its true and yet people won't support him. About the only other two that can possibly achieve a stunning upset would be Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. Huckabee would have ALL the Conservative Right votes hands down. He would do very well debating any of the democrats, he would make them look even more left of center if that is at all possible. That leaves us with Ron Paul. He would pick up both Conservative, Liberal and Libertarian votes. Liberal votes? YES! His antiwar stance would take away for Hillary's flip flopping on the war and his very pro life and pro family beliefs would definitely get the Conservative votes. He would also get the Libertarian vote as he wants out of the UN, limited government and very pro Constitution. Again why isn't the party supporting someone like him? The other variable is the disdain for anything Clinton. If she gets the nomination it may be enough to get out everyone on the Right side to vote for whom ever gets the Republican nomination just to defeat her. This is the worse case scenario for the Republican Party hoping the base will come out just to defeat someone and disregarding an electable choice. In my opinion the road to victory for the Republican Party and returning America to greatness is with either Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul but I believe the Republican party is to globalist and entrenched with the status quo to allow change and a new direction for America.

Mom would get so mad and reprimand me as a child when I would talk back to her. She would say.... you have all the answers. My reply.. of course I do otherwise you wouldn't ask. This has carried on in my adult life as I have an opinion about everything. At times I tend to miss the mark in trying to relay my thoughts verbally but in writing, which is a passion, I seldom miss the mark of what I am trying to convey. I write frequently for the Lake Gop, I am also in the process of adding a blog to my website, which showcases my travels. I have contributed small articles to The Lake County News Herald. People have asked if I would write bio's for their on line sites. I have folders filled with short stories I have written that someday will be edited into book form. The first step in expanding my horizons was attending a class held by Author Mark Barnes (The League and An Ordinary, Happy Man) who led me to this site. My style covers all areas, politics, human interest, sports, travel, to the absurd and funny.

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==== ==== Read's national conservative examiner Ken Kaplan here: ==== ====

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