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Governor Mitt Romney is the strongest presidential candidate of the Republican party by far, a lot of aspiring presidentiables attempts to run against Mr. Romney but it seems like a lot of them could not contend against him. Mitt Romney seems to be following the steps of President Obama. Marginal income tax rates and tax rates on savings and investment must be low; this is according to the policy of Mitt Romney. Additionally, he suggested that taxes in interest, dividends, and capital gains for middle income taxpayers would be eliminated. Governor Romney aims to eliminate present-day regulations like "Obama Care." His plan includes having a government agency to regulate annual increase of regulatory costs and keep it to zero. Any proposed new regulation should be counterbalanced by eliminating another regulation of the same function. In an effort to widen international commerce, Romney's aim is to bring about the "Reagan Economic Zone," a partnership among countries committed to free enterprise and free trade. This will become America's tool to broaden the market for local goods and services; this will also serve as a mechanism to be able to face other countries like China that violates other trade rules. When finally legalized, this will give bigger opportunities for local businessmen and producers to compete with imported goods with a cheaper price. Romney sees this as a solution to help raise the economy of United States. This plan will also allow the nation to make full use of its natural strengths such as great oil reserves, coal, and gas as well as usage of America's nuclear know-how. All these resources will be harnessed in areas where it can be done safely and also by modification of the current regulations which will allow this. If fully realized, the plan will create more jobs and lower the cost of fuel and energy which will then positively improve the economy. What he is planning is to tap unused natural resources as a means to sustain the nation. His plan will introduce a rational system for worker retraining, instead of the existing 47 separate programs run by nine federal agencies. One of Romney's goals is to reduce government spending. His plans include the amendment of balancing the national budget. When Barack Obama took office, the private sector lost 1.8 million jobs whereas the federal workforce added 142,500 more or grew to almost 7%. Therefore a rollback is needed.

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==== ==== Tired of the liberals twisting the truth? Check out the #1 conservative blog on the net: ==== ====

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