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Ă‚ The campaign for the Republican nomination for President in 2012 will begin heating up in early 2011, such is the nature of the ridiculously long presidential campaigns in the United States these days. Current polling indicates that the following four Republican politicians are the frontrunners for the GOP nomination and most pundits believe that all four of them are likely to try for it. What follows is a short synopsis of each of them and how they compare to President Barack Obama. Mitt Romney Romney seems like the logical choice to run against President Obama, particularly if the economy is still struggling in 2012. Because, while it's certainly not true, many people have the idea that Romney would be strong in economic matters. But as of today Romney doesn't seem like the likely choice of the Republican electorate because they've taken such a hard right turn (they are anything but logical) and Romney is seen as something of a moderate political opportunist who has changed his positions with the wind. Plus much of the Republican electorate is very upset about the health care reform law passed this year and with Romney having signed health care reform into law as Governor of Massachusetts that's very similar to the the health care reform that President Obama got passed at the federal level he will likely get torn to shreds by his GOP opponents. Mike Huckabee Huckabee does not appeal very much to the financial conservatives as he is known as a "big spending" Republican. With the billionaire funded "Tea Party" movement supposedly being primarily about cutting governmental spending (of course it's really about destroying Obama's Presidency with an endless stream of lies)Ă‚ he seems like an unlikely choice as well.Ă‚ Huckabee does appeal to the Evangelicals with his social conservatism. Unfortunately for the Republicans, it's unlikely that kind of far right wing social conservatism is going to fly in a general election in 2012. Newt Gingrich Gingrich is an extremely unlikeable politician with very high negatives. That said, he may have a

shot at the GOP nomination just because of how weak the rest of the field is. The fact that he's been married three times makes him an unsavory choice to the kind of social conservatives that would prefer Mike Huckabee as the GOP nominee. Plus he's a bit too smart for the current "know nothing" atmosphere among the Republican faithful. Sarah Palin Palin has no problems with being too smart. She isn't even close to being qualified to be President of the United States. She is clearly out of her element in the world of national politics as she doesn't seem to have a grasp of even basic facts nor does she display even average intelligence. Sadly, even though her candidacy should be laughed out of consideration, I think she would have a real shot at winning the GOP nomination i she were decide to run for it. Luckily, I do not think she would be able to beat President Obama.Ă‚

Presidential Candidates News. Best Political Humor: Often when the mainstream media fails to convey the real truth, political comedy succeeds.

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==== ==== Read's national conservative examiner Ken Kaplan here: ==== ====

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