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An Introduction ConSpare is one of the best known names in the UK concrete industry. We offer the most comprehensive range of concrete production equipment on the market, all backed up by the largest stock-holding of specialist spare parts under one roof. With over 35 years as market leader, we are a key supplier to virtually every concrete producer in the UK. Our products and experience improve plant performance, helping the industry to produce better quality concrete at lower cost. Customers rely on us to keep their plants running like clockwork. In a breakdown situation we have the best reputation for helping to get plants back into production as quickly as possible.

James Bullock Managing Director

Mixer wear parts ................................................. Mixer wear plates ............................................... Mixer components ..............................................

Mixer Spares

Filters & filter spares............................................ Level control & silo safety ................................. Flow aids ............................................................ Flexible connectors ............................................. Truckmixer loading ................... .......................... Wear & flow linings ............................................. Conveyor components ...................................... Precast components ..........................................

Plant Components

Teka mixers ........................................................ Walter washout systems .................................... Hydronix moisture measurement ........................ CAMS screw conveyors .................................... CDX MixerVent filter ..........................................

Capital Equipment

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Mixer Spares

We’re market leader in this specialist field and have been for over 35 years. We know more about mixers in UK than anyone else and offer the widest range of components. The key to our success is that we really understand abrasion and have an in-depth knowledge of the mixing process. This is why we’re so good at solving wear problems.

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Supporting mixers in the UK since 1977

Reduce mixer running costs and minimise downtime

Improve mixer safety and reduce risk

Enhance mixing performance and safeguard concrete quality

Mixer Wear Parts

Mixing concrete is a particularly abrasive process which places the highest demands on mixing tools such as blades and scrapers. We’ve spent decades designing mixer wear parts which combat abrasion and last longer, so you spend less time in the mixer and more time making concrete.

Cast Steel ~ the traditional standard High quality, Ni-hard steel Excellent value for money Ideal for certain aggregates and low wear mixers

Hawiflex® Polyurethane ~ the industry leader Special formulation outlasts other PU’s by up to 3 x Highly abrasion and impact resistant Light-weight and safe to handle - simple to clean & maintain Twinshaft blades too heavy? Read how Hawiflex® helps...

a ft • T

r • Si n gl







Supporting the UK market since 1977



s h a ft • P

• Pl a n e

 Blades  Scrapers  Whirblers  Arm Guards  Bespoke Wear Protection




UltraTungsten ~ extreme abrasion resistance Exceptional wear life in high wear zones Significantly reduce mixer maintenance for lowest whole life cost Blade maintenance cut by 90%! Read the case study...

Mixer Wear Plates

We supply more floor & wall plates to more mixers than any other company. This vast experience combined with the widest range of hard-wearing wear plate options enables us to identify the most cost effective alternative for your raw materials and mix designs. We help reduce mixer running costs and minimise plant downtime by supplying plates which last longer and fit better.

Pan & Planetary mixer floor & walls We supply plates to suit virtually all concrete mixers High quality plates fit accurately for quick, safe installation Widest range of materials to suit all budgets & wear levels Excel300 grade steel ~ entry level, competitively priced Excel600 grade steel ~ through hard quenched plate ConSpare Extra ~ hardweld coated plate. Extremely tough Chill Cast tiles ~ optimum quality. Excel in high volume applications New BetaTile ~ Impact & abrasion resistant hardweld coated tiles

Twinshaft mixer liners & end plates Lining tiles, end plates & shaft sealing components Specially heat treated trough liners Spend less time maintaining these inaccessible mixers

longer wear plate life = less maintenance = less risk





Mixer Components

Mixers are at the heart of the concrete production process. Years of arduous operation takes its toll and accidents sometimes occur which cause major damage. In either case, non-wearing parts may need replacement to bring the mixer back into full working order. We stock thousands of components to optimise mixer performance.

Wide range of mixer components: • Mixer arms / legs • Mixing stars • Arm mountings

• Rotor components

• Seal kits

• Hydraulic kits

• Spray jets

• Clamps

• Rotor covers

• Skip hoist spares

Our commitment to the industry: Complete discharge door assemblies Cobra Rau gearboxes Drive shafts and universal joints Installation guidance and support





Plant Components No other company stocks the range of batch plant components that we do. We are the supplier that the industry turns to when they need spare parts, particularly in breakdown situations. As an industry wide supplier we see the most common causes of poor plant performance time and again, and we’ve worked out how to solve them. We provide a unique range of best practice components which make plants perform better.

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UK’s leading specialist spare parts provider for concrete producers

Most reliable service and best technical sales support

Our innovative components make plants safer, better places to work

We help clients make better quality concrete at lower cost

Filters & Filter Spares

We are a leading supplier of dust control filter units and stock spares to suit all makes of silo venting and dust extraction filter. Our top quality replacement filter cartridges are a competitively priced alternative to OEM components and our experienced team provide an accurate cross referencing service. We’re confident that we can help you reduce your filter running costs for the long term.

Replacement cartridges & filter spares to suit all makes  low cost  high quality  extensive range

Original cartridges Sole supplier of unique conical cartridges for ConSpare filters We are the largest supplier of original WAM SiloTop cartridges

Leading supplier of silo venting and dust extraction filter units Silos

ConSpare ConicalAir. Minimal cartridge replacement


HopperFix. More effective than venting bags


CDX. Making mixer platforms dust free and safer

We offer a wide range of alternative solutions to suit your application and budget. Ask for details.




Level Control & Silo Safety

Monitor Technologies are one of the world’s leading level control equipment manufacturers. Their point level switches and continuous measurement systems are suited to the rigours of the concrete industry and renowned for long term reliable performance. As UK distributor we stock a full range of Monitor products.

SafePoint failsafe rotary paddle “We wanted to reduce the need to visit the silo roof without compromising the risk of overfill. SafePoint has allowed us to achieve both.” Read the case study...

TrueCap capacitance Tilt switches for open/stock piles VibraRod vibratory probe SiloPatrol plumb-bob continuous

Specify the full silo safety package when you replace your high level probe:

Control Panel

Pressure Relief Valve

Fill Pipe Components

Pressure Sensor



Flow Aids

We are good at making aggregates & powders do what they are supposed to. Fast, reliable discharge from hoppers, feeders, bins, chutes and silos is a pre-requisite for efficient production. Our discharge aids & vibrators are extremely effective and surprisingly low cost. We have thousands of satisfied customers whose material flow issues are a thing of the past.

Aerators & Fluidisers Aeration Nozzles, Pads and Fluidisers proven to perform A low cost, yet highly effective solution

Solimar Aeration Fluidiser ~ the original and still the best “Solimar aeration fluidisers really work. Other aerators seem to block and become less effective over time. Solimar keeps our cement flowing. They work as well now as they did when we fitted them over 12 months ago.” Watch the intro video...

Read the case study...

Easy to install...

Vibrators Extensive range of electric and pneumatic vibrators Experienced vibratory team for free advice and guidance




Flexible Connectors

Flexible connectors play an important role in all concrete batch plants. They are also a common source of dust leakage & maintenance problems. We are one of UK’s largest suppliers of flexible connecting sleeves. Our market leading products fit better, last longer and contain dust effectively to reduce avoidable downtime and create a healthier working environment.

Seamless Sleeve ~ competitively priced Most widely used flexible connector in UK concrete industry Hard-wearing, long life rubber Standard diameter rolls, simply cut to length

DuraFlex Rubber ~ custom made Tailor made to your dimensions Quick turnaround, short lead times Reinforced joints

Got a particular problem? Try one of our specialist sleeves:

ClearFlex ~ ultra flexible High performance transparent PU Seamless, strong and light-weight

RCN ~ highly elastic Connectors that physically stretch Elastic nylon outer, durable rubber inner



Truckmixer Loading

Concrete mixer discharge chutes are prone to blockage and difficult to clean. Truckmixer charge chutes constantly rip and tear leading to costly maintenance whilst working at height. ConSpare has innovated to introduce a completely new low risk solution for this critically important interface between batch plant and truckmixer.

Truckmixer charge chutes for all budgets & applications


Hawiflex® polyurethane dual layer Low friction outer resists tearing Abrasion resistant inner combats concrete wear Lasts up to 10 x longer. Read the case study...


Seamless rubber Durable, flexible compound Extremely cost effective

Improve mixer discharge chutes with ConeFlex

Hawiflex® polyurethane dual layer pre-formed cone Replace steel chutes entirely, or for lining existing steelwork Bi-colour early warning wear indicator - rotate when worn Quick and easy to clean, prevents blockage Light-weight and safe to install

Patent Pending

“I can load trucks faster and we haven’t lost any production while clearing blockages.” Read the case study...



Wear & Flow Linings

Handling large volumes of sand, aggregate & cement is challenging. Abrasion, impact, noise and poor flow all have a detrimental effect on plant performance. We have brought together a range of high performance wear liners, flow liners and bespoke wear parts from some of the worlds most respected manufacturers to solve these problems.

Comprehensive range of problem solving wear liners  Bins, hoppers, chutes, buckets and more...  Wide range of complimentary materials  Clever, problem solving variants & options Tega Rubber ~ impact and noise damping Hawiflex® Polyurethane ~ flexible, brilliant with sand Tega Ceramic ~ exceptionally wear resistant Matrox Polyethylene ~ extremely low friction, promote flow Wear life increased by 120,000 t. Read the case study... Solves noise & abrasion problems. Read the case study... Limestone dust flow problems solved. Read the case study...

Solve wear problems with our bespoke wear parts: Alphapipe hardweld armoured pipework Excellent abrasion resistance - particularly useful for silo fill-pipe wear bends UltraTungsten coated wear parts Targeted protection. Extremely effective performance on high wear components




Conveyor Components

Conveying raw materials is often problematical. Our experienced conveyor engineers are extremely effective at designing problems out of the process. We solve spillage, dust control, abrasion, noise, belt tracking and impact problems. Better conveyor performance make plants safer, cleaner and greener.

SPILL-EX skirt sealing system Prevents raw material and dust escaping Individually adjustable rubber blocks create seal Extremely effective Read the case study...

FriFlo impact bars and cradles Impact resistant, low friction belt support Impact bars designed for superior performance Unique maintenance friendly cradle All loading point problems solved. Read the case study...

Ceraskirt loading point lining Ceramic tiles in rubber matrix Effective protection for skirt sealing Contain product surge during loading

Centrax belt tracking rollers Unique design, particularly robust Automatically correct misalignment Prevent spillage and belt damage

In addition to these specialist components: We stock a range of competitively priced troughing sets, wing rollers, centre rollers, standard return & disc return idlers.



Precast Components

Our abrasion resistance expertise extends to specialist wear parts for block and wet press paving slab machines. Extending service life in this critically important part of the production process makes all the difference to concrete and masonry product quality, consistency and cosmetic appearance – reducing cost into the bargain!

Block machine spares & wear parts

Vibration table liners 90+ Rockwell tungsten carbide protected Up to 10 times longer, maintenance free service life Pallet friendly, low friction surface Read the case study... Feed box table plates 64 Rockwell armoured hardweld plate Unique snake ‘wave’ pattern prevents accelerated wear Additional finishing process ensures extreme flatness Read the editorial... Weber brushes Sole distributor for concrete industry brush specialist Weber Widest range of rotary and in-line strip brushes High performance, low cost See the brochure...

Wet press spares Slab and Kerb mould liner plates New hardening techniques for up to double service life Reduce changeover downtime Improve product quality



Trust our team to help...

Our stores is an Aladdin’s cave full of batch plant spare parts, some of which are no longer available from any other source. From angle seat valves to ZF gearbox spares, whether your plant is 5 or 50 years old, we can probably help! It’s one thing having the parts, we also understand how to apply them. Our experience and expertise are all part of the service.

When you really need a part next day, you can rely on ConSpare to deliver. Ask a member of our sales team for assistance!

Butterfly valves & accessories

Screw conveyor hanger bearings, drives & gearboxes

Water meters, shut off valves and non-drip spray jets

Silo fill pipe components

Load cells

Stainless steel clamp banding and clips

Solenoid valves and seal kits

Pictured: Sales Office Team - Matt, Darren and Andrew

Capital Equipment We have supplied more mixers, washout systems and moisture control equipment to the UK concrete industry than any other company. As market leader in all three fields, we understand how to integrate each element to achieve optimum plant performance. Our well respected engineering department takes a consultative approach and has a track record for solving the most challenging mixing problems. We have shaped the way concrete is made in UK and continue to innovate.

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Distributor for Europe’s leading manufacturers

Proven to deliver premium quality concrete at lower whole life cost

High efficiency equipment designed to minimise environmental impact

Best after sales support and service available in UK

With over 50 years experience and nearly 20,000 mixers supplied, Teka is one of Europe’s leading mixer manufacturers and clear UK market leader. Teka developed the concept of high efficiency mixing to produce maximum quality concrete in minimum time with low power consumption. Teka offer the widest choice of mixing actions meaning our team is best placed to provide the optimum solution, whatever your concrete demands.

THZ Pan Setting the standard for efficiency and reliability for over 50 years Unique Teka arm configuration promotes low resistance mixing 0.15m³ - 4m³ compacted concrete outputs

TPZ Planetary High efficiency action for more intensive, low wear mixing Selected for prestigious construction projects 0.17m³ - 3m³ compacted concrete outputs Read the case study...

THT Turbine Completely new approach to mixing challenging concretes Flexibility to revolutionise production planning • UHPC • SCC • SFRC • SCLC • Face-mix • Coloured Mortar Watch the mixing action... Read the editorial...

TDZ Twinshaft Fast and efficient batching for large aggregates 1m³ - 3m³ compacted concrete outputs



ConSpare pioneered the use of mixer washout systems in the UK concrete industry in 2003. The introduction of Walter cleaning technology changed the way mixers are cleaned forever and transformed safety. As a result of the work we carried out, washout systems are now seen as an essential part of the production process. Many copycat systems have emerged, but having supplied over 280 Walter systems we remain undisputed market leader.

UK market leader for mixer cleaning Precisely controlled high impact cutting jet Removes concrete build-up more effectively Operators no longer need to enter mixer Clean mixers mix better and use fewer spares Specialist high volume system for Twinshaft mixers National servicing scheme Watch the system in action...

RD3 cleaning head Govt. approved, tax deductible...

Did you know? Walter systems clean mixer discharge chutes too Also available for bullet skips...



Hydronix microwave moisture measurement equipment enables concrete producers to manufacture the highest quality concrete at the lowest possible cost. Unique digital sensor technology ensures the most accurate and reliable performance. That’s why they’re market leader. In our experience, Hydronix is absolutely essential to the production process and offers the best return on investment.

50,000 sensors sold worldwide Sand and aggregate moisture measurement

Improve yield and productivity Accurately control aggregate / cement ratio Reduce cement wastage through precise control Adhere to mix design, batch after batch Help achieve quality standard compliance

Mixer moisture measurement

Consistent concrete workability Automatically control cement / water ratio Maximise concrete product quality Minimise wastage and reject batches Reduce energy costs

As Master Reseller, we provide the full package:  installation


 training

 after sales & servicing



CAMS are one of Europe’s longest established and best respected manufacturers of screw conveyors. Having supplied hundreds of thousands of conveyors over the last 50 years, CAMS have a reputation for high quality, cost effective performance & unbeatable reliability. Our engineering department offer full technical support for complete peace of mind.

Patented labyrinth protected bearings & drive as standard

Less maintenance and lower operating cost Free site survey and layout drawing Short lead times Competitively priced Painted to your RAL colour Special packing protects paint finish



CDX MixerVent

ConicalAir CDX mixer venting filters solve the long standing problem of dust emissions from concrete mixers during the batching cycle. Filtered product is discharged directly back into the mixer resulting in less waste. The range is designed around innovative conical cartridges which provide highly effective dust extraction, creating a clean and healthy working environment on the mixer platform.

Compact design to fit above mixer Conical cartridge technology Directional hollow cone reverse jet cleaning Easy access, user friendly maintenance Minimal running costs Improve working conditions Aids COSHH compliance



Contact us: Call: 01773 860796 Email: Get more info: Website: Twitter: @conspare

Version: 25/06/2015

ConSpare Introductory eBrochure  
ConSpare Introductory eBrochure