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Incentives Costa Rica San José – Guanacaste – Arenal – Tortuguero – San José Add-Venture CR 5 STARS HOTELS AND HIGH END ADDED VALUES 2013

Add-Venture CR

Costa Rica, located in Central America, is an isthmus where life has created its roots. Covering only 0.03% of the planet's surface, Costa Rica has approximately 6% of the world's biodiversity. Considered one of the countries with the most bio-diverse regions, is divided into 20 national parks, 8 biological reserves and a series of protected areas that attract nature lovers. With over 1,200 microclimates. Costa Rica is characterized by a highly scenic, social and political stability, a highly educated and efficient infrastructure and services.

It is one of the most sought after destinations in the world. This small piece of land includes all necessary components. The richness of Costa Rica is also in the diversity of its culture. Throughout our history, from indigenous to Hispanic origins have been added many immigrants who have made this land their home. Costa Rica is a land of volcanoes, forests, beaches and rivers. Adventurers can choose from a wide variety of activities such as rafting, fishing, surfing, hiking, zip line and more.

This package is designed for Meetings and Corporate Development or organized group from 50 to 200 people, following the philosophy of the ISO 9000-8001, 14000 and 22000 Upon check in you will be presented with a welcome gift including: Costa Rican oxcart kind souvenir, recycled glass turtle, welcome card data and contact information 24/7. Itinerary and pamphlets circuit, a bronze pendant plated 24K gold copy of the original parts with certified true copy by the Gold Museum of the Banco Central de Costa Rica. T shirts vacuum packed and allegorical prints biodegradable species of flora and fauna unique to Costa Rica, (the visitor can bring less baggage) if required with logos and Legend of the agency or company of origin.

Incentives Add-Venture CR • Planned Itinerary Day 1 Coordination baggage handling at the airport of origin. Consolid Costa Rica will supply distinctive ribbons designed and manufactured for the occasion with biodegradable materials which, through an international airport operator, will be placed in each bag when checking in airline placing in VIP containers and making exclusive management from departure of the country of origin to arrival in Costa Rica. With certified professional staff made the process internally expedited customs for luggage so that passengers do not have to lug your bags off the plane and go through the conveyor belt, said all staff will transfer to the private luxury buses await airport exit. Reception at the airport sleeves theater students who made a little show for visitors as they perform the customs and immigration formalities airport, being supported by the certified professional guides for a quick and special way to get the country out of people Happy World: Costa Rica! Help by personnel hired to expedite immigration formalities and visitors take + / -15 and 30 minutes to leave the airport. Check in at the Hotel Real Intercontinental 5 Stars. Exclusively to this group the hotel offers: exclusive independent floor at Club Torre, private check in and pre-coordinated, butler service, breakfast buffet, daily cocktail hour - happy hour-dinner snacks, soft drinks, morning newspaper every day, reception area, private meeting room. Day 2 6:30 to 7:45 pm, Breakfast at the hotel 8:00 am Check out and departure to JW Marriott Hotel 5-Stars; through Adventure Park Vista Golfo for high ropes activities at 30 meters high. Tour Adventure Park Vista Golfo high ropes, to get to the Adventure Park facilities, visitors can perform various high ropes activities about 30 meters high, this tour includes lunch. Visitors are advised to be prepared from the start in San Jose hotel with comfortable clothes for this type of activity to remain in custody luggage on buses with guides attendees. 16:30 pm +/- Check in at Hotel JW Marriott, located on the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste, 5 star Beach Hotel, with cocktail reception and private check in for the group. This hotel has a private terrace and an extensive beach, is one of the best 5-star. 21:00 pm, dinner buffet (American center menu) will be in the restaurant Mansita Day 3 Morning off at Hotel JW Marriott with option to participate in any activity on the established schedule or enjoy a game of golf as individual rates from U.S. $ 65 (9 holes) to $ 125 (18 holes) or get a relax service at the SPA. 12:00 Lunch at La Mansita Resturant. 13:00 hrs Departure to pier to take a Catamaran Tour, coming to the beach by addressing the boat at 13:30 hrs for a private tour, visitors sail for the Pacific Coast, with tropical music on the trip, snacks, drinks. Also conduct a snorkeling tour on a private beach designed for this activity and enjoy the sunset on board the ship and then head back to the hotel beach. Stay overnight at Hotel JW Marriott and dinner from 21:00 pm (buffet menu American center) in the restaurant Mansita. Day 4 Morning off in the hotel, breakfast according to restaurant La Mansita schedule. 12:30 hrs, Departure for a combo tour, taking them through the mountains of Guanacaste to live a unique experience, will be Tirolesa, plus will get the boy and girl within us throwing a water slide over 100 meters long. It is a perfect tour for those who want a day full of activities in a wonderful place. At +/- 20:00 hours back to the hotel for dinner and rest. On the night after return from the tour, visitors will enjoy a gourmet dinner on the beach, for this dinner will also torches and lighting ambient music for the occasion. The music events in public areas must muted at 10:00 pm so that guests located in fenced areas to rest. The event can continue, however, continue without music. The dinner menu from beach is: 5 Continents Appetizers Assorted Sushi and Tempura Assorted Spanish and International Cheeses Stiffed Chayote with Crab Caprese Salad, tomatoes & mozzarella Cheese served with Home Made Pesto Fennel & Orange Supreme Salad, Red Onions, Organic Spinach & Anis Dressing Best Picked Organic Baby Greens, Julienne of Vegetables and Choice of Dressing Vegetables – Asparagus, Zucchini, Cauliflower, Broccoli Carving & Action Stations Ceviche Station with Instructor Beef Tenerloin with Cognac Sauce Fresh red Snapper, Roasted with Fennel Main Courses Mahi-Mahi with Mango Sauce and Cajun Spices Sea bass with Emulsion of Fresh Herbs and Potatoes Puree Typical rice Station with Shrimp, Calamari, Chopped Chicken and Vegetables Pork Tenderloin with Dijon Mustard Sauce and Rosemary Potatoes Picadillo of Green Beans and Churrascco Beef Traditional Marinated Oven baked Jerk Chicken and Jamaican Johnny Cakes Penne with Choice of Two Sauces Chayote and carrots with Butter and Garlic Dessert Cheese Cake Cappuccino Vanilla Creme Brulee Mango Healthy Mousse My favorite Madagascarian Chocolate Cake or Chocolate Temptation Banana Donut with Milk and Chocolate Guanacastecan Pineapple Parfait Swiss Chocolate Fountain with Pound Cake, Fruits, Cookies, Biscuits & Marshmallows Day 5 06:00 to 07:20 hours Breakfast at La Mansita and check out, shuttle service to Fortune. Visitors must leave comfortable clothes and towels from the hotel to the activities that have been planned on the way, so it is recommended to go prepared from hotels’ departure to a adventure day and bring a change of clothes in the briefcase. On the way we will visit the Rio Celeste, so that visitors know the only river of blue color in the

world. The occasion will be in a private rural property, being attended by a group of women from rural microenterprise Bijagua area. In river waters can enjoy natural mineral laden optimal for improved blood circulation and pore cleansing, enjoy a typical local snacks made from green papaya called "picadillo cocks", the famous "dumb tamal" (corn dough stuffed with mashed beans) wrapped in banana leaf. 13:00 hrs out of place. 15:30 hrs Arrival at La Fortuna de San Carlos check in at Hotel The Springs Resort & Spa, 5 star hotel, this hotel has hot springs where visitors can relax and enjoy the benefits of more 100 minerals, they also have a bonus of 50% discount on treatments that decide and breakfast served during the stay of the group. Day 6 6:00 and 7:45 am Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. At 8:00 am depart for a tour in Fortuna that combines the thrill of rafting class 2-3 (intermediate) and visit the Lake Arenal hydroelectric dam that was the first mega hydroelectric project built in the region Central. Return to the hotel around 17:00 hrs Dinner at the hotel and enjoy the night in hot springs. Day 7 6:00 and 6:45 am Breakfast at the hotel. 7:00 hrs. Check out and departure to Tortuguero Road to Tortuguero will be a visit to the Bamboo Hotel to enjoy nature and facilities like the pool to cool off during the journey, a band with folk instruments (marimbas) liven up this quick visit, includes buffet lunch (salad two main options, two side dishes, accompaniments, or gaseous natural drink and dessert) and 2 bedrooms (1 for Male and 1 for women) should be needed during the visit. At 12:00 hrs you will depart the dock La Pavona to address the boats to make transfers to the hotel in Tortuguero through natural channels. 15:30 hrs Check in at Hotel Pachira Lodge, this is all inclusive system. It has the highest level of Sustainable Tourism Certification awarded by the Government of Costa Rica. Dinner at hotel, enjoy the show offered by the hotel or just go with the captivating sound of the night half rainforest. Day 8 Breakfast at the hotel early in the morning, Buffet style In the morning he takes a guided tour through the canals of Tortuguero where guides the immersion into the lush flora and fauna of the National Park. 11:30 hrs Return to the hotel for lunch. In the afternoon, a little visit to the town and to the beach and the Turtle Museum, which is intended for the information on this marine species, a professional naturalist guide will be in charge. This tour has a maximum of 20 people for the advice of environmental regulations authorized Carrying Capacity. Return to the hotel at approximately 16:00 hrs, rest of the afternoon off. Day 9 6:00 and 6:45 am Breakfast at the hotel, check out at 7:00 pm, transfer by boat to Caño Blanco Dock. 8:00 am Arrival to pier, buses will be waiting to transfer to the EARTH University, where they will experience high added value. At the ERTH University held in two separate groups: Center for Renewable Energy WorkshopCIDER-and Peri-urban Agriculture Tour and gardens of showing sustainable farming techniques that can be applied in urban and rural areas can gain experience in adapting farming techniques to social and environmental contexts, and visitors are invited to participate and learn how recycled materials can be turned into pots to grow plants in small plots, and many other ways to green the environment urban environment. When a group activity ends, the other begins another. Lunch is offered differentiated in the "Ranchón" besides the cultural presentation by students of 4th year of EARTH, as well be financed economically ticket parents for graduation, they have a presentation of cultural dances, where representatives several countries with their costumes and dances, while visitors enjoy the presentation, are collaborating with students (mostly scholarships) to purchase family tickets. 14:30 hrs Departure from Earth to San Jose 17:00 Arrival to San José and check in at the Hotel Real Intercontinental San Jose, 5 stars, in the Club Tower in panoramic floor (floors 5 and up with private elevators) where guests will enjoy benefits such as 24-hour fitness center, executive floor rooms, Concierge, private cafeteria during the stay of the group. 19:20 hrs Depart Hotel in luxury buses, environmentally friendly, or in electric transportation. Closing Event in evening dress for all participants. 20:00 Golden Night at the Museums of the Central Bank of Costa Rica (Pre-Columbian Gold, Coin and Art), which includes: Golden Night Dinner Premium includes: • A welcome cocktail • Two appetizers • A cold inlet • A hot entree • Two meats • Two garrisons • 1 dessert • Bread, butter, coffee, tea • and aerated soft drinks, ice • Three glasses of red or white wine Cultural event and closing activities involving group leaders and client companies. +/- 22:30 hrs Return to Hotel Real Intercontinental. Visitors must leave the luggage ready for the guides at the agreed time withdraw the luggage room to load them on the bus, visitors will drink only leave your baggage with the change of clothes for the last day. Day 10 5:45 to 6:45 am Breakfast at the Hotel Real Intercontinental, in the private room floor and check out 7:00 hours Transfer to Doka Estate for last tour before flight back. Coffee Tour by the coffee estate of Doka Estate, this includes guided tour, welcome cocktail, tour the Butterfly, visit the Garden and Bonsai exhibition, tasting coffee, liqueurs and chocolates on private ranch buffet lunch for the group. Evening transfer to airport Juan Santamaría for visitors to address their flight back to the country of origin.

Phone: (+506) 2224-3248 • Skype: consolidcostarica • From USA (+941) 799-4109 •

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