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November 2010



November 2010


Covering life along Logan Martin Lake since 1994

6 Traveling the Coosa

A Grand Time on Grand Island

Jim and Laurie Regan’s tiny private island has room for geese, ducks and an overnight camper — although maybe not at the same time. By David Atchison


12 Art by the Water

Editor Geni Certain

The Heart of the Artist


Advertising Director Pam Adamson

Art and life are inseparable in the paintings of Art Bacon. By Aziza Jackson

18 Sports on the Lake

Distribution Kandi Macy

White Sails, Blue Water

Thistles take to the lake in the Great Pumpkin Regatta. By Elsie Hodnett

24 Fish Tales

Photographers Bob Crisp Brian Schoenhals

‘The one that got away’ and some that didn’t By Matt Quillen

28 Lakeside Living in Style

Art Direction Benita G. Duff Graphic Designers Sandra Carr Fay Denton Geraldine Osburn Writers



The placid Mays Bend home of Dr. Ed and Sandra Murray displays its owners’ love of animals — especially horses. By Laura Nation-Atchison

Shore Up Your Seawall, Pack 38 Your Pilings, Eradicate Erosion Winter’s lower water level lets you see what needs to be repaired or replaced.


By Elsie Hodnett

44 D’s Grill

‘Good cooking in a little hole in the wall.’ By Chris Norwood


50 Room by Room

The Daily Home

Karen Sewell’s closet expansion grows into a whole-house renovation. By Lindsay Holland

About the Cover Great Pumpkin Regatta Photo by Brian Schoenhals 

A product of

Closet Evolution

| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

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November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


From the editor…


he mist rising from Logan Martin Lake fades from gold to silver as the sun climbs higher, then disappears altogether, leaving a vault of blue so intense it seems not of this earth. Along the backroads leading to the lake, goldenrod fulfills the promise of its name, and sumac leaves drape red stripes against an azure flag. The morning sun infiltrates the leaves of all the turning trees, making them glow, seemingly from the inside—red maples, yellow birches, kaleidoscopic sweetgums shifting through the spectrum from yellow to purple. If the prose, too, tends toward purple, well, it’s inspired by the changing season on the lake. By the end of the month, the leaves and their colors will be gone. In their place, bare branches, an open canopy, and Christmas lights. There is no time of year when the lake is not beautiful, but the colors of autumn reflected in Logan Martin’s still waters create a serenity that is welcome after the frantic pace of summer. This is the time to slow down, breathe in the crisp air and enjoy the colors. Artist Art Bacon will be doing that as he captures the colors of the lake’s evolving seasons on canvas. Newlywed Karen Goodgame Sewell will be doing that from her brand new screened porch, part of the renovation of her 1960s lakeside home. Mays Bend Circle residents Sandra and Ed Murray will be doing that from their outdoor kitchen overlooking the lake. Sherman Chapman of Vincent and Bob Keitges of Pell City will be doing it with fishing rods in hand. All of their stories are in this issue of Lakeside. So find your own favorite lakeside spot, prop up your feet and settle back for a relaxing autumn read.

Geni Certain, Editor 

| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010



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November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


Traveling the Coosa A Grand Time on Grand Island

The Regans’ Grand Island looks more like a tropical getaway than an island in Logan Martin Lake.

Story and Photos by DAVID ATCHISON

Jim and Laurie Regan’s tiny private island has room for geese, ducks and


gazed at the bright stars spread across the clear night sky. All of a sudden a white streak appeared overhead, traveling from right to left, toward earth. As I stood on the tiny island surrounded by water, the streak of light disappeared about as fast as it had appeared in the dark sky. Moments later, I was blinded by a bright light. To be truthful, it startled me at first. The ground around me was covered in this white light, but the light wasn’t coming from the sky. It was coming from the water. “Ahoy,” I heard someone yell. It was then I realized the light was coming from a pontoon boat, with my hosts, island owners Jim and Laurie Regan aboard. I could hear the large pontoons slide on the sandy bottom 

| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

of the island’s shoreline. The Regans, along with their friends, Pramod and Meera Bhatia, stepped off the vessel, welcoming me to their home away from home, the place they call Grand Island. Grand Island is one of the smaller islands in Logan Martin Lake, but it’s also one of the most popular and intriguing islands in the lake. I marked this island on my map as a “must see” during my travels down Logan Martin Lake, part of the Alabama Scenic River Trail. I wasn’t disappointed camping overnight on the island near Powell’s Hideaway. It’s not the big island closer to shore, but the smaller island farther out from the mainland, and just the right size for the couple who own it. The island measures about 50 feet by 75 feet — when the water is high.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a continuing series written by David Atchison, Lakeside Magazine writer and Daily Home Pell City news editor, about his experiences as he travels down the Logan Martin stretch of the Alabama River Trail.

Canada Geese are silhouetted on the waters of Logan Martin Lake by the setting sun.

an overnight camper — although maybe not at the same time. “It’s much bigger now, but don’t tell the tax assessor,” Laurie said, noting the drop in the lake level. With the lake water down, it takes about two minutes to walk around Grand Island; when the water’s up, it takes only one. The Regans joke about their small “Grand” Island, but it has brought many pleasures to them in the past two years of ownership. The island certainly has plenty of room for an overnight camping trip for a local Boy Scout troop or for an old man paddling down the Alabama Scenic River Trial in his long yellow kayak, looking for a new adventure and a place to rest for the night. I think Jim Regan said it best — Grand Island brings out the kid in you with dreams of buried treasures and pirates.

“It turns the clock back,” he said. The Regans don’t mind anyone visiting their island. They just ask that people to take their trash with them when they go. That’s not too much to ask from anyone, and the island is a great place to visit, especially with children. Grand Island has a pirate motif look and feel to it. The small island comes with its own hammock, an old pirate’s treasure chest filled with trinkets and skulls, including one skull with a black patch over one eye socket and interesting tiki torches. The Regans bring their nieces and nephews to the island when they visit. They say children really enjoy visiting the island, which sparks those young imaginations. And a “tropical island” would not be a tropical island without some palm trees and such. November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


The few hardwood trees on Grand Island, including a large red oak tree, attract a variety of birds.

Jim actually had three large palm trees transported by barge to his island. A crane helped position and plant the tropical trees on their new permanent island home. Jim went through a lot of red tape, expense and time to make the island what it is today. “Love your island — Mike and Linda Hughes,” visitors wrote in one message left on a pearl costume necklace like those you’ve seen thrown in Mardi Gras parades. The necklace was draped around one of the skulls positioned high on a wooden platform overlooking the water. The Regans said it’s not usual to come out to their island and see something new that visitors left behind. “That’s why we got the island,” Jim said. “It’s something that everyone can enjoy.” The island has a large fire pit surrounded by rock. It is apparent the fire pit is well used. Jim said the fire pit is the perfect place to socialize around. When the island owners visited me that night, Jim brought some fire logs and offered me some wine. Although I had talked to Jim and Laurie on the telephone, it was nice to meet them face to face. Their visit was too short, but it was getting late. I’d had a full day and planned an early start back to the mainland the next morning. My latest trip started at The Yacht Club on a Saturday afternoon. I packed all my camping gear inside my kayak and shoved off about midway through the Alabama Crimson Tide game. Of course, I listened to it on the radio. If you want to kayak on a Saturday afternoon on the lake, the perfect time is during the college football season. I may have seen two boats, and the water was like glass. About the only crowd I came in contact with during my paddle was the cheering crowd along the shoreline when Alabama scored a touchdown. But, it got pretty quiet along the shore when that “other team” scored. It did not take me long to reach Grand Island. You can identify the island by its palm trees, which

| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

Grand Island has the “pirate” motif, making it an interesting stop along the Alabama Scenic River Trail.

are on the east side, closer to the mainland. After I reached the island, I immediately set up camp, including my backpacking tent, which is perfect for overnight paddling trips. I was able to take a few pictures before dark, including one of a flock of Canada geese swimming in the lake, silhouetted by the light of a beautiful sunset. I had rice and chicken for dinner that night, along with cold cherry Kool-Aid. There were several boats that passed the island during the night, people having fun, maybe too much fun on one certain vessel. A large pontoon boat passed on the main river channel. People were talking, laughing, and dancing to music. They were just having a good time when I heard someone ask, “Who’s driving the boat?” Oops. I’m sure they were only joking, right? There was also a party on the mainland, about a mile away from the island. These lakeside residents had a band playing at their party. The band sounded great, but the party ended early. I thought the final song was appropriate for my paddling and camping trip. “Happy Trails to You,” the group harmonized. I think the party-goers got their money’s worth from the band. Grand Island is also in the main flyway for lake birds, and I believe the large red oak tree on the island attracts an assortment avian visitors. I was standing in the darkness, near the shoreline of the island, when I heard in the distance approaching Canada geese. The geese got closer and closer. I could tell they were flying low to the water. For a minute, I thought I was going to have to hit the dirt or run the risk of possible head injuries. The geese were getting that close. About the time I was getting ready to eat dirt, I heard the geese landing on the water, only a few feet in front of me. I think the birds were headed for the island. The flock of geese had no idea I was there — until one bird saw my movement and they all scattered toward deeper water.

November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes



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Grand Island comes complete with its own wooden “pirate treasure chest.”

During the night, while sleeping in my tent, I also heard some nearby ducks. I could tell by their chatter the ducks were excited. I don’t know if they spotted me moving around in my tent or what, but they were close. My tent is mostly see-through screen, so I can look outside. It’s also possible the ducks were able to see me inside my tent. I’m sure it’s not every night someone decides to sleep on their Grand Island, and maybe the island was just a little too small for me, geese and ducks together. I woke up the next morning as the sun just began to lighten up the eastern horizon. Oh, it was beautiful. I got my camera, unzipped my tent door, and took a picture. It was wonderful.

I finally got up, made some coffee and took a few more pictures, before loading up my gear and paddling to the Regan’s lakefront home. They live near Bird Island and about one mile from their Grand Island. I must say, this was one of the most relaxing paddling trips I’ve had in a while. I told my wife, Laura, that I felt very rested and relaxed after this wonderful trip, not tired at all. I am really looking forward to my next adventure, maybe another campout on another island — who knows. You really never know who — or what — you’ll find around the next bend in the river. That’s one thing I’ve learned during this interesting journey on the water. So until then have a safe and wonderful time on the lake.

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November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 11

Artby the Water

This portrait by Art Bacon is titled “Lady in Red” and is of internationally known artist Emma Amos. Lady in Red, acrylics on canvas, 48”x 36”


| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010


In his studio, Art Bacon works on “The Blues Man,” one of his portrait paintings of a blues singer in a club in Mississippi. The Blues Man, acrylics on canvas, 30” x 24”

The Heart of the Artist

Art and life are inseparable in the paintings of Art Bacon


rthur L. Bacon prefers Art. It’s his name as well as his work. From his window he can see the blues of the lake, the greens of the trees, and the red- and orangestreaked colors the sky makes as it sets for the day. His house rests on Logan Martin Lake and serves as a sanctuary where he is enjoying his recent retirement from Talladega College and finding solace in his true passion: art. “Most of the paintings I’ve done have been the lake and water,” Bacon said. “I come out here to paint the scenery or something that catches my eye.” The world-renowned artist has been profiled in Southern Living magazine, and his work is included in collections owned by U.S. Rep. John Lewis, Hank Aaron and Bill Cosby. His work is also has been displayed at a number of colleges, universities and museums including Alabama State University, the University of Maryland and the Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham. He has traveled around the world and met people from all walks of life. But now he is enjoying being able to pursue his art full time. “I’ve been doing art ever since I was a kid,” Bacon said. He was born in West Palm Beach, Fla., and gradu-

ated from Talladega College where he majored in biology. Although he only took three art classes during his time at TC, he was mentored by David C. Driskell, an African-American artist and scholar who at the time served as the head of TC’s art program. Driskell taught Bacon that even though he had training as a scientist, he should never give up art. And even after receiving his M.S. and Ph.D. in zoology from Howard University, followed by a year of post-doctoral research at the University of Miami and 40 years as dean of the Math and Science Department at Talladega College, Bacon’s passion for art is still strong. Bacon is a nature lover at heart, but illustrating its beauty on canvas is what makes his heart beat faster. “Art quickly becomes central to everything I do,” Bacon said. “I love science, but art is my passion. I once envisioned a career that (used) both — namely medical illustration. That did not happen, so I chose science. At Talladega College, however, I realized that without art, I, and my science, would suffer.” Bacon has been at his home on Logan Martin Lake for about 30 years and mostly paints in his living room, in his studio, or outside in his backyard overlooking the lake. He says that this takes care of his love for both biology and art and provides him full access to inspiring scenery and seclusion, thanks to the wooded area leadNovember 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 13

Art Bacon can often be found working in his studio facing Logan Martin Lake.

Bacon painted three of his old friends from Talladega in this piece called “Vintage 70s.” Vintage 70s, acrylics on canvas, 40”x30”

ing up his driveway. His house is the Art Gallery and Studio, where he shows his work and the work of other artists he collects. He built two rooms onto the back of his studio for more space in addition to a porch that faces the lake where he often sits and paints. Visitors can see many of his works at his studio and gallery, but his paintings also are available at Ga Briella’s Bistro in Birmingham, Diamond Lils restaurant in Talladega and Atchison Art Gallery in Mountain Brook. “I need to paint every day, because of the demand,” he said, “but (also) because it’s just me here.” He admits that one of his biggest problems is knowing when to stop working on a painting. Bacon is largely self-taught and has created his own distinctive style. But he also has admired several artists over the years. One he admires is Charles White, a famous landscape 14

| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

artist known for his ability to draw while using a limited palette. “He draws well, and I think every artist needs to know how to draw well,” Bacon said. Although Bacon does not paint from live models, he says he usually paints people that he knows or has encountered in his life. Most of the time, he paints from photographs, and he likes to travel periodically to different places and take photos of different things to paint later. Bacon takes special care to transform those photos he takes into his own interpretation by giving them an artistic flair that is distinctive to his own style, and far from that of the original photograph. “When they get art they don’t want a photograph,” Bacon said. Bacon also frequents the East Lake Farmer’s Market in Birmingham and paints out there from about 8 a.m. to

Art Bacon painted these two flower girls from a photograph taken at a wedding in Birmingham; this piece is called “Flower Girls.” Flower Girls, acrylics on canvas, 30”x 24”

noon watching people as they go by and painting whatever catches his eye. “I sit out there ’cause it’s a lot of fun,” Bacon said. “I paint what I like and some people will buy it.” And they do buy it. This year his work has shipped everywhere from Milwaukee to New York. He has also exhibited his drawings and paintings in Atlanta, Berkeley, Calif., New York City, Birmingham and Washington, D.C., among other places. Most of his work is sold in Alabama, and he says Birmingham is a good market for him. “I retired because I wanted to pursue my passion full time,” Bacon said. “It’s a money-making passion,” he chuckled. As a student, Bacon said he thought TC was the best place in the world, and he was happy to return there as a professor. “I loved my job,” Bacon said. “I don’t think I’d change any of it. He said that if he could talk to the young Art Bacon who was starting out at TC, he would encourage him to pursue his love for art and do what makes him happy. “I would say ‘while you like biology and education and

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November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 15

Bacon uses acrylic paint for his paintings and was largely self-taught as a painter which added to his own distinctive style.

stuff, art is your passion’,” Bacon said. “’Don’t wait so long to retire.’” Retirement has not slowed him down, but has, in fact, kept him even busier than when he was working at TC. In addition to painting, he also writes and performs his own poetry. He belongs to the Sankofa Society that works with the Birmingham Museum of Art to celebrate African and African-American art and artists. He also continues to teach and instruct art classes and will teach an art workshop Nov. 12 and 13 at Alabama Art Supply in Birmingham. And he is preparing three paintings to submit to an Oprah Coffee Table book which features a compilation of artists from the website Bacon has no plans of slowing down anytime soon and attributes his artistic effervescence to his never-ending search for his best work. “Usually the artist is always looking for his best painting,” Bacon said. “They never find it. That’s what keeps them painting and always going.”

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| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

Bacon puts more detail into “The Blues Man,” a portrait of a blues singer in a club in Mississippi. The Blues Man, acrylics on canvas, 30” x 24”

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November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 17

Sports on the Lake

White Sails, Blue Water

Thistles take to the lake in the Great Pumpkin Regatta

By ELSIE HODNETT Photos by Brian Schoenhals


| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

The Birmingham Sailing Club thistle fleet sits at the dock before the race.

Forty Thistles sailed in two races at the regatta, the largest number of participants since the early 1970s, when 44 boats raced.


t was a gorgeous day on the lake. Not too hot, not too cold and not a cloud in sight. The only white came from the sails of 40 Thistle sailboats as they headed toward the starting point to compete in the 42nd Annual Great Pumpkin Regatta. The regatta, hosted by the Birmingham Sailing Club, is the fourth of six Southeastern regattas in the Thistle Class Southeastern Fall Series. It is typically held the third Saturday in October. The racing committee allowed me to watch from the committee boat and patiently explained numerous details of how the regatta worked.

Thistle sailboats are one design, which means the size and weight of the boats and size and number of sails are virtually identical. The only difference is the crew, either two or three people, so in theory the best sailor wins. Most of the Thistles had fiberglass hulls, although a few in this race had wooden hulls. The boats’ unique names often reflect the owners’ sense of humor: dainbramage, Blewprint, Airo, HURTN TOO, Butt Ducker and MAST CONFUSION, which had all the letters written backward. There was also a boat named cwch cyflym. I never learned what exactly it meant, whether it was in a foreign language or a play on letters, but my best guess was “sea witch, see why I fly ’em.” If I November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 19

Thistle 3072 was skippered by Tate Beckham with Chris Scott as crew. Thistle 1167 was skippered by Bob McCormack and crewed by Marie Thompson and Len Wert.

am way off base with my interpretation, I apologize. Perhaps I will learn what it means at next year’s regatta. I listened as the race officers explained the timing sequence and in what order the race flags go up and come down. Twelve-year-old Ellis Holland and his dad, Rodney, were assisting the racing committee for the first time, and I was able to learn right along with them. The Thistles start the race behind an imaginary line between the committee boat and the pin, which is a floating orange marker in the water. There are letters on the committee boat letting the participants know the course. The course can be shortened if weather conditions dictate, and the committee boat places the appropriate flags signaling the course changes. The course for Saturday’s race began as ACACX. The boats traveled out to A, a pyramid-shaped orange buoy, which is the windward mark. It is called the windward mark because the boats are traveling directly into the wind. After rounding the windward mark, the boats traveled downwind to the leeward mark, which is C. It is called the leeward mark because it is downwind. Because of wind conditions, the course for both races was shortened to finish at C instead of X, which is typically the finish line. As the boats travel toward the windward mark, they tack back at forth, basically zig-zagging to reach the mark because they cannot travel in a straight line directly into the wind. As the boats travel toward the leeward mark, they jibe, which is similar to tacking but with the wind behind you. The regatta participants earn points based on where they finish in the race. The first-place crew receives one point, the second-place crew receives two points, and so on. The points are added up, and the crew with the lowest number of total points wins. The Thistles sailed two races that afternoon because the wind was light, then everyone went to the clubhouse for dinner and the kid’s Halloween costume contest. It was there I met the 93-year-old founder of the Birmingham Sailing Club, Sam Caldwell. Although Caldwell does not sail any longer, his son, Skip Caldwell, and daughter, Marietta Williams, participated in the regatta. Caldwell was more than happy to share his time with me, and his knowledge of how the club came into existence. “We had a small group that sailed out of Lake Guntersville,” he said. “I started sailing in 1951 or 1952 by traveling to regattas.” Caldwell said he bought his first Thistle sailboat in 1949. “I had the first one in Alabama,” he said. “I was the first to bring Thistles to Alabama up at Guntersville. “I worked for the power company (Alabama Power Co.) and knew they were building the dam, so I decided to start a sailing club down here. We purchased the property in 1962, 20

| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

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November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 21

As the Thistle sailboats headed to the starting line, several of the boats hoisted their colorful spinnakers. The wind was too light to use spinnakers during the races.

and had about 30 members the year before the water came. By the time the lake was filled, we had built the docks, ramps and clubhouse.” I also met Loy Vaughan, who joined the club in 1971. “This is my 40th race,” he said. “I have won about three or four times, but the young hotshots usually win now.” Vaughan, whose Thistle finished second overall, said he especially enjoys the camaraderie with people in the Thistle Class. Vaughan also introduced me to the regatta winner, Steve Burke, and numerous other participants. I was hoping to meet 82-year-old Harry Reich, who sailed in the regatta, but was unable to catch up with him. Reich finished 24th overall, which I found pretty impressive. I hope to meet him at a future regatta. “All these people show up at regattas every other weekend,” Vaughan said. “I think of these people as family. What it comes down to is a family reunion every two weeks.” And participants truly came from all over — Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Missouri, Kansas and New York. Scott Dalin, of Kansas City, Kan., said he drove about 15 hours to attend the regatta. “My skipper, Kevin Arrow, lives in St. Louis,” Dalin said. “I picked him up on the way. It was worth the trip down to sail, even though I wish there had been a bit more wind.” Daphne Sprigg, of Birmingham, said she began sailing Thistles in August. “I love it,” she said. “I love the challenge. Thistles are physically and mentally challenging. You can’t let the boat win.” Sprigg said although she has sailed on different types of sailboats, the Thistles are her favorite. “I sailed with Guy Marcum, who I met through the sailing club, and we are talking about attending other out-oftown regattas because we enjoy it so much,” she said. “We were very happy with the turnout,” said Richard May, event chairman and fleet captain for the Thistle fleet. Nelson Sharp, commodore of the Birmingham Sailing Club, said this year’s race had the largest number of participants since the early 1970s, when 44 Thistles raced. “It was a phenomenal turnout, the second-best attended regatta in the history of the club,” he said. The Thistles wove in and around the committee boat as they waited for the race to start.


| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 23

Fishtales ‘The one that got away’ and some that didn’t

David Shoop, left, and Mike Szokoly fish the Coosa on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010


The ‘Wall of Fame’ at Treadwell’s bait and tackle shop is permanent evidence that not all of the big ones get away.


he one that broke your line. The one you caught but couldn’t bear to keep. The one that you probably made up because no one else was around to see it. The whopper. The big catch. The local legend. There’s a reason the term “fish story” is synonymous with non-truth. “You know us old fishermen,” said Sherman Chapman of Vincent. “We’ll kind of stretch the story a little bit.” This reporter did a little “fishing” of his own to find some local tales, tall and otherwise. It was a beautiful day for fishing, which was a bad thing. Everyone was out fishing. So the reporter with no boating license went to every place with the name “Marina” or “Landing” he could find. There were plenty of trucks with empty trailers to be found, but very few fisherman (or fisherwomen?) to talk to. Bob Keitges, a Pell City resident for 30 years, sat comfortably on the side of the road with a few fishing rods for sale. He said he fished almost exclusively on the nearby lake during that time. Keitges said he preferred bass fishing. While he not had hooked any “monsters,” he had caught three six-and-a-half pound bass in a 15-year span. He said he put all three on scales and they came out to the exact same weight. The first he mounted, the other two he released.

“But they have caught as big as a 12-pound (bass) on this lake,” Keitges said. Caleb Wilson, 18, from Vestavia talked about fishing as he pulled his boat from the water. He claimed to have been fishing “as long as I’ve been alive.” Wilson said the fish began to hit the line early in the morning that day, but stopped after the sun came out. He too spent his time fishing for bass. “I like the variety,” he said. “There are so many different ways to catch bass. Fishing for them is different every day.” Wilson did talk about one big catch that he made at another lake, a 30-pound striper. “I think the record here is 40 pounds, but I haven’t caught any (striper) that size,” he said. “I caught (the 30-pounder) at Smith Lake.” “It was pretty incredible. You don’t just yank them in. Have your drag set right, that is the main thing, and I normally fish with at least 20-pound (monofilament) line.” A big fish and a good story, but the wrong lake. After a few more fruitless stops, a local bait and tackle/convenience store offered a clue: a “Wall of Fame” filled with pictures of big smiles and even bigger fish. The friendly clerk pointed in the direction of what she referred to as “the pier.” The fishing pier beneath Logan Martin Dam seemed to be the place to catch the big one. Beneath the shadow of the dam, people young and old cast November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 25

their lines into the water off the pier. A couple of the more adventurous souls stood on the rocks jutting from the water, despite the signs warning of quick rising water should the dam open. That was the spot where Chapman sat on the cool, sunny day, waiting for the water level to rise before he took part in the fishing below. “Ever since I retired, I have been coming out here just about every day,” Chapman said. “If they ever stopped letting you (fish), I don’t know what I would do.” Chapman said he had been a part of the land since before the dam, plowing the corn fields that used to be nearby. He talked about the catfish and stripers that he had seen people catch first-hand out of the spot. “There are fish in here as big as I am,” he said. Another man confirmed the stories. Hollis Collins of Pell City sat in his truck as he talked about some of the

Pell City Flower & Gift Shop

catches he had seen from off the pier. “There have been some big ones,” Collins said. “They have a problem getting them over the (safety) rails.” “I think 25-30 (pound fish) are the biggest I’ve seen from here. But one guy caught one maybe at Lay Dam, he had (a catfish) that fit all the way across the tailgate of the truck. He brought it up here and was showing it off.” Chapman recalled his own biggest catch, and the chore of reeling it in. “I caught a 15-pound cat on a 15-pound test line,” he said. “He was over two feet, about two-and-a-half to three

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| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010


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feet long. Big ol’ rascal.” “He tore my reel up. But it stayed together long enough for me to get him in. We fought and fought. When I did get him in, I had to kneel down and pull him in by hand.” A fisherman his whole life, Chapman talked about how he looked forward to days off from school as a boy so he could go to the nearest spot to fish. He talked about how fishing was something loved by people young and old, and something people could enjoy their whole life.

He talked about the enjoyment of seeing someone else make a big catch and joked about the stories that were told by fellow fisherman. He talked about the reasons for fishing: the sport, the camaraderie, the relaxation and the desire to catch dinner. As for his 15-pounder, it didn’t go to waste. “I loaded him on my truck,” Chapman said. “I went home and I ‘steaked’ him, ‘fileted’ him, I guess I cut that fish every kind of way. And we had a good fish fry.”

November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 27

Lakeside Living in Style


Ed and Sandra Murray have been in their lakefront home for 13 years. It sprawls across two and a half acres and includes close to 1,000 feet of shoreline.


| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010


The placid Mays Bend home of Dr. Ed and Sandra Murray displays its owners’ love of animals — especially horses.


istinctively different, delightful special touches and design innovations are just a few ways to describe the spacious house of Ed and Sandra Murray on Mays Bend Circle in Pell City. The place the Murrays have called home for 13 years on the shore of Logan Martin Lake is as much a sensory experience as a place to live. “I like to call it ‘different,’” Sandra Murray says. “And I like different, I suppose.” Situated on two and a half acres, the house gives the feeling of a Mediterranean villa and is built of true stucco. Bricks in a deep brown border large floor-to-ceiling windows, con-

trasting with the light stucco exterior. A circular drive leads around the front of the house, surrounded by garden plots of trees, flowers and shrubs. A central front entry built of stacked stone rises one and a half stories over castle gate double doors is covered by its own roof built with exposed beams. Large wrought iron lanterns are posted on the stone pillars, and a tile walkway continues into the entry itself. It’s here visitors may first note the importance of a repeated equine presence in the Murrays’ décor: The metal scrollwork used on the doors is in the shape of matching horse heads.

November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 29


| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

The living room in the Murray’s home has a two-story ceiling and stacked windows that offer perfect waterfront views.

Murray is a veterinarian who specializes in equine care and has operated his full-service facility in Pell City for 23 years. Coosa Valley Equine Center services include an on-site surgical and emergency-care center, and Murray and three other doctors on staff still make farm calls when necessary. On one side of the front entry, a covered patio runs along the front of the house. Tiles continue on the base and border a series of three arched entrances. This is one of the places Sandra Murray’s flair for gardening emerges, with an assortment of flourishing plants and trees alongside wrought iron tables and chairs. Once inside, the two-story foyer meets a stairway railed in wrought iron, and the tile flooring continues throughout the living room and kitchen. A large pendant-shaped chandelier hangs overhead, shaped from wrought iron and fitted with a series of individual lights inside. The chandelier illuminates the entry as well as a colorful tapestry that hangs over the wall of windows on the side of the foyer facing the front patio. A zebra rug stretches across the foyer floor. A stairway leads to the upper floor, entered through an exposed walkway overhead and central hall through the middle of the second level.

To the right of the foyer is the living room, where a second stairway also meets the center hall upstairs. The beige and gray-toned tile floors continue into the living room, entered through a wide arched entry topped with a second matching archway cut out on top. Here, there’s a buttoned-back settee upholstered in gold brocade facing a marble-topped table used for serving refreshments for guests. Straight ahead is the two-story, built-in cabinetry that houses the bar, with shelving stacked six ranks high on either side of an oversized mirror framed with ornate wood carvings. The cabinetry is stained in a cherry finish and is a backdrop for the facing bar serving area, topped with an old English pub table top. The bar serving space includes three refrigerated drawers, a freezer drawer, dishwasher, wine cooler and ice-maker underneath. There’s a sink as well, sunk into a marble-topped counter, and a rolling ladder is used to reach the upper storage shelves. In this room, the Murrays have a tile mosaic in the shape of a horse head inset in the floor. The mosaic was designed and made by Tyler Hutto, just 12 years old at the time. Tyler is the son of tile designer Terry Hutto, who did the tile work on the Murrays’ house.

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November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 31

Carved, arched double doors, set on rollers, open into the hall.

Adjacent to the bar is a regulation pool table that Sandra Murray said is her husband’s domain. “He’s the real pool player,” she said. The bar area is fitted into one corner of the living room, which features two-story ceilings and a fireplace and mantle tall enough to stand in. The hearth and chimney required 16,000 bricks. “I love being warm, and I had the fireplace built so I could stand in it, “Sandra Murray said, demonstrating that she could indeed stand in the space. The Murrays had a mantle fashioned from another English pub table. A flat-screen television fits over the mantle, and a seating area includes matching wing chairs covered with earth-tone tapestry fabric and a couch in shades of gold and teal. Two sets of stacked windows border the fireplace from floor to ceiling, looking out to the pool and patio, and beyond, the lake. Overhead, the ceiling is finished with tin from an old barn, and suspended from it is a ceiling fan with 14-foot blades. Walls in the living room are covered with leather in a creamy gold shade. Another double-arched entry crosses through the central hall of the main level into the kitchen and adjoining dining area that overlooks the water. Carved, arched double doors, set on rollers, open into the hall. The dining area features a wall of roll-out windows, and the dining table is actually an antique carved door covered with glass. Seating for the table includes a wooden bench, its back carved into horse heads. In a corner is another indicator of Sandra Murray’s love for warmth, a Danish wood-burning stove that “puts out a ton of heat,” she said. A broad granite-topped work island stands in the middle of the room. Underneath are storage drawers and cabinets, in a light pickled finish. This is Sandra Murray’s domain. She’s a former Southern Living Cooking School employee, working as assistant to the director, and one who loves cooking and entertaining, whether it’s for just a few or more than 50. As most professional cooks do, she prefers a gas stove, and that’s exactly what is in her kitchen, complete with a six-burner top and double ovens, recessed into an arched concrete and stucco inset with scrolled columns at either side. To the left of the stove area, the arched concrete inset is repeated, and this area holds a glass-front, stainless-steel refrigerator and built-in cherry shelving and storage drawers. A large rectangular butcher-style table on this end of the kitchen is used for additional serving space. The ceiling is tongue-and-groove wood planks.


| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

Double archways lead into the Murrays’ living room from the central hallway.


Sylacauga, 10 S. Broadway

1433 Vivian Street Leeds, Alabama (205)699-7247 Sunday School 9:30am Sunday Morning Worship 10:45am Sunday Evening Service 6pm Wed. Night Family Night Service starts @ 6:30pm Pastor Kevin Starr


34810 Alabama Highway 21 Talladega, AL 35160 P.O. Box 1166, Talladega, AL 35161 256-362-1975 Fax 256-362-3928 Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Kids R.O.C.K. 10:30 a.m. Weekly Prayer, Tuesday, 6:00p.m. Bible Study, Wednesday, 7:00p.m.

NEW LIFE ASSEMBLY OF GOD “Where it’s all about Jesus”

4615 Cogswell Ave. Pell City (205) 338-2827 Sunday School 9:45am Sunday Service 10:45am Wednesday Night 7:00pm Senior Pastor, Ken Jones Youth Pastor, Wes Jones

OUR LADY OF THE LAKE CATHOLIC CHURCH 4609 Martin St. S., Cropwell (205) 525-5161

Rev. Msgr. Michael Sexton, V.C., Pastor & Rev. Mr. Terry R. Rumore, Deacon Morning Mass Mon., Tues., Thurs., & Fri. 9am Wednesday Evening Mass 7pm Saturday Mass 5pm Sunday Mass 8:30, & 11:15am “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them” Matthew 18:20

MT. PISGAH BAPTIST CHURCH 100 Mt. Pisgah Drive, Cropwell Phone: 205-525-5273

Nursery Provided for all services Sunday Worship 10:00 a.m. Sunday School 8:45 a.m. Discipleship Training Sunday 5:00 p.m. Sunday Night Worship 6:00 p.m. Wed. Night Services & Youth Ministry 6:30 p.m. Choir Practice Wednesday 7:30 Pastor Rev. James Blair Youth Minister Miguel Burgos

SERVICE TIMES Sunday 8:30 a.m.Classic Worship 9:45 a.m. Bible Study for all ages 11:00 a.m.- Celebration Worship 6:00 p.m.- Worship Wednesday 6:00 p.m. Mid-Week Service www. Rev. Tim Childers, Senior Pastor Pell City First United Methodist Church

Sunday Gatherings

Sanctuary Worship 10:30AM Contemporary Worship 10:30AM Sunday School 9:15AM Small groups - All week Pell City First United Methodist

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West Battle Street, Talladega 256-362-3311 Pastor: Dr. Horace Patterson Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. Sun. Morning Worship: 10:45 a.m. Wed. Evening Bible Study: 7:00 p.m. Drug Education Program for elementary school children on Tuesday afternoons at 4:00 p.m.

“Give thanks to the LORD for he is good; his love endures forever.” —Psalm 107:1


November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 33

The back of the house includes the heated pool and patios along with an outdoor cooking area.

There’s entry from the kitchen to the dining room, which also joins the foyer, where a series of seven murals painted by Pell City artist Laurel Darnell depict woodsy scenes Sandra Murray suggested along with including some of the family pets in the paintings. The oval dining table has space for 10, and the chairs are upholstered in shades of soft green, beige and rust. A carved buffet in the adjacent center hall has drawers for storage. It once belonged to Murray’s mother, and it is where two of Sandra Murray’s grandfather’s clocks are placed, one which “still works if it sits just right,” the other, out of working order, but still a sentimental and beautiful piece. “I believe it just got wound too tight,” she said. The master bedroom and bath are on the main level. The bedroom has a lake view, and broad windows bear gold silk treatments, tied in the center. The floor is covered in a cream-colored carpet, and there’s a stone fireplace on one side. Walls are a deep sage, and molding is a cherry finish. A four-poster king-size iron bed is topped with a silk covering made with a background of shimmering light green and embellished with embroidered wildflowers. Plump pillows are piled against the headboard, two in a leopard print and others in fabric matching the spread. The master bath adjoins the bedroom. Vanity tops, walls and floor are of rainforest marble with veins of greens and browns running through, and the cabinetry is a cherry finish. Pewter fixtures accent a broad, flat top sink. A walk-in shower is fitted with a rain shower head and handheld attachments mounted on the shower wall. There is also a steam shower in the bath with a built-in space for lying down. There’s entry to “Ed’s closet” from the bath, a room unto itself where Murray stores his collection of cowboy boots and belts along with his other wardrobe essentials. A fat tooled-leather chair sits on top of a tiger-skin-patterned rug in the center of the closet, making it a comfortable spot as well as a workable one. Sandra Murray’s closet adjoins, and she needed a special shoe storage area as well. There’s a wall with cubby holes for keeping them organized. “Yes, I love shoes,” she admits with a laugh. But she’s practical about getting around in some of them that just aren’t as comfortable as a pair of her favorite flip-flops, her husband tells. “When we go somewhere, she’ll wear the flip-flops until we actually get where we’re going, and then she pulls out the real shoes from her purse,” Murray tells. “She has a routine.” Off the central hall downstairs is a powder room, walls covered with a snakeskin-inspired pattern and an imprinted copper ceiling.


| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

The bar area on one end of the living room is so tall a rolling ladder is used to reach the top shelves.


DOCKS AND BOAT HOUSES •BOAT LIFTS •SEAWALLS •DOCKS •BOATS HOUSES Mackey Family Celebrating 22 Years Serving Logan Martin Lake 8X8 Beams

Curve Decorative Y-Braces 30 Year Metal Roof Quality Materials

Screwed Decking Thru Belt Band & Framing Aluminum Ladders

6,500 Lb. Boatlift All Galvanized w/Remote Control

Storage Room For a King

Double PWC Sunport Lift

Flip Up Cleats

Dock Bumpers





November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 35

Sandra Murrayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s kitchen is outfitted for a professional cook, with six-burner gas stove and glass-front refrigerator recessed under fluted arches.

The master bath features cherry cabinetry, pewter fixtures and an unusual flat sink. The dining table is an antique carved door covered with glass. Seating includes a wooden bench, its back carved into horseheads.


| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

A granite-topped vanity holds a bowl sink, in shades of greens and brown. Upstairs, the Murrays created a suite for their son Austin, now 23 and just graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, N.Y., where he majored in visual electronic media arts and computer science. A large bedroom runs across the back of the house, and a sunroom at one end is filled with workout equipment. This bedroom also has a full bath with double closets, and the room opens to an upstairs screened porch and patio. The central hall upstairs holds a wood-burning stove, fed with oak pellets to create heat. “This is the greatest thing,” Sandra Murray said. “It puts out plenty of heat for this area.” With the wood stoves and subfloor heating system installed on the main level, Sandra Murray said they have yet to need to turn on the house’s central heating system. The hall holds framed mementos of the Murrays’ love for horses along with articles about the equine clinic published through the years. There are also huge bookcases, filled from top to bottom with reading material, many of them horsey in nature. A hall tree holds an assortment of bridles and halters, not hats, and the arched entrance to the stairway overlooks the living room below. Another bedroom upstairs is used for a sitting room, furnished with a couch and upholstered chairs and a third is a guest room, furnished with Sandra Murray’s grandmother’s four-poster, along with other family pieces. The second level also includes Sandra Murray’s office space, where she has a broad desk and computer. Walls are covered in a tiger print — it might be appropriate to mention the Murrays are “big Auburn folks” — and there are lots of family pictures here, some going back several generations. The Murrays’ property includes about 1,000 feet of shoreline stretching across the back of the house beyond the pool and patio. The outdoor area includes a slate floor and fireplace with a gas starter with a height designed to serve as a grill and pizza oven as well. There’s an outdoor shower with hot and cold water. The property’s irrigation system is fed from the lake. There are three piers; one is a floating pier with a hydraulic lift and personal watercraft dock. Of course, there’s a special place on the property for pets. The Murrays’ three dogs — Myrtle Ann, Bea and McDougal of Dogwood — have a covered turnout adjacent to the house, and so does the family turtle, Barbara, who has been a member of the family for 15 years now. Sandra Murray said she gets many of her decorating and

building ideas from magazines and has long clipped pages and kept them at hand for future projects. Their lakeside setting is perfect, she said, and offers a private place to enjoy the many aspects of waterfront living. “I never get tired of watching the birds, especially the Canada geese who come through,” she said. “This is a peaceful place. That’s what I love about it.” Images of horses appear throughout the house, whether as a portrait framed by an arch, or a tile mosaic created by the 12-year-old son of the tile designer.

November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 37

Shore Up Your Seawall Pack Your Pilings Eradicate Erosion


Winter’s lower water level lets you see what needs to be repaired


hen the waters of Logan Martin Lake drop to winter pool levels, summer fun on the water is over and the work begins.

Work? Yes, work. The lower water level creates the perfect time to build seawalls, inspect docks and boathouses, and perform needed maintenance and repairs. The lake drawdown typically begins in late September, reaching the winter pool level of 460 feet in late December, according to Alabama Power Co., which controls the lake level. Because of the lack of rain this year, the water began dropping ahead of the scheduled drawdown. The lake level could change, however, depending on weather conditions and rain, but the drawdown schedule will continue, regardless. And the lower lake level exposes parts of the shore and


| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

lakeside structures that normally are under water. “When the water is low, it is a good time to repair seawalls,” said Eric Mackey, owner of Mackey Docks and Boathouses. Mackey said when the lake is at the summer pool level of 465 feet, water can deteriorate the seawall itself and erode the dirt in front of the footing of the seawall. “Water can get behind the seawall and pull the dirt out into the lake,” he said. “That can create holes in the yard behind the seawall.” Mackey said a seawall can be fixed a variety of ways, including riprap or manually repairing the wall. “It depends on what the seawall is made of,” he said. “Older seawalls can be wood or masonry block. The newer seawalls, such as the GeoStone seawall, have the several benefits. There is no pressure on the seawall itself because the GeoStone sea-



A dock at Horizons in Pell City before restoration and after. Although docks may be rebuilt any time, the pilings can be inspected and repaired more easily when the water is low.

Photos courtesy of Tradesman Co.

or replaced. wall is completely full of gravel.” Mackey said GeoStone seawalls let water drain out without letting dirt through. “It’s more environmentally friendly,” he said. Mackey said the best time to plan for seawalls is September through November. “For actual construction, the best time is normally November through March, when the water is at its lowest,” he said. Fred Casey, owner of Tradesman Co., agreed that November through March is the best time to address seawall issues. “You can check for erosion, and it is a great time for an inspection of the seawall and maintenance and repairs,” he said. Casey said it is also an ideal time to inspect boathouses and piers. “You want to check for erosion around the pilings and the general stability of the boathouse or pier,” he said. “The lower water gives Waterside retaining walls are best built in fall and winter, when the water level is low. This is also the best time to inspect them for washout and make repairs if necessary.

November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 39


Metro Bank “Come Home To Us”

We at Metro Bank believe in the power of local business. In these trying times we want to encourage everyone to shop locally. Remember we are never so powerful as when we work together.

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| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

“Hair Designs With You In Mind”

Co. of Tradesman Castleberry y ck Ri d an rry, left, her. Carl Castlebe dry fall weat ck during the build a new do

greater access to identify if the dock is in need of major repairs or rebuilding.” Casey said he recommends thorough inspections during the winter. That way, repairs can be made so the dock or boathouse is ready for use when the water comes back up. “Then you can use it immediately, instead of having to wait for repairs or maintenance,” he said. Both Casey and Mackey agreed it is easier to build docks and boathouses when the water is up; however both can build docks and boathouses year-round. “Repairs and maintenance can also be performed yearround,” Casey said. “It’s just easier to repair them when the water is down.”

“Let These Ladies Treat You To A New Look!

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November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 41


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| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010


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November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 43

D’s Grill


‘Good cooking in a little hole in the wall.’


ormally, referring to a business establishment as “a hole in the wall” is not necessarily a good thing. But when you own the place and mean it as a compliment, that’s a little different. Keith “Huggy” Hughes has been the owner of D’s Grill in Cropwell since Aug. 10, 2009, and that’s exactly how he describes it. “I’ve got customers that have been coming here every day for 23 or 24 years,” he said proudly. “It’s good cooking in a little hole in the wall.” D’s is open for breakfast (served all day) and lunch, from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the summer and 6 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. the rest of the year. The basic lunch entrée is “meat plus three” meaning three side dishes and a drink, available for $6.25. Meats include lasagna, hamburger steak, country-fried steak, baked or fried chicken, cubed steak and spaghetti, among many others. Available sides include “just about any vegetable you can think of, fried green tomatoes, chicken salad in the summer and chili and vegetable soup when it’s cold out,” Hughes said. “We also have quiches on Saturdays, and we have homemade pas44

| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

tries, turnovers and sticky buns, too.” To-go orders are available and are especially popular with people headed out for long weekends on the lake. “We get a lot of takeout orders, and we can deliver for about $15 or $20.” They also cater some small events, including some holiday family meals. “April (Highsmith) makes up the dressing and everything,” he said. The filling station next to the restaurant used to provide virtual one-stop shopping for those lakeside bound, but unfortunately it closed recently. “I think someone has bought it, but they haven’t opened back up yet,” Hughes said. Highsmith’s husband, Ray, has been working in the kitchen for about 10 months now. Ashley Crocker also works as a cook and Brittany Foster has been a waitress for the last couple of months. Jerry Williams is the manager. Hughes also believes in supporting the community. “When I bought the restaurant, I moved from Birmingham to Pell City, and I always try and trade locally. I employ five people, and I want to be able to give back as much as I can. That’s important to me.” Hughes has some experience in the restaurant business,

but this is first shot at actually owning one. “I managed Johnny Ray’s in Oak Mountain, and I’ve always liked to serve people. I try and emphasize that with my staff now. But I had been on the corporate side for years when the opportunity came for me to buy this place, and I did. Like I said, it’s a hole in the wall, but everybody loves it. Everybody knows everybody, and you have groups that will come in regularly and sit in their own little section. It’s all about good cooking, good service, and keeping as clean as possible in a building this old.” Regular customer Jamie Newsome, left, and owner Keith “Huggy” Hughes.

The Cabin on Cedar Lane

s Join Cuabin e h at t r our fo

5014 Cedar Lane • Pell City

Annual Christmas Open House!




Door Prizes

REGISTER FOR A FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE Friday, November 12 thru Monday, November 15 9:00-6:00 Follow Airport-Mays Bend Rd. To Cedar Lane Or Call For Directions



November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

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Pell City 12











| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010




A Lakeside Living guide to


Riverside Lincoln 8 7

Logan Martin Dam


Rabbit Branch


Clear Creek


Lakeside Park


Stemley Bridge


St. Clair Airport


Mays Bend


Choccolocco Creek


Poor House Branch

10. Dye Creek


11. Blue Eye Creek 12. Guadalajara Restaurant 13. Golden Rule BBQ 14. The Tavern of St. Clair 15. Aunt Aggieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Back Porch


16. Rivers Edge Marina 17. Woods Surfside Marina 18. University Marina 19. El Cazador Mexican 20. Fox Pizza






May 2010 November 2010--Lakeside LakesideLiving Living&&Logan LoganMartin MartinHomes Homes

| | 47 47



AVON $10 will start your business. Call Keitha 256-452-3607 or www.youravon .com/keithakirk Avon Ind Sales Rep.

Modern, conventional complex. 1, 2, & 3 br occasional vacancies. Deposit “only” $200. Call Pineview Landing @ (256) 362-3412.

Start selling Avon for $10 set up fee. Call Juanita at (205)3383144 or www.your Independent Representative



-Carpet Care- Same day service Licensed & Insured 256-831-7075

Doc’s Furniture Good used furniture,antiques & collectibles,corner of Hwy 202 & 300 1st Ave. W. (Anniston) Mon-Sat 9-5, 256-3108223

JERRY’S CARPET SERVICE 25 hours a day/ 8 days a week. Complete carpet floor & furniture cleaning. We strip, wax, & buff tile floors. 27 years experience. 3 Rooms & Hall steamed cleaned for *$99*, 2 Rooms & Hall *$69.95*, 1 room steam cleaned for *$45*. Single-wide mobile homes - *$79.95*, Double-wide Mobile Homes - *$149.95*.....* Prices are estimates only *.....Give us a call & we will drive out to your home & check out your carpet, floors, or tiles and give you the exact price that you will pay when we are finished cleaning. (205)814-8010 or (205)563-5988

MOBILE HOME SALE Minton Home Center All 2010 Stock Models on Sale Now!! New Doublewides starting at $49,900. Land-Home loans with rates as low as 5.9% Available. -0- Down payment to Land Owners Oxford, AL 256-835-0152

DOGS Erma’s Boarding Dogs or Cats $8 a day. We live here. Grooming $25-up. 256-236-9907.

BUSINESS PROPERTY Commercial Buildings for rent. Retail / Office / Cafe / Shop / Contractors spaces. (205)338-3113

For Lease - Fully equipped cafe building. - The old Rexall Drug Soda Fountain. There is an investment for the equipment. SUPER LOCATION. Serious inquiries only. By appointment only. (205) 338-3113


GRADING Grading, Clearing, Excavating, Driveways, Lakes, Bush hog work, tree planting, demolition. 256-310-6883

MISCELLANEOUS SERVICE Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative A Touchstone Energy Corporation “Providing Reliable Consumer Service” 69220 AL Hwy 77, Talladega 1-800-273-7210 256-362-4180 www.


2 br, 3 ba, furn. apt., W&D, Alpine Bay $650 mo. 1-800264-6787 D, 205-755-9444 N, 205-222-3131, cell

-Affordable Pressure Wash- (256) 741-DIRT

Anniston- 5112 McClellan Blvd., Nice 1Br/1Ba 2 & 3 Br, 2 Ba, Occasional Vacancies call 256-236-5549.


Autumn Trace Apartments Sylacauga 1-$350, 2-$400, 3$475, bedrooms, total electric, private balconies & patios, 24 hour maintenance and courtesy officers. Marble Valley Manor: 2115 Motes Road Sylacauga, AL 35150 One & Two Bedroom Apartments For Elderly- Disabled- Handicap. Office hours: Mon.- Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. On-site Manager and Maintenance Personnel. Phone (256)245-6500 TTD#s:1-800-5482547 (V) 1-800-5482546(T/A) For the deaf and hearing impaired only. This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider & Employer.

| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

JIM PREUITT Ford - Mercury 723 E. Battle St. Talladega, AL (256) 362-6900 800-884-5211

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Logan Martin Homes November 2010

A Real Estate Property Guide for Logan Martin Lake and Surrounding Areas

Photo courtesy of Realty Executives

November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

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Room by Room

Closet Evolution Karen Sewell’s closet expansion grows into a whole-house renovation.


aren Sewell knew when she got married she would have to make sacrifices. But, of course, there is one thing a woman must never sacrifice. And that would be closet space. “We live in a 1960s model house on the lake,” she said. “In order for my husband to hang his clothes, I told him we had to have a closet.” The closet expansion turned into a complete home renovation, from one end of the house to the other. Sewell and her husband remodeled their closet, bedroom, master bath, laundry room, screened porch and even the garage “All I had was a covered carport,” Sewell said. “We were remodeling, so we thought we might as well do the other end. I decided we would go ahead and do a garage. This all started just because we needed a closet.” Paul Golden, of I-20 carpet in Pell City, was the designer for the project. He said that, because of economy, he is seeing more remodeling projects. “People are staying in their homes, trying to update so they can stay in their homes rather than purchase a new home,” he said. 50

| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010


The Sewells ended up with not only new walk-in closets, but also a new screened porch.

Sewell said she looked through many magazines, cut out many pictures, and in this way, she developed ideas for the renovations. Golden said usually a customer comes in with a generalization of what she wants before he goes out and meets with the client in her home. He said it’s important for him to understand the likes and dislikes of his customers, because everyone is different. “Everyone’s house is different,” he said. “I work off of that. I don’t do anything as a cookie-cutter. You won’t walk into two houses and see my work the same, so everything is going to be different. It just depends on what the customer’s personality is, whether it’s on the lake or whatnot.” Golden said a single project can take anywhere from two days to a week, although a complete renovation of a home takes longer. Sewell said work began on her house the first week in May and finished the third week of October. Sewell said before you get started with your own remodeling project, be sure to know what you want so you don’t have to redo when you’re in the process. November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 51


Room by Room

Top, the Sewells’ bathroom renovation uses ceramic tile throughout. Above, the project replaced a covered carport with a full garage.


| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

“Add 20 percent to the budget you expect to spend, because surprises always come up,” she said. “Make sure you have some time off if you are the person responsible. If you don’t have a builder, it takes a lot of time to meet with contactors and pick out merchandise, so schedule free time to devote to the project. It’s money and time.” Golden said he had been doing home renovations for around 20 years. He said he was self-taught but attended classes through the years. “We’ll go in and do the demolition, and then we’ll put everything back,” he said. “We could take tubs out and then put showers where the tubs were and vice-versa.” Golden said he doesn’t see patterns within his work, because everyone has a different personality. One person could want stone and the next might want glass. Currently though, Golden said he is seeing a preference for tumbled marble for showers, because “it’s the older look that’s the style right now.” Sewell, however, chose to use porcelain tile in her bathroom renovation. She said she saw something similar to the type of shower she wanted in a magazine. Golden said tile is the only thing going in kitchens and bathrooms, because they are wet areas. The sunrooms will see a ceramic tile, and hardwood floors are still popular in kitchens, dens and bedrooms. Golden said tiles can be as inexpensive as 59 cents a foot or as expensive as $50 a foot or more. Sewell’s bedroom originally had carpet, and rather than switch to hardwood or tile, she chose to replace the carpet. A bigger project in the bedroom was raising the ceiling. The renovation also included building a new screened-in porch, an addition that the newly married Sewells look forward to enjoying for years to come. “When we retire, we can walk out and enjoy our coffee and look at the lake,” she said. “I am very excited.” For now, though, Karen Sewell is delighted with her new closets, the project that gave birth to the entire renovation. The old closet that the newlyweds found lacking was 5 feet by 9 feet. Now, Sewell and her husband have their own separate walk-in closets, each of them 7 feet by 10 feet. Sewell knew she would have to make sacrifices in her marriage and she plans to do that — just not when it comes to matters of closet space.


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LINCOLN $975,000. Fantastic custom-built Lake home has every amenity; 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, stunning Australian Cypress hardwood floors, custom cabinetry, high ceilings, beautifully landscaped, gorgeous gunite pool with cascading waterfall & heated spa. Beautiful sunroom with stone FP. Security system, stereo, irrigation, 15KW generator backup, lutron interior remote control lighting. All nestled on 2 private wooded acres overlooking deep water. MLS#458795

PELL CITY $349,900. Unbelievable 4BR/3.5BA home all the extras on Pine Harbor Golf Course! Enjoy entertaining or relaxing by the Indoor Heated Pool in gorgeous vaulted ceiling room which also has an indoor grill, hot tub, fireplace, and balcony. Separate workshop/studio with bath & kitchenette. MLS#476814

CROPWELL $549,900. 5BR/4BA 2-story with gorgeous view has approx. 170â&#x20AC;&#x2122; wtfg on main channel, seawall, pier, boat launch, elec. gate entrance, huge wraparound deck, 2 living areas. Kitchen has granite cntrs, island, 6-burner stove, double covection ovens. Huge laundry rm, storage bldng, carport. MLS#411160

PELL CITY $339,000. Large 3BR/3.5BA in Eagle Pointe, approx 4 acres with water access. Nice open floor plan, vaulted ceilings in foyer & great room, large open kitchen. Huge Master, laundry room, dining room, detached 3 car gar MLS#446229

REDUCED! PELL CITY $294,500. 3BR/2BA mini-farm on 9 acres with stocked pond, ready to fish! Convenient to I-20. Spacious, well-kept, formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, granite counters, island, greatroom with FP, crown molding; sunroom with french doors. Basement stubbed for bath. Plenty of garden & pasture space! MLS#460488

VINCENT $199,900 Great waterfront lot in nice Cumberland Coves subdivision (Logan Martin Dam Rd). Gentle slope, approx. 159 ft of waterfrontage, plenty of trees, beautiful surrounding homes and awesome view! MLS#470773

PELL CITY $375,000. Great Waterfront lot (over 5 acres) with 300 ft of waterfrontage, very level, plenty of trees for shade, pier. Has nice 3BR/3BA mobile home with living room with fireplace, dining area, kitchen with banquette seat & backporch with swing. MLS# 459944

PELL CITY $1,800,000. Magnificent Lake home that stands out from the rest! Amazing lake view on level 2.5 acres, with almost 1000 ft of waterfront with seawall, 3 piers & launch. Enjoy entertaining on one of 3 verandas with pizza oven, BBQ at waterfront or lounge at the pool. Interior has 4BR/3BA, amazing great room with heated floors, old pub bar with library ladder, 3 fridges, freezer. Kitchen has large soapstone island, 5 star dual fuel oven with 6 burners, grill and 2 walk-in pantries. Master bedroom has huge walk-in closet with flat screen and washer and dryer! This home has everything! MLS#473957

Sell Your Lake Home or Lot for only 3% Commission and You Pocket The Money



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602 PARADISE ISLE, #602, RIVERSIDE, AL MLS#465353 - $189,900

COOSA ISLAND CIR, CROPWELL, AL MLS#472873128 -$239,000

2311 FRAIM DR, #G, PELL CITY, AL MLS#473340- $229,800

2325 FRAIM DR, #2, PELL CITY, AL MLS#463854 - $299,000

300 COVE DR, PELL CITY, AL MLS#466748 - $389,000

518 COVE POINT DR, RIVERSIDE, AL MLS#472292 - $395,000

636 HAVEN CIR, RIVERSIDE, AL MLS#475448- $459,900

109 ROCK INN TRL, CROPWELL, AL MLS#466842- $469,900

890 BLACK ACRES RD, CROPWELL, AL MLS#474877 - $479,900

6207 HARMON DR, PELL CITY, AL MLS#466753- $799,000

955 BLACK ACRES RD, CROPWELL, AL MLS#465608- $799,900

1297 SHELTON SHORES, LINCOLN, AL MLS#476989- $170,000

447 SHELTON SHORES DR LINCOLN, AL MLS#467137 - $199,900

301 LINCOLN SHORES DR, LINCOLN, AL MLS#464819- $279,900

150 SHORELINE VIEW, #5, TALLADEGA, AL MLS#465772- $294,900

284 LEE LN, TALLADEGA, AL MLS#474307- $309,900

991 SHELTON SHORES DR, LINCOLN, AL MLS#473982- $445,000

417 W SUNSET DR, TALLADEGA, AL MLS#473981 - $279,900

266 HORSESHOE CIR, TALLADEGA, AL MLS#469440- $319,900

638 DAVIS ACRES DR, ALPINE, AL MLS#475185- $329,900



11 FISHER WAY, #11, VINCENT, AL MLS#472121 - $149,900

5 BRIDGE CREEK DR, #5, RAGLAND, AL MLS#464376- $115,000

MARINA BAY CIR, #4, ALPINE, AL MLS#473343- $99,900

Randy Tranham Qualifying Broker 205-338-6683


Nancy Locklar Cell: 205-362-6888 NancySellsTheLake@

(owner financing available)

(owner financing available)

| Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010

WILLINGHAM RD, #LOT 10, TALLADEGA, AL MLS#480519- $99,900 (owner financing available)

PLEASURE POINT, #1, TALLADEGA, AL MLS#470546 - $129,900

3 SHOAL CREEK RD, #3, ASHVILLE, AL MLS#466678- $114,900





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November 2010 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes

| 55

ESCAPE THE ORDINARY AND DISCOVER THE GOOD LIFE TODAY. Spectacular views of 17,000 acre lake. $10,000,000 resort package with 30,000 sq. ft. clubhouse, full-service marina, five pools, water park and beaches. Chapel, restaurant, dog park and helipad. An extraordinary living opportunity for today...a wise investment for life.

Located in Pell City just 10 minutes south of I-20 and 35 minutes east of Birmingham. High $200s - $900s+ Decorated Model Open Daily 205-338-9100

g n i v i g s k n a h T appy

The Business Center and Model Home Now Open


Extraordinary Lakeside Living

Located at 1000 Ranch Marina Road in Pell City. From I-20, Exit 158 (Pell City/Ashville), travel south on Hwy. 231 (Martin Street). Turn left on Hwy. 34 which will branch off to the right just past the Civic Center. Continue to Funderburg Bend Road and turn right. Continue south on Funderburg Bend Road 1.8 miles to The Yacht Club. 56 | Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - November 2010 All property owners will be subject to annual community development district assessment. Plans as of 2-09. Need not be built.

Lakeside Magazine November 2010  

Lakeside livingmagazine

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