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making maps, I didn’t ever want to see one again.” He soon landed back in his hometown of Decatur. Now he designs museum exhibits for a firm in Huntsville by day, creating personal art at night. His work has been featured in galleries in Birmingham, Fairhope, Nashville, Tennessee and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Pursuing a career in art was a huge departure for a male in the Bibb family.

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Sloane Bibb comes from a very long line of lawyers, politicians and judges. His father was a judge in Morgan County, Alabama where Sloane grew up. Ancestor William Wyatt Bibb was a member of the first Alabama legislature. Sloane’s grandfather, William “Bill” Bibb, was a prominent judge in Calhoun County for many years. And, surprisingly, it was that same Judge Bibb, Sloane’s Papa, who paid for his six year old grandson’s first art lessons. It could have been the influence of Judge Bibb’s wife, Jean, that led him to encourage young Sloane’s artistic development. “Grandma Jean was an amazing artist. She was partially paralyzed in a car accident when my dad was ten and because of that she had to learn to paint left handed,” Bibb remembers. “She painted

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beautiful portraits that were kind of stark. She’d leave the canvass partially blank, painting only part of a face and maybe a little bit of the clothing. I remember spending many hours in the basement of their home on Coleman Drive destroying her discarded oil paintings.” His one man show, Heart of Dixie, at

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