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By Lisa Berryhill Photos courtesy of the artist

visit to artist Sloane Bibb’s website is a delight. His

way. He takes bits and pieces of life and arranges them to tell

unique work contains iconic images like Krispy King

a story. Exactly what that story is can change according to

Donuts boxes, cutouts of early 20th Century home-

your perspective.

makers in aprons and the King (Elvis that is) presented in a

Bibb says he is quite content to allow people who view his

whimsical and humorous fashion, juxtaposed with automo-

art to come up with their own stories. “When I participate in

bile tags, car parts and old newspaper clippings. They often

art festivals like Kentuck (near Northport, Alabama) and the

include colorful birds—usually a mocking bird—painted by

Arts and Crafts Festival in Fairhope (Alabama), one of the

Bibb. One gets the distinct impression that this artist is having

things I most enjoy doing is standing in the background listen-

a grand time putting together odd elements in a very creative

ing to people talk about what they think the story is behind

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Longlead Summer 2010  

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