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Handel was born in Germany but spent much of his life in England. Handel’s music includes many operas and oratorios, including that most famous of all oratorios, The Messiah. He also wrote Water Music; Music for the Royal Fireworks; and works in many other genres.

melodies, and the challenge of making these suites, each containing several individual tunes audible over the river noises caused pieces of music. The exact running order him to orchestrate this work with lots of Handel used in 1717 is lost to history, and brass and woodwinds. the arranging of the pieces remains fluid This isn’t music for quiet solitary conto this day. One charming legend is that templation; it’s in constant motion, just like Handel had the orchestra play the softer the river that moved beneath the musical passages when the music barge drifted close barge at its world to the royal barge, then premiere. It’s music switched over to the that’s made to travel. louder passages when This isn’t music for quiet It was also a big hit. solitary contemplation; it’s they drifted apart. Handel certainly As befits the excitein constant motion, just knew how to please ment of a journey’s like the river that moved the king. After all, beginning, the first the two had known beneath the musical barge suite is particularly each other years lively with a strong at its world premiere. It’s earlier in their native emphasis on the music that’s made to travel. French horns (which Germany when Handel was employed were at that time a by George, who had been Elector of Hanover novelty in England). It’s the longest of before ascending to the English throne. the suites, and some have speculated that Handel also knew how to make the pubHandel used it for the outbound section of lic happy. He had moved to England a few the river journey. years before composing the Water Music, The second suite, which starts with a and he was making a comfortable living spirited allegro movement that goes right writing oratorios that drew large crowds. into a hornpipe, adds more trumpets to the Purely instrumental works didn’t reach mix. The third suite, while keeping the spirit as large an audience in those days as his of the first two, has a slightly more delicate vocal pieces, so it took the rise of public or- sound that features lots of flutes. chestras during the Romantic period for the Orchestras have been recording Handel’s Water Music to become a concert staple. Water Music since the days of wax cylinders, The suites gained even more exposure but the earliest versions were usually based th in the late 20 century as recordings on on re-orchestrations from the late Romantic “period instruments” became popular. period that added lush strings and other Handel’s Water Music is made up of three instruments to the score.

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