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Ken Corson gives certificate of appreciation to indigenous Guatemalan instructor, Isabel Cristobal, before she returns home. She has been teaching how to weave beautiful cloth like the blouse she is wearing to children in SIFAT CARES groups for the summer.

Ken Corson demonstrating innovative use for a car battery.

Kathy Bryson with a student from Pakistan and one from India in the outdoor workshop for making fuel efficient cook stoves.

Kathy Bryson is with a student from Ghana and one from Haiti displaying a simple, but much improved rat trap that will catch up to 30 mice a night and a small model of a hand water pump. 28 Longleaf Style Summer 2010

Tom Corson demonstrating how the indigenous peoples of the Andes use the llama to carry their loads to a CARES group of children at SIFAT. With him in the picture is one of the youth leaders.

Sarah Corson Working in the gardens with visiting instructor in weaving, Isabel Cristobal, from Guatemala.

Longlead Summer 2010  
Longlead Summer 2010  

The Summer 2010 issue of Longleaf