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January 2014


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January 2014


Covering life along Logan Martin Lake since 1994

Traveling the Coosa


On the Lake, and In the Country, Too Logan Martin offers the best of both

Editor & Publisher Ed Fowler

By David Atchison



Lakeside Dining

Lakeside Living Editors Laura Nation-Atchison Jim Smothers

The Ark Restaurant Carries On Serving seafood and more since 1930 By Chris Norwood


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Art by the Water Art is Just Her Thing Laurel Darnall loves it all

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By Shane Dunaway



Around the Lake

Photography Bob Crisp Brian Schoenhals

Life on the Water A Busy One for the Stewarts Former educators take to the roads on their big bikes By Elsie Hodnett


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Lakeside Living in Style Hurricanes Land Hutchesons On Logan Martin Moving to inland water works great for these folks

Graphic Design Fay Denton Jennifer Mashburn Geraldine Osburn

By Emily McLain



Dish It Up! With Lakeside


Just Put It In a Pie

Your favorite will fit right in By Laura Nation-Atchison



Lots of Waterfront, Lots of House Downstairs has a private suite By Bill Kimber

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On the Cover: Fishing Lake Logan Martin is a year-round event. Photo by Bob Crisp

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From the Editor...

went… So here we are with another new year on the horizon, and here at Lakeside Living, we’re on the prowl for more new stories and things to tell you about and hope for an outstanding 2014 for all. For starters, we introduce you to the proud new owner of a favorite Lakeside mainstay, Shirley Abts at The Ark in Riverside. This dining establishment’s long history of serving up those catfish and seafood favorites along with so many other great crowd pleasers continues, happy to say, and we can all look forward to more of this Logan Martin tradition. And while on the topic of food, I think you’ll love some of the “food pie” ideas I’m tossing your way this month. Honestly, I’m not sure what you can’t stuff into a baked pie shell to suit your fancy. I started out with one I’ve used for years and it has never turned out as a disappointment. It’s a basic chicken pot pie, then there’s a chili pie I like to put together and a few new ones I discovered this month. I even threw in a “real pie,” well, real in terms of a dessert pie, a Blackberry Custard you may not have run into before. For our water bound visit to the lake this month, our adventurer finds a scarce showing of people out and about, but takes us to the beautiful Bryant family farm on the water’s edge, an actual real working farm for generations of Bryants. We’ll show you the lakefront retreat discovered by former Milton, Fla. residents Don and Mima Hutcheson. Their adventures with hurricanes prompted their decision to take their turn inland, and ended up close to family in their new Logan Martin abode. The Hutchesons say “this is it” and plan to become long time Logan Martin dwellers. 4

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

Writer Emily McLain will share their story and tell about some of their retirement adventures, and new endeavors since becoming lake residents. We have a story from Lakeside writer Elsie Hodnett about the love of old cars, new motorcycles and a lake lifestyle enjoyed by Frank and Carolyn Stewart. These former educators stay on the go and their mode of travel, well, it has taken a turn or two through the years. You’ll hear about what artist Laurel Darnall has been up to, and how you can join her in classes at the Artscape Gallery in downtown Pell City. She and other members of the gallery and the Council of the Arts would love to have you drop in and “spread some paint” with them! We hope your new gets going with gusto for a great 2014 in this great lakeside haven so many love to call home. The happiest of all to you and yours from your friends at Lakeside Living!

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ell, hello 2014! But wait a minute… I’m still wondering where that other year


Warm Wishes for a Happy New Year

1 5 2 2 6 H W Y. 4 1 1 , O D E N V I L L E , A L • 1 4 0 6 4 A L . H W Y. 7 5 , R E M L A P, A L • 2 0 5 . 6 8 1 . 3 3 5 5 W W W. A N G L E R R E C Y C L I N G . C O M

Traveling the Coosa

It was sort of neat paddling through this tunnel under Lake Shore Drive. There was farm land on the other side of the tunnel.


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

On the Lake, and In the Country, Too Logan Martin offers the best of both Story and photos by DAVID ATCHISON


was so surprised when I paddled around the island and headed back up Rabbit Branch. When I first took my kayak into Rabbit Branch I knew it was big, I just didn’t realized how big. I could not even imagine the paddling adventure that was ahead of me as I worked my way up the Rabbit Branch slough towards Lake Shore Drive. Beautiful and peaceful are just a couple of the words that came to my mind as I eased up the slough. I began my latest winter adventure from River’s Edge Marina. It was a cold and overcast day, but no freezing rain or wind to contend with while I was on the lake. During the wintertime, you really have to plan your trips around the weather. Of course it’s going to be a little chilly, some days more so than others. The seven day forecast indicated rain was approaching for the following weekend, so I figured it was best to get my trip behind me on this particular Sunday afternoon. I brought along the camera with the big telephoto lens on this trip, and I’m glad I did. As I pushed off from shore, I spotted this big great blue heron perched on a towering pole at the entrance to River’s Edge Marina. Usually herons are a little skittish and fly off before I can get close enough for a good picture. This bird appeared to be standing guard at the entrance to the marina. It didn’t budge. Perhaps the heron was a “neighborhood” bird and used to seeing people and boats passing back and forth, in and out of the marina.

I was able to get pretty close for a picture before it decided I was a bit too nosey and flew away gawking. End of that encounter with wildlife. I headed my kayak toward an island that was about a quarter-mile away. The water level on the lake was really low, which I like. The low winter water levels provide many camping opportunities, and I can get into really shallow water with my kayak. This particular day the water was glassy smooth as I made my way down Rabbit Branch. It was actually a good day to paddle on the lake, very restful. I went on around the island and headed northwest toward the back of a large slough. Through my entire trip, I did not see another person on the lake. There are only a few people who brave the winter weather on Logan Martin Lake, mostly devoted fishermen. The area of the lake I was paddling is much different than my more recent trips down Logan Martin Lake, part of the Alabama Scenic River Trail. I was surrounded by rural, farm land on this trip. The houses were fewer in number along the way, and I could hear cows mooing in the distance. I noticed a road at the back of the slough, and saw cars passing along the road every now and then. I tried to determine if the road was U.S. 231 or another road. I wasn’t really sure. It was only later that I found out the street was actually Lake Shore Drive, which is off U.S. 231. When I reached the back of the slough, I noticed a January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


Seagulls and a great blue heron were my only companions on the lake this day.

big metal tunnel running underneath the road. Just like the chicken, I was going to find out what was on the other side of the road, but instead of crossing it, I just paddled underneath the road. The water inside the tunnel was really shallow. I scraped rocks as I went through. It would have been impossible for a boat to go through it. That’s another thing good about kayaks. You can get access to areas that are impossible to get to by boat. I was later told that jet skis could only travel through the tunnel during the summer, when the lake level is higher. On the other side of the tunnel, I was surprised to see horses, lots of horses. That was the last thing I thought I would see when I started this trip. Despite looking around from my kayak, I still did not really know where I was, so when I got back to the marina, I loaded up the kayak and turned south on U.S. 231. It wasn’t long before I saw Lake Shore Drive and realized that was the road I had traveled underneath. I remembered Martin Bryant, who I taught to roll a whitewater kayak, said something about living on a farm on or around Lake Shore Drive, so I called his mother, Christa. Funny, I had passed right by their lake home. Like I’m always saying, you never know who or what you are going to see on the lake. “You don’t see a lot of farm land on the lake,” Christa said. “We have the best of both worlds.” The Bryant family can look out their front door and see a 8

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

big, beautiful farm. From their back porch deck, they enjoy the view of the lake. How neat is that? She said her husband, Vaughan, has lived on the family farm all his life. Vaughan’s dad was the late Dr. David Bryant, who was a teacher at Pell City High School. “They had the farm when the water came up, because they lost some of the farmland to water,” Christa said. I worked with both of Christa’s children, Martin, who attends college at Faulkner State; and Meredith, who is a student at Pell City High School, teaching them how to roll a whitewater kayak. They were both excellent students, and Martin actually made his first whitewater kayaking trip down the Coosa River near Wetumpka with me. He successfully paddled his first Class 3 rapid, which is named Moccasin Gap. The Bryants have a true working farm and I know Martin is really interested in farming. He talked quite a bit about his love for farming when we kayaked together. The family has 50 head of cattle, 15 pigs and raise chickens during the spring and summer on their 100 acre farm. “We have goats, too,” Christa said. Well, I guess I got a little taste of the country on my paddle trip, and I can’t wait to find out what other adventures lie ahead as I travel on down Logan Martin Lake. So until then, have a safe and wonderful time on the lake.

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January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


Lakeside Dining

The Ark has been a family restaurant since 1930.

The Ark Restaurant Carries On Serving seafood and more since 1930 Story by CHRIS NORWOOD Photos by Bob Crisp


he word “institution” in reference to a well-established business may have become somewhat overused of late. But in some cases, however, it is wholly appropriate. The Ark Seafood Restaurant in Riverside would seem to fit that bill. It was established almost 84 years ago, way back in 1930, by Budd “Red” Thompson, and has been serving area residents ever since. At the time of its founding, Herbert Hoover was president, World War I was still known as “The World War,” and talkies were


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

still considered by many people to be a passing fad. Through all those changes, The Ark endures. It has been recognized for excellence by USA Today, “Absolutely Alabama with Fred Hunter,” Southern Living magazine, and has among the top 100 eateries in the state of Alabama. In fact, USA Today ranked it in the top ten catfish restaurants in the country. According to some-time manager Crystal Layton, Bob and Sylvia Cornett purchased the restaurant some 40 years ago, and it stayed in the family until a couple of

Fried catfish is a great choice for lunch or dinner at The Ark.

We Invite You To Visit Our Showroom Only 20 Minutes From Logan Martin


January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


Shirley Abts looks forward to continuing the legacy that The Ark has had with diners for decades.

months ago. Bob Cornett passed away a few years ago, and his and Sylvia’s son Warren took over after that. Shirley Abts, the current owner and Pell City resident known as the proprietor of Even Odds, then bought the Ark from Sylvia Cornett, and began running the place in early November. “We went back to some of the original recipes,” 12

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

Layton said, “especially on some of the sauces and dressings. We use fresh hamburger patties, hand weighed and pressed, and we’ve brought back the homemade onion rings and fried pickles.” She added that they have already begun to see a difference, noting that the hamburgers and steaks on the menu are now selling at about double the rate

Tasty sandwich plates are always a go at The Ark.

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January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


The Ark has always been a place to meet up with friends and enjoy the outstanding fare as well.

they were previously. Abts has upgraded the quality of the beef in the steaks and hamburger steaks, but the fish dishes still remain the mainstay at the Ark, with shrimp and oysters following closely behind. The recipes for these items remain unchanged over the years. Frog legs, deviled crab, chicken fingers and breaded chicken livers round out the entrée menu. “They’ve also done a lot of remodeling inside the restaurant itself,” Layton said. “They’ve repainted and put a lot of money into giving everything a fresh, new look.” There is a private party room that seats up to 40, and catering is also available. Among the most popular catered items are the catfish nuggets and strips, which allow people to sample the renowned entrees with somewhat less waste. 14

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

They are also licensed to sell beer, wine and liquor, Layton said. The Ark’s motto is “Where quality is important and quantities are generous.” According to the menu, “All our food is prepared and cooked per table order. We use no prepared or pre-breaded seafood. In fact, not one piece of fish, raw shrimp or oyster is breaded until ordered by you. We also make our own Cole slaw and hushpuppies daily for your fresh enjoyment.” Located at 13030 U.S. Highway 78 in Riverside, the Ark is open Tuesday through Thursday and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Fridays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. until about 7:30 p.m. Currently they are closed Mondays, but that may change soon. For more information, please visit www. or call 205-338-7420.

Art by the Water

Laurel Darnall is an artist who likes to put her creativity to use daily.

Art Is Just Her Thing Laurel Darnall loves it all Story by SHANE DUNAWAY Photos by BRIAN SCHOENHALS


his artist sensed her artistic side early in life. “At a very early age, I could sense my art spirit,” said Pell City artist Laurel Darnall. “Every day in some way I’m creating art. Picasso said, ‘I paint to live, I live to paint.’ I understand that.”

Now at an age she considers to be ‘old enough,’ Darnell uses pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylic and oil on wood or canvas to create or restore a variety of pieces, including decoratives, murals, portraits and inspired paintings of all subjects. January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


Darnall’s work is diverse and is continually developing into new directions.

“My palette includes all colors appropriate to the subject or mood of the piece,” Darnall said. “My greatest joy in each piece is producing the light that exists throughout the painting that is glowing through the other colors. The overall tone is then treated to give an aged appearance rather than a freshly-painted look. This is just a personal preference. My favorite artists are usually the old masters such as (Albert) Bierstadt. “I enjoy producing a product that is tangible that matches what I ‘see’ in my mind through inspiration, and in that quiet time spent, other issues of my life are reviewed and solved in my new awareness of my weaknesses and strengths that the process reveals,” Darnall


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

added. “It serves as a personal trainer. It’s also very rewarding when I finish a and the customer is pleased and you know you helped their vision come to life.” Darnall credited her father for encouraging her artistic goals and dreams early in her life. “He would frame a tiny scrap of paper I had doodled on – that support stays with me now,” Darnall said. “He’d be happy to know I’m pursuing my second love.” When not busy with her career as a licensed practical nurse who serves as a private duty caregiver, it’s a safe bet the ‘self-learned’ artist isn’t too far away from a new project. “There is the original passion to learn and produce coupled with a lot of trial and error,

From pencil to paint and lots of other mediums, Darnall applies her skills to many applications.

practice, heavy reliance on inspiration and many happy accidents which I’ll tell you I planned all along,” Darnall said. “Self-learning comes with new and changing challenges, but that is where your advance in skill and technique comes from. There are many better artists, especially in their forums, but I’d have to be shown that someone else enjoys themselves doing it more than I do. To have a work that you can immerse your energy, talent and passion into is a gift straight from heaven for anyone. I believe using your talent gives pleasure back to God.” Divine intervention must come into play as she finds a way to seamlessly juggle multiple projects depending 18

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

on the content, size and amount of detail involved with each one. “At present, I’m making ornaments for Christmas,” Darnall said. “I also have an ongoing mural and portrait of a whitetail buck which will be for sale. I’ve also started teaching painting classes at Artscape Gallery in Pell City. The classes are three-hour sessions where a finished painting is taken home. Friends get together, bring their own refreshments and camp out for just three hours or so, just having fun and moving paint.” Darnall, an Ohio native, has been active on-and-off at Artscape for more than six years. “These wonderful people at Artscape are my family

One of Darnall’s signature murals in place.

in every sense of the word,” Darnall said. While Darnall considers all of her projects to be her favorites, she was able to pinpoint one project that really stood out from the rest. “Art has done so much for my life,” Darnall said. “There was one piece that really expressed what I wanted to paint. I thought it depicted Job 39:19 and it really celebrated the beauty and strength that is the horse.” Darnall pointed to the lake as a wonderful source of inspiration when creating a piece. “Paintings with lake scenes are very popular and satisfying to do,” Darnall said. “Your mind actually enters into the calm waters, foggy mornings or vivid sunsets while you’re painting. It’s a wonderful subject

to escape the loud and busy in the world.” Darnall’s group painting sessions are held every Thursday at Artscape from 5-9 p.m. Those interested in participating may contact her at 205-405-8112 to reserve spots from themselves or a group. She also offers individual lessons that can be scheduled any evening during the week and all day Saturday. “I found out you learn when you teach and everyone participating has been so wonderful to spend time with,” Darnall said. “It has opened a whole new way to paint with others. I’m usually tucked away by myself painting. I enjoy showing someone with the desire to paint who also has the ability. The desire leads them to trying and exploring.”

January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


Around the Lake

Frank and Carolyn Stewart have traveled the lower 48 states on their big bikes since 1999.

Life on the Water A Busy One for the Stewarts Former educators take to the roads on their big bikes Story by ELSIE HODNETT Photos by BOB CRISP


rom restoring a family car to taking motorcycle trips across the U.S. and Canada—this Lakeside couple likes to stay busy. Both from the Talladega area, Frank and Carolyn Stewart met when they were in about seventh-grade and became friends. “We had an on-again, off-again relationship through


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

school,” Carolyn said. The couple both graduated from high school in 1968, the same year Frank joined the U.S. Navy. “We weren’t dating at that time,” Carolyn said. “I went to a business school in Birmingham and learned clerical work.” The next year, Carolyn got a job back home in Talladega.

Frank’s a Harley kind of guy.

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“She wrote me a letter while I was overseas,” Frank said. “I was stationed on the U.S.S. Oriskany off the coast of Vietnam.” The couple began dating again during Christmas of 1969, while Frank was home on leave. The two were married in June of 1970. “I bought the 1970 Chevrolet Nova in April 1970 for about $2,800,” Carolyn said. “We kept it about two years then traded it. My uncle, Billy Bartlett, was a car collector and he bought it the next day. He kept it in the family until his death in 2007, when we inherited it. It was out of the family for less than one day.” After sitting for several years, in the spring of 2012, the couple decided to refurbish the 1970 Chevy Nova. “It needed major repairs,” Frank said. “I rebuilt the engine myself and everything has been restored except the new seat covers.” Frank spent four years in the Navy, receiving an honorable discharge in October 1972. The couple’s daughter, Samantha Kearley, was born a couple months prior in July. The Stewarts have two grandchildren as well, Taylor, 20, and Nicholas, 14. “We moved back to Talladega from Atlanta in October 1972,” Carolyn said. “I worked for the State of Alabama Vocational Rehabilitation Service as a secretary for

January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


Carolyn and Frank Stewart with their 1970 Nova.

17 years. I worked full-time and went to school at Gadsden Junior College and the University of Alabama at Birmingham for a bachelor’s degree in math education. It took eight-plus years to finish. It was rough, but I managed to do it.” Carolyn graduated on a Thursday, resigned from her job that Friday, and started teaching at Talladega High School the following Monday in August, 1989. “I retired in May 2000 with 28-and-a-half years in retirement,” she said. “After retiring from teaching, I worked various jobs for eight more years and retired completely in 2008.” After Frank’s Naval service, he went into construction for the next 9 or 10 years. “I was attending Gadsden Junior College on the G.I. Bill during that time for 2 to 3 years,” he said. “I continued in construction, mainly cabinetry work, until 1982 when I got a job teaching carpentry at Talladega City Vocational School for five years.” While teaching carpentry, Frank enrolled in UAB and received a bachelor’s degree in trade and industrial education in 1986. “I swapped from carpentry to teaching T and I at the vocational center,” he said. “In 1992, I went back to UAB and got my certification to teach history. I taught history at Talladega High until my retirement in 2003.” 22

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

The couple moved to their lake home, located on West Sunset Drive on the Talladega side of the lake, in 1978. “Frank was always fishing so I said we might as well live on the lake,” Carolyn said. “My parents were getting older and lived close by. We helped look after my parents and Frank’s brother.” Frank did house remodeling, including redoing the kitchen and adding a room. “We got into riding motorcycles in 1997,” Frank said. “We were both teachers so we had the summers free. I bought a Harley, fixed it up and sold it. I did that twice, then in 1999 I purchased a new Harley Davidson Road King.” Carolyn said she got a Honda Shadow in 1998. “I had it a week and totaled it in Pell City,” she said. “I got an identical bike one month later, and we started taking motorcycle trips together in 1999.” Frank said the couple took motorcycle trips almost every year from 1999 through 2009, covering all 48 of the continental U.S. states and all the Canadian provinces. “We take short trips now, weekend trips,” Frank said. “We’ve done that since 2009.” Frank said his Harley has about 111,000 miles on it. “We got the campers and motor homes about eight or nine years ago,” Carolyn said. “We would take trips in those and pull the motorcycles.”

The Nova had its 43rd “birthday” this year. It remains in perfect condition after the Stewarts got to work on it.

Carolyn said the couple began by camping in the back of their Suburban on air mattresses in 1997, then got tents on the ground, a small pull camper, a fifth-wheel camper and finally, a motor home. “We still travel in it,” she said. “We usually take one long trip a year and several shorter trips.” On June 18, 2011, the couple’s 41st anniversary, they

renewed their wedding vows. “Frank asked me to marry him again and I said, ‘Might as well,’” Carolyn said. “It was fun.” After 43 years of marriage, Carolyn said the secret to a happy marriage is to tolerate each other’s quirks and compromise when needed. “Frank would say I trained him really well,” she said.

Happy New Year


orget D o n’t F he Ab o ut T S how o at B J C C B th - 1 9th Ja n 1 6 January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


From Our Family To Yours


Lakeside Living in Style

Hurricanes Land Hutchesons On Logan Martin Moving to inland water works great for these folks Story by EMILY McLAIN Photos by BOB CRISP


n 2004, Don and Mima Hutcheson were retired and living in their home on the water. It was a home they had recently built, thinking it would be their last – until something changed their minds. “We thought we were going to live and die there, but Hurricane Ivan ran us out,” said Mima of their house in


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

Milton, Fla., which was built above ground level to protect it from flooding. “We had 14 feet of water under our house. Thankfully, it was built to the new codes and the water didn’t get inside, but our storage room and our boat washed away. A lot of the homes around us had roofs torn off, water damage, mold problems. It was very serious.”

Don and Mima Hutcheson have called Logan Martin Lake home since moving from Milton, Fla. seven years ago.

The 2004 hurricane caused widespread damage across the U.S. and Caribbean, including 25 U.S. deaths, 14 of those in Florida. Black Water Bay, where the Hutchesons lived, had not seen water under those lots in 100 years, they said. Two other hurricanes passed through during their short time in Milton, and the couple soon realized they wanted to head inland and away from the threat of storms. Their youngest son lives in Birmingham and advised them to look at Logan Martin Lake. So they did. “When we were looking seven years ago, there was nothing available, but our son saw this house by boat with some friends, and he sent us a picture,� Don said. January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


At right: A variety of earth tones and stacked stone blend beautifully in the living room. Below: The Hutchesons’ foyer has an angled stairway that enhances the space.

“We came to look at it with (realtor) Lynda Sidlo, and they already had a contract, but it was fixing to expire, so we made an offer. Two weeks later we were up here.” The two-story, five bedroom home was newly built, and only nine months old, so Don and Mima did just a few improvements to make it their own. “We added on to the screened-in porch and covered it,” Mima said. “We built the pier and expanded the downstairs patio. We finished a bonus room upstairs. Aside from that, we just painted the house to more neutral colors. It was very bright before, especially for what were children’s rooms. I think we’ve done everything we want to do to it now.” The brick house exudes a Southern charm reflective of the couple who lives there. A light gold foyer welcomes you in with a rosecolored formal dining room (a must for Mima, though she admits it is rarely used) to the right. Another dining area, which was originally intended to be a den, connects the foyer to the kitchen. The spacious kitchen has neutral walls, stainless steel appliances and an oversized island with a builtin sink and bar seating that any cook would envy. The living room joins the kitchen to create a wide open area, complete with tall ceilings and plentiful windows that make the flowing lake just outside impossible to ignore. The living room is nicely, yet comfortably, decorated with couches and seating in similar fabrics. A fireplace that Mima wanted to remove was 26

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

One of the Hutchesons’ favorite quotes expresses their feelings for the water.

Happy New Years!

Come by and see our large selection! 324979

salvaged by adding a custom-built mantle. Attached is a screened-in porch that has a table and plenty of seating, making it a perfect place to take in the relaxing lake view. “This is one of our favorite places,” Mima said. “This is where we eat a lot of meals in the summertime. We are strictly water people, we’ve always been that way. We’ll have family and friends over, and we usually have about eight boys on the pier that we can watch from out here.” Down the hall from the living room and kitchen are two guest bedrooms that share a bathroom. Mima said they never envisioned having such a sizable house as their retirement home, but it comes in handy quite often when their two sons, Dray and Lance, and grandchildren visit. Guests particularly enjoy the downstairs area, which contains two more bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchenette, living room and a patio. “Our grandchildren love it down here because they can sleep late and have their own space,” she said. Mima has her own area as well, a “bonus” craft room upstairs beside the kitchen where she does her painting. A painter for 20 years, her artwork adorns the walls of nearly every room in their house. Don, an Auburn University graduate and fan, is partial to

SALES - SERVICE - RENTALS PARTS - ACCESSORIES 2945 Logan Martin Dam Rd. • Vincent, AL 35178


January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


Soft tones of blue and gold blend together for a soothing bedroom.

a painting of a tiger Mima placed downstairs. Her other pieces portray anything from flowers to outdoor scenes with great skill and detail. “The bonus room is my hideout,” she joked. “It was unfinished, and my son said it was a no-brainer to finish it out, so we did, and the best part is I can close the door and not have to clean up whatever projects I have going on. I usually have something in progress most of the time.” The master bedroom is located off the casual dining room and is decorated in a rich gold and blue color scheme with a tray ceiling. The gold is balanced with dark wood furniture and crystal bedside lamps. The master bathroom boasts built-in closet space and generously sized his and hers vanities. Outside is the pier the Hutchesons added that holds their pontoon boat and a fire pit right by the water that gets a lot of use when family visits, Mima said. The couple, married for 50 years, is originally from Opp 28

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

and Andalusia, but lived in Baton Rogue, La., for 40 years and raised their children there. Don worked for Kaiser Aluminum and Mima worked for a dermatology clinic until they retired in 2002 and 2003, respectively. Since moving to Cropwell, they have made an effort to meet friends and get involved. They have been or are involved in the Pell City Garden Club, Pell City Line Dancers, the Kiwanis Club, Cropwell Baptist Church, and Mima volunteers as a pink lady at the hospital. “We enjoy this area for the lake, the people, our great church,” Don said. “And we’re close to our son and family. We can watch our grandson play sports.” Although they didn’t know they would end up on Logan Martin, life landed them here, and they wasted no time making it home sweet home. “We have really enjoyed it, and we’ll be here from here on out,” Mima said. “As far as we know.”

Dish It Up! With Lakeside

A blackberry custard pie can be accommodating to a number of available fruits.

Just Put It In a Pie Your favorites will fit right in Story and Photos by LAURA NATION-ATCHISON


ne dish meals sounded good to me this month, it just seems that somehow, the lack of daylight hours this time of year affects the time there is to get things done. I know for me, it seems totally different to be in the kitchen cooking dinner at 7 p.m. when it’s still daylight

in the summertime and for some reason, at that hour when it’s pitch black dark, the scenario changes. So time seeming to be of a concern even more so when the sun drops down so early, this focus on a one dish concept started cooking in a way all its own. Then it happened. January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


Beef and Guinness Pie accompanied by a side of extra steamed vegetables and crusty bread. The pies can be made full scale or in individual servings just by adjusting the size of your crust.

A light went off in my head and I thought about one of my own favorite one dish meals, that being a really quick and even quicker if need be, chicken pot pie. What an easy way to present just about any kind of mixture of your favorite things in one dish! I’m talking pies here, and pies of all kinds that should suit the taste and time factors anywhere. So we’ll talk about the chicken pie I like to make, and the variations thereof, and I’ve invented my own version of a chili pie. These are just jump off points, and 30

very accommodating to your own variations, at least they were to mine. I always like to offer a veggie alternative, so we’ll have one of those, and there’s a fantastic Beef and Guinness Pie I found­—save it for those Irish gatherings to celebrate St. Pat’s. And just because “pie” can have another entire meaning more on the sweet side, we’ll visit a tradition most also embrace on that note with an outstanding Blackberry Custard Pie. Hopefully, it’s something new to add to your personal pie base.

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

Easy Chicken Pot Pie What you need: About two pounds or two large cooked chicken breasts, cut into strips and cubed or chopped to your desired size Four or five cooked carrots, sliced One cup English peas—I like the petite size that come frozencooked One medium onion, choppedoptional for onion lovers Three to four boiled potatoes of your choice, cubed. (Using variations such as red, Yukon Gold, fingerling or others provides interesting tastes and color to the dish) Two stalks chopped celery One can condensed cream of celery soup One can condensed cream of chicken soup Two deep dish frozen pie crusts-or make your own! What you do: Set pie crusts out to thaw. Cook vegetables in large boiler until tender, then drain. Spoon alternating spoonfuls of the soups into the bottom pie shell. Layer with vegetables, half the chicken, then add another layer of the mixed soups. Add another layer of vegetables and chicken, dot with remaining soup and cover with the top pie shell. Brush top of pie with butter or margarine and bake at 350 until crust is nice and golden. Hot Chili Pie What you need: About two quarts prepared chili-

A “true” pie for dessert, this one a blackberry custard that takes just minutes to put together and not long to bake, either.

your own or premade along with the seasonings you like, from spicy hot to the mild side One can Rotel, unless you add it to your chili when you make it or prefer your chili on the mild side About a pound of grated extra sharp cheddar Two frozen deep dish pie shells (I like to add chopped red and green bell pepper, onion, even mushrooms…) What you do: Set pie crusts out to thaw. Fill the bottom pie shell with half the chili, then layer with half the cheese. Repeat layers, top with the other pie crust and bake at 350 until crust is golden brown. Great served topped with sour cream and more grated cheese.

What is it that makes us different here? Maybe it’s just knowing when to help. Here in Alabama, some people are having trouble paying their bills. You can help us help them. Just make a small donation to Project SHARE on your next Alabama Power bill. Or give online at Together with the American Red Cross we can show everyone what makes us different here.

Beef and Guinness Pie What you need: One and a half pounds stewing beef, cut into bite size pieces Two heaping teaspoons all purpose flour Two tablespoons olive oil, plus more as needed One medium onion, diced (about one and a half cups) Four cloves garlic, crushed One medium carrot, diced Two stalks celery, diced One and a half cups beef stock or broth Three cups (24 ounces) Guinness

........... See Pie page 36 Paint & Body Shop • Audio • Tinting Truck & Car Accessories • Towing


© 2014 Alabama Power Company

January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes POWI-3355_ProjectShare_3.625.indd 1

11/21/13 4:24 PM


Happy New Year! 215 N. Broadway Ave., Sylacauga, AL 256-249-3360

Area’s Only Mexican Lunch Buffet Sunday-Friday

Come enjoy our new menu items!

Happy New Year!

The Ark

SurfSide 6 Private Club

FAMILY RESTAURANT Riverside, Alabama

at Stemley Bridge



Fresh Catfish, Hushpuppies, French Fries, Shrimp, etc. Mention This Ad For A FREE TEA!


BIG DEDDY’S Wings & BBQ Everything Made to Order! Worth the Wait! 385 Old Coal City Road Pell City, Alabama 35125

205.884.1070 32

Under New Management NEW LUNCH SPECIALS Mon thru Fri





Open Mon-Sat 11am-10pm Sun 11am-9pm 200 Vaughan Lane, Pell City, AL Pell City / Ashville Exit 158 off I-20

(205) 338-4801

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

Tuesday is

“Senior Day” BUFFET HOURS: 10:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. Hwy. 231 N. • Pell City 205-338-3221

Happy New Year! Lakeside Southern Cuisine Guadalajara “O’ Taste and See”

Mexican Restaurant

Hwy. 231 S., Towne Park Plaza Pell City, AL

(205) 884-2195

Full Service Dining • Take Out Orders Catering/Event Planning • Free Wi-Fi

Monday closed Open Tues. thru Sat.11:00 am to 8:00 pm Sunday 12:00 to 5:00pm 2401 Stemley Bridge Rd. Pell City, AL 35128


Come the Come Experience Taste the Taste Taste of St. Clair of St. Clair 4852 Cogswell Ave., Pell City 205-338-8900

Open Daily at 11:00am

Welcome To



HOMEMADE COUNTRY BREAKFAST Thurs., Fri. & Sat. 5 a.m.-11 a.m.

Scratch Biscuits, Eggs to Order, Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Grits, Gravy, Sandwiches, Sides & Ice Cream Treats Daily

MEXICAN RESTAURANT 75301 Hwy. 77, Lincoln




Café Hours 6:00AM - 6:30PM M-F Café Hours 6:00AM - 1:30PM S-S Breakfast 6:00AM - 9:00AM M-S Lunch Hot Bar 11:00AM – 1:30PM Dinner Hot Bar 4:30PM-6:30PM Grill Open 11:00AM-6:30PM/M-F & 11:00AM-1:30PM/S-S Debit/Credit Card Service Available

Menu Line 256-249-5668

Meeting Space Available, Groups Welcome Located in

Catering Available


BBQ Burgers Steaks Wraps “We Grill, You Chill” 336 US HWY. 280, CHILDERSBURG




256-362-1000 205-338-3400 256-249-4311

January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


13 10






Pell City 7









Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014




A Lakeside Living guide to


Riverside Lincoln 6



Logan Martin Dam


Lakeside Park


Stemley Bridge


St. Clair Airport


Mays Bend


Choccolocco Creek


Dye Creek


Blue Eye Creek


Surfside Six

10. KFC 11. Pell City Steak House 12. Lakeside Southern Cuisine 13. Jack’s


14. Big Deddy’s 15. The Tavern 16. Guadalajara Mexican 17. The Ark 18. El Cazador



January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes



Pie from page 31

One 14 ounce can diced tomatoes, drained Three tablespoons Worcestershire sauce Three tablespoons A-1 steak sauce A small handful of each—rosemary, thyme and flat leaf parsley, all finely chopped Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste One sheet good quality puff pastry One large egg yolk mixed with a little milk What you do: Toss the meat in the flour and lightly coat. Heat one tablespoon olive oil in a large, heavy bottomed sauce pan or Dutch oven over medium heat. Working in batches, lightly brown the meat on all sides, adding more oil to the pan as needed. Drain met on paper towels. Add the remaining tablespoon of oil to the pan, along with the onion and garlic and cook over medium heat until softened, three to four minutes. Add the carrot and celery, then reduce heat to medium low and cook for five to six minutes. Return the meat to the pan, then add the stock or broth, Guinness, canned tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, steak sauce and chopped herbs and stir, using a large spoon to scrape any bits stuck to the bottom of the pan. Season to taste with salt and pepper, then bring mixture to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer gently, uncovered, until the meat is tender and the sauce has thickened, stirring occasionally and skimming any fat from the surface for one and a half to two and a half hours. If you feel thickening the sauce/liquid is necessary, runnier than you would like in a pot pie, thicken as needed. Spoon the stew into a seven inch diameter ovenproof pot and let cool completely. Preheat oven to 400. Brush the outside edge of the pot or dish with water, then gently place the sheet of pastry over the stew, pinching the pastry against the edge of the pot or pie dish to seal. (If you like, you can crimp the pastry to form a decorative edge.) Brush the pastry generously with the egg wash and bake for 30 to 40 minutes, until the pastry has risen and is golden brown. Serving piping hot. Editor’s note: Here’s a little Irish wisdom to serve up along with your pie! Here’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl, and an honest one. A cold pint-and another one! Veggie Pot Pie What you need: 36

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014

Two tablespoons olive oil One onion, chopped Eight ounces mushrooms One clove garlic, minced Two large carrots, diced Two potatoes, peeled and diced Two stalks celery, sliced a quarter inch wide Two cups cauliflower florets One cup fresh green beans, trimmed and snapped into half inch pieces Three cups vegetable broth One teaspoon kosher salt One teaspoon ground black pepper Two tablespoons cornstarch Two tablespoons soy sauce One recipe pastry for double crust pie What you do: Preheat oven to 425. Heat oil in a large skillet or saucepan. Cook onions, mushrooms and garlic in oil or three to five minutes, stirring frequently. Stir in carrots, potatoes and celery. Then stir in green beans, cauliflower and vegetable broth. Bring to a boil, then turn heat down to a simmer. Cook until vegetables are barely tender, about five minutes. Season as desired with salt and pepper. In a small bowl, mix the cornstarch, soy sauce and onefourth cup water until cornstarch is completely dissolved. Stir into vegetables and cook until the sauce thickens, about three minutes. Roll out half of the dough to line an 11 by 7 inch baking dish. Pour the filling into the pastry lined dish. Roll out remaining dough, arrange over the filling and seal and flute the edges. Bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes, or until the crust is to a desired brown. And…the real deal pie for a great finish! Blackberry Custard Pie What you need: One unbaked nine inch pie shell Two cups fresh blackberries Four eggs Two-thirds cup sugar One and a third cup milk One teaspoon vanilla What you do: Sprinkle blackberries into the bottom of the pie shell. Mix beaten eggs, sugar, milk and vanilla together. Pour egg mixture over blackberries. Bake at 400 until custard tests done with a knife, coming clean when stuck halfway between the rim and the middle-approximately 15 minutes. Garnish with more blackberries or other berries of choice, and dot with whipped topping or meringue.

Auto FoR SAle

2007 Chevrolet Silverado Fully loaded only 80,000 miles Asking $20,000. Call after 5 pm 256-223-2616

CuStom pRinting & SignS

miSC. SeRviCeS

Columbus Finance & Tax Service. We offer small loans ranging from $150 to $5000! "We Love To Say Yes" Margaret Williamson, Manager. 122 East Battle St., Talladega 256-362-3600 Bettye Kelley, Manager 104 E. 3rd St. Sylacauga 256-249-0305 All Loans Subject To Our Liberal Lending Policy. Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative A Touchstone Energy Corporation "Providing Reliable Consumer Service" 69220 AL Hwy 77, Talladega 1-800-273-7210 256-362-4180

RTL PRINTING & SIGNS is now under new ownership. RTL Printing & Signs offers the following services. Signs for MIDWAY MEMORY GARDENS Funeral Home & your Business, Banners, Magnets, Decals, Vehicle Wraps, Stationery, & Custom Graphics. Stop by & see us, or give Cemetery 27950 AL Hwy. 21 S Talladega 256-362-8995 or 256-362-8900 "Our Family Serving Yours in Time Of call 205-338-9459 Need"


Erma's Boarding Dogs or Cats $8 a day. We live here. Grooming $25-up. 256-236-9907.


Doc's General Store Good used furniture,antiques & collectibles,corner of Hwy 202 & 300 1st Ave. W. (Anniston) Mon-Sat 9-5, 256-310-8223

Help WAnteD

Call about our new competitive wages! Take advantage of an excellent career opportunity at Talladega Healthcare & Rehab Select. We are searching for C.N.A.'s for various shifts. Also, if you are interested in becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, classes are held on site. Scholarships/ Advancement Opportunities Incentive Pay 401 (K)/ Retirement Paid Holidays BC/BS Insurance Come see us! Please apply in person at 616 Chaffee Street, Talladega, Al. 35160.

mobile Home SAleS

*** VA LOANS *** On Manufactured Homes You can buy land, home & all development -0- Down Payment -0- Closing Cost out of pocket MINTON HOME CENTER Oxford, AL 256-835-0152 FHA & Conventional Financing Available

money to lenD

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ReSoRt/vACAtion RentAlS

CROPWELL in Sundance Marina 141 Sundance Circle. We offer daily, weekly, monthly, & yearly camper/ trailer spaces as well as permanent sites & Cabins for rent. Good fishing, boat launching, camping & picnicking. Peaceful, Safe & Quiet. For reservations or information, Call Damon @ 205-814-3988 or Cell 205-401-4743

Call our new competitive wages! Sign-On Bonus $250 Experienced Certified Nursing Assistants. 3+ years in long term care or 2+ at same facility. All shifts available. Shift differential offered for 2nd and 3rd. BCBS health and unFuRniSHeD ApARtmentS dental, 401K. Background check and drug screening Move-In Special! Anniston- 5112 McClellan Blvd., Nice required. Apply in person. Rehab Select Talladega Health 1, 2 & 3 Br. Occasional Vacancies! Fox Valley Apts. and Rehab, 616 Chaffee St. Talladega, AL,256-362-4197. call 256-236-5549. ELWOOD STAFFING is currently hiring for forklift operators, general laborers and clerical positions. 256-362-1953. EOE

Pineview Landing Apts. 1/2 off Deposit. 1, 2, & 3 occasional vacancies. Call (256) 362-3412.

LPN Various Shifts Available $3000 Sign-On Bonus immediate benefits BCBS, 401K plus contact ADON Katina Young Talladega Health & Rehab 616 Chaffee St Talladega, AL 35160 256-362-4197

#1 I buy junk cars paying $200 & up, will match competitor's price. Honest, dependable & fair on the price, 256-310-0552

miSC. itemS FoR SAle

Stairlifts- Wheelchair Lifts local sales, local service, made in the USA, Grizzard Living Aids 256-237-2006

WAnteD to buy

Call To Place An Ad Or For More Information 205-884-3400 • 256-299-2153 866-989-0873


Auto RepAiR

“Don't Be Caught Slipping Around" RELIABLE TRANSMISSON The Name Says It All 111 Broome St., Talladega Nick Medlen - Owner Phone: 256-761-1220 or 256-761-1290


January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


January 2014

Logan Martin Homes A Real Estate Property Guide for Logan Martin Lake and Surrounding Areas

Atkinson Real Estate

535 North Broadway Avenue • Downtown Sylacauga 256-245-6782 • 256-245-3273

Love this house?

Lots of Waterfront, Lots of House

Downstairs has a private suite Story by BILL KIMBER Photos by BOB CRISP


ay Lake is the neighborhood playground at this spacious home at 201 Billingsley Drive. Offered by Atkinson Real Estate, the home offers four bedrooms and three and a half baths. It’s in the Fayetteville school zone, and features two bonus rooms and a basement apartment. There’s a large family room with a wood-burning fireplace and wall of windows that provides ample light and great views of Lay Lake, plus a spacious, newlyremodeled kitchen with gas range. There’s an island breakfast area and a large dining room that also features a fireplace. The master bedroom suite is on the main level, and the master bathroom includes a jetted garden tub with separate shower. There are two bedrooms and two bonus rooms upstairs. Downstairs, the mother-in-law suite has a living room,

large kitchen with ceramic tile floors, and a bath with a large shower/tub combo. The house was built in 1994, and the roof and carpet are new. Outdoors, there’s a spacious covered porch with an adjoining deck that are perfect for relaxing or entertaining. Along the 120 feet of waterfront there are a two-bay boathouse with dual electric boat lifts and a big pier for fishing and sunning. It’s all in the established Lay Lake Estates subdivision of beautiful homes and scenic views. There’s public water and a septic tank, and it’s accessed by public roads maintained by the county. For more information about this or other desirable properties, contact Greg Atkinson at Atkinson Real Estate at 256-245-6782. January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes


Lakeside Agent Spotlight

Breanna Farmer Finds New Career in Real Estate It’s about dreams coming true Breanna Farmer

By Bill KimBer


elping families find homes and achieve the

she said. “It gives you an idea of the personality your

American dream of homeownership is what

buyers have based on what they’re looking at and what

motivates Breanna Farmer in her new career

they like. A home is the biggest purchase you’re going

as a Realtor.

to make in your whole life, and it’s nice to be able to

Formerly a technical writer and editor for government contractors, Farmer worked for two years as an administrative assistant to Pell City Realtor Shawn Story while studying to earn her own real estate license. She achieved that milestone in September. “I love it,” she said of her new career. “I like the hours that I can work. I have a 4-year-old son, and I like being able to be at home with him but also being able to work. Also, I like helping people find a home, helping them find lenders and helping make their dreams come true.”

them through the process.” Farmer said now is a great time to buy, as plenty of houses are on the market and property values are on the rise. A native of Fyffe, Farmer holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English from Jacksonville State University. Her husband, Kenny Farmer, is digital media manager for The Daily Home. They live in Cropwell with their son, Will.

In her work with Realty Executives Complete in Pell

To contact Farmer, call Realty Executives Complete

City, Farmer is especially fond of residential home sales.

at 205-338-MOVE (6683) or email bre.farmer@gmail.

“I love going and looking at all the different houses,” 40

be there with people every step of the way, to reassure

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014


“a Foundation for Generations”

Bonnie Voss Adam Bain

Mary Ellis

Bill Gossett

Brenda Fields

Janice Dillon Nan Morris Carl Howard Tony Gossett Gary Smith

$168,000 - 1132 Baylor Ct. - NEW CONSTRUCTION LOCATED IN PELL CITY..One level 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with family room and 2-car garage. Nice amenities go into this home as well as 3 other new constructions in the subdivision, Solid Surface counter tops, Wood, tile and carpet flooring. Convenient location and one of Pell City’s newest subdivision. MLS #564408 Call Lawrence 205/812-5195

$388,500 - 748 Pine harbor Rd. - BEST OF BOTH WORLDS with being located on the lake and in a golf course community. Newly updatedd 3 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 1.5 story home with family room with fireplace, sunroom, large den downstairs with wet bar, inground pool off the large deck as well as boat house and seawall and located in one of Pell City’s most prestigeous subd. MLS #568951. Call Brenda 812-4141

Blair Fields

Karen Bain

Lawrence Fields

Jenny Frey

Scott Fields

Michelle Tina Stallings Jacque Owens Jeff Gossett Lisa Gaither Carey Monistere Shoemaker

$249,900 - 107 Seddon Shores Lane - 3 bedroom, 2 baths, 2 levels, 2 fireplaces and 2 family rooms, screened porches and 2- car carport, storage building, seawall and pier. Freshly pained and move-in ready. Year Round Water. MLS #543534. Call Bill 369-7977

$449,000 - 106 Viewpoint Circle - NICE one level 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home with living room, dining room and family room, located on large waterfront lot with boat port. MLS #556052. Call Karen 473-4613

$197,000 - 185 Hitching Post Cir - BEAUTIFUL SETTING in Old Beavers Farm! 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on approx. 1.6 Acres featuring great front porch to entry, large living room for entertaining, formal dining room with hardwood floors, kitchen with antiquie white glazed cabinets, vaulted ceiling and 2-car garage. MLS #580111. Call Blair 812-5377

$177,900 - 2015 Morris Farm Dr. - 3 bedrooms, 2 bath home with large living room with fireplace, dining room and full unfinished basement. MLS #567816. Call Carl 965-4755 or Michelle 427-3222

$419,900 - 162 Grand Way - YEAR ROUND WATER - 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with large family room, dining room, vaulted ceilings, finished bedroom and bath in basement, covered pier, lift, seawall, boat launch and PANORAMIC VIEW. MLS #552410 Call Jenny 405-0280

$169,900 - 938 Coosa Island Rd. - DEEDED LAKE LOT - with this 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home with living room and eat-in kitchen, nice covered back porch, carport, gazebo and gentle slope waterfront lot with pier. MLS #563199. Call Scott 368-8138

$199,900 - 380 Oak Leaf Cr. - Fabulous master bedroom with walk-in closets, stone-tiled shower and jetted tub. Full bath upstairs with 2 large bedrooms with double door closets. Can use bonus room as 4th bedroom. Crown moulding and vaulted ceiling in living room, 2- car garage and fenced backyard. MLS #569028. Call Tina 337-8509

$138,900 - 369 Fox Run Lane - QUIET LIVING in this 3 bedroom, 2 bath one level home in Fox Hollow with Community Pool, pavillion, underground utilities and sidewalks. Convenient to I-20, shopping and restaurants. MLS #578061. Call Liza at 246-1456

$247,900 - 1119 Cove Landing - GORGEOUS 3 bedroom, 3.5 baths home in beautiful TWIN OAKS. Custom builtin 2007 on a large. 5 Acre corner lot with plenty of privacy. Split bedroom plan with nice bonus room and bath upstairs, high vaulted ceilings, masonry fireplace and custom wood mantel. MLS #564745. Call Mary 586-0825

$149,000 - 5201 Lee Rd. - FULL BRICK one level 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with formal living room and den and with the possibility of a 4th bedroom and a large fenced backyard. MLS #561449. Call Nan 256/452-4761

$369,900 - 21270 Highway 411, Springville - BEAUTIFUL home with lot of amenities.. MLS #575823. Call Bonnie 613-2229

$145,000 - 424 Court St. - COMMERCIAL PROPERTY with 2 Mini Warehouses on (2) Lots - Great potential! MLS #567823. Call Adam 369-2704

508 Martin Street South • Pell City, AL • 205.884.2300 • 1.800.806.7741 • 324977

Caran Wilbanks 2012 Realtor of the Year 205-338-1961 ABR, GRI, CRS, Lake Specialist

email: 418 Martin Street South, Pell City, AL 35128, Office 205-884-0400

buy or sell with me, and use our moving truck for free!


TALLADEGA $649,000. Nice lakefront full brick home with room for everyone has 8BR/5BA; 2BRs on main lvl, 4BRs on 2nd floor and basement with 2Brs, den, full 2nd kitchen and 2nd laundry. Most rooms have walk-out deck. Boat launch, bog covered gazebo, pier, room for 4+ boats. Attic storage, 2 septic tanks. MLS#565126

CROPWELL $424,900. Great 4BR/4BA waterfront home sold with adjoining lot that has 3 covered RV parking spaces & storage building. Very spacious open floor plan, large open kitchen with pantry. Out of this world Master suite with huge closet & 2 sitting areas. 4th BR/Office separate from main house. 2 car garage with 4 car carport, low maintenance inside and out, 2 large decks, patio, boat launch, beautiful tile floors, MUST SEE! MLS#575269

Pine View $157,900. 3BR/2BA with family room, dining room, new roof, screened porch and fenced backyard. MLS#577672


PELL City $184,000. Nice 3BR/3BA on big corner lot in nice Pine Harbor Subdivision, 3 car garage, approx. 3452 sq. ft., big sunroom and gazebo. MLS#572579

PELL CITY $79,900. great little horse farm, convenient to town, on approx 5 acres, fenced & crossfenced. 2 stall barns & out buildings, fruit trees, Home has NEW LISTING! 2BR/1BA, big country front porch, huge kitchen. MLS#582110

TALLADEGA $193,000. 3BR/2BA on large corner lot with huge oak trees, great room with FP. Large master, eat-in kitchen, formal dining room, big laundry with sink, double garage, extra lot if interested. MLS# 538965. NEW LISTING!


PELL CITY $109,900. Nice 3BR/2BA,recently remodeled on the inside. Large deck, full unfinished basement, large wooded level lot. MLS# 579841

LOGAN MARTIN LAKE LOT $104, 900. Great lot 126’x264’ in Clear Creek Acres with Rip Wrap Seawall and deep year round water. MLS# 478865.

MAYS BEND $339,000. Sellers are ready to sell! beautifully designed, built out of trees that were once on the property, 3BR/2BA, Features include outside fire pit, electric boat lift with 2 ski lifts, professionally landscaped yard, elegant master, antique clawfoot tub, office, buck stove in great room, florida tile in kitchen. MLS#498700


PELL CITY $139,900. Historic downtown 3rd Ave, full brick 3BR/3BA, den, great room, family room, basement den & greenhouse. Recently refreshed & deodorized by ServPro. MLS#577666

MAYS BEND $259,900.Very unique home, Spacious & private with 4BR/2.5BA, approx. 3200 sq ft. Lake View & Lake access, salt water pool , large patio double garage with above room heated & cooled. ample parking. MLS#581810

Talladega $380,000. 2BR/2BA Beautiful point lot on deep year round water, and lots of privace with approx. 3 acres, 2 boat houses, 2 piers, one has gazebo . Huge Sunroom with A/C, beautiful views from all points, new HVAC, detached garage, 3 FPs, John Deere lawnmower 48in cut included. Flag pole, patio, 2 decks, wood ceilings, wood floors. MLS#572568

L I N C O L N $199,900. LOGAN MARTIN LAKE access home on large lot. 3BR/3BA with hardwood floors, split bedrooms, large dining room with wainscoating, attic storage. Fenced backyard is Perfect for pool or kids’ swing set, Convenient to I-20 & Honda. Community swim area & boat launch just a golf cart ride away. Large deck, basement den and full bath. MLS#568506

Rita Foster 205-369-5783

email: Ronnie Foster, 205-965-9697


418 Martin Street South, Pell City, AL 35128, Office 205-884-0400

buy or sell with me, and use our moving truck for free! LOGAN MARTIN LAKE PRIVATE ESTATE $1,199,000. Approx 6 acres on 1000’ waterfront with seawall. Beautiful Vanishing Edge Salt Water Pool with fountain & surrounding patio overlooking lake. One level, views of the lake from all rooms. 4BR/4.5 BA, Beautiful Dining room, Huge Gathering Room Kitchen with Australian Verde Fire Granite, Wet Bar, amazing cabinetry. Luxurious Master with Jet tub, Steam Shower, coffered ceilings, dressing closets, adjoining study w/ FP. Gazebo w/swing & Playground. Covered boathouse, 2 electric wenches, Seaplane Hangar & covered boat slip w/lift. Landscaped & wooded for privacy. A fishing HOT SPOT. Guest House with Kitchen/Living combo, bath, laundry, private deck. Playground, beach volleyball area plus 2nd boat dock, fenced yard & 2nd stone patio. MUST SEE! MLS#498718


PELL CITY $219,000. Nice rustic 4BR/3BA lake home with outstanding view. Lots of space, lots of windows, large deck to enjoy the view, 2 dens with fireplaces, has building that can be turned into boathouse. MLS#536969 REDUCED!

PELL CITY $185,000. Nice 3BR/1BA on approx 1.5 acres on Logan Martin Lake. Spacious great room with stone fireplace & open kitchen. Basement can be 3rd BR or rec room, plus huge deck for entertaining, with extra storage underneath. Great boating/fishing amenities, 2 piers, seawall & launch. MLS#547095

LINCOLN $159,900. Nice wooded lake lot in gorgeous Eastland Shores Subdivision. Approx 1.37 acres, 158 ft of deep waterfront, great view, 2 mi from I-20 @ Embry Crossroads exit. MLS# 576132 L I N C O L N $239,900. Lovely brick 4BR/2.5BA home with a terrific open floor plan, large great room/ kitchen with electric FP, granite island with eating area, bfast area & formal dining room. Laminate wood floors or tile throughout. Large master with great bath featuring 2 walk-in closets, sep. shower, jet tub & separate vanities. Has 2 decks, upper overlooks mountains and the lake. Small fenced area in backyard, double garage, some bonus unfinished attic space. MLS#562849

Cumberland Coves GORGEOUS LOTS AVAILABLE! • Prices range from $25,900 -$169,000 • waterfront lots, water access lots & pond lots • nice subdivision with sidewalks and underground utilities • Pell City School District

TALLADEGA $620,000. Fantastic home on Logan Martin Lake, sits on approx. 3.38 acres with over 350 ft of waterfrontage. Perfect for large family or entertaining, this home has 4 or 5BR/3.5 BA. Amazing Master bedroom and bath with all the extras. Nice sunroom, 2 laundry rooms, terrific kitchen with solid surface coumters, large pantry & formal dining room. Multiple entertaining areas, four decks, hot tub, screened tile porch, pagoda, launch, huge pier, garden shed and garage/ workshop. MLS#549580

PELL CITY $589,000. Unique custom-built home on Pine Harbor Golf Course, with Lake access, 3BR/3.5BA, open floor plan, kitchen with granite, great room with lots of windows, sunken dining with glass walls, perfect for entertaining. Amazing Foyer with 18 ft ceiling. Lots of extras, travertine & marble floors, handmade mahogany doors, solid limestone fireplace, 2-2 car garages, lifetime terracotta roof, and beautifully landscaped with 16 station irrigation system. MLS#551527


TALLADEGA $215,000, Great opportunity to own your own Restaurant/bar! Bar has 2 walk in coolers, all stainless kitchen in GREAT shape, 2 bathrooms, office, all tables and chairs plus additional decor stored out back, pool table and other items. Massive sewer system, alarm system, ice machine, deep fryers. Call for private showing. GREAT BUY! MLS#518499

3440 Martin Street So., Suite 17 Cropwell, AL 35054

HomeTown P R O P E R T I E S (Cell) 205-365-8875

Phone (205)338-SELL (7355) 1-866-377-9415

Also Specializing In Property Management & Rentals

Sharon Thomas, GRI, ABR, e-Pro and CDPE Broker Cindi Woodall, Realtor 205.966.5592

Theresa Harris, Associate Broker 205.283.3576

Upscale Building to Put Realtor in the Heart of Pell City Pell City, AL – St. Clair County Realtor Sharon Thomas sees her new office as a dynamic tool to help fulfill her customer’s home dreams and enrich the community at the same time. The new headquarters of RE/MAX Hometown Properties will be located at 26 Comer Avenue in Pell City, and Thomas is considering several innovative ideas that would make the building unique for visitors. “I am beyond excited about locating right in the middle of town,” Thomas said. “It will allow us to serve our customers better and also recruit forward-thinking agents who are looking to build their business. I have seen the drawings, and this building is going to be gorgeous.” The 2,215-square-foot space will include office space, a training center and additional amenities, Thomas said. The headquarters will allow Thomas to expand her already-broad range of residential real estate and property management options in areas like Pell City, Logan Martin Lake, Cropwell, Lincoln, Moody, Leeds, Odenville and Ragland. Thomas, who also serves as a city council member for Pell City, started her real estate business in 2001 and opened St. Clair Hometown Properties in 2003. She added property management to her residential home services in 2006, and she opted to buy the local RE/MAX franchise in July of 2013 because of the broad range of tools the national company can offer sellers, renters and buyers.

A New Year is unfolding.

Isn’t it time you made your move? ~ We write happy beginnings.


MOODY REALTY “I represent buyers and sellers throughout St. Clair County and surrounding areas.”

Paula Krafft Life Member Club of Excellence

Cell 205-365-9612 Office 205-640-7671 273126

Paula Krafft, Realtor

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Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - January 2014



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2012 Realtor of the year


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(205) 338-MOVE (6683) Fax: (205) 338-4149 1019 Martin St., S. Pell City, Al 35128 Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated

Complete (205) 338-MOVE (6683) Fax: (205) 338-4149 1019 Martin St., S. Pell City, Al 35128 Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated





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AdAm BAIN Agent

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(205) 338-MOVE (6683) 1019 Martin St., S. Pell City, Al 35128 Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated

(205) 338-MOVE (6683) 1019 Martin St., S. Pell City, Al 35128 Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated




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(205) 338-MOVE (6683) Fax: (205) 338-4149 1019 Martin St., S. Pell City, Al 35128

(205) 338-MOVE (6683) Fax: (205) 338-4149 1019 Martin St., S. Pell City, Al 35128



Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated

Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated

January 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes



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We at Metro Bank believe in the power of local business. In these trying times we want to encourage everyone to shop locally. Remember we are never so powerful as when we work together.

We are a Full Service Bank offering a variety of products to fit your needs. Drive Thru Banking Available at 7:30 a.m.

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Lakeside Magazine - January 2014  
Lakeside Magazine - January 2014  

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