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Traveling the Coosa


Cooking Outdoors? Try a Dutch oven method and everyone will be happy

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By David Atchison



Lakeside Dining

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Steaks, Cajun and Italian Variety is on the menu at Rick’s Crossroads Grille By Chris Norwood


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Art by the Water Taking It To Another Level Pell City artist builds on her skills

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By Shane Dunaway



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Dish It Up! With Lakeside Comfort Food Mode Cold weather brings out the need! By Laura Nation-Atchison


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Build A Nest and Let It Rest Mullins bring character, additions to home By Emily McLain


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Love Feeds the Soul in Pell City


Tablescapes fundraiser provides for needs By Elsie Hodnett



Like Your Space? This home with a large lot is it By Bill Kimber

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Lakeside Agent Spotlight Commercial Realtor Comes Out of Retirement to Sell Homes Mary Ellis loves the change of pace

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By Bill Kimber

Kade Korreckt of Lincoln and Avery Barnett of Talladega share a valentine at St. Peters Episcopal Day School. Photo by Bob Crisp

2 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014 FEBRUARY 2014

Pell City Towne Park 1911 Martin St. S., Suite 7, 35128 Phone (205) 884-3400

From the Editor...

4 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

Soul Tablescapes gathering Feb. 22 at the Beacon at Pell City’s First United Methodist Church. Hosted by Lakeside Hospice and The Christian Love Pantry, this occasion offers the chance to get together with your pals for a fantastic lunch out, and also know you’ve been part of supporting the work of both organizations, providing for people’s inherent needs of heart and soul. We heard that supporters of the event last year brought in more than $12,000, a tremendous success story we all hope will continue. You can sponsor a table, show your creativity, come by yourself or along with a group, all you need to do is call Christine Smith or Tracy Whitten at Lakeside Hospice at 205-884-1111 or the Christian Love Pantry at 205-3382358 to get on board. We need to correct the email address for The Ark rerstaurant in Riverside from what was printed in our January issue. It is We thank all who have shared their stories with us this month, those who have in the past and those who might just let us spend some time with them in future issues. As we near the turning of another season on the lakeshore, our best to all for a happy and long awaited entry into another great lakeside spring.

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e’re getting there, you know, and this year, our “off season” hasn’t been especially kind to us. But with the advent of February, most of us start daring to think about those favored days ahead to come that will eventually come and yes, they always do. I’m thinking about our outdoor paradise here surrounding Logan Martin Lake, going barefoot and dipping our toes in the water, cruising around on the water and all those fun-filled things we find to do out on the lake. It will soon be picnic time and barbecue time, time to pull out those summertime clothes, time to replenish our flower gardens and prepare for another welcome season of lakeside living that suits us all. So we fill our minds with these thoughts as we endure the remaining weeks of this thing called winter, daydream about enjoying our outdoors getaways once again and before we know it, there we are. At least that’s the way I have to handle it. So this month, with many of us still facing spending more time indoors than we would like, we at Lakeside Living will take you into the kitchen with my offering of dips to warm up with and in keeping with the idea of getting back outdoors, water wayfarer David Atchison will share some of his outdoor cooking ideas. I’ve had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of his campfire cooking on many occasions and there’s only one time he ever let me down. The steak just was not done enough, but, to his credit, I was the one fussing about how starving I was and trying to hurry him up. You’ll hear about the lake house in Talladega County that Rickey and Cricket Mullins have transformed through the years, and how they’re preparing to launch their new lives by reaching out to help others. It seems to mean that they will eventually leave their spot on the lake they’ve loved, but there are more things for them to do and places for them to go. If you haven’t checked in at the eatery known as Rick’s Crossroads Grille lately, we have a reminder of their specialties that cover the gamut of the taste preferences of you and yours. Be it their Cajun style cooking or a favorite pasta concoction, or a great steak done just to your liking, be sure to keep this local favorite on your list of lifesavers when you want to get out for a bite. Meanwhile, it’s getting time for an event that those around the lake have long supported, the Love Feeds the

Poor House BrancH Marina Since 1998

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“Always wear a personal floatation device while boating and read your owner’s manual.”


February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 5

Traveling the Coosa

Cooking Outdoors? Try a Dutch oven method and everyone will be happy

While I am out kayaking, my stew slowly cooks. When I get back to camp, it’s hot and ready to eat.

Story and photos by DAVID ATCHISON


he aroma was unmistakable – fresh homemade bread cooking in a hot stove, but in this case, the bread was in a camp Dutch oven surrounded by hot coals. The smell attracted one, then another, and before long I had a group of people, both men and women, standing around our campfire, quizzing me about this Dutch oven cooking. I lifted the heavy lid up from one of my 12-inch Dutch oven stoves to check my pineapple-coconut upside down cake. The reaction was an immediate, “Wow.” Not only did it smell good, it looked great and tasted even better. Here we were camping in the woods, and I was preparing

6 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

a feast that some people seldom see at home. Just call me modest… Anyway, I was preparing dinner for my son, Ken; his daughter, McKenzie; and a friend from Kentucky, Tyler; after a day of kayaking, and I certainly didn’t hear any complaints that night about the food. Ken likes for me to kayak and camp with him. I think it’s because he knows how I enjoy outdoor cooking. He joked with the other campers that I was actually a famous Dutch oven chef, a representative for Lodge Manufacturing Co., in South Pittsburg, Tenn. I do pride myself on my outdoor cooking…or can you tell? To me, a good hot meal is an important aspect of

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Camp Dutch ovens are great for cooking casseroles. In the picture is an egg casserole and biscuits I whipped up on a recent outdoor cookout.

a successful overnight kayaking adventure. I cook in a variety of ways when I am on overnight kayaking/camping trips, but the most enjoyment for me is cooking outdoors with Dutch ovens. Cast iron camp Dutch ovens have been around for a long time. They are so versatile. You can prepare breakfast,

lunch or dinner in these heavy pots. I think Lodge Manufacturing Co. is now the only U.S. company that makes “cast-iron” Dutch oven camp stoves. All Lodge’s products are top quality, and if you want to get into Dutch oven cooking, you can’t go wrong with a 12-inch Dutch oven stove

8 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

made by the Tennessee company. Dutch ovens come in a variety of sizes but most commonly, recipes call for 12-inch ovens. I’ve got a 10-inch oven that I mostly use for baking my breads. I have an aluminum pan inside of that oven. It sits on top of a cast iron trivet to help prevent the bread from burning on the bottom during the baking process. This is a great way to bake biscuits, too. Camp Dutch ovens are a little different from the “kitchen” type Dutch ovens in that they have three short legs allowing the pot to sit perfectly over a bed of hot coals. I have both types of ovens and have used both on camping trips, but camp Dutch ovens are more practical for outdoor cooking. Lodge makes lid stands, which provides a place to set your Dutch oven lids while you stir your stew or soup, or check on your food. The lid stand allows a place to set your top down without getting dirt on it and in your food. The lid stands are also used to set skillets or pots over a bed of hot coals for cooking. I’ve used lid stands to cook breakfast with my camp Dutch oven lids. You just set your lid, inside up, on the lid stand and start cooking when the cast iron heats up. The inside of Dutch oven lids are inverted and perfect for frying bacon, sausage and cooking eggs, so you can see how versatile a camp Dutch oven stove can be. There is a company, GSI Outdoors, which also makes quality aluminum Dutch ovens, if weight is a concern. If not, it’s hard to beat cast iron for outdoor or indoor cooking in my opinion. There are some other advantages with an aluminum Dutch oven, especially if you are cooking something messy. More care is needed when cleaning a cast iron oven than with an aluminum made oven. Unlike aluminum Dutch ovens, you have to worry about rust with cast iron ovens,

so it’s important to keep your cast iron ovens coated with cooking oil. Use just a light coat of oil to make the oven shine, no more or the oil can gum up. The Dutch ovens Lodge makes now are pre-seasoned, so they are pretty much ready to go out of the box. Of course you want to rinse it out with some warm water. I also suggest you buy the “baking” style Dutch oven. They are not as deep as some of the ovens for cooking stews and such, and you can bake bread in them. A couple of other items you will need, if you want to try outdoor cooking with a Dutch oven, is a good set of leather gloves to protect your hands from getting burned, and some long tongs to move coals around. A lid lifter is a good idea to help remove a hot lid from your oven. Most people cook with regular store bought coals or briquettes, but coals from a campfire work just fine. You will need a shovel if you are going to use campfire coals. However, it is much easier to monitor the temperature inside your oven with store bought briquettes. There is a general formula for the number of briquettes to produce a 350 degree cooking temperature. For example with a 12-inch diameter oven, double the diameter of 12, which is 24. That is the total number of briquettes you need to reach the 350-degree temperature. Use about one-third of the coals, eight, on the bottom of the oven and 16 coals on the lid. The flange lid on a “camp” Dutch oven will prevent the coals from sliding or rolling off the top. Heat rises, so you need fewer coals on the bottom than on the top of the oven. Just spread your coals out uniformly. Lodge provides a booklet with their camp Dutch ovens, which has a baking temperature chart. It provides information about the number of coals needed for a certain size oven for a certain temperature. If you are going to use briquettes, which I strongly suggest, you buy a charcoal starter. These chimney metal charcoal starters are great. You don’t have to use charcoal lighter fluid. Just fill the charcoal starter with briquettes and stuff about four sheets of newspaper in the bottom compartment. Light the newspaper, and in about 30 minutes, you will have hot coals. You can get these charcoal starters at your local Walmart store, but if you want a portable charcoal starter, one that folds up for overnight camping/kayak trips, you will have to order one. The portable charcoal starters are square instead of cylinder shaped, and I love mine. It holds more charcoal and seems to work more efficiently than the cylinder shaped charcoal starters. I bought my portable starter at NRS, a store specializing in kayaking and rafting equipment. The portable charcoal starter is called the Sandbar Flatfire

Charcoal Chimney, and cost about $60. There are plenty of books available about Dutch oven cooking and there are book recipes galore. There are a couple books I would recommend, if you are interested in getting into Dutch oven cooking. One book is called, “The Complete Book of Dutch Oven Cooking,” written by J. Wayne Fears. Fears is a well-known outdoor writer from Tuscaloosa, and I have never read a book he has written that I didn’t like. For Dutch oven recipes, as well as other outdoor cooking recipes, I suggest buying, “The Scout’s Outdoor Cookbook,” written by Christine and Tim Conners. This book is loaded with outdoor cooking recipes. Both these books are a really good place to start learning more about outdoor cooking with Dutch ovens. I’m just hoping the weather warms up a little, hopefully before my next venture down the Alabama Scenic River Trail, where I can break out one of my Dutch ovens and have a tasty outdoor meal along the shores of Logan Martin Lake during an overnight trip. Do you notice food always seem to taste better in the outdoors? So until then, have a safe and wonderful time on the lake.

This is the coconut pineapple upside down cake I baked in my 12-inch camp Dutch oven stove, using hot coals. February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 9

Lakeside Dining

Whether it’s a hearty helping of a favorite sandwich, an Italian or Cajun dish or a steak done just the way you like it, you’ll find a selection just for you at Rick’s Crossroads Grille.

Steaks, Cajun and Italian Variety is on the menu at Rick’s Crossroads Grille Story by CHRIS NORWOOD Photos by Bob Crisp


t’s an age old dilemma. You and a group of friends have spent a lovely day on Logan-Martin Lake, and now everyone is starting to get a little hungry. Everyone agrees they want to go out, but some just want to visit the local steakhouse, some feel like Italian and maybe one or two are craving some Cajun spice. What to do? 10 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

Well, if you’re on the Lincoln side of the lake, in particular, you would be in luck. Rick’s Crossroad Grille will be more than happy to take care of all of your culinary needs. But surely, you may be thinking, a place that does so many different things is unlikely to do all of them well. The folks at, a user rating site,



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w w w. a l a o r n i n c . c o m 2515 Alabama Hwy 174 • Springville AL, 35146



February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 11

Rick and Jean Seal welcome you to their eating establishment with a menu filled with good things and friendly faces at your service.

Rick’s Crossroads is the number one steak house in Alabama, the number two Cajun restaurant and the number four Italian eatery. They are located on top of the hill near the intersection Alabama 77 and U.S. 78. According to owner Rick Seal, Rick’s Crossroads Grill opened up in June of 2010. Seal and his wife, Jean, had owned a Cajun restaurant in Covington, La. from 1979 to 1989 or 1990. After that, Seal said he took a job as a golf pro in Birmingham, and the couple moved to Odenville.

Unfortunately, when the country began experiencing serious financial problems a few years ago, the golf business was one of the first to take the hit. “It just nose-dived,” Seal said. “Really went to nothing. So we decided to get back into the restaurant business. We had the opportunity to get out, and it looked like a good time,” he said. Cajun specialties include po’ boys, fried seafood, gumbo, red beans and rice and the other usual Louisiana suspects. Boudin, a sort

12 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

of rice dressing in a sausage casing, is another Louisiana specialty, and the boudin balls (boudin split open, rolled in bread crumbs, then deep fried and served with Cajun sauce) have become a customer favorite. The steakhouse side specializes in hand cut ribeye steaks and prime rib, and the Italian side features a variety of pastas and sauces with shrimp, grilled chicken, spicy fried chicken and other favorites. Two sides even come together on the Cajun alfredo item. The menu also includes various meat pies, chicken


Take one look at the variety of good things to eat from the kitchen at Rick’s Crossroads and you just might have trouble deciding which you’re in the mood for. The restaurant prides itself in meeting flavor favorites across the board.

salad, tiger tilapia, and barbecue shrimp, utilizing an original New Orleans recipie. There is also a dessert menu which features bread pudding, cheesecakes and stumphole cake. The latter, Seal said, comes “from a recipe from my mother-in-law. It has a pecan encrusted bottom, with cream cheese and sugar baked onto it. It’s very sweet and indulgent, and it’s very popular also.” “My wife makes all the gumbo, and everything else is made right here, too, including the pasta sauces,” Seal said. “We really try and have something for everyone,” he said. “Everything is cooked to order, always. We want to see everybody have a good time, but we also want to get people’s food out to them as soon as possible. I’m really 14 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

proud of what we were able to accomplish.” Speaking of accomplishments, this year will also mark the fourth annual crawfish boil at Rick’s Crossroads. “It will be Saturday, April 26, and we will be boiling between 800 and 1,000 pounds of crawfish. And it gets better every year.” During the time of they have been open, Seal said, prices have only gone up once, slightly, and only on some items. “Nothing that would put us in the Shula Steakhouse league,” he said. Rick’s Crossroads Grille is open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Fridays from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, please call 205-763-7266.

Art by the Water

Pell City artist Vicki Mize has transferred her talent for painting on fabric to painting on paper using her watercolors to collect scenery and other things she favors in her paintings.

Taking It To Another Level Pell City artist builds on her skills Story by SHANE DUNAWAY Photos by BRIAN SCHOENHALS


he manifestation of artistic prowess knows not an age limit. For 65-year-old artist Vicki Mize, a lifelong Pell City and Easonville native, her eight years devoted to establishing her artistic aptitude represents a “Better late than never,” feel. “I’m not that good of an artist, but it’s something I like to do,” Mize modestly stated. Mize uses watercolors as a medium to create realistic rural paintings, those of churches, window scenes and other nature scenes. “I like to paint things that are true to life and mean a lot to me,” Mize said. An employee in the banking industry for 45 years, Mize

spent her spare time dabbling in various crafts through decorating and collecting antiques. Her artistic side blossomed courtesy of a well-known craft fad — painting sweatshirts. “Years ago, hand-painted sweatshirts were really fashionable,” Mize said. “I painted a few for myself, but then everyone started seeing them and wanting them. I would paint lots of shirts. One day, I just told my husband (Jimmy), ‘I’m going to give painting a try.’ “I knew that I must have some kind of artistic ability to be able to do that,” Mize added. “I never took art in school at all. I never had any formal training until I started taking classes with Wayne Spradley. That’s the style of art I like, realistic like his.” February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 15

Spradley’s art wasn’t Mize’s only inspiration. She credited the song “A Beautiful Life” by William Golden for fueling her passion to paint. “I’m kind of a realistic person,” Mize said. “This song is kind of my goal in life. It’s one of the reasons I had a desire to paint because I like to do things for other people. I felt like I could paint and share that God-given talent to maybe bring smiles to somebody along the way. That’s my whole philosophy in how I started painting.” With the support of her husband; her Shetland sheepdog, Blaze; and hound dog, Boonee; Mize began taking Spradley’s classes on Saturday mornings. “The classes were my time to just be quiet and enjoy painting,” Mize said. “My husband has always been very proud and very supportive of my art.” Though she hasn’t painted a realistic portrait of her pets yet, Mize said it’s a project that soon will be added to her agenda. “It’s one of the things I plan on doing next,” Mize said. “Those are my furry babies.” Mize said she’s sold a lot of paintings, but she also enjoys making prints of her artwork and putting them onto cards to give out to the elderly or sick. “I like to give them as little gifts,” Mize said. “It’s just something for me to help spread a little joy.” She explained the meaning behind one of her favorite


16 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

pieces which is currently on display at the Pell City Library with nearly a dozen of her other paintings. “The man out there with the lamb, I’ve always called it ‘Peace,’” Mize said. “To me, it’s always reminded me of how the good lord and Jesus holds us every day and takes care of us. I feel like it portrays peace and that’s what I like about it.” Mize noted she had some reservations about displaying her artwork publicly. “I was very hesitant because I feel like I’m an amateur,” Mize said. “Susan (Mann) had to really encourage me to bring them up here. I guess I’m my own worst critic. I haven’t done that many paintings if you really think about it.” Mann, assistant director for the Pell City Library, gave a glowing review of Mize and her displayed pieces. “She does beautiful work,” Mann said. “We’re just pleased to be able to present it to the public. I think she’s going to do very well if she continues with this. The work that she has done is lovely. Some of the work is of local places and I think the people will find interesting because they’re familiar with them. I think she has a nice variety of work — everything from still life to the scenes from various places and portrait she has there. She’s got a nice selection of different types of subject matter.” Contact Shane Dunaway at

We Invite You To Visit Our Showroom Only 20 Minutes From Logan Martin


February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 17

Dish It Up! With Lakeside

This creamy and cheese filled Pepperoni Dip is one to take care of a crowd. The garlic and cheese breadsticks make it like serving mini pizzas. Include sides of garnishes for even more flovor choices.

Comfort Food Mode Cold weather brings out the need!



t’s been a cold one out there this year, so right now, I think we’re still very much in comfort food mode. (Oh yes, yes, yes, I’ll take any excuse for that one!) So, in thinking of comfort, and warmth and all those kinds of things we like and are looking forward to, I’m thinking warm, filling, not a whole lot of bother and some thoughts on not breaking every “bad food” rule there is all at the same time. I have some ideas for dips taking over this month, and these aren’t those dainty dips, either. I could see most of them, along with the right accompaniments, as a meal, really. Once you have a great appetizer, you know, some really distinctive finger food, who needs all that other stuff anyway? Another great thing about dips is they travel well, reheat easily, most can be frozen until cooked or used, and these are all good things when it’s time to put something a little special on the table without taking a huge amount of time. Especially if you plan ahead.

18 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

So let’s take a look at some of these palate pleasers that may not be part of your party food arsenal yet. I’m partial to the Asiago Cheese and Mushroom myself, but the Spinach-Artichoke with bacon and blue cheese… well, I’ll let you decide! I’ve never offered up the Pepperoni Dip without it being devoured in record time and I even have just the ticket for all those true southerners out there, a concoction called Creamy Collard Dip! There are all kinds of deviations and additions you can make and take with all of these, I always do myself, altering things as I feel like doing. I bet you’re a little curious about the collard creation, I know I was, so let’s get started with that one…I hope it’s something a little different and enough southern to suit those kinds of occasions. I think it’s a great way to “get those greens” we’re supposed to get. Warning: Bacon grease is involved!


February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 19

Creamy Collard Dip What you need: Two slices of bacon One cup chopped onion Three-fourths cup chopped sweet red pepper One pound fresh collard greens, trimmed and chopped Three cloves fresh garlic, minced One eight ounce package reduced fat cream cheese, cubed and softened One half cup reduced fat Monterrey Jack cheese, shredded One-half cup light sour cream One-half teaspoon Cajun seasoning, (optional) “Dippers” of your choice, from thin bread sticks-with or without cheese, sweet pepper strips, cucumber rounds, just about any kind of cracker and to stick with the southern thing, how about some mini-cornbread sticks? What you do: Preheat oven to 350. In a 12 inch skillet, cook bacon until crisp and drain. Remove and discard all but two teaspoons of bacon drippings from skillet. Add onion and sweet pepper and cook, stirring occasionally, about five minutes over medium heat or until vegetables are crispy tender. Add collard greens and garlic, then cover and cook about 10 minutes or until tender, stir occasionally. Remove from heat. Add cream cheese, Monterrey Jack, sour cream and Cajun seasoning and stir until combined. If desired, trim fat from bacon and crumble remaining bacon and add to mixture. Spread mixture into a one-and-a-half quart casserole dish or nine inch pie plate or quiche dish. Bake, uncovered, for about 10 minutes or warmed through. Serve good and warm. Makes about 12 good sized servings. Hot Pepperoni Dip What you need: One eight ounce package cream cheese-of course I use low fat! One 10 ounce can diced tomatoes and green chiles, drained One cup chopped pepperoni-one thing I do to lower the fat and calories is to use turkey pepperoni (yes, I hear you laughing…) What you do: Place cream cheese on microwave safe plate. In a bowl, mix tomatoes and pepperoni and then spoon over cream cheese. Microwave on high about 45 seconds, depending upon your microwave. That’s it! Serve warm with crackers or bread sticks, soft or hard. Note: One thing I do is add a little McCormick’s California style garlic powder and fresh ground black pepper. Serve suitable edible garnishes on the side, such as green and black olives, finely chopped onion, chopped green onion greens, mini-cheese cubes or grated parmesan. Flaked red pepper shakes add color and a little spice. Makes about three cups or 24 tablespoons of two tablespoons each. 20 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

Asiago Cheese and Mushroom Dip What you need: One cup chicken broth or water Four ounces dried tomatoes, not packed in oil Two ounces sour cream One-and-a-half cups finely shredded Asiago cheese One-and-a-fourth cups mayonnaise One-half ounce cream cheese, cut up One cup sliced fresh mushrooms or one ounce rehydrated mushrooms such as porcini, shitake or chanterelle One cup green onions, finely sliced Baguette style French bread slices, topped with finely shredded Asiago cheese and toasted What you do: In a small sauce pan, bring broth to boiling and remove from heat. Add dried tomatoes, cover and let stand for about five minutes. Drain then discard liquid. Chop tomatoes into about one-and-a-fourth cups. Meanwhile, in a slow cooker (the three-and-a-half or four quart size), combine sour cream, the one-and-a-half cups Asiago cheese, mayonnaise, cream cheese, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. Stir, and cook on low heat setting for three to four hours or on high setting for one-and-a-half to two hours. Stir well before serving. Serve warm, Sprinkle dip with additional green onions and serve with the toasted cheese baguette slices. (This worked well with breadsticks, too). Makes seven cups. Spinach Artichoke Dip with Blue Cheese and Bacon What you need: Four slices bacon One cup sweet onion, coarsely chopped Two 14 ounce cans artichoke hearts, drained and chopped One 10 ounce box of frozen chopped spinach, thawed and very well drained One cup chopped sweet red pepper One cup light mayonnaise (don’t use regular mayonnaise) Eight ounces cream cheese, cut up Four ounces blue cheese, crumbled Three cloves garlic, minced One-half teaspoon dry mustard Assorted crackers What you do: Cook bacon until crisp in a skillet and drain on paper towels. Crumble bacon, cover and chill until ready to use, Cook onion in one tablespoon bacon drippings, about five minutes or until tender. In a three-and-a-half or four quart slow cooker, combine onion, artichoke hearts, spinach, sweet red pepper, mayonnaise, cream cheese, blue cheese, garlic and dry mustard and stir to combine. Cover and cook on low for three to four hours or until cheese melts and mixture is heated through. Stir in bacon and serve with assorted crackers.


February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 21

Lakeside Living in Style

Build A Nest and Let It Rest Mullins bring character, additions to home Story by EMILY McLAIN Photos by BRIAN SCHOENHALS


fter a decade of steadily making improvements to their home on Griffitt Bend Road in Talladega County, Rickey and Cricket Mullins are now on the lookout for something different. “I feel like we’ve built a nest, and now it’s time to fly away and let someone else enjoy it,” Cricket said. The couple put their five bedroom, three and a half bathroom waterfront property on the market about a year ago, looking to downsize and take up a nomadic lifestyle, traveling the country in an RV to share their Christian faith with whomever they encounter. “We traveled all over the world with my work, but we have so much left to see in America,” Rickey said. “We’re

22 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

wanting to get a smaller home base here, and just get us an RV and travel around and do Bible studies and that kind of thing wherever the Lord leads us.” Plus, Cricket said they both feel that the purpose the 4,500 square foot home was meant to serve in their lives has been fulfilled. “At one time, my mother lived with us, and my oldest daughter and her family, so we had four generations in here,” she said. “God gave us this home for that purpose, but all of that has changed, so it’s just me and Rickey now, and it’s too big to keep up. We do love our home though.” The love they have for their home is evident through the many improvements and additions the Mullins have

Rickey and Cricket Mullins transformed their gorgeous lakeside home to suit their personal taste. They are now ready to take off on a new mission in life and leave their lake living behind.

made, including adding about 1,200 square feet and lots of details inspired by their 13 years spent in Saudi Arabia for Rickey’s job at a carpet manufacturing company. “This was a Cape Cod house, because the original owner was from up north,” Cricket said. “It had no character at all, and slowly but surely, we’ve given it some character.” Their additions start right at the front door. Originally built to face the lake, the Mullins added a covered porch at the street-facing door and a carport and driveway to give the house a “front” from either side. A tile design at the front door was specially made for the couple in Saudi Arabia, representing the story of Jesus “Feeding the 5,000” with a basket and four fish. A matching tile inlay is in the backyard sidewalk. Last year, they had the roof replaced with copper-toned metal shingles that have a lifetime warranty. Inside the home, a foyer with tall ceilings leads to an office one side and the other side leads upstairs, where there are four of the home’s five bedrooms. The two larger bedrooms feature walk-in closets and attached porches. One has an attached bathroom, while the other shares a bathroom with another smaller bedroom. The center bedroom upstairs was formerly a

library, but Cricket made it a heritage room, filled with furniture from her parents’ home and family pictures from generations past. “I grew up with all of this, so this room has so many memories for me,” she said. Lastly, a small bonus room could be a nice kitchenette, laundry room or playroom, Cricket said, and it has even been used as a guest bedroom. But downstairs is where the majority of their additions have taken place, beginning in the master bedroom suite. The former bedroom now makes up a sitting area in the room, with an arched wall separating it from the bed. The Mullins added a bay window and a sun deck with a hot tub, all with a beautiful view of the lake. The master bathroom was also added on, and is full of special features, starting with the open shower. Tiled in earth tones, the handicap-accessible shower has a rainfall showerhead in the center with a handheld head on the side. It also includes two built-in shelves to hold toiletries. Next to it is a soaking tub that sits in front of a large one-way window, so from inside, you can see out, but others can’t see in. The bathroom also features separate February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 23

The master bath has wow features to love to come home to at Rickey and Cricket Mullins’ lakeside home.

vanities and a semi-private toilet area. The Mullins made doing laundry simple by adding a laundry room just off the bathroom, so there’s no need to carry clothes all through the house in order to get laundry. Another major addition took place off the former living room, which is now the dining room. A new living area was added on, complete with a screened-in porch and plenty of large windows to let the light and the view inside. Both the living and dining rooms are full of mementos from the couple’s world travels, including one huge keepsake – their 10-seat dining room table that, along with coordinating china cabinets and a smaller table, features intricate wood details and inlaid mother-of-pearl designs. While the dining set is special, Cricket said they doubt it will make the trip to their new, smaller home, whenever that day comes. Also in the dining room are built-in bookshelves and a gas-log fireplace. Some improvements were also made in the kitchen, 24 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

which Cricket said is not a “show kitchen,” but is a great workspace. “I wanted this kitchen to be functional, because I spend a lot of time in here, and like I tell Rickey, this room is like my office,” she said. The kitchen features plenty of countertops and storage, a walk-in pantry and space for two refrigerators. A large island has a built-in cooktop. The room opens to a smaller dining area, which was formerly the main dining room, and off of that space is a sunroom that Cricket says is her favorite place in the home. In the backyard, the couple of 43 years added a walkway that travels all the way to the water, making it easier to take advantage of the three-acre property’s 350 feet of water frontage. A 16x16 pergola was built just at the water’s edge, and additions have been made to the pier as well. Also in the yard is a garden shed with a greenhouse-like hot room and a nearly 1,000 square foot heated garage

H H H Dot H H H H H HH H



Revenue Commissioner 3 q

Experienceed in Business - Dot Wood Appraisal, 25-year small business owner

3 q

Experienced in Leadership - First woman elected as Chair of the Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board

3 q

Experienced in Government - Two-term Councilwoman, Pell City Council

3 q

Dedicated to Community - Member, Pell City, Springville, Moody Chamber of Commerce, school supporter, and civic leader. Paid Political ad by Dot Wood, 1302 Golf Course Raod, Pell City, AL 35128

“Don’t wait in line at the courthouse, let’s go paperless. I will always put the people first.” 325136

February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 25

A sleek updated kitchen is ready to take on the need of preparing meals for a family gathering.

The open foyer and entry gives a dramatic welcome to the house. There are five bedrooms, and plenty of space for friends and family to gather in this Logan Martin Lake home in Talladega County.

ideal for boat storage. An in-ground sprinkler system makes caring for the yard and expansive landscaping a cinch. The Mullins say they enjoy the lake life, particularly when their children and grandchildren come to visit, but still feel called to explore other things life has to offer. “The Lord has used this space, and it’s time for us to see other things while we’re able,” Rickey said. “But in the meantime, we’re going to love being here.” 26 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

Bridge To Faith

Christ Deliverance Christian Center

34810 Alabama Highway 21 Talladega, AL 35160 P.O. Box 1166 Talladega, AL 35161 • 256-362-1975 Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Kids R.O.C.K. 10:30 a.m. Weekly Prayer, Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. Mid-Week Service 6 pm Wednesday Pastors Bobby & Barbara Embry 314515

Around the Lake

The table themes for the Love Feeds the Soul Tablescapes fundraiser are always a statement of creativity from the table sponsors. This table from the 2013 event speaks out for The American Cancer Society.

Love Feeds the Soul in Pell City Tablescapes fundraiser provides for needs Story by ELSIE HODNETT Photos by BRIAN SCHOENHALS


ickets and tables are going fast for the Fifth Annual Love Feeds the Soul Tablescapes fundraiser luncheon. And there’s a reason behind the name for the event. “Love Feeds the Soul Tablescapes is a combination of the Christian Love Pantry, which feeds people, and Lakeside Hospice, which feeds the soul,” said Christine Smith, public relations director for Lakeside Hospice in Pell City. The Fifth Annual Tablescapes Fundraiser Luncheon is set for Saturday, Feb. 22 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. at Beacon Hall at First United Methodist Church in Pell City. The fundraiser benefits both Lakeside Hospice and the Christian Love Pantry.

“This is a fundraiser where table decorators each provide decorations with a different theme for each table,” Smith said. “We have 40 tables available and room for 320 people to attend. The attendees view and vote on their favorite two tables. The two winning tables will receive a cash prize.” Smith said tickets are $25 each and table sponsorship is $200. Each table seats eight people. The guest speaker this year is Phyllis Barrett, a humor columnist, author, mother and grandmother who will tell her stories first hand. As always, an outstanding lunch is provided for the event supporters. “We will also have raffle items available, and we are February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 27

With Good Eating.. BIG DEDDY’S Wings & BBQ Everything Made to Order! Worth the Wait! 385 Old Coal City Road Pell City, Alabama 35125


HOMEMADE COUNTRY BREAKFAST Thurs., Fri. & Sat. 5 a.m.-11 a.m.

Scratch Biscuits, Eggs to Order, Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Grits, Gravy, Sandwiches, Sides & Ice Cream Treats Daily U.S. HWY. 280, CHILDERSBURG, AL






Open Mon-Sat 11am-10pm Sun 11am-9pm 200 Vaughan Lane, Pell City, AL Pell City / Ashville Exit 158 off I-20

(205) 338-4801

SurfSide 6 Private Club

at Stemley Bridge KARAOKE - FRIDAY & SATURDAY NIGHT HAPPY HOUR 5 P.M.-7:30 P.M. MON.Daily Drink Specials OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 28 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014


256-362-1000 205-338-3400 256-249-4311

With Good Eating.. Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant ---->OPEN DAILY<----



Tues. & Thurs. Happy Hour 3:00PM until Closing

The Ark



FAMILY RESTAURANT Riverside, Alabama

205-338-7420 Fresh Catfish, Hushpuppies, French Fries, Shrimp, etc. Mention This Ad For A FREE TEA!

Under New Management

Mexican Beer & Margaritas

Happy Hour starting 3 p.m.-closing on 2-14-14

Hwy 231 South Town Park Plaza • Pell City, AL


“Senior Day”

Area’s Only Mexican Lunch Buffet Sunday-Friday

Check Out Our Full Bar!


Come Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Us!

Tuesday is

215 N. Broadway Ave., Sylacauga, AL 256-249-3360

Welcome To

BUFFET HOURS: 10:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m.


Hwy. 231 N. • Pell City 205-338-3221

75301 Hwy. 77, Lincoln



256-362-1000 205-338-3400 256-249-4311

February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 29

13 10






Pell City 7










A Lakeside Living guide to


Riverside Lincoln 6



Logan Martin Dam


Lakeside Park


Stemley Bridge


St. Clair Airport


Mays Bend


Choccolocco Creek


Dye Creek


Blue Eye Creek


Surfside Six

10. KFC 11. Pell City Steak House 12. Butts To Go - Pell City Texaco 13. Jack’s 14. Big Deddy’s 15. Guadalajara Mexican 16. The Ark 17. El Cazador




Each year, the fundraiser for Lakeside Hospice and Pell City’s Christian Love Pantry is filled with hundreds who get out to support the two organizations. This year’s Love Feeds the Soul Tablescapes is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 22 from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. at The Beacon at FIrst United Methodist Church.

accepting gently-used purses to sell at the event,” she said. “And all donations are tax deductible.” Smith said table sponsorship is a great way for area merchants to promote their businesses. “We have had local banks decorate tables with a banking theme, and the same for insurance companies and other local businesses,” she said. “They can put out business cards and other information about their business on their tables.” Smith said the tables can be any theme. The creativity from those who sponsor tables is always fun to see, she said. “Last year, we had a Logan Martin Lake theme table complete with lawn chairs, water noodles and paper plates,” she said. “We have also had a presidential theme from the White House and traditional themes using fine china.” Smith said tables and chairs are provided for each table sponsor. Table decorators provide their own dishes, fine china, 32 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

tablecloth, silverware, napkins, centerpiece, cups, candles and everything needed to decorate their table. “We have people who love to decorate, but don’t want to sell tickets, or people who want to sell tickets but not decorate a table,” she said. “If you want to do one or the other, but not both, call us and we can get that arranged. And if you just want to attend, you can purchase an individual ticket and be placed at a table.” Smith said last year’s event raised more than $12,000. “We are hoping to exceed that this year,” she said. “We hope everyone will come out and enjoy the event.” The Christian Love Pantry provides nonperishable food items to people in need in St. Clair County and is supported by volunteers, individuals, churches and businesses. Lakeside Hospice helps families whose needs sometimes include food, along with providing medical assistance. For more information, you may call Christine Smith or Tracy Whitten at Lakeside Hospice at 205-884-1111 or the Christian Love Pantry at 205-338-2358.

custom printing & signs

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Erma's Boarding Dogs or Cats $8 a day. We live here. Grooming $25-up. 256-236-9907.


Doc's General Store Good used furniture,antiques & collectibles,corner of Hwy 202 & 300 1st Ave. W. (Anniston) Mon-Sat 9-5, 256-310-8223

Help WAnteD

ELWOOD STAFFING is currently hiring for forklift operators, general laborers and clerical positions. 256-362-1953. EOE

Home improvement

HARMON'S ELECTRICAL SERVICES INC. For All your Electrical Needs-Lighting, Additions, Remodels. Senior Citizen 15% off, Active Military 15% off on Electrical Service. Call Chestley Harmon, Owner, Master Electrican (205)473-5528 WEATHER GUARD HOME IMPROVERS Vinyl Siding, Replacement Windows, Insulation, Storm Windows, Screens, Porch Enclosures, Patio Covers, Carports, Gutters, Roofing, Sunroom's Call Mark for Special Pricing on Replacement Windows this Fall Call Mark c(205)699-2240 or (205)338-7508

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misc. services

Columbus Finance & Tax Service. We offer small loans ranging from $150 to $5000! "We Love To Say Yes" Margaret Williamson, Manager. 122 East Battle St., Talladega 256-362-3600 Bettye Kelley, Manager 104 E. 3rd St. Sylacauga 256-249-0305 All Loans Subject To Our Liberal Lending Policy. Coosa Valley Electric Cooperative A Touchstone Energy Corporation "Providing Reliable Consumer Service" 69220 AL Hwy 77, Talladega 1-800-273-7210 256-362-4180 MIDWAY MEMORY GARDENS Funeral Home & Cemetery 27950 AL Hwy. 21 S Talladega 256-362-8995 or 256-362-8900 "Our Family Serving Yours in Time Of Need"

money to lenD

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resort/vAcAtion rentAls

CROPWELL in Sundance Marina 141 Sundance Circle. We offer daily, weekly, monthly, & yearly camper/trailer spaces as well as permanent sites & Cabins for rent. Good fishing, boat launching, camping & picnicking. Peaceful, Safe & Quiet. For reservations or information, Call Damon @ 205-814-3988 or Cell 205-401-4743 GATLINBURG, TN -Fond memories start here in our chalet - Great vacation area for all seasons. Two queen beds, full kitchen, 1 bath, Jacuzzi deck with grill. ** 3 & 5 night special** CALL today toll free (866) 316-3255

unFurnisHeD ApArtments

Move-In Special! Anniston- 5112 McClellan Blvd., Nice 1, 2 & 3 Br. Occasional Vacancies! Fox Valley Apts. call 256-236-5549.

WAnteD to Buy

#1 I buy junk cars paying $200 & up, will match competitor's price. Honest, dependable & fair on the price, 256-310-0552

Call To Place An Ad Or For More Information 205-884-3400 â&#x20AC;˘ 256-299-2153 866-989-0873


Accounting Bookkeeping

Professional Tax Preparation, Pay Roll, & Bookkeeping Services. Individual, Churches, Non Profits, Businesses (All Types) TAX PRO @ 205-305-5365


February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 33

February 2014

Logan Martin Homes A Real Estate Property Guide for Logan Martin Lake and Surrounding Areas

The Realty Pros

Love this house? 34 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

Rita Foster 205-369-5783 Ronnie Faoster 205-965-9697

Like Your

Space? This home with a large lot is it Story by BILL KIMBER Photos by BOB CRISP


or a weekend retreat, a lakefront retirement nest or a home for a family just getting started, this lakefront home at 1028 Funderburg Bend Road in Pell City combines charm, convenience and simplicity. Built in 1985, the brick house includes two bedrooms and one full bath on the main floor, with a finished basement room suitable for a game room or third bedroom. The main level also includes a spacious great room with a stone fireplace, an open kitchen with an island countertop and a laundry area. There’s also a one-car garage and a carport. “For somebody wanting a weekend getaway it’s great,” said Realtor Rita Foster of The Realty Pros in Pell City. “It would also be great for retirees. There’s a huge deck

across the back for entertaining. There’s a boat launch, a picnic area by the lake and a double pier system.” Situated on 1.5 level acres at the end of a slough, the 1,350-square-foot house is in the Pell City Schools zone. A new roof was installed in 2013, and there’s concrete storage under the deck. “There aren’t too many out there like this,” Foster said. The price has been reduced to $185,000. Foster also has a variety of undeveloped lakefront lots available, including a rare opportunity in the Eastland Shores subdivision and several scenic lots in Cumberland Cove, an up-and-coming area on Logan Martin Lake. For more information on these or other properties, contact Foster at or 205-8840400. February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 35

Lakeside Agent Spotlight

Commercial Realtor Comes Out of Retirement to Sell Homes Mary Ellis loves the change of pace By Bill KimBer


fter a 34-year career in the real estate department of a large telecommunications company, Mary Ellis retired to the serene shores of Logan Martin Lake to wile away her days pursuing leisure and hobbies uninterrupted by the hustle and bustle of the workaday world. And that lasted for maybe a year and a half. “In 2007 I started selling residential, and I love it,” she said. Years earlier, Ellis complied with her bosses’ request to get a real estate license to help with her job, and though she enjoyed working in commercial real estate, she said she always wanted to sell houses. A native of the Roebuck-Huffman area and longtime resident of Trussville, Ellis and her husband Randy moved to Pell City in about 1996. “We moved up here for the lake. We’ve always loved the lake,” she said. “I intended to retire, but I wound up driving back and forth to Birmingham for 10 years,” she said. Her husband has been with Alabama Power since 1974. “My work with BellSouth was commercial, but I learned a lot. When I started selling residential, it’s different but I had a basic understanding of it.” Ellis said she enjoys getting to meet new clients just about every week. “It doesn’t always work out to a sale, but I work with people to see if we can find what they want and need, and 36 Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - February 2014

Mary Ellis also what they can buy,” she said. “I enjoy meeting people and helping them find their perfect home.” She also enjoys helping sellers get their property ready for the market. Ellis said she’s licensed to sell anywhere in Alabama, but she mainly works throughout St. Clair and Talladega counties, both on the water and off. Lake property sells year round, but “the best time for people buying lakefront property will be in March and April,” she said. “That’s when people really start thinking about getting out on the lake.” “There are a lot of good houses out there, and more coming on every few days. It’s the beginning of a new year, and people are deciding about whether it’s time to move.” Ellis said she believes the real estate market is picking up. Her agency, Fields & Gossett in Pell City, sold $37 million in properties last year. “We’re really hopeful that 2014 will be a great year for people to buy or sell a home,” she said. She called the agency “a great place to work,” saying her coworkers get along well and work well together. Ellis and her husband are active members of Pell City First United Methodist Church. They have two daughters, Melissa and Jessica, and two grandchildren, Haley, 17, and Colin, 21 months. To contact Ellis, call 205-586-0825 or email

3440 Martin Street So., Suite 17 Cropwell, AL 35054

HomeTown P R O P E R T I E S (Cell) 205-365-8875

Phone (205)338-SELL (7355) 1-866-377-9415

Also Specializing In Property Management & Rentals

Sharon Thomas, GRI, ABR, e-Pro and CDPE Broker Cindi Woodall, Realtor 205.966.5592

Theresa Harris, Associate Broker 205.283.3576

Upscale Building to Put Realtor in the Heart of Pell City Pell City, AL – St. Clair County Realtor Sharon Thomas sees her new office as a dynamic tool to help fulfill her customer’s home dreams and enrich the community at the same time. The new headquarters of RE/MAX Hometown Properties will be located at 26 Comer Avenue in Pell City, and Thomas is considering several innovative ideas that would make the building unique for visitors. “I am beyond excited about locating right in the middle of town,” Thomas said. “It will allow us to serve our customers better and also recruit forward-thinking agents who are looking to build their business. I have seen the drawings, and this building is going to be gorgeous.” The 2,215-square-foot space will include office space, a training center and additional amenities, Thomas said. The headquarters will allow Thomas to expand her already-broad range of residential real estate and property management options in areas like Pell City, Logan Martin Lake, Cropwell, Lincoln, Moody, Leeds, Odenville and Ragland. Thomas, who also serves as a city council member for Pell City, started her real estate business in 2001 and opened St. Clair Hometown Properties in 2003. She added property management to her residential home services in 2006, and she opted to buy the local RE/MAX franchise in July of 2013 because of the broad range of tools the national company can offer sellers, renters and buyers.

“a Foundation for Generations”

Bonnie Voss Adam Bain

Mary Ellis

Bill Gossett

Brenda Fields

Janice Dillon Nan Morris Carl Howard Tony Gossett Gary Smith

$279,000 - 1465 Funderburg Bend Rd. - WATERFRONT AND VIEW with this one level immaculate custom built 3 bedroom, 3 bath home that has family room with fireplace, dining room, eat-in kitchen as well as downstairs den with additional fireplace and bonus room that can serve as another bedroom. All located on two lots with (2) Mini Lots with pier just across the street. MLS #5730217 Call Brenda 205/812-4141

$449,000 - 106 Viewpoint Circle - NICE one level 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home with living room, dining room and family room, located on large waterfront lot with boat port. MLS #556052. Call Karen 473-4613

Blair Fields

Karen Bain

$149,000 - 5201 Lee Rd. - FULL BRICK one level 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with formal living room and den and with the possibility of a 4th bedroom and a large fenced backyard. MLS #561449. Call Nan 256/452-4761

Jenny Frey

Scott Fields

Michelle Tina Stallings Jacque Owens Jeff Gossett Lisa Gaither Carey Monistere Shoemaker

$419,900 - 162 Grand Way - YEAR ROUND WATER - 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home with large family room, dining room, vaulted ceilings, finished bedroom and bath in basement, covered pier, lift, seawall, boat launch and PANORAMIC VIEW. MLS #552410 Call Jenny 405-0280

$247,900 - 1119 Cove Landing - GORGEOUS 3 bedroom, 3.5 baths home in beautiful TWIN OAKS. Custom builtin 2007 on a large. 5 Acre corner lot with plenty of privacy. Split bedroom plan with nice bonus room and bath upstairs, high vaulted ceilings, masonry fireplace and custom wood mantel. MLS #564745. Call Mary 586-0825

$369,900 - 21270 Highway 411, Springville - BEAUTIFUL home with lot of amenities.. MLS #575823. Call Bonnie 613-2229

Lawrence Fields

$199,900 - 100 Highland View Dr. NEW CONSTRUCTION - very attractive one level 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, family room with vaulted ceiling and fireplace, dining plus unfinished bonus room upstairs. Nice granite counter top. hardwood, carpet and tile floors and 2-car garage. MLS #572591 Call Scott 368-8138

$199,900 - 380 Oak Leaf Cr. - Fabulous master bedroom with walk-in closets, stone-tiled shower and jetted tub. Full bath upstairs with 2 large bedrooms with double door closets. Can use bonus room as 4th bedroom. Crown moulding and vaulted ceiling in living room, 2- car garage and fenced backyard. MLS #569028. Call Tina 337-8509

$138,900 - 369 Fox Run Lane - QUIET LIVING in this 3 bedroom, 2 bath one level home in Fox Hollow with Community Pool, pavillion, underground utilities and sidewalks. Convenient to I-20, shopping and restaurants. MLS #578061. Call Liza at 246-1456

$177,900 - 2015 Morris Farm Dr. - 3 bedrooms, 2 bath home with large living room with fireplace, dining room and full unfinished basement. MLS #567816. Call Carl 965-4755 or Michelle 427-3222

$599,500 - 5762 Seddon Shores Dr. - ELEGANT LAKE LIVING AT IT'S BEST with this 1.5 story 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home that has a 2-story foyer, large main level master bedroom with adjoining office that has a view of the lake. Family room with stone fireplace,dining room and large sunroom overlooking the inground pool that has a walkway to the lake, boathouse with 2-slips and a detached garage as well as attached. Many amenitites!! MLS #561081 Call Brenda 812-4141

$249,900 - 107 Seddon Shores Lane - 3 bedroom, 2 baths, 2 levels, 2 fireplaces and 2 family rooms, screened porches and 2- car carport, storage building, seawall and pier. Freshly pained and move-in ready. Year Round Water. MLS #543534. Call Bill 369-7977

$197,000 - 185 Hitching Post Cir - BEAUTIFUL SETTING in Old Beavers Farm! 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on approx. 1.6 Acres featuring great front porch to entry, large living room for entertaining, formal dining room with hardwood floors, kitchen with antiquie white glazed cabinets, vaulted ceiling and 2-car garage. MLS #580111. Call Blair 812-5377

$145,000 - 424 Court St. - COMMERCIAL PROPERTY with 2 Mini Warehouses on (2) Lots - Great potential! MLS #567823. Call Adam 369-2704

508 Martin Street South • Pell City, AL • 205.884.2300 • 1.800.806.7741 • 325124

February 2014 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 39

Rita Foster 205-369-5783

email: Ronnie Foster, 205-965-9697


418 Martin Street South, Pell City, AL 35128, Office 205-884-0400

buy or sell with me, and use our moving truck for free! Cumberland Coves GORGEOUS LOTS AVAILABLE!

• • • •

Prices range from $25,900 -$169,000 waterfront lots, water access lots & pond lots nice subdivision with sidewalks and underground utilities Pell City School District

LINCOLN $159,900. Nice wooded lake lot in gorgeous Eastland Shores Subdivision. Approx 1.37 acres, 158 ft of deep water, great view, 2 mi from I-20 @ Embry Crossroads exit. MLS#576132 VINCENT $149,900. Beautiful lake lot in nice Cumberland Coves Subdivision, partially wooded. MLS#571729

PELL CITY $589,000. Unique custom-built home on Pine Harbor Golf Course, with Lake access, 3BR/3.5BA, open floor plan, kitchen with granite, great room with lots of windows, sunken dining with glass walls, perfect for entertaining. Amazing Foyer with 18 ft ceiling. Lots of extras, travertine & marble floors, handmade mahogany doors, solid limestone fireplace, 2-2 car garages, lifetime terracotta roof, and beautifully landscaped with 16 station irrigation system. MLS#551527 PELL CITY $219,000. Nice rustic 4BR/3BA lake home with outstanding view. Lots of space, lots of windows, large deck to enjoy the view, 2 dens with fireplaces, has building that can be turned into boathouse. MLS#536969 LOGAN MARTIN LAKE PRIVATE ESTATE $1,199,000. Approx 6 acres on 1000’ waterfront with seawall. Beautiful Vanishing Edge Salt Water Pool with fountain & surrounding patio overlooking lake. One level, views of the lake from all rooms. 4BR/4.5 BA, Beautiful Dining room, Huge Gathering Kitchen with Australian Verde Fire Granite, Wet Bar, amazing cabinetry. Luxurious Master, Jet tub, Steam Shower, coffered ceilings, dressing closets, adjoining study w/FP. Gazebo w/ swing & Playground. Covered boathouse, 2 electric wenches, Seaplane Hangar & covered boat slip w/ lift. Landscaped & wooded for privacy. A fishing HOT SPOT. Guest House with Kitchen/Living combo, bath, laundry, private deck. Playground, beach volleyball area plus 2nd boat dock, fenced yard & 2nd stone patio. MUST SEE! MLS#498718

PELL CITY $185,000. Nice 3BR/1BA on approx 1.5 acres. Spacious great room with stone fireplace & open kitchen. Basement can be 3rd BR or rec room, plus huge deck for entertaining, with extra storage. Great boating/fishing amenities, 2 piers, seawall & launch. MLS#547095 TALLADEGA $620,000. Fantastic home on Logan Martin Lake, sits on approx. 3.38 acres with over 350 ft of waterfrontage. Perfect for large family or entertaining, this home has 4 or 5BR/3.5 BA. Amazing Master bedroom and bath with all the extras. Nice sunroom, 2 laundry rooms, terrific kitchen with solid surface coumters, large pantry & formal dining room. Multiple entertaining areas, four decks, hot tub, screened tile porch, pagoda, launch, huge pier, garden shed and garage/ workshop. MLS#549580

PELL CITY $350,000. Beautiful, secluded 28 acres surrounded by lots of trees, convenient to I-20. Large pasture with farm equipment including Tractor, Backhoe, Bush Hog, Front End Loader, 1/2 Jeep PU, Golf Cart. Home has 3BR/3.5BA, GreatRoom overlooks pasture, large Master w/FP. 3 Hot water heaters, Basement, 4 car garage, workshop, Safe Room & huge metal building with electricity & security. MLS#524465

Caran Wilbanks 2012 Realtor of the Year 205-338-1961 ABR, GRI, CRS, Lake Specialist

email: 418 Martin Street South, Pell City, AL 35128, Office 205-884-0400

buy or sell with me, and use our moving truck for free! PELL CITY $79,900. great little horse farm, convenient to town, on approx 5 acres, fenced & crossfenced. 2 stall barns & out buildings, fruit trees, Home has 2BR/1BA, big country front porch, huge kitchen. MLS#582110

TALLADEGA $193,000. 3BR/2BA on large corner lot with huge oak trees, great room with FP. Large master, eat-in kitchen, formal dining room, big laundry with sink, double garage, extra lot if interested. MLS# 538965.

PELL City $184,000. Nice 3BR/3BA on big corner lot in nice Pine Harbor Subdivision, 3 car garage, approx. 3452 sq. ft., big sunroom and gazebo. MLS#572579 MAYS BEND $339,000. Sellers are ready to sell! beautifully designed, built out of trees that were once on the property, 3BR/2BA, Features include outside fire pit, electric boat lift with 2 ski lifts, professionally landscaped yard, elegant master, antique clawfoot tub, office, buck stove in great room, florida tile in kitchen. MLS#498700

TALLADEGA $649,000. Nice lakefront full brick home with room for everyone has 8BR/5BA; 2BRs on main lvl, 4BRs on 2nd floor and basement with 2Brs, den, full 2nd kitchen and 2nd laundry. Most rooms have walk-out deck. Boat launch, bog covered gazebo, pier, room for 4+ boats. Attic storage, 2 septic tanks. MLS#565126

PELL CITY $109,900. Nice 3BR/2BA,recently remodeled on the inside. Large deck, full unfinished basement, large wooded level lot. MLS# 579841

LOGAN MARTIN LAKE LOT $104, 900. Great lot 126’x264’ in Clear Creek Acres with Rip Wrap Seawall and deep year round water. MLS# 478865.

Pine View $147,900. 3BR/2BA with family room, dining room, new roof, screened porch and fenced backyard. MLS#577672


Talladega $380,000. 2BR/2BA Beautiful point lot on deep year round water, and lots of privace with approx. 3 acres, 2 boat houses, 2 piers, one has gazebo . Huge Sunroom with A/C, beautiful views from all points, new HVAC, detached garage, 3 FPs, John Deere lawnmower 48in cut included. Flag pole, patio, 2 decks, wood ceilings, wood floors. MLS#572568

L I N C O L N $199,900. LOGAN MARTIN LAKE access home on large lot. 3BR/3BA with hardwood floors, split bedrooms, large dining room with wainscoating, attic storage. Fenced backyard is Perfect for pool or kids’ swing set, Convenient to I-20 & Honda. Community swim area & boat launch just a golf cart ride away. Large deck, basement den and full bath. MLS#568506

CROPWELL $424,900. Great 4BR/4BA waterfront home sold with adjoining lot that has 3 covered RV parking spaces & storage building. Very spacious open floor plan, large open kitchen with pantry. Out of this world Master suite with huge closet & 2 sitting areas. 4th BR/Office separate from main house. 2 car garage with 4 car carport, low maintenance inside and out, 2 large decks, patio, boat launch, beautiful tile floors, MUST SEE! MLS#575269

PELL CITY $139,900. Historic downtown 3rd Ave, full brick 3BR/3BA, den, great room, family room, basement den & greenhouse. Recently refreshed & deodorized by ServPro. MLS#577666

MAYS BEND $259,900.Very unique home, Spacious & private with 4BR/2.5BA, approx. 3200 sq ft. Lake View & Lake access, salt water pool , large patio double garage with above room heated & cooled. ample parking. MLS#581810

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Lakeside Magazine - February 2014  

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