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July 2013


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July 2013


Covering life along Logan Martin Lake since 1994

Around the Lake

Just Plane Crazy Gene Morris loves to fly and it shows


Editor & Publisher Ed Fowler

By Kenny Farmer



Traveling the Coosa

Lakeside Living Editors Laura Nation-Atchison Jim Smothers

Newbies Give Kayaks a Try Youngsters seem to catch on quicker By David Atchison


Art by the Water

Advertising Director Pam Adamson

There are wonders Everywhere Nature is a huge inspiration for photographer Kathryn Stengel

Distribution Kandi Macy

By Shane Dunaway


Around the Lake

Photography Bob Crisp Brian Schoenhals

A Passion for Helping

Jean Speer Davis has taught thousands to swim safely


By Elsie Hodnett


Art Direction Jennifer Mashburn

Lakeside Living in Style Cute, Cozy and All About Fun

Converted garage is a lakefront paradise for the Boyingtons

Graphic Design Fay Denton Jennifer Mashburn Geraldine Osburn

By Emily Adams


Lakeside Dining

You Name It. It’s There


The Pier 59 menu is huge


By Chris Norwood


26 LAKESIDE Logan Martin Homes Edition

Dish It Up! With Lakeside Make That Mac Even More Special Try a new twist on this old favorite By Laura Nation-Atchison


Logan Martin Homes

The Daily Home

This home has it


By Mark Ledbetter


Lakeside Agent Spotlight

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She Loves to Sell

Lynda Sidlo knows the lake oh so well By Mark Ledbetter

On the Cover: Isabella Smitherman enjoys a day in the sun at Logan Martin Lake. Photo by Bob Crisp JULY 2013

A product of

Talk About Waterfront

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From the Editor...


oly smokes, it’s already July and we’re all deep into summer fun… and heat! But, I’m loving every minute of it as I’m sure you and yours are, and looking forward to lots of summertime fun in and around the lake we love. I’m especially excited about our July issue, we have some very cool and very talented folks lined up for you meet and some really neat stuff to see. Let’s start with Gene Morris, he’s well known in the lakeside scene, but you may not know that he’s something of an aeronautical engineer! He’s a whiz at building radio controlled planes and it’s an interest he’s just plain crazy about. Then we meet photographer Kathryn Stengel who’s new to the area and one of the talented folks with their work in the Council of the Arts gallery in downtown Pell City. She especially enjoys nature photography and I expect as she explores the Logan Martin area, she’ll find plenty of inspiration. At Pier 59, Janet Swann will tell us about all their menu offerings and I can just tell you-they’re varied and tasty as it comes. You can visit them by car or by boat, too, so convenient for those summertime outings. We visit one of the cutest lakeside cottages I’ve ever seen, and what’s really interesting is that this fun filled place was once a three-car garage. The Boyington family has a blast nearly every weekend in their special spot and have lots of great stories to share. I went macaroni and cheese crazy, why fix the “usual” when you can do all kinds of great things with this basic dish which is a standard for summertime gatherings. My favorite? The “Zesty” one, with a south of the border flavor sure to perk up any gathering. But, my own special concoction I called “Kitchen Sink Mac &Cheese” turned out pretty darn well too! Play with it, be brave and I guarantee you’ll have something special on your table.


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

We have yet another very special person lined up this month, Jean Speer Davis has volunteered her time and expertise to teach free swimming lessons for folks for decades. She specializes in children mostly, but also takes on adults who need her help, too. The paddler shows us how to teach newcomers to the sport of kayaking, and shows that even youngsters can take to the water safely with the right instruction. So here’s hoping you enjoy our visits and conversations this month and that you’re having your own good time on the waterfront. And, as always, thank you for your interest in our lakeside stories, and remember-we want to hear yours, too! Just give me a “whistle” at or 256-299-2115!

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July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 5

Around the Lake

Gene Morris with one of his remote controlled aircraft. He has been hooked on them for decades.

Just Plane Crazy Gene Morris loves to fly and it shows By KENNY FARMER Photos by BOB CRISP


t 83 years of age, Pell City’s Gene Morris is just plane crazy. And, he admits fully to it. He has built and flown his own remote controlled aircraft off and on since the 1960s. When he flies one of his miniature airplanes, Morris said he likes the flight to be “slow, graceful and realistic.”


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

Morris is involved with three radio controlled airplane groups that meet in Ashville, Eastaboga and Munford each week. He said members of the groups have their own areas of interest when it comes to the aircraft. Some of them race, some of them perform extreme aerobatics and others design their planes to museum scale, which are highly detailed. “We gather on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons, and we’re all dedicated to the sport,” he said. Morris said everyone involved in the three groups is very

Above: This snazzy model is another of Morris’s cool creations. At right: How about this cute little pilot Morris added.

cooperative and friendly, and that is one of the main things he enjoys about the hobby. “The modelers are very helpful,” he said. “They’re willing to help solve problems. They loan you stuff, they give you stuff, whatever it takes to have a good time.” Morris said the three clubs all meet in areas with grass runways. The planes he operates require a “dedicated runway” that measures 300 to 400 feet long and 50 to 70 feet wide. “You have to get somewhere that you can maintain eye contact to be able to fly the plane,” he said. “So you need space, you need a good runway.” Morris said the grass runways are a good fit for his model planes, but that aircraft with real scale jet engines require a hard surface runway. Morris said there is a shortage of young people who are interested in the hobby, in part, because of other forms 8

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

of entertainment that take up much of their time, such as computers and video games. “There are too many distractions now for a demanding hobby like this,” he said. “Not many young people are interested in what I’m doing.” However, he believes if young people became involved with the hobby that it could prove to be very educational. Working with the planes teaches metal working, woodworking, aerodynamics and electronics, he points out. “It would expose them to several of the sciences and that would be good for them,” said Morris. Morris began crafting his first airplane in the mid-1960s. He built his own electronics, including a transmitter and receiver, using spare telephone parts. Once his project was complete, he took his daughters, Carol and Kathy, with him to a farm with wide open spaces to test his new creation. He said the plane took off, made a left turn and crashed

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Morris likes to use Honda weed eater motors to build his crafts.

into the ground. Morris thought his radio had failed, causing his plane to crash on its inaugural flight. He later realized it wasn’t the radio that caused the crash landing. “I didn’t know how to fly it,” he said. Morris assumed, after building the plane from scratch, that he knew enough about the aircraft to be able to fly it. He said that his first attempt was not discouraging, but he didn’t feel like he could afford the resources or put in the time needed to learn the sport, so he didn’t work on another plane until 1976. “I realized later, to do this you need help,” he said. “You need an instructor. You need someone who can take over your aircraft when it gets out of shape.” After his realization, he sought the help of an instructor and, on his fourth supervised flight, Morris flew solo. “That was a thrill,” he said. Morris took a break from the airplanes again in the 80s, but resumed his hobby upon his retirement in 1991. 10

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

“I’ve been a pretty dedicated modeler ever since,” he said. Morris controls his five miniature planes with radio transceivers that transmit and receive information from the aircrafts. The transceivers are equipped with a touch screen and can display information sent back from the plane, such as altitude, air speed, fuel level and engine RPMs. The wings of Morris’ planes are normally built with wood en frames which are covered with fabric. His next project will feature a plane with a 16-foot wingspan. While Morris collects many types of engines to power his future planes, many times, he uses a Honda motor from a commercial weed eater. Morris said changes to the weed eater motors he uses include adding a top drive and the replacing the top muffler with a straight pipe. Morris is passionate and knowledgeable about the hobby he participates in, but says the most rewarding thing about it is the number of good friends he has made. “I’m having a good time with it, and I’m enjoying the friendships very much,” he said.

Morris’ work with the aircraft is intricate, but he loves the challenge.

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July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 11

Traveling the Coosa

McKenzie Atchison has her turn in the kayak while big sister Lily “supervises.�

Newbies Give Kayaks a Try Youngsters seem to catch on quicker Story by DAVID ATCHISON Photos by DAVID ATCHISON and LAURA NATION-ATCHISON


t was hard to believe that only one week before, I was teaching Martin Bryant, and his 15-year-old sister Meredith Bryant, about kayaking and about how to roll a kayak, but there he was following me down the Coosa River through a Class 3 rapid. The 18-year-old Pell City native had a stellar performance


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

and completed the white water rapid at Moccasin Gap on the Coosa River upright, which is always a good idea. Martin later said the highlight of his trip was when the group of paddlers reached the first rapid he had ever seen on the Coosa River, part of the 631-mile Alabama Scenic River Trail. It is hard to believe there is whitewater on the

Coosa River, but there is near Wetumpka. Our group of kayakers stopped and practiced ferrying across the rapid an important skill in kayaking. Martin had ferried across the rapid a couple of times but on his third trip, the unexpected happened. He flipped over. We were all watching, but could do little in those first few seconds, but then I saw Martin bring his paddle up out of the water and to the side of his boat. He swept the paddle out and the Faulkner State College tennis player hip-snapped his kayak right-side up immediately. Martin actually came up with a smile. I don’t know who had the biggest smile, myself or him. The group of kayakers who surrounded him cheered and clapped. I was so proud of him. His first “combat roll” in whitewater was perfect, and he completed it just when he needed it the most. Like I said, only the week before I met Martin and his sister, Meredith, for the first time. Their parents are Vaughan and Christa Bryant of Cropwell. I’ve known Christa for years through the Pell City school system, and we have talked frequently about whitewater paddling and kayaking. Her kids wanted to get a dose of kayaking and possibly learn to roll a kayak, so we arranged to meet at Pell City Lakeside Park about

10 a.m. that Saturday. I think I brought about five kayaks to the park that morning. My son, Kenneth, also brought a new kayak that he recently bought for his girls, Lily, 8, and McKenzie “Pooky,” 5. It looked like a U.S. Navy Fleet had landed on the sandy beaches of Lakeside Park, except in miniature vessels. The “fleet” included a two-seat recreational kayak for my co-worker, Kenny Farmer of Pell City and his wife, Breanna and their 3-year-old son, Will. Shoot, even my wife Laura made an appearance that Saturday and paddled successfully. I guess I’m no different than my fellow kayakers. We love sharing this outdoor adventure sport with everyone. I really enjoy introducing kayaking to young folks and teaching the technique of rolling a kayak. It’s sort of funny, but the young people I have worked or taught the kayak roll end up rolling better than me! Go figure. It is age, pure and simple, or at least that is my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. Really the younger a person starts kayaking, the better. Young kids just pick this outdoor adventure sport up quickly, more quickly than most adults.


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July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 13

Breanna and Kenny Farmer take “orders” from their 3-year-old son “Captain Will,” as to where he wants his kayak, “or his ship,” to sail.

I think there are several reasons for this. Number one, kids who have been around water and who can swim, don’t seem to have the fear of whitewater as older adults, even though I know plenty of people who start kayaking after they had turned 40, 50-years-old. I have pretty much paddled something all my life, but really only got into “whitewater kayaking” a few years ago. Kids are also more flexible and in most instances are in better physical condition than most adults. I know I have to exercise regularly because kayaking, especially whitewater kayaking, can be physically demanding. Kayaking is as hard or as easy as you want to make it. Some folks are just fine paddling on the lake, others like myself, want a little more excitement that whitewater can offer, but I enjoy both. I think everyone in our group at Lakeside Park enjoyed our Saturday introduction to kayaking and just getting out and having some fun in kayaks. My son Ken, who I taught everything I know, ha, 14

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

demonstrated how to do various kayak rolls, including a hand-roll, back deck roll and off-side roll. He is a rolling fool and a talented whitewater kayaker. Kenny said the outing was a new experience for his 3year-old son, Will. “It was his first boat ride of any kind, and he loved it,” Kenny said. “He was the captain of our ship, telling us where he wanted to go and what he wanted to see. I couldn’t have imagined it going any better, and we can’t wait until we get to do it again. We had an absolute perfect day at the park.” While Kenny and his family explored the marsh area of Lakeside Park, the rest of us were having fun turning over kayaks. Meredith made her first wet-exit, which is coming out of whitewater kayak with a skirt attached around the cockpit of the boat. It can be sort of scary to some people and a lot of people just would never strap themselves inside a boat with a skirt, but it’s like I tell people, the skirt is not there to keep

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Martin Bryant begins his first whitewater kayaking adventure on the Coosa River.

you inside the boat but only to keep water out. A simple pull, the skirt comes off the rim of the cockpit and out you go. Martin was able to master a roll

on his first kayak session, which was really impressive. He is a quick learner and seems to have taken to kayaking. Lily, who is only 8, turned her new kayak over and came up holding her

paddle, like she was taught by her dad. She was all smiles. She held up her paddle like it was a trophy. It tickled me. This day was really enjoyable, I think for everyone. For me, I love seeing people having a good time and learning to kayak. It really fires me up, and I am ready to get back on the lake for some more kayaking fun, so until then have a safe and wonderful time on the lake.

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Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013


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205-824-0224 July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 17

Art by the Water

Photographer Kathryn Stengel captured this little fellow as he rested on a flower.

There Are Wonders Everywhere Nature is a huge inspiration for photographer Kathryn Stengel Story by SHANE DUNAWAY Photos by Kathryn Stengel and Bob Crisp

“C 18

apturing Everyday Wonder” is a tag-line amateur photographer Kathryn Stengel holds close to her heart. Whenever she’s on the go, it’s virtually a

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

guarantee her camera is in tow. “I don’t carry it with me into Wal-Mart or anything like that,” Stengel said. “Other than running an errand here and there, my camera’s always in the car seat beside me.”

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The tiny details of beauty found in nature are a huge factor in her photography pursuits.

expensive.” Calling herself a purist at heart, Stengel had succeeded at resisting going digital, but the broken shutter forced her hand. “In 2007, I bought my first Nikon digital camera,” she said. “It was their entry-level professional (digital single-lens reflex camera). I’m still using it, but I plan to upgrade this year.” As she acquired more experience behind the lens, she said her love for photography continued to grow. “I have found over the years that photography really lights me up,” Stengel said. “I get excited and inspired when I look at others’ photography. The idea of going out Stengel said she caught the shutter bug within the past 10 years.

in continuing education courses at the University of Memphis.

“I was going through a box in my

Stengel relied heavily on her trusty

attic and found an old Canon AE1,”

Canon until 2007 when the camera

Stengel said. “It was a 1982 model

suffered what she called a “fatal

and I had completely forgotten I had



“I loved my Canon manual

After taking the camera out

camera and used it until I broke the

of the attic and inspecting it, she

shutter,” she said. “I looked at having

determined the camera was in good

it repaired, but it wasn’t worth the

working order and decided to enroll

cost of the repair, which was very


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

on a shoot inspires me as well. I get really excited and fired up.” Her favorite style of photography centers on aspects of nature. “I don’t do many landscapes,” Stengel said. “I really like to photograph wildlife, flowers and sunsets. I have done some portraiture and I’ve shot some weddings, but nature photography is where I find the beauty in the everyday. That’s where I find the extraordinary in the

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Dew drops on a flower caught the attention of Stengel’s lens. It’s a look at some of the things we miss in day to day life.

ordinary. Stengel wasn’t always an amateur photographer. Before she found her camera, she enjoyed a successful career in sales. “After getting married, I was able to move out of the country and lived in South America for a year,” Stengel said. “My sales career was put on hold and I seriously began honing my skills in photography.” After spending a year in Ecuador, her family moved back to Memphis and recently settled in Guntersville. Stengel recently started working one day a month in the Artscape Gallery in Pell City and she said she enjoys being a representative of the local arts council to the public. “The gallery consists of several artists” Stengel said.” I think there are 16 to 18 different artists featured in the gallery right now. There’s a good variety of genres here — artists of

have a Facebook page featuring her

“He’s my assistant when I need one,”

all different mediums. They’re very

photography, but she said she plans to

she said. “When I tell him I need a

supportive of one another.”

establish one later in the summer.

new lens or I want a particular portrait

Some of her photographs are on

Her husband Kevin plays an active

display in the Artscape Gallery or

role in her photography when’s he not

in her home. She does not currently

busy with his job as a contractor.


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

lens, he’s always supportive of that.” Stengel’s favorite opportunities for practicing her craft are when she’s


July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 23

Stengel with her trusty new Nikon she uses to collect her images. Photo by BOB CRISP

traveling with her husband in their RV. Some of her past shoots while traveling have been in the Shenandoah Valley, in the Ozark Mountains and in the southern, coastal portions of Louisiana. “There are wonders everywhere,” Stengel said. “You just have to remember to keep your mind open and of course, your eyes.” Contact Shane Dunaway at


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Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013



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July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 25

Around the Lake

Addison Ledlow keeps the water out of her nose during a swimming lesson with Jean Speer Davis in Pell City. Davis has offered free swimming lessons for decades.

A Passion for Helping Jean Speer Davis has taught thousands to swim safely By ELSIE HODNETT Photos by BOB CRISP


or her, teaching others to enjoy the water safely is not a job—it’s a passion. “This summer marks my 21st year of teaching free swim lessons in the Pell City area,” said Jean Speer Davis. “I have taught more than 2,000 students of all ages to overcome their fears of the water and learn how to be safe.” Davis said she learned to swim at age 2. “My mother, Diane Speer Smith, always encouraged my sisters and me to become strong swimmers,” she said.


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

“She made sure that we all had lessons and encouraged all of us to become lifeguard certified. It wasn’t until I was about 15 that I realized our mother had encouraged our water activity so much because she herself could not swim.” Davis said that realization is what motivated her to teach swimming. “My mother is now a swimmer and loves the water— she even has a pool,” she said. Davis became certified in Junior Lifesaving when she was 15 and began teaching lessons. “The following year, I became lifeguard certified and later got my Water Safety Certification,” she said. “I also added additional training to become a special


July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 27

Davis works with Carson Bodiford in the pool.

needs swimming instructor. My special needs swim classes have included students with Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome, hearing impairments, blindness and loss of limbs.” Davis teaches lessons for people ages 3 and up and her oldest student is in her 70s. “Not only do I teach people to swim, I teach safety in the water,” she said. “Growing up, there was a public pool and our neighbors all had pools and we swam all the time. The city pool closed down, but Pell City sits on the edge of Logan Martin Lake. Learning to swim is critical for so many residents, young and old. Accidents can happen any time, and I hope to prevent as many as possible. By offering a pool and free swimming lessons, there is simply no reason for anyone not to learn to swim. The reason I do it for free is because if I charged for my lessons, some might not do it. I believe every child and adult has the right to know how to swim.” Davis said many parents with special needs children don’t think about swimming lessons as an option for their child. “We are so close to the lake, it doesn’t take long for any child to sneak off into the water,” she said. “I teach safety tips to the students and cover things like falling into water with their clothes on and how to react, and also teach the parents what to do and how to react.” Davis said she teaches a variety of swim classes, including more advanced classes and diving. 28

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

Donna Goodwin said three of her grandchildren were taking the swimming lessons for the first time. Her daughter, Robin Bodiford, brought her son Carson, who will turn 4 in July. Goodwin brought twins Trent and Addison Ledlow, 7. “We have an above-ground pool at home, and I decided to get Carson swimming lessons for safety reasons,” Bodiford said. Goodwin said Addison had some swimming skills, but had to hold her nose underwater. “Now she can swim underwater without holding her nose,” she said. “And Trent is learning to swim for the first time.” Goodwin said since all three grandchildren have pool access, swimming lessons are important for safety reasons. “I think it’s just amazing she does this for free,” she said. Addison said this summer she learned to swim in the deep end of the pool and jumped off the diving board for the first time. Trent said his favorite part of swim lessons is jumping off the diving board and doing a cannonball. Sundi Hawkins brought her son Lou, who just turned 4. “I’ve been swimming since I was 3,” she said. “That is why I got him started early.” Beth Staples brought her grandson, Evan Edwards, who is four-and-a-half, to help him get over his fear of the water. “He is scared of the water but it’s getting better with the swim lessons,” she said.


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Fox Hollow - The Cove Lot for sale in this wonderful family oriented subdivision Located in Pell City. Paved sidewalks, community pool, convenient to I-20 and level lot. $25,000 Call Doug 205-296-8312 or Caran 205-368-9772

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July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 29

Davis gathers up her students for some group instruction.

Staples said she swims very little herself. “I took lessons as an adult, but I’m still afraid of the water,” she said. “I will consider taking lessons with him next year—a grandmother and grandson swim team. I think it’s a wonderful thing Jean does. I really do.” Kaitlin Gibb said her 5-year-old-daughter, Brooklyn, swims underwater very well but is working on her swimming skills on top of the water. “We are getting a pool,” she said. “I told Brook if she learned to swim we would get a pool.” Brooklyn said she had fun in the swimming lessons, which she Paint & Body Shop • Audio • Tinting Truck & Car Accessories • Towing

took right after a trip to Ft. Walton Beach. “I got in the ocean and the pool,” she said. “The pool was my favorite because I could touch the bottom and didn’t need floaties like I did in the ocean.” Davis said she is employed full-time in Birmingham and teaches the swim lessons during her vacation time from work, weekends and after-hours. “I start taking reservations in March of each year, and usually teach around 75 to100 students each summer starting in June,” she said. “I am full this year, but if you or your child is interested in lessons you can contact me at 205-369-8516.”


Christ DeliveranCe Christian Center

34810 Alabama Highway 21, Talladega, AL 35160 P.O. Box 1166, Talladega, AL 35161 • 256-362-1975 Morning Worship 10:30 a.m. Kids R.O.C.K. 10:30 a.m. Weekly Prayer, Wednesday 5:30 p.m. Mid-Week Service 6 pm Wednesday Pastors Bobby & Barbara Embry 314387


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013



Evan Edwards gets ready to “go under” during a lesson with Davis.

Compassionate Care by St. Clair County’s

longest trusted name in Hospice.

925 23rd Street No. Pell City, AL

•Bedding Plants •Ground Covers •Hanging Baskets •Deciduous Shrubs •Potting Soil •Lilies •Fertilizers •Hollies •Peat Moss •Annuals •Ceramic Pots •Perennials •Mulches •Vegetables Landscaping Help

•End-of-life care •Free grief support for children, teens, adults & veterans •Continuing Education services offered

We honor our Veterans and work closely with them and their families. 4010 Masters Road • Pell City, AL


(205) 338-3952


205-884-1111 • 800-427-3993

Serving St. Clair, Talladega, Jefferson, Calhoun, Sheby, Blount, Etowah and Coosa Counties.

July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 31

Lakeside Living in Style

Cute, Cozy and All About Fun Converted garage is a lakefront paradise for the Boyingtons By Emily Adams Photos by BOB CRISP

I 32

t’s not a huge, extravagant lake home. In fact, it wasn’t a home at all until a few years ago, and yet, this 1,024 square foot cottage has everything the Boyington family needs to soak up the sun and fun on Logan

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

Martin Lake. “It’s just a happy place, our happy place,” Michele Boyington said. “It cleans up in five minutes, and we can spend most of our time outside, because we’re all about the lake. I love this little house.” Now a place for family and friends to rest between boat rides, the Boyingtons’ weekend getaway was once a three-car

Ron and Michele Boyington love their little lakeside cottage. It’s actually a renovated three-car garage.

garage that belonged to a neighboring house. The property was divided, and a previous owner carried out the renovations, creating a two bedroom, three bathroom home with major emphasis on the outdoors. Ron Boyington said the outside amenities were the primary factor in their decision to purchase the Cropwell cottage four years ago. Looking for a reprieve from their 24-acre horse farm in Sterrett, it offers everything they needed and more. “The size of the home means we get to play more than we work, and that’s what we wanted,” he said. “Plus, it’s convenient to home and to Pell City, and in a bit of dumb luck on our part, it’s facing west so we see the most incredible sunsets.” The remnants of its past life as a garage are still evident when

pointed out. The foundation at the front of the house angles toward the ground, and the driveway that once connected to the house next door is separated by a chain-link fence. Nonetheless, the house is perfectly suited for enjoying the water. Inside is a basic kitchen and a living room fitted with multiple couches and futons to accommodate overnight guests – they once slept 15 people. Adjoining is a master bedroom with glass doors opening to the back porch, as well as a smaller bedroom with two sets of bunk beds (Michele refers to it as the sorority room because of how many of their daughters’ friends can squeeze in). A conversation piece in the home is the set of three narrow July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 33

Cheery colors and lots of light inside the house give it a much larger feel.


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

sign comes on, you know the Boyingtons are ready for fun. “There’s lots of dancing, lots of laughing, lots of lies being told out here,” Michele said. “Our friends are just a comedy, but maybe it’s because we’re all like brothers and sisters. Our neighbor has said she’ll just sit at the fence to hear the crazy things we’re saying. Everybody just has a great time. It must be the lake that brings it out in them.” Ron’s prized possession sits under the storage area next to

Commercial & Residential Landscaping/Excavating Since 1963 Shredded & Screened Soil P.O. Box 730 Pell City, AL 35125

Keith Smith-Vice President


bathrooms, which were presumably designed to fit the previous owner’s extended brood. Bathroom number one has a sink, shower and toilet, number two has a sink and shower, and number three has a toilet and sink. Ron said they originally planned to renovate them into one bigger bathroom, but after using them as-is one summer, they decided the odd design wasn’t so bad. “There are times when there are multiple people showering, and there’s still a bathroom available, so the previous owner was smarter than I thought,” he said with a laugh. Outside is where the home really shines, with a back porch that easily seats 30 people, a covered boat storage area and a spacious dock. The porch is outfitted with built-in benches, swings and plenty of chairs stacked in the corner that guests can pull out as needed. Whether it’s their lifelong group of friends, their large family, their four children Brian, Brandon, Gina, and Stephanie with their pals, or even just their two dogs Jake and Loki – the porch is always full of loved ones. And when the neon parrot

205-338-2050 Office • 205-281-9243 Cell

the porch, and he typically only brings it out when he’s looking for trouble. “I terrorize the lake with my boat looking for people to race,” he said of his 1995 Donzi 22 Classic. “It has an interior like a Corvette, a 454 Chevrolet engine. It will run about 75 miles per hour. That’s my boat, and then we have Michele’s pontoon boat that holds about 14 people, so we like to cruise around in it at night.” The pontoon rests at their roomy covered pier, where they also have frequent meals on the picnic table and enjoy lying out or swimming in the surrounding shallow water. “You can’t ask for a more peaceful, better place,” Michele said. “We really enjoy it. Everybody has a fit over the porch and pier.” Ron and Michele, married for 28 years, said their first place on the lake has been more enjoyable than they ever anticipated. They didn’t know what they would end up with when they set out to buy a lake house, but their small but functional home has fit the bill without much extra work on their part. “The first time we came here, we thought the house was too little, but we loved the waterfront part of it,” Ron said. “We kept looking for about nine months and figured that for the money and the fact that everything was brand new and didn’t require

work before we could enjoy it, it really appealed to us. We circled back around, and it was still for sale.” All they added was an oven, a fence and a paved driveway. While they have considered a larger house or alterations to their current one, the Boyingtons said they are happy the ways things are for now. They didn’t miss a weekend last summer and are hoping for the same record this year. “We’re all about just relaxing and enjoying family and friends,” Michele said. “We think we’ve got our priorities straight. We’ve enjoyed meeting new people out here and having old friends on the lake, so it’s been nice. Most people on the lake are like us – they’re happy.” The Boyingtons don’t foresee ever living on the lake full-time, but Ron said adjusting to the lake lifestyle sure was a breeze. “The lake just sucks all the ambition out of you,” he joked. “I came here one day and was going to do all these things. I ended up sitting on the swing, then I walked to the pier and had a beer while I looked over the lake. Michele called about 4 o’clock, ‘So, how’s it going?’ I said, ‘It’s going great. I haven’t done a darn thing, but I’m loving it.’” Contact Emily Adams at


Call, email, fax or visit our showroom to discuss your shoreline living projects, we are here to help!

205.338.7500 314412

July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 35


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

Come See It For Yourself! 84 Blue Eye Road W. Lincoln, AL 35096 205-763-1478 Open: Thurs.-Sun. 11 am for Lunch & Dinner Exit 165 at I-20. Head North on Stemley Rd. (Co. Rd. 207) Turn left on Blue Eye Road West


IS OPEN Call ahead for dockside food service. Menu items range from cheeseburgers, sandwiches, salads to steaks. Steel Drum Band

“Caribbean Chrome” Playing Poolside Every Other Sunday Beginning July 7th


July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 37

Lakeside Dining

Talk about wings, the ones you’ll find at Pier 59 will have you licking your fingers.

You Name It, It’s There The Pier 59 menu is huge By CHRIS NORWOOD Photos by BOB Crisp


f you encounter a hungry or thirsty feeling while reading this publication, and at the same time feel the need to contribute to a worthy cause, Pier 59 will be able to help you out across the board. According to Janet Swann, who has managed Pier 59 for the past 15 years, various civic minded events take place throughout the year, but the big one is the Christmas in July Toys for Tots event, which benefits the children of the Alabama Institutes for Deaf and Blind. 38

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

“Everything, all of the food, will be donated, and all of the money we take in will go exclusively to buy toys for Christmas for the kids at AIDB,” she said. The annual event is set for July 20 this year. Of course, if you happen to be out boating and feel parched and peckish, Pier 59 is also (is primarily, actually) a restaurant, lounge and marina. “We have everything from burgers to appetizers to steaks,” Swann said. “It’s all good, and very moderately

Thirsty? Pier 59 has you covered!

priced. Certainly if you were to compare us with some places like Logan’s, we are definitely competitive.� The restaurant includes a wooden deck with picnic tables, so that those who are so inclined can take in the view of Logan Martin Lake, complete with ducks and passing boats. The appetizer menu includes a variety of great eats like chicken wings, fried dill pickles, cheese sticks, loaded potato skins, breaded mushrooms, stuffed jalapeno poppers, boiled shrimp, crab claws and grande nachos with chili, melted cheese, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and sour cream. Not to be outdone, the supreme nachos come with meat, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, sour cream, jalapenos and black olives. The chicken finger basket is also available as an appetizer. The shrimp and crab claw prices are based

on current market, with other appetizers in the $5 to $7 range. The kids’ menu includes grilled cheese, hot dogs, chicken fingers and hamburgers. Salad options include garden salad, original chicken salad, original Caesar salad and Caesar salad with chicken. Dinner entrees include grilled or fried chicken livers, chicken finger platter, lemon pepper and Hawaiian chicken, pork chop platter, hamburger steak and hamburger steak deluxe with onions, mushrooms and peppers. These items tend to fall in the $6 to $9 range. Other options include 12 ounce ribeye steak; beef, shrimp and beef and shrimp shish kabobs; fried, grilled or blackened snapper; fried or grilled catfish; fried oysters or shrimp, shrimp scampi and spicy New Orleans July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 39

You’ll find a perfect deck for relaxing and enjoying a meal at Pier 59.

shrimp over linguine. Most of these items are in the $10 to $14 range, with the beef and shrimp kabobs coming in at $14.95, the highest price on the menu. All dinner entrees are served with choice of potato, pasta or fries, with salad and biscuits. The sandwich menu includes a six ounce ribeye with onions, mushrooms and Swiss on Texas toast; the mushroom Swiss burger with special sauce; the BLT club with turkey; patty melt; an old fashioned hamburger; grilled chicken and Rueben for under $5.

Chapel in the Pines Come worship on the shores of Lake Logan Martin Located at Pine Harbor. Services begin at 8:30 am each Sunday July 7 July14 July 21 July 28

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013



• Free consultations. 314425


INJURY LAWYERS • St. Clair County’s personal injury and accident law firm. • More than 50 years of proven results, including the largest $7,000,000 civil verdict in the history of St. Clair County-

Ret. Col. Chaplain Mickey Morton Rev. Paul Dockery Rev. James Blair Rev. Charles Alexander

For more information call: 205-338-3374

All burgers and sandwiches come with a pickle and chips, or fries or onion rings for a little extra. Desserts include key lime pie and “Hillbilly pie,” which consists of chocolate chunks and pecans on a shortcake crust, each for $2.95. During the winter, Pier 59 is open only on Fridays and Saturdays, but as the mercury rises, the hours expand to Wednesday through Saturday, from 3 p.m. to until everyone is ready to go home. There is karaoke on Fridays, Swann said, and

423 23rd St. N., Pell City, AL 35125-1740

Chef Ziggy Zigmund cuts ribeye steaks in the kitchen.

occasional live music in the bar. “We’re just getting cranked up right now, but we do have the occasional live band,” he said. “But I know better than to try and book anyone when there’s something else going on. I’ve been at this long time, I know about crowds.” Pool tables and an arcade are also available in the bar area.

The marina provides temporary boat docking as well as long term slip rental. Call for available spaces and rates. Pier 59 does not cater, but they can handle large events on site, with reservations recommended for parties of six or more. Pier 59 is located on the water at 1363 Rivercrest Drive in Vincent. For more information, please call 205-525-4226. July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 41


BIG DEDDY’S SURFSIDE 6 Wings & BBQ Everything Made to Order! Worth the Wait!


at Stemley Bridge


385 Old Coal City Road Pell City, Alabama 35125







Mexican Restaurant Hwy. 231 S.,Towne Park Plaza Pell City, AL

(205) 884-2195

215 N. Broadway Ave., Sylacauga, AL 256-249-3360 Area’s Only Mexican Lunch Buffet Sunday-Friday Come enjoy our new menu items!


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013



Open Daily at 11 a.m.

Tuesday is

“Senior Day”

Hwy. 231 N. BUFFET HOURS: Pell City 10:30 a.m.-8:00 p.m. 205-338-3221

Welcome To

HOMEMADE COUNTRY BREAKFAST Thurs., Fri. & Sat. 5 a.m.-11 a.m.


Best Hamburger in the County! Karaoke

Fri. 5pm & Sat 12pm- until party is over

75301 Hwy. 77, Lincoln

1052 Coosa Island Rd. • Cropwell, AL 35054


Bar & Grill 205-525-5000 Marina 205-525-5521

Scratch Biscuits, Eggs to Order, Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Grits, Gravy, Sandwiches, Sides & Ice Cream Treats Daily



BBQ Burgers Steaks Wraps Open for lunch and dinner. Tuesday through Friday. Open for dinner only on Saturdays. Desserts prepared by our very own pastry chef 4852 Cogswell Ave., Pell City, Al


Buy 2 Plates Get 2 FREE TEAS with this ad

“We Grill - You Chill”




Monday thru Thursday Choose from 13 Delicious $ 99 Menu Choices



FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY 11-:00 -2:30 P.M. Open Monday-Saturday 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. 200 Vaughan Lane, Pell City, AL Pell City / Ashville Exit 158 off I-20

(205) 338-4801

Open Daily at 11:00 WEEKLY SPECIALS

DINE-IN ONLY MONDAY-TUESDAY Combination - Buy one, get one 1/2 price Small Margarita $1.99 WEDNESDAY Small Margarita $1.99 Med. Margarita $6.50 THURSDAY Small Margarita $1.99 Fajita Nachos Chicken or Steak $7.99 SATURDAY Small Margarita $1.99 Med. Margarita $6.50 SUNDAY Combination - Buy one, get one 1/2 price after 3 p.m.

*No subsitutions on combined specials

Party Room Available

11902 US Hwy 78 • Riverside, AL

Exit 162 off I-20

Next door to America’s Best Value Inn

205.814.1003 July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 43








Pell City 18


4 2 9





A Lakeside Living guide to


Riverside Lincoln 6 5



Logan Martin Dam


Lakeside Park


Stemley Bridge


St. Clair Airport


Mays Bend


Choccolocco Creek


Dye Creek


Blue Eye Creek


Surfside Six

10. Poor House Branch Marina 11. Pell City Steak House 12. KFC 13. Jack’s 14. Big Deddy’s 15. Coosa Island Bar & Grill 16. El Mariachi 17. The Tavern 18. Guadalajara Mexican 19. El Cazador 20. Butts To Go - Pell City Texaco






Dish It Up! With Lakeside

This is the “Kitchen Sink” mac and cheese I created. And believe me, it turned out well!

Make That Mac Even More Special Try a new twist on this old favorite Story and Photos by



f you know of anyone who doesn’t love it, please tell me. I’ve never encountered anyone, child, tween, teen or adult who doesn’t just plain love-if not crave-good old macaroni and cheese. I know it’s great just the way mama made it, a traditional dish of that speaks to all of us…like I said, as far as I know.


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

But I’ve experimented with some new tricks with this old favorite and since it’s picnic and potluck and reunion time, I thought this longtime mainstay could use a little tweaking and show up in a new way for some of your summertime gatherings. It’s a great dish for “toting,” and even if it gets a little cool on you, it’s still great stuff. I’ve been known to fish it straight out of the refrigerator when I have a late night breakdown.


I hate to admit to that but yes, I’ve done it, and yes, I know all about the “carb” thing, and I’ll tell you right here and now, carbs are my personal weakness. Give me pasta, potatoes, rice, you name it, you can keep the ice cream and cake and candy. Not a good thing, really, but at least I can forego the sweet stuff. So this month, I offer up some change ups on our old love, and I think you’ll enjoy them as much as I did. I do suggest, for all of our cholesterol’s sakes, that you at least use two percent cheeses, and if you’re really into saving on the carb end, whole wheat pastas. And that’s another thing. Why not change up the traditional elbows and incorporate some of the other shapes and offerings for a new look? There’s a vegetable medley pasta, rotini and mostacolli, shells of all sizes, the pasta selection is almost endless. It adds interest to the dish and offers a new way of presenting “macaroni and cheese.” I “made up” a dish of my own, and being the vegetable freak I am, that’s what I focused on. Fact is, I had a hard time finding a veggie I didn’t think would work wonders with macaroni and cheese. We’ll just call this one “Kitchen Sink Mac and Cheese,” and the others include one with bacon (I used turkey bacon), one with a zesty touch-my favorite-and another that done in the crockpot. So here we go! You can totally play with your amounts of ingredients and assortments…that’s part of the fun of cooking, right?

mixture. Blend well, and then add in the vegetables and stir well. Top with additional shredded cheese and bread crumbs and bake at 325 for desired brownness, about 45 minutes. Note: Depending upon the consistency you prefer, you can add more of the cheese base if needed. Macaroni and cheese with bacon What you need: Three tablespoons of butter Four green onions, thinly sliced A dash of garlic powder (I recommend McCormick’s California Style, it makes a powerful difference). One-fourth cup all purpose flour Two and a half cups milk Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste Six slices of bacon, cooked drained and crumbled Two cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese Topping: One cup soft bread crumbs One and a half to two tablespoons melted butter

What you do: Cook pasta according to package directions, drain and set aside. Heat oven to 350, and lightly grease a two and a half quart baking dish. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Continued on page 51

Laura’s Kitchen Sink Mac and Cheese What you need: About four cups of the cooked pasta of your choice The basic cheese mixture base which is one and a fourth cups of milk, two well beaten eggs, two and a half cups of the cheese of your choice-I used half cheddar and half Monterrey Jack just for fun, salt and pepper to taste and just mixed it all together and poured it over the cooked pasta. And, of course, a little more grated cheese on top along with Italian bread crumbs. About a cup of thawed or fresh snow peas A small jar of mushrooms, drained A small jar of artichoke hearts, drained and chopped A fourth cup of finely chopped onions A small jar of pimentos A handful of cherry tomatoes, chopped A tiny can of chopped black olives. Parsley or fresh basil for garnish along with cherry tomato slices


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

35450 AL Hwy. 21 North Talladega (256) 362-6113


What you do: Cook pasta to desired firmness, set aside. Mix together the base cheese sauce, set aside. Pour cooked pasta into a large casserole dish and add cheese

We Pick Up & Deliver Call For Details


Terry Ogle, owner

$2 OFF

$5 OFF

Full Service Wash

Ultimate Wash

Any Detail Service

Classic Car Wash 602 Martin Street S. • Pell City

Classic Car Wash 602 Martin Street S. • Pell City

Classic Car Wash 602 Martin Street S. • Pell City

(Reg. $25)


(Reg. $12)







$4 OFF

602 Martin Street S. • Pell City, AL 35128

Chelsea Antique Mall

Chelsea Antique Mall and Decorating Center has 22,000 square feet of shopping. Our ever changing inventory of eclectic, vintage and antique furniture & accessories has something for everyone.


14569 Hwy. 280 East, Chelsea, AL • (205) 678-2151



In a medium saucepan over medium heat, melt butter then add the green onions and garlic powder. Stir and cook for about a minute. Add the flour and stir well until blended and smooth. Add milk, cook and stir until well blended. Stir in salt and pepper then remove half of the cheese mixture and set aside. Add the remaining one and a half cups of cheese into the sauce and continue cooking until cheese is melted. Combine the cheese sauce with the drained macaroni and spoon onto the prepared baking dish. Sprinkle bacon evenly over the dish and top with the reserved half cup of cheese. Top with bread crumbs and one or two tablespoons of melted butter. Bake 25 to 30 minutes or until lightly browned.

What you do: Cook pasta according to package directions, drain and set aside. Generously butter the inside of the cooker. Combine pasta with the remaining ingredients in the cooker, blend and cover. Cook on low for two and a half to three and a half hours, stirring every now and then. If desired, transfer into a baking dish, sprinkle with more cheese and bread crumbs if you like and broil for a couple of minutes until melted and browned. Zesty Mac and Cheese What you need: A 16 ounce package of elbow macaroni One pound of Velveeta, cut into half inch cubes One can Rotel diced tomatoes and chiles One half cup of milk

Crockpot Mac and Cheese What you need:

What you do: Cook macaroni according to package directions, drain and set aside. Microwave cheese and Rotel in large bowl on high for five minutes or until cheese is completely melted, stirring after three minutes, then stir in milk. Add macaroni and stir to coat evenly. You can top with grated cheese, bread crumbs and bake until browned. (Adding some green or black olives and a little sautéed onion, even chopped jalapenos! Zing!) Garnish with an assortment of chiles and red or yellow bell pepper.

Eight ounces pasta-this calls for elbow Butter to grease the cooker Two teaspoons olive oil One cup evaporated milk One half cup milk One half teaspoon salt One fourth teaspoon black pepper Two cups shredded cheddar cheese Four tablespoons melted butter

The Mortgage to fit YOUR Needs PRogRAmS AVAiLAbLe



Lake Homes & Second Homes FHA up to 96.5% USDA up to 100% VA up to 100% Conventional 95% Purchases & Refi’s

205.369.6710 NMLS# 207478

Ask For KELLER Free

Toll 877.921.5347 Fax 877.858.8989

In House Underwriting

GREAT Rates!!!

2841 Moody Parkway, STE. 500 Moody, Alabama 35004


• • • • • •

Keller McKaig

July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 51

Logan Martin Homes

JULY 2013

A Real Estate Property Guide for Logan Martin Lake and Surrounding Areas

Remax Hometown Properties

3440 Martin Street South • Suite 17 • Cropwell, AL • 205.338.7355 • 1.866.377.9415

Love this house? 52 54

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July June2013 2013

Photo by Bob Crisp July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 51

Talk About Waterfront This home has it By MARK LEDBETTER Photos by BOB CRISP


his beautiful all brick lake home is situated on three acres and includes 290 feet of water frontage on Logan Martin making it easily accessible to water activities or simply relaxing while overlooking the lake from a houselength deck accessed by each bedroom. The house is a one level home with a full finished basement and the dining room, kitchen and living room all have beautiful hardwood floors. The great room has a vaulted ceiling and a gas-log fireplace. A spacious kitchen includes an abundance of cabinets, island, breakfast bar, built in dishwasher, refrigerator and a new electric stove and self-cleaning oven. It also includes a separate eating area. There is also a separate dining room. With a split-bedroom plan that offers additional privacy and comfort, the master bedroom is just off the kitchen and the master bath has a double vanity, jetted tub and separate shower and a spacious walk-in closet. Two bedrooms and a full bath and a laundry room with dryer

and washer hook-ups are also included on the main level. The interior features pull-down attic access, a security system and French doors and the main level also provides a two-car garage. The full basement includes a bedroom, full bath and a den/ game room, plus a one-car garage. Utilities include public water, an electric water heater, and a septic tank sewer system. The central air and heat heat-pump is complimented by ceiling fans and double-paned windows. There is a boating house, an open and a covered deck, an open and a covered patio and a covered two-slip pier. Water activities include motorized boating, swimming, skiing and fishing. The house is located in Dogwood Point Estates in St. Clair County at 355 Cherokee Rd. in Cropwell. Local schools include Coosa Elementary, Williams Intermediate, Duran Middle School, and Pell City High School. The property is listed with ReMax Hometown Properties and list price is $499,900. For information call 205-338-7355. July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 53

3440 Martin Street So., Suite 17 Cropwell, AL 35054 (Cell) 205-365-8875

HomeTown P R O P E R T I E S

Phone (205)338-SELL (7355) 1-866-377-9415

Sharon Thomas, GRI, ABR Broker RO NT









5010 Forest Drive - Pell City $990,000

355 Cherokee Road - Cropwell - $499,900

4 bedroom, 4 bath, situated on 3.2 acres +/-, full finished basement. All bedrooms have doors leading to back deck, main level 2 car garage, 1 basement garage & covered 2 slip pier.

4 bedroom, 4 full baths, 1 half bath on 4.91 acres +/and 250 ft. of water frontage. NE






230 Spring Street Oxford - $29,000

Great investment opportunity, all windows custom made Marvin true divided light windows, completely rewired, new metal roof, tankless hot water heater, 4 ton Trane HVAC, hardwood floors are original, t will remain. There are four fireplaces (not operational) in this home. The front porch needs to be completed.





1045 Deerwood Circle Pell City - $161,900

3 Bedroom 2 Bath, Living room w/gas log fp, master w/garden tub, 2 walk in closets, upstairs is an unfinished bonus room, fenced back yard, & community pool, underground utilities and sidewalks.

332 Deerfield Road Riverside - $139,900

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, Oversized Kitchen, Living Room w/ Beautiful hardwood floors, & Covered front porch. RE


Valley View Drive Cropwell - $107,900

200 Freedom Lane Odenville - $118,000

Waterfront lot w/1.10 acres +/-, storage building.

4 bedroom, 2 bath on 4 acres +/- of unrestricted acreage. RE


3820 Logan Martin Dam Rd. Cropwell - $112,900 3 bedroom, 2 bath on 1 acre +/- unrestricted.

467 Greentree Drive Talladega - $99,900 All brick , 2 bedroom. 2 bath. NE




Community Boat Launch & Picnic area.



230 Hamilton Lane Riverside - $129,900

3 bedroom, 2 bath, living room & a den, garden tub in master, screened back deck, hot tub, detached garage, storage building, & permanent foundation.

3 bedroom, 3 bath on 2.64 +/-, all brick, 2 large workshops.

184 Margaret Lane Lincoln - $143,000

3 bedroom, 2 bath on sloping waterfront lot, garage, storage building, 2 piers and new seawall.

Waterfront lot w/125 ft of water frontage, seawall & capped well.

100 Freedom Lane Odenville - $115,000

4 bedroom, 2 bath, barn, 2 acres unrestricted


490 Fox Run Circle Pell City - $109,900

3 bedroom, 3 bath, kitchen w/Breakfast Bar, Garden Tub in Master, New HVAC Unit. RE






Shadybrook Lane Cropwell - $74,900

144 Horseshoe Cirle Talladega - $149,900




3 bedroom, 2 bath, community pool. FR




321 30th Street North Pell City - $39,900

3 bedroom, 1 bath starter w/one year home warranty.


Lot in Shelby Forest ....................................................................................$15,000 Lot in Old Beavers Farm w/water meter......................$15,000 Dream lot on Thomason Street 2+/-acres............... $25,000 4.6+/- restricted on Deer Trace................................................. $42,000 11.30 +/- on Camp Winnataska Rd..................................... $74,000

Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013


Riverview Cir. - Cropwell Water Access Lots, 1 cleared for $30,000, 2 wooded for $22,500



105 Fern Circle Pell City - $169,900








Lakeside Agent Spotlight

She Loves to Sell Lynda Sidlo knows the lake oh so well. Lynda Sidlo



ynda Sidlo is a native of Texas who worked as a cosmetologist for over 20 years and began her career with RealtySouth, formerly Johnson-Rast & Hays, 33 years ago. Sidlo was named Rookie of the Year her first year in real estate. Sidlo said Logan Martin Lake is no longer the “hidden treasure” in Alabama. When she began selling lake property ownership was mostly part-time dwellings, selling some of the homes three or four times during her 33 years. Now, she said, ownership is overwhelmingly permanent residences now. Sidlo said when individuals decide they want to buy or sell their property they will want to consider experience and qualifications in selecting the right Real Estate professional. “I’m a member of the National, Alabama and

Birmingham Association of Realtors, a Vulcan Award Member, Life Member-Club of Excellence, President’s Club, Residential Relocation Specialist, Property Exchange Specialist and Internet Marketing Specialist,” Sidlo said. Sidlo said she loves living on the lake and takes advantage of the opportunity water skiing, boating, and swimming, and she enjoys playing tennis. She has a daughter and a son and two grandchildren. “My career has provided me with lifelong relationships with the greatest people one could meet and my fellow agents,” Sidlo said. Sidlo can be reached at her office by calling 205991-6565 or her cell at 205-753-6749, or by e-mail, lsidlo@ July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 55


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013

July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 57

MLS #554574 1650 Davis Acres Dr.

MLS #562169 336 Wood River Lane

MLS #561420 724 Eastland Dr.

MLS #550874 979 Coosa Island Rd.

MLS #555714 200 Eastland Dr.

MLS #552511 95 Eastland Hills

MLS #535613 4739 Griffith Bend Rd.

MLS #563764 475 N. Lakeshore Dr.

MLS #565003 7108 Skyline Dr.

MLS #543163 297 Lakeland Hills Dr.

MLS #556077 244 S. Lakeshore Dr.

205-338-MOVE (6683)

1019 Martin St., S. Pell City, Al 35128

MLS #564017 475 River Forest Lane Unit #2250

MLS#548458 0 Lakeside Lane #31 WF-239 $80,00000 MLS#550740 47 Oak Str. #547 WF-130 MLS#537472 Stines Lane #25 WF-5,000 $389,00000 MLS#538801 Riverview Dr. #16 WF- 110 $118,90000 MLS#560672 0 Davis Acres Dr. #6 WF-60 $49,50000 MSL#549805 Riverbend Rd. #189 WF-50 $18,00000 MLS#549807 Riverbend Rd #188 WF-50 $18,00000


MLS #554174 238 Paradise Pointe

MLS #562446 510 River Terrace

Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated

MLS #566320 140 Clearwater Pt. Rd.


Angie Linn Stephanie Hurst

256-493-4488 256-749-7186

Tracy Boyd

MLS #558311 1464 Davis Acres Dr.


Nancy Locklar

1019 Martin St., S. Pell City, Al 35128

205-338-MOVE (6683)

Tracy Boyd

Angie Linn Stephanie Hurst

MLS#561650 7143 Skyline Dr.

Nancy Locklar

MLS#542288 621 Cove Point Dr.


MLS#539728 70 Sunset Strip

256-493-4488 256-749-7186

MLS#549417 195 Fulmer Dr.


MLS#550782 417 West Sunset Dr.

MLS#550841 2319 Fraim Dr.

Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated

MLS#561069 294 Stuarts Lane

MLS#546772 111 Dove Cove

$ 00 MLS#557680 10 Idlewild Lane WF-100 140,000 $ MLS#557033 Clear Creek Dr. WF-100 105,00000 MLS#541520 Davis Acres Rd. #58 WF-100 $64,50000 MLS#524037 0 Eastland Dr.#11 WF-100 $175,00000 $ MLS#555370 0 Stillwater #27 WF-400 42,00000 MLS#549338 Shelton Shores #42 & #43 WF-202 $135,00000 MLS#549748 19 Lakeland Hills Dr. #0 WF-99 $94,00000


MLS#531720 284 Lee Lane

MLS#544103 95 Oak Pointe Cir.

MLS#555800 44738 West Hwy 78

MLS#553052 60 Mays Bend Cir.

MLS#552041 259 Ellis Lane

MLS#562174 1472 Davis Acres Dr.

MLS#560236 4806 Lakeshore Dr.

MLS#562125 850 Pine Harbor


$9 Million In Sales 2012

Lifetime Member of Club of Excellence


176 River Pine Lane, Talladega MLS#509253


127 Whispering Oak Dr., Talladega MLS#549046



6103 Harmon Dr., Pell City MLS#561677



261 Lisa’s Cove, Talladega MLS#493175



135 Holiday Estates Dr., Cropwell MLS#555946



234 Stuarts Lane, Talladega MLS#533953



229 Willow Dr., Lincoln MLS#558234



386 Lakeview Circle, Alpine MLS#520662



706 Killough Lane, Talladega MLS#559177



123 St. Jude Lane, Talladega MLS#557316



3933 Griffitt Bend Rd., Talladega MLS#559498



560 Mays Bend Lane, Pell City $



1060 Images Square, Cropwell MLS#554101



319 Ellis Lane, Lincoln $



106 Viewpoint Circle, Pell City MLS#556051



173 Albert Rd., Lincoln MLS#557736



6109 Harmon Dr. Pell City MLS#563102



111 Paradise Isle #1, Riverside MLS#564664



106 Ingram Street, Cropwell

200 Skyline Trail, Pell City



1154 Funderburg Bend Rd. Pell City

432 Cedar Cove Dr., Alpine






890 Black Acres Rd., Cropwell MLS#540215



593 Cove Point Dr., Riverside MLS#555430



488 Rabbit Point Rd., Cropwell MLS#502166



0 Lake Hills Dr. Talladega MLS#559523







89 Mohawk Trail, Pell City MLS#565984



5009 Masters Rd., Pell City MLS#557441



5000 Forest Dr., Pell City MLS#545343



100 Lagoon Lane, Cropwell MLS#534025




“a Foundation for Generations”

“a Foundation for Generations”

Bonnie Voss Adam Bain

Mary Ellis

$284,900 - 99 River Terrace Dr. - YEAR ROUND WATER and spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bath home with open floor plan. Home has living/dining and large unfinished basement for potential growth, 2-car garage and 2-car carport, pavillion, storage building abd civered boat port. MLS #545096. Call Brenda 205/812-4141

Bill Gossett

Janice Dillon Nan Morris

Brenda Fields

Blair Fields

Karen Bain

Carl Howard Tony Gossett Gary Smith

$479,000 - 155 Valley View - MOVE IN READY, Awesome one level 3/4 bedroom, 3 bath home with many amenities. Vaulted family room with stone fireplace, beams, dining, sunroom overlooking the lake, bonus room could be 4th bedroom, gentle slope lot on year round water with pier and boathouse. MLS #548623. Call Blair 812-5377 or Brenda 812-4141

Lawrence Fields

Jenny Frey

Scott Fields

Michelle Tina Stallings Jacque Owens Jeff Gossett Shoemaker

$215,000 - 111 Paradise Isle #111 - CONDO LOCATED IN RIVERSIDE 2 bedroom, 2 baths remodeled. Nice appliances, carpet and tiled baths and showers, located on main river with 2 pools, tennis courts and more. MLS #564664. Call Karen 205/473-4613

$184,900 - 48 Island Lake Lane - WATERFRONT 3 bedroom, 2 baths home with nice family room with rock fireplace, covered porch overlooking the lake, gentle slope lot with private pier and shared boat launch. MLS #530254. Call Carl 965-4755 or Nan 256/452-4761

$429,900 - LAKE HOME with all the features that you are lookinf for! One owner, perfect slope lot, year round water, covered pier with lift, nice seawall, wrap around deck, boat launch. 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath built in 2003: Full basement with 1 bedroom, 2 baths, studded up in basement for 4-5 more rooms. MLS #552410 Call Jenny 205/405-0280.

$449,900 - Lake Living Home Updated in 2010 with new kitchen countertops, new roof, 3 new AC units, fenced area for pets, extensive decking for entertaining, PLUS full fenced in tennis court that can serve as basketball or volleyball too. GREAt view and must see! MLS #560537. Call Janice 936-6707

$448,500 - 477 Aradon Farms - 4 bedroom, 4 bath executive home with beautiful setting on level, shaded lot Formal dining room, living room and refurbished kitchen with solid counter tops. Outside has covered patio area, rock water fall and very private. MLS #558310. Call Bill 369-7977, Tony 281-1317 or jeff at 405-1649

$334,500 - 785 Ridgeway Cr. - Great View with this 3 bedroom, 3 bath home that has family room with fireplace as well as 2nd kitchen, den with stone fireplace and office downstairs. Detached garage, pier and community pool and launch. MLS #551134. Call Brenda 812-4141

$60,000 - 206 Harmon’s Island Rd. LEASED LOT with this nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath mobile home with spacious open floor plan. Wonderful water view from the covered porch, concrete storm shelter has been added onto the end of the house. MLS #538550 Call Mary 586-0825

$271,500 - 95 River Oaks Ln. - LAKE ACCESS - 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, One level living, spacious kitchen with granite countertops, beautiful inground pool with screen-in deck overlooking the pool, 2 car garage with detached garage/workshop. MLS #554448 Call Carl 965-4755 or Michelle 427-3222

$663,500 - 5762 Seddon Shores Dr. - ELEGANT LAKE LIVING with this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home that has warm inviting family room with stone fireplace, dining and large sunroom with vaulted ceiling and stone fireplace, the master bedroom has a study that overlooks the inground pool and lake. Cottage is also adjacent to the pool area, oversized garage as well as the 2-car attached garage, pier with 2-boat slips and seawall. MLS #561081. Call Brenda 205/812-4141

$239,900 - 250 Nixon Rd. - CONTEMPORARY Country Ranch four bedroom, 3 bath home with separate garage with large workshop and located on approx. 5 ACRES m/l. MLS #559100. Call Tina 337-8509

$449,900 - 209 Rock Inn Point - CHARACTER, CHARM AND CONVENIENCE is part of this large one level 4 bedroom home with living room, dining, sunroom and bonus room. The oversize master has his/her dressing areas and private overed porch. MLS #515240. Call Lawrence 812-5195

$260,000 - 107 Seddon Shores Lane - 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 2 levels and two fireplaces, two family rooms, screened porch, carport, seawall and pier. MLS #543534. Call Bill 369-7977

508 Martin Street South • Pell City, AL • 205.884.2300 • 1.800.806.7741 • 314416


Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes - July 2013


Nancy Locklar Lakefront Realtor


205-338-MOVE (6683) 205-362-6883

Associate Broker 205-763-1333 Office 256-591-3217 Cellular RESIDENTIAL 866-255-6950 Toll Free COMMERCIAL 205-763-1334 Fax LOTS & LAND




(205) 338-MOVE (6683) Fax: (205) 338-4149 1019 Martin St., S. Pell City, Al 35128


Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated


418 Martin St. S. Pell City, AL 35128


Karen Bain




Cell: 205-473-4613

Commercial,Residential & Lake Front Property.

Cell 205-369-2704



Office: 205-884-2300 Fax: 205-884-2301 Toll Free: 1-800-806-7741

2012 Realtor of the year


508 Martin St. So. • Pell City, AL 35128


Caran Wilbanks 205-338-1961

MOODY REALTY “I represent buyers and sellers throughout St. Clair County and surrounding areas.”


Maria Price 270588

Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated


HomeTown Sharon Thomas


Phone (205)338-SELL (7355) 1-866-377-9415 • (Cell) 205-365-8875


Homes - Land - New Construction



3440 Martin Street S. Suite 17

Paula Krafft, Realtor

Stephanie Hurst

Associate Broker

GRI, ABR Broker

Cell 205-365-9612 Office 205-640-7671


Jo McCabe


Paula Krafft Life Member Club of Excellence




(205) 338-MOVE (6683) Fax: (205) 338-4149 1019 Martin St., S. Pell City, Al 35128

256-493-7441 - direct 205-338-MOVE - office

“Where The Experts Are”


Each Office Is Independently Owned &Operated





1160 McCaig Road, Lincoln, AL 35096

July 2013 - Lakeside Living & Logan Martin Homes 63


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We at Metro Bank believe in the power of local business. In these trying times we want to encourage everyone to shop locally. Remember we are never so powerful as when we work together.

We are a Full Service Bank offering a variety of products to fit your needs. Drive Thru Banking Available at 7:30 a.m.

Open Every Friday Until 5:30 p.m.

Residential Mortgage Lending MB Financial Services, Inc. Personal and Commercial Insurance Pell City • Ragland • Lincoln • Heflin Ashville • Southside • Moody



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