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The Cleburne News, Thursday, October 24, 2013 – 9

Quarter (NW ? of NE ?) of Sec- of sale contained in said Mort- (256) 237-4641 tion 7, Township 16 South, gage will sell at public outcry Range 11 East in Cleburne for cash to the highest bidder, The Cleburne News County, Alabama, and being in front of the main entrance of Cleburne Co., Al more particularly described as the Cleburne County Court- October 10, 17, 24, 31, 2013 follows: Beginning at the North- house, Heflin, Alabama, during IN RE: THE ESTATE OF east corner of Section 7, Town- the legal hours of sale on NoELIZABETH D. WILLIAMS, Notice of Publicaship 16 South, Range 11 East; vember 14, 2013, the following DECEASED thence West 1989.26 feet; described real estate: CASE NO. 2013-096 tion of Petition for thence South 600.32 feet to The North half of Lot number NOTICE OF HEARING BY the Southern line of Alabama Four (4), in Block M, bounded Intermediate PUBLICATION #46 Highway; thence South 62 as follows: on the North by Lot To: Any and all known and unAccounting degrees 59’ East along the Three (3), Block M; on the known heirs of Elizabeth D. THE STATE OF ALABAMA Southern line of said Highway West by Ross Street; on the Williams, Deceased CLEBURNE COUNTY 210.0 feet to the Point of Be- South by the South half of Lot You will please take notice that PROBATE COURT ginning of the hereafter de- Four (4), Block M; on the East on the 8th day of October, Case No. 6-116 2013, a certain paper in writing scribed parcel of land; thence by College Street; fronting purported to be the last will and South 27 degrees 26’ West West on Ross Street, One IN THE MATTER OF THE AP290.50 feet; thence South 62 Hundred (100) Feet and run- PLICATION OF DENNIS MAtestament of Elizabeth D. Wildegrees 59’ East 110.62 feet; ning back Two Hundred (200) GOUIRK AND PEGGY MAliams was filed in my office for thence North 40 degrees 31’ Feet to College Street; thence GOUIRK AS CONSERVAprobate by Sherry Dodson East 303.82 feet to the South- along the West side of College TORS OF THE ESTATE OF Owen and that the 15th day of ern line of Alabama #46 high- Street One Hundred (100) Feet SCOTT R. MAGOUIRK FOR November, 2013 at 10:00 ACCOUNTway; thence North 64 degrees to dividing line of said Lot Four INTERMEDIATE o’clock a.m. was appointed a day for hearing therof, at which 34’ West along the Southern (4), Block M, according to the ING OF THE ESTATE OF right-of-way line of said High- map and survey of the town of SCOTT R. MAGOUIRK. time you can appear and conway 179.54 feet to the Point of Heflin, made by W.B. Furger- This day came Dennis Matest the same if you see propBeginning. Containing 1.0 son. The above described gouirk and Peggy Magouirk, er. acres and being in the NW ? of property situated, lying and be- Conservators of the Estate of Given under my hand this 10th the NE ? of Section 7, Town- ing in Cleburne County, Ala- Scott R. Magouirk, an incapaciday of October, 2013. tated person, and filed a Petiship 16 South, Range 11 East. bama. Ryan Robertson For informational purposes on- This sale is made for the pur- tion in writing and under oath, Judge, Probate Court ly, the property address is: pose of paying the indebted- praying for an order of this Court, approving the Intermedi5512 Highway 46, Heflin, AL ness secured by the above The Cleburne News 36264. This sale is made for described Mortgage, and the ate Accounting of said Estate. Cleburne Co., AL the purpose of paying the in- proceeds thereof will be ap- It is ORDERED, ADJUDGED October 17, 24, & 31, 2013 debtedness secured by said plied as provided by the terms AND DECREED by the Court that the 18th day of November, mortgage, as well as the ex- of said Mortgage. 2013 at 9:30, AM, be, and the penses of foreclosure. Fur- METRO BANK same hereby is fixed by the thermore, the property to be of- T. Boice Turner, Jr. MORTGAGE fered pursuant to this notice of ADAMS, TURNER & MILLER, Court as the day and time for the Hearing on the said Petisale is being offered for sale, L.L.C. FORECLOSURE tion. transfer and conveyance AS P. O. Box 1124 Witness my hand this 13th day IS, WHERE IS. Neither the Anniston, AL 36202 SALE of September, 2013 Default having been made in mortgagee, nor the officers, di- (256) 235-1901 Gary G. Stanko the payment of the indebted- rectors, attorneys, employees, Attorney for Mortgagee Attorney for Petitioners ness secured by that certain agents or authorized represenIsom & Stanko, LLC Mortgage executed on July 2, tative of the mortgagee make The Cleburne News PO Box 2066 2009, by KRISTIE BRYANT, a any representation or warranty Cleburne Co., AL single woman, to METRO relating to the title or any physi- October 24, 31, & November 7, 1021 Noble Street, Suite 100 Anniston AL 36202 BANK, said Mortgage being re- cal, environmental, health or 2013 (256)237-4641 corded in the Office of the safety conditions existing in, Notice of Public Auction of Judge of Probate, Cleburne on, at or relating to the properAbandoned Vehicle County, Alabama, in Book ty offered for sale. Any and all Please take NOTICE that AD- The Cleburne News 2009, Page 3139, Entry # responsibilities or liabilities AMS’ TOWING will offer for Cleburne Co., AL 32235 and METRO BANK, arising out of or in any way re- sale by sealed bids to the high- October 10, 17, 24, 2013 Mortgagee, by reason of such lating to any such condition, in- est bidder for cash the followSTATE OF default having declared all of cluding those suggested by ing abandoned motor vehicle: the indebtedness secured by Code of Ala. (1975) § 1996 FORD VIN# 35-4-271, expressly are disALABAMA said Mortgage due and pay1FMDU32X3TUB88748 CLEBURNE COUNTY able and by virtue of the power claimed. This sale is subject to 1992 HONDA VIN# PROBATE COURT of sale contained in said Mort- all prior liens and encumbranc- JHMBA8241NC010089 CASE #2013-099 The University of Alabama, gage will sell at public outcry es and unpaid taxes and as- 2002 CHEVROLET VIN# IN THE MATTER OF THE ESCollege of Continuing Studies for cash to the highest bidder, sessments including any trans- 1G1H12T027151367 TATE OF LILLAR HOUSTON, seeks a qualified Health Con- in front of the main entrance of fer tax associated with the foresultant to provide independent, the Cleburne County Court- closure. The successful bidder The following vehicles will be DECEASED routine health consultation ser- house, Heflin, Alabama, during must tender a non-refundable auctioned for the towing and Letters of Administration of vices, including onsite visits to the legal hours of sale on No- deposit of Five Thousand Dol- storage at Adams’ Towing said deceased, LILLAR HOUSbusinesses and industries in vember 14, 2013, the following lars and no/100 ($5,000.00) in 6326 Hwy 46 Heflin AL at 7 TON, having been granted to certified or cash funds at the CATHERINE BAKER, as PerAlabama. Closing date is described real estate: a.m. on November 22, 2013 Six acres, more or less, lying time and place of the sale. The Seller shall have a right to sonal Representative, on the 10/31/13. Visit UA’s employment website Southeast of U.S. Highway The balance of the purchase reject any bid that is unrea- 11th day of October, 2013, in price must be paid in certified the Probate Court of Cleburne at for more infor- #78, described as follows: sonably low and may postpone mation and to apply. EOE/AA Beginning at the Northeast cor- funds by close of business on the public auction until another County, Alabama, by the HonThe University of Alabama is ner of said Northwest quarter the next business day thereaf- specified time and place. In ad- orable Ryan Robertson, notice an equal-opportunity educa- of Southwest quarter of Sec- ter at the Law Office of Shapiro dition, the Seller expressly re- is hereby given that all persons tion 36, Township 15, South, and Ingle, L.L.C. at the ad- serves the right to bid and pur- having claims against said estional institution/employer. tate are hereby required to _________________________ range 10 East; Thence run dress indicated below. Shapiro chase at the public auction. present the same within time South 50 degrees West 15.3 and Ingle, L.L.C. reserves the HELP WANTED-SALES allowed by law or the same will EARN $500 a day: Insurance chains to the East line of the right to award the bid to the The Cleburne News be barred. agents needed. Leads, no cold land owned by John Gray; next highest bidder, or to re- October 17, 24, 2013 Ryan Robertson calls, commissions paid daily, Thence North along said East schedule the sale, should the lifetime renewals, complete line to the South boundary line highest bidder fail to timely ten- Notice of Publication of Petition Judge of Probate training, health/dental insu- of the right of way of U.S. High- der the total amount due. for Final Settlement The Cleburne News rance. Life license required. way #78; Thence in a North- Kondaur Capital Corporation as Separate Trustee of MatawTHE STATE OF AL- Cleburne Co., AL easterly direction along said Call 1-888-713-6020. October 17, 24, 31, 2013 _________________________ boundary line of the right of in Ventures Trust Series ABAMA way of U.S. Highway #78 to 2013-1, and its successors and HELP WANTED-TRADES HEAVY EQUIPMENT operator the East line of said Southwest assigns STATE OF CLEBURNE training! Bulldozers, backhoes, quarter of the Northwest quar- Mortgagee or Transferee SHAPIRO AND INGLE, L.L.C. ALABAMA excavators. 3 week hands on ter; Thence South along said COUNTY Perimeter Parkway, program. Local job placement East line of the Southwest 10130 COUNTY OF Suite 400 PROBATE COURT assistance. National certifica- quarter of the Northwest quarCase No. 2002-09-56 tions. GI Bill benefits eligible. ter extended to the point of be- Charlotte, NC 28216 CLEBURNE CONSERVATOR’S ginning. Situated lying and be- 704-333-8107/ 13-003109 1-866-362-6497. PROBATE COURT Attorneys for Mortgagee or SETTLEMENT NOTICE _________________________ ing in the County of Cleburne CASE NO. 2013-094 Transferee TO: All Interested Parties and State of Alabama. HELP WANTED IN RE: THE ESTATE OF Notice is hereby given that on KITCHEN CREWS needed off- This sale is made for the purNICKY DEARMAN JENKINS, The Cleburne News this, the 17th day of Sept., shore in the Oil and Gas indus- pose of paying the indebtedDECEASED Cleburne Co., AL 2013, came Karen S. Mills as try. Entry level positions start at ness secured by the above NOTICE TO CREDITORS October 10, 17, 24, 2013 Conservator of the Estate of $710 - $810 per week. Sign up described Mortgage, and the LETTERS OF ADMINISTRAKaitlyn D. Mills, and filed her now for training today. Call proceeds thereof will be apTION upon the Estate of plied as provided by the terms MORTGAGE FORE- petition, account, and vouch- NICKY DEARMAN JENKINS 1-850-424-2600. ers, for final settlement of said _________________________ of said Mortgage. having been granted to the unCLOSURE SALE Estate. METRO BANK LAND FOR SALE Default having been made in It is ordered that the 18th day dersigned on the 15th day of FORECLOSED CABIN on 4 T. Boice Turner, Jr. October, 2013, by the Honthe payment of the indebtedacres! Just $89,900. Bring your ADAMS, TURNER & MILLER, ness secured by that certain of November, 2013, be, and orable Ryan Robertson, Judge the same hereby is, appointed hammer & nails. Great fixer L.L.C. Mortgage executed on April 7, as the day for the hearing of of Probate court of Cleburne upper on beautiful wooded roll- P. O. Box 1124 2011 by RODNEY JAY KAY- the said petition and for the County, Alabama, notice is ing land. Enjoy wildlife, creeks, Anniston, AL 36202 LOR and spouse, DOMA- auditing and stating of said ac- hereby given that all persons ponds, lake access. Must see! (256) 235-1901 NICKA L. KAYLOR to METRO count, at which time all per- having claims against said esAttorney for Mortgagee Call 1-877-888-0267,x439. BANK, said Mortgage being re- sons interested may appear tate are hereby required to _________________________ corded in the Office of the and contest the same, if they present the same within the STREAMFRONT LAND Bar- The Cleburne News time allowed by law or the Judge of Probate, Cleburne desire to do so. gain! 1.7 acre wooded corner Cleburne Co., AL County, Alabama, in Book Witness my hand this 4th day same will be barred. parcel in Blue Ridge Mtns. 390’ October 24, 31, November 7, 2011, Page 1514, Entry CHRISTY HIETT of October, 2013 on crystal clear stream, natural 2013 CINDY CAMPBELL #39126, and METRO BANK, Gary G. Stanko year-round spring. Paved road, Mortgagee, by reason of such Attorney for Petitioner municipal water, utilities, mild The Cleburne News default having declared all of restrictions - RV friendly. Was MORTGAGE FORE- the indebtedness secured by Isom Stanko & Senter, LLC Cleburne Co., AL PO Box 2066 $69,900 now, $27,900. ExcelOctober 24, 31, November 7, said Mortgage due and pay- 1021 Noble Street, Suite 100 CLOSURE SALE lent financing. Call now 2013 able and by virtue of the power Anniston, AL 36202 Default having been made in 1-866-952-5303, x 62. the payment of the indebted_________________________ ness secured by that certain MANUFACTURED HOMES MOBILE HOMES with mortgage executed on April 27, acreage. Ready to move in. 2005 by Stanley W. Maynard, Seller financing with approved an unmarried man, originally in credit. Lots of room for the favor of Citifinancial Corporaprice, 3 Br 2 Ba. No renters. tion, LLC, and recorded in 1-205-289-8899. LandHome- Mortgage Book 2005 at Page 2133 on April 28, 2005, in the Reaching 285,000 Households Per Week _________________________ Office of the Judge of Probate 256-241-1900 256-299-2153 205-884-3400 of Cleburne County, Alabama. MEDICAL SUPPLIES NEW AND used - stair lift ele- Shapiro and Ingle, L.L.C., as Toll Free vators, car lifts, scooters, lift counsel for Mortgagee or The Daily Home Anniston Star The St. Clair Times Calhoun Marketplace chairs, power wheel chairs, Transferee and under and by Coosa Valley Advantage Jacksonville News virtue of power of sale conHometown Marketplace walk-in tubs. Covering all of AlPiedmont Journal Coosa Marketplace tained in the said mortgage Cleburne News / Cleburne Marketplace abama for 23 years. Elrod MoLakeside Marketplace will, on November 6, 2013, sell bility 1-800-682-0658. (R) Ginger Staude at public outcry to the highest _________________________ 256-299-2152 bidder in front of the main entrance of the Cleburne County, Alabama, Courthouse in the City of Heflin, during the legal hours of sale, the following real estate situated in Cleburne Alabama, to wit: IN THE PROBATE County, 1.0 acres of land in the NorthCOURT OF west Quarter of the Northeast

Medical Office Assistant! No experience needed! Online training at SC gets you job ready! HS diploma/GED & PC/Internet needed! 1-888-926-6075. (R) _________________________ HELP WANTED-DRIVERS ATTENTION REGIONAL & dedicated drivers! Averitt offers excellent benefits and hometime. CDL-A required. 1-888-362-8608, recent grads w/a CDL-A, 1-6 weeks paid training. Apply online at Equal Opportunity Employer. _________________________ ATTN: DRIVER trainees needed! $800 to $1000 a week plus benefits! Home weekly or OTR! Everyone approved if qualified! Company sponsored, cash, finance, post GI (vets), WIA. Will train locally! 1-800-878-2537. (R) _________________________ 25 DRIVER TRAINEES needed now! Become a driver for TMC Transportation! Earn $750 per week! No experience needed! Job ready in 15 days! 1-888-743-4611. (R) _________________________ DRIVERS: RUN FB with WTI. Be home through the week and weekends. Start up to 28% plus fuel bonus. New equipment. BCBS. Experience needed. LP available. Call 1-877-693-1305. (R) _________________________ MILAN EXPRESS OTR CDL Class A drivers. Cullman, AL. Home weekly. Annual increases & bonuses. No Hazmat. Vacation/paid holidays. Great benefits. 1-800-552-2591 x 3133 or 3187. _________________________ NEW CAREER - CDL training. Jobs available if qualified. Call today - start tomorrow! WIA, VA, Post-9/11 G.I. Bill & Rehab. ESD TDS, LLC. 1-866-432-0430. (R) _________________________ HELP WANTED-ADMIN/PROF




Ranburne Water and Sewer Board is taking bids on (labor and materials needed), to be done on a 30’ X 80’ building located at 21393 Main Street, in the city of Ranburne, AL. Bids need to be submitted to the Ranburne Water and Sewer Board located at 2522 Frank Ledbetter Drive, Ranburne, AL. Bids will be opened on Tuesday November 5th @ 7:00 am. THE WORK WILL CONSIST OF: 1. Remove and dispose of existing roof down to the rafters. 2. Install lathing with 2x4’s on 2’ centers. 3. Install new 29 gauge metal roof 4. Remove and dispose of existing wood lumber in the rear gable. 5. Install new OSB on rear gable. 6. Cover all exposed wood with vinyl siding including boxing on rafter over hang. 7. Place post under awning located in the front of the building to support it. The Cleburne News Cleburne Co., AL October 24, 31, 2013


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Kelly Educational Staffing is hiring substitutes!! Teachers, Custodians, and Child Nutrition

10 am CST, across from Cleburne Co. Sheriff's Dept. 140 Lambert Dr. Helfin, AL Follow signs off Hwy 46, partial listing: 230 Massey Ferguson Tractor, 16 ft trailer (Sheriff's Dept. selling '09 Crown Vic. & '07 Crown Vic., '90 Lincoln Towncar) (City of Heflin autos will be added in the next ad), trucks, tractors & other farm equipment & several autos from local consigners.

Call Jim 770-352-4092 256-579-2018.

We will accept consignments on Friday, November 1 & day of Auction. Terms of sale cash, checks if known by auction company. Payment due day of sale. All sales final & as is. 10% buyer's premium.

Robinson Auction Company J. Darryl Robinson

ALSL 1444

All announcements made at auction stand take precedence 326233 over all printed material

Call NOW to apply 205-832-0529 or fax 256-832-0659 Email resumes to: Proof of education, valid identification and eligibility to work in the US will be needed at the time of interview.


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AUCTION Consignment equipment, Sat., Nov. 2,

If you’ve ever considered becoming a substitute this could be the perfect time to act. In fact, if you have a high school diploma or GED and a desire to make a positive impact in our future generations you are qualified to apply. In addition to making a difference in a child’s life, you can earn competitive pay and enjoy a flexible schedule. Benefits: •Summer bonus program •Weekly pay with direct deposit •Training and personal development classes •Medical, life and disability coverage •401k retirement savings plan •Discount programs and much more!


Cleburne News 256-241-1900

The Cleburne News - 10/24/13  

The Cleburne News for October 24, 2013.

The Cleburne News - 10/24/13  

The Cleburne News for October 24, 2013.