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Jimmy Randall Boozer, Jacksonville Sandra Elizabeth Brooks, Five Points Spurgeon Bussey, Old Davistown Debbie Crisp Chaplin, Anniston Christopher C. “Brother” Cole Jr., Oxford Clarence Conolley, Oxford Clara J. Mays Copeland, Anniston John Coppock, Piedmont Gordon W. Crews, Woodland Willie Ford Croft, Hobson City Brittany Duffey, Wedowee Johnnie M. Evans, Pell City Catherine Garrett, Ohio James George, Anniston Milton Gover Jr., Birmingham Ronnie Green, Weaver Roscoe M. Haney, Anniston Charlotte M. Hanvey, Saks Roy Melvin Jenkins, Anniston James Hunter Johnson, Piedmont Johnie Abigail Campbell King, Anniston Valarie Kirby, Anniston Vallie “Sister” Poland McLendon, Jacksonville Glenn McNeill, Anniston Rhonda A. “Millie” Morrison, Oxford Margaret B. Nixon, Eulaton Betty Jane Norred, Georgia Curtis A. “Kid” Reeves, Gadsden Mabel Seymour, Lineville William “Bill” Stacey, Piedmont John J. Towers, Fruithurst Lola Wynona Knight Truitt, Roanoke Lucille Reynolds Wood, Georgia

• Travis Tyrell Johnson • Joshua George Grifof Anniston to Ashley fin of Oxford to BarbaMonique Howard of ra Marie Comardelle Anniston of Oxford • August Harvey Hor- • Eduard Edward Wyston Jr. of Anniston to inger of Anniston to Sonya Hughes Horton Deborah Renee Risby of Anniston of Georgia • Darius Jamal Stewart • Donald Nicholas of Anniston to Shante- Hughes of Ohatchee qua Jameia Siders of to Crystal Michelle Weaver Curvin of Ohatchee • Shontese Antione • Richard Casey Barker Clark of Anniston of Jacksonville to Ashto Candice Preena ley Nicole Thomas of McCallum of Anniston Jacksonville • Bryan Ross McCor- • David Elvis Bryan mack of Oxford to of Anniston to Reba Carol Brown Maddox Ann Cooper Brown of of Alexandria Anniston Chapter 7 • Phillip Kent John- • Titus Jerome Hender• Tabatha Murphy, Weaver son Jr. of Piedmont to son of Anniston to Nar• William M. Murray and Angel D. Murray, Jill Marie Rowland of ketha Sheree Bryant of Carriage Road, Anniston Jacksonville Anniston • William I. Parks and Judith A. Parks, Den- • James McArthur • Joey Thomas Rosson nis Street SW, Jacksonville Wilson of Anniston to of Anniston to Hayle • David Christopher and Brittany Christo- Mary Smith Wilson of Kathryn Stovall of pher, Hebble Highway, Piedmont Jacksonville Anniston • Edith Wiselka, Crestview Drive, Anniston FORECLOSURES • Jeffery S. Willis, Little John Drive, Oxford A Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows the debtor to retain certain exempt property, but the debtor’s remaining property is gathered and sold by a trustee from which creditors will receive payment. It may also be used by businesses which wish to terminate their business. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables debtors, through court supervision and protection, to propose and carry out a repayment plan under which creditors are paid, in full or in part, in installments over a three-year period. During that time, debtors are prohibited from starting or continuing collection efforts. The following bankruptcies declared by Calhoun County residents were recorded by U.S. Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Alabama last week:

Chapter 13

• Timmy Young, Wilmer Avenue, Anniston • Kevin L. Pair, Robanna Circle, Ohatchee • Diane P. Tant, Altamont Road, Anniston


Add some SPICE to your life

• Charles Harlin Beecham • Michael Boothe Matthews • Richard L. Knight Sr.

Food in Wednesday’s Anniston Star



Here is the livestock market report for the Tuesday sale. Receipts for this week 603 compared to 765 last week. Receipts a year ago 211.

FEEDER CLASSES: Bulls and steers (Medium and Large No. 1 and No. 2): 200-300 lbs. 160.00-225.00; 300-400 lbs. 152.00 to 220.00; 400-500 lbs. 132.00 to 170.00; 500-600 lbs. 120.00 to 147.00; 600-700 lbs. 106.00 to 139.00. Heifers (Medium and Large No. 1 and No. 2): 200300 lbs. 140.00 to 210.00; 300-400 lbs. 130.00 to 165.00; 400-500 lbs. 114.00 to 145.00; 500-600 lbs. 120.00 to 130.00; 600-700 lbs. 100.00 to 125.00.


Cows: Breakers 75.00 to 81.00; Boners 82.00 to 86.50; Lean 71.00 to 74.00. Bulls: Normal Dressing 54-58% 89.50 to 98.00; Low • Franklin J. Fugera, • Matthew W. Reaves, Dressing Martha A. Fugera and Brookwood Forest subEDITOR’S NOTE Candice Lee Burnett, division, block C, lot 18. Hidden Valley subdivi- • Jonathan D. Chumley, The material inside the sion, lot 46. Jacksonville Mining & Sunday Record is recorded • Michael D. Stevens, Manufacturing Co., by The Anniston Star from Wilborn Park Heights, block 365, lots 3-5. various institutions and block E, lot 6. government offices. The public records are published as they appeared INCORPORATIONS on the documents obtained • Lex Domus LLC by the newspaper. Direct • 2H Hailing LLC questions and comments about Sunday Record to Dissolved Isaac Godwin at jgodwin@ • Main Street Marketing LLC

Las Vegas attempts to clean up X-rated litter By Mead Gruver Associated Press

LAS VEGAS — Some tourists try to dissuade them by directing icy glares their way. Others stare, zombie-like, into the Las Vegas Strip’s ubiquitous video screens and light displays in an effort to ignore the pushy handbill distributors. But some tourists accept the pamphlets and glossy cards that advertise all-but-nude exotic dancers. Then, more often than not, they toss the material in the trash. Or if a trash can isn’t nearby, onto the sidewalk — creating an endless X-rated litter problem that Las Vegas officials are now trying to clean up. A new ordinance requires handbillers to pick up litter within a 25-foot radius on the sidewalk. But there’s a hitch: The law might run afoul of the First Amendment.

“If someone takes some material, regardless of what it is, and then walks down the street and decides to drop it, that’s the person who is littering. That’s the person that is responsible, not the person who gave it to them originally,” said Allen Lichtenstein, general counsel for the Nevada American Civil Liberties Union. Las Vegas police aren’t enforcing the ordinance yet. The ACLU has been meeting regularly with the exotic dancer businesses and police to talk about how that will happen, as well as encourage handbillers to help keep the Strip clean. The group has not yet challenged the law in court. Meanwhile, handbillers are as in-your-face as ever. “They’re totally annoying,” John Marquez, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, said on a recent evening. “I pretty much take them and toss them in the first garbage can I see.”

One card he’d just grabbed near the Monte Carlo advertised a nearly nude woman named “Giesele” and a “$35 Special” but offered no other details on what the deal involved. The legions of handbillers on the Strip on any given day include about 25 who work the Strip for Hillsboro Entertainment. They hand out some 50,000 handbills a week, according to the company’s owner, Vincent Bartello. Sure, he could probably get the law overturned, he said. He doesn’t want to. “We’re not actually littering. It’s the tourists, the people who come here. But if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be here. And I want to be able to make something better for them,” Bartello said. Hillsboro Enter tainment always has picked up after itself, he added. And his dancers absolutely are not prostitutes.

“We do not condone that. We send out dancers, entertainers, to entertain for customers that call,” he said. Prostitution is legal in most of rural Nevada but illegal in metropolitan areas like Las Vegas and Reno. Still, the sex trade flourishes in Sin City. Las Vegas tried directly to prohibit handbilling in 1997. The ACLU intervened in court and won. Subsequent court rulings have established that sidewalks along the Strip are public thoroughfares where the First Amendment protects freedom of speech, Lichtenstein said. Lately, rather than keep going after the handbillers, Clark County has been focused on a cleanup-the-Strip effort that also will examine where to put trash cans and whether handbillers are impeding pedestrian flow in some areas.

“People are having to wade their way through some of that stuff,” Clark County Manager Don Burnette said. To Lichtenstein, how police will enforce a law that requires handbillers to clean up their area no less than every 15 minutes is an obvious problem. “I’m not sure the police even understand what they’re supposed to be enforcing,” he said. “Depending on what happens, we may be back in court again.” Police Capt. Todd Fasulo said the law is straightforward and, as with any crime, enforcement will be a matter of police priorities. At least one visitor was more concerned about the use of so much paper than the sultry images being thrust at her husband. “It’s a waste of trees,” said John Marquez’s wife, Kaye. “There’s got to be a better way to do advertising.”

BLOTTER Crimes are listed by location. Anonymous tips may be called in to Crime Stoppers at 256-238-1414. A reward of up to $1,000 may be given.


The following property crimes were reported to the Anniston Police Department during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday.

Burglaries • Residence, 1300 block of Stephens Avenue: tablet computer. • Residence, 100 block of F Street: television, laptop computers. • Residence, first block of Pelham Heights: televisions, jewelry, tablet computers, game consoles. • Residence, 1600 block of BynumLeatherwood Road: welder, washing machine, dryer, television, freezer, knives. • Residence, unspecified block of Ryan Drive: television, remote. • Residence, 4700 block of Saks Road: clothing, DVDs. • Residence, 1600 block of Mulberry Avenue: game console, food, jewelry, personal care item. • Residence, 5100 block of McClel-

lan Boulevard: game console, games, mp3 player. (Recovered 08-30-2012) • Storage facility, 4400 block of Bynum-Leatherwood Road: household items. • Residence, 1000 block of valley Creek Drive: jewelry. • Residence, 800 block of West 16th Street: bicycle, copper pipe, crystal glasses, copper pots. • Residence, 800 block of South Leighton Avenue: copper tubing. • Supermarket, 1300 block of Greenbrier Road: cash.

Thefts • Residence, 3100 block of McKleroy Avenue: cash. • Residence, 100 block of Upper Ten Road: wheelchair carrier. (Recovered 08-31-2012) • Parking lot, 500 block of South Quintard Avenue: Dodge Ram tail gate. • Residence, 1400 block of Woodstock Avenue: floor wax, floor stripper, air compressor. • Residence, 100 block of Pelham Heights, tools, extension cords, light fixture. • Residence, 1400 block of Noble

Street: television. (Recovered 0831-2012) • Residence, 5300 block of Whisperwood Court: household items. • Residence, 1400 block of Christine Avenue: purse, cash, personal paperwork. • Department store, 5500 block of McClellan Boulevard: merchandise. (Recovered 09-01-2012) • Field, 1100 block of South Leighton Avenue: tools. • Unknown location, 1100 block of Old Gadsden Highway: manhole covers. (Recovered 08-30-2012) • Residence, 2200 block of West D Street: tool bag, bucket, tools. • Residence, 1300 block of Einstein Avenue: air conditioner. • Specialty store, 2400 block of U.S. 431: laptop computer, furniture. • Residence, 500 block of Old Gadsden Highway: electric wheelchair.

Auto-related thefts • Convenience store, 1700 block of Quintard Avenue: cash, external hard drive, briefcase. (Recovered 09-02-2012) • Residence, 300 block of Elm Street: 1994 Nissan Altima.

Calhoun County

The following property crimes Jacksonville were reported to the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office during the The following property crimes seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. were reported to the Jacksonville Police Department during the Thursday. seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Burglaries Thursday. • Residence, Websters Chapel Burglaries Road, Wellington: security safe, personal I.D., cash, medications. • Residence, 700 block of Mountain Street Northwest: welder kit.


• Residence, Mount View Road, Wellington: kayak. • Residence, Carrington Circle, Alexandria: jewelry, clothing. • Storage facility, Gladden Lane West, Alexandria: roofing tin, stainless steel milk churn. • Residence, Bernard Couch Drive, Anniston: firearms, sword. • Residence, Lankford Lane, Alexandria: jewelry. • Commercial location, Choctaw Street, Anniston: copper wire.

Thefts • Residence, unspecified block of Apple Street: trampoline. • Department store, 1600 block of Pelham Road South: portable gazebo, patio set. • Sally Beauty Supply, 1555 Pelham Road S: cash.

Auto-related thefts

• Parking lot, 1500 block of Church Avenue: debit/credit cards, digital cameras, paycheck, personal I.D., wallet. • Parking lot, 600 block of GadsAuto-related thefts den Road: jewelry, CDs, cell phone • Residence, Church Street, Hob- charger and cable, eyeglass son City: car stereo. case. • Residence, Kelly Lane, Piedmont: • Residence, 100 block of Derek combination player unit, amplifier, Drive: mp3 player, medical testing cash. supplies, back pack.

WE BUY GOLD Silver and Diamonds


Snow St., Oxford - Across from Cheaha Bank • (256) 365-2087


The Anniston Star

Sunday Record

Sunday, September 9, 2012 Page 5F


NEW 2012 Ford Fiesta SE $



Net Price




1507 SOUTH QUINTARD • 256-403-6081 • WWW.SUNNYKINGFORD.COM * After $1,000 Ford Rebate, 1@ this price, VIN# CM220699

CALENDAR: ARRESTS The people listed in this arrest report, whose names and charges are obtained from public records, are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.


The following felony arrests were reported by the Anniston Police Department (addresses not provided) during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday. • Jonathan Lewis McCormick, 33: fraudulent use of credit card. • Christopher Scott Troxell, 28: third-degree

burglary. • Corda Lebron Phillips, 22: discharging firearm into building. • Trinia Estella Gray, 58: second-degree assault. • Kimberly Key Spruiell, 44: second-degree promoting prison contraband, possession of controlled substance. • Preston Khiry Averitte, 20: second-degree possession of a forged instrument, two counts of second-degree burglary. • Crystal Michelle Curvin, 23: four counts of possession of a controlled substance. • Justin Deandre Kabreil Beard, 19: dis-

charging firearm into building. • Roger Dale Farmer, 59: two counts possession of a controlled substance. • Stefan Lekyle Green, 29: second-degree theft. • Stephanie Dawn Wells, 33: possession of a controlled substance. • Kamekia Mesha Watson, 29: possession of a controlled substance. • Joseph Bradley Helms, 34: possession of a controlled substance. • Deangelo Morgan Bowie, 20: first-degree possession of marijuana.

Calhoun County The following felony arrests were reported by the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office during the seven-day period ending at 7 a.m. Thursday • Michael Shane Rainey, 28, of Anniston: first-degree theft of property. • Joseph Wayne Adams, 27, of Anniston: first-degree theft of property. • Stanleigh Clayton Shaw, 68: violation of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.

PROPERTY TRANSFERRED • Donald G. Holmes Family Trust to Brenda M. Holmes, Estate Lots at Edgefield Farms, lot C, $10. • Alabama Housing Finance Authority to Housing & Urban Development, Camp’s map of Oxford, a parcel of land along block 62. • Dennis Eugene Turner to Sara Rebecca Watkins, a parcel of land in section 18, township 16, range 9, $10. • Casey Lee Thomas to John C. Thomas Jr., Anniston City Land Co., block 190, lot 7, $1. • John M. Bullock-Estate to David Vanderblom, a parcel of land in section 13, township 14, range 8, $10. • A. D. Heard to A. D. Heard and Margaret Heard Bass, Hobson City, block 6, lots 3 and 4, $10. • Margaret Heard Bass to Gordon McGrue and Sharika S. McGrue, Hobson City, block 6, lots 3 and 4, $14,750. • Bo Bedford to Carolyn McGinnis, a parcel of land in section 35, township 16, range 7, $10. • Regions Bank to Housing & Urban Development, Crestline subdivision, block A, lots 10 and 11, $1. • Abayomi Sanusi to Adetokunbo Ladipo, Anniston City Land Co., block 20, lot 8, $10. • Emanuel Holiness Church of Piedmont to Piedmont Holiness Church, a parcel of land in section 12, township 13, range 9, $10. • Deborah C. Michelson to Patricia Armour and Clarence M. Armour Jr., Timbercrest subdivision, lot 41, $10. • Aubrey Michael Beal to Robert D. Joplin and Crystal Joplin, Strickland’s addition to Betta-View Hills, block 2, lot 2, $10. • Matthew H. Newton and Haley L. Newton to Brain Charles Roden and Lindsey Roden, Delwood Estates, 1st addition, block E, lot 1, $10. • Veronica Nance Porter to Chase Robinson

and Heather Robinson, a parcel of land in section 26, township 13, range 7, $10. • John David Brown and Lyn T. Brown to Rockefeller Holdings LLC, a parcel of land in section 24, township 15, range 7, $85,000. • Jerry Wayne Brown and Amy Lea Johnson Brown to Jerry Wayne Brown, a parcel of land in section 14, township 14, range 9, $10. • HW LLC to Robert Paul Murray and Kimberly K. Murray, a parcel of land in section 29, township 14, range 9, $10. • John M. Davis to John M. Davis and Yvonne Woods Kinsman, North Anniston Realty Co., block 8, lots 16-18, $10. • John M. Davis to John M. Davis and Yvonne Woods Kinsman, Forestbrook East subdivision, block A, lots 10 and 11, $10. • Lauren Ledbetter Freeman to Justin R. Owen, Piedmont Land & Improvement Co., block 24, lots 7-9, $10. • Tax Ease Lien Investments 1 LLC to Brandon Pruitt, Sherman Heights, lots 10 and 11, $402. • Brian Snell and Billie Snell to April D. Lowery, Doris A. Lowery and Ray J. Lowery, McKendree’s 3rd addition to C. S. Fite subdivision, lot 1, $95,900. • Gail H. Mangubat to Leslie Jo Gentes, Carterton Hills, block 5, lots 18 and 19, $10. • Douglas A. Gordon and Susan C. Gordon to Timeeka Mason and Marquis Mason, a parcel of land in section 33, township 16, range 7, $75,000. • Fannie Mae to Jerry Perkins Jr. and Sybil E. Perkins, Ravenwood Hills, lots 3 and 4, $130,100. • William K. Snowden and Eva A. Snowden to Brett Allen, a parcel of land in section 22, township 14, range 9, $10. • Brianna Waldrop to Shannon Nelson and Penny Nelson, a parcel of land in section

25/36, township 15, range 7, $10. • Clara C. Bell to Merrell Haynes and Barbara Haynes, Lenlock Heights, 1st addition, block A, lot 9, $10. • Calhoun Development Co. Inc. to David E. Dover Jr. and Lauren Faith Dover, Buckhorn subdivision, phase IX, lot 23, $10. • Robert Davie Sr. to Roberta McClellan Davie-Estate, Anniston City Land Co., block 138, lots 4-6, $10. • Jason Snow, Lori Baranowski and Brent Scott Conner to Hoan Nguyen, Meadowbrook subdivision, block C, lots 8 and 9, $1. • Joyce Cantrell and Louie M. Cantrell to Joyce Cantrell, Deer Trace subdivision, lot 1, $10. • Robert D. Ponder to Derhonda T. Ponder, a parcel of land in section 9, township 14, range 8, $10. • Ethelda Sue Madsen to James A. Gilman and Ashlee K. Gilman, Sherwood Forest, block 3, lots 2 and 11, $100. • Lena Mae Gilmer to Dwight Gene McFry, a parcel of land in section 14, township 13, range 10, $10. • Habitat For Humanity of Calhoun County to Samuel L. Ammons and Margaret S. Ammons, Standard Coosa-Thatcher Co., block 1, lot 23, $10. • Filson Waits to Habitat For Humanity of Calhoun County, Barlow Estates, block 12, lots 16-19, $10. • Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Ana Fernandez, Blue Pond subdivision, area 1, block B, lots 4 and 5, $63,000. • John David Posey Jr. to John David Posey Jr. and Barbara C. Posey, Felscher Farms, block C, lot 14, $10. • Thomas E. Coleman and Carolyn M. Coleman to TC7 LLC, Anniston Investment Co., lots 2 and 3, $444,800. • Thomas E. Coleman and Carolyn M. Cole-

NEW 2012 Supercab XLT 2WD Net Price

man to TC5 LLC, Gunnells Estate, lots 1 and 2, $487,080. • Thomas E. Coleman and Carolyn M. Coleman to TC6 LLC, Hamilton subdivision, block F, lots 1-14, $708,420. • Thomas E. Coleman and Carolyn M. Coleman to TC3 LLC, Simmons 2nd addition to the City of Anniston, lots 1 and 2, $431,220. • Thomas E. Coleman and Carolyn M. Coleman to TC101 LLC, Hamilton subdivision, block F, lots 1-4, $228,540. • Jerry M. Jones and Jennifer D. Jones to Richard H. Martin and Sandra D. Martin, Hunter’s Ridge, 2nd addition, lot 36, $10. • Theresia Hayes and Susan Graves to Susan Graves, Jane Heights subdivision, lot 13, $10. • Thomas D. Huffaker-Estate to Jamie Hall, W. L. Borders subdivision, block A, lots 1-10, $10. • Ogburn Alfonso Gardner-Estate to Jeff Ira Smith and Lisa F. Smith, Kara-Lynn Heights subdivision, 3rd addition, block 2, lots 1-4, $10. • Faye Pritchett Duncan to Christine Pruitt, Sara West Estate, lot 30, $10. • Bobbie J. Wilson-Estate to Jacqueline Fowler McIntyre, Hillyer Highlands, block B, lot 11, $10. • Charles F. Warneke and Carolee Ann Warneke to Charles Alan Warneke, a parcel of land in section 35, township 16, range 8, $10. • Roberta McClellan Davie-Estate to 1600 Noble Street Anniston LLC, Anniston City Land Co., block 138, lots 4-6, $10. • Peyton Properties LLC to Kevin B. O’Neal and Kimble R. O’Neal, Choccolocco Estates, lot 19, $10. • Freddie Mac to Oscar F. Durant Sr., a parcel of land in section 11, township 15, range 7, $19,500.





1507 SOUTH QUINTARD • 256-403-6081 • WWW.SUNNYKINGFORD.COM *After $2,500 Ford Rebate. 1@ this price, VIN# CFD03705

RESTAURANT INSPECTIONS Here are food service establishments recently inspected by the Calhoun County Health Department, along with scores. A score of 100 indicates the inspector found no deficiencies. Potentially hazardous deficiencies (four- or five-point demerit items) are noted. These must be corrected immediately and inspectors say they are often corrected while the inspection is underway. Restaurants earning below 70 must raise their scores within seven days or face closure.

ton — 88, approved food safety course certificate required; presence of insects (ants). • Piedmont Chevron, 6301 U.S. 278, W., Piedmont — 89, potentially hazardous food did not meet temperature requirements during hot holding. • Piedmont Health Care Center — 92, equipment (ice machine drop plate) must be clean and sanitized.

• Brad’s Bar-B-Que, 1809 U.S. 78, E., Oxford — 98. • Food Outlet, 2403 Alabama 202, Anniston — 95. • Jack’s Family Restaurant, 4984 U.S. 78, W., Oxford — 98. • McDonald’s, 1015 Alabama 21, S., Oxford — 99. • New China Restaurant, 1542 GreenbrierDear Road, Anniston — 99. NO MAJOR DEMERITS • NHC Place, Anniston — 98. • Piedmont Head Start — 98. • Beckwood Manor, Anniston — 99. 4-OR 5-POINT DEMERITS • Big B Grocery, 3400 Choccolocco Road, • Quizno’s, 22 Choccolocco Road, Anniston • J’s Wings and Fish, 420 W. 15th St., Annis- Anniston — 98. — 99.

• Sacred Heart School — 98. • Saks Elementary School — 100. • Saks High School — 99. • Saks Middle School — 100. • Super 8, 1600 Alabama 21, S., Oxford — 98. • Wal-Mart (Deli), 92 Plaza Lane, Oxford — 98. • Wal-Mart (Market and Seafood), 92 Plaza Lane, Oxford — 99. • Wal-Mart (Produce and Bakery), 92 Plaza Lane, Oxford — 100. • Weaver Elementary School — 98. • Weaver High School — 99.

DIVORCES • Jada Thrower Mathis and Willie Joe Mathis Jr. • Terry Teresa Johnson and Bobby Johnson • Jonathan Lipscomb and Jessica Lipscomb • Whitney Cleary and Ryan Benjamin Cleary • Sarah Lynn Farque and Jacob

Cole Farque • Patti Snider Miller and Kevin Byron Miller • Trisha M. Stovall and James K. Stovall • Tiffany Brown and Trinity L. Brown • Mary Hatten Clark and Gregory Michael Agan Jr.


• Willie Charles Taylor and Tara Jean Taylor • Mariya Bullock and Jimmy Allen Bullock • Jarrod Murray and Tina Burt • Teresa Sparks and James Edward Sparks • Donna Howle and Rodney Howle

• Michael Walker and Daphne Nicole Walker • Mary Allison Barrett and Jason Matthew Barrett • Kelly Amanda Boozer and Sean Patrick Boozer • John Carl Follett and Holly Nicole Follett • James Leland Morgan and Debra

S. Morgan • Rhenda Whittington and Joseph M. Whittington • Adrian Delgado and Maria De Los Ortiz • Bashir Mohammad and Deanna Mohammad • Tiffany Lynn Parker and Brannon James Parker

2013 Ford ESCAPE S


23,295 $




1507 SOUTH QUINTARD • 256-403-6081 • WWW.SUNNYKINGFORD.COM *After $1,000 Ford Rebate, 1@ this price, VIN# DUA76929

Sunday Record for September 9, 2012  
Sunday Record for September 9, 2012  

The Anniston Star's Sunday Record for September 9, 2012.