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Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Welcome to Ugljan & Pašman

The islands bring together glorious diversity into one small archipelago. Here, you will find prehistoric olive oil mills, spectacular breathtaking views, hidden coves and beaches, thrilling bicycle paths and a history of remarkable intensity

Sun, Sand and Sea

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Welcome to the islands of olive trees, hidden coves and sandy beaches, to the islands that will impress you with natural beauty, preserved tradition and hospitable hosts. More than 2500 hours of sunshine per year, stone and sandy beaches, crystal-clear sea, numerous accommodation options such as apartments and rooms, original local culinary specialities and frequent ferry connections to Zadar and Biograd will all make your stay on these islands unforgettable. Diversity We Love

Islands’ unique selling point must surely be their diversity. From luxury villas to remote Robinson cottages, from local food taverns to popular restaurants and from tourist resorts to peaceful olive groves footpaths, they truly are ‘’the islands of contrast’’.

NavAdriatic has compiled a comprehensive insiders’ guide of Ugljan and Pašman featuring the best activities and highlights for an amazing holiday on these beautiful islands. We personally chose the services listed here because of their excellent reputation, as well as professional service and quality. Enjoy your time here! The Editors Publisher: Nav Adriatic jdoo Preko Authors: Vlado Jureško & Dominik Gašpar Editorial Board: Dominik Gašpar, Božica Rudić & Dora Dorkin Text, Design and Prepress. Vlado Jureško Proofreading and correcting: Vlatka Košta Photos: Boris Kačan, Ivan Čorić, Lovre Peraić, Ivan Šegić, Dubravko Mazić, Vlado Jureško, Archive TZO: Tkon, Preko, Kali, FreePik, Pixabay & Ubplash Illustrations: Vlado Jureško & Openstreetmap Printing: TVG - Tiskara d.o.o.; Number printed: 20.000 UK Copyrights © Permission is required from the publisher and author to reproduce the text. Permission is required from photographer to reproduce photos. © 2019 Nav Adriatic. All rights reserved. Published in Preko 2019.

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Pašman Channel and Galešnjak Island (see p90)


Ugljan and PaĹĄman Travel Guide


Issue 2 - Vol. 1



In the heart of Zadar County

Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

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ATM’s are widespread. Credit cards are used in larger hotels, shops and restaurants, but most private homes and bars only accept cash. --------------------------------------

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Issue 2 - Vol. 1

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Daily Costs Budget: Less than 600Kn Double Room: 150-200Kn Private Apartment up to 4 people: 300-600Kn Sandwiches, pizza or pasta: 15-70Kn Bus ticket: 17-22Kn Bicycle rental: 60-120Kn Scooter rental: 170-250Kn Car rental: average 300Kn

Meal in restaurant: 70150Kn Car Ferry Ticket: 70-105Kn Ship Excursion: 250-350Kn Midrange: 600 - 900Kn Double Room Apartment: 440-900Kn Boat Rental <4m: 650800Kn Meal in top restaurant: 300-660Kn Top end: More than 1.000Kn Holiday House: 1.0004.000Kn Private yacht hire: per day 2.900-4.500Kn Boat Rental >4m: 1.4005.500Kn Opening Hours High-season opening hours (sometimes shorter in the low-season). Banks 8.30–14.30 Mon– Fri, 8.00am–12.00 Sat Restaurants 10.00–23.00 Mon-Sun Cafes 6.30–23.00 Bars 20.00–4.00 Shops 7.00–22.00 Mon-Sun

How to reach us Zadar Airport Bus operator Liburnija (www. ) offers transfer from the Zadar Airport to the Zadar Bus 9

station. The price for the oneway ticket is 25 kn, baggage transportation is included in the price. Ferry Lines The Island of Ugljan has a ferry connection with Zadar. The ferry boat departs from the mainland to the island and opposite more than twenty times a day. A pleasant crossing to Preko is 25 minutes long. Ugljan island has a bridge connection with the neighboring Pašman island, so you can also reach it by taking a ferry line Biograd - Tkon. The company Jadrolinija ( has retained these lines over the years. (see p94)

Getting Around The islands are easy to get around by bus From Tkon or Preko ferry port. The bus line is called “Tkon - Preko” it is reasonably priced (22Kn), and has frequent connections to all places. The port of Preko is the departure point for the 2nd bus line “Preko-Muline”, a bus line connecting all the places from Preko to the town of Ugljan. (see p95)

Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Explore the islands Although they are small destinations, the islands are rich in majestic scenery and rare beauty. Go and explore the charms and delights of these beautiful islands! The high-season (from the beginning of May The villages are mainly placed in the northuntil the end of September) is the perfect time eastern side of the islands in the following to enjoy the best of what the Adriatic islands order: (Ugljan Island) (see p15) Ugljan, Lukoran, of Ugljan and Pašman have to offer. Sutomišćica, Poljana, Preko, Kali and Kukljica - bridge connection - (Pašman Island) (see The islands experience the changes in p36) Ždrelac, Banj, Dobropoljana, Neviđane, seasons – winter is sunny and cold, but the Mrljane, Barotul, Pašman, Kraj, Ugrinić and temperatures start to rise again slowly in Tkon. spring. In summer, it can be very hot and humid, while autumn is the best time to visit Ugljan and Pašman because the tourist masses are gone, the temperatures cool down, but it is still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors.

The weather on the islands is a major attraction for thousands of tourists who visit the islands annually. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year and clear blue sky all year round, living here gives a very positive feeling even in winter. In 1968, these two islands were connected with a bridge, making them one travel destination. 10

Ždrelac bridge connects these two islands since 1968

Those who visit these islands for the first time are always impressed with lush vegetation which, because of its green colour in combination with blue sea, makes these islands so attractive.

Issue 2 - Vol. 1

olive trees have so far been planted on both islands. Almost every house on the island produces its own extra virgin olive oil. You will often notice boards in front of the houses with the inscription ‘’Olive Oil’’. Those are the best opportunities to buy homemade olive oil. The people on the islands are also very successful at producing liqueurs, brandies, dried figs, wine, many teas and creams made of herbs, all of which you can try and buy at the “Summer fair island products” (see p93), which takes place in Tkon every week.

Summer fair of island products

The sandy beaches are a natural habitat for dozens of sea shells. Seashells make the seabed very soft by constant filtration of the sand

Pašman and Ugljan are also known for their sandy beaches (see p50) located on the northwestern side and dozens of hidden coves on the south-eastern side. Most beaches are well-equipped and easily accessible. Lots of sunny days throughout the year and the Mediterranean climate have made these islands suitable for the development of gardening, especially olive growing. According to some evaluations, about one million

These two islands are known for their fishing tradition, but only a few of us know how the locals started up the innovation of hunting pelagic fish at night with a flashlight, what changed the way of fishing in the whole world. The creativity of the locals has again come to the world’s attention when they started breeding Blue-fin tuna in underwater cages. Thanks to this innovation, Croatia is the largest exporter of Blue-fin tuna from the EU to Japan, the land of sushi. Kali (see p25) is a place where you can experience everything regarding tuna and fishing. A major centre of aquaculture, a fishing port and a shipyard are 11

Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Tuna Farm nearby Kali

and cuisine. Local cuisine (see p76) is a light version of eastern Cuisine combined with Italian cuisine. Plenty of vegetables, seafood and pasta dishes are flavored only with salt, olive oil, parsley and garlic. Mediterranean cuisine is recognized as the healthiest of all and you’ve come to the best place to try a lot of food specialities of this region.

Various summer events are organised on a daily basis. During summer, the islands are a big stage where you can enjoy Fishing festivals, outdoor concerts, folk festivals, sports competitions, beach parties... The most famous are the “Legrica” festival in Preko (see p71), Our Lady of the Snow in Kukljica (see p72), the Great Lady Fiesta in Ugljan (see p68), the folklore festival in Dobropoljana, the Fishermen’s nights in Kali and Tkon (see p71), Saint Anthony Fiesta in Pašman, trekking race “Škraping” (see p72)... and many other events.

Classic Music event at Galevac island monastery

located there and what visitors like in particular is summer fishing festival named “Tunuara” (see p71).

Baroque churches, early Christian basilicas, ancient mills which were used for producing olive oil, Neolithic sites, monasteries, castles, military forts ... This is just a part of the Ugljan’s and Pašman’s rich history, which is simply impossible to describe in just a couple of sentences. (see p62).

Due to the vicinity of the mainland and safe marine channel for shipping traffic, the Pašman Channel has played an important role in the history on a route between the Orient and the Republic of Venice. Today, it is famous for its popular heart-shaped island of Galešnjak (see p90). Numerous bays provide safe anchorages and the safest ones are Soline bay (see p59) on the south-western side of the island of Pašman, Mala Lamjana (see p54) in the town of Kali and bay Muline in the town of Ugljan.

“Škraping” - trekking race held in March

Because of their position, these islands have always been the crossroads of numerous cultures and customs. Various cultures have left their influence in architecture, language 12

Issue 2 - Vol. 1

Every place on the island features small-boat harbour, while larger boats use marinas in Sutomišćica, Preko, Kukljica and Tkon.

castles to a simple monastery stay. Most of the accommodation offer is listed on the largest online rentals platform

Grocery stores are located in every place on the island, they are well-stocked and open every day. There are no shopping centres, therefore for a larger supply visit a supermarket, for example Bure in Ugljan and Tkon. The fuel can be purchased at the gas station ‘’INA’’ at the Preko ferry port, where you can fill the gas for your vehicle or boat. The station is open every day from 6 am to 10 pm and the price for one liter of fuel is about 10Kn. Health care on the island is very wellorganised. Tkon, Neviđane, Kukljica, Kali, Preko and Ugljan provide daily ambulances. Emergency medical assistance is located in Kali and it is on duty 24/7 for both islands. For seriously injured patients, speed-boat emergency transport to Zadar hospital is provided.

ER Boat in duty 24/7

There are no hotels on the island, but the offer of private accommodation is large. From selfcatered apartments in family houses, remote Robinson cottages, beach resorts, urban villas, exclusive accommodation in 16th-century 13

Issue 2 - Vol. 1

The island of Ugljan

Ugljan is one of the most densely populated Croatian islands. All settlements (Ugljan, Lukoran, Sutomišćica, Poljana, Preko, Kali, and Kukljica) are situated along the coast of the cultivated eastern side of the island.

Ferry connection with mainland, see p94

Only a short 25-minute boat journey across the Zadar Channel, Ugljan is a green, mountainous island carpeted with olive groves and dotted with small fishing ports. It’s a beguiling island that has become a popular weekend getaway for Zadar residents who come for the beaches, bike paths and hiking trails. Ugljan runs north-west to south-east for 24km and is only 4km wide at its widest point. The gentle eastern side facing Zadar is more populous, while the uninhabited western side is rugged and steep.

View from the Pašman island over the Ždrelac bridge to the St. Michael’s fort in Preko

Named after the Croatian word for oil (ulje), Ugljan makes a great rustic escape for vacation or an alternative place to stay. 15


Ugljan (pronounced [ûɡʎan]; Italian: Ugliano) is a Croatian island and the first in the Zadar Archipelago. It is located north-west of the island of Pašman (see p36) and separated from the mainland by the Zadar Channel. It is connected with the island of Pašman by the Ždrelac Bridge spanning over the Ždrelac Strait.

The coastal path from Ugljan to Kukljica is easily accessible by foot or bike and passes a number of swimming spots. Throughout the island, residents work at fishing, cultivating olives and grapes and tending visitors.

Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide


Galevac Preko



Preko is the main place on the island of Ugljan and the link to the mainland with a ferry line. The former place was formed around the port and today it stretches from Kali to Poljana. Preko is the administrative centre of the municipality of Preko. The

Preko centre 16

municipality consists of Ugljan, Lukoran, Sutomišćica, Poljana and Preko and includes three islands; Ošljak, Sestrunj and Rivanj. According to the 2011 census, there are 3800 inhabitants. History and culture were mostly influenced by the geographical position of the place. As the place is across Zadar, it has always shared its destiny. For Zadar, Preko has been of great importance for centuries. The Zadar citizens built the St. Michael fortress (see p53 ) on the hill above the Preko which, up until modern times, guaranteed Zadar security from the enemy attacks by the seaside. Because of the beautiful views, especially at sunset, the fort

Issue 2 - Vol. 1


“Barba” Šime with his boat connects the islet Galevac with Preko town

is the most visited attraction on the island today. Preko with Galevac islet (see p64) is known as a centre for the preservation of the Croatian language, despite centuries of direct influence of Latin and Italian.

The centre of the town shines the Dalmatian atmosphere with a variety of summer events on the vibrant promenade along the sea, full of bars, restaurants, shops and marina. There are four beaches, well-maintained and with plenty of amenities. For children, the most

popular beach is Jaz (see p51 ). Preko is the main starting point for numerous excursions, as well as the place with the largest offer of boats for rent. Along with everything mentioned above, we can recommend it as a place for urban tourists with a wide range of services for all ages. Take a Break!

Restaurant/Tavern: Konoba Roko (International), Barbara (fish & local), Taverna Joso (fish & meat), Ville Dalmacija (International) Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice Cream: Plavi Jadran, Čoko Roko, Balloon, Gajo; Cafe/Bar/Club: Mareta; Beach: Magazin, Školjić, Jaz, Sv. Ante, Bilišće.

Aerial view over the Preko town 17

Ugljan and PaĹĄman Travel Guide


Issue 2 - Vol. 1

Monuments from the Early Roman period, Villa Rustica, late Antique mausoleum, remains of the old Christian basilica and monumental oil mill from the 2nd century AD (see p64) in the cove of Muline testify to the early human presence in this area and make this village very popular for visitors. Ugljan has been connected to the sea, seamanship, agriculture and fishing for many generations and 2000 years of tradition in olive growing left hundreds of thousands of olive trees that give olive oil of extraordinary quality. Tradition is deeply rooted in the


Ugljan is the largest place on the island and includes 9 hamlets (Čeprljanda, Lučino Selo, Batalaža, Sušica, Gornje Selo, Muline, Guduće, Fortoština, Varoš) and many coves, with the coves of Ćinta, Mostir and Južna Luka (see p52) being the most beautiful. Green market in the town of Ugljan

lives of people of Ugljan and includes certain ecclesiastical festivities, such as the procession on the Assumption Day on August 15th. Today, the traditional way of life is interwoven with the contemporary living in the way that traditional vocations, wine and olive growing function as tourist attractions as well.

Aerial view over the Ugljan town 19


Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

In the centre there are shops, a green market, a fish market, bars, restaurants ... and only a couple of minutes on foot, by the promenade, you reach the Mostir cove. In addition to bathing on the beach, it is advisable to visit the Benedictine monastery (see p65) to get acquainted with a part of the rich island history. If you plan to camp, the monastery offers camping services. Due to its size and variety of offer, Ugljan becomes the most popular destination for guests from both islands. A rich summer program attracts a large number of guests who enjoy beach parties, live evening concerts, dinner and dance on the terrace of the restaurant or enjoy club music in the late evening. The town of Ugljan is the unique combination of luxurious Mediterranean nature, rich and cultural heritage and lively and fashionable tourist life.

Gornje Selo

Take a Break!

Restaurant/Tavern: Konoba Ugljan (fish & meat), Trapula (International), Stari Dvori (international), Stivon (international); Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice Cream: Bure Shopping Centre, Ritam; Cafe/Bar/Club: Saxa, Ritam; Beach: Južna Luka, Mostir, Čeprljanda.



Issue 2 - Vol. 1

Sušica Ugljan Batalaža

Lučino Selo




Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Lukoran - After the town of Ugljan, Lukoran is the second largest place on the island. It consists of five bays and three settlements; Mali Lukoran, Veli Lukoran and Turkija. Turkija is the oldest settlement, which with its architecture still evokes the past times. From here leads a hiking trail towards Šćah (see p53), the highest peak of the island. Aerial view over the place Lukoran The town centre with a shop, restaurant, houses are used for occasional stays and sandy beach, post office, tourist information for keeping fishing gear of the locals. For office and a port is in Veli Lukoran. boat owners, we recommend visiting the In the settlement of Mali Lukoran, there is a cove Frnaža (see p52), which is known for 17th-century summer palace of the de Ponte its transparent and clear waters and is a family, a port for boats and a small grocery favourite spot for snorkelling. shop. From Mali Lukoran leads the road by the The place is also known for cultivation beans sea to the town of Sutomišćica. named “Čijak” - white lupin, traditionally Just a few kilometers from the centre, on cultivated only here in this place. the south-western side of the island, lies the small fishing village Prtljug. The settlement Take a Break! Store: Bure; Beach: Punta, Burel, Rivica, Morovica, Ploče has no residents and its beautiful stone


Veli Lukoran

Mali Lukoran



Issue 2 - Vol. 1

Sutomišćica is best known among sailors, who use the services of the modern and nicely decorated marina in the city centre. Thanks to the abundance of fertile land and water springs, Sutomišćica has been known as a horticultural place. In the past, the fruits of the land were sold on the Zadar market. As the land was extremely valuable, this place was ruled by a number of noble families during the history. Most of the traces were left by the Lantana noble family, whose 17thcentury Lantana castle is in the very centre. The rich collection of paintings and stylish furniture belonging to the castle was only partially preserved in Zadar museums, while

View over the places Mali Lukoran and Sutomišćica

the building and the environment were left to decay. Today, Sutomišćica is a modern place with beautiful holiday houses, a great marina that offers an excellent menu in its restaurant, charming old town centre with a cafe bar, beach bar and sandy/pebble beach at the top 23


Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Mali Lukoran

Sutomišćica - Poljana

Sutomišćica Poljana

of the peninsula. At the entrance to the village is the church of St. Euphemia, built in the middle of the 14th century. Take a Break!

Restaurant/Tavern: Olive Garden (International); Cafe/ Bar/Club: Olive Garden; Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice Cream: Bure Store; Beach: Riva, Punta, Špilić.

Poljana is a place that never sleeps in the summer. Youth Association of Poljana has for many years organised an event called “Pojonsko Srce” (see p72), which includes football tournaments, outdoor concerts and fun summer games.

of houses, surrounded by always cultivated gardens. In addition to a safe berth for the boats by the harbour, there is a grocery store, sports playground, concrete beach, restaurant and pizzeria. Take a Break!

Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice Cream: Bure Store Beach: Centrala, Sv. Petar.

The place is inhabited around a cove bordering the picturesque peninsula of St. Peter with the Romanesque church of St. Peter from the 13th century and on the other side there is a row Aerial view over the place Poljana 24

Issue 2 - Vol. 1

bars, shops and vibrant beach Batalaža (see p54). The beach is equipped with a large parking area and with food and drink offer at

The place was named after the Celtic word Cale - Port, because “between Kali and islet Ošljak is an excellent anchorage” (A. R. Filipi). Parish church of St. Lovre was mentioned for the first time in the year 1300 and to this day it’s the centre of the town, which is, unlike other places on the island, situated on a hill and surrounded by plenty of narrow streets paved with ancient stone slabs. In the centre, there is a post office, an ambulance, a butcher, a restaurant, a café and two grocery stores. Down the coast, there are a few restaurants,

Aerial view over the Kali town 25


Kali - When looking for some authentic, unusual and interesting experience, Kali is the place that will delight you. Since the colonisation, people from Kali have been living with the sea and from the sea.

Issue 2 - Vol. 1

Kali Kali



important industrial centre for both islands. In the bay of Vela Lamjana, located southwest of the centre, there is a shipyard and a farm for tuna breeding. On the main island road, which partly runs through Kali, there is a house repair store, supermarket, florist, car wash, restaurant, fishing store and Emergency Medical Service. At the end of July and the beginning of August, a famous tourist manifestation called Take a Break! “Tunuara” is taking place in Kali. The event Restaurant/Tavern: Intrada (local); Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice includes the gastronomic offer, outdoor Cream: Mavra, Riva, Trata, Bure Store; Cafe/Bar/Club: Mavra, Riva, Trata; Beach: Batalaža, Mala Lamjana, concerts, sports competitions in the sea Otrić, Kostanj. and partying till late hours. Kali is the most

the beach bar. Besides Batalaža Beach, another one is located in the bay of Mala Lamjana (see p54). The beach is a mix of pebbles and sand and it is easily accessible with all types of vehicles. If you prefer a wild beach, we can recommend the sandy beach Kostanj (see p54), located on the southern side of the coastline.




Issue 2 - Vol. 1

Kukljica is also famous for Sabuša beach (see p54), the largest sandy beach on the island. The beach is accessible for pedestrians and vehicles and the parking place is some 100 meters away from the beach. To the west of the cove and the beach Sabuša lies the cove of Jelenica, which is the main unofficial nudist (FKK) beach on the island of Ugljan. To the east of the Sabuša cove lies the cove of Kunčabok. There are no beaches in the cove, but because of its configuration, the cove is a very popular boat anchorage. However, to

Aerial view over the Kukljica town

enjoy the sun and sea, it is not necessary to look for a beach outside Kukljica. The tourist resort “Zelena punta” is surrounded by pine forests, while the whole coast is a beach. Also, on the road along the coast from Kukljica to the bridge, numerous smaller and bigger beaches lie below the natural shade of pine trees. The town is located in a beautiful bay, which has one of the most beautiful promenades on the island. Numerous restaurants, shops, green markets, pastry shops, palm trees, magical dancing evenings on the restaurant terraces - those are only a part of the large and various summer offer in Kukljica. In the middle of the bay, there is a yacht port that offers annual berth, but also daily boat berth and it’s equipped with a boat lifting crane.



Kukljica is a place of well-known sailors and today is a promising tourist destination. Its popularity may be thanks to the famous procession on August 5th, on the Feast of Our Lady of the Snow (see p63), when thousands of people gather in a unique procession with ships.

Ugljan and PaĹĄman Travel Guide


Kukljica Kukljica

Kostanj Beach , see p76

There is a daily ambulance, post office, tourist information centre and the authority of the Kukljica Municipality which, according to the latest census of 2011, has 714 inhabitants. Because of the tourists, this number is multiplied several times in the summertime. Take a Break!

Restaurant/Tavern: Terazza (International) Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice Cream: Hajduk, Zelena punta; Cafe/ Bar/Club: Zelena Punta; Beach: SabuĹĄa, Jelenica, Zelena punta. 32





Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

The island of Pašman (pronounced Pash-man) is another island in lovely Zadar Archipelago, separated from the mainland by the Pašman Channel, located south of Zadar towards Biograd Na Moru. The island has just over 2800 permanent residents and covers the area of about 60

Tkon is the biggest place on the island of Pašman and administrative centre of Tkon Municipality. The municipality consists of Tkon and Ugrinić and includes 13 islands and islets and there are 763 inhabitants.

A step away from the mainland. View from the ferry on the Tkon ferry port.

square kilometers. On the whole island, there are about dozen villages and hamlets including Tkon, Ugrinić, Kraj, Pašman, Barotul, Mrljane, Neviđane, Dobropoljana, Banj and Ždrelac. Due to its beautiful nature and attractive landscapes, as well as the frequent ferry connections and handy bridge to the mainland, Pašman is a popular summer destination. The island is also a great place for cycling or walking trips in spring or autumn as there is plenty of cycling and walking routes on the island. Pašman is connected with Ugljan by a bridge over Ždrelac strait, where buses run from Preko to Tkon. There is also a frequent Biograd to Tkon ferry line which serves 10 ferries daily (see p94).

The cultural and historical heritage of Tkon is rich and well-preserved. In Tkon you can visit the famous Benedictine monastery of St. Cosmas and Damian (see p62) and a beautiful parish church of St. Thomas Apostle. There is also the chapel of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows on hill Kalvarija from where the view spreads over the town. In the very centre nearby ferry port, a small church of St. Anthony the Abbot is located. Fishing was one of the most important activities of the locals, which engaged almost entire families. The locals are keen on fishing. Even today, when passing along the waterfront by the small family-owned boats in the morning hours, you will often have a chance to witness such a memorable sight. Tkon is popular for its unusual offer of accommodation in Robinson Crusoe style. Generally located on the south-western side of the island in remote coves, Robinson accommodation is perfect for all those looking for the beauty of the wilderness, untouched nature and absolute peace and quiet. The area is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, a beautiful coastline, dozens of islets scattered around it and a large choice of beautiful beaches. In early March, Tkon is visited by thousands of adventurers to take part in the most famous Trekking race “Škraping”. (see p72)


Issue 2 - Vol. 1

The Black Bird (Ćok) is the official symbol of the municipality of Tkon. It is a well-recognized symbol for the monastery on the hill Ćokovac.

City view from the hill Kalvarija

Apart from “Škraping”, Tkon will delight you with a variety of summer events. Most popular are the Fishermens night (see p71) in August. Take a Break!

Restaurant/Tavern: Sovinje (International), Trta mrta (local), Pinkovac (local); Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice Cream: Đardin, Hajduk, Ga Ga, Bure Store; Cafe/Bar/Club: Mulina, Osmica, Ga Ga; Beach: FKK Sovinje, Bartovica, Vrulja, Studenac, Bartovica, Poljane, Vitane.

Tkon is the biggest place on the island of Pašman that has the ferry connection with Biograd na moru 37


Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide



Ugrinić is a small fishing village, only 2.3 km away from Tkon centre and has a population of 90 inhabitants. The typical island atmosphere and continuous way of life give the village pleasant and relaxing holidays. In addition to the Mediterranean atmosphere, the beach in Ugrinić offers

is a place where ship owners gather. The event „Đir po konalu“ (see p73), which brings together the owners and fans of traditional wooden boats on sharp Latin sail, is being held since 2012. “Crnike” Park, located only 20 minutes pleasant walking distance away from the village centre, covers the hidden stone castle from the 16th century (see p66), which used to accommodate military crews and the ancestors of today`s inhabitants of Ugrinić. Take a Break!

Cafe/Bar/Club; Beach bar; Beach: Plaža

Kraj stretches over two coves where two beautiful sandy beaches are located. The most popular among children and their parents is Tratica Beach (see p59), which has a natural shade of pine trees, a beach bar for refreshing and shallow sea with a sandy bottom. In the next cove, there is a beautiful

Pebble/sand beach with wheelchair access

showers, changing cabins, sea access for disabled people, lighting for night swims, a lot of greenery, a café, children’s playground and a parking space. Every summer, Ugrinić 38

Issue 2 - Vol. 1

The coves are accessible by the gravel road leading directly from the main island road, but not recommended for vehicles with lower suspension.

Kraj is settled around the Franciscan monastery

Franciscan monastery (see p64) from the 16th century and another sandy beach which is easily accessible and has a beach bar to refresh. The locals mainly deal with tourism and fishing, but Kraj is best known for small pleasure boat shipbuilding. Opposite of the place, on the south-western side of the island, are the bays Lanđin and Žičena, the places where you can stay in Robinson houses.

Kraj and Ugrinić Kraj




Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

For the most enjoyable experience, we recommend visiting it on foot or by bike. Apart from rental houses, you can also relax in one of several restaurants, on the terrace just by the sea and try fresh fish and seafood daily with a glass of island wine. Take a Break! Cafe/Bar/Club; Beach bar; Beach: Tratica, Dužica.

Pašman is an administrative centre of the municipality of the same name that includes 9 places and according to the census of 2011, the municipality has about 2000 inhabitants. The town of Pašman has been inhabited since the Roman times and today Pašman is developed along the coast between the two coves. The whole coastline is a promenade by the sea, where you can find bars, restaurants, markets, souvenir shops...

From the top of the port, you can see all the power of the sea currents, which can reach speeds of up to 6 knots. Due to the huge amount of water, which sea currents bring every other 6 hours from the other direction, the Pašman Channel is rich in fish and shellfish habitats. The most famous shell is called “Kunjka”. You can try dishes made of these shells at the restaurants or taverns and the best way to prepare them is when they are just slightly roasted and served with olive oil and a slice of lemon. There are two beaches in the place. The first one is located at the entrance to the main road and is a favourite beach of local residents, whose houses are right next to the beach. The second beach is more popular among guests and is located in the Lučina cove (see p59).

Pašman Pašman


Issue 2 - Vol. 1


The place Pašman with its bars and restaurants by the sea promenade spreads over two coves

From the Lučina cove, a 10-minute walk takes you to Mali Pašman, where a small church of St. Rocco (13th Century) and dozens of the old stone houses from the time the people settled this place are located. On the south-western side, Pašman has two beautiful coves; Soline (see p59) and St. Anthony. From Soline leads the trail to the cove of St. Anthony, where the Romanesque church from the 13th century is situated (see p65). On June 13, hundreds of pilgrims visit the cove on foot and boats to celebrate Holy Mass. Take a Break!

Restaurant/Tavern: De Loro (International), Lanterna (Fish & meat), Mureta (local); Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice Cream: Cafe De Loro, Camp Lučina Cafe/Bar/Club: Cafe De Loro; Beach: Jasenica, Lučina 41






Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Barotul is the smallest place on the island, whose historic part is located on a small hill. Today’s Barotul has developed around the harbour where a store is located. Agriculture was very well-developed in the past, due to its abundance of natural springs of drinking water. In front of the village, there is a small island Garmenjak, which is best known today as a wild asparagus habitat and at the very top, there are the remains of stone Neolithic fortresses. During the tide, the sea depth between Barotul and Garmenjak is less than half a meter high. On the southern side of the village coast, there is a nudist beach, hidden among the pines and in full discretion. Take a Break!

Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice Cream: Bure store; Beach: Plaža Barotul.

from the sea with beautiful stone houses and narrow picturesque streets. In 1018, the inhabitants of Mrljane and the neighboring village of Neviđane jointly built a church of St. Michael which is also the oldest monument from the time of the first Christian settlers on the island. Today’s place has formed along the coast with an offer of accommodation right next to the sea. The entire coastline is a large sandy cove called Taline (see p58), which in its southern part has the largest beach on the island. From the outside, the beach is partially concrete and partly natural (sandy and pebbles), while in the sea, the beach is completely sandy. There are a restaurant, a beach bar and a shop in the village centre by the parish church of St. Geronimo. From the old town centre, next to the church of St. Anthony, leads the hiking trail up to the top of the Semić peak (190 m), the place of a stunning view of the entire archipelago and the region.

Mrljane is the place of sailors and shipowners. In recent years, tourism has become a significant economic activity. The historic part of the place is located away 44

Issue 2 - Vol. 1


Take a Break!

Panoramic view of Mrljane, Taline Beach, Barotul and Garmenjak islet

Restaurant/Tavern: Marinero; Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice Cream: 3A store, Marinero ; Beach: Taline.

Mrljane and Barotul

Mrljane Barotul



Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Neviđane is a small place with shallow sandy beaches that were formed around the ruins of the church of St. Martin and due to the epidemic of the plague, which hit this area in the mid-17th century, the old settlement was destroyed and the new one was slowly formed around the chapel

it was completely renovated. Nearby the church, a central primary school for the entire island, a shop and tourist info are situated. By the coast, you can find refreshment in the restaurant or the beach bar. Take a Break!

Restaurant/Tavern: Stari Zidi (International); Cafe/Bar/ Club: Beach Bar; Beach: Tratica

Aerial view of the place Neviđane

of Our Lady of Health. Parish church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has, in 1899, replaced the church of Our Lady of Health as a parish church in Neviđane. For its 100th anniversary,

Dobropoljana is the sportiest place on the island. Many famous athletes have started out from this place and the most famous is basketball player Krešimir Čosić. In 1996, Čosić became the only international player ever elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Although sport is a lot more significant, it is still a place where you can try the best homemade wine, which has been cultivated for centuries on extremely fertile land.

Dobropoljana Dobropoljana & Neviđane



Issue 2 - Vol. 1

Take a Break!

Restaurant/Tavern: Zrinski (International). Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice Cream: Store, Beach Bar; Beach: Plaža


Due to the strong Mistral wind and the coastline configuration, in the summer afternoon, Dobropoljana is a favourite surfers‘ location. From Dobropoljana leads a trail to Veliki Bokolj (see p58), the highest peak of the island. There is also a port and a beautiful beach. Aerial view of the place Dobropoljana



Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Banj -Thanks to numerous water sources at extremely low depths, in ancient times Banj was a central island water supply site. The name Banj comes from the Latin “balneae” - “Bathroom-Bathing”. Also, because of the unlimited water sources, fertile land and plenty of sunshine hours during the year, Banj has always been known for its production of delicious cherries. There is an old parish church of St. Cosmas and Damian (1356) and at the top of Bokolj Mali (see p58), the church of Our Lady of Lorette, whose feast is celebrated on May 10th, was built in 1930.

Thanks to its location and sea strait under the bridge, Ždrelac is the closest point for a tour around the archipelago and Kornati Park (see p89). The strait was dug out in 1883 and the bridge was erected in 1979. Due to heavy traffic towards Kornati Islands, the bridge was reconstructed in 2010. South of the centre, there is well-arranged and equipped sandy beach Matlovac (see p57), next to which is a road along the coast to the village of Banj.

The place Banj is formed around the port

Due to the bays being protected from the wind, the beach is suitable for small children, who will enjoy the soft sand and plenty of natural shade.

Take a Break! Cafe/Bar/Club: Dišpet; Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice Cream: Bure store; Beach: Matlovac, Soline, Polača, Most

Take a Break! Cafe/Bar/Club: Broštulin; Pizza/Sandwich/ Ice Cream: Bure Store; Beach: Banj plaža

Ždrelac is the largest town on the island and stretches over four coves. The town was formed around the church of St. Luke, mentioned in 1289, where today the centre is located. Each of four coves is inhabited, while the only settlement of Gladuša was formed on the south-western side of the island. 48

The place Ždrelac stretches over four coves

Issue 2 - Vol. 1

Ždrelac and Banj






Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Top Islands Beaches, Coves & scenic Hill Imagine a summer of swimming, exploring by the sea and discovering secret beaches, sandy coves and scenic view peaks. Islands’ beautiful coastline is studded with hidden places to swim, snorkel and sunbathe, while their waters are cleaner and more accessible than ever before. The Island of Ugljan 3 2





1 Each place on the island of Ugljan has several public beaches and most of them are sandy in the sea and pebble or concrete on the outside. They are all situated on the northern side of the island, apart from the beaches of Južna Luka and Sabuša, which are located on the southern side of the island. Due to its numerous facilities, the Jaz beach in Preko proudly highlights the

“Blue Flag” as a mark of quality and safety. For boat lovers, the island features countless secluded coves that will delight you with the transparency of the sea. Besides the fun on the sea, the centuries-old olive groves, the trails that pass through the countryside and stunning panoramic views from the top of the peaks simply invite you to stay in nature. 50

Issue 2 - Vol. 1

Jaz beach carries the mark of the Blue Flag, an environmental marine protection quality label. 7 Jaz Beach, Preko

The beach Jaz is the main beach in Preko. It can be accessed through a walkway that is closed for all traffic during summer. The entry




to the beach features a wheelchair ramp. Thanks to the shallow water with the soft sand seabed, it is one of the most popular beaches among children.









11 8

Points of Interest

1. JUŽNA LUKA Cove, Ugljan 2. STRAŽICA Peak, Ugljan 3. MOSTIR Beach, Ugljan 4. FRNaŽa Cove, Lukoran 5. Šćah Peak, Lukoran 6. PUNTA Beach, Sutomišćica 7. JAZ Beach, Preko 8. St. Michael Peak, Preko 9. SVITLA Cove, Preko

13 Pašman


10. BATALAŽA Beach, Kali 11. MALA LAMJANA Cove, Kali 12. KOSTANJ Cove, Kukljica 13. SABUŠA Beach, Kukljica BEACH BAY/COVE PEAK/HILL



Beach type: sandy /concrete Facilities: parking, showers, changing rooms, volleyball Access by: car, walk, bike Nearby: restaurant, café bar, pastry shop, pizza, cocktail bar


Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

2 Stražica Peak, Ugljan

1 J. Luka Cove/Beach, Ugljan

The cove of Južna Luka features a sandy beach, surrounded by the pine tree forest where you can find shadow for a pleasant rest in the beautiful environment.

Follow the trail that goes from the chapel of All Saints. The trail continues between the dry stone walls to the peak Stražica, from which the view spreads to the entire island of Ugljan and Zadar Channel.

Beach type: sandy/rocky/concrete Facilities: natural environment Access by: walk, bike, moped. Nearby: restaurant, café bar, historic site (see p64)

Height: 67 m Access by: bike, walk, moped Points of interest: Gornje selo (native village) and All Saints chapel (12th Century).

3 Mostir Cove/Beach, Ugljan

4 Frnaža Cove, Lukoran

Everyone who likes to enjoy in shallow waters will be amazed with this beach. This sandy beach is suitable for children and non-swimmers. You can also play beach volley, drink in the bar or visit the neighbouring monastery of St. Geronimo.

A little cove, great in calm weather. The coast is mostly rocky, with a few pebble beaches. The sea is crystal clear with lots of underwater rock; therefore, it is also very rich in sea life.

Beach type: sandy Facilities: changing room, volleyball, shower. Access by: walk, bike, moped, car. Nearby: restaurant, café bar, monastery (see p65)

Seabed type: sand Recommended for: snorkelling, fishing, swimming. Safety: The cove is protected from W and SW winds. Anchorage Fee: Free 52

Issue 2 - Vol. 1


5 Šćah Peak, Lukoran

6 Sutomišćica Beach

Šćah (286 m) is the highest peak of the island. The trail starts in hamlet Turkija in Lukoran and leads through the bushy vegetation and the stone plates up to the peak. The view spreads over hundreds of islands.

A public beach that is flatly falling into the seashore, easily accessible on foot and recommended for families and elderly people. On the way to the beach, there is a football playground.

Height: 286 m Access by: walk Points of interest: Turkija (native village)

Beach type: sandy/pebble beach. Facilities: parking, park benches. Access by: walk, car, bike, moped. Nearby: restaurant, bar, store, shop, yacht port.

8 St Michael Peak, Preko

9 Svitla Cove, Preko

In the middle of the island, south-western of Preko lie the ruins of the medieval Fortress of St. Michael (sv. Mihovil) from the 13th century, which provides a stunning view of the Zadar archipelago.

The cove Svitla is located on the southwestern side of St. Michael’s fort in Preko. In the past, the cove served as a port for the inhabitants of the island Iž, who travelled through Preko to Zadar.

Height: 250 m Access by: walk, bike, moped, car Points of interest: Fortress (see p63)

Seabed type: sand Recommended for: snorkelling, fishing, swimming. Safety: The cove is protected from W , SW and W winds . Anchorage Fee: Free 53


Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

10 Batalaža Beach, Kali

11 Mala Lamjana Cove, Kali

Located in a little bay, this pebble beach with a concrete section is ideal for those who enjoy soaking up the sun. There’s a water-polo playground in front of the bar and a parking place 10 meters away from the beach.

Mala Lamjana is a cove with amazing pebble/ sandy beach. Thanks to the vicinity of the fish and seashell farm, this bay is rich in fish fund and it is an excellent location for underwater fishing.

Beach type: rocky/pebble/concrete Facilities: parking, beach bar, water-polo, benches. Access by: walk, bike, car, moped. Nearby: restaurant, fast food, fishing boat port

Seabed type: sand/pebble Recommended for: snorkelling, fishing, swimming. Safety: The cove is exposed to south-eastern winds. Anchorage Fee: Free

12 Kostanj Cove, Kukljica

13 Sabuša Beach, Kukljica

Northern from Kukljica, the cove Kostanj with a beautiful sandy beach and the small chapel of St. Geronimo, is located. There are no extra facilities on the beach, just sea, sand and a pleasant shade of the pine trees.

The beach is located 30 minutes away from the centre of Kukljica village (on foot). Because of the soft sand seabed, good anchorage and shallow water, it is the perfect spot for children and having fun with a boat.

Beach type: sandy beach Facilities: natural shadow Access by: walk, boat Nearby: chapel of St. Geronimo


Beach type: sandy beach Facilities: parking Access by: walk, car, bike, moped Nearby: Fkk beach Jelenica (unofficial)


Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide



The Island of Pašman

Love Island Galešnjak

1 Ždrelac

4 Dobropoljana







Ugljan Direction



Points of Interest 1. MATLOVAC Beach, Ždrelac 2. BANJ Beach 3. M. Bokolj Peak, Banj 4. Dobropoljana Beach 5. V. Bokolj Peak, Dobropoljana 6. Taline Beach, Mrljane 7. lučina Beach, Pašman 8. tratica Beach, Kraj 9. SOLINE Bay, Pašman

10. STUDENAC Beach, Tkon 11. FKK SOVINJE Beach, Tkon 12. STRAŽA Peak, Tkon 13. VITANE Beach, Tkon 14. ZAKLOPICA Cove, Tkon BEACH BAY/COVE PEAK/HILL

The island of Pašman is popular among visitors because of sandy beaches on the northern side and hidden beaches on the southern side of the island. It is not easy to tell which beach is the most beautiful, so we recommend you to visit as much as possible. Like pearls dropped into the sea, the small islets lie in the Pašman channel and attract you to take a tour and explore them. The best known among them is the island of Galešnjak, the “Love Island”. 56

The interior of the island is well-connected by roads and every peak is easily accessible by car or bicycle. Moreover, for adventurous people, there are many marked mountain paths. Like its close neighbour Ugljan, Pašman Island is orientated SE/NW, the majority of its beaches are facing the mainland and its bays and coves mostly face the open sea southwestern side.




Biog rad

Issue 2 - Vol. 1


8 Kraj









Žižanj Košara

1 Matlovac Beach, Ždrelac

2 Beach, Banj

This sandy beach is located in the village Ždrelac and protected from the Mistral wind, which makes this beach the most common choice for a family day at the beach. The children will enjoy the water slider and shallow water.

A small beach in the village centre that will thrill you if you want to learn to paddle or sail on the old sails or play a game of bowls. It is very attractive because of the natural pine tree shadow and shallow water.

Beach type: sandy/concrete Facilities: water-slide, playground, parking, showers. Access by: walk, car, bike, moped Nearby: restaurant, bar.

Beach type: sandy/concrete Facilities: water-slide, playground, parking, showers. Access by: walk, car, bike, moped Nearby: restaurant, bar, store, port. 57


Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

3 Bokolj Mali Peak, Banj

4 Dobropoljana Beach

The Church of Our Lady of Lorette (1937) is located on the peak Mali Bokolj (Banj) on the island of Pašman, from where you can see the beautiful panorama of numerous islands and the Kornati National park.

It is located at the end of the road that leads from the main village entrance. The beach is very popular among windsurfers. The beach is facing west and in the summertime, the wind makes large waves that are great for windsurfing. Beach type: sandy Facilities: parking, beach bar, shower. Access by: walk, bike, moped, car. Nearby: restaurant, café bar, store, port.

Height: 172 m Access by: walk, bike Points of interest: Chapel, dry stone walls.

5 Veli Bokolj Peak, Dobropoljana

6 Taline Beach, Mrljane

Nothing can compare with the view from the top of Veliki Bokolj. From here, you take in everything that makes Pašman what it is: the islets, bays, cute villages, the Mid Channel, the Pašman Channel.

The beach is quite popular among children because of its soft sand. The seabed is the habitat of several species of shellfish. Their constant sand filtration makes the sand soft as silk.

Height: 274 m Access by: walk, bike, moped, car. Points of interest: Rural agglomeration.

Beach type: sandy/concrete Facilities: parking, natural sun shadow, shower. Access by: walk, bike, moped, car. Nearby: restaurant, café bar, shop. 58

Issue 2 - Vol. 1


7 Lučina Beach, Pašman

The outside of the beach is concrete. In the sea, the bottom is sandy and the water is shallow. There is some natural pine tree shadow, but the beach is mostly open to the sun. Nearby, there is a camp-site and a bike path to Barotul.

Beach type: sandy Facilities: parking, shower. Access by: walk, bike, moped, car. Nearby: café bar.

9 Tratica Beach, Kraj

8 Soline Bay, Pašman

Soline bay is one of the most beautiful bays on the island and features a sandy beach that is very popular because of its therapeutic and healing mud effects. It offers natural mud therapy with the power to cure many medical conditions.

Seabed type: sandy Recommended for: fish food taverns, healing mud Safety: The cove is fully wind protected. Anchorage/Mooring Fee: Paid

10 Studenac Beach, Tkon

Almost every beach on the island is sandy with sea temperature above 25°C. Tratica beach is similar to other beaches, but because of the sheltered cove, the sea temperature is always a few degrees higher and your kids will like it.

It is a sandy beach, a real paradise to enjoy the sun. The beach is located close to the town centre and it is the favourite spot for morning fitness activities.

Beach type: sandy/concrete Facilities: parking, natural sun shadow, shower, bar. Access by: walk, bike, moped, car. Nearby: café bar, Monastery (see p64).

Beach type: sandy Facilities: parking, natural sun shadow, shower, bar. Access by: walk, bike, moped, car. Nearby: restaurant 59


Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

11 FKK Sovinje Beach, Tkon

12 Straža Peak, Tkon

The FKK beach Sovinje, unique on the whole island, is a geomorphological phenomenon because it is made only from the sand. Constant sedimentation of sand created this beautiful beach. Entrance fee is applied.

On the ruins of the German bunker from World War II, a marvellous viewpoint is built here today. The hiking trail leads from the centre of Tkon to the viewpoint of Straža and it takes 45 minutes to climb.

Beach type: sandy/concrete - NATURIST BEACH Facilities: parking, shower. Access by: walk, bike, moped, car Nearby: restaurant

Height: 172 m Access by: walk, bike, moped, car. Points of interest: Panoramic view, dry stone walls.

13 Vitane Beach, Tkon

14 Zaklopica Cove, Tkon

About 4.5 km south-western of the centre of Tkon, the cove Vitane, which is characterised by a sandy beach at the bottom of the cove, is located. Mountain bike is recommended because in some places the roads are very rugged.

Eastern of the centre of Tkon, nearby Naturist Camp Sovinje, 2 km walking by the coastline, you’ll reach the cove of Zaklopica. The cove is characterised by a turquoise sea water colour and good anchorage place for a boat. Seabed type: sandy Recommended for: snorkelling, swimming Safety: The cove is exposed to North winds. Anchorage/Mooring Fee: Free

Beach type: sandy beach Facilities: parking. Access by: walk, bike, moped, car. Nearby: Robinson Cottages, wild beaches 60


Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Cultural Insights

The islands are unique because of the genuine treasure lying in the diversity of their rich cultural heritage.

From the prehistoric times, numerous types of monuments have arisen throughout the island, each one selflessly leaving its trace in history. The islands offer the experience of visiting picturesque places with long fishing traditions and a “garden” of 300 000 Mediterranean beauties – olive trees. Ancient villas and castles, early Christian churches, Glagolitic centres in medieval monasteries and a well-preserved rich local tradition and heritage all guarantee that you will not regret choosing these islands for your holiday. The cultural and historical heritage of the Pašman island and town Tkon is predominantly represented by sacral architecture, which demonstrates the substantial impact of Christianity on this area. You can visit the famous Benedictine monastery of St. Cosmas and Damian on the hill Ćokovac in Tkon and the beautiful panoramic view from the top of the St. Michael’s fort in Preko. For these islands, ancient olive oil mill from the 2nd century AD is of great importance 62

because it represents the centuries-old tradition of the production of extra virgin olive oil.

Ćokovac TKON - In 1125, Biograd was completely

destroyed by the Venetians. They also destroyed once the famous Benedictine monastery of St. John the Evangelist in Biograd, after which the monks took shelter in Tkon. The Chapel of St. Cosmas and Damian

Benedictine Monastery Ćokovac, Tkon

was already on the hill of Ćokovac, so the monks built a church and a fortified monastery.

Issue 2 - Vol. 1

Today, the monastery church holds a large Gothic crucifix dated from the 15th century. It is attributed to a Venetian painter Menegelo. Besides the crucifix, the monastery also holds a precious portrait of the Virgin Mary. This is the only active male Benedictine monastery in Croatia and definitely an important part of our heritage well worth preserving and visiting. Open for visiting from June 1st to October 31st between 4.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. (MON-SAT) or by appointment. No entrance fee.

St. Michael Fort

island, Zadar to the east and dozens of Adriatic islands to the west. The conservators are preparing the documentation for the reconstruction of the entire fort and the visitors are warned to visit the site at their own responsibility with distinct care. No entrance fee.

Our Lady of the Snow KUKLJICA - Our Lady of the Snow is a votive

Baroque church located in the Ždrelac strait, right next to the bridge. It was mentioned for the first time in 1514. The festivity of Our Lady of the Snow (see p72) has been

PREKO - The fort rising to an altitude of 249

meters above sea level (817 ft) is easily visible from Zadar, but is made more apparent by the giant radio tower that crowns its highest point. Actually, the real jewel of the peak does not lie in its communicative powers in the Church of Our Lady of the Snow

View from the fortress

present, but rather in its strategic location in the past, evidenced by the centuries-old stone fortress that currently encloses the tower, the fortress of St. Michael. The fortress dates from the 13th century, while the renovation and reinforcement by the Venetians occurred between the 15th and 18th century. Regardless of its history, the view from the summit is spectacular and offers sweeping views of the

celebrated every August 5th since 1514 with a sea procession of several hundred ships. Throughout history, many women and mothers from the town of Kukljica have presented the Lady with gold, hoping that she will pray for their husbands, fathers and sons, who were on the battlefield or at sea. The church is easily accessible through the connection from the main road between the bridge and Kukljica. The church is open for visitors only on the feast of Our Lady of the Snows on 5th August. To visit it some other day, contact the parish priest in Kukljica.


Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Monastery of St. Paul PREKO - Only about 70 m away from Preko lies

the idyllic islet of Galevac (Školjić), covered with dense Mediterranean vegetation that shelters the 15th-century valuable Franciscan monastery of St. Paul of the third order. During the centuries of foreign domination and strong influence of Latin script and Italian language, only the friar from this monastery prints the books in the Glagolitic alphabet.

Franciscan monastery on the islet Galevac

The library has over 7,000 books and periodicals in total, including works from the 16th to the 18th century. In the middle of pine woods, there is a rocky beach for summer leisure. You don’t have to swim to the island, you can row. In other words, you just wave or yell to the other side and a man rowing a typical Dalmatian boat will come to get you. It will cost you 10 kunas in total for both ways. The monastery is open every day, from July 5th until the end of August; from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Entrance fee is 10 kunas. The Holy Mass is held on Sunday.

Ancient Olive Oil Mill UGLJAN - The sight is located in the hamlet

Muline in Ugljan town on the very northern top of the island. In 2017, the replica of the oil 64

mill for processing the olive oil was made. The replica was made according to the remains of

The replica of the mill

the ancient oil mill from the first century, the evidence of two millennium of olive growing on the island. The people used the method of storing the olives in the sea water until oil production in order to protect the olives from rotting. This oil had a more pleasant taste and it was known as the Oleum Liburnicum brand. Ugljan island was the biggest known ancient Roman olive oil producer in Croatia with estimated seasonal production of 85 thousand liters of olive oil. The place was continually inhabited afterwards, evidenced by the ruins of the Church of St. John from the 5th century located nearby. The sight is easy accessible by the main road. When you reach the end of the island’s road in the village Muline, continue on foot to the northern side of the bay. The remains of the mill and a new replica are located just a few meters away from the coastline.

Monastery of St. Duje KRAJ - The monastery of St. Duje in Kraj on

the island of Pašman was formed on the landholdings of the Zadar noble family Grisogono at the end of the 14th century. Besides the founders themselves, many

Issue 2 - Vol. 1

Zadar’s citizens have ensured the funds for its further functioning and prosperity. In this way, during the first century of its existence, the island’s monastery experienced great development and became, within the framework of humble island circumstances, a prominent ecclesiastical centre, but also a place of thriving artistic activity. The church was constructed in Gothic style in the 1380s,

Benedictine monastery St. Jerome in Ugljan

paintings that are kept in the monastery and church, the painting of the patron St. Jerome on the main altar and the painting of Mary’s proclamation are the most valuable. Both paintings date from the 18th century. The monastery is located in the Mostir Cove and it is easily accessible.

Church of St. Anthony

Franciscan monastery in Kraj

while both church and the monastery were reconstructed in the Renaissance period. Inside the monastery, there’s a museum with a collection of sacral gifts from the Zadar noble oligarchy. During the summertime, the monastery is open for visiting from Monday to Saturday (16:30 - 18:30 Sunday closed. Holy Mass is held on Sunday.

Monastery of St. Jerome UGLJAN - The Franciscan monastery of St.

Jerome from 1430 is situated in a pine-wood cape, right next to the Mostir beach (see p52) in the town of Ugljan. The St. Jerome’s Monastery in the place of Ugljan is known for spiritual exercises of the Franciscan sisters. There is a Gothic church (1447) inside the complex and centuries old halls, one of the most beautiful and the largest on the islands. Among the

PAŠMAN - It is a per-Romanesque church and the

only one located on the southern side of the island of Pašman. It was built in 1400 and it is preserved entirely in its original form. Each year, on 17th January, on the feast of St. Anthony the Abbot, the believers make a pilgrimage by boats and on foot to the church. The sight is easily accessible by car, by a temporary (gravel/earth) road over the hill or by the hiking trail from Pašman town.

Church of St. Anthony the Abbot 65

Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Ugrinić Castle

as provide territorial markers. Other reasons include protection from the fierce bura wind for both humans and cattle.

UGRINIĆ - The Castle of Ugrinić family, located in the park „Crnike“, is a stone fortification from the 16th century which was used for accommodating military crews and the

These islands have spectacular walls dating back to the Liburnian times. The first colonizers, the Liburnians, built the walls to demarcate territory and their survival is a testament to the unquestionable skills of the workers. Dry stone walling is quite a skill. It includes slotting the stones one next to the other without any adhesives, using bare hands as the only tool.

Aerial view of the castle (left) with dry stone walls

ancestors of today`s inhabitants of Ugrinić. The fort spreads on two floors that are surrounded by a tall and massive dry stone wall. The high quality of the stone, as well as masonry, indicate that the owners were very wealthy. The soil here is very fertile, which is why the fort was built here.

It should be noted that the dry stone wall technique was not limited just to the walls, it also included several distinctive forms of stone shelters, places for resting (for the workers in

The castle is between 30 and 45 minutes walking distance away by a hiking trail from Tkon or Ugrinić, but it can be reached by a vehicle too.

Dry Stone Walls

Dry stone walls

What may look like a simple task of putting stones together is anything but simple. The art of creating dry stone walls dates back thousands of years. Reasons for building dry stone walls (suhozidi in Croatian) and their styles vary considerably. For some, it was a case of agricultural necessity. In an effort to compensate existence from the land, the stones were removed from the earth and stacked up to facilitate growing crops, as well 66

the fields), as well as places for those running away from storms. These stone houses (bunja in Croatian) were normally tall enough for a person to stand inside them and had a round roof. These monuments of perseverance and endurance can be found everywhere on both islands. The entire islands are cross-linked with olive groves and dry stone walls that separate them and it is best to explore them on foot or by bicycle.

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Glagolitic Script The Croatian Glagolitic alphabet has a long and interesting history of more than a thousand years. The Croats using the Glagolitic alphabet were the only nation in Europe who was given special permission by Pope Innocent IV (in 1248) to use their own language and this script in the liturgy. Croatian Glagolitic Benedictines

Glagolitic Alphabet

existed in the city of Krk and on the island of Pašman in the monastery of Ćokovac. The famous Czech king Charles IV of Luxembourg built a Glagolitic convent Emaus in Prague in 1347, where eighty Croatian Benedictines from the island of Pašman were invited. The Polish king Vladislaw II Jagiello also opened a Glagolitic convent in Krakow (Kleparz) in 1390, where the Glagolitic priests were active for almost 100 years. Ćokovac monastery features the largest collection of stone inscription in Glagolitic script If you are interested in learning to write on the Glagolitic, you are free to visit the monastery on Ćokovac hill, where monks will teach you the Glagolitic alphabet. The first Croatian printed book in Glagolitic letters appeared in 1483 in the monastery on the islet of Galevac, near Preko. In summer, you can visit the monastery and look over the collection of the books and Gutenberg’s printing machine.

Gajeta A Gajeta is a traditional transport boat used by sea traders and fishermen. The boat is between 6 and 12 meters long and has 4 paddles. A relatively small ship was better suited to the conditions of small sea areas between many islands. It was also easy to find the shelter from the strong sea and sudden wind bursts in small and sheltered coves with a small boat. People on the island have been using it since the 18th century. Its design was adapted to specific needs of local sea traders, who went to long sailing coastal expeditions, providing them sailing speed and practical characteristics for the transport of the goods. In winter, the building material was transported by boat, while in summer, the boat was used for carrying fruits and vegetables. Today only a few gajetas are present and only some people know how to manage them.

Traditional boat “Gajeta” The event „Đir po konalu“gathers the owners and fans of traditional wooden boats on sharp Latin sail in Ugrinić village every year. It’s the best opportunity to get know all about gajetas and get a practice in sailing from professionals.


Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Events and Fiestas The islands offer traditional and contemporary festivals all year round. From open-air concerts to local festivities rich in culture and heritage, you will always find something to do. If you choose to spend your holiday on the islands of Ugljan or Pašman, one thing is certain, it is going to be an active one. The islands are teeming with all kinds of events taking you to a different place every day. Among them, some deserve to be singled out: Trekking race Škraping on the island of Pašman, Regatta in Ugrinić, the Boat Procession and Antiques Fair, while all kinds of seafood delicacies are available within the Fishermen’s Nights in Kali and Tkon. Kukljica has its Festival of Our Lady of the Snow involving up to a hundred boats in their traditional procession, while the fiesta known as Priješka legrica, taking place in Preko, is something you are bound to hear about when you get on the ferry leaving from Zadar. Assumption Day The traditional feast of the Assumption takes place in the centre of Ugljan on the 15th of August and it is a Holy Day for Catholics in Croatia. It is also a public holiday



when banks and most businesses are closed. Many Catholics attend church on Assumption Day and special celebrations are held in the village Ugljan.

Live Concert for the end of the event

During the event you can enjoy a wide variety of local dishes - fish and meat dishes and desserts like “ugljanske fritule”, have fun in the afternoon sports program and enjoy in great music late into the night. More about event:



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Fishermen’s Night TKON - The first Fishermen`s night in Tkon was

held in 1986 and is successfully maintained to this day. The event traditionally takes place every year in August. On the main square, alongside narrow streets, the stands where you can taste various domestic specialities are set up – most of all seafood, fish broth etc...

of fishing and their traditions. At this festival, there are fishing boat parade, cooking competitions, fishing demonstrations and each evening a live concert with DJ. More about event:

Legrica PREKO - Numerous folklore and entertainment

programs are organised during the tourist season in Preko, the most popular being the so-called Priješka Legrica, a traditional folk feast. The entire coastline and ports become a big open-air stage. The smell and taste of traditional food in combination with lots of fun and music attract thousands of guests in Preko during the event.

The main stage located in the town port

and drink fine homemade wines. The integral part of the event is live music, as well as traditional games such as rope tugging game, boat racing and so on. More about event:

Tunuara Top Croatian singing stars perform at the feast

The event starts with games at the sea, sports competitions and performances of folk groups in the morning and afternoon, continues with a concert of some famous Croatian star and finally the event ends with an electronic music party. Also, during the event, you can buy a native souvenir or try some traditional meals offered at the “Island products fair”.

The fishing boat on Ugljan Channel sea parade KALI - The oldest festival on Ugljan, the Kali

More about event:

Fishing Nights celebrates Kali’s long history 71

Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Latin Sail Boat Regatta UGRINIĆ - The event „Đir po konalu“, which

brings together the owners and fans of traditional wooden boats on sharp Latin sail

mainland to the parish church of St. Paul. Statue of Our Lady returns to the church on Sunday, before the Nativity of Mary Day, also by the sea, but in a more modest way. More about event:

Pojonsko srce POLJANA - The most famous summer mini-

tournament on the island of Ugljan that is organised by the Association ‘’Pojonsko srce’’ in the place called Poljana. The tournament brings together amateur football clubs from

The boats on the start of regatta

is held since 2012. The event brings together boat builders, fishermen, sailors, artists, locals and tourists with the aim of presenting ancient life on the Pašman island, as well as transmitting the tradition of sailing on future generations. The regatta is accompanied by a rich gastronomic offer and is an interesting event.

Torchlight spectacle in Poljana

several islands at a tournament that lasts seven days. Every night, after the day’s matches, the party continues with live music and dance. On the last day of the tournament at the winner’s ceremony, there is a spectacular torchlight along the entire bay.

More about event:

Our Lady of Snow KUKLJICA - It’s an impressive procession for ships. The procession of the ships goes from the Church of Our Lady of the Snow to the harbour in the city and continues to the

More about event:

Škraping Race PAŠMAN ISLAND - An international trekking race in

Croatia with a thousand runners from all over Europe. It is held every year at the beginning of March. The name of the race comes from the stone grooves, cracks which the island abounds.

Statue of Our Lady of the Snow in the procession 72



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Hawaii Beach Party TKON - Every summer at the end of July, on the

Jumping over the rocks during the race

beach Poljane in Tkon, a 14-hour electro music party that starts at 15 pm and lasts until at 5 am the next day, takes place. Great music and fantastic atmosphere. You will be dancing all night. Good variety of cocktails. Mostly younger crowds.

The main activities of this race are climbing, jumping, walking and hiking in nature. More about event:

Čeprljanda Fiesta UGLJAN - Beautiful little cove Čeprljanda in the

place of Ugljan is known for its good fiesta that is held every year, since 1979, on 1st Saturday The main DJ stage located in the sea More about event: in August. There is always a good concert, great food and drinks. Fiesta day usually starts Slovenian Night in the early afternoon with a boat parade that PAŠMAN - Event with Slovenian star performance is held for almost twenty years in Pašman town. The event attracts mostly Slovenian tourists, but also everyone else. Dalmatian feast in Slovenian way, a fusion that ensures unforgettable entertainment and fun. More about event:

Aerial night view of the fiesta (facebook “Udruga Idro”)

is going from one side of the place of Ugljan to the other following with Big Game Cooking at 20.00 and a concert at 21.00. More about event: idro.ceprljanda/

The event includes performance of some famous Slovenian singer 75

Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Taste the island

The island’s cuisine is very simple, healthy and prepared in a special way. You would not believe that magic can be made with some olive oil, garlic, pepper and salt. Peka - Peka is a famous Dalmatian dish made of vegetables and meat or seafood. Lamb meat and octopus are the favourites. Ingredients are placed in a covered pan and roasted in the embers of an open fire. it’s delicious – mop up the sauce with hunks of fresh bread. Buzara-style cooking means that some type of shellfish is cooked with olive oil, wine, garlic, breadcrumbs, and fresh herbs. At the most, this easy recipe will take 40 minutes to prepare from start to finish. Price depends on the fish. Note that you need to order peka dishes one day in advance. About 220-280Kn for two people.

Buzara - A dish made of shellfish and crustaceans. There are two famous buzara - scampi buzara and mussels buzara. Scampi buzara goes nicely with rose, whereas mussels go down nicely with rich white wine. This is the “buzara” method and 76

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Black Ink Risotto - Italy’s influence spread across the Adriatic Sea and today “crni rižoto” (black rice with cuttlefish) is a favourite island dish.

Anchovies are usually served as a small portion of the fish accompanied with capers, onion, salad leaves and/or tomato, which makes them something special. About 20-35Kn.

Kunjke - The place Tkon and the entire Pašman Channel are famous for these very delicious shellfish - Arca noae. Arca noae is fished either by divers gathering individual

The risotto gets its deep black colour from squid ink – or sepia (from the cuttlefish family) and it is the reason for the rich (savoury) flavour thanks to the high glutamic acid present. About 70-90Kn.

Marinated Anchovies Since ancient times, the islands relied on their natural resources to feed its people. Salt-marinated anchovies and olives were stapled food that sustained families during

shells by hand or from boats using specially adapted rakes which are pulled along the seabed. You can dive for it or buy it from local fish markets. Also, you can taste it in almost every restaurant on the islands. About 80-140kn for 1kg.

winters. Along them other fish specialities, it is most desired in the summer months, when we all need light, tasty food. If you have decided to make anchovies, don’t forget to enjoy some good wine along with them.



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Grilled Squid - A popular local dish includes grilled squid accompanied by blitva, a signature Dalmatian dish made of boiled potatoes and Swiss chard. Seafood is simply prepared with local olive oil and parsley. It makes a great light dinner with some good Dalmatian red wine.

Squids from the Adriatic sea are one of the best squids. Unfortunately, restaurants rather buy imported calamari because they are much cheaper than Croatian ones. About 80-120Kn.

Pašticada - Pašticada is a stewed beef dish cooked with special sauce. It is very popular here. Usually, it is called Dalmatinska pašticada because it originates in Dalmatia. It requires long and meticulous preparation that lasts up to five hours.

Šalša - Šalša, a tasty light stew made of tomatoes, onions and spices is a popular sauce in Croatia, particularly in Dalmatia. It is a traditional dish made everywhere along the island. Every family has

its own favourite recipe. Homemade Šalša goes great with pasta or rice. It is also served as a side sauce. It is best made in the summer season when tomatoes are at their freshest and most flavorful. Even people who don’t eat fresh tomatoes or ketchup still like Tomato Šalša. About 40-50Kn.

Called a “Queen of Dalmatian cuisine”, Pašticada is perhaps the most popular Dalmatian food. Every house, every family has its own recipe for pašticada. About 80-120Kn. 79

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Brudet is a simple Croatian fish stew, prepared of several sorts of fish and some inevitable ingredients â&#x20AC;&#x201C; olive oil, salt and pepper, onions and garlic, parsley and peeled tomatoes.

Frite or Fritule, a traditional sweet, sized dough balls. They are flavoured with lemon zest, dark rum and sprinkled with icing sugar. Everyone has a winning recipe of their own!

Similar to pasticada, brudet is one of the most common dishes you can find on the island. Price depends on the fish.

These sweet fritters are addictive and hard to say no . Price Range: 10-15Kn portion.




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Stay Active on Vacation

If you’re travelling and unable to perform your typical routine, the holidays provide you a reason to change things up and maybe even try something new. Stay active and healthy this summer season. Cycling the islands

biking over these islands into an extraordinary athletic and hedonistic experience. By renting bikes you do not have to worry about transporting your own, you only need to pack your clothes, some gear, hop on the rental and start exploring! NavAdriatic ( is the leading platform for bike rentals: reserve the perfect bikes for you in Preko and Tkon in an easy, fast and secure way! Walking around

Biking enthusiasts have numerous opportunities to enjoy their sport on the islands of Ugljan and Pašman. These Islands offer a fabulous biking experience with many mapped trails, among which there are some quite physically demanding since they take you over the hilltops of the islands. Nevertheless, it is worth the effort as the hills offer splendid views of the surrounding areas and the entire archipelago. When combined with attractive sightseeing cultural and historical sites, sampling the fabulous food and wine offer in the local taverns and lounging on paradise beaches, you can turn

Walking around is a great way to get to know the islands. Walking enthusiasts have even 40 different trails to choose from. If you’re in shape, walk to the very top of the island of


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Ugljan – Šćah, or to the very top of the island of Pašman - Veliki Bokolj, have a bite to eat and admire the view of Zadar, Biograd and their archipelago. Take a walk to the beautiful bay Željina vala south-west of St. Michael’s fort in Preko and a swim or just explore the island strolling around its olive yards, old churches or walk by the sea at dusk. Still, when it comes to hiking, this island is famous for a particular race with a touch of adrenaline - Škraping race. The trail involves going through sharp rocks (škrapa) and it represents pure adventure and requires certain skills.

professional one at specialized fishing stores at Kali and Preko. Sailing If you want enjoy the sea, sun and wind, then this is the right activity for you. Sailing gives you access to some of the snorkelling and diving sites and beaches that are otherwise out of reach. It´s the most enjoyable way to

Snorkelling Paradise Snorkelling is an easy and fun swimming activity, it doesn’t require any special training, only the ability to swim and to breathe through the snorkel. The particularity of this region is in the beauty of the Zadar archipelago that is rich in many walls, reefs

and caves, often filled with fish, particularly in the geological part of the outer Kornati wall. Most of snorkelling adventures start from Preko and Tkon, having chosen the tours that last from 4 to 8 hours. You can rent a speed boat for up to 6 people with skipper for about 1.800Kn, while simple snorkelling equipment can be bought at any store on the island and

travel around moving only by using wind force. What is even more exciting is when you realize that you are followed by dolphins. Most of these ‘’off the track islands’’ usually lack in significant tourist facilities, but still represent an unavoidable summer destination, sometimes unreasonably bypassed by the major tourist flow. The easiest way is to hop on sailing tour from Preko to explore different islands, idyllic villages, stunning diving and snorkelling sites, secluded beaches and parks of nature. The costs for a private sailing tour with boat for up to 6 people and professional skipper is around 3.600Kn.


Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Scooter Exploring

relaxing sport is based on how people in the Hawaiian islands used to move around in the water. Similar to a kayak, a paddle is used to create motion as you stand on a board a little bigger than a surfboard. SUP is also a great full body workout since it requires great balance and upper body strength. You can rent a SUP board for an hour and enjoy paddling freely along the coast of these two islands!

There could be nothing more exciting than cruising across the islands’ landscape on your very own moped. Hiring a scooter or moped is the perfect way for singles, couples or friends to explore the islands privately and in their own time. Take a map and set off, discovering quaint villages and secluded coves. A nostalgic scooter ride is also a far more relaxing process than cycling! South-western side of the island Ugljan is full of gorgeous coves and natural beaches that are easily reached by scooter. If riding in the Pašman Island hills road, take care on the gravel road as it is not appropriate for fast speed riding and can cause serious injuries and moped damages. Also, try to avoid cycling in the hottest part of the day and always wear sunscreen and carry water. NavAdriatic company offers scooter hire in Tkon and Preko and you are provided with a lock, helmets, insurance and a map. Remember, it is illegal to ride a scooter in Croatia without a helmet!

SUP Paddling The most popular variant of surfing is, without a doubt, stand up paddle or SUP for short. Experience it while exploring the coast of Ugljan and Pašman island! This amazing and 86

NavAdriatic offers SUP board rent in Tkon and Preko for a price of 200Kn a day. You can say it’s the combination of SUP board and a raft, something you should absolutely experience!

Olive picking We believe that travel isn’t just about the places; it’s about the people and their experiences. With so much diversity to experience in Ugljan and Pašman, it’s often a challenge to decide where to go and what

Issue 2 - Vol. 1

to see in our beautiful unspoilt islands. The “Zadar Gardens” is a common nickname for the Ugljan and Pašman islands, given due to their exceptionally rich soil and olives grown on endless plantations. From October until December, the islands come to life in a special way and it’s the time when travel agencies organise a unique tourist event - olive harvest. Visitors themselves can participate in the harvest or at least walk through the numerous olive groves savouring not only their fruits but also a variety of local dishes and drinks. During the whole harvesting experience, the guide gives you facts and information about extra virgin olive oils and the culture of olive oil making in Dalmatia. After harvesting, your guide leads you to a nearby oil mill, where you see the machinery involved in the process of squeezing the olives and extracting the extra virgin olive oil. Finally, you relax in a tasting room at the mill and sample some freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil and other local products in a delicious lunch.

You can get involved in the fishing process as much as you would like – you can just watch or you can help the fisherman through the fishing process: prepare the bait, throw them

Ask for more details about this multiple-day harvest experience and farm-stay in Ugljan and Pašman:

Prices and tour dates you can request on info@

to the sea to attract tunas into the area and the most exciting part – reel in a tuna once it gets caught. Your captain won’t hide any details of how everything is done – you can ask him anything - but be aware that it takes a lot of experience to become a professional fisherman. Note that this is purely sport fishing and all the fishes are thrown back into the sea (but you will have the opportunity to take a picture).

Big Game Fishing If you are an adventurous person, a fan of an active holiday and a passionate fisherman, we are inviting you to try on the hunt for the biggest fish in the Adriatic Sea. The ideal time for the “giant” Blue-fin tuna is from August to October when one can catch specimens of over 200 kg. The organised tours depart early in the morning, pass the islands of the Zadar archipelago and proceed to the open sea. 87

Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Must-see Sights

First time in Zadar Region and you don’t want to waste your time? Take a look at the best region’s attractions that you must see for your first time. Telašćica Park is a nature park that highlights three distinctive attractions;

Salt Lake, Mir Bay and open sea cliffs

Telašćica Bay, Cliffs and Salt Lake. The unique Telašćica Bay is the safest and largest natural port of the Adriatic with 25 small beaches. The cliffs of Dugi Otok or the so-called “stene” rise up to a height of 161 meters above the sea level and reach down to a depth of 90 meters. Another phenomenon of the Telašćica Nature Park is the Salt Lake “Mir” with fine curative grey silt. The environment is covered with beautiful cultivated meadows and the hills are covered with flora with more than 500 plant species and have an equally rich fauna. 88

The underwater world counts more than 300 plant and 300 animal species. Any chance you get to book a boat ride and drive around this fantastic piece of nature - take it! Fresh air, clean sea, lots of sun and millions of little islands...a true gem! The park can be visited individually or with an organised ship excursion that departs from Preko and Tkon. The tour costs around 350 kn and includes food, drinks and entrance fee. If you arrive on your own boat, we recommend you to buy a ticket online before arriving. It is better to be there in the morning hours. In the afternoon it usually gets really crowded. Book Tour Online: Park Ticket Online: Official Website:

The park is a haven for the 14 donkeys

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Kornati Park is surely the most beautiful national park in the Mediterranean and covers the area of about 320 km2 and makes 12% of all the islands in the Croatian Adriatic. A stone labyrinth of eighty-nine islands, islets and cliffs at the sea - these are the Kornati islands. There are four island Daily boat tour departs from Preko and Tkon included in the day trip. The tour costs around 350 kn. If you visit Kornati on your own boat, it is better to be there in the morning hours before big tourist boats arrive. In the afternoon it usually gets really crowded.

National park Kornati that counts 149 islands

chains divided into two groups: Upper Kornati (Sit and Žut island chains) with 51 land units and Lower Kornati with 98 land units. The landscape is very beautiful, you will feel like you are in a sci-fi movie. Spectacular views are to be seen from the hills, especially on sunrise. Most of the outer islands have high cliffs facing the open sea. The highest cliff is the one located on the island of Klobučar (82 m) and the longest (above sea level) is located on the island of Mana (1350 m). On the top of the island of Mana lie the remains of a settlement constructed as a set for the film As The Sea Rages (1959). The remains of the church are particularly impressive. In the small bays, you can find restaurants that offer great local specialities. The best way to explore this archipelago is to do it with your own ship or to rent a boat with a skipper. Another way is to book a boat tour which goes there from Tkon and Preko and usually food and drink is

Book Tour Online: Park Ticket Online: Official Website:

Sakarun Beach DUGI OTOK - Sakarun is a breathtaking and unusual beach in Croatia, close to the northern tip of the Dalmatian island of Dugi Otok, in the Zadar archipelago. The water is very clean and clear with white sand and shallow water in the bay – perfect for small children to play.

It is a huge bay, secluded from the sea and wind, therefore many sailors use it to anchor their boats, but they do not occupy space from swimming and playing area for the daily

Sakarun is listed to “Top 20 World’s Beaches” 89

Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

visitors on the beach. What makes it special? The intensity of the colours: the dark green pinewoods, the shimmering white pebbles, and the sea that changes hue during the day, depending on the position of the sun. Sakarun is located on the southern end of Dugi Otok (Long Island) near Božava, it is easy to reach via ferry (from Zadar) and a little train departing from Hotel Božava. An easier way to visit the beach is by excursion boats from Zadar or Ugljan. Book tour online on

Love Island, Galešnjak The Pašman Channel with its numerous islets is an excellent opportunity for all beach hunters. One of these islets is the island of Galešnjak (Love Island). Nature played and created a unique heart-shaped island in the world.

Love Island Galešnjak

The world-famous island attracts more and more attention of the couples and becomes one of the top destinations for weddings and engagements. The island is private property, but visiting and swimming are allowed, while camping and open fire are not allowed. NavAdriatic ( is an exclusive tour operator and event organiser. 90


Ošljak Island is the smallest inhabited island in the Adriatic Sea, step away from Preko. The island is also known as “Lazaret”, borrowed from Italian “lazaretto” - a medical facility for people suffering from the plague. In the past, it served as a quarantine for merchant ships before moving towards Zadar. In 1775, windmills were built for grinding grain, but because of the wind, it was not economically viable and ended soon. Windmills, which are still partially visible, are easily accessible by the coastal promenade located south of the harbour. Besides interesting history, the island has many small beautiful sandy beaches with lots of natural shade of pine trees. The island has no shops, but you can refresh yourself in the restaurant and in the bar in the port. Several houses offer accommodation in nicely decorated apartments. As there are no children’s facilities, the island is mainly visited by couples and elderly people. The island has only a boat port and pedestrian paths. There are no roads on the island, nor are they planned in the future. The island is connected by the ferry line from Zadar and Preko. The ferry to Ošljak goes 4 times a day (2 times from Preko and 2 times from Zadar). To see the Ferry timetable visit

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Podbriza beach is one of the top 10 beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. It is located on the island of Vrgada on an excellent location with golden yellow sand. There is only one bar on the beach and it is a great one. Foods and beverages prices are a bit higher, but because of the position of the bar, comfort and the view from the chairs it is definitely worth it. The ambient is calm and the sight is breathtaking

Refreshing under waterfalls NavAdriatic Agency organises tours from Zadar and Biograd with transfer included. For more information visit the website

Zrmanja Canyon

Podbriza is a top popular beach in Adriatic Sea It’s only accessible by a boat and it is easy to anchor or moor at buoys and swim to the beach bar. The island of Vrgada has a daily boat connection with Pakoštane town on the mainland. For a private boat tour visit

In the county of Zadar, tourists can explore a wonderful natural attraction with a long history: a landscape that enchanted the film crew during the making of Karl May’s “Winnetou” movies. Shortly before it flows into the Novigrad sea, the karst Zrmanja River flows through a wild and romantic gorge that cuts through the rough and rocky landscape before the emerald green shimmering water of the Zrmanja River empties in the sea.

Krka Waterfalls Krka National Park is situated along the Krka River in southern Croatia. It’s known for a series of 7 waterfalls and the Krka Monastery, built above ancient Roman catacombs. Visovac Island is home to the 15th-century Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Mercy. There are little villages and restaurants along the paths. Amazing falls and the fact that you can swim in them is brilliant, refreshing and fun. A boat ride is included in the admission to the park. There is a student discount!

Karl May’s “Winnetou”movie shooting location While staying on the island, a day trip to Zrmanja Canyon is a very good idea. Many agencies organise rafting and canoeing on the river Zrmanja. NavAdriatic Agency organises tours from Zadar and Biograd with transfer included. For more information visit: 91

Ugljan and Pašman Travel Guide

Useful Information Environmental Hazards The islands get scorching hot in summer and there’s often little shade on pristine beaches. Guard against dehydration and heat exhaustion by drinking plenty of water. Watch for sea urchins around rocky beaches. If you get some of their needles embedded in your skin, olive oil will help to loosen them. If they are not removed, the wound could become infected. As a precaution, wear rubber shoes while walking on the rocks or bathing.

HEALTH CARE Good-quality health care is available here. Kali ER is the main emergency ambulance for both islands. EU nationals are required to present their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in order to receive heavily discounted treatment in the public system (10KN for a doctor’s visit, 100KN per day for a hospital stay up to a maximum of 2000KN). For those not covered by a reciprocal agreement, expect to pay around 250KN for a short doctor’s appointment. Pharmacists can give valuable advice and sell overthe-counter medication for minor illnesses. Tap water is safe to drink.

Make sure you take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers medical expenses.

Taxi The taxis operate through UBER and one private company at the time of research. There are taxi ranks at the Preko Ferry port. To get the details of the fares check the UBER app or contact the private company (Tel. +385 99 7212 472). The private company usually offers cheaper set fares (25Kn up to 5 km).

Yacht Ports The islands’ excellent location at the Adriatic Sea has led to their development to the most attractive yachting centre. There are berths for 225 yachts (up to 24m length overall) in the Olive Island Marina in Sutomišćica (www. and Marina Preko in Preko (www.marinapreko. com) with space for 95 boats (up to 20m length overall). There are also nautical ports at Kukljica and Tkon. The ports are operated by the County Port Authority of Zadar ( The Harbour office operates in the town of Preko (+385 23 286183). 92

RENT A BOAT There are a few companies that offer boat hire. Rates will vary within the season, depending on the length of the boat and the length of the rental period. Rates for the smallest boats start from around 580Kn a day (for a seven-day rental or longer) in the high season. However, prior to the charter, you must check whether you or your skipper on board have all the necessary documents. In Croatia, according to the law, the skipper should be licensed to manage all types of vessels. He/she must possess a valid boat driving license. Another solution is to hire a professional skipper and it will cost you around 600Kn a day. You can rent a boat from NavAdriatic (www., with or without the skipper. Skipper, a crew member of yacht or vessel cannot have more than 0,5 g/kg of alcohol in blood while on duty. Speedboats and vessels on a jet engine (scooters, jet ski, inflatable boats and similar) can speed-glide only at a distance greater than 300 m from the coastline and on an area that permits speed-gliding.

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RENT A BICYCLE Cycling in Ugljan and Pašman island offers a fantastic mixture of rolling roads and stunning Mountain climbs including the famous Saint Michael’s Fort, ridden by many tourists that visit the Island. Cycling on the main island road can be “nerve wrecking” – the road is often narrow, there’s lots of traffic in the summertime and drivers usually show little consideration for cyclists. However, things are considerably better on the local roads and more and more visitors like to cycle around the island rather than rely on the buses. You can rent bikes in Tkon and Preko at NavAdriatic Travel Agency or book online (www. for a price of 80Kn/ half day.

RENT A SCOOTER Exploring the islands on a moped is definitely an easy, fun and cool way to see the sights of this beautiful coastline. The 50cc’ers do not go fast, so you won’t be winning any drag races, but you can cover much more ground than you’d expect. You can easily explore both islands. If you want to hop between the beaches, ports and villages on your own schedule or just want to find your favourite spot off the bus route and

chill out for the day, scooters are the way to do it in style. If you don’t have your own moped, you can rent it on the island. You will need to take your driver’s license (“A” or “B” Category) and address of where you’re staying locally. You fill in some basic paperwork, get issued with a helmet and a short tutorial of how to ride - it couldn’t be simpler. For the 50cc moped, it’s around 250Kn a day and it can be rented in Tkon and Preko at NavAdriatic Agency or booked online (www.

FISHING In Croatia, there are two different kinds of fishing/angling on the sea: recreational and sports fishing/angling. A fishing license is required whether you fish from the shore or from the boat. To buy the license you must show ID such as your identity card or passport. The license can be obtained online ( or in Tourist Office Board Tkon and the cost is from 70Kn for the daily license up to 1500Kn for the monthly license. Both recreational and sports fishing are prohibited in harbours, small ports, on public beaches and bathing places from May 1st until October 1st. Spear fishermen must move in and under the water only with their 93

own strength (no artificial power devices allowed). Use of devices which enable underwater breathing (diving gear) is not allowed in underwater fishing. Underwater fishing is allowed during the daylight with obligated usage of a diving buoy. Use of underwater lamp is allowed. The maximum allowed daily catch is 5 kg of fish and maritime organisms.

HOMEMADE ISLAND PRODUCTS The “Croatian Island Products” project was implemented with the intention of stimulating the islands in the production of original and high-quality products. The “Croatian Island Products” (Hrvatski Otočni Proizvod) approval label has been awarded to more than 800 products from 23 Croatian islands. The products include food and beverage (wine, brandy, liqueur, olive oil, cheese, fish, jams, honey), cosmetic, clothing products and souvenirs. The fair traditionally takes place in Tkon throughout the year and especially during the summer months. If you ever decide to bring home something no one else has, Island products fair is the place for you. The Fair takes place in Tkon every Thursday in July and August at h20:00.

Ferry TIMETABLE To/From Zadar Jadrolinija Ferry Service ( operate: - Passenger catamaran from Zadar Old town to Preko (h6.20-h22.15 June-Sept). Prices: single/return adult 18Kn/36Kn, child 9Kn/18Kn. - Regular ferries between Zadar (GaĹženica) harbour and Preko on the island of Ugljan. Prices: (single/return: car 103Kn, adult 18Kn/36Kn, child 9Kn/18Kn. To/From Biograd Jadrolinija Ferry Service ( operate: - regular ferries between Biograd harbour and Tkon on the island of PaĹĄman (single/ return adult 14Kn/28kn, child 7kn/14kn; h6.00-h22.30 June-Sept). Single/return car 80Kn/160Kn. 94

BUS TIMETABLE To/From Preko Liburnija Zadar ( operate: Preko - Muline 06:00** I 06:50 I 08:00 I 10:00 I 12:00 I 13:00** I 14:00 I 15:20*/** I 16:00 I 17:10*/** I 18:25 I 20:00 I 21:10 Muline-Preko 05:15** I 06:20 I 07:20 I 09:20 I 11:25 I 12:40 I 13:55** I 14:50 I 16:40*/** I 18:00 I 19:20 I 20:40 Preko - Tkon 06:25 I 08:00 I 10:00 I 12:00 I 14:00 I 15:15 I 16:00 I 17:10 I 18:25 I 20:00 I 21:10 Tkon - Preko 04:45** I 05:50 I 07:15 I 09:15 I 11:15 I 12:50 I 14:45 I 16:20 I 17:30 I 18:55 I 20:15 (**05:15 SUN) Preko - Kukljica 06:25** I 07:15 I 08:00 I 10:00 I 11:00*/** I 12:00 I 14:00 I 15:15 I 16:00 I 17:10 I 18:25 I 20:00 I 21:10 Kukljica - Preko 05:15** I 06:15 I 07:30 I 09:45 I 11:10** I 12:45** I 13:20 I 15:15 I 16:45 I 18:00 I 19:25 I 20:45 * DOES NOT operate on Saturday, ** DOES NOT operate on Sunday and Holidays. The tickets may be bought on the bus only. Single ticket 12Kn-22Kn.


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