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A Beautiful Sailing Day

Best of Adriatic Sea

Private Sailing Tour from Zadar, Ugljan and PaĹĄman Day sailing cruise + lunch and snorkeling activities

Our sailing cruise can be organized any day from April till November and is the perfect solution if you’re short on time but want to discover the wonders of the Adriatic Sea.

Are you visiting Croatia and searching for a fun, relaxing ‘once-in- a lifetime’ experience? Spoil yourself and get the best day of your vacation as we’re taking you on a relaxing personalized sailing tour from Zadar, Ugljan or Pašman in the beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Visit the secluded beaches that only you can access, do some snorkeling activities; enjoy swimming, explore archaeological sites and discover the lovely islets and coves of Zadar Archipelago, watch the amazing sunset on the way back and much more.

Sailing Yacht Cruising There is no yachting qualifications or experience needed in order to participate in the sail trip.

Skippered yacht charter is perfect for families with children and groups wanting to live the experience of a sailing trip in Croatia.

Our tours are fully inclusive of:

Fully crewed, private and exclusive yacht charters for special cruising days and sailing around Zadar islands. We welcome you to bring your snacks, drinks and favorite food is you feel like.

• Your yacht, skipper and crew. • Lunch aboard, or ashore by prior arrangement, if required. • Snorkelling using our equipment, or your own if you prefer. • Fishing using our equipment. • Beach time. • Water & Sodas Don’t forget to bring your bathing suit and sun tan cream and decide how you want to relax: sail, swim, snorkel, play, get a tan... do whatever you feel like.

Welcome Aboard

Motor Yacht Cruising In addition to our regular tours we are proud to offer the finest of luxury cruises custom made to fit your needs.

Our luxury cruises may include any desired itinerary and can be one or more days depending on your schedule and needs.

Luxury Yacht for parties of families and friends, up to a maximum of 12. Just imagine, breakfast followed by a relaxing sail before lunch, or lunch followed by a relaxing sail before sun downers. It does not get much better than that!

Don’t have the time to rent a yacht for a week but still want to visit some of those incredible island beaches that are only accessible by boat? Our one day sailing cruises are the perfect solution!

This itinerary is merely our suggestion. Please feel free to discuss any particular sites you would like to see with your skipper. If he feels able to oblige in the time available, he will do so.

Blue Dream Sailing Sailing Routes

Zadar - Sakarun Beach - 60 NM Zadar - Molat - Boažava - Muline - 50 NM Zadar - Ugljan Round-island, 45 NM Zadar - Kornati NP, 60 NM Zadar - Love Island - Pašman, 40 NM Biograd - Kornati NP, 50 NM


Trip Review

I just came back from my sailing trip which were beautiful! The weather was great, the water was clear, the food was delicious! Overall I had amazing day and I wish I could be there again right now. If you have not been to Blue Dream Sailing yet, you should really go there !... Mathias Eriksson, Sweden

Blue Dream Sailing

Best of Adriatic Sea

Zadar - Sakarun beach, 60 NM Pantera Bay


Veli Rat beach

Sakarun beach

Trip Highlights:

Veli Rat lighthouse

› Sakarun beach › Veli Rat, lighthouse › Shipwreck Departure/Arrival time: 9.00/19.00 With the rendezvous point of Zadar, your yacht is perfectly located to take you north to the famous Sakarun Beach and Dugi Otok. Sakarun is one of the most beautiful and best known beaches of Zadar County. The shore is covered in shingle. The sea is very shallow, even up to 100 metres from the coast. Two years ago, a motion to include Sakarun in the exclusive club of the Most Beautiful Beach in the World was submitted.

Lunch aboard Tuna Salad

Salsa Chicken Salad


Blue Dream Sailing


Best of Adriatic Sea


Zadar - Molat - Božava - Muline, 50 NM Molat island

Submarine tunnels

Molat island

Muline beach

Trip Highlights:

› Molat island

› Cold war submarine tunnels › Juzna Luka beach Departure/Arrival time: 9.30/17.00

Lunch aboard Tuna Salad

Salsa Chicken Salad

Since Molat is not very developed as a tourist destination it provides a fine break out of fuss and noise of busy tourist centers. There is a store in the center nearby the church while a bar and a restaurant are located at the waterfront. Even though Molat is not a fancy yachting destination it is worth paying a visit in case you preferring serene Mediterranean atmosphere.



Blue Dream Sailing

Best of Adriatic Sea

Zadar - Ugljan Round-island, 45 NM Pristine cove

Ugljan - Pašman bridge

Island of Iž

Tuna farm

Trip Highlights:


› Ugljan-Pašman bridge › Pristine coves and beaches › Island of Iž Departure/Arrival time: 9.30/17.00 Sailing by the coast of the Ugljan island, the closest island of the Zadar archipelago. just a couple of miles sail across the channel from Zadar. Set sail for island of Iz in between of Ugljan and Dugi otok, perfect for a summer getaway. Near the island there are some very small uninhabited islands with beautiful beaches ready for you to discover. Sailing day ends in Muline, a small village and sand beach on the island of Ugljan.

Lunch aboard Tuna Salad

Salsa Chicken Salad

Blue Dream Sailing

Best of Adriatic Sea

Zadar - Kornati, 60 NM Kornati

Sestrica Vela lighthouse

Levrnaka beach

Smallest Adriatic island

Trip Highlights:

› Smallest Adriatic island

› Highest lighthouse in Croatia › Levrnaka beach

Departure/Arrival time: 9.00/19.00

Lunch aboard Tuna Salad

Salsa Chicken Salad

Time to meet the real beauty of Croatian islands, or in the words of J.B. Shaw: ‘During the last days of creation, God wished to crown his work and hence from his own tears, stars and breath created Kornati’. Exquisite nature, crystal blue water, lonely beaches and many small islands with funny names and weird shapes is what you can expect to see here.

Blue Dream Sailing

Best of Adriatic Sea

Zadar - Love Island Galešnjak, 40 NM Love Island archipelago

Pašman Canal

Romantic moments

Crystal clear water in Canal

Trip Highlights:

Sunset Sailing

› Sunset sailing › Love Island archipelago › Champagne and canapés at sunset Departure/Arrival time: 17.30/22.30 This cruise is the perfect scene setter for those romantic moments or celebrations of all kinds. We have witnessed several proposals of marriage on this cruise that have given us unforgettable memories. You have the choice of sailing around Love Island arhipelago with your Champagne in hand, or asking your skipper to anchor in some tranquil bay to witness that breathtaking moment when the sun sinks below the sea horizon.

Lunch aboard Champagne and Canapés at Sunset

Blue Dream Sailing

Best of Adriatic Sea

Biograd - Kornati, 60 NM Mystic places

Vrgada beach

Kornati archipelago

Hidden coves

Preserved biodiversity

Trip Highlights:

› Smallest Adriatic island

› Highest lighthouse in Croatia › Levrnaka beach

Departure/Arrival time: 9.30/17.30

Lunch aboard Tuna Salad

Salsa Chicken Salad

Kornati is a surreal dreamscape, a natural archipelago of more than 140 uninhabited islands so stunning in their random beauty. A sailing day tour of the islands is a thrilling way to experience Kornati, as we sailing under spectacular cliffs and around amazing moonscape islands. Then we head to sand beach in Vrgada island to enjoy some of Adriatic fabulous beach!

Blue Dream

Terms and Conditions Prices/day: Route (sailing yacht)*




Zadar - Sakarun beach Zadar - Molat - Božava - Muline Zadar - Ugljan round-island Zadar - Kornati

3.700 Kn 3.400 Kn 3.400 Kn 3.650 Kn

4.000 Kn 3.850 Kn 3.850 Kn 4.000 Kn

3.900 Kn 3.600 Kn 3.600 Kn 3.900 Kn

Zadar - Love Island

2.500 Kn

2.800 Kn

2.600 Kn

Biograd - Kornati

3.650 Kn

4.000 Kn

3.900 Kn

Route (motor yacht)**

till May 31



Zadar - SW Ugljan - Sabuša

12.000 Kn

14.000 Kn

13.000 Kn

NOTE: *Price for the whole boat up to 14 pax; ** Price for the whole boat up to 12 pax

What’s included:

Sailing/Motor Yacht with skipper/crew, port dues, fuel costs (only for sailing yachts), lunch - cold buffet, soda, water, agency fee, NP entrance costs and VAT.

What’s not included:

Hotel transfer to and from the boat and fuel costs for motor yacht.

Payment terms:

Booking deposit 50%. Balance of 50% before departure on the boat.

Reservation and Cancelation:

Pre-booking is essential for booking. Reservations will only be confirmed on receipt of booking deposit. Where the Customer cancels a reservation, refunds will be given under the following conditions: - a 70% refund of the total cost (minus the bank expenses of €25.00) if they cancel at least two week before the start of the Pet holiday; Policy - a 50% refund of the total cost (minus the bank expenses of -no extra charge €25.00) if they cancel up to one week before the start of the Your dog is more that welcomed when some simple rules are respected: holiday. - should be friendly with crew, passengers...


Travel Agency maintains insurance meeting all statutory requirements, however we strongly recommend that passengers hold comprehensive and suitable travel, medical and cancellation insurance.

Weather Conditions:

- should be toilet trained. - should not have ticks of fleas and should have him shots up to date. - should not have destructive tendencies (chewing the yacht or its equipment). - should have his nails clipped before the trip.

All tours and cruises are subject to weather conditions at the time of departure. Travel Agency reserves the right to alter cruise itineraries due to weather conditions or other such extenuating circumstances.

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Don’t have the time to rent a yacht for a week but still want to visit some of those incredible island beaches that are only accessible by b...