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The Practice

Considered design inc is a studio based design practice specialising in the creation of landscape defined by the process of conceiving, detailing, constructing and enjoying. Our approach is determined not by any particular aesthetic or style but by each project bringing with it new opportunities to explore a continuously evolving vocabulary of ideas. For us landscape architecture is a language that is spatial, elemental and complex. Innovation is the vehicle for us to find new ways of reading, understanding and making.


considered design inc/ residential case studies


Objective Influence LIVE

The following case studies illustrate that Considered Design Inc, Landscape Architects have the relevant experience, practical skills and innovation by design to deliver highly desirable and cost effective solutions for private housing clients and commercially viable development opportunity. We carefully research how our clients will live with their homes and what they need from their spaces. We draw from the unique qualities of location, traditions of construction and histories of place to find new models interpreting life fit for the 21st Century.

Case Studies 1. Mixed Use Development, 2211 Cambie Street, Vancouver BC. 2. West 4th, Vancouver, BC. 3. West 2nd, Vancouver, BC. 4. Armoury District, Vancouver, BC. 5. North Vancouver, BC. 6. West Vancouver, BC. 7. West Vancouver, BC. 8. Point Grey, Vancouver, BC. 9. West Point Grey, Vancouver, BC. 10. West 14th, Vancouver, BC. 11. Dunbar, Vancouver, BC. 12. Dunbar, Vancouver, BC. 13. Point Grey, Vancouver, BC. 14. Ropers Farm, Essex, UK. 15. Mixed Use Development, New Providence Wharf, London, UK.






Case Study 1.

Case Study 2.

Case Study 3.

Case Study 4.

Case Study 5.

2211 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC.

West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

Armoury District, Vancouver, BC.

North Vancouver, BC.

Case Study 5.0 Private Residence, North Vancouver, BC.

considered design inc/ residential case studies

An opportunity to explore the daily rhythms associated with arrival and departure. A stepped, fragmented banding draws the user to the arrival point of the front door entry. Planting is employed as the counter point to the sober tones of exposed aggregate and pigment dyed concrete. Seasons are celebrated with blossoms and movement. 5.1

Image 5.1 Entrance Court.




Image 5.2

Image 5.3

Image 5.4

Garden Integration.

Feature Tree.

Entrance Walkway.

Case Study 13.0 Private Residence, Point Grey, Vancouver, BC.

considered design inc/ residential case studies

A Stepped multi-level, tiered site and intricately detailed domestic renovation result in a series of intimate outdoor spaces where carefully choosen materials unfold and envelop creating luxurious tactile and sensual surfaces for outdoor relaxation and respite.



Image 13.1

Image 13.2

Rear Garden.

North Terrace.



Image 13.3

Image 13.4

Hinoki Spa.

Custom Fireplace.

*Project Landscape Architect with Eckford Associates

Case Study 8.0 Private Residence, Point Grey, Vancouver, BC.

considered design inc/ residential case studies

A sloping site six degrees off the orthogonal provides our starting point for this contemporary suburban home in West Vancouver. A quirky twist to the other otherwise North South East West site plan gives us the dynamic counterpoint from which to develop our program and invent the future narrative of materials and form to our second exploration in suburban living.


Image 8.1 Rear Garden Rendering.

Case Study 1.0 2211 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC.

considered design inc/ residential case studies

The landscape treatment for 2211 Cambie Street is intended to be both abundant and complimentary to the contemporary architectural composition. In the public realm the landscape design concept treats the building as a whole single volume. With in the envelope of the building the landscape design provides a series of vignettes arranged in both plan and section. 1.1

Image 1.1 Roof Plan.



Image 1.2

Image 1.3

Building Model.

South Rendering.

*Render Images courtesy of Iconstrux Architects.

Case Study 4.0 Private Residence, Armoury District, Vancouver

considered design inc/ residential case studies

Our project began as an opportunity to work with an iconic piece of Vancouver’s Architectural heritage. An early work of Peter Busby’s office, the building is a modular work of steel, concrete and glass. Our response started with trying to figure out how to illustrate our clients desire for year round greenery with both privacy and openness. Employing techniques associated with modular landscape design we developed inset planters, specially fabricated in a powder coated steel, lifted into place and sited accurately within the framework of the architectural composition. 4.1



Image 4.1

Image 4.2

Image 4.3

Bamboo Planting Light Screen.

Bamboo Screen.

Willy Guhl Concrete Seating.




Image 4.4

Image 4.5

Image 4.6

Upper Courtyard.

Roof Top Planting.

Roof Top Planting.

Case Study 9.0 Private Residence, West Point Grey, Vancouver.

considered design inc/ residential case studies

Located on an elevated plateau this single family residence offered few views to the broader West Coast landscape beyond. Our approach was to define external spaces through light, form, texture and programme. Sensory planting combines with utilitarian surfaces in a folding composition reflecting a contemporary massing in the architectural composition.




Image 9.1

Image 9.2

Image 9.3

Dinning Terrace.

Front Entrance.

Aspen Grove.

Case Study 11.0 Private Residence, Dunbar, Vancouver, BC.

considered design inc/ residential case studies

The design responds to the clients desire for a low maintenance landscape appropriate in conception for a modern house in a leafy traditional neighborhood. Taking our cue from the Dutch De Stjle movement the lines, points and surfaces of Mondrian and Reitvelt are transformed into spiky blue grasses, low box hedges and delicately flowering service berries. 11.1


Image 11.1

Image 11.2

Blue Oat Grass.

Plant Layering.



Image 11.3

Image 11.4

Entrance Screening.

Front Entrance.

considered design inc/ residential case studies

Case Study 4.0 Residential Roof Deck

Case Study 15.0 Water Terrace.

Case Study 2.0 North Rendering.

Case Study 10.0 Planter Screening

Case Study 3.0 North Rendering.

Case Study 15.0 Basalt Cascade.

Case Study 4.0 Entrance Courtyard.

Case Study 6.0 South Rendering.

Case Study 15.0 Communal Garden

Case Study 12.0 Birch Tree.

Case Study 12.0 Black Mondo Grass.

Case Study 14.0 Driveway Rendering.

considered design inc 509 - 2770 sophia street, vancouver, bc, v5t 0a4

e: t: 778 386 4414

considered design inc_ residential  

Future, Present and Past Residential work from Considered Design Inc.

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