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02/04/2014 15:20


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Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Wednesday 2nd April 2014 Nobody’s Fool, Leading the Way, Con-Serve at your Service, Hotelympia looms, CH’s own Italian Job, Peerage for CH GM and Members share their Good News.

73 Days to the CH Awards (13 June), 17 Days! (Less than three weeks!) to the Entry Deadline (18 April) – Sharpen everything, steady that hand and enter. Come on the Considerates! The Considerate Hotel of the Year 2014 Awards – See below for details of one of the Award categories. This week we trumpet the Considerate Hotel of the Year (UK & International).[UNIQID]

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CH Leads the Way

02/04/2014 15:20

April 1st – All Fools Day Hugely tempting as it is to tell you that a car has been invented that runs purely on hot air, that the energy companies are giving everyone one year’s supply of energy for free, that the spaghetti harvest in Italy is going well and elbow grease and star dust are now available in selected branches of Lidl but I won’t because CH members are incredibly bright and intelligent people who couldn’t possibly be taken in by such tosh. Well, may be the spaghetti harvest bit!

Time to Save the World – CH Members are Leading the Way It was a sort of deja vu moment when I read the report compiled by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which indicated that the time had come to adapt to changes in our climate and amidst signs of global warming. We used to be told to mitigate which in turn would stop some form of catastrophe happening – no more. Whatever we believe, change is on the way, the full impact of which may not be known for perhaps 20 or 30 years so there is a need to adapt to those conditions rather than hoping that if we produce less CO2, wipe out fewer species, pollute the seas less, and conserve precious resources it will be fine. Well, the majority of CH members have been adapting and playing their part for many years, setting an example for others to follow. In their own way, and by adapting, they are paving the way for whatever opportunities may be created by global changes whether it be in the food supply, wildlife conservation, increased flooding, less fresh water, increased health risks and possible civil wars and international conflicts. It sounds like Armageddon but the good that one can do now will help considerably down the line. It does not have to all end in tears. Fly the Considerate flag, do your bit for your planet, your hotel, your local community, your family and future generations will thank you for it - in due course. The future is all yours!

Con-Serve makes its Considerate Debut Considerate Hoteliers and EnergyDeck, an award-winning, crowdbased energy analytics platform, have signed a strategic partnership to enable Considerate hoteliers around the world to save even more energy and resources. For the first time member hotels will be able to collaborate and share data via the Con-Serve platform, which will allow hotels to dramatically reduce the cost, risk and the time it takes to be more environmentally and financially sustainable. Whilst hotels can save up to 20% of energy usage through simple[UNIQID]

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CH Leads the Way

02/04/2014 15:20

measures, it has been historically difficult for midsize and smaller hoteliers to economise on the same level. Traditional approaches to energy tracking and management have relied on cumbersome spreadsheets or legacy tools that are expensive to deploy and difficult to use. The implementation of savings measures has also been hampered because it is difficult for many hoteliers to get access to relevant and independent advice on what projects are most effective for a specific building type and environment. Considerate Hoteliers will deploy the Con-Serve platform to enable hotel operators and owners to integrate all their energy and resource usage data into one cost effective, easy-to-use tool. Alongside standardised reporting this will allow owners and operators to not only compare the performance of their hotels with similar building types but also to share best practices and experiences on the most effective methods to reduce energy and resource usage. So much more on this in next week’s bulletin – the best is yet to come!

News from our Members Master of His Own Inn: Colm Kelly of CH member K+K Hotel George has received the equivalent of a hotel knighthood on being made a Master Innholder. So, without hesitation, the first Bravo Zulu of the week goes to “Sir” Colm Kelly MI. K West Cleans Up: Congratulations to the K West Hotel & Spa who triumphed at the 2014 Housekeeping Olympics organised by the UK Housekeepers Association. They excelled in towel origami, bed making, agility and a written test to win the coveted title, plus of course a coveted Bravo Zulu from CH! Claridge’s New Man (ager): Knut Wylde has been appointed hotel manager at CH member Claridge’s. He joins from another CH member, Coworth Park. We wish Knut well. Careys Manor Hotel & SenSpa: SenSpa at Careys Manor Hotel has been named as 2014 Finalist at the World Luxury Spa Awards for 'Best Luxury Hotel Spa'. Join us in congratulating the SenSpa Team and thank you to all who voted for our award winning spa! Mandara Spa UK at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London are proud to announce that they have won the 'Best Luxury Fitness Spa' award for 2014'. Thank you to all who voted. Palais Namaskar: Palais Namaskar has been awarded Best Luxury Wellness Spa in Africa and Best Luxury Destination Spa in Morocco. The Cavendish London: we have launched a commemorative Rosa Lewis Afternoon Tea and during April for every afternoon tea sold we will donate £1 to the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Rapidly running out of Bravo Zulus! Time to lie down in a darkened room. Well done all![UNIQID]

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CH Leads the Way

02/04/2014 15:20

Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers walks the Walk We are conscious that our Scandinavian hotel industry cousins are great followers of the sustainability mantra but by checking out this link you will see that the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers really does go that extra mile: The Walk of Sustainability.

Earth Hour – What Did You Do? Last Saturday 29th March WWF’s Earth Hour was celebrated at 8.30 pm wherever you were in the world. Montague on the Gardens Hotel: "We supported Earth Hour at the Montague and our guests dined by candlelight for one hour". The Acorn Inn in Dorset: "Guests were delighted to have drinks by candlelight". At the Langham London they turned off all external lighting, turned off lighting in lobby and used candles, dimmed all lighting in outlets and use candles, put letter in all occupied guest rooms and handed out at reception advising guests about Earth hour and asked them to participate voluntarily, by turning off lights and air conditioning for an hour and placed posters in back of house areas to remind colleagues to turn off lights and equipment at home as well.

Considerate Supplier News Welcome - Vini Italiani is the first and only wine store and bar entirely dedicated to Italian wine in London. Offering the largest selection of quality labels (around 600) and an extensive range of services, Vini Italiani is a point of reference for everything related to Italy’s oenological culture. Vini Italiani provides a highly professional retail experience thanks to its team of sommeliers, which ensures people experience Italy to the fullest. Wine can be enjoyed by the glass and by the bottle and can be savoured with Italian cold cuts and cheese specialities. All this occurs within a space that is designed for courses, meetings and events too (including private ones). Come visit us to experience our friendly atmosphere, check our website to get more information and to shop online and to have your favourite Italian wines delivered directly to your door. Salute! Vini Italiani 72 Old Brompton Road South Kensington London SW7 3LQ +44(0)20 7225 2283[UNIQID]

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CH Leads the Way

02/04/2014 15:20

Hotelympia Looms This year at Hotelympia (28th April until 1st May) Considerate Hoteliers will run a series of workshops on the following subjects: 1.Reduce food waste and save money (in association with WRAP), 2.Sustainable technology use in design and refurbishment, 3.Using technology to improve your sustainability performance, 4.Catering / kitchen equipment and behaviour energy saving advice. These workshops are tailored for hoteliers - as a Considerate Member, you can attend for free! Availability is limited - to register your attendance, please contact Chris Burgess.

The Considerate Hotel of the Year 2014 Awards Each week we will be featuring a category and the criteria for entry. We will also be contacting member hotels individually to encourage participation. This week we are homing in on two categories. Considerate UK Hotel of the Year: this is one of the ultimate awards presented by CH. Awarded to the hotel or guest house that is considered by the judges to be the best all-rounder in 2012/13 for all-round success in a wide range of environmental initiatives - from energy and water conservation, waste reduction and support for sustainable food, to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In short, they need to demonstrate that they run their business ethically and with a conscience and hopefully a strong bottom line to become the ultimate Considerate Hotel of 2013. International Considerate Hotel of the Year
: a new category for our colleagues in the international hotel community who believe they have all the right credentials to win this award in its second year on offer. Entrants will need to show their passion, dedication and application against what will clearly be strong competition. This is an award specifically for international hotels outside of the UK. Judges will take account of achievements both on the environmental and corporate social responsibility front and the extra "green" mile the hotel has travelled to make it worthy of the title International Considerate Hotel of the Year 2013. See the judging criteria and entry form for more details.

Your News? If you keep us informed of your news, then we can pass it on. Please also keep us informed of management changes so we can keep our data base updated. Thank you![UNIQID]

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CH Leads the Way

02/04/2014 15:20

Finally Keep an eye on the CH website for the latest news. Contribute and trumpet your own news – we would love to hear from you. Our aim is to make the CH website a pleasure to read for all the right reasons. That objective can be best achieved by all members contributing whatever and whenever they can. Many thanks. Aide Memoir – Add CH to press release distribution. Don’t forget to share this with your colleagues – please! John Firrell

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