FY2008 Annual Report

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Report to the Community

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association

photo by Tom Jones


Listen to children talk about their experience at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center. Hear them talk about their best week of the summer, or of their school year, and how they learned about things in nature they never knew before.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association is a non-profit organization created to engage public support for the park and provide services to enhance public use and enjoyment of the park. Our Board of Directors adopted a new mission statement as part of our strategic planning process this year. It contains two very strong verbs: engage and enhance. For over forty years, it has been the engagement of people within the Cuyahoga Valley that has allowed it to be protected. The willingness of people to volunteer their time, share their financial resources and speak out on behalf of the park has led to having a park with world class trails and vibrant programs. What are some of the ways we enhance the park? During the summer months, drive past Trail Mix, our store on Boston Mills Road. See the number of people who take a break from a ride or walk on the Towpath Trail, and enjoy time with family and friends next to our store. Talk to people who use park facilities for a meeting and hear how the beauty of our park allows for inspiration, creativity and team development.


Let a park volunteer tell you how much they enjoy being part of the park family. Ask a family who has enjoyed a free concert in Howe Meadow on a warm summer night if the park is special to them. Invite someone who has seen birds at the old Coliseum site or watched an eagle fly over the river, if advocating on behalf of park resources is important. We are grateful to our members and donors, whose engagement in our mission makes such a difference for the park. We want to thank our Board of Directors for their vision and their time. For twenty years, John Debo has been a remarkable superintendent of our park and we are grateful for his dedicated partnership with us. We are fortunate to have committed, hard-working staff, both with the park and CVNPA, who care deeply about their work. We are thankful that every one of you cares to make a difference through your support. See you on the trails!

Deb Yandala Chief Executive Officer

Diana Lueptow Chairman, Board of Directors

Since you are reading this annual report, you immediately qualify as one of my favorite people. It means, in all likelihood, that you are a member of CVNPA, and that you care about your Cuyahoga Valley National Park. You may be a park volunteer, a donor, a park advocate, a frequent park user, any, or perhaps all of these. As I have very often publicly stated, the most important task we have in the coming years is to grow the number of people directly engaged with the park, so that those individuals will consider themselves primary stakeholders in this park’s future. For while our dedicated National Park Service staff are the appointed stewards of this great National Park, ultimately it will be you, the citizen stakeholders, who will ensure that the park thrives and remains protected, for all people, for all time. This past year has been a good one for the park, with three more farmsteads leased through the Countryside Initiative, our eagles in Pinery Narrows successfully fledging an eaglet for the second consecutive year, new Junior Ranger Day Camps launched for underserved urban children, development of a partnership with the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority to engage youth in summer camps in the park, record ridership levels for the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad - including almost 20,000 Bike Aboard! riders - and great progress made in our community watershed protection outreach program, to name just a few of our many achievements over the course of the year. I will hasten to add that our ability to get the job done is dependent in large degree on an incredibly supportive cast of over 2,000 park volunteers, motivated partner organizations, and direct CVNPA support.

Sadly, this year saw the passing of John F. Seiberling, a true national conservation hero, legislative visionary and motivating force behind the establishment of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and personal friend to so many of us involved with the park over so many years. Congressman Seiberling’s legacy is astounding in scale, and will forever be remembered here in the Cuyahoga Valley and in parks and wilderness throughout the United States. This year also brings closure to another important chapter in the park’s history, the 34 years of unwavering appropriations support of Congressman Ralph Regula, who retired from Congress at the end of 2008. Suffice to say, these are the two individuals who have made this park a reality, and we are forever indebted to each of them for their devotion to this park. I encourage everyone to visit the Founders Wayside at the Everett Road Covered Bridge, to contemplate the enormity of each of their contributions, which have fittingly been memorialized in a sublimely beautiful park setting. Thank you so much for your continued support. Now go recruit your friends and neighbors for CVNPA membership!

John P. Debo, Jr. Superintendent, Cuyahoga Valley National Park


Extraordinary Spaces for Extraordinary Events have found that these venues in the park provide a remarkable place for teambuilding, creative thinking and employee rejuvenation and invigoration. During the last three years, Extraordinary Spaces also hosted approximately 80 weddings and special family events with the breathtaking scenery serving as the backdrop for a lifetime of memories. Chef Michael Fiala joined the staff to assure that extraordinary food, featuring local and organic products, is available to our guests.

Extraordinary Spaces was designed in 2006 to creatively engage a broad public, personally and professionally, in the majesty of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Working with CVNPA’s innovative and forward thinking Board of Directors, Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association developed a plan to provide a variety of extraordinary spaces in the park to meet the needs of the public. Over the past two years, area businesses and organizations have held over 100 meetings and retreats in Extraordinary Spaces. Company leadership and employees

This year, Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association expanded its venues and opened the newly renovated Stone Cottage. This charming historic structure, adjacent to the Hines Hill Conference Center, provides a small, intimate setting for private parties and cozy retreats. Extraordinary Spaces is just a part of CVNPA’s mission to engage the public in all that this national park has to offer.

Transforming Young Lives Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association grounds itself in environmental education, teaching children and adults the importance of the Cuyahoga River watershed and the impact our own carbon footprint makes in our world. This past year over 9,000 school children from across northeast Ohio attended resident camp experiences and day and summer programs at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center. Students not only expanded their education in natural and environmental sciences, but also gained knowledge and experience in how nature intersects with other disciplines such as the arts and literature. Outdoor activities abound and students gather new insights into their own health and well being. This summer, Happy Days Lodge, formerly Happy Days Visitor Center, once again provided a welcoming place for students, summer day camps, reminiscent of the building’s history in the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930’s. What a joy to see this historic structure once again used in the manner for which it was created!

photo by Sara Guren

Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association continues to take pride in the philanthropic funding community’s response to supporting need-based scholarships for urban children. At least 25% of the Environmental Education Center’s resident enrollment is comprised of children from greater northeast Ohio urban areas. Scholarships offer many of these students a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience nature outside of their urban communities. Imagine seeing creatures in their natural habitats for the first time, or gazing at a nighttime sky full of stars unencumbered by city lights, or walking through the woods on a quiet, snowy evening. These are the experiences that transform lives!


photo by Sara Guren

photo by Mark Shelton VIII

Enhancing the Park Experience Outreach efforts between Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association, National Park Service staff and other partners further spread nature’s stories. A variety of programs and events offered park visitors opportunities to learn, enjoy and participate in their national park. • Over 400 people attended Blue Heron Day at Old Trail School to enjoy a pancake breakfast, participate in crafts for children and hike to the heron rookery. • E-recycling day provided an opportunity for members to practice environmental sustainability by recycling electronics and related items. • Great Blue Heron Giving Society members participated in a special spring behind-thescenes hike to the eagle’s nest to witness the adult birds and new eaglet.

• The Cuyahoga Valley Heritage Concert Series and Lyceum Distinguished Lecture Series at Happy Days Lodge and Music in the Meadow concerts at Howe Meadow connected thousands of visitors with arts and culture opportunities. • Over 300 runners of all skill levels, from ages 9 to 83, participated in the Fall Running Series. • In cooperation with Cuyahoga Valley Countryside Conservancy, giving society members took advantage of a tour of the Basket of Life Farm and enjoyed a dinner prepared with local foods by Chef Michael Fiala. • The Towpath Tag funds continued to provide over $15,000 in direct support to the park to maintain the Towpath Trail and ensure its safety for millions of runners, hikers and cyclists.

• More than 9,000 children benefited from residential and day camp experiences through the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center.

• Trail Mix and Park Place in Peninsula offered thousands of visitors a friendly smile, information, refreshments, and unique gifts and remembrances of their visit to the park.

• Approximately 750 underserved children were awarded scholarships to attend residential camp programs.

• Extraordinary Spaces provided venues for weddings, special life events and business retreats and meetings.

• The Festival of Lights, presented at the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center, offered the community unique insights into different customs surrounding the Winter solstice.

• CVNPA hosted a meeting of The Friends Alliance. National Park and friends group leaders from around the country traveled to Cuyahoga Valley National Park to experience our park and our successful partnership.

• Over 500 CVNPA members participated in the annual member Polar Express night with the help and support of the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.


Park Highlights Trails Forever – Modeling three other successful programs across the National Park Service (at Acadia, Golden Gate, and the Great Smokies), CVNP and CVNPA are embarking on their largest ever philanthropic venture – a $10 million Trails Forever Endowment Campaign. The endowment will provide for the maintenance and enhancement of the 100 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails in Cuyahoga Valley National Park for the continued enjoyment of current and future generations. NPS Centennial – The National Park Service will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2016. A Centennial Challenge matching grant program was launched in 2008. This program enabled parks to compete for federal funds that would be matched by partner funds in order to accomplish “signature” projects that exemplify the NPS mission. CVNP received $170,000 which was matched by $174,000 raised by CVNPA. The funding supported Get Up, Get Out & Go! recreation-based outreach programs in Akron, new Junior Ranger day camps offered at Happy Days Lodge, residential summer camp for children from Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority properties, finalizing the middle school curriculum, and more. All of these programs


emphasize involving young people, especially from urban and low-income communities, in their national park. Italian Educational Tour – Two of CVNP’s most innovative programs attracted international attention. A group of 17 Italian National Park and Forest representatives as well as University professors and graduate students visited the park for two full days of tours and activities. The showcased programs were the Cuyahoga Valley Environmental Education Center and the Countryside Initiative. The group also learned about the Ohio & Erie Canalway and the role of Friends Groups in national parks. A great international sharing of ideas occurred which will lead to future collaboration with the Italians. Watershed Stewardship Outreach – Great strides were made during 2008 in building upon past efforts to encourage better watershed stewardship in communities around the park. These ongoing efforts garnered a front-page article in the Akron Beacon Journal in November 2007. The park hosted and co-chaired a variety of workshops about preventing flooding and protecting watersheds. A new VIP program – “Watershed Stewards” was launched and will coordinate community

advocates for watershed protection in 2009. Through the dedicated efforts of the park, several communities drafted ordinances for protection of watersheds or are looking more critically at development efforts around the park. Farming in Cuyahoga Valley National Park – Three more leases for Countryside Initiative Farms were signed in 2008. The Gleeson Farm, located in Valley View, will include diversified crops, a farmer’s market in the barn, bike rentals, and restaurant sales. The Martin Farm, located in Cuyahoga Falls, will focus on free-range chickens for meat sales. The Leyser Farm in Brecksville will offer diversified crops and livestock focusing on direct market sales from the farm for high demand products. With these three, the park will have a total of 11 farmsteads under lease. Rehabilitation of the Edgar Farm is underway and expected to be completed in 2009 at which time it will be offered for lease.

train – for only $2.00 – for the return trip, tripled in ridership from 6,000 to 18,000 riders in only its second year. CVSR also reached more passengers to the south by establishing five-day-a-week service to Canton, which allowed riders to visit venues in Canton or Akron, as well as travel from Canton all the way into the park. A “one size fits all” price of $15 for regular excursion trips made train service accessible to more families. In addition, holiday riders were able to enjoy additional entertainment at the “North Pole” associated with The Polar Express™.

Something for Everyone

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad – CVSR’s ridership is expected to be the highest ever this year – nearing 150,000 riders! The remarkably successful Bike Aboard! program, which allows passengers to bike the trail in one direction and then load their bike on the


Engaging the Community

When CVNPA opened Trail Mix in the summer of 2007 in Boston, we hoped to provide a place for Towpath Trail and park users to take a break and find refreshment. By mid-summer of 2008, Trail Mix was booming. Every weekend hundreds of people stopped in for ice cream, trail mix bars, lunch and beverages. The picnic tables were packed and bikes lay in the grass while families enjoyed an outing under the shade trees. Inside, Trail Mix staff and volunteers offered friendly smiles along with information on CVNPA, membership, volunteer opportunities and points of interest in the park. The refurbished original wood floors and antique fixtures lend a sense of history and charm that invite park visitors to linger on the front porch.


The success of Trail Mix prompted CVNPA to find new ways to serve the public. CVNPA saw great opportunity when approached about leasing space in the former Blue Heron Bookstore. The creation of Park Place in Peninsula serves as a welcome and park information center for people visiting the town and offers unique gift items, apparel, and local art to specialty shoppers. Open year round, Park Place in Peninsula changes its inventory seasonally and offers a variety of special educational programs and entertainment throughout the year. The treehouse and gathering room provide interesting spaces for arts and crafts for children and the expansive garage serves to engage the public for Peddler Day, Python Day and more.

Tribute John Seiberling loved the Cuyahoga Valley. He knew its woods, the river, streams and meadows. He hiked and photographed the park. He spoke eloquently of why it should be protected and followed up with the hard work of getting it done.

Photo by Dennis Hamm

After the Cuyahoga Valley became part of the National Park system in 1974, John continued to provide leadership by serving on the board of the Cuyahoga Valley Association, and later, as an honorary member of the board of CVNPA. John’s insight, vision and wit inspired many of us and he helped formulate strong citizen involvement in the park. John’s passing may have ended his time on earth, but John’s memory and spirit will always be a part of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. His picture hangs in our office and daily reminds us that people who care about the land, truly leave their mark for future generations.

CVNPA Staff 2008/2009 Katie Amer Lisa Battista William Boyd Dee Brannan Jennifer Bucheit Jocelyn Buckey Patricia Clark James Clarke Keith Csank Stephanie Cuper Connie Dages Jim English Michael Fiala Paula Foster Mary Foti Bridget Garvin Keith Gillespie Pamela Chinnici Good Adam Haynes Michele Holderbaum Tara Holderbaum Mary Hyde Heather Kelly

Field Instructor Intern Sales & Guest Services Director Kitchen Manager Secretary Environmental Education Specialist Community Relations Manager Reservations Coordinator Sales & Guest Services Assistant Field Instructor Intern Field Instructor Intern Office Manager Facility & Events Manager Chef Cook Grants Manager Director of Volunteer Programs Computer Technician Director of Retail Operations Field Instructor Interns Head Custodian Cook Retail Staff Administrative Services Director

Robin Kirk Retail Staff Jim Leonello Chief Financial Officer Janice Matteucci Chief Operating Officer Carla Menhorn Retail Staff Lisa Meranti Development Officer Theresa Meredith Development Services Specialist Ellen Murphy Field Instructor Intern Jessica Opper Program Specialist-Education Emily Pagano Administrative Intern Jeff Petigrew Field Instructor Intern Shannon Phillips Dishwasher Steve Randolph Sales & Guest Services Assistant Joni Rapp Retail Staff Ginny Reynolds Retail Staff Ellen Rohn Administrative Intern Erin Sams Field Instructor Intern La Donna Sifford Program Specialist-Urban Outreach Betty Ann Slota Cook Amanda Staggs Field Instructor Intern Lou Ann Starkey Retail Staff Elizabeth Straus Field Instructor Intern Peggy Taddeo Extraordinary Spaces Host Kimberly Tranel Field Instructor Intern Penny Uhlenbrock Retail Staff Jennifer Walker-Pierce Retail Staff Deb Yandala Chief Executive Officer David Young Retail Staff


Honor Roll of Donors It is through the generosity of our members, donors, and those listed on the following pages that Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association is able to provide the many and varied programs, projects and services that you have seen highlighted in this report. While space limits our ability to list all members’ names, we are grateful for the support that each of you provides, no matter the size or type of your gift. It is because of your support of CVNPA that Cuyahoga Valley National Park continues to flourish and provide that special personal connection for all! Giving levels are representative of the donor’s full contributions made between September 1, 2007 and August 31, 2008, regardless of the purpose or intent of any specific gift. Individual donor contribution levels include family and donor-advised funds where appropriate. Company matching gifts are reflected in individual donor giving amounts and are indicated with an asterisk (*). CVNPA has made diligent efforts to ensure accuracy in listing all donors at the $100 and greater levels. Donor names are listed in accordance with the preferred publication name provided by the donor. Should you wish to change the way in which your name is listed in future publications, or should you have any other corrections, please contact the CVNPA Development Office at 330.657.2909. Legacy Society

We are grateful to the following individuals that have remembered CVNPA through a bequest or other planned gift: Stanley and Hope Adelstein Richard and Joan Ainsworth Mary Bevan William and Mary Ellen Carroll Gerard and Ann Findlan Janet and Richard Jankura David Kopkas Morton and Iris November Ronda Russell Kenneth Sabol Sue Sahli Steven and Connie Wait Carol Sue White Richard and Jane Whitehead Sherman Bishop and Deb Yandala


Lifetime $100,000 Richard and Joan Ainsworth George and Susan Klein Morton and Iris November Chairman’s Circle

We are proud to recognize the outstanding service and contributions of CVNPA’s past chairmen of the Board of Directors. Richard Ainsworth George Klein Diana Lueptow Eagle $5,000 and up Stanley and Hope Adelstein Richard and Joan Ainsworth Akron Community Foundation Aleris International, Inc.

The Brown and Kunze Foundation Jerry and Nancy Canterbury* Pamela Carson Lee and Tuni Chilcote The Cleveland Foundation The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation The Community Foundation of Lorain County The Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation Dominion East Ohio Peggy and John Garson Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Hill ‘n Dale Club Martha Holden Jennings Foundation KeyBank Robin and Mark Kirk George and Susan Klein Diana Kunze and Arthur Brown Diana Lueptow Lisa and Thomas Mandel

Morton & Barbara Mandel Marcus Thomas S. Livingston Mather Charitable Trust Medical Mutual of Ohio The Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation Stephen and Amanda Ford Morris Nordson Corporation Foundation OMNOVA Solutions Foundation Parker Hannifin Foundation PPG Industries Ohio Inc. Ronda Russell The Fred E. Scholl Charitable Foundation The Sears-Swetland Family Foundation The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation Cheryl Terai* Western Reserve Trail Running, Inc. Great Blue Heron Society $2,500 – $4,999 Akron General Health System Audio-Technica U.S., Inc Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad John and Betty Dalton Henry and Mary Doll ERM Group Foundation, Inc. John and Mary Kay Flask Todd and Barbara Greene Ronald and Lydia Harrington Clark Harvey and Holly Selvaggi Jeff and Suzanne Hyde* Elizabeth Juliano Henri Pell Junod, Jr. Kathy Leavenworth The Lubrizol Foundation

Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund John and Susan McKenzie Milton James Foundation Inc. Andrew and Kathryn Moock Michael O’Connor and Kathleen O’Neill* Old Trail School Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie Memorial Foundation Sue Sahli Terry and Dianne Squire Edwin and Libby Upton Charles and April Walton Locktender’s Circle $1,000 – $2,499 Akron Children’s Hospital Akron Garden Club Amer Insurance Anonymous Applied Industrial Technologies Sandra and Mark Auburn The Banks-Baldwin Foundation Doug and Lu Bannerman Caroline G. Barney Ann Briechle William and Mary Ellen Carroll CBIZ, Inc. Jeri Chaikin and Joel Newman CMNH Trout Club CommonGood Consulting, Inc. Doug and Karen Cooper William and Deborah Currin Larry and Barbara Cuy Clyde Davis John and Cyndee Debo Edward Howard FirstEnergy Corporation

Forest City Enterprises Guy and Catherine Gadomski The Glenmede Trust Company Lori Ann and Gergory Glenn Shawn and Marianne Grandon Sean and Jacquie Grindall Kevin Grocott Michael and Martha Hardy Ross and Viki Henschen Hudson Garden Club Thomas and Susan Hutchinson Dale and Pamela Inkley Tom and Glen Jenkins Kastner Westman & Wilkins, LLC Janice Matteucci and Parnell Tillotson Robert A. and Jean C. Meyers W. Paul Mills & Thora J. Mills Memorial Laura R. & Lucian Q. Moffitt Foundation Dan and Marge Moore David and Inez Myers Foundation Dan Nagy* North Akron Savings Bank John and Ellen Perduyn Douglas and Noreen Powers John and Elinor Rodgers Steve and Kathryn Schultz The Shaker Lakes Garden Club Dudley and Barbara Sheffler Richey and Sandra Smith Charles and Corrine Tennent Thomarios Thomas and Diane Tyrrell Steven and Connie Wait


David and Janet Walkowiak Paul and Nancy Wellener Sherman Bishop and Deb Yandala John and Sylvia Yankey Forest $500 – $999 Anonymous (2) Henry and Barbara Belden Amy Bowers Mr. Robert Briggs Arthur Brooks Kim Fesler Bruns Cascade Auto Group Mike and Erin Christie Cleveland Hiking Club Brian and Brenda Cummins David Dickenson The Fedeli Group The Garden Club of Cleveland Sally Good Jon and Aimee Grimm Marcus Hardin Allan and Frances Harris John and Mary Holmes Richard Horton and Scott Marshall George and Katie Hoy Brit and Julie Hyde Nora Jacobs and George Snider Don Kemp David Kimm Charles Manno Earlene McGonegal Edward and Lynn Metzger Rory and Dedee O’Neil Ohio Cat Richard and Pat Pogue Michelle Primm Al and Diane Pytel Tim and Laura Quine


Roger and Judith Read Timothy and Melinda Remington William and Helene Rogovy Jeremy Saline Joshua and Megan Schoenherr* John and Betty Seiberling Scholarship Fund Steve Shechter Bill and Mignon Steere David Swift Maureen Thompson Chris and Kathleen VanDevere David and Jennie Vasarhelyi Charles Weeks Western Reserve Bank Carol Sue White Richard and Jane Whitehead Meadow $250 – $499 Jane Akers Anonymous Albert Augustus Jody Bacon Jeff and Pam Barker Phil and Mindy Bartholomae Roy and Juanita Beasley James McCrea Biggar Joseph and Michelle Blanda Lori Box Marty and Alison Butler Eleanor Campbell Edith Chase Catherine Ciha and John Despins Larry Cobler John and Barbara Cochran Ron and Laura Coill

Gerry and Marty Conway Albert Couch and Karen Barton Vincent Cybulski Margit Daley Amy Dalton Mark and Camilla Dalton Teresa Davey Robert and Ginny Eckardt Ernest and Bonnie Estep Ms. Joyce Fair Stephen and Dorothy Farkas Sherman Farnham Gene and Marion Faubel Gerard and Ann Findlan Colleen Fitzpatrick 49 ER’s Club Anthony and Mary Foti Joe and Mary Ann Freedman David and Margaret Fullmer Michael and Holly Gamage Pamela and Mark Goldfarb Patricia Graves Thomas Green and Manju Gupta Charles and Candy Grisi Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP Frank and Martha Harding Lute and Sue Harmon Julie Hayden Walt and Gwen Heeney John Heimovics and Nancy Pound Tom and Jeannette Hejduk Greggory Hill and Carol Dolan Pat and Pitter Holland David and Kathy House Steve and Amy Incorvati Andy and Crystal Ishmael Jerry Jelinek

Janice Kelly Winnetta Kennedy Jay Kiefer and Mary Whaley Kiefer Linda and Leo Kipfstuhl Rich and Linda Kolehmainen Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Kremer Paul and Susan Kruder Roger and Sue L’Hommedieu Peter Listerman Steven and Bonney Lueptow Tim Maholm Jane Male McCabe Corporation Kathy McClaning Don and Marylou McCoy Ed and Janet McKeon Jennifer McMahon and Toby Oster Lisa Meranti Jeffrey Meyers Gary and Christine Mikitin William and Denise Miller Karen Moyer Anne Marie Najeway Janet and Spike Narten Mr. James Negrelli and Ms. Ann Jackson Richard and Patricia O’Desky Clint and Melissa Olmstead Tim and Karen Parsons Peninsula Garden Club Andy Petit Frank and Linda Pillari Thomas and Theresa Pretlow Laurie and Roger Principe Dana and James Pulk David Raybin and Susanna Fein Helen Reed Michael and Angie Remen Harold Rex and Nancy Brown Rex Christopher Rizzo Justin and Jane Rogers

Arrye Rosser Stacey Rusher Sue and Jerome Salontay Juerg and Katherine Schmid Jim and Kathleen Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Alex Schmitt Daniel and Ximena Sessler Noel and Beth Shriver Denise Simeone Ruth Simonis F Eugene Smith Norbert Trocki Don Turpin Michelle Vitale and Daniel Morris Gregory Warren Shari and Jeff Weeden Lewis West Jennifer Whelan Lee and Robin Woodard Timothy Yeager River $100 – $249 Richard and Sue Abbott Eric and Georgialee Adams Gary and Connie Adams Alco-Chem, Inc. Rick and Erin Aldridge Ron and Ann Allan Rosemary Allen Paul and Kristina Alsenas David and Mary Beth Alspaugh Dawn Andrews Anonymous (3) P J Apostle Robert Applebaum Jim and Sandy Arbour Agnes Armstrong David Axson Mary Rebecca Babcox Tom and Mary Babcox Lowell Baker Rebecca Bartholomae

Victoria and Michael Barto Steven Batdorf and Brian Linder Richard Beatty Becker Signs Jim and Karen Bennett David Bergholz Cornelia Bergmann Mike Biedenbach Christina Bittenbender Blue Hole Productions, LLC David Bly David Booth Family Michael Borowski Ellen Botnick Martha Boyle Ron Braun Ann Brennan Albert Brion David Brown Bill and Carol Bruml Mrs. Frances Buchholzer William and Laurie Buss Michael and Deborah Busta William Busta and Joan Tomkins Gretchen Calabrese Philip Calabrese and Mary Bynum Cordell and Joanna Caley Don and Jean Canestraro Dirk and Diane Cantrell Janice Carlson Jim Carsten Todd Cartner David Carver Joseph and Lisa Cellura Mark Chambers Joseph and Mary Ann Chick Sally Childs Ron and Jan Clark Thomas and Karen Clark Holly Clemens Eileen Coan David and Sandra Cobb 15

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Fred Luckay Pamela and Brian Machuga Lori Macso William and Christine Mahnic Conrad A. Mamajek, Inc. Robert and Ann Mansfield Jennifer and Ernesto Marenchin Jim and Claudia Markwald Richard and Dorothy Marsh John Martin Karen Martinko Judith Matsko Leslie McCafferty Jane McDavid John and Lisa McGovern Ian and Mary McNeil Thomas and Marilyn Merryweather Joseph and Amy Michalski Michael Mikolaj Gloria Millner Brent and Marilyn Minney John and Janet Mitchell Charles Mlakar Diane Moffett Gary and Janis Moore Eliot and Michelle Mostow Pat Mraz* Robert and Beth Murdoch Karen Murray* Thomas Musarra Jaynee and Larry Nance Travis and Mink Neely Charles and Elizabeth Nelson Dan and Lorraine Nelson Michael Neundorfer John and Ann Newby George Newkome and Mary Jane Saunders Alfred and Judy Nicely Brenda Nichols

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Volunteers: Heart of the Park Proud to have one of the largest volunteer programs in the National Park Service, Cuyahoga Valley National Park boasts over 2,000 volunteers who dedicate over 70,000 hours of service each year. In recognition of their work, Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s volunteer program was awarded the 2008 Midwest Region’s Volunteer Program of the Year Award and the 2008 Volunteer of the Year Award was awarded to Robin Kirk. CVNPA and the park recognize the importance of volunteerism and the significant difference that our volunteers make in supporting the mission of the national park. Volunteers are integral to many of the park’s education, conservation, advocacy and cultural programs. CVNPA was asked to work in partnership with the park to manage and further grow the Volunteers in the Park Program. A search began in 2008 to find a new Director of Volunteer Programs to lead this effort and Bridget Garvin was hired to fill this important role. Plans also were being made to launch a funding campaign to renovate four historical buildings in Boston to serve as a Volunteer Center Complex. In the late spring and early summer, the momentum started to build. Recognizing that park service employees skilled in historical preservation were facing lay-offs due to federal budget reductions, CVNPA put its funding efforts into high gear and embarked on raising money to complete the nearly $1 million renovation plans.

structures, including Savacoal house and barn, Boodey house, and Conger house will comprise the Volunteer Center along the Towpath Trail and in close proximity to Trail Mix, the Boston Store, MD Garage, Park Place in Peninsula, Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, CVNPA administrative offices, Hines Hill Conference Center and Stone Cottage. A “heart of the park” environment will be created that encourages visitors to become involved in CVNPA through volunteerism, participation, and membership. As the New Year approached, CVNPA’s efforts were rewarded, funding for the project was committed, and the skilled park service staff went to work. The Volunteer Complex, scheduled for completion in fall 2009, will provide the volunteer program with much needed space including a new central office, administrative offices, meeting facilities and storage. At the same time, it meets the national park’s historic preservation goals for the buildings and helps contribute to the improved cultural landscape of the Village of Boston. We welcome you all to join us in watching the Volunteer Complex take shape over the next several months and invite you to explore volunteer opportunities in your national park!

As CVNPA reached out to regional foundations and philanthropists, it became evident that people saw great potential and synergy in having a central “heart of the park” in Boston. The four historical


Financial Statement Revenue and Support: Unrestricted Temporarily Permanently Total Restricted Restricted Environmental education program fees: Program fees, net of scholarships of $134,062 and $155,392 in 2008 and 2007, respectively 601,778 - - 601,778 Park Program 383,671 - - 383,671 National Park Service subsidy





Community outreach Centennial program













Contributions and grants: Environmental Education programs 168,071 33,563 4,440 Park support 30,236 25,198 5,000 Special events 197,689 - - General operating 25,000 - -

206,074 60,434 197,689 25,000


Investment income Other income Net assets released from restriction Total revenue, support and reclassifications

















Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association - Statement of activities for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2008 $16,231 Other

$767,875 Contributed Income


$985,449 Program Fees

$155,855 NPS Centennial Program

$126,000 NPS Subsidy for CVEEC



Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted

Program services: Environmental Education programs 850,915 - - Park programs 398,428 - - Park support 83,290 - - Special events 140,769 - - Total program service 1,473,402 0 0 Support services: Management and general 357,160 Fundraising 256,461 Total support services 613,621 0 0 Total expenditures 2,087,023 0 0 Change in Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning of Year Net Assets, End of Year

4,259 415,782 $420,041

(13,008) 247,311 $234,303

(26,864) 364,952 $338,088


850,915 398,428 83,290 140,769 1,473,402 357,160 256,461 613,621 2,087,023 (35,613) 1,028,045 $992,432

For a copy of Cuyahoga Valley National Park Association’s full audit report, contact us at 330.657.2909.

$481,718 Park Programs and Support

$850,915 EEC

$357,160 Mgmt. & General

$397,230 Fundraising & Special Events


Board of Directors Gayle Thompkins Agahi Director of Government Relations, Cleveland Clinic Dick Ainsworth Senior Advisor Glenmede Trust Company Dr. Sandy K. Auburn Consultant Pamela Carson, Chairman Global Treasury Management EVP, Group Executive KeyBank

Barb Greene Principal CommonGood Consulting

Michael O’Connor External Communications FirstEnergy Service Company

Sean Grindall Officer National City Corporation & National City Investment, Inc.

John Perduyn Retired Senior VP Global Communications Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Mary K. Holmes Principal MKH Consulting

Michael Shuster Attorney at Law Porter Wright

Jeff Hyde Principal Ideas in Focus

Terry Squire Retired CEO

Jeri E. Chaikin, Vice Chairman Chief Administrative Officer City of Shaker Heights

Greg Kall Systems VP & CIO Summa Health Systems

Lee Chilcote Partner Chilcote Law Firm

Sue Klein Community Volunteer

Larry Cuy Senior Vice President Federal Reserve Bank Sam DeShazior Senior Director, Business Development, Greater Akron Chamber Guy Gadomski Business Consultant, CPA CBIZ Accounting, Tax & Advisory Services

Administrative Office 1403 W. Hines Hill Rd. Peninsula, OH 44264 330.657.2909

All photos, unless otherwise noted, are part of the CVNPA collection.


Diana Lueptow, Past Chairman Director of Strategic Communications Kleidon & Associates Lisa Mandel Community Volunteer Chuck Mlakar President/CEO The Millcraft Group

Mark Waddleton Financial Manager April Walton Community Volunteer Deb Yandala Chief Executive Officer CVNPA expresses gratitude to the following Board members who concluded their terms this past year: Michael Duff, Mary Kay Flask and John McKenzie. Diana Lueptow concluded her term as chairman. We are grateful for her exceptional leadership.

Dan Nagy, Vice Chairman Director of Finance Lubrizol Corporation

Environmental Education Center 3675 Oak Hill Rd. Peninsula, OH 44264 800.642.3297


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