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January 2013

Magazine of Loc’s, Natural Hair & Culture


Ugandan Art, available for sale, from The Only Faith To purchase or see more from the collection, please contact her at


Greetings and welcome to Conscious Vibes A magazine of African & Caribbean culture this is a sample addition, covering the main aims and objectives of our purpose ‘Elevating natural hair, dreadlocks designs and supporting cultural businesses’. This magazine was primarily born out of frustration, due to the lack of magazines here in England, with a focus on Dreadlock designs. I found, I spent far too many hours surfing the internet, to find unique hair styles. Conscious Vibes aims to bring dreadlock businesses together, giving our readers a variety of hair style to choose from. In addition to dreadlocks the magazine also profile’s businesses with an African or Caribbean vibe. If you like what you see, then contact us. Advertising will be free for the next addition. Alternatively you may have written an article that you would like to share with us, if so, feel free to email your business or article to This magazine is as much yours as it is ours; therefore your feedback is important. Each response we receive helps shape the direction for future publications. Conscious Vibes is a magazine for both sexes to enjoy, so brothers we would love to hear from you as well. Positive vibrations, Conscious

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Natural Mystic




Clothing & Gifts for Children Native Belle Boutique 6

Hair by CHI


Afro Puff, Look Hair by Tameka

Tameka a mobile Locktician, creates a look similar to two Afro puffs. This is done by parting the hair in two, putting them in bunches, then taking a loc at a time, folding it in three, then secureing it with little black elastic band at the end, near the scalp. Each loc will look like a petal but put together the effect has been descibed as a bunch of Rose Petals. 8

Natural Vibe Christine joins a new wave of women who are opting for a natural look, this style is known as Kinky Curly; Similar to an Afro worn in the 70’s, but not combed through with an afro comb or paded down to create a perfect round shape. Christines keeps her hair short to maintain the spiral curls, she wets the hair, applies jell, then works through the hair with her fingers, allowing the curls to take the lead and form together on their own.


Gitas Portal

Got To Be Natural Ltd is an independent business based in West Essex, England. We source and provide the finest natural ingredients available.

Each item has a detailed instruction and many accompany a tutorial video

GTB Natural provides a number of tutorials on how you can use the natural products to make home remedies, such as face masks and conditioners for your hair. Using natural skin and hair products is a much better way for you to take care of your skin and your hair. Not only through the products you use on your skin and hair care but also through what you eat, at GTB natural we like to promote an all-round healthy lifestyle because when it comes to your hair and skin its Got To Be Natural.


Ringlet look Your Locs can be curled into ringlets just like regular hair. However Loc’s are too thick to be curled with traditional curlers or curling irons. You can use Pipe Cleaners to curl your locs creating a different look for a special occasion.

How to Pipe curl your Locs

Pipe Cleaners Pipe cleaners can be purchased on the internet, you can buy packs of 50 for as little as £2.99 they come in all colours, but best to buy black if your hair is black, so that you can walk around with them in, during the day without people guesing your curling your locs Follow these simple steps: 1. Start by making a loop at one end of the pipe cleaner (as your see in the picture to the right) The loop at the end serves to keep your hair from sliding off, and assists in removing the pipe cleaner from your hair when you are ready

2. Wash or wet the hair to ensure it is damp to secure the curls when dried 3. Wrap two or three hairs through the hoop, on one pipe cleaner, then roll the hair right up to the scalp 4. Then bend over the top edge of the pipe cleaner to “lock” it down. 5. When your hair dries, (minimum 24 hours) simply lift up the end of the pipe cleaner (unlock it), grab your loop, and pull straight out. 6. Your curls may be tight and you can separate the curls by running your fingers through them to stretch and loosen them



LOC S YOUR CAREER INTO 2013 An interactive seminar, with a panel, focusing on

Attendees will hear the thought provoking and informative findings from the survey which examined wh career progression

Saturday 19th January 2013 From 1pm to 5pm Cottons Caribbean Restaurant Islington 70 Exmouth Market London EC1

Early bird tickets £7.50 before 12th January 2012, £10 thereafter

Buffet Lunch, available supplied by Cottons for £8


Sponsored by In partnership with


Doris & Doris Clothing About Doris and Doris Doris & Doris are a mother and daughter team born in Kenya, resident in England. They have created their own brand of women’s fashion utilizing African fabrics, from 2005, by making African print dresses for retail at the Arts & Friday & Saturday spot in the Arts & Crafts market in Brixton. Where they still trade in the great British weathercome rain come shine. Doris said, “Markets have been an invaluable learning ground for us. We see what works first-hand and there is great satisfaction in seeing our designs work for all types of women”. Doris and Doris are inspired by the variety of designs and colors in traditional African fabrics. They go on to say, “Our style is blended not only of African & British influences but traditional clothing from all over the world. Bohemian, modern, funky and simple – vibrating from the 60’s and 70’s, striking, stylish women, (Miriam Makeba, Pam Greer, Angela Davis, Betty Davis spring to mind) music straight from the soul, streetlife, sun-soaked continents, the good things in life…all colored by the vibrant and varied flavors of Africa”.


Doris & Doris



L Hair designed by

Maria Thompson


Head Wrapping Workshop With Sister E Sister E s is the founder of The Calabash Hub, a sanctuary that fosters the principles of Afri-Centered lifelong learning. To link and inspire like-minded black people to reach their potential, gain knowledge and empowerment through historical, political, cultural and educational information in order to endure a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is delivered through Cultural Workshops, Film Screenings, Ghana Tours and sales of African inspired products. Conscious Vibes was fortunate to participate in some learning at Sister E Head wrap Workshop. She presented the historical aspects of traditional head wrapping together with the name and meaning of each traditional wrap The workshop was interactive, informative, and educational. Sister E explained the true meaning of the prints and Adrinkra symbols on the material before we tried the different styles, with different sizes and textures of material. We were taught many styles including a Bantu Knot, (see video) Turban, Crown, Gele and Nefertiti. As Sister E took her time to ensure all the Sister on the workshop mastered each style, I observed them growing in stature, heads held high, lots of smiles, standing tall and proud of their crowning glory. The workshop left us all inspired and feeling like Queens, as we all came away more in touch with our true ancestral culture.

Nubian Queens Sister E is available for group bookings, individual attention, parties or demonstrations at events.

Contact Sister E at The Calabash Hub, Email 17

Shea Body smothers, by the Calabash Hub Leaves skin feeling silky Smooth


Make a Statement

with these unique earrings


Cultural Vibes


Cupcakes with Character

Caribbean Cupcakes offer a delicious range of Cupcakes and cakes using liquors and spices from the Islands of the Caribbean. Their range of mouth watering cupcakes includes Cruisin’ Coconut, Sweet Potato Cupcake or try one of their Rum Punch Cocktail Cupcakes!! Full menu available at or call 07559 762 000

The Full Peace Theatre Company

Contact The full peace Theatre company is based in the heart of London, offering you the opportunity to Tel: 07985 545859 engage in the promotion of peace via productions E-mail: and workshops! The company offers a number of plays and a program that encourages people to co-exist peacefully.

Sweet Handz Restaurant

Ghanaian Cuisine 217 Holloway Road Holloway Islington London N7 8DL Tel: 0207 700 642

Sweet Handz is the touch of Ghana situated in the heart of London city. The restaurant blends a relaxed atmosphere with delicious authentic Ghanaian food achieved by using only the finest and freshest ingredients. The mood at Sweet Handz is excellent.


BeYouT African-Inspired Fashion & Interior Designs

Shower Curtain and Towels

Lamp Shades

Interview with the founder of BeYouT Founder of BeYouT: Marcia Green, British-born of African-Caribbean descent Design background: It has always my dream to be a designer with my own label but it was not until I was 40 years old that I started BeYouT African-Inspired Fashion & Interior Designs. My previous career working within multicultural communities inspires my collection for practical translations of casual urban-style. My friends and family are my muses. Design signatures: Timeless, Bold Print and Color. The BeYouT Customer: An independent-thinker with a strong sense of their own personal style.

Career highlight: The marked transformation occurs when a customer puts on my designs – they immediately ooze self-confidence. Another highlight is when In 2011 BeYouT expanded its collection to include home ware coordinates Brand philosophy The BeYouT brand is about empowerment through the freedom of selfexpression and self-appreciation. However the designs are also very much about comfort and individualism. Price range: £18 (bags and scarves) - £75 (Coats and Suits) BeYouT Future Plans: Collaborations with young designers. Contact Details: BeYouT, African-Inspired Fashion & Interior Designs 07951 77 99 93


BeYouT designs


Barbados Salon


Natural Mystic Is located in Kendal Hill, Christ Church 23


Doris & Doris


Loc's Culture and Natural Hair  

On line magazine featuring dreadlocks hair designs, natural hair and Afro Caribbean culture

Loc's Culture and Natural Hair  

On line magazine featuring dreadlocks hair designs, natural hair and Afro Caribbean culture