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The Holistic Mentorship Network Invites You To Fall Fest 2008 “Cycles of Abundance” Creation, Action, Harvest, Contemplation

October 29, 2008 Malcolm Forbes Amphitheater Morristown Memorial Hospital 100 Madison Avenue, Morristown, NJ 07960 Doors open at 5:00pm ~ Presentations begin at 7:00pm This is an event you will not want to miss! An evening filled with powerful speakers, holistic vendors, and valuable networking opportunities! Our passionate speakers include Rev. Vivian Sartoretto, Janet StraightArrow, Deanna Trust, Justin Buffer, Linda Mitchell-Dominguez, Vilasi Venkatachalam and Chuck Davis Reserve your space by October 15th for just $12. HMN Members pay just $10. The Registration fee after October 15th and at the door will be $15. All registration fees include a notebook and pen. Refreshments will be served.

Register at or by calling 973-300-1184 What is MARCI®? MARCI® is a holistic magazine that provokes awareness to how we show up in our practices and our daily lives. In a time when there is a lot of chaos and stress, MARCI® reminds us of being present through “Mindful” actions and thoughts; to take responsibility for our choices and to change patterns that no longer fit. In the Holistic Field we busily take care of others, but how do we show up for ourselves? Are we taking care of ourselves and loving who we are? Trusting our own intuition and natural instinct, how often do we listen to that small voice within? MARCI® is not only a Seasonal E-zine, but a metaphor for the garden we live in as we go through the human experience. The Holistic Field is a rapidly growing industry. These inspirational stories are written by Professional Providers in the Holistic Field and our Clients that will inspire and empower you!

Why should you advertise in MARCI®? With advertisers like you, MARCI® is available electronically and distributed wherever the internet reaches! The Holistic Mentorship Network’s next step is making MARCI® available in printed form. With your support, your business will be exposed nationwide to HMN members, holistic minded practitioners and their customers.

What are our members saying about MARCI®? MARCI® provides so many great tips and interesting perspectives and they’re not just for healing practitioners! Anyone curious about alternative healing methods and important issues of today can benefit from the information shared in this magazine: parents with ADD/ADHD kids, people interested in global warming, breast cancer success stories, using intuition, growing your business, healthy foods, ancient healing traditions, nurturing…and so much more. I love this magazine with its positive outlook! -------Sarah Collins,

PhD candidate in Natural Health



A Community of Holistic Professionals Our Vision To strengthen and support the community of holistic professionals.

Our Mission Statement To create a unified community of compassionate holistic practitioners that will contribute to enhancing our profession and ourselves by providing a supportive space to share, learn, teach, grow, and lead.

Our Purpose The Holistic Mentorship Network supports the Holistic Professional, as well as the Community by providing the space to network, build a referral base, mentor and support each other in business development and growth, promote community awareness and education of alternative services and products, and meet potential clients.

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Gregg Taylor Editor

Diane Zisa-Bose Director of Operations and Support


I feel


like a whirlwind is taking place

Running an organization like the Holistic Mentorship Network, is a huge endeavor and constantly calls upon me to trust not only my heart, but to know the wisdom of the soul. What would happen if we all ran on passion and did not use our innate wise old souls in our human lives?

and I am caught in the core of its tunnel and can do nothing else but trust the process. How life can grab us in a moment’s notice-----when we find ourselves on a path that utilizes all that one has learned on the

journey of life. We are all on a path; a journey. It can feel so complex, and yet simplified when you trust rather than resist the process. There have been many life lessons that I have had to encounter time and time again. The simplicity of the journey has come when I pulled back the layers of my shell to uncover the innocence of my being. Coming into the field of untraditional medicine has quickened this process. From bodywork to energy has given form to the invisible; that which we cannot see with the naked eye; not even with a microscopic tool. These components, through time and space, lead to the spirit of the soul; where only healing can take place. For me, many mountains have been moved to find that place I can now refer to as home and lead a human life that vibrates on trust.

It requires balancing that which calls us forth, moving through the elements of fear (deepening the ability to trust) and taking action in a responsible way. When unplanned challenges come up, the tiers we have climbed to reach milestones come in handy. Recently my mother had a stroke. Priorities change and life experiences come into action. The principles of MARCI® have come into play time and time again. I look at the garden that I now plant; in times of crisis, in stressful and challenging times, and in times when life is robust without a care in the world...

4 where everything is unfolding effortlessly. No matter what the circumstance, my garden blooms with miracles that have taken form from within the invisible field. Trusting the wind has been an invaluable process and one that continues to blossom here in the pages of MARCI®. As the enfoldment continues, we hope you enjoy the newest additions to MARCI®. We now offer our Letters to the Editor section and we look forward to hearing from you, our readers. Also you will find a Question and Answer section that we look forward to using for those that may have questions regarding holistic services or products. Your questions will be answered by our Professional Members. To our many contributors in our Fall 2008 edition… thank you for Trusting and Sharing your process and the road to self-discovery. To both Sarah Collins and Justin Buffer, our Sub-Committee, and regular contributors of MARCI®, -----thank you for your time and energy that has gone into planting new seeds in this latest edition.

It is my hope that MARCI®

Linda with husband George


will continue to help you to pause and take in the essence of each season and that it will fill you will knowledge and a greater understanding to a holistic practice in your own life.

Many Blessings of Abundance,



It's autumn and

Winds of Opportunity

the earth’s breezes bring sounds of gentle rustling leaves sweeping the earth with their freshness as we await the cycle of deep rest. In feng shui, wind shows up as a wealthy dynamic, bringing winds of opportunity to the environment and good fortune to all inhabiting. The Tibetans used symbols such as wind- horses to activate the windy feeling in the wealth area of their homes.


The wealth gua, as the Chinese call it, is found in the back left area of the environment on the primary floor using the front door as key. To activate the windy feeling of opportunities blowing your way, I suggest using activators that feel windy such as sailboat art or models, flags, wind chimes, fans (with the exception of ceiling fans), birds or bird art, and feathery objects and plants. A windsock placed outside the wealth gua will also attract wind, bringing more opportunities your way; it is understood that the wind cycle is called the wind horse and it is your responsibility to be ready to ride in order to succeed in this endeavor.

The wind season implies movement...get up, get out, and get going. Wind also tells us of the voice of other people. They invite you, tell you places to go, people to see, things to do encouraging the autumn sweeping with opportunities. In terms of your home or workplace, check out where you put your car keys or whatever else reaches you for a spontaneous journey. Get your coat and grab your hat and leave your worries on the door step could be the theme song for this month. Let those worries be swept away with the winds of the passing season.

...Wind also tells us of the voice of other people. Now is the time to clean out, give away anything that makes you worry when you look at it, especially if it is in your wealth area. Whatever you look at in that area should make you feel rich by definition. Just taking your junk to the recycling center takes you out of your house and away from old thought patterns. On the way home, follow the breeze of your nose open to a new adventure. While you are out, take your sketch book or camera, and seek the amazingly beautiful nearby for your future art project or inspiration.

Then put that in your wealth gua and live in gratitude ever-after. -------DT

in collaboration with Carol Bridges, my teacher and mentor.

Deanna Trust, HMN Member, resides in Denville, NJ and has been a black hat sect feng shui practitioner for seven years. More information is available at Deanna is presently enrolling students for her October feng shui classes taught in her home. Call 973-366-3570 for more information.


6 tions that keep your practice listed on Google, Yahoo, and others. Often, free e-Commerce applications, part of the package for your future use, can be used initially for a service or product Catalog. Last, it is essential to look for a flexible website system that

What does your website say about your Holistic Practice? You have but one chance to make that first great impression with your new client because your competitors are only a click away. So look for web site systems that are turnkey, robust, and flexible enough to grow with your growing Holistic Practice. Today, advanced technology has created website solutions that take out the technical component and offer applications to small and medium businesses that were once available only to Fortune 500 companies. This advanced technology allows your website to be managed with an English language, point-andclick interface designed for use by anyone who is not technical. Because you are changing and learning in your practice every day, your website system must keep pace, presenting your best face to the world. And it must meet your application needs quickly and easily.

by CECILIA H. INWENTARZ You may not know that some of the most advanced systems allow your website to keep up with the needs of your practice. This means you can choose to use the company’s web site technical team to guide you

facilitates customized additions to your personal choice of software programs, such as Newsletters, Blogs, Social Networking, and email Loyalty Programs. These advanced marketing applications can take your web site from simple brochure-ware to a lead-generating Storefront

...the key to 21st Century marketing! -------CHI

Experience has shown that fastchanging businesses cannot cost effectively rely on computer languages and codes, as well as web masters, who quickly come and go. Look for turnkey website systems that offer an immediate web presence with high quality, customizable templates that include most commonly needed applications, complete with well written text.

(free of charge) to make simple the complex changes that can become instantly live to the internet. You can quickly add a new service, create a new event, or simply change your address. If you have significant changes, choose the company who offers their technical development team to create these changes on a flat-fee per-page basis. Additionally, many free applications can empower your website marketing.

And you benefit most with a robust web site system offering.

Look for the most advanced systems that provide Search Engine notifica-

Cecelia H. Inwentarz, MBA; Member of HMN, eBusiness and Health Marketing Consultant. CeCe is a former IBM Business Intelligence Consultant and Brand Marketer to many of America’s top food and nutrition brands: Hellmann’s, Mazola, Knorr, Domino plus Omega-3 Zone Cuisine by Dr. Barry Sears. Currently. She consults and provides Turnkey Business Opportunities to Traditional and Holistic Health Professionals. She can reached at 973-879-2402, or through the website:




One of the most common problems people speak of is that of being stuck. Whether it is job, relationship, money, emotions, health, or achievements, a common belief is that one is stuck and not able to move forward in the way they would like to. When we are stuck, we feel powerless and experience limitations as being real. Everything is an illusion capable of transforming in a moment. The reality is that no one is holding you hostage except for your mind, thoughts, and beliefs.

Environment, other people, and internal experiences affect us. We also have unique blueprints and energies that we alone carry. Each one of us can be affected differently and similarly in the same environment and situation. Without analyzing these differences, let us go to preliminary solutions for everyone.... ...What can we do to transform the not-so-good day into a terrific day?----Remember to stand back, observe, and listen to your internal dialogue.

Begin by gaining perspective-----imagine being the eagle, lift out of your space and look at yourself from above. Look and listen as an observer... detach and free yourself from emotions and feelings of limitation. This experience can awaken you from fear, doubt, and the round robin of dialogue that keeps you trapped.

Whatever causes the day to feel different, begin to take charge of your day. Remembering that no matter how bad one day or moment feels, the next one can be wonderful.

What you focus on and speak creates your attitude and events.

A flip of the switch from negative-to-positive can be all it takes. I am always in awe of how quickly things can transform, and be a totally different experience. You wake up one morning, and the day is amazing. You feel positive, creative and productive. Sunny or raining, it is a glorious day full of potential. This attitude and focus creates your day.

The very next day, you wake up fearful, anxious and depressed. No matter what the weather, it is a trying day that becomes challenging at every turn. Most importantly, decide to say NO to a bad day. Once you recognize what is happening, take control. Uncover your words that speak against you and of what is happening. Choose to make each day and moment better. Listen to your words. Are they full of judgment, anger, fear, and doubts? They usually are when you are struggling to be happy and productive.

Reality is what you make it. Each situation can be a drama, a comedy, a tragedy, or a romance where you receive the solution to your problems, and all is well. Clouds can have silver linings...or continuous rain and sorrow. Hang in the clouds for a bit to feel the sadness and pain. Listen to the messages and the lessons from the fear and wounds that appear. Working with and changing the voice dialogue that brings you down is the first key to freedom and fun. When the energy of the day or moment is challenging, your negative internal and external dialogue immediately begins to support and deepen the direction of the downward spiral. Stop it as soon as possible.

The truth is what you make it.


...continued on next page



A good attitude creates a more vibrant life force energy, and a bad attitude creates energy drain and deficit. Lemons can be made into lemonade, or they can stay sour and eventually rot. It is all in being aware, attitude, choice and action. One day, a client was struggling with depression and with feelings of defeat and frustration, a tough day with the children and in her routine of the home. It was a real internal struggle, she was feeling neglected and alone and unsupported by her husband. I asked her about her week and what had occurred. She reported how her husband had made three major changes to support her and the children in amazing ways. Her attitude and emotions were not in alignment with the actions of the moment. She was stuck in the pattern of frustrations from the past that were internal cues and she was not able to acknowledge the truth of the situation. I suggested she breathe and pull out of the foggy energy, do some personal clearing work, acknowledge her husband’s progress, see the new truth, and let go of the past. By appreciating her husband and enjoying the changes together, they will create more new positive movement in their lives.

Look at where you have done this same thing, thinking of the past when the now is much better. Life is moving, but your perception is not acknowledging it. We all have energy patterns that lie and deceive us. The problem is, we believe them and reinforce the negative no matter what the current truth is.

Call Janet StraightArrow today to learn to breakthrough problems and live solutions.

Every moment is a choice in every way. Choose to discover the Positive, Productive, and Present. Reinvent your perspective and your perception will change immediately. Sunny happy days and events will unfold, even in a blizzard. Janet StraightArrow; HMN Member, is a In changing the direction of your Woman of Medicine, Medical Intuitive, thoughts and focus, you are free. Integrative Energy Healer, Coach and From this place you can evenly Director of Oasis for the Soul in deal with challenges and create Morristown, NJ. Her work, Be the effective solutions. Getting Medicine is a self empowerment healing unstuck is to change attitude, process, the result of forty-one years of create new paths of action, and studying healing traditions from around to take them. the world and twenty-four years teaching and healing. Transformation, letting go and allowing a deeper healing process and best life with understanding, gentleness and love is experienced. Janet is currently writing two books, Be the Medicine and her memoir, Dead Awake. For healing sessions and classes visit or call 973-647-2500

You can begin by first seeing yourself free! -------JSA

Janet has been honored in Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, The World and American Women, and Cambridge Who’s Who of Professionals. StraightArrow is also a member of the International Women’s Writers Guild, Holistic Wellness Professionals Network, and Wellness Possibilities.



How many of us have come to a point in our lives where we feel confident that we are finally there? -----finally at the place where we

feel we have settled into the life we were meant to live. We feel we have finally found that “niche” where we fit and we no longer have to question, “what am I here for?” or “what is my purpose in life”?


And then, what happens?-----the rug gets pulled out from under you, catching you off guard. Didn’t see that coming did you? What happens when that repeats itself too many times to suit you? Those old familiar feelings of confusion, fear, panic, and where do I go from can I get through this challenge? ...begin to surface again. As this kept happening in my life, I started asking, “What am I supposed to be learning from these experiences? Why am I not getting it?” Often times, when I’d ask, “why is this happening to me?” the only clear answer I received was, “we have something else planned for you.”

But I didn’t want anything else. I was perfectly content where I was! Slowly, the answers became clearer as to what I was supposed to be learning from these challenges. The answer I received was of resilience, trusting my instincts, and trusting in what the higher powers had in store for me.

Trust can be a scary word. And to trust in someone or something else-----to know what was best for me, was even scarier. I felt I had trusted in the past, but when things didn’t turn out as I expected, I felt trusting was not for me. Unfortunately, it took a couple of smacks to get the resilience, a couple more to trust my instincts, and too many more to mention to learn to trust in the higher powers-----A little stubborn, wouldn’t you say? When we come into this world, there has already been a plan created that follows us. This plan is designed to help us grow spiritually and emotionally.

We set up certain scenarios to complete this plan. We learn when we don’t follow our own instincts, we sometimes can get ourselves in uncomfortable situations, or worse. When we get to the final “I give up” stage, that is when things start to turn around. We surrender to the higher power. Now, what is best for us can manifest. I can tell you countless personal stories of such situations. Times when I was scared and worried about what was going to happen to me, or when I felt there was nowhere to turn, and I would be so tired and weary, I had no fight left in me. That is when I would say “I can’t go on, please take over for me.” And amazingly, something would always pick me up, dust me off, and allow me to move on.

I believe the purpose for my personal challenges were to help me with my healing work. It has helped me to understand when a client comes in with their own challenge. I can honestly look at them and say, “I understand what you are going through.” That is not to say there were never other challenges, because there were and still are-----when you hold on and try to control a situation, the best personal outcome for you will have difficulty manifesting. An example of this would be if you were handing an object to someone, with all good


...continued on next page

10 I no longer challenge or question their reasons...I simply trust. continued

intentions of giving it to them, but, you hold onto your end and don’t let go. The other person can not do anything with it until you let go of your end. You struggle back and forth with the other person until you release your half. If you hold onto your half of the problem, the higher powers can not help you until you let go. Looking back, I would not change a thing. All those challenges have helped me to become a stronger person in all areas of my life. I can feel comfortable with trusting now, because every time I do, things work out in my best interest. Maybe not always the way I expected, but God, my angels, and my guides know what is best for me.

From someone who has been there many times, Trust the Wind. That Trust will not blow against you, but will carry you like that beautiful autumn leaf, floating through the air and landing softly but firmly on the ground. That old saying, when one door closes, another opens, is true. Allow yourself to trust what is behind the other door. You may be pleasantly surprised. -------VS

Vivian Sartoretto is an HMN Member; Ordained Minister, Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression, and Light and Color Therapy, and holds a black belt in karate. She is owner and operator of Harmony Holistic Wellness Center.

She has spent the last seventeen years helping others to heal and learn how to get in touch with their own spirituality. She has appeared as a guest speaker on New York radio station WEVD with Dr. Majid Ali, internationally acclaimed author of several published books and practicing physician of holistic medicine at the Institute of Preventive Medicine in Denville, NJ, and local station WMTRAM "Healthwise". Contact Vivian at: 973-426-9208. Visit her web site:

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Unconditional Trust



For many who follow Nature’s path, the wind is synonymous with Spirit.

The wind is everywhere.

Though we can’t see it, we can certainly feel a gentle breeze or the stirring of blustery weather. Spirit operates in our lives in much the same way. Sometimes there is a subtle knowing, other times we instinctively feel it in our heart or our gut, impossible to ignore. Most people disregard the spiritual aspect of their being. It is the individual spark of life that resides within the physical body; and that spiritual essence is the real you, not the body. We’re so used to connecting our fundamental nature with the physical. When we get sick, our body is achy and uncomfortable. We’re achy and uncomfortable. Our attachment to the body is so great we can’t separate the “I” from the body. Yet, we are

separate from the body. We are interconnected, yet separate. Our spiritual essence is energetic in nature. As a spiritual, energetic being clothed in a physical body, the most effective healing method is energy. Most assume that physical work on the physical body is the most efficient, effective way to return the body to homeostasis. The body, however, has its own innate intelligence, working diligently to rebalance and heal. Usually the body needs only a little, gentle prodding to get back on track. Mental/emotional and spiritual disturbances are the greater culprits of the material body. These disruptions are not removed by physical means. Most people would be surprised to learn that 90% of a person's health problems are spiritually based, 9% are mentally/ emotionally based, and only 1% of the time are they physically based. Energetic work is so much deeper than any physical modality. Why? Because energy can be used to penetrate areas the physical cannot see or touch. Work can be done at the cellular level in a fraction of the time it takes traditional medicine to access this level. It can be used on the subtle bodies to make changes that affect the mental, spiritual and physical levels of an individual, resulting in amazing transformations. And perhaps most importantly, it is not limited by physical constraints of time or density.

Energy has intelligence. It is the basic building block of the universe. And it is more than just a single force. There are multitudes of individual strands of energy within the collective, and countless energies used in healing. Nutrition can be balanced with energy, poisons drawn out of the body, structural problems alleviated-----the list is endless. Any physical, mental/emotional, and spiritually-based problem can be healed with energy. This is the true beauty of using energy-----it can go right to the cause of a person's problem. Energy is the most powerful vehicle for healing what ails you. People today are so bogged down in the minute details of living, they can't seem to be bothered with something they can't see, touch, or feel. They are disconnected with the spiritual side of life; with themselves. So how in the world are people going to trust that part of themselves most aren't aware of, let alone trust in any kind of energetic healing work?

Do you know what it is to trust unconditionally? Raising your awareness to connect with that unseen, spiritual part of yourself that isn't tethered to the human condition, trusting that part of yourself that knows the truth of who you are and your reason for being, to have such


...continued on next page

Unconditional Trust continued faith and to give up all control -----all of this requires unconditional trust in yourself. Releasing is probably the hardest action of all, but in doing so, freedom is assured. Spirit (energy) heals the sick, lifts up the downtrodden, calms the rage, makes peace between enemies, and finds the love amongst disappointment and animosity. It creates a safe haven where one can take refuge from life’s storms, calms the frenetic pace of life we all

Trust the wind in your life. are caught up in, and brings comfort to the inner self. Walking along my life's path, I've learned that living disconnected from my spiritual self is living blind, deaf, and mute. Being out of touch with my spirit, I am lost, but connected I can do anything. Embracing and relying on this remarkable aspect of my Self, I've learned to walk my path with a semblance of joy and adventure. I've learned not to be afraid and that I am never alone----guides are always by my side, watching, protecting, and gently nudging me along my journey. Most of all, I've learned that I am loved, unconditionally.


Holistic Mentorship Network Welcomes New Board Member The Holistic Mentorship Network would like to welcome and congratulate new Board Member, George Degan. Thank you for serving our Organization and our Members.

How to Move Forward & Change Your Life New Pathways Press is pleased to announce the publication of their first book, The Little Guide to

Big Changes coming this Fall. Here’s a great book of powerful, timeless methods for people looking to transform their lives. The Little Guide to Big Changes shows how to work with their inner self to make lasting changes. Just by picking up this Little Guide and practicing what’s inside, you can make sweeping changes in your own life. Why not begin now? For sales and speaking info, contact Sarah Collins at or call 973222-3277. Sarah is a regular contributor to MARCI® and a Member of HMN.


With the wind at your back, how can you go wrong? Life is about miracles; learn to expect them. -------SMC Sarah M. Collins, HMN Member, is a prolific writer, poet, healer, and now publisher! Her healing work focuses on Natural Force Healing® but includes other modalities as well. She is working on her PhD in Natural Health. Visit her website for more information Sarah also has several books slated for publication in 2008 by New Pathways Press. The first one to be published, The Little Guide to Big Changes will be available in Sept/Oct. 2008. Email Sarah for more information at


tic counseling, Energy Medicine, and classes including A Course In Miracles, and the Silva Method. Contact A heartfelt thank you to Justin at: George Dominguez for the time he has spent on or contact Ernie at: the HMN Board of Trust- ees. His desire to see or call (908) 203-0037 the organization grow has left an impact on our continued growth. Bless- Wedding Bells Ring Congratulations to Diane ings on the path you Zisa and Curt Bose; they continue to follow. both married their best Life Improvement friend on September 12. Diane is the Holistic MenCenter Opens! torship Network’s Manager Coaches Justin Buffer of Operations and Support. and Ernie Torres, both Members of HMN, have She is a Nationally Certirecently opened the Life fied Massage Therapist with a love of photography. Improvement Center of She owns Finding Balance New Jersey at 91 East Somerset Street (Suites Massage Therapy in Sparta, NJ. (973)362-1387. B&C) in Raritan. They will offer coaching, holis-

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Trust the Wind— A Journey in Song "There’s a voice that’s softly whispering inside my head, telling me I am going to be alright. It keeps saying let yourself be led where you are led, Don’t hold back, don’t put up a fight It tells me trust the wind, breathe the air, there's a place you're meant to be and you're already there, open up your heart and let life in, you know that you can always trust the wind. When the world starts doing things that I don’t understand And I search my soul to find a reason why In the dark of night, I feel somebody take my hand And tell me you don’t even have to try For you can trust the wind, breathe the air Know that there are helping hands around you everywhere Open up your heart and let life in… you know that you can always trust the wind. Dreams have wings, thoughts take flight All good things are streaming toward us everyday to hear our prayers

They know though that I must trust the wind,13 breathe the air Let it take me on its wings and carry me somewhere And open up my heart and let life in, I know wherever the breeze is blowing, where ever the winding river is flowing I am going where I need to go I can trust the wind." Trust the Wind music and lyrics by David Friedman

As I breathed out, I felt a mist on my face and hands…I felt the cool breeze…I was not by the water or in the rain…I had stopped putting up the fight and holding back, it was the wind I trusted that I felt on my face…and the life that I had let in. There was a hard rock in my chest and I could feel it crack open; I trusted something and released and followed the gentle instructions. I feel the power of the present and know I am alright. I fearlessly, freely breathe in life. I exhale all the pollutants of mistrust, resistance, resentment; I realign myself to my natural state of bliss and explosive, unbridled creativity and the Universe responded with devotion, prosperity and most importantly…Told me to change my bandwidth, so that I can no longer tune into the wavelength of misery, discontent, poverty, or opportunism. I trusted the wind and the world is, officially, my oyster… I am still a devotee of Napoleon Hill (Power of Positive Mental Attitude; Think and Grow Rich), Esther and Jerry Hicks & the Teachings of Abraham, The One Minute Entrepreneur, The Key and The Attractor Factor (Joe Vitale) … my literary mentors without whose books I would have not have understood myself or known how to trust the wind… Vilasi Venkatachalam, M.Sc., MS, RD; Member of HMN, is a Registered Dietitian-Clinical Nutritionist and a Biochemist. She has spent her prior years developing programs, patient care and teaching. She runs a consultancy that develops and implements programs and projects transforming patient and client menus and meal service programs for organizations based on The Healing Principles. She also conducts seminars and workshops (Ancient Wisdom and Modern Solutions, The Healing Principles of Food, Empowering and Healing Yourself from Cancer, Foods That Help and Foods that Hurt, Food as Medicine–Traditions of Our Ancestors) helping people learn to use food as a tool in their healing and provides personal and group seminars. You can contact Vilasi at or call (908) 358-3908


You are LIFE... 14 You are LOVE Well Deserved... You are ALL THE ANSWERS.

I see you in the sun as the day unfolds, Take a step, leap into your future; I’m with you when feelings of defeat take speak your ...continued truth in the unknown on next page over. When days gone by remind you ofMENTORSHIP a The HOLISTIC NETWORK vast of darkness; for the darkness life unsettled. is the promise of light. I see you in the sun, as you wrestle with fears that weigh you down; when you make sense of a new life created. I see you in the sun when love emits, as the day’s struggles push you down; when you strive to better your life, better your thoughts, better your spirit. I see you in the sun when the day is done; When questions arise if choices are the right path taken. Breathe in the light, breathe in the life still yet to live; Breathe in the joy promised in your name.

It is where you can create life. Let Her in...your voice, your Spirit, your Goddess Self. Love Her, Cherish Her, Honor Her. She is the sun in glory calling your name. Stand Still. Be Quiet. Be Present in the moment. Feel the warmth and allow it to manifest within you. Copyright © 2008 AMP

Ana Marie Presti, HMN Member and Chair Person of the Envioronmental “Youth Movement”; a Reiki Master/Teacher who lives in Sussex county. She is proprietor of Lucid Spirit "your soul center" located in Vernon, New Jersey. She has explored different healing modalities, one being crystal therapy, and incorporates these modalities into her Reiki sessions. She offers classes and workshops, and is available for In-home sessions through out and outside Sussex county. Her vision is to empower people to be the change needed to create peace and harmony within themselves, their homes and communities. To contact Marie: 973-668-6444; Visit her web site:

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CLASSIFIEDS Through circulating this magazine, our goal is to showcase as many professional services as possible, to make the public aware of the existence and the importance of Holistic Medicine. Little Critters Chiropractic Services For the little critters you love, and the big ones too. 90 Hamburg Turnpike, Riverdale, NJ 15 Cannonball Road, Pompton Lakes, NJ 973-838-2106 or Marc L. Sommer, DC, DAAPM, CAC AVCA Certified Animal Chiropractor since 1994

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The Holistic Mentorship Network Board of Trustees has defined a holistic practitioner as ...Any practitioner who offers a therapeutic approach intended to treat health issues or conditions through a process that views the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of existence as coequal in addressing health and illness…Any practitioner who seeks to address health conditions in terms of the "whole person" rather than that of disorders affecting or confined to only specific functional parts, systems, components, or organs-----could be considered a candidate to become a member in our Holistic Mentorship Network.





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