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Create Your Own Reality (Part 2): Remember Who You Are The rational part of our thinking by looking at the science which supports the concept that you create your own reality. Today we’re going to explore just how powerful we are as human beings. The next part of this Create Your Own reality series will show you how to practically apply the knowledge in this post so that you live powerfully and consciously create a life you love! You may be aware that we do have the potential to create what we want in life thanks to such films as The Secret and other such spiritual Law and law of Attraction material. Whilst some have naturally resonated with the concept and been able to apply it successfully to their lives, the majority have experienced little or no results from using it. I used to be in the second group until curiosity led me to discover that there is a LOT more to the principles of the Law of Attraction than simply visualizing and thinking about what you want, it’s a phenomenon based on science kept out of the mainstream. So if you want to understand how to use natural laws like the law of attraction the place to begin is forming a desire to remember who you are! We’re comfortable with the fact that radio waves, microwaves and x-ray energies exist because we can decode and perceive them through technology. According to mainstream science the electromagnetic spectrum only represents 0.005% of the energies found to, so far, exist in the universe. The average person is only able to consciously perceive a minute portion of this spectrum with their 5 senses i.e. anything that falls within the frequency of visible light. In order to perceive energy frequencies beyond this narrow band of visible light we currently have to rely on technology to decode the frequencies and translate them into a form of information we can decode and perceive with our 5 senses: sound from radio waves, heat from microwaves visual images from x-rays etc. The human body can be likened to a very sophisticated form of technology, in fact, it’s the most powerful form of technology we have access to in terms of its ability to store, process, transmit, receive and retrieve information.

Create Your Own Reality (Part 2): Remember Who You Are